Mut at Night - John Tomase previews the looming Celtics offseason; Bradfo's media demerits (?) 6-13-18

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Wednesday, June 13th
HOUR 2 - No Mut so Rob Bradford holds down the show as we discuss some Chris Sale stuff as well as the numerous options facing the Celtics this offseason. John Tomase joins Rob as they discuss what is going on with Kawhi Leonard and Kyrie Irving. And we try something new; a possible spin of to Bradfo's Media Stars could be in the works.

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He's much better. At night on Sports Radio tell you we. We EI. Are you okay okay okay I'm rob Bradford. But at night. Filling further someone. I would say Mike McMahon Steve by you know to be any room. Well this dog Monday night and filling in modern night after the red size came after at such five the one when we've been talking for the last. Hour and twenty minutes or so about Red Sox can talk about Chris Sale would be suddenly extension we would have been. Relic from NBC sports Boston on in but now it shifts a little bit just because I want to win because there's a few things to get to. In the the news today but the news of the weekend the news of the week. And I said I proclaimed. John the mossy W united outcome. That the next three weeks this say three weeks. The dominant. Topic in sports in Boston is going to be the Boston Celtics. Tell me if I'm full of who we are now. I think you're right on the money I mean. Good thing that we like to follow. Often are in the top seed you know. Red Sox are those season maybe not last year as a drag on like five months let. In the past that's been a driver. Certainly the patriots were there make it moves and make a trade to move it up in the draft and all that stuff. And now you have the Celtics that we saw what happened last August when they went on deck carrier ring it was just you know but that came out of nowhere. But those are completely dominating story and when you have the best player in the NBA LeBron James even tangentially. Tied for the Celtics. And everything that means for the future carrier serving in all of that. I don't see how you can argue anything else. There's a lot to get to you with the Celtics that you remember that last year July 4 I remember I was in Texas with a Red Sox in that entire day was the Gordon Hayward day. That way is that so to give sort of an idea of what timetable we're talking about. There's a lot of stuff that's going on where to start with a LeBron. So which this this field has been the wheels the mossy again you love the real Tomas you're right so has been the wheels Tomas you don't worry. Where where do you have they've been in May wind died and one of our favored Beers both socks. Lord global brewing company. Let her play a that a number of sucks that this sake of this interview I can well oh yeah. OK I will celebrate much like champagne is the champagne of all Beers whom sauce. And so will you can celebrate this interview with a kind of boom soft but before you do. I'm Hispanic and did you wanted to land on LeBron. You want to win on tire re or if you wanna blend on coli landed. Which do you wanna talk to offer. Let's start our battery all right I read. His weight since it. Yeah. I earned. It and then with a with the flatulence at the end and so. Elicited all the good gauge shows have the sound effects so but it's no way and so since we elated on Carrie I am going to say it is the or play another game who were mine. I am an NBA players I have had an injury that that curtailed my season. I have one year left of my contract. I was playing for the Boston Celtics when I got hurt who in my John to mossy. Why. I. Carrier thinking that you obviously have their but I clearly am forgetting somebody. It's Isiah Thomas and carrier ring at the reason I bring that up is because. Haven't we learned in any any thing and I know that you are firmly in the camp of anything is possible with the any games. But this is what happened I must say that carries injury the same as is Isiah is. But they get out from Isaiah when they should have got now from Isiah is certain element may be of that would carry but we're did so seduced. By uncle drew entire read what he did and everything else that everything will be okay if it is it apples apples rappel stars. Yeah it probably apples to Egypt may be similar in the middle like let's go right they apartment. When it hit land. Immediately there was concern that for a while at the same hip injury that Mike Lowell and A-Rod Adam we saw that neither of them could movement came back. Why he did it or not not in Iraq Hugh Johnson Johnson but there you're there. I know but but I did but not by by saying not in Iraq you it doesn't count. So but he. He didn't remember how long it took him to have surgery related is yet we surgery well we don't know it's again it took him for ever to have surgery so he can continue like this one is that that's yet. They'll but I will I'll go back to what you saw an editor at wrote you know the two baseball player that I covered who have beat toward their labor and granted there are different stages of their career for Michael and Iraq and neither of them could move when they came back to that big big giant red flag because. Carrier ring at least at some physical traits that Isaiah Thomas just. That was it on the papal I've slipped eight and needing to be lightning quick and needing to be able to finish in traffic and when you look at night saying that man. If there's even. A 10% downgraded its physical abilities. Back could have serious implications of that game converting to a lot of the great defender and all of that stuff though right from the beginning. The Isiah thing with a little more