Mut at Night - Josh Hader should not be suspended for tweets he made as a teenager

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Wednesday, July 18th
Hour 4 of Mut at Night is off and running as Alex Reimer is joined by Steve Buckley and the guys discuss Milwaukee Brewers reliever, Josh Hader, and his comments that were uncovered form his twitter account.  He made these racist and homophobic comments as a teenager and will be going to sensitivity training, but does he deserve to be suspended?  Was his apology heartfelt enough?

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At night. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. So good. NC. Where. In the press box and be seen. Jason plays down. And of the earbuds are tough it's been a flak jacket and I mean you can multitask if he doable. But you have ego the fourth wall that youth is that you I think as good as having anything to repeal back I don't like the abyss a new look free use of the of the the standard headphone that's great big separating these though it gives you had fallen as a this is because. Listen up Joey to run up there were noted bones and yours waited to get him a little bag of tricks and how I loved earbuds. I picked it can proceed. The government do TV that Iran like in Minnesota her hair you said proceed perfect it remained at an absolutely perfect for me that's why exactly why I Wear a so I was saying I'm not sure you Wear this in real time. But Josh hated brewers reliever. Not a good night for him last night not night on the field giving up four hits in Iran. And then as that was happening. Somebody uncovered some all of tweets he hat. From 2012 when he was seventeen years old. In these tweets are the worst of the worst racist he drops a lot of men and bombs and words there are lots. Lots of homophobic. Tweets and think one descent I hate gay people nice direct to the point of the latest meeting kkk. White power Al well. I've titled we want to woman you just cooks and cleans form real real vials stock. Go to sensitivity training. On he apologizes locker last night his lawn and reporters we have that Chris we either radio or use just haters apology is well right now. Something that I. I'm seventy years old. How close was immature I mean consciousness. So usable. That doesn't like. Ryan as a person today and I am now. And it. And deletes. I'm sitting here can you just tweet what's on your mind and it's its own. I do mountains. This payment. It can't you know there's news or we'll just send and I'm deeply sorry for what I've says it and and so what's been going on so that's that's us then that's just a little longer. After but not so I don't buckle what do you make it's gonna sensitivity training should there be a next step would you like to see you next up I don't want suspended. I don't want him fired at a won him. Ushered away from the game of baseball and if that's a surprising. Response me being gay and all that. I look at it from the perspective all of when I was growing up. We all said stupid things we did stupid things. But we did them verbally we may have written things down at notes in class and so forth but there is no record of and I frankly have a few friends who walking back to when I was in high school. That if some of the things that pay some things that I said well why am I being so cavalier. That they would be things I might have said back then that would come back and on a I think any content for most people and amok defending him this is repugnant what he did. And that he's getting slapped on beat up on this good for him good app before. And but and hate so much did this off I'm gonna say it anyway teachable moment it's such an awful cliche. But it actually applies here because of one simple reason. Lorenzo Cain is a teammate of his he's African American he stood up this kid. He did was tell me that during his time on the Milwaukee Brewers I'm guessing based on this. That he has not said. Anything or acted in a way. That would be aero those tweets from back in the day you figure rent a Cain did not have come to a defense as he did absolutely would not. So so has he grown as he has he. Has he taken on a greater world view that is a Major League I don't know. All I know is that they're there is no recent. Now if if we find out that he was it you know shouts the last summer waved confederate flag Amazon paid very fine people on both sides of that but at. You know there we have an issue so. You know you know the history book tonight I can give you the zillion examples all of people who back in the day. Did things and said things that that were regrettable and Harry Truman. It as a very young man contemplated. Joining the client being contemplated is the right word I also been a different time of course says it was twelve yet it was it was loud yet it was Harry Truman from Missouri. Who who desegregated the military right right when I ate right so those are using an evolve and change their Lyndon Johnson from the wilds of Texas. This Civil Rights Act of 1965. Has his signature so people people do evolves. And so. Now the test is what let's let's see what comes out of this now