Mut at Night - JD Martinez Contract - 2-19-18

Mut at Night
Monday, February 19th

Mut at night begins with Mut and Keefe diving into the huge breaking news that free agent JD Martinez has agreed to sign with the Boston Red Sox. The guys discuss the details of Martinez's contract, and talk about how they feel his addition will help the Sox.


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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you. We. Part of your four hours' time we'll keep it going rich about it night's video any yacht that shows really changed here with the new intro you rarely feel different here a lot different stuff here this hour getting into some Olympic news of the day and all sorts of topics that we never got into effect during the L holly or. Probably now we stick with Judy Martinez the news last hour so you just. I think getting your car but it vacation Monday. You're probably not working hitting some good for you. You're probably be just hearing the news the Red Sox have made their big move hours after. John Henry sat there on the picnic tables down their Fort Myers and have made big moves. Right right we can't tell the manager to say they hitting coach and sounded kind of silly doing at the Red Sox in fact make a big move. They sign JD Martinez the three agents Barger 45 month season a year ago between the tigers ended the backs in the process. They add pop to the lineup they do so. Allow it calling very fair price given the markets a five year deal for Martinez. 110 million dollars. He can opt out after two in those first two years our front loaded. I have zero problem that aspect of it you're paying him more money early when he's should be in the prime years what does a five year deal. And you are getting premium power output the middle line at the desperately needs all the all say this. Right out of the gate the first goal calls we've taken people do not like this move freight deadly reasons can't let out a Boston. Sally out today why you think you have that if you're luxury tax guy I guess your little upset if there are people that are worried about. Is it is this gonna hamstring them from making a move at the deadline. It's gonna affect what they do. Next year in the off season. Now it seems like every year they're bringing in big name players right whether whether it's prize at the cost less I know it as well they're they're always doing it. Hanley Ramirez is not gonna hit that vesting option. If anything they've guaranteed it they're there there's no way there and allow that to happen. So his 22 plus million dollars is gonna come off the books there's volume be some other moves that they can make along the way. You know whether it's. Trading away Jackie Bradley and and his salary you can always take Judy Martinez and stick him in the outfield I know he's not Jackie Bradley he's parallels guys I thought that numbers is metrics are not badly keys. He's thirteenth right now in in date current outfielders he simply lets the thirteenth in fewest amount of errors committed yeah I'm not so I don't Kazaa and appeasing plus outfield at least Adam Dunn and that's the wealthy dollar thirty that you have put him out there and maybe get some more of your your money any play left of them we thank you figured out and play off the wall again and he'll be fine. So I like it because what you did was he took a good team with one glaring. Hole in you tried to. Philip we have Judy Martinez just stingers smarty pants. That was telling a different tune and columns and if you really wanted to a way to make your players Bellic is that that LDL down years lecture or make them that well I think Judy Martinez in your lineup. Makes them a better offense I think that they make the other players better around and takes the pressure off of in a ball Retief your Zander Bogart's you don't have to walk and camp today and expect. They needed 2530 home runs he can do which you do it 300 get on base hole with a power numbers goes up. All those things are good for this team and you give Dallas court in his first year some semblance of an off Lindsay all the big packs together were stolen bases and he runs and in advance metrics and you've got a legit power hitter in your lineup you match now other guys you have so I what I we have one open line and we got there all Martinez calls. I need people don't like to deal wanna fight those people until. A Tennessee 7 o'clock but I might be ideal long 10 o'clock on October baseball at Sutter now. Moves we have online it was the baseball right now other while Bradford WEEI dot com O rob. First yeah. My it's my friend rob rob how are you are you that much that I hear you site errors when you're talking about treaty Martinis being good outfielder I'm saying that because we had a caller so how bad an outfielder wasn't I don't know exotic good outfielder he's not a battlefield is yeah. Phillies outfielder I'm gonna I'll put together report for your object you re not called a good outfielder rob I just that as not an embarrassment out there and you put the left field at Fenway Park can be fine. Stop you want to put Kevin was there one of those callers that that's what can you play as likes are gonna stick a second or not round without I don't let