Mut at Night - Kawhi to Toronto should not affect Celtics as Eastern Conference favorite 7-18-18

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Wednesday, July 18th
Mut is out, but Keefe and Reimer admirably take the reins for the first hour of Mut at Night and they open with the news of Kawhi Leonard being traded from San Antonio to the Toronto Raptors and how this will affect the Boston Celtics next season.  They also touch on Josh Hader, Milwaukee Brewers reliever, and his tweets from years ago and his response to them at the All Star Game.

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Excellent job eight plus plus job. My rich keep he's got he is Patrick Norton podcasts going on nights it's your ball on Twitter at he's 21 rich scheme which. Kick the ball WE yeah I rich keep courtesy. Rich keep him saying that right now here's. Night on Sports Radio W we. Fifties at night for the next hour we'll let me out framers kneipher out till 10 o'clock Alice cover your own I must say this is a staged a debut of the new key things throughout this is out now we dust this off from time to time jet made this a while back as much was all fired up because. Jets and he wasn't gonna make an intro one night mostly no intro must never hear as Annan and got hammered off to be any present at that time right at that I think he's here tomorrow. No I yup. And on that hard to believe Waltz well I guess the reunite pointed right now the first time in like weeks and under questioning their sweating already I am excited about that anything with a good that the chemistry we have Ribery and really nobody else has of that little city you would not mean you or both maybe I'd agree I was part of me in my house really does have New Hampshire being gone right back and there's guys grow up -- you grew up you know there's not in the sports together just a young pup bread and a collar guys have moved to gather from AM to have that right beauty pretty good what a journey America very excited yes this is your life and says this is my life. What's new with the running. It's just disabled its history to be about yesterday your background on on the airline and I summer here in the studio gas this is really nice time at the street scholar from the forests and not quite so it is it is very possible here first student what would you say is the big sports story of the day let me ask you a question. Who I mean Ashley asked -- why gas which I guess tangentially. And the impact because honestly raptors are in the yet. Many shot of that chair goes through would be day if it ever does right it has their Christie Orioles have problems with the prospects medical's like of paying him. Mayor an underrated just clustered Wheaton organization and I thought I used to think Buck Showalter was a good manager assured me he was I just want yeah right points. But that teams always win as soon as he leaves that's never really good side and and the Orioles. There wasn't even a couple years ago they're pretty goes let's say just like other draft I think they're gonna LCS and in early jets right and other garbage and they got a trade up all the good players still at forty games out of a slow at the break it's about whether they're mathematically eliminated they got I think they've got to be close but cnet's require letter trailer gets smaller stuff when it's your phone calls to a 6177797937. Would you trade for a guy. Who played nine games of the quad injury and didn't wanna play for Popovich and the spurs. Apparently wants to go to LA and is listening to his uncle all the time well who am not a Celtics you are apt to anybody. On the raptors yes really ass look as you might as a take this risk. But it right back to Marjorie isn't right after an embarrassing three straight losses to Cleveland right now yes and they missed like all their shots at the Indy game one but what they did that LeBron might just be their Achilles and the bronze on now on I got some and you could guard LeBron. It. It bullet for him and he's he's gone but. I I agree that the grosans on every playoff player to puts a ceiling with bringing back the whole gang. Top 4 in the Eastern Conference underground would you say that it all works. Well with coli energy actually shows up and he plays he tries a contract year. There's thing with him as high. If slightly higher for one year and then he's definitely gone. Was that he's definitely gone and he loves and everybody else I'd be out he loves it he doesn't wanna go there right now you have a change it's I got Leonard give a better team this year. And then you have at least have a fighting chance to resigning he can get in the extra year more money into the raptors. But he could have returned the same nucleus of players ought to as a defenders but I think the rose in the number three years in the idea oh you're gonna have money available for whom he gonna get. Patrick kept him he's a good player he's been borderline rate eased by on that next year down. I would just I would kept him. And minerals are the same team pretty close because you're not playing abroad abroad knocked them out of class every single year throughout the plant them there 159 games last year. Outwardly at least give this a shot I think while it's too much of of a risk. We don't already and I like the lottery pick there's and there's get hurt him yet Danny Green Day green who decide John Gloria that the big shots yours what does it messed they have mistakes Johnson they have the playoff pedigree of Weiler to Danny Green and that's going to be the biggest icy cool White House this disease