ominous Irene that lead with a knee injury since he'd broken kneecap in the finals what three years ago. Though there are different there these were you know okay play through that eat we knew at some point ain't senator from the state side correctly that he was gonna happen after that addressed it to the duck and eel like the same caliber of injury may be able turn out to be that way. And you're right if any instincts. That's the case that he will he will not hesitate. To move on from carrier and I don't get the sense right now. That anyone feels like these two injuries are comparable at all. Okay so what's your feeling on fiery. What it what do you think he's gonna happen there. Here my feeling in your diet at the conversation and I brought it up at some point during the season like man don't feel like it's kinda weird but every never really paid lip service how great optimism. You know part of that disaster as being a little full of ourselves and we do wanna be patted on the head. The told how great it is here. There ought to spend his career here. And actually at one point in the late in the season went through old interviews and is trying to find. If he would step back kind of thing where we're just my imagination and here in the air he definitely talked about how graded as a player boxes out of fans that are. You know the history and all of that stuff but they're really. If you compare to like Kevin Garnett or some of the other people who come through here. It would never nearly is that you says. And so the and you say all right let's be fair to him he's got it to her personality I remember hearing his introductory press conference they're thinking oh god we're gonna hate this. The U about being president and it was doll like sort of these weird. Like. Tony Robbins kind of latitude and whatever and it and you that are legitimate chance and that want to see and started. He delivered any deliberate but he was the leader of the team he was an all star on the war even with all the things you wanted it to be an ambassador of the you know something the dollar jumped out of me. After every game you can see the conga line of star player on the opponent. Lighting up the odd carry adapt carrying all that stuff so I I think all that was good note that was real but in the back of my head. There was always that feeling meaning he's not really. You know effusive in his love of pot in her outward praise the box and I wonder that means anything and so when the Kirk romantic story came out last week about how the Celtics are scared that artery is gonna leave in free agency. I think that's. It would be an article that felt that the that's always been in the back of our minds just a little bit like. I don't think people were being honest with themselves so John I think that people an idea if you did the idea being beaten you know poll. Leading up to that people would say yeah 80% of people's nine he's gonna resign here obviously get look at how much you love it here and listens even though he's not saying it. It was I'll look it he's is a great team with a great future looked about how he's thrived and Brad Stevens. But you're right a deficit that wasn't isn't probably isn't the reality. Yes and the and goes back that thing it's a cool little thing that you know how he was so popular rival players after games in the guy who would hang around at center court and whoever called swords or whoever and they would have that little conversation mimic at each other in the Chet and other separate ways. And promote the C that I kind of took that as. This is just proof slope audit great ambassador carrier ring it. Is and that they're going to be I wanna come about because I wanna play with him and that are always interpreted that. And that when the season ended you realize wait a minute maybe there's an alternative. Interpretation which is. Other guys' outlook I read a complaint with them you know he'd be welcome anywhere and you can't say that about every start Al require some guys that baggage some guys at this of that and in you'd think like play with it might be a deal to double by. You look at carried you say oh that's somebody that. Other guys would love to out on the air team and that could be a possibility at this next year. That's what makes the couple and a lot of (%expletive) system LeBron. That's what makes apple subplots of fascinating because if there's doubt. A dangerous Arctic carrier ring here for the long term. And you can swing a trade. Three way deal or something where. The brunt of that and Irving got look like well one of them want to be here and the other doesn't suddenly that becomes a lot more palatable from the Celtics respect. You know it's interesting in in basketball LeBron who wrote a column on WTI dot com well LeBron today. And now what does what of many many many many LeBron columns which because we know LeBron did for business. And I'm certainly not the companies and stuff. Could live tour is Gordon Hayward better than LeBron James who knows. Aaron. Our recap but I press I've fired or real blunt Olympics. She LeBron come to Boston. Look LeBron james' thoughts on Red Sox pitcher saying good balls are warped who know her but. So where and when you're talking about LeBron and and Tyree say that that you they did what you just suggested. That they did this three way trade it in LeBron comes in Maine carry goes out what do you think that the overriding. Take from Boston sports fans would be because it would seem like you get the best player OK great in about talk about. The ins and outs of what has to happen in matching things up on this talk about the initial. Carrier ring leaves LeBron comes then resign I get a sense that. There would be a good eight they've really really strong