and again I obviously don't endorse what he tweeted but it is it is a sobering lesson. Four for all of us that that the stuff that we tweet. Back in the day it can come back on as and frankly I'm not going to be the kid up. And frankly I'm surprised doesn't happen more that there aren't more Josh skaters Josh Allen this happens and before the draft as well and running quite as vile but pretty vile stuff. On surprises and happen more often be Thais hate Israel might and 25 he's 24. We all had FaceBook page is Twitter accounts and high school in the lot of people posted a lot of stupid things and I think as a society Epoch. We're gonna have to get past the shot in all of this and realize that there is a lot more distant Communist this may become commonplace in the nook kids now have social media when they're in middle school. There's a cast of the their post them. So this this is just going to become a fact of life and the question is do you that except that somebody. Can evolve or that somebody wasn't all that sincere when they're posting white power Al well on Twitter like it. It's funny because I will get some stuff on Twitter once in awhile that that's pretty bad of and you're talking to McCain on an obviously have no idea. Who signatures under it because of the humidity Twitter and so forth. And what I saw what happened last night is back at the hotel I was with a couple people would just talking and I was thinking to myself. The people who deuce and that stuff out now now they may be high school kids they may be people you know living in a cave who knows but. What if those people. Are on the cusp of becoming public people. What if what if it's a sixteen year old kid in high school who was going to be a very well known TV personality or professional athlete ten or fifteen years. And or or sooner. In the case of this guy. Might the stuff that I'm seeing right now come back on somebody down. Yeah absolutely and I it's a it's a lesson I and again I hate to do the teachable moment cliche. But you gotta be careful what you say. It's turned on me think back to high school and it's right our Mike are to meet do you hold this is like as statements in front of congress from the standpoint you know is this. You know nothing but the truth here were Josh hater or you know seventeen year old kid in seventeen on a whole punk Ted you know. Tweets out white power Al well amid all of his white friends laugh about eight you know maybe not met many people of color in their lives have no idea about the context of daughter anything. The joke about it amongst their Franzen he seventeen happened seven Twitter county tweets about because who you tweaks you when you're seventeen. Usually your friends rights and I'm about you about 1000 high school is again and hater was going. There's some pretty vile stuff set at lunch in my eight pretty much all white suburban high school with not a lot of diversity there was. A lot of racist racist jokes homophobic remarks sexist remarks at one of his tweets is yeah I'm just looking for a woman to cooking queen for me like. That's stuff that at least and I went to high school seventeen year old punks joked about all the time. You know I had that stuff that is sad it just so happens that Josh hated decided to tweets. You know these off color jokes opposed to keeping them just amongst his circle of friends. I don't know if you know this you probably do maybe some of our listeners don't know but but Clay Buchholz when he was in high school. Was arrested stalled computers writes he was not part of a group that was stealing laptops out of against the local grammar school is 2000 and and if you have ever met Clay Buchholz now when I when I first. When he came upon the scene. I expected him to have to be much different than what who he has. And he he's kind of a goof ball he he's he's certainly very pleasant kid. And you know you never going Knoll the happy to cover we see him in such small doses but I came out of my experiences a book called thinking. The heat he was probably a follower and that those that mitigated. Was probably a follower he was he reads he he he did something really stupid. It was like it was like that. Three stooges you know Britain and why school basically. And they got caught and I think. He has eve ball he's a different person obviously makes millions of dollars and that's that's part of it but. He's had his tactical Britain in the schools and stealing laptops but I'm saying is he did a stupid high school playing. And got caught Ford and that he he evolved. Right and and it's to me is just pretty sick in scary that there are people out there who will dig up. 56 year old tweets. And unveiled on the night your pitching in the all star game and I understand Josh haters ultimately the one to blame for these streets being dug up these at least we'd easily created them. Right but there is something about that that there are people out there to second for the gotcha moment dot Shia. We dig back in your five year old Twitter history and today can dig up on that's. He had some of you wanna cut a violation of privacy 'cause it's up in a public Foreman of hater