Mut At Night - The JD Martinez "signing" has become a debacle and the manager isn't making us feel any better about it 2-23-18

Mut at Night
Friday, February 23rd

Hour 1 of Mut at Night is off and running as Mike Mutnansky and Rich Keefe of the Dale and Holley with Keefe show try to dissect the JD Martinez "signing" by the Red Sox and figure out why it has yet to become official.  Manager Alex Cora had some comments about JD Martinez today and they were far from reassuring.  Mut and Keefe also discuss David Price and how fans should view him heading into the season.


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How fast you. Did you ever see a movie the national. I think it's sort. The longer lines of why it's Robert Redford right there. Right before the big game. When he's definitely doing at all and they have. What's happening golf reporter back some good numbers and the grass fires. And Ali you know on. Well we did. Brad and. Right there if it's. Now here's my. Talk Sports Radio telling you we. Things that your wallet dot. Bradford ridiculous. The natural analogy last night where it is like Pope began good. There so for those who didn't hear the entire thing I want my foot that torture period rod hosted WEEI late night last night. And he was radio pretending that JD Martinez's in the ballpark. Taking batting practice at 10 PM it was really it's the natural it was as bad and you were heard the radio I've done a lot of battery arrives via a melodic criticize. Other bad radio Marlins have all been there no one's done more bad radio than me in this market so I'll apologize for that and they. How traffic is now are calling in from a South Korea today for a little. What kind of thriller I it's a good question I'm not sure about the time artist you'll you'll hear the amazing amazing karaoke. Between trainee an avid relic who feel like a lot in the air partnership. I'm going for here that tell later on in the show it is Friday night I'm not used to being here. I'm only one consecutive body is too straight Friday night. Ride been here in the monitor my program and five straight is a lot on the front it is never ever gonna happen again are out in tardy tell AM on the morning show. Like three times next week. Let's enjoy this laugh out of five straight days together was was as good couple was it was nice gains obviously what does it in for me next week that's something I think we know what it means was sold -- and so he's given event she's not like around these parts. Is there a bad reaction like air crash I don't know elect's old keys including key I don't disagree that the highly rated programs a lot to get through on a second consecutive Friday Demi are crisp line will join us. On a couple hours we'll get his take on. A couple different thing at their Q sort of sub headlines today one of them is the NFL jump aboard which we'll get to. Later on next hour the other is JD Martinez to start with here in a second I should also point out a few -- to our website tonight he booked our Twitter account. I'm Alex reverse both an apology for his comments about the robberies daughter you'll hear those comments. Just about an hour from now we'll play those in a little bit of reaction to Alex at the Saban urge you to go check it out. All the little bit of a column and an apology any podcast up right now at WE EDI dot com. Credit where credit is due to rich keep familiar. Correctly sniffed out. And some issues and JD Martinez a couple of days ago when the press conference that was supposed to happen did not happen and now we're gonna date for. A JD Martinez watched in free fourth consecutive day. No press conference no announcement and in fact now all. We got two things that we add the equation one Alex core sounds clueless and the fact is a gift I have outscored sound for you oh great not just the quotes from down their today I have the eyes of an answer obviously pollen worse than it. And number two and relatives wrote this and he's he's a 1000% right. This now speaks to something is not medically. With JD Martinez and I usually these things. Do not end up being deal breakers would ends up happening is is some short X or it next for insurance policy put in. Extra defense put in it in case may be this case police franc injury dealt with last year. Does it keep mouth Rex about a games if it does the Red Sox at this point Watson's over insurance policy against that. And this is no longer waiting for Scott horse this is no longer paid a big deal. This is. I think for short this point some sort of medical follow up where they are trying to get their asses covered their t.s crossed their I's dotted. Over what missed BA medical flare up in the the physical forgy eighty Martinez. Yeah I passed a big best case scenario now all of it it is they sort of tweak the contract they either put in a team option somewhere or. They do one of those things where if you missed. You know certain number of games for this specific injury that we've seen here then that maybe somebody kicks