Bob. He's certificates are we'll get back to your calls in the second Bradford is their and you are you Marty at twin peaks the big event now another says this might warm up act. The park in the broadcast Booth and jet on over to twenty were. The welcome Boston Judy Martinez party two point I like it's going to be great Martinis and outside world can all law that I like that round ball there is going to be there used to be a photo of Alex Marcelo had joked Kelly toasting with JT Markey just. Our guys break out his years ago guaranteed to be able Red Sox fan there at that twin peaks in the war veggies that it that it Derek Hughes well yes I like the deal like the money I get the Red Sox credit for the patients on this route were my wrong about this deal that you're not wrong you'll also get credit to. Scott horse obvious Scott or is he kept saying he what does Scott Boras got out of Marc Garber as former agent Scott forced or is gonna get on the big deal. Well big deal wasn't coming but you know what Forrest. Did what he always does he got creative you're talking about. Basically what this is to me it's fifty years over two years with the opportunity to make a whole lot in the war. A depth chart that the president is not happened fifty years you know I like to sort of clear that was that was a very creative with the thought of them like five billion -- and Bobby but he is Leo now he's like yeah it's a very it's but it's fifty million over two years IC NIC. I don't know how this isn't a two year deal three years at the Max. Because this guy's going to be good for the next few years you have different type of market you may even more money. And for the Red Sox a good deal because you have the AB how global level. And I think it's just I'd really it's the multiple sides. What are the luxury tax guy and one of the biggest complaint heard so far is that there's gonna hamstring them for burglary and drug and immigrant crowd asked rail guy who's really at that. But if blogs they'll go 237. Million that you'll lose ten draft expert all I care about. And I you know I think they probably won't do that because again. You even though the can be pain this guy 25 million over the next two years. That's not what the averages and so the area I think there will be able Wednesday underwritten and so it works out. They can make a little move like they could move on from brought Cole decide to move nothing else he's gonna get now Red Sox on stats of the salary 2.2 five. If they caught on before the first half ended the month of April Ella Payne like 325 so they can they can freed up. And I'm probably putting too much pressure under the plays lineup probably seem to be. Today from the last couple days but the ownership in particular like the in there were issues last year and these guys are gonna produce will now Martinez in the lineup. This should theoretically make all those guys better of the pressure to be thirty and 35 home run hitters is no longer on then and this to be makes that spending ten B. Bogart's the entire that middle part of the order makes them better automatically next year. My youth are you are there items in draw and we'd be in lockstep and that's because I think that. One of the things and been wholly underrated when everytime they talk about this line being OK with OG Martinez. Everyone's gonna get better while how'd that work out for you last year and and I think there is absolutely. A correlation between. David Ortiz being in the middle of that order and these guys have been much better years compared to last year because flat this year you put Judy Martinez and there. You take the pressure off everybody yeah. And also just working through the middle of the order there is something to be said for having to actually work through the middle York yankees we all know what they have. And that is going to be a difference maker this time around I think this. You're absolutely right my I just think that this is going to make everybody better and I think all of these guys should breathe a sigh of relief as he just gonna DH you thank. Primarily he had you know huge I think they'll integrate him in the outfield but that's related to options you have been in. And and you know really all this failure wants to play the outfield he wants to play the outfield he says he's not that could outsource our in my. It's just not that I'm gonna say he was good this is not her. Arab League can you can play him and what it was like let's look at what's different about this so is the most days it's going to be just more limited Handley ball in from Baghdad first and that's kind of admittedly a genre you would think so right area and obviously what that it's in and we talked about this yesterday involved in the catches fire you don't see them and you sit Moreland I don't know. Want to see how that plays out but right now you have two guys who can't be productive and be productive and morality in the Marist. And at the duke to a platoon you're talking about getting him there bears under that 497. Plate appearances. Don't have to pay in the 22 million so that's another factor in this Woolsey. Rob rappers in Florida covering the big news today the Red Sox assigned JD Martinez a five year deal for 110 million bucks that