element of people who are like I don't want LeBron I want to carry. Yet so I think that bat. Line of thinking. Would end at about the time the deal it down and that it would be we got LeBron is better than carry. LeBron takes terrible scenes for the final you know Carrie couldn't Obama about LeBron. I think people changed their tune and hiring not need now. I would be considered this and I guess I read for large urban LeBron because and I know that sounds insane. Because LeBron is clearly the more talented player but you're talking about 26 verses thirty or basically from abroad. So those seven or eight years to make a difference. Your outlook talking about somebody who has proven already that he fits what the Celtics are trying to do and I go back to this idea championship windows. If you bring LeBron and you were saying we are gonna do everything we can't win title in the next three to four years. And I don't think that necessarily fit the window that Danny kept in mind you're looking at a juggernaut in Golden State the oldest of the big four. A Golden State is step. At parity there. You know everybody else is in their twenties letter Klay Thompson and ordering and all our. What they always give people. A German green Cisco. It's you know that I that he's not really go anywhere and other quite something could be is a free agent next year maybe he leaves and so there is. An opening there by. Still big picture you're saying are our best players if you're the Celtics are accordion 21 Jason Taylor and Jalen brown. Those are our future pieces and so you're building around them and the two draft picks that you upcoming at a 26 year old carrier ring 127 year old. Gordon Hayward that's a team that's gonna be ready to. Panel you know and Golden State window closes. If you time abroad now. You bring LeBron into a great team and you're making it seem better but you're also dealing with Golden State at the height of the hour I don't know that necessarily. A fight you wanna be waging if you don't have. John the Mossad WEEI dot com joins the mother nights show I'm rob Bradford. 617 some 797937. Three. Ordinary. I mean the that I'd I'd Wear it this a team game two it's a team thing. You know that is where we're all in the together in this mud slides out must order more clearly nice that no one else is here. It hit means that much the month. Then I will let him keep the name on the show we will we will cited multiple times anyway. Which you saw the highway. Nikolay Leonard rumor from wards idiots the end of the Celtics had inquired about coli Leonard. Before the NBA trade deadline what was your take on that and are you are you in on and making a run it caught. Yet so I mean I wasn't surprised because the changes knowledge of like we didn't seek carrier in coming at all until it happened basically. That you mentioned being in Texas for Gordon Hayward I would think Cleveland covering the Red Sox in the carry trade went down. So talk about you know getting it from both sides and people of Cleveland we're certainly shocked at the whole thing. Well when I look at collide Leonard there's a couple of red flag should make it you don't wanna play like Pavlovic as well be the best coach in the NBA and the guy that ever or play board. One of the selling points from LeBron James if he were to consider Erica hill and your god didn't wanna wait for him. And you know Bret Stephens whose book to be sort of the next the that would worry me a little bit yeah it's great coach and star player who for whatever reason. Clearly did not want a later this year out of though he was concerned about further injuring himself. You know and affecting its future or whatever but he played a handful of games he basically missed entire season what a quad injury which is just strange in another itself. And so. When you're talking about bringing somebody like that injured here it's pretty disruptive to your rock you're not gonna get them for nothing so Jalen brown probably gone there number guys. You're gonna have to move on from and you just like the player receiving to be a little bit more reliable nobody questions. You know how great he is he's the top five player against NBA MVP candidate. He's probably the best defensive player in the league keeps you re adding that all the things that you why. The Celtics perspective that. There not for that flag they got considering the price. And you know considering some of the baggage that comes Wear them. I would be really evident right now pull the trigger a public. It's sort of sounds like you just want them to stay status quo. Yeah I want to seek carrier ring Gordon Hayward and and see what they do you know and the fact that they still have the Sacramento pick next year which could be in the top five. And two years after that they have not the stick which should be in the top three I mean that's intended to. Completely and our direction. I just like the way I'd like the slow build here that we've got to pick up accelerated a little bit this year partly that the states and ended up in game seven of the conference finals but just consider. You know the trajectory they've been on since even took over from 25 Leon's. Jews sneaking into the playoffs with just a great run behind Isiah Thomas and nobody saw coming may get crouched that the next year they Atlanta. Where you think that maybe they should of one mecky series but still a six game series and then the following year they reach the conference final when it crashed by Cleveland than a year after that. This past year they take legal between seventh and how many. I mean picture seen. They go to game seven of the conference finals and and ask. Carrier ring in Gordon Hayward I know we've said that a million times but I would like to see what