in two years in a row I think he cookies you'd think he can yeah I don't yes I do like the lakers on Cinemax the when he like prominent story. A LeBron wants them to do. If LeBron says as the guy I would want is how it is topped the Senate's few years in your prime lending that is real time you're the raptors you don't pat on that you take a chance for won this team and still not better in the south as you liked this idea that there's yeah I I think they had no choice unlike you I don't think it could have returned yeah same roster and LeBron zadi east but we've seen. We we've seen their ceiling a peek today acting you build around DeMar DeRozan YC list at Augusta while hundreds better builder Lennar is better for one year. Count the are delighted really built around DeMar DeRozan your food skyward as you're ready to receive Roddick plays bass player the team without I got on there yeah fifteenth. Why Leonard is better advocate to build a chance to team around DeMar DeRozan now. Yeah I just think that and you look at the other free agents coming up down the line me who to rod does not really destination obviously none of its way to make it just needs and you bring in a star in baby and it's a small chance right now but it's only. July 2018. Yet if you by February 2019 march 2019 while and it says you know let's. Like the free health care here and cannot you cannot mindless attacks is definitely up there though because that doesn't get all the benefits now. Yeah out of the pack healthcare I don't know if he acts that way things he's acknowledge it I don't think like the attention to me get a nonexistent your Dow might you might let me by my good let's Toronto and Montreal he of the blue jays guys might say this is my place now I mean you have to at least try constantly really badly. Sounds. What it's odd episode appalled short throw and apologize LeBron they want to face it LeBron block wide LeBron blocked because he's so we can do better than Paul George. Is that we're going to tie up our Max money Paul George and Paul George is playing with a Russell Westbrook which is better than anybody while I've. It is so I mean it's better but also fewer topics are you mad at the Celtics and try to trick while a ST this is just more today. If you're not going anywhere Cottam I think it's I think it's better than bring back the alternative getting ready out Paul George slightly different. Different situations but last year this time reverend was saying I'll stay out that he and Los Angeles writes so we're seeing the same thing of a while and are now. An up Celtics are completely different spot in the raptors because Leonard a luxury for. I mean right now they are the favorites in the eastern com yeah daddy he'd been white minority among the need to take on that risk our entourage and needed to take on all George a lot different while owners in the sense that he played for Indiana and actually played and even though he's ready is he said he is gonna go to LA that's five but you'd never sat out he never. By all the stuff that is surrounding cool while hundred. Is very unique to him there's not a lot of comparisons then in May at its sales the stories just otter and it is accurate a couple weeks ago the spurs went to. Visit him and he hid from them is like people hidden from them. What does that have no idea about trading for that I don't think I don't know if you're not even play a game but the raptors. I think they just sit out two years in his prime I think there's outs I think if there's a better chance that he doesn't play any doubt it does just that he sits out then he does leads them to the NBA finals. He's gonna he's gonna prove pop Ron crews are on the approved whispers Iran is graded gal I just I'm unless he really is is one of the strangest guys on this plane and perhaps he has. It's been quite fast for us in my pocket I just don't see it die in his prime a year if not from Aussie also that if you're quite Leonard. You're killing your own market has let's say he does sit out where or how it's all season with Toronto great the lakers are still interest in him but even if quite wants to go to LA. Doesn't it behoove him to build the market forms self I would think you let me also what that it wore white market does he how he sits out two straight years that he's 47 right now to distance point seven last month. So this upcoming season point seven so many of your fridge or east when he. I mean even so easily signed a four year Max deal some real game to a but. You would think you have to play a part is that anybody think usually hurt and that it was. The most out of her to an extent I do what I don't make injuries like on the guys make of injuries not. He has all nine games yet so yeah he did a hell you want in 86 point 78 the rights and our administration credit missed use cleared apparently in March applies. And then chose not to come on the re the united that's a very very chaotic all donors and Alex Guerrero he might. I mean obviously equally on the spurs he's he's in but I don't think that means that he quits on the raptors I don't think he sits accused in a row that's ridiculous and like he's in like it that's killing. His free agent eyes to see if you do wanna go to the lakers. You wanna get a bidding war going you want at least another team or two yet interested in I think ultimately it's a bit of a wash and emit so if you acquire a letter from two years ago let's just pretend that he that he comes back he's all in for one year. The raptors are better but I don't think it makes them better than the Celtics asthma or even