Mut at Night - Is it time to go all in on Chris Sale? 6-13-18

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Wednesday, June 13th
HOUR 1 - Rob Bradford is in the Mut chair tonight and he starts fresh off the Red Sox 5-1 win over the Orioles. As usual, Chris Sale was dealing. Usually, Chris Sale is always dealing. Is it time to throw a truck load of money at your almost 30 ace pitcher? Also, NBC Sports Boston's Evan Drellich joins the show with his recap of Sox/Os and his thoughts on the Chris Sale contract situation.

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He's much better. At night on Sports Radio WEEI. Has this sale is being charitable way to the third base dugout. He turned to home plate umpire Brian Knight. Might have expressed his opinion about a few calls today. Sales Donald ball game anyway but Brian Knight rejected it. So we're down as a rejection workers say no but he was coming out anyway and what might know how he felt. Wasn't happy Davis pitches. Put it on the bull. Doesn't it judge chin. Like Tim said that goes down as an injection. That's Chris Sale that is to an average Joseph Castiglione on the call the Red Sox victory over the Orioles 51 by Chris there was objected only after being taken out the game. So that's OK he was not happy with the Bryan died. He was not happy with the umpire in as we were talking about before the break. What today represented for Chris Sale was that's the guy that's the image that you want from your days this is the guy what they were due on the five days is that Justin Masterson away Miley and clay buckles all these guys maybe somebody can become an ace many go out you you actually paid the money for David Price. And you say all right we we understand we messed up we get what messed up of Jon Lester we messed up trying to replace Jon Lester. Now we get David Price and that really didn't work out either. And then you you finally get Iraq you finally get it right recruit with Chris Sale and Chris hill's been awesome I mean there's no way around it. You but you look at it and you look at his contracts of this year he had his option picked up. Unbelievable 1212 point five million dollars mean best bargain in baseball. Now next year than the last club option. That's thirteen year and a half million dollars. Then you have the decision to make you have more key bets coming up yours in to Bogart's coming out. You have to feel you have to figure out you don't know what's gonna happen with price you know what Tom Francis college and be gone after this year. Campbell's going to be gone you have a lot of play pieces to plug in here. But as we've learned. What you have to have you have to have the guy you have to have the output you have to have BA's today Chris Sale was the perfect example of that. Knowledge because he got the job that not listening to the got a little bit deeper it is what it is. But he gave up one run on two hits over six innings yet Brandon Workman for inning to get Justin Daly for couple the offense takes care business there you go. ID. That image whether it's the image today of yelling at the umpire getting ejected out and fired everything else. Or this go back a year ago when he took care of business that against Manny Machado at Fenway Park that's what you want from the case. But all that's all well and good that's fine that's super. But just because he is what he is right now. Doesn't mean it's not doesn't mean that you say yes you know what Chris Sale via the checkbook whatever you need. 250 million dollars go that they were that's it because he's got to go and always there is you have to be Smart about this. The problem as I don't think they have very many of our alternatives and I do think this a big part of it won't get the calls in the second. I do think the one that that they have always undervalued. Is what the undervalued Jon Lester. I've can you hits year or not. Continuous rise in Boston or not in that is not hyperbole that's not cliche. That is a reality Jon Lester one of the things that made that whole mess. Even more painful for the Red Sox Ali was he good pitcher. But he understood what it took to be in Boston we we've already seen with the David Price that wasn't the case here and we have to go minute by minute by minute by minute to figure out if he's gonna figure it out here. With Chris Sale. From the get go. As a critic Chris Sale press conference or Chris Sale moment where you like oh minutes he doesn't really get it. He doesn't get it not oh yeah he's got some young Ronald Gingrich gave up four runs and that happens human baying. I had ever a moment where you feel uncomfortable about this guiding your race no. So I do think when we're talking about this possible extension for Chris Sale. Then you have to talk about oh does he get it what it it takes to be in Boston and yeah you know what you might have to get uncomfortable for the last year too would deal. That's how it is. And if you feel like his arm is how is healthy you feel like he is going to be able to be upright. And along the lines of what he's delivering now. Then I'm all right width width opening your checkbook and saying we're gonna make you won the foundation guys. And why not try to address that now sooner rather than later. Art 