backing can do and bringing in somebody like LeBron almost duplicate cheap it's elect a short circuit to me where you just day. Yeah we tried building for a while but now we're just going all in in the probably bat. It is so much stuff that comes along we're building your team around LeBron James like you don't really keep drastic anymore you can betrayed them. For Kyle Korver and that kind of stuff. You sign lesser players to your contracts and I'm not saying inch at its fall victim to. Some of the missteps that you know work. Perpetrated in Cleveland and edit others stops but when you have LeBron and your team there's no longer such a thing at least slow built there just isn't and I don't like the idea that short circuiting what they've got go. I did notice that your dateline on the LeBron column Sid Bangkok. So I wanna know what your take was what it was like to cover the summit between trump and Kim Jung. Yeah Singapore yeah. Oh I'm sorry was this. So it was a it would open sud toxic Singaporeans. I don't know why you were in Bangkok idolize you dateline's to Bangkok by. Yes I know that you are. You swung through Bangkok after being in Singaporeans. Number that the president. The summit was everything that I had hoped and I think we're in good hands and the world has announced sanctions. An excellent job and all he really did you really sold it well last several negative outlook here. Bill Hutchison's response to scrape aren't on a metal. I will say this one of the perks and you know light covering these days volume on the road get back to hotel. Is lay your writing and everything else. It was good to have actually television to watch that one life television where you like you see having. Oh yeah there's a live image of Donald Trump say big about the signed something. Now there's a live image of 22 doors and we're waiting for him to come out. And this is like 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning but it was good wire rope my Red Sox story it's your adrenaline with. I have to go along with you I will say the video that accompanied I don't know if you saw that elect propaganda video they made. That would would this take. Production company's name on it which apparently would mean I'd like that National Security Council or something. And in an attempt to I guess sell him on my outrage. Beachfront condos could be at North Korea. It was a little bit out there was probably not. It was not to the standard of previous administration. It might take away with it might take away it was Kim Jong and bell bottoms. I think those were outstanding those those panties. Yet they really they matches hair cut or. Anyway all right John thank you thank you very much you are the best Celtics beat writer in the city you're the best columnists in the city. And and you're on the grass dirt at you the best editor in the city you're the best everything in the city and being in Boston. I appreciate you holding on the four why I'm here in Baltimore and I'll see when you're back. I'll beyond repair our attitude lol. Now facing Dallas score Alex Cora is going to be within and the Al Gore interview will be. Moved spicy. Okay. All right I John I'll talk to later. Yeah Europe. Sox. Leo and can I. I as John the mossy WEI dot com we're late for break we're gonna give back telling continued talk Celtics I wanna get Ryan garments take on it because I know he's a big Celtics guy and he's doing an expert job behind the glass. Re back there's stay with Celtics or if you want a way anyone chime in on anything John just said. 6177797937. Tire recall why. LeBron any of it. Talk about it after this. That's a more mud at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Games should look to trade IP or the Celtics have a lot of gum shoe farms. And they could also move him for a part that even if it as expensive. Maybe someone who's committed to being cut every came on the show talking about I wanna blossom as a player it is that I'm paraphrasing and such an. The ones you. The position exactly what he was behind me that's his best chance in Boston you practically have the perfect team around you they got to game 7 at Eastern Conference finals that you born Gordon Hayward. Cool in his position wouldn't say yeah yes. This is why I wanted to be only someone who has serious thoughts of not being there or else you would say I wanna be here. Highest Max Kellerman of some show which shows. First it would. First I loose track area so let's get out and first day him something and something and then something and today shows do any didn't pay any of them plays I'm done being completely serious is there anybody it's any of these shows. Do anything I know that like PTI did well around the horn did well. But do any of these shows that their car now in the morning and then in the mid morning in early afternoon that they do anything like in the last. Chart ice show us was looking at that had the hot 109 shows like new 109 shows on TV I think I get out. It was either 108. Or 109. Yeah accelerate as big as convoluted way to answer your question I don't think anybody's watching these shows. Yet no not a home I mean subtly get up get up it's been a disaster but ended in and here's my rental give back to the Celtics thing and in the second but this is gonna be media media man or whatever. It's it's baffling to me to get up thing with the ESPN is baffling to me because. That you have you can say it hasn't worked out oh well but. People who are making these decisions. Are have gotten to their level. By doing something right their lives having some semblance of judgment in their lives. Where that where they are being tasked with making new shows. And when it comes to making news shows there is no show that we've seen in recent