better in the sixers and they're still probably third fourth. Hello sixers are interesting exercise in missed a big opportunity with I'm I'm really glad he didn't go there without a worst case for so right in the briefing about the sixers is if you luckier hoops says prepare who got every aspect of next year giving us trivia but I do yeah. Look at you look at the free agents for next year I'll get out and see Alec. To rant Irving Butler Leonard obviously Klay Thompson don't want to on the line don't look cousins let it. Feel like how many of those guys could they be legitimate players for right. I don't see many names so then you look at filling you say that after that they had to start thinking about extending starts in Simmons and speaks out. They have blown the chance as silly as it sounds because they're so young but is it on the chance to have the best roster witness group. Out with Leonard this year idea is that he's not gonna Sunday in free agency probably no words if you get them you have a chance to resize and yeah so this is a big miss for the sixers if I have. I agree I think that they're the ones that are are screwed the most I think the Celtics are are in a pretty good spot because he didn't go there and had Simmons and be Leonard wood in JJ Redick and SARS that's. Serious starting five yeah this but. In Toronto thing OK fine but you're kind of wrote them and as a playoff team anyway so he doesn't drastically change what they're doing. And I think the rose up and nobody cares and DeRozan and turtle or the great with the spurs is a good deal for them because. The whole league knew that they had to trade quite honored and they're so little to bring it all started his incredible they had no leverage no matter now Leonard doesn't wanna play for you. Where it is don't want to play for the lakers missed all but nine games last year and I used to again an all star guard because we were tracked my vote different Celtics trade rumors or trade proposals that they could send to Santonio. And Arctic are Terry rosier Marcus Morris and a couple of bad text that's you can have the power turned into the Rosen and Parnell and and packs they did a good job. Other Celtics news of the day is it looks like markets Smart. Despite not getting any other real offers from other teams at the Renault are negotiating with the Celtics on a four year deal to be back. Jordan Schultz from Yahoo! and votes from yes I see his name in this this again he's he's not on the eyes I think they're pretty MBA beat Chambliss chancellor to the best dozens are just murders he says but he added he is maybe surpassed them you think he surpassed well yeah I think what was it ESPN's upgrade yet just as it just as you like the Rage Against The Machine is that what it is it's I think maybe the but you do you think bush is as it dropped as many of the quote woes bombs since then is yen. It's good they gotta restrain they'll put him in Sam's work once he still like Sam's first broke this out Leonard's off pretty 4 in the morning. Because likely lies everybody doesn't sleep that that Chris Haines died at her it has been out there about Leonard not wanting to reports it's a Rob Lowe and there's that article that blows sheds light cold right with wind horse than shell burning. Two willow is beneath you always wonder what those are really like about you none of those three actually wrote the system real exercise their names on there a time. I'm too because like 5000 an event is co write any articles. They'll like by rob Bradford and Alex Raymer I don't know thread among the time when you see Linehan calling on the web they would and why is he right knock her down and I hate to burst. Not Kirk what does that mean does that mean that he set an excuse to there and then and you're now pretending that he wrote to take for the website that he's right again and it I could not is that there and that immunity monument there. They let its fury you know our product that's fine what is bend over the last few weeks the thing that you wrote I got the most collects the you know of thunder out. We have the data Stephen A Smith apologizes for saying he expects. That leads. Yeah that was the headline. And get it and accept that there are states that volume you know you really did was just meters is apology and is the dumbest apology in the world. Says it was like how apology which I respected it really pays all the angles and as if you're offended. I'm sorry basin is they're telling me do this and this is this is what do right now. But as far as mark Smart is concerned. Do you like dislike Smart everywhere these guys have wanted to back at all costs for your opener all costs now I think he I think he works for the Celtics sets re elected salt and his heart it's like we were he'd. He doesn't make sense on and on contending teams out not at all that's why when you're the rumors about the kings of the present from from a culture change the culture champion and they'll play hide outs left at least ball like football fans. Yeah I break their hands punching a lot it's already part about the intense culture to the true story. Now there was that rumor that it was. Mr. answer Amal movement at the bottom. Story Sean I don't know if that's I. I believe is that those like Evers is the shot against the lakers do so frustrated at a hours after the game he basically like low spot and fitness freak out and but why did the Celtics having so we said we don't think there's much from market for Smart media when you don't know he's really contacted Andy yeah complaining about it. Won't like they are