didn't want these tweets to be resurfaced he should never sent them by. It's something a little unsettling about that so at least in my opinion. That's the world we live and that's as the cliche again but yeah. You know I grow it is by agreeing on given what I've what I've sat in on the air here you know I feel like I I especially can't. Yeah I I and I feel hypocritical I was bringing down the hammer on Josh hater here tonight in saying Ali he added some news radio it is almost balls. Didn't real the we didn't talk about the soft the year. We can talk about The Herald out the year now. And he's in the real thing is well now it's it's better radio week right here let see yes these strategies and and I really didn't know. We you'll gonna come down and speak news. It just it's the kind of thing you can rack itself. The flag. And and you know the rainbow flag in this case and you know QID and indeed area and end. You can demand his ouster that he must be suspended and so we'll I was more offended David Ortiz at the dugout thing I went nuts on that pillows got about. Why did I go nuts I know it was dead and at the futures game me none on the on the on the on talking with several years ago Baltimore where he struck out. After an out of the game to a baseball at a phone yet to phone. And I I think gays sellers like I Yunel escobar's shortstop those geese or is it not go I thought he was again on via referral as manager that was his penalty. I got to me I was more malicious 'cause that took time to get away with something and that and I. Acting which have been made out of that. Because that happened in real time it was Major League based. More shouldn't it out of got then Kevin pull arcing homophobic slur last year. Whenever that was member there when you're only getting about that's a spur the lumping again you. Because casual homophobia you grow up the sorts of the run around in in a moment of frustration you'd you'd yell at two ways to write something on your eye black takes time. And then you put it on new put yourself in the mirror and then it's easy walk to the field that to me as much a much bigger deal. Was and in the reason I mention which he's with a baseball bat because the bad charts mean Pedroia set right you can take as I would not son. And and I respect for David Ortiz and written some things that were very flowery you know Britain's and we Fedor fights. But that the aired that that that really rankled me and I thought he should have been suspended. This race here surprisingly. Now now I don't beat these beaches and I don't know about trying to be suspended as we are so many years ago you know sit down talk to him in. It if if we find out. On Sunday that two weeks ago you know it but it but Charlottesville but we find out that. That that there is a track record that continues on to this year. Then we we revisit it but now Makinen. Eat up a grown man for something what was it was 24 point 40 yeah so so there's a big difference between seventeen and 24 U. Huge huge difference especially you mentioned this if you're going to I'm assuming suburban. White high school and Marilyn's. Different than playing in the major leagues and going to the experience is a hater has now. You know just going up you know the context these words are context these sellers year introduced to more people it's it's it's worlds difference I. 617779. Senators and phone number that again 617779. So 97 out sneak in a call here we is in Quincy we what's going on. Well I guess there are only. A it's so great joke and I I didn't take direct your good there are great choke but I. Oh absolutely I've I've confidence. Who died you guys have been like really great try Georgian government done choke on some change some baseball. There were quote I would Zain. I liked David didn't but. She'll love me what it though like 142 game season. Try to edit or Columbus Day yup shorter season you're stupid stupid opportunity through playing. I am and not a close cousin of the season and before Columbus they are you some of these ties is October but I postseason dull dull and not okay all right I misunderstood and at the regular season. So bracket your relevant to get right. I greatly what was your last cheesy analyst I give you one more. Yes the last one c'mon the big finish. Not answer but he went to put the runner on second base to the to act like a consensus. Or have ignited a pitch caught me eye to the pits popped out to make if that's what's giving off six minutes at most per night. It's a fundamental but we we got nearest I think in the presence of greatness. Great show because optimal nervous will let Tyrus it was a ridiculous and not so. Can relate to that it's a noise tonight. Making noise baby. Out sorry go we take you until dough rise at 10 o'clock sat right now who we knew we had the one and only Big Ben Muller wow Big Ten dollars well. It out but we only have athletic goalie it's like I'm his client what happens when you're having fun. Beginning schooled him back after this recapping beds in sports with Mike my nasty it's Monday night. There. Whoever is a few times. Big day for trades in sports were Abbas and teens are