memory that has allocated allocated got much resources to. They put a lot behind it they say this is gonna work they pick the people that they thought I was gonna work with. And from the get go it in war and no from the get go didn't work but it continues not to war there is no momentum. There is and we've already heard it by football season things don't change you can shake it up. It's it's just baffling to me Ryan that is that they can be so far off on something that almost everybody knew that. That isn't gonna work entirely sure how that is actually going to beat the healing in places. Yes shaking a cup the USPS. Ed that'll fail to do it's it's I don't I don't know there's an answer I don't. I I know this. For morning shows. I remember that the Dennis and Callahan in perking Callahan in dancing Callahan with curtain and and show on NASA and that actually get some ratings that actually did get some ratings I remember that. Com or for that time thought it did okay. So it's all these things can't work but you see these things where there's this card and I wrote. And it's okay we're gonna run through this topic and we're gonna run through that topic and run through that topic and and in rye you tell me if if I'm wrong. But I see this a lot like you with the NBC sports Boston model that the show at night. Where I initially I remember having some data moment podcast ask them what they try to do what they're trying to view talk radio station. They're trying to have that tone well you can't have that Tyrone. If everything so segmented. You led when I watch a show at night it's. You're the five things are gonna talk about where these four people and the next hour same sort of thing. That isn't what talk radio is about I feel like that is it's anti media stars. And right now this is kinda parents the veteran Kerry is big in my dispute might this abusing myself more. You almost wonder who in I mean at least in this market is actually watch team. They get out war is the first things first her body though that's its if the mid America go awry and that in late we get so caught up in here that's the point that it it it middle America. That Russ about the flyover stated mid America. Doesn't care what ESPN is doing then your major markets definitely do not care what ESPN is doing on TV or radio. Right so what does history and doing right. I'm back masking that apple busiest into a right they got. A bit there NBA broadcast I think or pretty yet I think the NBA some of their MBA stuff it's pretty did. And talked to people who work there are a lot of them saying listen if it's not football doesn't make a difference they put a lot of eggs in that passed it obviously. I might feel the ESP ME if you wanna just look at past luckily there ESPN shows just son. Speaking out now with eagle and I'm Paul Pierson and Chauncey Billups and I'd bet is good but would you say that what they're doing is better than what the guys on on T and tiered. Now now but I look snub by because they think that they caught lightning in the bottle with the with Barkley and and early Shaq because like what are you doing bringing in Shaq and jackets is sort of a bump on the log there. I'd he's an effective ball on laws that he's he's actual oil figuring it. Because the heat and always butt heads with Charles Barkley who I mean he cracked jokes I've never found him to be the witty guy in the room. By as far as talking basketball. And that's really the formula the sport will always. He'd for ESPN sports will always be there which you need. Is the personalities behind itself right to go back to that they're really they're just taking the same people that have failed other times larger and other markets are and other like Asians like go. Grainy odd trait wing go now they're doing. High noon with money Jones in public tours who ball. Really not succeeded in ESPN radio army but Jones out of a job. Before the show started and and they're trying to do something you know that that movie like frame mean guy and domain using less frames per second. And in the music behind them too which is also kind of talk radio issue. And it's like okay kudos to you guys for trying but this is gonna socket a month and it sucks in a month chances are gonna suck in six months to be you next month. We got to edit in because jobs created people trying to fix these problems. It's just going to be the same problems over and over. To me you tell me if I'm wrong to me to hold he has been story is. They figured no way too late that this is a personality this is entertainment this is opinion they figure that out way way too late. And then what they do they tried having the people who were anchors and light show more opinion like no one to CJ harris'. You yuk it up I'd like no one cared. Like did so they figure that in L Duncan was a perfect person isn't perfect person for them. But they buddy how to help fountains or Latin sunny morning in sport right good good that's the type of person I know Alan I've been in I've seen how. On TV obviously in play I've told you that that type of person they should build around the the the van talk which it billed after a eight day. It's like. This is I'm not saying okay you read your reasons for doing that. But you're going down the right road and there and I read something the other day about how sports senator is basically. Is it trying to prioritize mobile sites in prioritize. Watching you on your phone okay that's great. Like get all up and also they've got. They date finally tracks but all great joy because court Connie has been going on for a couple of years now I mean. Being in my late twenty's I don't know anybody really in my age bracket that still uses conventional cable. And are you watching this game it's an ESPN Ottawa