Mut at Night - The JD Martinez Effect - 2-19-18

Mut at Night
Monday, February 19th

In the fourth and final hour, Butch and Buck continue to take calls with Red Sox nation, and their thoughts on the JD Martinez signing. The two speculate on how Martinez will effect the other Red Sox hitters in the lineup. 


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He's much better. At night on Sports Radio WEEI. We are sitting right behind him. Waited to get. Fives he thought the Boston Herald this alongside we're reacting with you. The big news tonight at the Red Sox have signed cheat dean Martinez. To a free agent. Contract the Miami native. The thirty year old with 45 home runs last year under nineteen teams combined between the Detroit Tigers in Arizona Diamondbacks. He is of Cuban descent. Drafted a regionally by the Minnesota Twins out of high school but went back to college. After that draft by the Houston Astros. Play the Astros and tigers and Diamondbacks and now. He is a member of your Boston Red Sox it's the buck the question I have to you have yet to one Red Sox player. JD has a positive effect. Who would be in line. I don't know I'm USB that during the break in even after killing an appropriate. Try to be Louis Eric here if they don't make a move. I would say in the cheap in and go when he when V angle Ben attending and Bradley. Simply because if it ends any doubt of their place in the team that that this guy's going to be the everyday 88. And it's and he can play every day in that field baby sit against lefties hone his skills as a big league players second full season in the big leagues third season overall. And Bradley by all measures seems to love it here. He likes being a member of the Boston Red Sox and and now they've got the DH. If they don't treat him as was posited. A few times during the offseason. He was gonna go to the cubs for house Warren was gonna go to the giants he was gonna go to. Marlins can oust an apple and all these companies treat. And now. The season is over that activity it's free agents and it's got Martinez. 88 and eighty. Assuming it on something rash which would be. To set place. So it's funny said that it had to because I would say two guys to him Oki went whoa this rule one guy cheated. Now it's now you have two guys way to wrap my history but it ought to say smoking because I think I think when this plays out. A win portray itself the I think you. I think your murder rose so to speak his smoking JD I think if there together 34 what you were caught but it attendees and actually want me. He came mean he's talked about put on more week I think until this mall which made he's one of the guys that might try to do too much. So I think what this allows him to do that he might try to hit too much pop. They're putting those threats are finished last in the American the Boston Red Sox finished last in the American kennel months. And I must say this kid isn't a level headed cute but I think they would have been without hate a JD is that this one more pressure for the benefit needy little Roberts. And I think that might have affected like that this could positively affect. Martinez that align with for a lot of callers say this I don't make everybody Pedro Gomez. It's not in fact we have Paul Goldschmidt again I don't think there right next to each other but I think GB Martinez bat in the lineup. Has a positive effect and it and it works works. About the phone should we will go to Jeff. In. Connecticut. Jeff I Jeff. But since he could start you guys I have no problem with the scene as it is right now I have no problem with Keaton. From there is legalized say that a New York brought it up you got to let you know ready jump up possible injury but the way I look at maybe if desired product is that. You know later and again he's got a widget threat varies you know for tension and for obviously Moreland for defensive purposes. So evil. If Moreland was starting to gain. You know you got late in the game you need a big battle to you know Ramirez's. I don't think has brought. Well it it ticks to go I think overall sort of as we're digesting this and you've got their couple times now bark. And he said liked Evans said we're going to be huddled around him while we're gonna wanna see how and we. Handles this. And he knows now he's not in Boston. Adding that if you did you base that need not be the apple that situation. Who is the Yates team won the answers as. The DH he wanted to divisions theories. Once was. What you'd that's right right the question back that's right and what's going back without heat. And point my point being. There is that it too though so. One small sample size could sell pay date they are on the unions did you would. Any ballgame ballgame. I talked about it now but you like that. Well it was a month so so. He obviously was exciting prizes were. Closely. Try to capitalize on season obviously it pushed him back injury. Once early. Days. To promote. The next time that the eight. If only it