they attacked. So Richard that's couple times I don't know how to answer. How do you. How do you gauge whether or not the JD Martinez is going to be able to perform in Boston has played in here's to you play Detroit he's played Arizona. Playoff games he's played seven he's at three home runs in those seven playoff games so far. What in his background rob from people that you talked to liege to believe that he can recant performer of the pressure of the spotlight of the big contract in the big city. We don't know I'll say this preface this by saying we never know until you face adversity for the first and that's that is the fact we've seen time and time again. By you'd talk to people in and to meet this guy is closer to Chris Sale that he is David Price in other word on. Because he's all about the business he's all about. This. Bullying I've taught him date maggot in it's his personal hitting coach had talked a debt from her RO. Who basically lived with a guy this offseason he said this guy is it's all about the business all about hitting and everything else yet he pops up audience quarter count it's. It's not it's done consequence. I think that he is more a what allying with a Chris Sale where he's doing his business he's all about baseball. And once again you never know until adversity hits week we can't say he's handling baseball Boston great. But until adversity hits that's when you find out but right now you're asking me what I think after talking these people I get the sense that it's more like sale price. He had a three during the Super Bowl that he enjoyed that just to relate halftime some kind of on that however he said how are as good that was terrible he says now it's time for Tom to bring them back hash tag go pats. Not that there and hit a valid you do that is out there be a bit. How to do not. I mean should have been thought if not for Malcolm everyone voted about that those that the team. Brad Ball that's all you guys for us now once more moves left you hear what they got out well. And they're available yeah well also didn't you know was in the congress is also got this guy he would trade now I don't think that's happening now by now I think this is the team it's. Much but you know it was a week ago. It is about the contract first I think it now that the factory year. It's that you're Brazil coming up after. Policy after next year you have. That's coming up so are in a couple years ago Bogart's coming up a couple years. So what this does also it'll cause you try to figure out who you want to spend your money on. And it doesn't get you locked in though it JD Martinez isn't producing you'll have a money is spent at allocated all in the and in that in the fourth and fifth years of this deal so that's another benefits. Article back rob because this is the big news tonight we're gonna get all your Martinez calls side in a lot of baseball coverage all night here on WEEI react Red Sox finally finally finally make it a big move. Our what did you think of the press conference today among the owners I thought the back and forth that the John Henry I would bought was Rolf. In that he's trying to explain the moves they made and seven manages a big deal after Dave to browse Q last year said I would decide to go on the raw a different direction and you know after not throwing out of the bosses felt like today the ownership was throwing John Ferrell to a less searched and chili Davis directly on the boss for the results of 2000. Yeah I wrote a column before Wallace V Marti used to happen you know they they were terrible job with a blanket. Like every time ago that the bank's year it seems like they're trying to figure out another reason why it didn't work out. And you know one year which were wide too much on analytics. Another year it's it's you know we take too many pitches we don't take enough pitches. All of it and today you're right. There's no other way when when they talk about changes they can mention upon two things the way they're doing it in scouting or anything like that but what stage shows was the coaching staff. They said did they know the band he was the only one lap eight shows the coaching staff. And a long way they didn't have the right approach at the plate that tells me they would put that chili Davis and Victor Martinez in Victor Rodriguez in the cross hairs. And there were playing in them which is ludicrous phrase. Chris because. Did the same guys who'll basically gave them the the best conference here before and I told this out. If you look at yes absolutely they had the fewest balls put the play the worst batting average on went swinging at the first pitch but just what. The year before when the head. The best offense in the league they did the exact same thing them and it was just it was just. They do it every year and Pablo 17%. You know. They should stop deal. Well gives us and so the talk about yeah op today it could be their luck at mounted a lucky but in that maybe they knew this is looming and what do they said that it was going to be vastly ignored because this'll be. On the talker going for the sign JD Martina it's a five year deal 110 million bucks. First two years and 25 million dollars per he's got the opt out but I'll take that two year opt out. For the