6177797937. This go to the called Ryan's in the car was going on Ryan. Our rob months so low. I think that it still have to be building block but I would do anything that I can and to get David Price you regardless of how he pitches. The rest of the year are looking at his contract right now. After this year. Owed four years 127 million dollars. The if not. Oh god I want to stick around long term just baseball wise. Doesn't have a I know none. He get outs but actually have an edge. Where creek sail in they got an out pitch with his slider which plays that won their lower velocity later in the career. Went Chrysler does this fact all he's going to become more and all. Which is definitely problem. Not being. Are. Priced at or. Read any side you here was what what was the total contract ordered seventeen million dollars clearly. Average annual value is what they're about so. I wait until he picks up. You don't options and decide to date and then I treat. Look at any guarantees per rush. For another team and that's when they know exactly what kind of money they're going to need to spend and I kick in one what you're salaried centrally. So like a thirty million. Because they did the same thing gambler beer I'd I'd get a audio all caught. You're an educated at ride you for for a slow you're an educated colleagues I appreciate it. That's the type because we get here the study called the other place doesn't get it is so you you actually have good good points. There's a few things to pick through before or let go Ryan. Is that with the David Price situation all right so you're saying he's gonna he's gonna stay he's got he's gonna stay after the three years and you're saying OK now your trade him but the problem I have even if you eat some of the money the problem I have with trading him. Is that I still don't think you're gonna get a lot of teams in trusted for that annual average value. And this is the reason why it's the same reason why I think that he won't go on the open market and won't leave it won't test things because the MRI. And we know we know what the MRI saw last year and that elbow and he sticks in through it and he's Richard okay. By. Teams are gonna sign up even for let's say like you said the three years at that thirty million dollars a year or just over thirty million dollars a year. That money the arc a sign up within elbow that looks like that the MRI that's the concern I would have. Drive's still there isn't gone he's gone. Are those aren't well I was pretty quality you Ryan he took the Paul Ryan today and he's gonna have a great dynamic as a I feel like are you building people up in cemetery them down through. So we have Chris sales begin a Chris we have him talking after the game as. We said before he is he was all riled up he was not happy with the umpire Brian Knight. And as a night or mic night feel what it's midnight was I got an artist night. I think I would go weakness last into court and try to make it far too complicated. Brian Knight u.'s upset with him he's yelling you probably sit you went on Twitter you saw a million different. Videos of this if you view you heard Joseph treat Tim never on the call. But here is after the game here is Chris Sale talking about the instant. Yeah minute that it happens. Points in the season points and and again we're. We're most of my most perfect. Obviously lost my cool little bit. Just happened to so. Election didn't. That's good. And it's something ticking away from me. I did get pretty emotional so. They do today you know it's. Gonna happen. This Louis. You know it's amazing to me Ryan is that of all the it's so those who Chris Sale has been merely say about a year and a half OK year and a half. Is that of all the press conferences this guy has done we haven't had one moment where like I can't believe he said. I can't believe he slipped up even then he appropriately said look why he was upset. And and to understand why pictures like that get upset because you have four days and you have your fifth day in and you actually at all leave that until this. And this is what you're judged on in Europe you get a chance to prove it every fifth day. And if you feel like it's not on even playing field and that's a problem and that's where he takes issue with a took issue with a today. So he had that he explain that that in real live a little bit all right he's human or whatever but this is why am upset. I had one moment one press conference. Where. We said the you know I was she's in say that because almost everybody has one of those have we had one of those. I lost my cool little bit. No it that you need as it casual Purcell and before he came to this market really the only thing I knew about him was that he was the crazy Psycho pitcher that slash up all the White Sox. Uniforms there was only thing I knew about himself when you say right at that moment. No and I mean he'd feel it seems he's very comfortable here like I don't have those same hangs. Worry when he talks to deal with other pitchers in this market. Well let's go back to the narrative that you I'm glad you brought that up his go back the narrative when he was acquired by everyone. The Basque majority of people world yet you yet Chris Sale he's got to get made the trade everything