news hour cable. I stream her idol on Redick or defiance of the air YouTube TV is is that new shiny thing that seems. At a Red Sox player I had a Red Sox player bring that up to meet you yesterday were talking with sort of in this deep dive conversation about. The state of baseball not being able to get people to. The pay attention in and insists the fact of life for you you. Overpriced thing you come apart in getting to sit there when when you have all these other things to do I'm watching you like you said YouTube TV. And looking at Twitter and played a video game and what the Twitter is me watching baseball. Right that's that's how what is our broad based law I mean it in the sense of yeah okay fine when there's a game going on. Baseball is everywhere and by the way this little Ares listening to listening to it in the background on W yeah of course fish tank. You know it's it's whatever is happening in the background chances are you are doing something als. Primarily over either watching anymore listening in hour you'd use to go to yet media but it's. It's an issue in it for whatever reason ESPN going to accurate point you know exactly why this doesn't sound like it is because you held Duncan great example. So what does Al Duncan have to do does she have to weed out. Michelle eagle and Terry can't be eating dole into allegedly has a million dollar contract was always work well what is your what is. Kelly Nolan doing and I'm not being like a hater occasional and whatever good for her for making a million dollars. Vote I am being serious is it if there is this something that she's doing got to stop paying attention to. No it's doing no clue and I like all I lecture whichever midnight they go on as well I knew I feel like he has and looked at her. Saw that used to okay. On on a relatively new sports stage and their content is either mean competition. And said well we have the resources and if she's doing well and we can get paid her and it's going to translate onto. Hours you know you know having not figured out one thing they heard. And that's and that's the biggest mistake all these places are making Ryan which is. You take someone someone has a suites quality Nolan that sweet spot at fox has fox portray whatever she was doing. And it was working. And so. She builds their brand and as I've other examples he can go to bar stool you can go to a you know other places where people have found their niche. And so there wanna take them out of it say we're gonna get this person and they're gonna do to have the same effect. That porosity did for them. That is one of the biggest mistakes these places I know you just said this summer eating exactly what you just said. This one of the biggest mistakes these places are making instead of fighting someone. On your own developing him and then saying hey a look at what we developed and we able to do this. My lawyer. Quite unsavory. Yes it's it's okay Mike Greenberg. You know kind of work was successful and radio does wanna do with cool anymore in instead of maybe. Doing something crazy and taking a chance on an unknown I mean it's worked for this station. It worked very often station they need to know they had in car at the time and he's doing very well for the mornings ago. I don't want to get you but you know long agency you know how long and that's a good example you know how long it took for Kirk to get a chance. Like this is revisionist history. You know how long it took him forget to get a chance. Like how long view from your perspective you ever been here a long long time but what you think it took Kirk to get a chance. I'd been at this stage in two and a half years when I first got here with sort of the beginning of the end of the dancing talent and shall. And I had heard him doing weekend spots which is generally where a lot of guys come out I thought that he should have been. More utilized from the so you don't know if you are sort of effort to get on the weekend how ever long it eight to hook hand and however long it would take some of that character and especially in this business. Is too long. As they can throw around a million dollars for each regional in there and you can. Throw a couple 100000 on someone who might be unknown can deliver for you in a year or two well it. You you aren't the right person you hired. I'll use two examples locally that people know your hard L Duncan good hire. Okay good hire you bite your point Ryan not taking advantage over like you should be. She did a great personality she's out there she's doing these sports and it's all I ever do any sports at center and it's. However do whatever Michelle Beatles doing however beat the next. Michelle beatle and then you have another guy I'll bring it up I decided to weed out on milieu that some sort of thing I think he's doing some ESPN stuff Gary's right ski. Big terror strikes he is another example. Of what they should be doing. This guy had a good personality doesn't take himself too seriously. And he's never going to be a straight. Sport senator guy but he's the type of guy yeah you know what shows a personality get after it we can build you into something right for Egypt. Exactly that's how Kirk got a big break by breaking that story is it that simple is it just that. BBE to have a little more meat in the is yes and yes you'll have I bet I can tell you Bryant accused the riot. I can tell you I sat at a meeting and I've had this occur the million different times. I I sat in a media the way Jason wolf. And I remember saying it is curtains working for the web site. And I said you know the two guys I think if you want did you look in their get younger younger younger I'm like the two guys that you should try out more. Were Kirk ran a hand Paul Flynn. I guess that was