sixth or seventh your player option at the back and for sure rob you write about this a WEEI dot com are you. You on the air tonight after were what what's your schedule he every talking more about this this evening. With my my schedule as of heading over to 23 and do the podcaster for sale of Kelley whoever else shows up. Maybe Lou Maloney said he's gonna swing on by banks and and yes and then who knows where the nightly from either as rob Bradford WEEI dot com rob rob good stuff thanks artsy guys I'm that I rob Bradford. And I like. I like to argue about things this is why we're in this business there's. I'm having a hard time finding what to argue with you agree I know I like this activities. As some calls that say this a bad move and I got one open line and looking for people that do not like this move today. From the Red Sox and JD Martinez at 6177797. Not he threw some go to Kevin in New Hampshire or in case Whittle it. Rich still man the phones here because candies and the power chair ease that dale and Holley program on not believe this last step back Kevin cued up high camp. Guys what's up what's up not much is certain news now. I can't say that they're that the contract is terrible but it just it just a quintessential. Red Sox move. You know he'll little Bologna out on the air facing. This I reeks of baseball or debt swap Lou what you're listening. He knew he had maybe two or three elite heat. Coming here at dirty result for the next five years potentially don't tell me the you know for a fact that this guy is gonna deal Lee. He does not have a track record that you're talking about where do you see to can't eat that he'd. Leave the power numbers last four years 233822. An injury short years and 45 home runs measles opiate. A repeat and OP a home run numbers the last four years 233822. And 45 or not. Actually written while. Sure yes yes and no end in those two years he played a 12320. Games respectively. I okay this is a bits is bits and be Red Sox media and spin control right now. Kevin book a cat I'd like to deal before you called so it's not there's no spin I've been saying for months I want Martinez. He's OP yes OK let's look at all PS 91287990. Wait. And over a thousand that is for pretty damn good years of on of on base plus slugging which is what you look at for a power hitter what would you like that you. What war. And I'm looking at right here what is it. Org you'll see that he would be back overrated player what does that mean already begun for five years and one time. I'm not as a league cornerstone player he's like I said yes oh yes easy elite power hitter cannot. I don't think I'll I'll veto leak power hitter no I don't. It to hit forty home runs tools like 69 the year radio tell me that you know leak power or not I I don't I don't like that. Elite is a very it broad term Kevin thanks for the call if you don't like to deal that's fine. Given the options out there offensively you're you're going on record saying you don't like the move when he's not gonna Havier I he that he won't. But everything right now tells me these initial appear at Fenway Park. And continue to be somewhere in the high 20s30 home runs a year and a twenty million dollars per. That right now's company can I mean even 2.2 point three which is not what you paid him for a home run totals. That would reports put him second on the team last year we'll keep that's led the team and almost 44 a year ago so they were they were desperate they needed somebody that could have albums is projected year this year according to baseball reference would be. 31 home runs 81 runs batted in and and oh yes like 928 had lost it projected 81 RBIs also before you know is on ball is that with Arizona I don't know you're right I think that was earlier that day when I look on the -- updated it yet Saudi Arabia oracle baseball but that's in bad intending invoke works in front of him. He should drive and a hundred days now this is really really inside baseball want key stats funerals. Four gets the break Morey calls. On the inside edge people yes JD Martinez so. He slug 92 best in baseball Red Sox were 21. Move and that's that. Home runs every one eight at bats and home games best in baseball. Red Sox were 29 in home home run the risk of having it on 881 slugging on 94 mile an hour pitches or fast hour talking invest in baseball. Red Sox are 22. And a one one point 25. Slugging. With L with a pitcher behind in the count best in baseball Red Sox were twenty. So keep things as they and join our staff he excels in the things they struggle with last year that's massively. Including call routes 6177797937. Former cabinet like the deal. Drew the card it like to be on the I explained to me hated it why you don't like the deal will talk about it will do up until I don't know what time 9:10 o'clock tonight will seat lot at night. Richie and how Sports Radio WEE. It's my tax. With the rich keep on Sports Radio WEEI. It's. Just take us make the T shirts I'm sorry I hash tag or podcasts Astaro. Just figured modified rules on Sports Radio WEEI instant reaction to. The news just over an hour ago JD Martinez a member of the Boston Red Sox a five year deal 110 million bucks Red Sox have not made it official yet. They did just weed out the in