out. But there was also the uneducated. Who didn't know Chris Sale who only knew Chris Sale for the Jersey counting. And the even really took that and used it say he's not going to be able to handle Boston. Because he did this because he cut up the Jersey that you're right my wrong. This is this with a narrative in this city when they acquired Chris Sale right I mean I wouldn't those parts Sam uneducated but yeah that was a worry that I had his he's that this is how well you you're part of that growth what are uneducated view it you you've come so far. So have you thank you actually set you actually thought that he would not be it will all be able to function in Bosnia could be cut ups and jerseys. All I thought he was more of a loose and the way he started talking I was like wow this guy is pretty tremendous composure. You know he he he's very even kill you don't is it was earlier this year and it's like an hour contract. Best Angie could give during. Yeah but that's the best and that's an easy one I mean that's what mood you bet says this is in Bogut says that's what. That's where all these guys say it but you're saying Ryan Ryan Garvin behind the glass to an expert job behind glass has the producer of this fine show. You're saying that you judge Kim you said he's a hot head amount putting words in your mouth. On terror phrase and say Chris tails off as a hot head and he did he's gonna run into trouble in this market recall Boston baseball. Because we have this instant of him. Cutting editors Houghton. Had I think it's fair. And especially when we've seen guys in this market fly out to handle for less than some awful uniforms yeah they're there were concerns here. But here's and here's the thing in here is where when we talked about it's doing an extension for Chris Sale and prioritizing. Him playing in Boston. And being able to it to function in this market. Well here's the thing he used the odd head like we saw today. Yelling at the umpire we see him yell and screaming get fired up and everything else before and have some pretty pointed statements after games. But not once did in these press conferences duty. Did he loses mine did he say something along the lines of what we've heard David Price a bunch of times. And not once not one single time have we saw him affected by anything outside the baseball field. And and we can go down the road of David Price and that is exactly what has happened and we knew Chris Sale. Isn't this guy who was gonna be owned by social media is going to be all by what's said on the radio isn't going to be always said on TV he is a guy who honest to goodness. Doesn't really deal that stuff I can tell you. Like K it we. Being around that clubhouse late. Summed up as frustrating because he's not around a whole bunch but when you get a me toxic polite in what he's not he's usually do when something's usually doing something productive offers job. And that's okay. As long as he has an explanation he's not rude he goes on about his business but he is not wrapped up and the other stuff. And when we talk about extending this guy prioritizing this guy putting all the money yen. For the foundation piece that they're gonna have to figure out who is that guy. Well all these aren't Chris still favor. Anyway 6177797937. To weigh in on this. The way in the Red Sox we're gonna get to acquire lettuce situation a little bit later the bottom of the hour average dropped my good friend Everett relic NBC sports Boston. Detected from the clubhouse and other Chris Mason to read this quote from our personnel began her this. In nine and I sound by Chris Hill not big on apologies that's there you go. I like you can say hey you know what he's human whatever it. But he's gonna back down and when he gets taken out of a game allowed this to when he gets taken at a game as it yeah of course are going to be pissed because of course. It's something ticking away from it. Yeah talking about. One strike I saw that. It's zone breakdown in their there was one really missed obvious strike. And maybe two or three that that were borderline. And that's the reaction you're gonna get from now Chris Sale if if you miss and why. Whether it's fine you know why anybody anybody anybody's now now that riding his past is. Is his hatred of Chris Sale for cutting of jerseys. Now he understand that he's just a passionate guy who takes great pride in his job. And like if rod if if if you showed up to work. And rules a couple of buttons were broken on the thing because someone dumped copy on that you are able to do your job correctly. Horrified messed something up there fighting it fighting get a sponsor in the trending now whenever a fine fine sponsors whatever excellence sponsors. If I didn't do that. They like oh my goodness it's gonna come down on me I am not able to do my job the way I need to do it. I need everybody to participate this I need seemingly on the put the numbers down. I need to guy in back of me to feel the ball and I mean the umpire calls strike what it's a strike that's fine I've no problem with that. But I'll come back to my original statement have you heard anything other than the stuff on the field. With Chris Sale as a you know now. I don't know I really wish you wouldn't say that I really