Mut at Night - Keefe and Bradfo argue over personalized jerseys; Shohei Ohtani's poor night 4-18-18

Mut at Night
Wednesday, April 18th
HOUR 1 - Rob Bradford can't understand why Shohei Ohtani would turn his nose to some Boston personalized jerseys. Speaking of Ohtani, he stunk up the Sox/Angels game last night. Also, Keefe is determined to get to the bottom of the strange Bradfo Show podcast that featured an inaudible Lou Merloni.

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To some point is Brady failed to communicate to the patriots he's coming back for not coming back we talked about this on your shelf and I just this normal national park got it right. Guess what word out situation later wherever that is they're still lower. Cool. Dude it's no clarity to child comes after this I don't know feedback that we have our answer but we have not heard that and I. Rob Bradford I understand you rob Bradford so look rat. She boat. Brad she. Do you get I mean we media stars perhaps that is a Sunday and Sunday only the center of the people it would keep it. If you would you start our value right you can't just go right out there you have to do to maintain the sanctity of the special and it's the passion and pageantry that is the movie stars. Still waiting to buy gift card table distinctive clothing now here. So much light at night on Sports Radio W we. Right sports. They never got a nice good roll on all week long I have a funny feeling that's yeah and perhaps all season long rob Bradford from the Brad both show is here rob how are your. I'm Goodrich how are you by the way. The two most popular of subsites of shows yes it's the stars in keys keys to the best we could put up a poll right now Bill Clinton maybe jacket with a media star or he tees and really. You look at on time I don't want them revealed but there's an area you're in the men I've. It takes them an early leader there's a lot of laughs I don't want there's a lot of evidence in Charlotte when we say every week you usually begin about 11 o'clock team on Sunday morning and that is noticed that sometimes Italy and adjust on the fly time we will allies in the business of surprises last the eleventh hour surprises from east I'd leave the last media stars I've heard there it's usually supposed to be three winners that we there are six nose on the front runner that was the week before. And. Didn't last week I was gonna give it to Greg Dickerson is out I was talking out of it the last minute where is it I gotta be honest have you I regret. You should argument and I gave it to regain were to Mike Reese for his interview with him and all those good. I just feel like the Dickerson comeback it's a little more majestic Arnold the comeback is complete. You know dog and he'll be back for sure and maybe you won the award elderly capita off while he got number two Lucille put on the oh no doubt that they don't I don't get anything at all I don't why don't you think you know just kind of erratic and yes that's probably true. That's what I was really disappointed last night not that the Red Sox won. But I thought it sounds a legacy show notes Connie pitched this year well you do have a TV. I'd I have one in the computer TV. Or radio. The radio what's orbit of the radio and listen listen listen all I'll give every minute of every day you have the right guys. But listening to the angels' broadcast at this hour to see you face the hotel outside I wanted to see him. And I guess I have the ability to somehow find some of these angels games but I don't think is my plate at a Rudy gets LeBron tonight I guess there are others the Stanley Cup Playoffs is a lot going on keeps keys are gonna write them so you need to pay attention at their finger on the pulse of this stuff back you have here here there are bigger in the encyclopedia all of it. So I. Watched two innings of showing a toss up you need to elect. It's too bad Wetherell hard though. Stupid and so those gases from Kelly to Kelly doesn't always it's always good the favorite athlete authorised by until show me a time the fight some yeah he doesn't he's not target the popularity first knowledge of probably our authority or just had a few more dinners habit he is still. Is interesting character is there is in baseball games of what he's doing did you see so I thought dead bolt Michael Silverman announced bureau related stories about the view Red Sox failed pursuit of Chile and he never got in the plate. And into the batter's box. I'm on the exact comment but one thing we left now I thought of of the entire package that they were gonna give the show me economy which I retreated out heights we've got a picture of it. It was the Bruins Jersey with a tidy you have to back down there to get them there were they had jerseys made up of pro. The Bruins Celtics and patriots was into those I don't know nothing but I Al Clinton and those nothing's over business and want to know that you can watcher bill I go to a personalized Jersey yeah. It's the worst thing you can get somebody in the world but it really a personalized Jersey unless you're five years old Ramirez shouldn't have a Jersey with your name on the back to remodel you can play on the game that's how does eight patriots that that's all there is