my loyalty in I sat there and I said the two home and it was like man that now. Now and that that's but what you just said that was it and that's that is the usual reaction. So and it took him in the eye and we ask that how long did it take Terkel took a blogger blog log of all people think. Because you did the weekend thing and then you've got the chance in the morning and you go from there. But to go back to the whole ESPN thing it you get the mail that I don't think that people are confident enough this to say you want. We try something out. We have confidence and we are just gonna pay the money unload the bank account for somebody. Distance because it's safer it's gonna look like hey you know what that fails they did it somewhere else and that's okay. And I guess that's my point is what's the worse especially when your ESPN and you have deep pockets of what is the worst thing. That can happen if you push someone who maybe the media and in nationally people don't know too well and it doesn't work. You what you bury himself Morales anyway but if it works out for you I feel like that raced to find. You know this next person in in in sports TV and in Sports Radio. The risk is not it it's not as low as what it could be if you end up succeeding if that makes cents. I've slowly it is gonna cost you less money but people you know it's a mask covering business. Right or by covering business whatever amount. But it's it's and that's what this. It's for ESPN they can say well you know what. This guy or this girl. We we know that what they've done before they've justify their contracts. They've they have a name they have the Twitter followers. So it's a safe safe hire. And usually it failed and ESPN's world they have failed more times than not reach an agreement that. Anyway also what are we got here in Boston Oliver New England affiliates so that was our media had to merit segment stay tuned next Sunday for the immediate stars. Yeah well. None of those people. And I'll pick anybody and get up are gonna get media I don't know I think Al Duncan to be strong now thought that I would give she was there I love yeah she was still here she would have gotten three media starts right now. But she's moved on to bigger things hopefully bigger and bigger bigger things that ESPN and Gary's rescue by the way like you said. It Darius rice key he's the guy he's doesn't take himself too seriously as good personnel the oh mobile home the go. Anyway. We don't you worry well there are talking about we have the nice healthy and sound leading into the Celtics I do you wanna talk about Celtics. Coli Leonard Cairo re Irving. And LeBron James John the mosque he had talked about it when he joined us all of that and I think that. I think all of those three guys really a big tie Reid probably is the most instructing you not only because he has the uncle. Against that uncle bought movie coming now I'll go by you're you know an uncle Bucky is right do go by AF higher rate. Now half knowledge of the grip on the block whether John can you movie that's hit not so. According to the I go I've seen wizard of was having come on. Anyway. But I think Tyree is the most intriguing. Part of these conversations because I don't think they're gonna make a run after co eyeliner and I don't think that LeBron James going to come here. But the high res stuff of all the media he's been doing and everyone try to figure out what he's saying I think that's the most in trucks have been so we continue that conversation right after the. That's a more mud at night on Sports Radio WEEI. I'm rob Bradford Monday night I'm in Baltimore. This watch the Red Sox put itself lacking on the lowly lowly Orioles have been socket and when we started out talking about should Chris Sale gave me. One billion dollar extension. We had Avant relic on NBC sports Boston. He gave us his red hot take on Alice Corey he should have been thrown out again today. Among other things we had John the mossy on who broke down three spun the wheels to mossy and we hit on Tyreke why. And LeBron. And we just got into some media matters in a well I promise we're gonna give back the Celtics because I wanna get back to carry Leonard. But first really good little white lie to people I relented. What did I do I've been I've been struggling with that you're beyond suited the coli per retiree. Am I the only one I guess you're. Yeah your final when I knew this was. I I go to the net a lot of every Houston theater you'll I can you imagine if those two guys became one player that would be an awesome player. News flash for all the keep thinking. Flatter schism of parry Irving with on the defensive prowess and uncle listening to one. By the way. In the Indy the producer of the Feinstein Dylan Keefe show this texting me at these are we this text me reading this tax. The girl who played the teenage daughter from from uncle blockage from the Worcester area my brother went out on a day when they're in high school. Now you do and IADB search and uncle box and he ready. The vision realize. Written you got it don't need be ready. Okay Jerry you know and your. I don't know what that was. Tide every 6177797937. Bit before we get back to sell to Cisco the phone lines Jarrett in your hand to Jared what's going on. I. Was going on today. George resources here obviously have a whole doctor interview. I honestly doubt that I'd bet. Wanted to dual. Might cardinal Juan I'll let you have a good chance. I associate. Obviously you'll life it can. You know you also want today to. Which. I or in radio or. Now I'd like to see. I just get back to its. Stroll like Colin. You. A 32 chance OK but before you do that you're not wrong you know Ron Kirk knew me. Kirk we're working at upper deck card company. Any newbie we