beloved. Boston teams are tangentially. Affected. But shots of the dodgers'. Big when it's so cool why Leonard. To the raptors Spock. Beat the Celtics top the finals of the film more difficult yes. So weird one quiet question is we've been so often try to read all these reports that doesn't want to play there when I mean woody will keep our time at this earlier. Wait somebody's life keepsake is artists agree with what he says is about you know raise a basketball. And a I was named. That's a big name really mean when we don't but why. Is against that tears in his prime mean would now he's not mean lottery. Right how how could you do how can I meet. Then the lakers would be his old the only team interest in him next year I mean what other team would make any attempts even been everything I love about Lennon trees and I hate about the territory. Would you love about the literature. He's in cities in and out Howard naval yes. That it will make things more compelling it's certainly good for evil six is scamming an and so leagues and or are you beat heart of the Celtics you and three were interesting compelling what you're saying and just when your team to win I don't quit hiding from I'd media respect our thinking from storytelling and games right back. I'll add an editing I wanted that shot on the Yankees. Look David Price statements and that would go light stand in judgment shot out is that the need is another reason a suck against the Yankees. No I did I wanted to when the Yankees I thought that would have been awesome I did not want him in the Red Sox and it's not because of the majority last year of a moment militia dazzled. Yeah exactly. But I thought that. Trading Rafael devers. But the next ten years of what you might be. Squire a tougher job balances three months didn't seem like analysts did at how but the Red Sox have been deadline now I mean it's funny to think about it. A window closing night at a cliches and really ate out and but he did that for an hour before I got here. I think I only sedan how did they say many different light trucks not among the fifty best known athlete to do that but is yen Paul buck. They've pulled 6000 people that's the only baseball player named was Derek Jeter is retired and retired Avery yeah you're not sure how he retired sees that he's retired workers are years since fourteen as last year I believe right ago. Several years many days many years. If I ticker nicely uncovered his lies Yankee Stadium game you know bud Harrelson great. And enjoy that. Not everybody was listening at 730 it's 937. House or at least that's how could you don't want to feel good the shortened spiel. The Red Sox roster won't look as good as it does live all their guy win the Red Sox roster when next next year that was Kimberlin free agency probably. Many after that San Juan Martinez or op is up and point when he won 22 when he got Bogart's up. So why even fall to team no my point is. This is the year the deadline to go for broke the little morsels of prospects of an odd I take buyouts are a little morsels of prospects they have lack. This assortment wrote this like a month ago of oh way over threat of some that there are going to be entertaining all the material yes Ed rats and everything apparently everybody. Hoover who may because nobody was in here everyone who listens to me now read Michael sermons he's a month. No I won't laid out there's a large across or between people read sermons peace a month ago that people who read Bob McGovern's medium posed about Harold and also reads and you he had that mean I was saying that there's a larger that us Gloria erection you damn well. That give your little guy Tim always read that I don't know what you did you complain that our previous generations and he says he complained did you know sports stocks and here I am trying to give you saw law. Trade deadline he's a reality Pascual married are out and easily could have got Harvey. He's pitched well recently on the reds yes for the reds he pitched well for the red something straight to gram or you can't integral is gonna get traded to to ground now. And allowed them to do it why. Ride with that as long as he can I have the Mets Collins in the wild card this year on Gaza grouse sour as not working out good now. Now working greats so you're not if I don't I don't pick up Sports Illustrated like all these early guys and to say well I'll just pick the teams I I come with my own stuff. In 2015 at laughed activate the Mets the World Series and guess what they went to World Series and we are. And everything else. As an engagements in serious need at baseball talk but not that you don't wanna do it see if it's. I'm on curtain talent tomorrow that should be sending a probably recount battle of the rain lets you listen to that that I was flying back from Washington at number eighteen on the podcast you get a lot ill when you when you when it's crawl out of bed you know derived by I. Wi-Fi and the plan that. The evidence of a stop to do I was hinted or in the Jerry quite often yes. Yes and I women that it was this Christmas on this morning the battle the arrangements I've won that was I think