wish you do that and that's pretty were a year and a half tenured guys were a year and a half in and Chris Sale. And yeah I thought Jon Lester hadn't figured out it took him awhile to figure out you admitted that it did not the last couple years he said I just understood looking you know I'd. You just can't care about the other stuff he just gonna be honest the FB accountable. Like crystal got this from jump street get this from the decade ago. It and it in so does this does this make you. To understand and say. After next year after next year he's going to be eligible for free agency. Is this the guy tomorrow. Hypothetically. Tomorrow. John Henry goes to Chris Sale. And says Chris Sale. We're willing to offer you the seven year contract for 240 million. All right we know that. It's gonna get uncomfortable wave of keydets. We know we don't know if David Price is gonna be here his money's gonna be off the books. We still have all kinds of dead money on the books are ready with him Niedermayer is Andrew's naked steal him Pablo Sandoval on all these guys. We don't Zeta Bogart's is coming up. We know we know they were gonna need probably need a new closer 'cause Craig Campbell's gonna get a hundred million dollar contract. We know all this. But real good to get uncomfortable. Because we we. Think that you are going to be healthy and you're going to be productive that you are going to be a leader in you're going to be able to continue to understand what it takes to pitch. And be in ace in Boston. We understand all that so we're willing to pay the money. This melodic but let's be honest I mean there hasn't been a lot of thirty something year old who lived up to the contracts we can give John handicraft over the statement everything else by. Match sure sure there is an aberration. Chris Sale and giving he's got to be that should he be that guy should be beat that guy. We have to start identifying who were going to be the guys the foundation got the rights that we have to start doing that. Because if that the clock is ticking here. The clock is that in part 6177797937. If you wanna weigh in but first my good good Fred Avant relic. Just a few miles away from me. This coming up from the Red Sox clubhouse in Camden yards after the Red Sox sweep he's gonna tell me what the mood was like I always love that. There is the mood of the clubhouse. You know the more the club us here is more alert alert the mood of the club us is that we got to get the bus reunion on the plane getting to the next city. And we just Peter really crappy team anyway ever gonna call in right after this. And that's a more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. It's Monday night and rob Bradford live from Baltimore. Having witnessed. All three of these these games. Yesterday was will most brutal game of the year BCA itself actually because it was very very long three hours and 58 minutes. Today was whatever it is you know is expected he's pretty much played out exactly like we were expected the first game you know whatever is good game. But but the Red Sox took care of business against the Orioles a terrible terrible terrible baseball team would be really really. Really really depressing. Situation. Here in Camden yards I was married. In Baltimore. As I said stated early edition that's a second time I've made that fact. Known. And it used to be when I was married in Baltimore Camden yards is the place to be. Now it's ordered this depressing is not to present the great heart I'd. Is depressing the sense that the fans aren't really there they're trudging around giving array of free shots for every time Chris Davis gets ahead. You know it's it's just what has happened. Like with its overnight we went from from a decent team to give the Red Sox all kinds. Hard times and to a teammate that you look at that team. College. Anyway speaking we have Evan relic from NBC sports Boston on the line. Evan what's going on. What a shot of robotic arm or Ricardo elegantly at right. We have Lebanon. Rider in Lebanon haven't we had to ride three event and on our aren't going my recliner and again. Let's try coupled with a particular area I often think if it. Evident by friends he punches back onetime. Thing and says headset and Athens. Anyway. Yes I live re happy duo shot a five hour energy every time that moved you bet it's a home that's my that's that's what I'm doing this year. That's like my energy level is so off the charts but having. I told everyone I said I'm really ask the first question you know what was the club oh clubhouse like. And the spoiler alert is that the clubhouse is like everyone packing their bags trying to get to the Bosnian on the plane to the next city. So. What was the clubhouse like. Another blue collar or not Chris sales gone out by the never uttered a lot watching replays of him telling the other home little part of this draw on your totally right it was. Regular business and I would they have a positive mood they don't they don't they took it a little. Little more tightly edited something a bit. And in doing so that you don't eat do you really think so I did I think that Cora hasn't a mean the core. The demeanor quarries it I'd be vastly different after losses and John Farrell ones. The later with a