the OG guys are they getting close to doing it my guess is they could be waiting until the good side on this hockey humans. A tenacity can break the news right there on their news desk that can be potentials of the L went out the breaking news tonight he will on TV gallery Japanese thoughts nice Fuzzy JD Martinez signing. That the next question is going to be is probably not for tonight. But if people get back in the normal teens tomorrow. And US assault you re talking about your show tomorrow and is this gonna generate enough fan interest amongst her like Red Sox fans where. You know people gonna buy tickets are people going to be more excited for the season now. And it is a good player great player. Doesn't feel like that that assigning this I don't think he's acknowledged that there would run out of the Dinah. Last days there it's not generate a ton of more because I don't think oh what it does. Is you can't do the enjoying. It what they do and did nothing like now they added a guy who had 45 home runs. So that can't be here again. Now you're not all fired up for the season. That's fine but that can't be the reason it's also not the excuse now for the team you like you know we are right and waited around all you do get a power bat somewhere know they they do they presented JD Martinez. I'm beginning of the year will be the opening day lineup and then from there. You know that there should be the excuse now love and we heard this couple different times last year. How they missed the bat missed the personality of David Ortiz shirt today so. The Droid it is big press over the weekends he's the leader now going forward Al good guide to David learn from tacking dealer for Davis that we'll throw line through that new managers also be factored out the office apartment. So I think you're probably still. The third or fourth best team the American League you make the argument tonight they have gone past Cleveland in the overall rankings. I'd still put them behind Houston and the Yankees this year evil which eighty Martinez put probably clear cut. Probably third now ahead of the stats are seems like it seems like they are need. Based off what the Yankees have done a wild card teams what do we know that the is that kind of a scary spot to being to get that one game in in the Caribbean it should also given that they that the power bat here. To some extent it should help the Red Sox Yankee robbery which channel ownership talked about today in fact that we yet. Let's let's pull that one up we have voted on jet. I don't there's not numbered here Jack but it's it's the it's Tom Warner talking about. Stanton of the Yankees being good for the rivalry I should see it there this was not Henry this was Tom Warner both guys spoke today. Down there and up until they signed JD Martinez. This was going to be a rough one. For the man this earlier rough one for Tom wore his Red Sox fans don't care about the rivalry they just wanna win games. Red Sox fans wanna beat the Yankees nineteen and nineteen. They don't wanna hear what Tom Warner had to say earlier tonight. We'll listen react. Job well done. And he is good for the rivalry. You know the Yankees will have a have very strong team and we have a very strong team until I think our pitching. John alluded to it if what if we're healthy I think we've got the best pitching staff. Mean starting pitching ending with camera and we've got the best pitching staff there. That's also I mean at that it's. We'll see I think the known as Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrel. It would help you super confident and to make ND best it now that that's super confident now I mean you obviously we've seen good Palmer answer we've seen good and terrible fourth solo. Same David Price yep so are you have a bunch of guys in there that you know it could it be really go to you know similar to. The Celtics and the Bruins theory going into the year really care about you guys who could play really well and then for the most but he did they got this great record but. Can you really bank on everybody that he's talked about in his own staff real quick for get back to the phone calls after being smoked by Vancouver Saturday Bruins bounce back marsh and in overtime 21 past Calgary. Let's go to comments on its 6177797937. Hi Tom. General hardy Galen are probably got them. Not much I'm a bit in the young baseball fan the first thing I haven't really done a lot less stage I finished well. Oh. And that you know I had a potential and it just. It is just a matter time finally got a time and we got what five almost time hopefully coming into a lot. Idol of the listener and these people talk about salary cap. There and win now mode backed arbitration suck out and it is to win now and I won't even go for this great move. It's thanks for the call time out to save money if you're gonna trade for. You know Craig Kimbrel and signed David Ortiz that deal and trade for Chris Sale white how many. Minor leaguers to Dombrowski get rid of which is his MI however I know how great does. So you don't do that. Today and wade outer offseason there do not only have to win was that's always point it's that secure. It's a good sign you eat you didn't brush overall purpose but he Chris Sale has one more year