week week and it's that in the back. Job but you can do. It. So. Well last I checked it again tomorrow so I think that the bitterness might Wear off for him. We can't but that it by any measure are the it was so this goes I would vote with him coming. Go to markets Florida who's next would butch doesn't Steve Buckley hello mark. You know back. My two favorite Sports Radio. They go the other one. Yeah I'm elated about the pick because of failed the biggest Boyd. If so David Boyd Richie right yeah Ali that. Yes and you you you also think and like you mentioned. All night. The other the other guys are gonna probably get better at just more such as. Right. You know I still keep coming back to as your pocket mark bomb. Somebody says it stuck on the bar in the last hour some clubs not a baseball. I want I want to go at that atletico but I think it my support will. When he let that stop Bryce Harper. He's not my Trout a five tool player. But neither was Manny Ramirez. So when you see he's not a good baseball players really disrespect you know you can only say that it had a caller last hours and twice. I kind of stuck with me ticket McCain is not a good base. Now when it's really that's right on increasing it jumped on them that they think it is that baseball player he's the eight and I said and not a five tool players that aren't that upset that some delicately. It. Indians other columns to not look who the Iraqi air they're worried about going over the task. He can make. I mean come on they get that they happy ending happen in a sort of stand and acquisitions. They have to have happen. I don't believe that they'd do it and I believe they they make it again so I apologize but. The audience changes every twenty minutes so those used it and it make as ash and something to make its team relevant. And as that happens like wearing baseball very much. That's right the relevant. And mrs. What I do so yeah but the brits let that be worth the right if you. They had to make a splash. At six. Was sitting those. Sitting in an otherwise people where Jones is demented. Idea. But we are basically the evidence. That it's still writing but. Otherwise the ballpark is an axle weights or on the field is beautiful the batting cages oh setup. In the lights are grateful. When you. Thought you were there to win Virginia general Charles got more fruit because that would just love this the 00 take batting practice to get a lot alike. I'll hang accidentally I don't feel I'm. When I'm dead in the if it. All wired roughly half and you carry some balls into the ballpark in your pocket and then you know guns though you know enough and I am. And but it sounds like you it is beautiful here and it's. If so what's the eulogies it's it's baseball seats empty. In the Inky is now I don't like you're doing this year making your points he now. Baseball is relevant again you know because the Red Sox made a splash but looked at the Yankees slates it's. We'll all be back to the phone let's go to show in Providence the Barkley sports stars JT Martinis is coming to Boston your thoughts Joseph. These guys take all under. Is plenty to talk about what one angle. I got Alia. JD Martinez's and they they see not only off. Look at bats before him and bats after. They eat off. Lead off and then going. It is not. Eight eagle putt that I need. I have to run or drive the ball. Well I'd like to believe that I had I I'd like to believe that Joseph but I have to see. Nor sane now he's what Jose. What would put Joseph obviously we're Joseph saenz news were you when I started right after Avant. That this is Ortiz hit his presence. Could be you Calder Ortiz light. Well but that's what you're saying it show. You're a scene of the lead up haters gonna come out would feel differently about the pitch he's gonna take I was getting their base because JT Martinez. Is gonna hit I mean. That's David Ortiz like liberties affected everybody up and down line. Hey David Ortiz will never be Europe placed in Austin but GE Martinez. The ability rattle their power law. Well it average. In equal hate is he off those guys in it he better pitches. Watson fascination. It is true with this EG the thick at its. Channel your inner Bob Ryan thanks for the call to appreciated by the way. One of the is. The ball well my goodness. Look at Yemeni music that capital whose bark here at the flag. A ball back the thoughts of it's okay the flag rights that are what they're blowing from right to left field. Right this is this date I would get out the right role you how many balls left for you you can even. Get woman who. At the fort Stein. And I take quick story you'll appreciate this move to Detroit do morning drive Radio One WDF and the man and as a promotion. Promotion station manager Warren Gladstone. Says against price for my partner on the radio was Larry's arms and one. Pitcher for the war it was 81 games. We go to Tiger Stadium. Larry. Wrote. Who is in the dugout watching. Given me orders out your story. Iced it at the plate