recorders. Totally changed that atmosphere I think it's what we've got Carl would have let you won't you'll pick women who get a little higher than it needs to be. Now and are not be a doubt just supposedly against the last year the years previous it's always there are. You know a lot to play music capital losses Sierra always a little bit down I don't really get that sense and there but. But anyway this this go to today I ask you this Avant. So they they they take care of business against your ails what's your take on this Red Sox team right now I think it's a fair thing to ask because unmasking of view. But what what is your take right now as we sit here as they have in the play it did a surprising mariners team. You have a good vibe about this team do you think that they are well positioned. To go into July. And and really the meat and potatoes now against the Yankees yet the Yankees series at the end of the month I do you feel about this team. Want to operate here in the American League patrol today Camilo stop right there stop right there to be your power rankings then. If you could give me top three I assume they mean the ouster of the Yankees and red side actually new threats are. Exactly what you think it would be. American ever to work and no rain here but the thing. That would. We're bringing it how today. Approach to trade deadline they look at the success Martin joked Kelly at all and say we don't really need much the ball and I'm Craig Campbell who haven't quite look like himself. At the same situation he has not been quite at the fact that normally it's that it's a little bit about your rant about. Dot attributes that at the deadline a nightly short adding when Lieber makes him good yank the Astros they don't have a Billy at a much. Yes it is so. Only what they need to do right now but that a lot of this is just a waiting around until September. When they played Yankee. And now know it it's as a way to get its waiting around to the end of July and here's the reason why. Because it on and asked you which which the Yankees are gonna get a starting pitcher you would agree without. It. I mean there yet there's no good team that of all the good teams in baseball. There is no good team that is so obvious. What they are going to target that the Yankees like you could make. And around this surge disagree with you about the reliever for the Red Sox. But there's nothing more obvious in the ring he's going after a starting pitcher what is the starting pitcher when you said if they get this guy. That's the difference maker. I'm old which I knew what caliber I don't know they aren't black and get. This single that it is I honestly don't know where they stand right now where what they want a number one each sluggish Sonny gray and you go well let's repeat I am not sure where they're at. Because you clearly don't pay attention to the trade market I will give your name and in argued this name and say if they get this guy. Do they re crawl the Astros do the hope. Actual court or whatever and then yeah. Cole Hamels the big dog day Cole Hamels does does that is that the difference maker because right now having you would agree with me. That you can put the Red Sox third but they have more potential on the starting rotation to be good to be better and yankees nothing else throws. But the Yankees they get Cole Hamels do you feel like that's the difference may have been that that is like I'll grow Red Sox sorry thanks for playing. Are the last I checked had not done too well against left you budget back and Hamels is a good established that probably does. I am and play into a little bit when you have a strong rotation that includes most of all and it went right at our own lineup it. If not clearly better certainly equal reps are I think it's better but the number of jokes that are better last year. Yeah after Nicole appreciate it no lobbyist thing out there are the side in any starter the F particularly. If it's pretty clear what all rigidity don't wanna have to correct the in the people and I wanted to end it replica older. Yep you just change all know. Leave a market like you competition between two teams that are very different resources belt though. Yeah well that's it and that's the thing right have a net so eyewitnesses Avant relative NBC sports Boston joining myself rob Bradford on Monday night. Following the Red Sox 5:1 that was pro am and that's how you do it. So but when you have when you have a guy like Kelvin Guerrero right the royals he would be. I mentioned Cole Hamels is starting pitcher this guy is at the top of the list in terms of the closures. Who might be available. And you said the Astros have the pieces that they need to get it done. This is the problem with the Red Sox well you can say go out and get another Addison reed or go out and get whatever Brad Ziegler again. What. The yeah no idea and that's all they can't do amid a victim wrote bit they gave up the wrong this hobby brother four for four Brad Brad Ziegler. Radisson Rita gave up a couple guys that Nolan previously heard of uno lived there can be any ged. But you can't go out and get a Helmer Herrera because you. If you're gonna match up against some of these other teams they can go on get on but what you can give up view right