left and you might not be signed Chris Hill made so that they would. You are trying to maximize the Chris Sale three years yes liked it I think we all when they made the deal they should be contenders for the next three years and we'll see. After 2019. This now this year. Might not make in the favored the American League but I Hubble can out calling them a contender yet to make a runner to the bid to win a series or two in the American League playoffs yes I think once. Get into the playoffs you should in the baseball particularly you should be able to to go on Iran. Regardless of where you over the near the team a 100 games earlier today just barely got into the playoffs. If your team gets hot the right time to give the guys capable in the last couple years they're pitching staff. Has completely let them down a definite disaster. But you need to give them a little bit help to a patient have to be perfect and so you're able to bring in a guy that. Gives your line up a little bit of pop that that's exactly what they needed to do I adjusted on a cell talking about the addition of JD Martinez just here on Monday night WEEI. And you pornography. Just. Are a couple things you laugh like that electing a fairly for the Sox are if you're you know it was doctor that he wanted you know once these are 200 you know we're trying to a couple of. You wanna shoot ten they started the off season just in seven years into Annie got either 110. Exactly so you know you know like you know our expert everything but we knew that I had him 151 other division last year but the the provincial and this all year you know what they are that big in your book you talk Kabul time last year well. You know yet of comic particularly government in no he's gonna have a few like. In it and pull in sixteen with that would you know the starting over under total yards and with a big district a lot of pressure well and you wouldn't. Yeah Dario we appreciate the franchise I expect and when Yahoo! would that you're with a bat as well. But I I think you know this this really take a lot of movie. Oh actually Garfield and I'm awful year targets the other girls were. You are fully expected it to get back in you know 29300. You know. She's well you know maybe 25 homers let you know. Simon you sign for that right now as a Red Sox and just to an idea and ended 225 home runs. I don't ultimately not be either he likes batting leadoff and he's okay doing it and a we'd open Droid doesn't he's done a couple advertised but he's not a huge fan of it. If he likes batting lead off and you can envision yourself going you know bad intent be Bogart's Martinez from there. That's not a bad top formula yeah I don't like it hitting leadoff if he's gonna lead your team at home bronze but the addition of Martinez means he shouldn't you have Martinez cools off diesel. What in the thirties and that's still probably gonna be better than what we'll keep that's what's on I'm. I don't hobble on line it up I don't Bogart's ends up. That third yeah. You do that is like a little bit more power out of them but I think. You like to be able to do the righty lefty righty out of the top so whose lineup is different they who has bets Bennett candy. Martinez batting third which you do not do a lot of last year. Hanley batting cleanup devers fit New Year's six Bogart seventh baskets and JB JC's very down Bogart's. I thought I was thinking that just based on signing Martinez the guy who should benefit the most directly. Was Bogart's batting third it Bogart's bats third in front of him he's got he's got very very patient hitter anyway but. He's going to be more aggressive this year. Teams are not gonna wanna put on based and walked him leading in a Martinez he should get a lot more pitches to hit it he bats third in Martinez that's close. Like the couple days ago Alex Cora was asked about it he was saying although a lot of that he's filling out his bets Bennett Tandy hitting 12 and then you know the rest of it is whatever and now makes a lot of sense to volunteer Judy Martinez coming on board you don't have to. Go over you know one of those guys hitting that the author for channel look for his career if we care about this. Is he's done his most. He's on his most work that he's had double the amount of plate appearances batting fifth. As he had any other spot a lineup he big he's got the fourth and February 4 and fit he's like that third nine B three games his career to 66 hitter. With a no PS like 767 it is. In batting third that'll PS is the worst OP yes of Annie spotlighted these bad now some of those are very limitless eleven plate appearances that night yes right so I'm not gonna go crazy with that but I. He seems like he's gonna back clean up this team and so let's get Dave and a cape and for the break I gave. What's going on I went obviously obviously going to be cleanup gaggle is reached at. Cleaned up yet and you could walk that's first edit any second and he told me and eighty in new windows there. And broke out spot. Right now Nunez is not that third. Well I mean. How could they played last few adult or Solomon say I don't own laboratory to come back Italy. But I wanted to get Tina can look at it if space here to hear deal I hit thirty it'll. Thirty years thirty