him whether the team option or. Number John Lackey had his contract if he missed time for a specific injury yeah then you get almost like a free year and a half off the authors then that'll right ridership but they do we find out that he does have something maybe it's a previous injury or they found something new who who's to say but the fact that it's taken this long. Yet he's he's not it's not gonna be just the five year 110 million dollar contract two year opt out fifty million in the first two years. And it's business as usual something passive change yet because it when you look at. What we know now there have been multiple times this week. Where relic Bradford Ian Browne PD Abraham widget sat there waiting at the ballpark. Because they were told by the Red Sox informally this is not a formal press conference today and saw these things work. You walk to Kevin Gregg of the Red Sox this eighty expected Davis and yet we expect a press conference today you know what time but hang out we're a lot announcement for you. That happened two or three times this week where they sat around and bullied there was going to be a press conference as relic rights tonight terms are agreed to on Monday. It is now going to be Saturday would know prost press conference and as he says we know for a fact the Sox Martinez were still going through medical's. As of yesterday. That paints a picture of something has happened here with the contract this it is an especially if fact that. Informally they told these guys yes stick around they'll be something at some point today. And it never get that it has already got sport and that's why Wednesday even as early as Wednesday thought something was up because that wasn't. Hey I didn't believe that you did it on Twitter you know spirits in key spears recently got it we're all over this one put a face instead. You know according to reports slate of all these these baseball writers said Judy Martinez for the Red Sox. And then a few days go by it has been made official you're not freaking out as you're saying OK I don't know what it is but something you know bit. Timing and you know when he's media something else is committed to I don't know what it is but. When they elect our to have one in on high noon. Here comes the press conference like just kidding or pushing that back two hours so they thought they could get that dotted few hours ago when baca waved off is that okay. The nation have to sit back and wait and might be not until. Next week that we can get and so I I'm bigger theory about why this is being delayed now the injury itself but first and you're reading the quotes from Chris Smith now slot dot com. Had some bad quotes amounts court today I offered an effort and effort we have the sound. From Alan score will seek you feel better or worse and I Cheney Martinez thing here are some very basic questions. And some very strong non answer a base of tactics by one Alice court today asked multiple times about JD Martinez and. We're always. His iron game. Aren't good charity. Weren't. We still work inning their record now this tournament. Just as. It is. I'm. I Malcolm's founders you know little bit sad and there's there's numerous things Mike my puppy. Appears showed it and get a break doesn't. Let us economic concerns whether it's here to them getting ready tomorrow we had them in an ensuing we can do tomorrow. Can you don't always vote you know these little or. I've. Why that is actually one of my reaction was that I heard it that is worse than they've looked impressed. Worse that is added print tunic and what was across poorly imprint when you hear courts say those things. He sounds not only like he's lying he sounds like he knows something's up like it any day it's the it's the way answered it to me that he knows okay justice of the the only showers and hunter. Easier beaded belt check all your that was going to be doing no he's fitness of the think he's he's not like that he's very open now we know that and so when he gets back close minded or that equals one when he gets back on. Tight lipped yet on those answers schools he knows something is up he knows all the time. Yeah he's concerned but the guys who were there and that is. Do you know lords if you zone where is JT or I have no idea what's in them I'd I. Don't now I don't know priceless ideas on that but David Price and on for sale items though it's fun or I'd already I don't McKee that's as it's funny you mentioned David Price things I think there is part of this delay. And cross every T and dotting every I that ties and David Price we David Price shows up they came thirty million dollars a year. And it turns out he has a what they would call a unique album featured that's not good a game so I think now going for all these big signings. The Red Sox and Andy before Mike Napoli J. D. Drew has been a bunch diesel situations where. They've taken your sweet ass time and and eventually this maturities put in a visited I'd I'd Dan denial amendment to the contract. Whatever you wanna