when I was I went out and brought us aren't they played 70s80s rock. I can naymick 5% a sign they played the once on and you was pat and it's our intuitive. You you're not a huge music and been around long enough to know that you're not a huge huge music. You know what I'm a huge music guy in the analysts and the music but I don't study the music in the artists in the we're you and you know announcing hats saying I don't know anything about it I don't have the middle and listen to it. Re anointing about it no I don't. Related you know I mean I don't Billy jewel is a huge collegial thing college. Steely Dan I'm you know I'm I mean all my time in the seventies Arista she listened to big band Pink Floyd. Yes. An and I know I I listened. I developed an interest in big game music later rounds but not I was in college what you ask your question as a joke that you faster. Joe's in the car I'd women as I do like big band in my in my unabashed about that particular trooper. Till it's gone on. Page two things. Could show one. I. I put McKittrick wannabe would when we first got a computer and he's got Capone just watched every little thing they do you commodity. How to under PA online and bought in on the fun. I just take it into the you have to. That Josh hater is you tell you you just here is your key you is said son. No racist tweets. Not you'd be surprised what some of the crap that goes on we treat kids. Know you know and in in an I would just say. There's no don't buy don't don't respond don't don't go to don't go to immediate why in the we had fun affront to view. It took a little extra work but I hate it a ticket where triple what I really want to say is. I think baseball like a great novel I think guys you know she would show. The yard field thing we did I I love baseball I baseball this is not like. You don't the other sports it's got a piece it's got sub plots it's just the best game on the planet in. I I really all that I agreed certainly about the sub plots I love the subplots of baseball on the engines that can Golan where it can take you. But it it's the pace IE I understand. When people complain about the pace of the game. It doesn't bother me personally as a vice at Donna what I get the MLB package by Saddam what you game I like to game. I won't be glued to it like I would be a patriots game because the very nature of football you can what you replace. I might be doing my expenses are. Writing some pain you can read a book while launching of a read a book you can do whether he can multitask. I agree I but I can and maybe it's typical back and you think about the data that date you. You play just felt I mean. And even the crude little the immediate states that. It's such a great game I mean I follow me basketball that we too. They're all great I just love baseball I just but that was my point is it's like a great book it really does that mean you remember for a long time. Yes the moment smoky that's Grand Slam noise remember where we Wear the cute that thirteen what is what is cigarettes of sarcastically. Now fates it's quite like a buck but I feel Joe's point eight post post the red sex podcasts that occurs deep down at heart people who believe Obama. Real nitty gritty baseball guy but I mean in over the last few years I mean the pace of the game is it's tough it's tough especially used to everything that's. So much more highly paced by. Still in the grand context of things baseball games rates really well on TV like every year around this time we get the all star game ratings we say you know. Why isn't the all star game when a wise and Harman derbies down again why is it down while gets a home run derby was still the highest rated dang. On TV Monday night in prime time you spin when the night. So relative to everything else on TV baseball even in this down period still rates really well. And I go back today here in real quick yes you map in the color made a point that I wanted to bring up earlier and got its peer pressure. And again not depending what this guy did as a seventh annual mutton voicing it. Not rationalize urine Dorsey I hate gay people to be on all my pounding on that surprising but. I do wonder. If if if we had a frame of reference he thought he could not have said. I did that because there was a kid ice hanging around when he was he was the alpha male and a group. And that was his thing and I was kowtowing and obviously you can't say that it is the news on and Mary you're not taking responsibility taken with the any add on that as he should. But I also I also just intellectual curiosity. I'd like to know the context in in what what inspired him to do well this intellectual curiosity not in any way. It is no answer they can mitigate that but just as it is they'd just again I want to know what a hole. Excellence. Yeah I mean did the instinct thing is with the times since of these tweets have them in front of me. There are times a day at their meeting nights there early in the morning nor are today yeah us. Except it's a free following it's free flowing consciousness that seems like. My hand and Isaac and there was a thing when like when Nixon resigned in Ford