towards their entire farm system is having a bad year. It is the thing at least a few days ago had the worst point system would percentage in baseball and you can say wins losses reminder don't really matter you know what can have the best arts and that's where do look better. We've lost just that that it doesn't add up into a and they try to dramatically. More than anybody else people want pointing it out well. On the one hand yes what are accompanied him and he really felt burned body in a panic you are equals and gone guy went on that perhaps help. The patient of course it's about wall charm. The question every Red Sox fans are being asked where this goal because you write the Yankees absolutely clearly set up better than the Red Sox so you don't win this year. General walks Palmer or whatever but I think it's want to walk. How to predict that are here we're aware of what is help me. All along those lines that let me ask you about Chris sells future in the second by along the line ends when we talked about trade chips. Tell me right now I'm trying to go through in my brain what is there's always the one guy you can't give up guy you can't do that Jason groom you can't give up whoever. There's always one guy one or two or three guys that you say don't give up him to get that. Is your guide the reds like he would have to say don't you can't give up him is not one single guy but missing somebody. Now let alone somebody at a lower levels that. It really a branding yet you would consider a now they're Jay was old one because of the high until mr. practicality got it done. I think that shine wears off a little bit of it opened back I'm concerned with and to bow out. I'll talk he'll make stops so. Aldridge and but the problem it out so much that it's just you straightaway when your best I don't have enough. So if they do if they aren't they make the plunge. It is particularly yeah right that doesn't can't help and they and to their credit are some extra support they have it right there that the got a trip away and not locked in the night. By the way even even you on my Todd you just came through town and I tell you my that's an uncomfortable look he's still young and everything else but. But this is not -- can you imagine you're on mine cada like being a regular on the Red Sox right now though that he did he would be taking in Boston. That's where the Democrats think it is it true you're more complicated than people including me can hit it out the putt. Mark how open my dollar per year doesn't eat right. Now why not of course if you don't need adequate set its part is figuring knock those trade. At this point because none of these guys and really. Compact the heart of why hey you know you can go till I'm Mark Foley was Cory or to yourself well but. Which is Dalton into the rear it's just. Where you all I mean you know if. Yeah I mean you're. No no I mean let's today he could become an all star still a good trade you just sometimes you have to make those trade by agree with you look across up and down that board. Like meanwhile Margo in ER a he's a he's a Major League player but you where it's easy better than in about intending now with the better than. Move your bets may be could've played instead of Jackie Bradley could trade in May be bad. It but it is though there's not a lot of guys who you say I can't believe they got rid of the guy and they have gotten some outrageous returns. The Brad Ziegler won for instance for absolutely nothing. So yes but then that of course you have the bad trade Travis Shaw. By we you you mentioned Chris Sale and we had talked about this I talked about this leading up tear your fine call here. Which is Chris Hill today give you everything you would want from NA it's right he he he went far enough he got the production he. He he's pitching really well and then he had the image of yelling at the open the fiery guy says all the right things after the game. So he's up after next year you're going to need in case you are you we've already learned the importance of having any say we left after Jon Lester. They whisked really was David Price and they finally got a right with the with Chris Sale. Do you buy in do you argue average relic ready to say. Chris Sale. We are you were the guy you're rich foundation piece we are are we you're gonna unload the bags for. And make you uncomfortable for the rest of the payroll what we have faith that you're gonna be the case for us for the next five years. Technically excellent. I would welcome it. Okay court rejected it. Yet. Is. What I would twenty Turkey was like Bergeron beat you entrepreneur will call on. My music wanted to. Wanna. Go through except out down there in the dugout. I ask. About that but why had not gotten rejected and it was the other talking about the loss of the why that would have been later you're accurate estimate out this so you can go to to view and ET is an expert. And you took a speaking to you he was so honored by the question of when you can get it checked reversed I'd get inflated out by the way or whatever due to halt the quiet. I wonder at some point here outscored got a she should sail a moment in order or orders over a quarter to unload on the empire and take that oh. Some degree. Yeah instantly