call it and they move on so I don't sit here fearful. And maybe your field define outfielder enough fearful of the contracts an awful part of the players an issue. I just think now we have to prepare ourselves for. We found this here's how the contract is different and my guess is Scott or is part of this is Scott Boras wants to spend it. As positively riches possible for his client because the last thing he wants is his client to sign a deal at the Red Sox with a damaged good thing hanging over us. Yeah I mean. Maybe I mean that I still think you're right he either play opening day to show up he's there he's in fourth in the lineup. And they go from there it's thirty home runs this year and we all forget about this weird week that outlaws. But something is off something is different he's ease you know a thirty year old player who's missed games in the past. He's at over the last four years is really had what one that. Really help BC's Corey didn't miss much time at all so maybe there is some panel will angering issue here. And it's just it's not the ideal start for me but even with that with such a late signing you'd get him until the end of February. That okay get him in there have him you know. Take some BP could be ready to go for opening day eggs each day that he kind of delay it not some of the winner yourself yeah and I would say that timing of this. Also adds to the tanks the EU and other Red Sox fans are fi only get this if this happened back in November when free agency open and it took a week. You try officials are no big deal but the fact the media is there. And the media is being asked about on social media over over and they are responding to with the media has been told Allen multiple days this week. Pay hang around Libya press conference the timing and the actual location being in Fort Myers. I think definitely. Puts out an extra negative spin on this given given where we argument that you're going to be playing baseball and you know 44 days and yet I think Marleau even matched the you know an additional today and had they signed him in December. In this same thing kind of plays out whenever fine but you know you have a heart knowing I'm not not die and get the press conference you know before Christmas or anything like that whatever that that's fine. But the timing of this other border played the political double header yesterday that play a game today you're wanna get the guy worker with a team is as soon as possible. 61777979837. The phone numbers feel better or worse. Killing out at hearing outscored their my guess is most people agree with does force you feel worse because it's a guy that with the brat with the brattle podcast. You know 1 hole Lou this morning. I'm that they aired on their show. He's a very open manager and I and I think he's gonna try to be different that it to John Ferrell because his personality is more open east war. C east is more of it's a natural. Sort of back and forth with core he did ESPN radio for a while he's done gains today they. There and he's not going to be as tight lipped and then you hear that. And prevent it acquitted I don't know where he is what is he hiding I kick I can only worry about the guys here that's the belts and answer to. And vanity straight from the Belichick playbook where we'll know more about the guys were here and I'm but the guys that reportedly just got a 110 million dollars. Mercy yet and fifty million dollars upfront. Yeah we we think well we'll see with the car we don't even now I got that that's probably going to be really tweets so that's one Red Sox item tonight the other is the column Dan Shaughnessy posted today on the Boston globe website is newspaper or at least somebody who I mean took his body. If you he put his name on the article. What happened adventure on every month last year to. About it was about a guy than a month later right he buried on the front that's just a thing I don't get it all know it's so all he is saying is give price to chants by the way this this this the second time. Somebody Jesus headlines somebody at this paper should know before tomorrow's print. I'm pretty sure that NBC sports Boston used the exact same headline for an average old story about two weeks ago. All we are saying is give price a chance. So might want to update this fellas this has been used recently that you would think at the paper record in town you would know that. But of course apple actually hope that they know and get this open goes old relic goes aptly blockers tomorrow he's a lunatic. LP does that because they use that I can I meet on a draw but I headline two weeks ago. All he is saying is give price a chance immature charts for the date that it's a matter there are honest and I think. Meanwhile. Dan Shaughnessy. Is telling us that I think he can be Boston's best picture this year talking about David Price. I get have a Cy Young season. You win back the ads. This lot of could cool is this guy I don't know have of what is going on happen last year to. I ordered it's