they gonna get on the I four year deal at a block a mop and rather than having a play in the qualifying offer maybe gets passed in just leaves and they want them. It doesn't hurt so often this is they offered him a four year deal. At like eleven permit me last year and he wanted to wait and get in free agency and so now he's looking around. It makes sense for both Olympics market to a lot better in the south it's one of probably just diseases that night that your. Backup point guard manageable money twelve million bucks a year or ever ends up being and I was under team for next four years ago to worry about Inca. Crazy contracts for him it's and it's interesting to see what his role as next year it has with Hayward back in Irving. Probably the fourth quarter minutes is any debt. Yeah these games out Israelis roles and it changed dramatically and as it's going to be different and then next year at this time love the decision on terror rosier fidelity of the one deliverance scary hairy back. I I'm probably fine. Yeah I think he's gonna want a start first volleys and wants more money at bella how that foreigner now they music as more died elsewhere in the news to you where this money because he enters his I didn't look at other contenders. Where do you fit Golden State opened me now -- do well on the Houston three point scheme everyone had to shoot a three point here right now they're dealing while we're there now so you're left with like what it's like where where where do you fit besides the Celtics and sixers haven't left parents who can't shoot yeah I mean that's really a winning type team in your right even if it's one of those teams like the rockets for the shoot a lot of three easy just aren't these publishers Manning went just just try to relive and just pass it to those guys if you could. Last and of course was baseball's all star in the Midsummer Classic on yes as they call it actually you know born to home runs and and they showcase of the stars but one of the players those in the game was terrible in the game also is not a great forum. Off the fields wanted to Josh hater not have made some of the tweets that were unveiled that he had in his past will get an of that. When we come back policy your phone calls 61777. On 7937. It has never mod that night Keith and Reamer Sports Radio WB yeah. Follow along on Twitter with a mind tacked on WEEI and rich fat she's 21 now more money cheat on Sports Radio WEEI. Never modernize rolls on average keep out three and here are still seven rehearse here until 10 o'clock last night was the Major League Baseball all star game home runs of plenty. Ten home runs I think ten runs I think only one run was scored not. Buy a home run. Chris Sale at the start you know most U bets Judy Martinez of guys that for the Red Sox American League wins. One of the big stories that came out after this was brewers reliever Josh hader who made an appearance in the game and is it a set up maize on the Goodyear obviously wouldn't really long hair long flowing hair. And this is another one of these guys he's certainly not the first they won't be the last where somebody out there. Had a whole bunch of his old tweets stored up from 2011. And 2012. It's a haters 24 so these were young high school junior senior year high items 25 that it can ship them. That you guys have a lot in common apologize face officer of let's say you're edible things yes he really just offended. Everybody by the offensive as we've showed no bounds and I saw what do you think what do you hear these stories of these guys on the one hand they are. Immature they're dumb they're young but I feel like there's a difference between dumped suites and then just like over the top offensive to right. What's these certainly are yeah I mean a couple of things are germanic first of all I mean it's amazing to me that every agent doesn't pull aside every Al cleansing is your Twitter account regenerate like restarting restarting thrust right here in the big leagues now time I live your password and if it's so important Ullah if you need it to. Every once in while the Q when they with fans or you want to. I don't know why you really want it but maybe you wanna sell your shoes are you wanted to do whatever you do find that went beyond I'm gonna have the past the radiated out of the power Port Arthur and Orkut is keywords is to beating your old Twitter capping out in my high school start fresh or just regular kids are eighteen he had in the middle school I got to delete all year old tweets just I think you can tell that she's so that's everyone but I mean. How do you make is he really a white supremacist in between eight kkk U seventeen I. I just simply Jason Day is not simple about it conservative nominee who likes and retreats that I think they got a lot let me be it was after it probably out of the fact I hate gay people that's my personal thing thousands and unseat at least this and write up I got to be leaving any doubt about why he has you don't read about how do you read that on a different way you can't but. I don't know I mean I. I I have a hard time now saying Josh heaters this white supremacists and all other candidates have stuck up Foreman says hey like I've ever seen any of the sunlight and this is not what he is keyboards guitar seventeen I mean we yours seventeen and high school. Maybe it's changed a lot but does nice it's a pretty vile stuff. Shirt and a lunch yet at recess like on it was just really idol homophobic. Valuables out dollars. And I think he just happened suit to tweak the stuff out you mean you could say now you when