and let live returns and he knows what an omen. I said I don't need helmets is what helmet. This is now he throws me the first pitch right down the middle of the plate it feels a wonder might change your helmet on now she is yes well. Oh I hear I don't know. 5060. Swings and I finally got Hayden to which left field the stadium hold my breath. It felt about a hundred yards short of that. I am never in a way to restore. For that story will go to break we'll come back with Greg in North Carolina David in Florida we've got Steve Kerr Facebook's fabulous. Baseball's action Bucs gonna take some beat a year jetBlue arc we combat. Back to more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Forget what we could do all your I think everybody kind of boat that you. Tremendous what are you to justice swing over the course of the last year a year and a half and producing. A lot. Off but in terms of what kind of died years I would like to talk to other guy. Yeah add about three days into his tenure with the without question. Seamless transition. He is going to be a very good club house guy aren't shocked shocked if he's anything but a very active club guys. That is ESPN's Pedro Gomez the man who broke the story of GE Martinez signing. With the Boston Red Sox Pedro covered JD Martinez with the Diamondbacks last year regional for a while. Noses here we says he's a great guy injured her right here makes this is a great signing. For the Boston Red Sox your thoughts with sports stars Steve Buckley live at jetBlue park. Puck is making his way down the batting cage as we speak looking for those white girl baseball's too well. Not to over that left field wall. Yet. On a go to Greg in North Carolina who's next great thoughts about jiggy Martinez come boss. I think it be great signing have access to look forward to it I expect that these yes some to really look forward to. I'm just that the can be great sign. Where you would you sit subtitle look forward to ninety point Steve Buckley side of the street. Did he need to make a splash did they need to become relevant again meaning you a Boston guy living in North Carolina. I moved down here about ten years ago you see it out of luck and I end. Last year they were great team but it is they had no personality so. Eight the first time in like eight years that he had no personality. And it just. You can tell they looked miserable on the field they just. Beat the knicks well so did they need to make a splash probably not but to make them relevant yet. They're testing point thanks for the call Greg bark that they didn't mix well. I'll obviously there was something missing with the Red Sox last year you don't need out in the playoffs in the first round two years in a row if there's not something missing mean. He went Booth by what happens on the field but I think we all agreed championship teams have something else has something that they turn on. When it happens in the post season in the Red Sox were missing and that's why I wonder if cheeky Martinez will bring. Any of that to the table go back to the fall to go to David in Florida which Steven butch Eric jet will park David your thoughts about JD. And reload quickly buck you'll you'll like this I don't San Diego for a while and I went to see our. Teddy boyhood home called Utah street. I'm not not our. You to a street not partner Hoover High School. Hoover High School and I'm right around the corner from a I was. The soft while the other thing it's all the little park and out into the right knee balmy not Arctic is like a little little a little. I would not describe a little villages that a little small part of of our San Diego. You know where we have to go to spot start you know we'd have to go to find the Judy Martinez park we got caught and broke. Pines Florida it slip it out tonight a very well. The next week rock piece of Cuban descent you know that. And I did not. Let you know first of all what he's got a interest Bubba ostensibly what do you think or its biggest. Influence will be on the web at the bit where the Red Sox played offensively. Question. I like to think that they would run the bases better at nominee. Not a wise as speakers. Two years ago seemingly every player on the team had an incident where they've got me out there were a dad and watch it yet apparent. And last year Farrell kept talking about. Quote unquote aggressive base running. If you run the bases that has that we don't know what time that's not aggressive base running that is still days for an. And aggressive base running is and you read the situation. And you basically steal an extra base peak if you pick a flaw. You you you rate if somebody's arm saw something. It is it is an educated guess rather then just stupid and that is aggressive based sonic the key will bring that this team. What you think about John Henry's comment today which he really never clarified about. They needed to change their approach offensively. Well it it typically beside the technique for chili Davis