pardoned and people complain that there was a deal and plays and and it wasn't that wasn't I don't know. But the deal was a Nixon has suffered enough thing going on who's who humiliated to. I'm I'm I'm not defending him saying that's what people would say. In this particular case that this guy got crushed us. Up now you mean in today's date age team people uncover homophobic and racist sexist tweets yat since then burst lines getting crossed and and he questions her release though. All right let's suspend him now and then. It's honestly I sat back and said it's not necessary it's piling not. Is what it was necessary in even you know Jim visits he wrote a piece of outs with dot com moderate today. And in big big didn't seem to be in the you know near the guardians of the gala these issues as you know. And I just think that. Suspending him it is just. Almost wasting. It is. I think a lot of us and I certainly myself included a patent pending lease. I think deep down you feel hypocritical if you're hammering Josh hater priest tweet he sent to seventeen year old because then you're saying you have never done anything credible in your life yet. On social media which a lot of people my age I think it's it. 617779797. But can Roemer are right back after this. That's a more much at night on Sports Radio WEEI. So. And scale of one to ten it's their first show together. In a while. Since and he spoke got a turns. Qaeda earlier. How much did you miss staring at this beautifully tanned face I'd miss working with you Alex thank you and I definitely as we're gonna China right now. You have any idea how much money it costs me by saying that's stupid comment. And fits the template in attack it's up to wind you know wind with mommy and daddy get to play is always the kids so I. I was I was collateral damage your stupidity. It's a tough it's it's it's an erratic strange feeling it is something that's a nice and lots of ups and downs but. I sure will see to there's always say is this now the starter of them a renewal. A buck and Reamer yes that's short Red Sox on on Saturdays you said the weekend schedules a little condensed. The Dominican hour on Saturday four to 525. Count pass like that you're fat appointed cost of the gas money along a little Red Sox have a lot of power out a Josie many times at the summer that about one thing that I always look forward to Israel type baseball again all this guy's way it is August 16 and Alex thank you for asking out a problem the 25. Old time baseball game. And we have a big game this year we're doing it as a benefit the American Heart Association in memories Steve Harris will boss general hockey writer who died. During open heart surgery in February and somebody who knew Steve very while ray Bork. Has agreed to come playing the game. He's gonna get that back against. Tim Wakefield and I like. And so he has he had any practice hitting and I believe a lot estimate directory with a penalty few weeks ago and he said that he planned on going to a cage. His two sons both of whom play professional hockey going to play also so. Wake is acting in a pitched the first inning he's gonna face or port and port. And though like and it if you DM me at app blocked in Boston. Or you can email me as Buckley at Boston Herald dot com we need player responses players we got we need people to write some checks the American Heart Association. In memories Steve Harris his two sons again played by Jack Harris who played at Merrimack he played in our game for three years in. I remember Jack reaching out after his dad died that most on my dad ever had watching me play. Was that the old time baseball game is volunteers who wins and that's the point you uniforms and threw down a regular duties this year. Where Ireland and when our. That we as humans every year. We did get a Boston royal giants negro leagues independent negro leagues you know eighteen there at her new additions every year got a my all time game veteran we got it just array. And the question became what uniform numbers and where they would have a seven because it's an old time baseball game. He's gonna where's the old time uniform number number seven a of that that's August 16 yet to 7 o'clock saint Peter's field. Many more opportunities to plug it hopefully buck hopefully. Well you know it will be good for the community if if Joey brought me in here to work with you more. I agree to be giving back. Yes and Joe's been great I imagine in a communion got a problem next week for excellence. Excellence a buck it was a pleasure to to see you again what you see this this this this grade is mop of gray hair slicked back and I missed it at that the only Christian Imus working with in the eyes looked back. I'd I was beat it's this kind of pushing illusion of the mines proofed out who Chris good. Job is always then Mallard big bend Mallard coming up at 10 o'clock and showed it until the all star game stuff. Which shot up collide Leonard lots to dive into tonight definitely keep it here now. All touchy tomorrow morning's odd 6 AM a bit make a difference Jerry care that'll be a nice start in the morning. Thought Tina. Deal with the weather yeah.