a new mandate what he can write this about a patriot player your WEEI listener and you read this crap that this guy right over and over again. Think to yourself. What are you ever write this about any patriots player my answer is now. Actually now known up whatever reason he is a defender David Price now for a year. He writes perhaps it demonstrates some character flaw but I just can't quit on price. I thought Boston folks were tough on them with characterize the failure to winning seventeen games were particularly in the majors in innings in 2016. I was still on prices camp early last summer right up until AMD ambushed Dennis sectors and a team chartered gradient loser culture of tension and joblessness. In the spirit of starting over. On the first day on the day of the first spring training game hasn't helped the BC northeastern games now I approach price in the sox' clubhouse Friday morning. And asked that we could talk a little baseball or change. He said that will be okay. And it's just it's another shot a missile a lot recently where he doesn't really give your opinion. He just with with just quotes the guy he's talking to. He didn't surprise last week remember when he gets a price press conference of reset I asked David this he said that. I asked David this he said there's no opinion about it simply as the beginning he's giving price the chance of candidates back in form via how's the local field feels good price said. I pointed out that you never give up a run in seven games and fifteen A third innings last year after he came back no price that I was streaking. So I should just had position Odyssey streak is sure to stretch out last year price now chairman of time. Until they can be a secret weapon this year. I'm now thirty million dollar pitcher be secret weapon he is not sitting up on anybody now all the focus on Chris Sale up to 300 strikeout season. I suggested expectations might be reduced for price. No we count on still smiling I make too much money for that I appreciate that that that's never gonna be case to his credit. Let me say this excellent answer by David Price that stored at the right answer. Excellent answer. He goes on I talked about his offseason how being a father help in the offseason the holding his son in his left arm helped them. I felt like that helps strengthen my elbow and shoulder he said I didn't have any pain or soreness when I was sitting there holding him for an extended period of time I thought that was a very good sign. They go wanna talk about last year. Are being hurt and going through all that last year was different for me all round price said. I was battling a lot of stuff I had my son that was a blessing but it's completely life changing thing. Then having an injury in the season mark felt so good coming into spring training when I was throwing the ball so well everything kind of piled up I know I wasn't myself and I admitted that. It happened on trying to move past the talking about last year if that is allowed that will happen. If not I will continue to discuss it whenever I'm talking in the media. That's David Price say I'm sick of talking about last year. I can get at this point by anybody until we see something this year. That's the reference point for most Red Sox yeah that's what's tough for him and not make any excuses for him near the Needham but. It is a new year it yet for this entire month anytime anybody talks the price it's going to be about last year. And finally again I said this the other night I feel the same way I have a hard time reading the price up and it and trying to say objective. Because it is that it's a player and a a person have a hard time objective with the with comments. I Shaughnessy did anyone try to get through to you when you're so angered everything. Price you guys will never know what went on period that's the bottom line and I don't wanna get back into an open and all back up. Let me go through old boring no hitter in spring training and we can talk about. That is honest and suitable stuff so when asked again about last year odd. You guys will never know what on period and it's a question about why being so angry. That's the bottom line and I don't wanna get back into open all backed up let me go through all boarding a hitter in spring training we can talk about that. If that's the one that exit this is not the meat is nowhere near the nightingale story from the other day. But again referenced in last year being angry. And not willing to take on. The blame publicly which I still think it's a mistake by David Price I think in this town rich. Matter what sport it is in baseball specifically. You admit your mistakes that we don't pitch well that was something goes wrong on or off the field. I the fans start to move past it but it's another case where you guys will never know what went on period. I would say. I think we have a pretty good idea it's integrated of what went on last year and it looks bad for David Price and a poll like this still makes you think. He's not taking