and a Bosnia. Qualities that I think that is that a change in baseball. In recent years on the whole basis so quote unquote working. And eat eat eat eat it's often said that's to chip in it that that plate appearance is the first pitch his pitches that protest vote and so forth. And I think I'm kind of guessing that's what he is talking book so that if you eat if you go back Cora. When he talked with a few days ago he he was great guns that are aggressive swinging at it you see it it's don't wait the political buy ticket. Well if you take the chorus. It stands to reason that he's already had many talks the Dombrowski John Henry Tom word the whole the whole crowd. And in coral was hired. Obviously because he says things they wanted to hear. So if you if you if you lay it all and end that that's what I got from Omar should be hitting coach. Yet Nomar was that was the exception back in the day where he. Is the other 351. Went based what was coming and obedient sport and but but eat with Theo even said. That he was the exception that they would win the always in his crowd. Were preaching plate discipline of work in the count and all that nonsense. He said. They wouldn't touch. Nomar because he was sort of desperate case. Let's go to Steve in a car. As we talked about JD Martinez signing with the Boston Red Sox tonight Steve fox. That little or no agenda that aiding and ought. It is largely weather yes I bet you wanna bet you are. Of acute in New York they balance. I think every primary as a do or read your column I'd get educated in patent as a copilot. I think whoever it is and that there is. If you actually wrote it. And I would talk about it but pardon for years you're and it really made it your. Future. Beat you here. Lit the night yet. And a lot of guys will take advantage OK on. I'm kind of rhetoric that we're wide on the ridiculous. But our wanted to get our act here and it. On that did depicted in certain that the aspiration. It's the axis that question for a lot of people. Are raising the issue we one through season. Three CNET and your question asked. What Eyewitness News the last we're seasons in school. And you concede it kept me EU's. I think it'll work those seats 300 or near. He's what policies. Heat. Almost from the moment the the Astros just gave up on twos at least 1415. Fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth so he he has gone on 1415 sixteenths at right at least spring training. Late spring training that's what team. Let's don't tigers and answered that were consecutive. It's not like it's 55 with all the war and that put these right. Now you make a great point eight in in you bring up Steve that you know wasn't a one hit wonder was it a contract you will let's look at the numbers a little more closely. So last year 303. 45 home runs that's a career year 104 RBIs but it edit only a hundred. In nineteen games let's go the year before 2016. With the tigers 307. Excuse me. Com 30722. Home runs 68 RBIs. But he only a 128 strike us you'll also missed 32 games. During that year so was power numbers were down but he still at 307. The box point let's go the year before that's the year reached first became an all star in the first half. He had 38 homers 102 RBIs. He had a career high 178. Strikeouts in his three years ago in Detroit but he hit. 282. So we struck out more he did hit record average and that's a year after. He's breakout season with the tigers were you at 315. Com and also at 23 home runs and 76 RBIs so when you add it all locked the 45 home runs last year is an outline here. Com. What the rest of the average is consistent. The number of teams played is pretty consistent in the average of four years I think you can make a good argument against last year being just a a contract year. Everybody can do development are you at all but they are. Yet it never occurred to me again. I brought it looks better now I don't know about you I'd. Yes I had an opportunity here to educate me out of but it column appears on the radio appreciate. What what what. What sent out what do you think can we pick one it would be the federal. Judy Martinez request I can thanks for the call I really think he's right thank you for the doors. Gotten into small ballpark pretend analysts feel like. I don't pull an asset that company. The stories out there is split so he for an organ of the that he. Would have played I mean I know he played tiger's. He Houston. Lot of game. It so we think would be relevant number to give you an indication of how he might in fact. Sites games at Fenway which are going to be far that he had a lifetime hitter over the last four years. And not asking for support America what would we think would be good numbers. To look at. Think to give you an indication of while he might hit it Fenway. Could for example we are heard they signed Julio Lugo because he killed the Red Sox and that so it was economic human computer at Fenway. You know because he played in America coming off like I look at it was coming