you're nice would you tweeted out. Racist things probably I would not have probably not feel appreciated they are not have liked. I trust now what do tweeted out stuff I'm sure that. People looked at that really or stuff that people will question me about but not racist it's extreme or Irina I mean this is extreme it's similar to Josh now Josh tell a dialogue I don't it will last quite like that they need to look at the tweets and I don't remember being as this is as outraged as vial and straightforward answer yes yet there is no subtlety to it's. But I mean he does this and if he really wanted to take. Then it the next step Josh Peter nearly wanted to turn this around which you would then do is say I'm going to volunteer for an LG BT organization are going to volunteer effort. As social equality organization and he's going to sensed it be training crates. By now but you what's the what's the next what does that have so this is what after the game this is what Josh cater. Had to say when he was asked about these old streets. You know something that's you. I'm seventy years old from. That's how I was it was immature enough resistance. So usable. But there's a place. Ryan as a person today and I am now. Goodness. And it. And deletes. A suit and your kids ages between what's on an island. And its its own pockets of other guys who. Copyright and that's the trouble that's what's on your mind is really like your mind and in my mind a bunch of time and wearing on my mind a lot slate this is this is two by I'm by no means many excuses for Riley Cooper's camera Cooper the eagle guy who's out of it got to fight again a conference on Thursday yeah that he throughout racial slur did terrible. Or I'm not making excuses form but that's a one off but in the heat capacity alcohol and I would I would assume again but still dominant it would everyone about him. But this is the guy and he was younger. But a multiple time taking that split regular box this is what I think and why is like racist at all hours a day with optimistic good times and some nights morning. Mean they were out of the matter doesn't that he's just thinking about the stuff all the time is it to dodi's to see this every dog world I don't. It could take its letter right it's like something like human his friends thought this was like funny like I only now right that that when you're seventeen you tweet your friend I'd say just other gases threaten my nose. President high school wiest again and I went icicle record racial slurs at her home hopefuls hustlers a lot right I'm not sure how many. I might find classmates and put him on Twitter and social media but. Like what so what's the next step which odds here obviously don't think the group received Putnam. You should not loses jobs so it's I guess I get the question is how sincere is he and his apology listening to that's. I think he would benefit from again going the extra step and not just doing sensitivity training and volunteering for an elegy BT organization right baseball as Billy Beane and ouster of inclusion maybe try to work with and I think taking the extra step if I were if I were advising them out if that's and it's. If you lose 27 instead of seventeen when he made these comments mayberry Akron yeah right we record in very different now the pitching coach with the Detroit Tigers who got fired. Ray he made a comment 21 like the ball boys or the equipment guys number and they and that was like a month ago and they're like boom you're done. In my they've actually they they give a chance to apologize and he didn't know again no apology maybe added that you know I don't regret those beliefs the beliefs that actually you can delete it offers the legal back and delete. Like he you know he was only as the process is going on Hughes probably. Just added scene. And fairly good high school baseball player he had to be and then ask the process is going you're about to be drafted or your assignment and ancient a does the agent bring any of the stuff optimistic he must have never brought up you must just rather than you must have never thought into a guess it packs that's the crazy thing to see you seventeenth behind in your eighteen. Nineteen. Out of you but I've been vague recollection of a lot of things I've tweeted. In the gas like to come back and it's obvious I don't so as a you know Jason read some of my old suites. Number I got you teases back allowing two nights now indicted there's one of those like Adam Jones and I and I just joining us probably a lot. Expertise there as near as weird terrible draft pick yeah I could have Alan thank you shine or off to my artists complaining about like like lines. Like at a convenience store so Ira people prime prime shape Nazi eighteen points is that there's the bad tweets for sure everybody everybody has them by. I can't they got out of set this up. I am it's winner if I actually read what might tweets were out loud before between them I probably never have any tweets. Does it scrolls or so before like that's funny that's funny that's a company anybody that's useless so bad. I used it less now than it has been a lot and a few years yeah it's as we don't like what's the point like I don't I wanted to political stuff anymore summit arguing with losers three to staring at their phone for you but anyway it is instead grand. Always program the new -- anyway I'm understood that now money policy I'm not on there but he I think a win the next thing parity economists that a win the next whenever that is the year actually hanging in grand integrate. Yeah Estonian and the younger playing