ownership of it and still thinks that he's in the right for what happened last year which is kinda again we heard early early in nightingale. Is still kind of crazy feels that yeah I think it's going to be difficult for everybody to get on border David Price the person but. And the reality you don't need to appease pitching while plead guilty you don't need. I don't need anyway for the Red Sox have 2.5 awesome guys that play five sweet guy they also the right thing and doesn't wanna hang out of the technology it's really good I think I do carelessly or enterprise goes out there and wins the Cy Young child sees it suggests. He still gives you some of the same answers generally rise of the things that he does. But it beat up they're spitting a three ERA you'll take it all right so the two questions all the top how bad is look for the red sox' JD Martinez thing Keefe is much war is concerned alliances with about this I want her Red Sox fans are mad that keep mold here. Of the concern level given the JD Martina it's up and that's the bench in the second one about David Price. Are people willing to complete tennis. Do with Dan Shaughnessy is doing. Give David price's second chance are Red Sox fans ready to do that 2018 both the Red Sox questions do started 617. 7797937. As the phone number with the Celtics playing tonight. This'll be your only spot to talk about the Red Sox in the patriots above from the things we'll get to over the next up three and out bowers is so we'll start. With those two Red Sox issues that 617779. 79837. Mott and keep right here goals Sports Radio W media. Okay he's. Okay. He. Are there is her way around the we're still working and getting ready now this tournament. Thus it has they don't. Com I'm Michael and I'm not a sound decision outlook don't look bad and there's there's doom I think it might might not appear so dangerous rhetoric doesn't. Let us I know my concerns were there to hear from them getting ready tomorrow we have them in an ensuing week and a Smart. I don't know if you know peaceful world. Nights that I've. At a sounds for a couple hours ago after the Red Sox beat the twins sticky one nothing seriously in the mayor's cup that's what it night's Sports Radio. WEEI and that last. Quote right there is the most concerning. When you can't answer whether or not the players still on Fort Myers. We got riddler we got the Bible Belt her. I was says sounding alarms that's an issue that is knock there are some his other non answers to that it's also. I don't understand more the dismissal of it if it what if he was on another team this is the trade that hasn't gone through. Yeah that's like tamper your all the different sports are there rules against young talk among guys and other teams. But he's a free agent who by all accounts you agree to a deal live. And he is just very hush hush and do you know answers it's bizarre we'll get your phone calls on us at 61777979837. Starting Red Sox who will be a Friday were sort of all over the place but I wanna start with. On not only be JD Martinez stuff and the concern level for Red Sox fans but also the David Price column by Dan Shaughnessy are you gonna do with pinch on as he's doing. And give price a second chance here will find out I'll Ralph and Krantz and on the Red Sox he's first up mud at night I Ralph. These guys. Forcible. You know we we we are dysfunctional organization which doing that quickly approach. This is dysfunctional organization they look like morons. Q what this guy football more help in the newspaper. Recounted contract flying in the Portland it's true to the most important thing is make sure this guy is helping each. We couldn't have a press conference all later that it is a red flag in the end we do that it's gonna happen. The initial thirteen that doesn't need between chicken and beer between a lot but they could get to the tickets that they pump the well. Instead of by the ticket to bring about order of 6 o'clock. So we'll wrap and that was I was so it was a long long time ago he Wright was embarrassment doesn't happen in five or six. But we had ten years of something if it's not the price problem much it is only trumpet the makeshift cane. Foolish it is destruction yes there was absolutely no coal to book these dogs to the fear and based to the media. Why did you bring the kind of what he should that it actually feel the Olympic and had a neutral before the fourth quarter that. And I try to guard. I gotta tell it what we disagree and that's what I didn't like what went on but if you want this guy get shut this guy issues do you stop the parent rule your unseen Shaughnessy with this now let's go to choate oh. Shall you walk. A bullet struck him and it's gonna be good this year he's got a kick twelve feet they've got. Can he pull commitment poke them culprits of the local outlook if you shocks out but he derelict and why I keep saying hey rush to pay like this is what this media that it can't put up a little putt on a place part of this media. I you'd like getting