up to in nineteen sees. It's so so that means. Each. Against Lugo was coming off seasons to you know I'm not I'm trying to trying to. I mean rationalize some numbers that we Andre with with with. Fifteen to twenty months maybe more is at his home ballpark. With Davis make me eat. He's he's a. He he's he's a. Right handed batter coming you'll ballpark we're. The get the big wall in left field I don't know p.s did pull right but I'm more concerned unless it's through the ballpark. More concerned with getting acclimated to it that's a fair question asked of any ball player. We've been mostly a position player who's now being uses G. Back to the phone sports stars Dean Barkley Judy Martinez is coming to Boston TJ is in Boston hello TJ. TJ you there. Not Keiko Morris scored two Wally in Fall River who's up next hello wallet. They know what's up guys worlds of Boston's JD my team has it finally happened it seemed like we've been hearing about this for about what. Six years but he finally here. Very ecstatic over it but out one thing I can't say grow and Alex Cora. Multi bets lead when we get that clean up guy now Martinez. When we're gonna protect him in the U ought to. And who are three for a fight it is. Good question Wally thanks for the call arm we we're debating this earlier. Arm like I mean if we take him at his word but now Judy Martinez is here so maybe that changes that'll be it one of the top questions. For our Alex tomorrow we'll probably get the same answer but it will keep it still you lead off hitter. I think what we're not hearing from him is while Dustin Pedroia. Is not playing yet he's my leadoff. I think that's that's. If you read deeper into palm because. If it's not just a bit drier and it's not smoking that's who else is legitimately there's team nobody. Well you prices whom they you know what's coming you know it's not going to be Christian basket you know it's not gonna be devers. You know it's not going to be Jackie wrote it's not going to be Bennett said yeah I mean you start knocking out the names annual ride your guy basically right. So. Most of the break we got one more segment to go on a night that JD Martinez signs with the Boston. Red Sox come back for a final site. Steve Buckley abortions mine at night on Sports Radio to what we yeah. Okay. But he's either third best. Power hitter. The American League now is he an errant judges Jim Crow Stan probably one Q right. I'd look at the moment total plus generous that it off the top of my record that's been speculation. Yeah I mean out to these not. In Korea or not. Considered power hitters over there great person. Mom Miguel Cabrera is not what used to be. Calm. Mean has yet to two years. What do think of it it is who's the best 12 punch and last week you've got to be impressed with Eric judge and to you know Stan barker and Adam. Players often don't live up to the hype that's what we are 430. Right they're tree members. And right now I still like the Yankees with the with the with the open. The Red Sox in in this something that the Brodsky said earlier on the Nazis. That eight president of peaceful or GM should not say. It's something that we should be able to say is that if everybody has bounced back seasons I'd like our team and the thing. And yet you don't want that guy who wins that job. BC when gonna do anything to do what's gonna bounce back years having said that. You know bets could clearly have an up tick in its season in duty two years Bradley ticket did he could peek at. That it's any second full season those league better you know in the soft drinks but let's play the game boy accidentally go up and down season. That is only played. A fraction of the season. So EU look at all these guys that. But so go some Cy Young to losing 1819 games so. Even a piece somewhere in the Middle. East and when this idea award and it's that's what it runs last year they state. It's some bombs I haven't seen it. Player. A Boston happily go from. Heights to the depths in one season that were sorrow spears yeah you know I really different about sort of the list but I mean clearly he he is in that company. And so yeah I've these guys have those bounce back seasons. Then we're looking really good ball. Forget about. Less than ten minutes to go a couple other random thoughts Mike Lowell. Was scheduled to be here today or at least that's what we heard but he is a government tomorrow Cora told us that he'll be here tomorrow. That's the case just ratify. Michael. Can talk TT Martina and a different level than most of the book of Cuban descent he was right in here played Boston I. A just that you actually gave. Yeah I mean I you want to shore I just think it's a cool thing. We'll sidebar yeah I I think yet your bringing index players that means it's been on in time it's. It's it's it's a good thing it's a great thing with Iranians sort Derek well it did it without. And price are when he came out the field than those practice to use our hands around its progress. We see in here