years two years fifty million box at all okay I sign of that. Getting equal and they do these two years in Greece signed a dirty no. So I could sign him because he's gonna be on point in 14 weeks or months before whose agent. So it's more and more and I am sure he doesn't look good twenty million dollar 42 want to taking him sing along to him. Beat it and leave it. I think you're expect the effects of the call Dave you're expecting to be better than him at this point in these I'll leave it and maybe you don't really Mario shore play it bug you wanna see and the game's played is the one with him and and fifty Martinez's had some issues right on staying healthy. At 25 million dollars per and DH and that should always on the way air to air up as they missed forty games ushered still has 400061777979837. I tough for me to find fault not the rich find fault sounds like rob Bradford gonna sees the same way. Finding fault this deal for JD Martinez a five year deal 110 million bucks up front loaded. And he 25 million dollars per in the first two years and opt out after that I like the deal. I like the player I like the offense now for the Red Sox your thoughts on continue here but at night rolls on Sports Radio heavy week yeah. Follow along on Twitter with a mind active on. EI and rich fat she's 21 now more money cheap plug Sports Radio WEEI. What a nice Sports Radio WEP Guy Ritchie and how. Five hours of Heath Ledger of President's Day birdied your presidency of congratulations. To you that's right. Tomorrow I believe all the shows are. Back to the guys are in Florida Sam Kennedy. It's gonna join now curtain howling in 05 tomorrow I'll be must listen yes. The and admit they guys roll back in the back gain that tomorrow as stated. You'll have party your team bagged the LB jail and back holidays out all weekend as he was saying on the air. Last week preemptively. This has nothing to do and it happened on Friday Iraq already scheduled law every rally on vacation we communicate at school vacations aren't people attract those surprise on. Thirty seconds on something non G Martinez shore. So I'd fall asleep the first three times a try to watch John wick. Oh I made it through yesterday really if that's not a movie just falsely I know is a very tired that job autopilot off and as I guess I want to falsely axle. So on invested by I would invest my time tonight John wick to it and there is it MI going to be disappointed out or is it gonna be continuation how good John would obviously a continuation of the ranger the movie guy here yes 31 I liked him very they're both very much Lotta good action there. You're not really there for the dialogue from John Reeves tries the hollowed how many different ways he can kill somebody and he does a pretty good job okay good site I don't want I've it's been fought as beat yet and it being six out of a two hour movies though it's long for one of these election two months after today believe it ought to be going into a six hour of rest of yapping away out of holiday I can use the two hours not and -- my brains sit down I don't think I wanna see what one does not do you think he mentally that is this year is their dog involved yes Evans relic a tweets of the following between 2014 in 2016. David Ortiz OP yes. 937. Bryce Harper fourteen to seventeen LPS 937. 280 Martinez fourteen to seventeen and I'm 360. Boy saying there's a chance of soccer parent that Ortiz just yet I think is the next they've heard this fact. And Johnson made a joins us at 6177797937. For a shopping Bruins win in overtime against Calgary hi John. And my keys spoiler alert they adopt it would have. All good it's not an excellent job you. I. A great every. It battered car that I played that great effort based. And our our vita coming back he is articulate moderate Arab RE. Eight and we will act Ers. So I still think the goal is gonna be John to mix and match so that. Hanley doesn't get to 400 nice template appearances now but that's gonna that I don't care if it was Hanley Ramirez cut based off his track record. I think when he plays. He's gonna be great. Ever have to have the argument or the discussion at some point during the year I'll take it you keep playing around so we can make is 22 were ever million dollars the next year or you have to sit down. While he's hitting 32 when he with a bunch of dinners but I. He's that kind of guy that he probably will be wanted to think about it plays like he did two years old so health he was awesome and if he's playing like that. Our guests at a moment you can half that we can and immoral and and boy is being paid like a bench player but I I thought part of the reason why they paid Moreland. Was as the insurance policy not the play gave it to play Hanley Ramirez they can still do that. I guess you're right they're winning and Hanley raking Allen scores not gonna give a crap because what's the number about the solar next year for 97 yes we think that leaves Syria so that's plate appearances last year Hanley at 533. The year before or hit thirty home runs hit 61 idea. His first year where he was terrible and don't put a 105 games he's still at 430. Plate appearances does with a with a 105 games and he wasn't all that far away from let's go to Matt situated on the Red Sox