around you you when you're good wanna get paid you what you wanna get paid the most in the sport you wanna be seen as a superstar you know playing Tampa day. You play in Boston New York Philadelphia Chicago and guess what those places have pressure as a Martinez Ralph is right I'm not sure wanna. Label whole organization right now. As dysfunctional. But it is a bad look. To make make. Make it known he's there essentially by bringing in that at 7 o'clock in the morning when you know all. The media's going to be their take a picture here's Judy Martinez walking in the right side thought about that all multiple daddy's. Telling that the media case stick around in a press conference that's the bad look here and an and I. I guess that the outside and the argument would be well something came up in the the best physical how could they have known. The don't make it's still public. And help put the cart before the horse I'm fine if they are crossing every T and dotting every I and making sure this guy's helping him putting in a whatever insurance that they have to just don't. Shoulder to the media it's 7 o'clock in the morning was it Monday morning or Tuesday morning whatever laws and then don't tell the media a press conference adding I stick around that's up charges getting. It does that's the bad it's classic Red Sox when it relates to an injury how many times have they give you wrong information Erica guy leaves the start night. They should define you might dismiss the starter to identify other shut them down to you mobiles very Ellsberg and I have Dice-K was the goodwill on the there's been a Blanche in the past where. Other guy's gonna be fine and then. Actually were in a goal and slap on the DL retroactive to a week ago is everybody's gonna play bad guys on the bench weight around in the they just screwed up injury so many times that you you know wonder. Is this also what we're dealing with right now 6177797937. I was not buying in early in the week but now that we're here Friday we're knocking haven't press conference. Heading into Saturday here. It's definitely definitely injury related has to be whether or not it stops the contract the deal will see nick is in New Hampshire and it. Oh are you won't find in it. And it collect call from morality you accurately. Basically Al D'Amato. Yeah I would I would say it at. We they had a image issue against the team has over over the past few years there's been there's been the late. There should be more bright spots in the team and when you look at the roster and go through regular bull look at bats people should love and they didn't win by you know bad attendee in Bogart they're. The should be and Chris Sale. But it seems that last year was one where we're really dwelled mainly on. Price Pedroia is one incident with the your real late that's what every kind of folks in and Ferrell they're the caller started out by Taiwan Ferrell and that's one where all yearlong. You hear this kind nonstop he speaks before and after every game we we talked to every Wednesday he does a million interviews on every pregame show. And you're like why is this can even make any sense and so hopefully. For us now today Corel has put it in a tough spot hot and now I did he does not make me feel better about the Judy Martinez situation. But just coral alone maybe. As one of the voices you peers so often could help how the theme is view yeah I do think when you appear quarries comments today. You sound like a guy who was told hey you can't talk about G marking the we just keep something going on yet everybody out yeah as you can hear it you can hear his voice he's walking on eggshells not sure what he can and cannot say. Our scouts of Connecticut it 61777979837. Go that's got. Look I hate they don't pay. All right eight you know a lot. Which honestly our right yet David. Sweetheart. I'll give you a second chance. That you could just leave quiet down a little bit and win some games. That would be absolutely fantastic. But I will also allow people to remember that we all of course. And that as a person who went into the locker room wall everybody else sealed in little actual lifestyle yeah. Forms if you didn't want to Wear dark human. Reform that somehow we can all agree. That they traded yeah. And a lot backside. The heck out of there with a favorable contract. That was. About. I hear you vote do you think Kim cutting those uniforms and being a bad teammate is what I read in that incident. He's seen is coming along a bit they love water is 81 up they'd wanna play and as uniforms either they had more issues with like the management. All right well. I guess that's that's the cage didn't that also didn't strike against getting old patient on playing when he told a little. Yeah well I have mixed grade A I it that your your 1000% right I think Scott the bigger issue thanks for the call other teen age don't like price Donald and that's the problem that area David Price as the attendance up. And David Price as these you rabbit ears ruthlessly everything