reached the kids are even younger than and I am using mr. Graham two to text with other about our record and make connecting I've I've friends who have nets people from instinct really. Like there needs to air models and on message and and and I'll meet up now can people still troll you and it's a grammar know oh yankees now there's no way to prevent an act I don't know if there's anyway but if you you can do is the year and anybody you want I've controlled also says media platform what's your favorite place to get rolled. It's sweaters and that's where the winner is that they can I be most negative that waiters are trying belongs yeah I've got my buddies but I try to put lights and to Graham on Friday. Some might and it's not just decided mark this is valley like when the Brady thing happens as written upon you know an athletic sites and they used a lot of like embarrassing pictures coming to grant an eraser yeah yeah. I always felt real public it's as of now it's time to but the son profit. They follow out the picture view the online and out there and it's like it's as the guys said this on. Halloween but it's an old outright and yet I screws up on use the most embarrassing picture possible it is pretty good. And fields are not hard to find either they are now everybody has them and ought to be in here now your gonna win stuff. Know Winston you have to dig through my FaceBook and got a snapshot I'm not that which is totally dead now that's got off right up to killed. Yeah I heard how he Jenner and highly genital that is why he killed yes. In short the billion dollars about that and she made it all by herself to her but that that will help the world graduation it's Arnold it's your phone calls are coming up 61777. 7937. Keep in reverse Horford at WE yeah. It's Montag. Within weeks keep on Sports Radio WEEI. I mean. And deletes. I've suit and your continued this week what's on your mind and it's. It's gone. He's out. Just came. He can't news news or we'll send. I'm deeply sorry for what us. And you know what's been going. My business as a reflecting on my movies don't. That's brewers all star reliever. Josh hater who during the game last night came out always tweets that he had all his high school 20112012. When he was like seventeen he's now it's 44. Speed is apologizing to form the next day event so if so who is so who is holding you think there are holding them for the perfect time yes. Basically what Josh Allen just like with them is as a way and is he going to be. In the mainstream and for a pitcher like this the all star game this is a more eyeballs on the Mac rumors that's right and went LC you know wells who wait around for a surprise doesn't happen more often. Yeah I guarantee you have to be more athletes besides Josh down and Josh hater there weren't answered these kinds of things now Laramie to console the lie on the gas for the dolphins fast and a beer can inside job doesn't his step dad not cool that was and how. Cool and all of not ridiculous. But there's a few others as well and you go back and it's the same thing on Ireland. When mosquitoes are high school he was kind of a racist and now he says he's not and then you know what do you do if you're the team and what you do with that information. And so that was hater apologizing after the game we'll see where this goes from here. Sort of his teammates of forty spoken out and said. They as far as I know he's not a racist and all these great teammate and also let's not remember the white power movement despised on the dates with which he claimed at one point in there. All other much lesser degree yes this was on. Twitter this afternoon Patrick Chung yes I tell you guys talking about patriots safety is this nothing or is this something each weeded out four hours ago. Shout outs all the lady doctors nurses ex federal looking good in their outfits X mission points sexy stuff. I mean I was any went back and then so then what happened out he got a lot of there's a lot of response there ratio looks like when a mine and I agree ratio Mel people are pretty upset about a more there's a lot of gifts would like the very serious and might look you know guys saying deleted a lot of that stuff. So then you response because the got a lot of comments. And you wrote you're mad because I said women doctors that work hours to save lives look good that with the brains and aren't sitting around. All bleeping what their lives guess I'm wrong man and I'd better saying they look stupidity. Get a life people LO well ridiculous. I mean I got the worst response. I think you say anything about them saving lives in that first week when he hit it a woman's day intelligent the you don't say that they had that they're sexy stuff I don't they are if you do looking good in your outfits is a compliment and somebody's brain I think you're right I don't see it that way but there are a lot can we lost that sweet and yet it's harmless I'm surprised you hadn't deleted by about some guy BAC and was later let's just when or what the point of tweeting us like in I don't know and 2018 YE. Why why Cooley thinks like this is a good thing to tweet like and I don't know totally misogynist ticket I'm sure Patrick I meant no harm by it and I don't answer that meets an aside I like Josh haters say it's a different one now does not out looking clean form of the big east have in common is isn't on Twitter and their athletes like that's all about all saying you know just haters is is far far worse but let's let's is like really rip that's my response the really but it's about the risk reward in this is guy tact