classic. I know what that but dimension inquiry that would fail. It is what do I want I want the first the first thing I want you to do is answer my question and then we can talk about whether or not Alex Cora should get thrown out instead of Chris Sale. Is that the guide you unload the bank for is that the guy that you give the extension to which you know is it make you uncomfortable for the rest of trying to sign the rest of these guys is that the guy. Now I I wouldn't at this point. I wouldn't do because I don't think any. Etiquette in that situation. Show Lou the problem with that it is the kind of money. On what kind of money about. Like. Yeah raids on. I don't know I don't think you're listening to see how he repeated the call I don't mind that. On and end and interpret that this year. More innings on that our economy never British civil old Chrysler got hurt helping out in many if you will or should you feel shall. I I just. The idea that John Henry had years ago Lester was right in. Planet now Lester who has. What that kind of money with reasonable but the one that he wasn't it was his nose but in another chill undertook this contract or that your. Unless what you want her by the senate have a law passed 237 what are Angel and you're become the future. Do you ever remember Chris Sale in this time a year and a half in Boston doing something after one of these games are during the Amer I at any point. Where you say oh man that that was the wrong thing to do. Clay and the reason I ask ask if we were talking earlier talking earlier we're what second what they would do reside askew. Is that because we're talking earlier about the ability to play in Boston and and how you know you you can David Price obviously we have plenty of examples. But it's pretty amazing that you get to these press conferences like today. And he's saying all the right things and I don't remember a time where he hasn't said the right thing. If you're going to give somebody. 250 million dollar suit nobody I would do it sooner than Chris Sale. My point if I'm not doing that for per per any pitcher at this point out of direction in. Sometimes a snare your real quiet about it a bit critical question is if you if you are willing to find somebody to another David Price what you'll. You're gonna set another record her picture contract. Crystal apartment. OK miles closer. And for the understood it you know it at what point does the manager. Take that. Oh by the oracle went when it becomes hit job. No make that display rather than Brad and dale who I would that would get a lot of parties all on all of these terror but. I that was an a pretty good example on shelves. Bombshell. I think in the was going wrong in the justice woke up I and it. Was there was there anything else Kamal the post game from core for anybody today. Are united they're gonna matter much. They like about this I hear how else does in just a super or heard or Judy. It's nearly Ramirez playing baseball this year. Stranger than you sit there and ago. Well they they could use some place. He's just taken a free time and yeah that is not a good luck it's not a good luck to them. Really be care worker question marker that the report I think lucky to have freedom. Toward all that like these that it happened let it happen but it. Is it doesn't. If you don't play right away. It would have made a commitment but but back out of the longer he's out more justified it. Yeah where where we go tonight. Odd like critical point when you dot armed are out of luck I'm done at 10 o'clock. We are dominating the radio all the way to tackle repetitive here. Now that you're done you're done and I can't you don't have a great. Now now now now I'm a good. And it argue that you don't go write your stories. No no art on where we go tonight. It's. I OK we're now nor a former not order or wrong or whether ever ever thank you very much for joining us still get some work done and then. Did take it now and then we'll go Lleyton. Why Alex or should reject it my column read it later. Should grandma died at Q I can't wait OK thank seventh I'll see you later. That's seven relative NBC sports Boston where way laid on the break as our conversation so riveting so. Will get back your call 6177797937. We'll get back to those junk the mossy. Also coming up after the 8 o'clock hour to talk a little bit about LeBron James Kauai Leonard yes and strong feelings about that as I do as well. So all of that coming up after this it's. So much that night on Sports Radio tell you. So. I'm bill posters or. Going back on things are done. From this or this school look forward I don't see and I heard it there guys were also means it has on the mound and look what he's been in different size. A one on there as was what I have and it. This I don't know how we sell them on strike somebody that is what is. I as Chris Sale of ballots core. After either Red Sox 51 win after their sweep of a terrible territorial sea. Depressingly bad Orioles team. Chris Sale obviously dejected after he left the game news upset when Brian ninety home plate home for. The strike zone and he talked about it after the game and handle it like Chris Hill has handled it weighed just the right of panache. And an attitude. And read reality. All