he's talking about. The negativity over and over again and he sets the tone for 2018. Where it's us against the media. It's us against the fans. We don't want any criticism is all of us even we don't perform well. That to me is integration that is David Price individually my concern is that. And Bradford fought in this the other night when he was in. I think he's trying to be a leader I think that the guys are. Following him rage and I would much rather zawahiri were wrecked or Seles and import sold told Bradford it's great playing in Boston because when beard you pitched poorly you're not playing well they get on you. Who doesn't walk that it's like okay this is the god they should listen to not David Price about the negativity. While others are concerned you know Michael Holley is always talked about David Price buys friends like he's goes in there and he has this 207 to show goes on track OJ got my shoes he does want sandals the other owner all the different stuff. That he gives everybody. And if you're 42 years role on this team you you remember David Price you've seen him pitch all of your for the rays you've seen them when Saigon he's. Or the more established players in the clubhouse so you like him but it's just what direction is he leading. And now he got to the hole is anyway that this year some of the guys are on the team last year like bats and Bogart's say RH. That's what David Price does Bo week in we also out the shoulder some about responsibility and be leaders this year. They they have to take that going for and the other guy obvious he's Pedroia who seem to be the middle that said. Would be different guys are looking at. They're there can't just be one guy it's got to be group ago David Price cannot be the spokesperson for the steam at least to start the year. You wanna tell with a gets out to a big start and he is. Following the Chris Sale footsteps and he's not saying anything and go up their pitching and he wants that they're changes role of the publicly. I could buy them but to start the year base the last two years I I just don't wanna see it Steve informal get him in before the break to wanna come back get a quick Celtics off rich tasty. Yes sir. I think with Boris not saying much that indicates to me it is something with his player. It is an injury he'll want that we talked about so it would make sense he's downplaying it also. Also the coming into the matchups aren't good at just blew rooted out they can't Sul is seen as something with a player or something the player and it's an injury and it just have to be. My attic adding it's pretty clear at this point Steve based on what we know it's an injury so he shows up. He's in front of the media everybody sees them. Red sox' PR staff whispers too the Red Sox media a stick around were close to getting. Press conference here and that happens multiple times during the week it is now Friday night it is almost 7 o'clock people want to dinner and there's still no JD Martinez. There's definitely a physical thing past the 99% of the time when you see these deals whether to trade or free agent signing merely say pending physical. And Joseph was. It didn't just dismiss it right at those are the logic error I had a good read this happen is they got they have and that everybody it's fine. But every once in awhile there's a case where a wait a minute the physical didn't go as planned it now. Either it. All is is terminated or you find ways to tweak the contract to cover yourself if you're the team 6177797937. Is your phone number Alex Roemer is issued an apology for his comments about Tom Brady's daughter it is open WEEI dot com will play that for you. After 7 o'clock here on the program and the Celtics did not play last night. But it was a good night for the Celtics in the Eastern Conference pace of the Cleveland Cavaliers any long term bad look. For LeBron teammates we'll get to that. And we'll get you into a long long night your sports talk one at night Sports Radio WE yeah. So. Alongside Retief for a couple of missed a lot of nights or radio WEEI we are actually get a couple minutes for a few minutes away from the celtics' opening up there. Second half of the season post all star break they go in forty in nineteen they going chasing the raptors the top spot in the Eastern Conference and ahead in the Cleveland Cavaliers. For this second spot there in the Eastern Conference and I thought it without playing last night. Boyd good night for the Boston Celtics I exodus couple times too rich this week I still think you what the cavaliers changes in the celtics' issues. A final week of the season they are the team that would pick right now in any series if any team. In Eastern Conference and last night was one of the prime examples why cavaliers and wizards. Big game for bowl teams to open the second half. LeBron James excellent down the stretch. Cavaliers do teammates not named LeBron. All for ten the final line and happened at that came from the floor. They lose in the ending outscored the fourth