now with Twitter it's like. What do you gain out of the streets in what's the potential risk. Doubt in my opinion listen when you're on the air some times you're gonna have to go to that line just because of what we do but on Twitter. It's not instantaneous now have control over and writes you can say what is their risk reward here I think this joke. It's funny the ride is almost meg what's the reward ever likes it retool others don't have the reward. Barely felt lonely for you and I don't soundly at the end the though the risk is and we've seen in all kinds of different jobs. You could boost that you can lose your job people lost their jobs out tweets which is so damn it's like you're getting fired from your job. For something you did on Twitter not to needed at your job now on Twitter but it hasn't heated its number one TV showed America and gone well and tweet stuff I now achieved arrested taken a lot of and a motor credit history. I mean that's always a funny thing too and obviously now a hater Patrick Chung but like Roseanne you're like where is the line. So previously when she weighs making racist comments in you know all this stuff does school with ABC but then that's fine line common now are here yeah. Yeah line and it was despicable but it's. Some interesting that you decided that was the ones in our data across the line and its previous 25 didn't. Right there when you're talking like comedians like what they can get earlier as compared to other people really isn't she comedian and all that wasn't funny not saying what it all not at all notably the people they've very offensive things very offense but then again I don't work for ABC so it's also the ABC knew what they're getting with or they can probably do I mean you don't have to look. That far into Twitter history. Tell her history period and so on that and that was cannon testers crazies probably are racists I personally would have brought the show back that's just me though that's as I do not watch a second time interest rates did you see the old one. I think because brilliantly housed properly four channels like probably saw some of the group was like are always it's whatever 8 o'clock on a Tuesday got a lot for pastry about big nick at nite viewer. Other go hand as big as a lot of girls and I was until Goodell confidence is the real show hang their working class family right. I they looked like regular people Joseph America they dealt with issues yes they did we all deal with every everyone of us realistic show yes it was more realistic and full house Mather favorites in that was less realistic terms the little show though good show great teams. Yes I went by the full house house. How's the us house as ineffectual sultanate side and a proponents and private lives are important program I think at FaceBook. No I cannot FaceBook or throw it and ice. Did you yelled that it started when I was in college and when it first started only certain colleges could hook up to it. So the elite colleges yet wasn't so we weren't there at whole part of my little wait wait wait and finally the hole Bart email was allowed to view had to set it up with the college you know right so you could net. That you're you're grandmother couldn't beyond FaceBook he should or. They need app solution is an issue at a for Iran and then went on college is done that sayonara dude I'm a retired air space but we'll see you later that's the should've done. A before I get out here let's get at him on RI let's talk and we are what they got him. I I think rounds sports rated WEEI. Also. So I got a couple of friends sword die hard jets fan I always get a arguments about them are over this they always claim that Tom Brady is a system quarterback divided by the greatest coach of all time Bill Belichick and I was just wondering how do you guys arguing against that. Who I say that he's not. He's not a system clears us to some quarterback pretty give more credit for for the fact sequels ballots checking her three of the you can sink your teeth into coming up after seven what else do you have besides that counts well we touched on a little bit can dive more into this is Mike tried superstars after that insisting that rob and over the ball right into your man really trots start to decrease the angels who suck. And right in general all baseball starting it's like. Trying way too high like last night all the might types of comic is the most awkward in my tomorrow comfortable thing I'd bikers are seen in my life as it is I'm sorry I see your your down on I was very down on it we'll do that also odd two -- group reunites very excited good in the city of Boston lies up I don't have to out live but yes Steve Buckley joins me eights to talk about. The remaining China local guy Leonard Red Sox ace I factors entered on the Boston Herald on. Then you outfit on today a lot policy if a cop entered you know procedure dolphins played also a big night three more hours of Reimer including two with Steve Barkley you know I think our producer Chris shot times shy and check him out on Twitter. That's what study work in the ninety kid we twitching following yeah it was an announcement partly arena that is going to watch them play video games you reread got to switch which is the next thing is David Price on kind of big probably. He probably is I'm also on TV tonight at the TV night for team look at Eli fans everywhere and talked about doing now. I'm gonna Wear this matter anyway and that. I actually saw I have this is on its claim trying to run with our cards that temporary were I would back tomorrow dale at two popular.