of it as they set I don't remember Chris Sale. Really having that moment and David Price is that a bunch of room. Beat in most pitchers really have had at least a few battle remember Chris Sale having them moment any wet one moment where you iPad. It's a little uncomfortable. Anyway I'm rob Bradford. A Monday night that you all the way up until 10 o'clock or talked John the mossy of WEI dot com a little bit later about. All the LeBron stuff all the coli Leonard stuff we'll get into that. As I do you wanna get into it. I wanna go back to this recap whatever incident and I don't care about is Alex Cora Jackson thing I hope he doesn't write about it I would advise him not to. But whatever he wants to fine. I don't care I care about what I asked him about the extension for Chris Sale because I I get the sense that the couple things take away from that Avant funk now. Number one the extension Chris he would not extend he would not he said if there was ever going to be a guy you would be Chris Sale. If there ever going to be a picture than you do at four B Chris Daly figured out in Boston results lovable. But he's right he's right histories suggest that guys don't hold out and if you gonna allocate that much money. It's not going to be easy to get your money back on it John Henry was right that cents. I mean sure there is an aberration. By. But still the deal is not a lot of guys who. Dead in Boston who are aces in Boston who had figured out in Boston. And right now it's hard not to at least have the conversation it is hard not to at least extend and offered him. For an extension Chris Hillis out after next year. He's gonna hit free agency that you have to start all over and I in the one thing that you should keep in mind and his wherever it was wrong and you can't just finding guy. You can't try to guide number one because. You Kiffin again I'd do not as we've learned everybody can pitch in Boston that's just reality. And also look at how teams are being built. Teams are being built by. Trading for pitchers let somebody else develop pitchers. And develop your own hitters that is how things are going in baseball. So you're gonna have to go and get somebody gonna have to go out and pay for someone. We've already seen some these guys in a free agent market and you can look honestly at this year's free agent class. You look at the Galley Charlie Moore and Charlie Morton's a really really good pitcher. I could build a staff around Charlie Morton. You are gonna build a staffer on Chris Sale huge star for a lot of reasons. So that's thing they've things you have to keep in mind. 6177797937. The other part about it we've talked about the trade deadline. What the Red Sox need. And an average says you know talked about the the bullpen and going out again to get a bullpen arm I don't disagree with them. I think that they're gonna wait this out a little bit longer. Is he worth Thornburgh lands yeah see if Palmer as does heal the Pope and maybe what he can do out of the bullpen that people say at all. That's not gonna help what could go Burmese. He's each other bullpen before Steven Wright keeps doing this he can't take about the rotation you Palmer into the reliever so you still have some time to do this. By if you are the Red Sox if you're the Red Sox. I think that you are in this world now in this race with the Yankees and to a certain extent in this race with Houston. Where you have to keep up. You cannot stay status quo and part of this you have to figure out what you have in terms of utility guys can you upgrade over Blake's wife hard. Do you upgrade over a rock COLT. And Eduardo Nunez they're fine but can you upgrade over them. Do you upgrade over other positions. Jackie Bradley do you think he's gonna go on a roll do you rely on him when it counts the most like you have to figure this stuff out. Because this is going to be a race like nobody's business. And we know how important it division is the way so. You this this race is going to be cost them but you know is wells I view that the Yankees are gonna go out and get a Cole Hamels. The new gig get someone like that the Astros are gonna get a Kelvin perera. Someone like that you have to make sure that you'd do something and you do the right thing. 61777979837. Realty another break jogged the mosque he's gonna join its docks of Kohl eyeliner parts of LeBron James this. For the next three weeks are Red Sox are patriots. The celtics' strategy that's going to be the news that day. Unless kiddies to balance that were not doing anything going keep status quo. I don't think he's gonna do that and I think there is going to be some rumblings about some things that we did not even expect to talk about including by the way. Whether or not tire re Irving is gonna come back because I have an analogy for carrier Ringo they go out you are talking about. Ought to think that carrier ring is gonna come back for a year it'll be peaches and cream that'll be awesome. I'll Kyra it's great look it he's doing that he's doing the uncle drew Tor he really loves in Boston. Well he has a bad knee. He's injured if one year left his contract. Does that sound like anybody. A year ago we were talking about. We'll see the mosque is gonna join us a little bit will be back after this.