we've seen the seat wait it would seem fair attack. What Evans which Edmund. All these guys I mean some of them are working coaches get that is that our wars he's out there easily bought me four full time instructor. And that's what does. And the two Dwight Evans not to denigrate what he does but. He's he's a special invite to use spring training all teams to. All bill if players. Yet a law about it other than. Good vibes hearing stories about the old days I think all that is important but I don't think that what you have it hanging around the LT with lucky that. If he's going to make will keep it knows that means that I don't either but a surprise what did you say that because there are much you. Love the history that I mean nobody you've missed the point I think that the camaraderie aspect to it and it. Making players feel good about themselves and if if Dwight Evans Kent State Boston's great place to play in the not so that's a I'm talking about specific instruction. I know that. Like like ads would BO. Piece of rounds but used the statement we players he he he put a lot of work into. And a lot of times specifically. In the minors you get minor league start and start working. Right until it differently this is different this is established Major League yeah. Talk with guys who didn't mean but he remembered yet I think I think. Pedro believe it wasn't just for one I'm always working on a few years ago. He was working with. Any retreat is last year. And I were in every yes hey you know clearly it's it's in that young big league pitcher and this. One satellite at all of payment you know side of the team and and it is our enemy. I I I would listen I'd be impressed I feel good about myself. I don't know. In terms of weight hate change equipment is sliders. So in no way in my EUCs priced it. I'm simply looking at one. It's a legitimate point I wonder how the players take it to despite what they're saying we ought to call plays like an Ali I think if if if this of Rick now. The side. Is that the Yankees. Disinvited Goose Gossage. From being a special spring training instructor this year because. Goose Gossage has become that can one guy he pitches and moans about. Everything. They don't want him around and it and it ET you know EE doesn't like silent home runs. He does he thinks that the that the one inning relief pitchers on Friday pitched three innings elected. And he's such a miserable in the exit. When camp. And his nearest I can see nobody who's here. The red sucks that you see these guys everyday. C Evans get this week in its wake none of these guys right he's a guy who's going to be doing. I can't think of anyone they re. That when I saw on the settlement go with this guy. He's a bad apple I I mean. Derrick Low cloud nine. He enjoyed it more the power of the unique audience. And he he he it's a specific work so it's sliders. So. Debate bits of wisdom imparted there so I think that that attic I hear me thing. It on but he might do well. A squeezing one last call before we go mixed in Dover naked thoughts about the big news tonight. The Red Sox have signed Judy Martinez. It butch the I am so happy I got to work about ten minutes ago and I heard about this at work. I turn it on in a listen to baseball and I'm glad to be last caller thank you very much. When that when I hear differently and showed up down here and he's gonna be out on the field would be I might get it on the plane that they are with you brother with. I'll tell you what. In their myriad systems to. Healthy arm. This year and I'm I'm look at it by the whole PP twelve diet that he knew it all that. But you're the guy complete subvert state this year sorry Mitch Moreland what can we go to rate this year with JD my commitment wide. That's an interesting I would. They could to get well think you don't count your point. This could be the seventh team. With my apartment at thirty home runs on the ninth hole it would if these guys and well and. That would be Christian baskets in the nickel gonna have political running out of time but I wanted to quit. Okay thanks for the comment I wanna make it quick point on that. Yeah. At least got the potential key point but it looks like to own it looks like you can get listed bats but if it hits. He's got to dictate how many that it was an act right now of course we've seen it forever. But he's a guy who could drive the ball like few in this Red Sox won. I used the studios. That protects. You raise yours are it would. Throw. Them out yeah. Well eco team beat twelfth and listen. I'll see you bright or only one not that early tomorrow for. But I'll see you read it in those fields written by left field blah blah. Prohibited jacket couple balls out and I updating it like Christine Buckley for our producer jet for Chris Curtis for everybody else worked so hard tonight. Thank you I'm what Stearns the Red Sox and JD Martinez. Have gotten married. Talk well about the honeymoon tomorrow and the days beyond have a great night everybody see you.