quarter and the guys that there's supposed to rely on not named LeBron. Are not use the spotlight other than say Kevin Love Namibia one or two other guys second half of the year. They be affected down the stretch of these games and old for ten in the last night and at minutes last night where you lug outscored 2824. To be the example of why the Celtics. Are better police are a more poised to get. The worst series with the cavaliers in the cap target the Celtics and cavs at home playing it's the wizards without John Wall all the losers have played pretty well without them gusto he's the most how to god out on the team he's not there. And they still go to Cleveland and wind and yet George Hill goes two for ten. Yeah that can happen in Jordan Clarkson or or out Rodney hood. They can't score double digits off the bench. That's gonna happen like they're they're good players but they're not as reliable. As obviously Tyree was like LeBron second half you guys lose carrier serving for those three straight trips for the finals including one win at. They don't have that they're better than they were before they certainly upgraded it weighed in rows and Crowder and Shumpert the upgraded that. They really needed to and I would be the Celtics should be better. Toronto will be better to sort of trials and open with home court but like the Celtics I do wanna see them get out to a good start though. In this unofficial second half because they kind of limped to the all star break like me playing terribly to other and it didn't sign any bad so. Hopefully they can turn things around and and play a lot better starting tonight yet just looking through. The box score for that game last night it's pretty simple you look at LeBron to what he'd always does 32 points but from there is the rookie who they love. Osment had four set in seventeen minutes. Jail it George Hill six Robin Hood eight Clarkson nine Korver. Six they are a lot on Jeff Green to play sixty minutes that game last night Larry Nancy junior. Got a sixty minutes of Nike and their third best players Rodney hood. I can't get past that I can't get past the idea. The LeBron it's double teamed late they're gonna make the extra pass the gonna rely on Rodney hood who win the you know spotlight at all you talk. Sir it was a decent offensive player. This is so much different now are expected. Hit the shot at MD scratch treasure without Kevin Love and their play these games though love so in a way he's actually their second best player here hill Tony on pick your poison. Either way it reminds you more of the bronze cavs teams before he left the rate of all you don't like him a little bit more talent but it's it's more in that vein where. He's so good where he can still. He's he's he's gonna challenge everybody in the Eastern Conference but it. He does not have much help and James is great yet fourteen straight points at one point the added that they double digit lead the wizards went away but then when the other guys could not score. That was the issue and Johnson mossy wrote about it today WEEI dot com and I think somehow. He's still underrated part of the celtics' season I and that is the Tyreke Irving impacted this 4019 start. Eyes as Tomas he writes Irving doesn't just star on the floor he leads the cheers from the bench he faced the media with a calm demeanor when things are going well. As he had which has not been often in might be the most popular player in the league when it comes to post game can bit sick. With the Celtics still one star away for virtually contending they can Harley asked for better ambassador. We and you and I talked about this Monday and popular you that you saw that part of it. At the all star game of the best players in basketball. He was the one they are all around for getting on the court stuff they're fans they love off the court. Rich enjoy your weekend I'll see you Monday we'll see you Monday afternoon efforts keep the deal holly keep program he's back with the guys. On Monday where dale holly eight people all be back recapping a big weekend in sports we'll keep on the Celtics and pistons tonight will come back at the phone calls. On a bunch of different things at 617779792372. Things to start the 7 o'clock hour since the Celtics are playing this is the only place the talks sports. In Boston tonight on the radio. I want to talk what Jonathan Martin and a crazy crazy day for him and a bad sign. And maybe for the NFL. Something they will look at going forward now with their players' mental health pulls playing careers as Jonathan Martin post some crazy crazy stuff. On the Internet today and then number two we speak to the Internet to go to WEEI dot com. You'll see an apology for Alex Roemer Alex Weaver has been suspended for a while now based and his comments. Are on the money tonight program about Vivian Brady the daughter of Tom Brady. Odd today couple hours ago in fact Al tumor apologized. You'll hear that apology and we'll talk Jonathan Martin next hear about it night's Sports Radio WE.