went to and we ice starting at WEI dot com. He said is there anything I can do in and we got and suddenly do any in to his credit he worked his way out. But he knew being that's how we got the door Alex Roemer. How extreme wrote a story on the morning show they liked this story they invited him vote in for an hour. He took advantage of it and went from there there's all kinds of examples like that. But but you don't listen you all you need is that window just get that widow and here Jared I'm ready to give you your window you ready. Our Dick did so I'm gonna give you 30 seconds. Am gonna say you know we have a lot of the table we have the Red Sox we have the patriots we have. The Celtics we have the media we have what ever you we have trump we have whatever you wanna talk about. If you said I am going to get everyone riled up in thirty seconds you ready and I don't want this blind side here you ready to go. Oh yeah carried out by his Jerry in New Hampshire road ready to launch its Korea or go ahead. Art fault after well I don't sit back on the artery is blocked here GP ORT. Even more you talk about it. What's to be that bad. It struck in the hall yeah. Arctic air. Portugal thought he and I see he's really going to look forward much money edge. You ought yeah. I'll. On how any. I thought you're forty wiped out. Huge. Just got it is about all exert I'm really worked hard. That's right here right. Oh yeah yeah. All right thirty seconds or not. Jarrett he okay Ryan. What's your tape on his right Zia body in show between I'd care to New Hampshire in O'Toole coming Sundays from 105115. So you say you're little to sport that we sane. I didn't feel blown away by the carry date but you know. First time jitters people attribute I liked it I liked the fact that you you had a definitive opinion about eight the topic which we are gonna talk about after the after the break up and up. So that's a good is if you put it this way Jared if you work if you guys you are your caller you gave that take a say that's a good call. That's a good call now for hours later the duo for four hours. You don't say and I JT about it. Because I think you have potential I like the cut your gym is Joseph Benigno got started WS and was at the caller was caller. And does this not lost a lot of that this is a lot of that though you think could be more that I know that they've tried it once in awhile. And in the morning showed dated for a couple of their guys are collars and they get in there it's nice sort of free taco. Actually I was right so so you sort of like you said trombone and thought it was going to be something a little bit better I actually felt worse for Kirk and I did for the he was Albert island and him from Bristol felt so much worse for Kirk is that was just one hour and I think he also had. Rear admiral gene Merck the technique Patrick Roy experienced. Through here which is. It was probably the windows and those lawyers jobs but doesn't collars on to I about the collars when the colors have come in there was so they kind of followed his whole equation wholly different yet via your music their stared on the barrel. Fully loaded Kirk is a little different Phil giant Alberts and have that usual fire that he has any normally calls and yes about the efforts before we go to break just as this call might can Walt then what's up Mike. Now that nonsense about the media itself which all people care about yes exactly let's talk. Other one insurer reported that you told Mike but if you bet it never does not like Corky would deal Arnold. I figured you know your take on that is true is mutt Lang what's the deal this is what is wolf thank you. His line. So he never told my you know. I'm open troubled drop desolate and put this mosque project pagelet. I'm sure I'm sure I'm sure they well and it's say that I'm lying and then we'll say he's lying in the music online a liar on the show of the year filling in for this and sure I certainly can't. He he calls me a liar all the time on my Chicago. Harmful that it's he got hit by dog. Yes. Yeah up so I admit I hope I answered that question succinctly and expertly and honestly. Though the ago. 61777979837. Are we gonna get to the Tyreke conversation. I'd be real half do. I can I cut it enjoyed this whole media stuff I I. I get a we'd be perfectly honest with you I guess and sprinkle in some basketball talk with our most read the holiday we'll bring about you know if people wanna call in about that dynamic about what we're talking about about how you get into the business. I get this. Big bold beautiful business of talk freely Gerri New Hampshire is called I feel for a guy like that don't you mean guy. He he's been doing stuff I don't know where he's been doing stuff he's been added. And and he's looking for his chance Patrick Gilroy is another example this of Eads. He's selling Wally pot why he's trying to get his break in I can tell you when you walk through the dude yeah I doors. Like the first time I don't know when that was a year or so ago Sports Radio WB yeah. It was always was good it was good to see because he got his chance anyway Patrick Gilroy. He certainly is and Xeon that I was on tonight on how to go I think we have been Mallard. A lot open now during the break but let's put it all out and say yes and now and percent Sawyer okay all right 61777977. Living the dream selling candy is living and I told them I told him that I told you that and will continue all the conversation I am living the dream item somewhere in Baltimore I don't even know of fun. Outside the city limits I'm in a studio I don't. The uber take me here who knows. But I am very very happy to be here grab a good time Ryan myself and of course my minutes he with his name attached the Shelby back after this.