in free agency back your next up it's mud at night when he got. Hey. Was wondering since. Like Dick Marietta's still out there and freedom and I was surprised like stop it sponsored in. Of the present the Red Sox need a little bit of pitching and they got price course I think Marcelo. He's that good ups ups and downs from the sale of our pitcher. Why not go after area and obviously cubs haven't won it and why it becomes way insult spring training department. So what the Red Sox to shut it and he won a fight on two of fifteen is accused the runner up. Could be wrong the last year's level in fourteen and had a 160 strike out 353. RE RA. So I don't know what the rest are just using him an IndyCar on the Mac steal what do it David Martinez and side. Two out of our five year. Hundred million dollar deal is I am not after two or three years. I think right now Matt I think and I hate to have to play this card again. I think right now they are going to make every effort to be under the 237 luxury tax number four this year. And they give themselves a chance next year I guess the bright white guys present themselves next year. They can do it but. I think that's the reason why they lose international signing money and they lose a ten spots in the draft and go tell you right now rich they feel pretty good about their team. Getting set to an area at a by the way what from winning the Cy Young finishing ninth and then last year. Was not as good at the 353. ERA in thirty starts where you'll got a 168. Innings he goes 32 years or 31 treasury 32. Next month so. I'm a no especially for some of that kind of money if for some reason it falls through he's like a one year deal guy that may be but now I'd I think their rotation again not everybody has five great arms and so yet your. Yes three and a half I would say good arms in the navy one of these young guys. We'll pitch well yeah I I just to play under the assumption that they wanna stand at 237 this year base in the tweets and seeing from guys in a lot more about by do. That I do about how to salary cap stuff when the luxury tax part of it works. They can make a couple of small moves right now top that line up being a yeah would have brought Cole. And be under 2:37 AM and still have. These guys in the lineup so I had eggs for now. This was there a wait and see move ladies that watch ago all of this was they waited waited waited waited waited waited. And they got JD Martinez at their price match which is pretty good Fred Merrill where it's at the break and Evan draw will join us I fret. Hi how are you guys that. It's not ethnic but one of pulled her right but let let's remember tonight. Red Sox range here 193 game yet what would poor pitching. And the sub par on hitters also the year. So you know any network you have to read or picture who's pretty good Chris last year on. Tomlinson who that was also the year. But you know it of course now have a bad year but yeah I mean they're pitching like Alvin back he'd pitched well. He got Rodriguez. So you know basically the team isn't pretty good shape ballot were postmarked straight populate it going to be really good and smoking that's also. Which you believe that second patient talking a problem Pedroia. You're not gonna do that panels are sacramental rights of the call it twice sided more on Nunez he bookie bet this is. We're now getting into Kevin Youkilis could play left field of likes fire was look you betcha don't look cadets played the field actually K okay well Robinson a supreme until guy now that Sheffield of the shortstop would be first came up from the bigs. Yes I'm with the overall point. Very very good did they were nice team now from a nice theme throughout call a very good team and one that now projects as. How high you hear it early list for Stalinist sort ballots on an ago. Astros won the Yankees to. Red Sox three Indians four in front of their wild card contender before the area they're now much more wildly interesting to fight for the division into the hall mediated August September. There at least content to contending with the Yankees for the at least not just they wild card also ran. I would believe that given a Martina traditional lineup and we are thought about the pace should be a lock for the playoffs. Right mean and if you miss out on the music I was there all baseball should be what lies payrolls and they should be the best wildcard team if you want them. Five hours rich I'm sick of you always a pleasure now while everything around now. You know what you stick around that sounds an excellent idea I'm gonna stick around until and you know what folks not entirely sure when but I'll be here for. Some period of time longer with Evans relic I think and a cast of thousands dollar. I believe Getty Fort Myers show. Here at some point and straps and a cast of thousands good luck yet sick. We're talking a bar rich keep battered dale tomorrow La look back off the Bruins coverage Bruins at the winner in overtime. Your calls coming up at 6177797937. Sox have signed JD Martinez. Are you back in on the Red Sox. As we await the official nature this deal the Red Sox and officially called it yet but it's all but done. And how 63 degrees tomorrow in Boston JD Martinez in the sixties much at night rolls.