soccer's bradys and Bronx and the high towers and cattlemen's beef and Bradford chiefs that. Terrible is done. This is that there's a certain age that's that you want find these really just root for your favorite player you're not on the team don't be your name on the back but how well as day one stuff you can you can yearn for the show they're on the outing he's gonna strike out ten guys in seven innings as civilly along right but I yearn from seeing him walked on the streets within an approach there's a Bruins Jersey that are on these cluster receipts runner yeah I've I might Pollard yeah dances via here's my question for you would show I have time wearing a Celtics Jersey go T shirt underneath are now. Is gone now on our I think I think he's and he's a he's stocky yeah idea big guy he's stopped now realizes he's the guy I was the guy if he sees and does not we have made I'd made the opposite aside I think I think if you came here this is talk you -- right to our blog guy are you with Iran war is bigger Tyler's dad I hadn't thought that I. But he moreover Carlos so. But it's. If you can if you can flex your triceps. And if you keep debt. CO little definitely a surprise that then any mergers don't need to teacher that's a good point yet thank that's a good at that as far as being here if you don't have the tries that forget about as Dustin Pedroia once said when he yet he Gould's announced on an article about how ruled gold's gym gold's gym is the future holds a reminder of those gold's gym teacher it's yes I did I rather like tank top isn't worth of Dustin Pedroia if you are several nuclear I've tried so she hit her right well. I think he's you know that's the whole you know those teacher I know I barely get a like how to sell the sisters he would work I don't think showtime he would Wear them I think he would Wear the Celtics Jersey which he -- if you came to Boston those jerseys wouldn't have made it on the flight home with them. He wouldn't you also that he would have thrown those out now I asked I don't ID 100 would he do they patriots oats on majors the what numbers that you all. Eleven Erica. All you did you was taped the meeting and he had the jerseys. If I would have to sign with the tells me to take the mean what is it that's the cheesy thing I've ever seen in my body knows I'm just take the meeting personalized Jersey. He is probably and so if I heard there were going to do that there was insulted it would take the Vietnam I think that's what it was it's now now it would but I agree with you rates I want to see him pitch I look forward to seeing him pitch it ahead and do all of this test. Buy it. You know I kind of I like the novelty of him failing a little bit better going to be constant what I mean it to great starts a ball against the eighties and then he has a terrible start against the Red Sox. He's pulled back. Yeah. I'm not gonna. But that doesn't show any time you no I was. I don't wants what's that are hurt so I heard house core on which you guys today target yet yes and I'm talking about him saving the emails of all the way spirit and you show it I think right after I love this do you Bill Graham cage area managers have this this is not delete delete you bail out through his son now hang on to the email. And now you look back out of it back at it in your like lol how worthy and use him. There is. As we look at this team this team kind of fits the right way right now right yes slid Judy Martinez was the guy Dave Dombrowski said. This was a guy that we had at number one list we're gonna go after it. Are you wanna go after JD Marti is well what are you doing with this guy I think Mitch Moreland at bats would be my they sign on its more is at -- his existence you resistance maybe by. He was in but my god he's out there and hit the like having an extra guy originally when he's -- and Oregon yet that it's 26 man rosters or news -- they had that you like apartments Brian Johnson ghastly opposite of John the gap by its its he'd miss Portland signed early on a two year deal for third yes how dollars for -- really about the I think you're very suitors for what you know what would that that would that I don't know man rotation may be kids you know sale inaudible definitely and now now price to all of you and we could make the argument they had it would have hit a seven man rotation to Steven Wright still certain manner as the yeah is he says there now and he's got a decent man known for awhile at some point he's coming back as a isn't Palmer is that when I got to tell you can't see and I told you it is I didn't write about it right it's all gonna that he yeah did he really enjoy it and to see what he's is that if you so far he's very he's not a breath of fresh dance some power in the lineup while. I would like it to vote on McCain you were displaced you know what a better job it's what they say that a good problem to have. Yes. This guy zone that was our only good thing earlier doing what it was Willie McGee well it's that's all on the track solving the good lord but I have to say that about five times what do you do it brought Cole ordered to do that wanted to eventually you have to live. He has ever he bat crazy be bad at I'll go out and do what markets Walden. You know like I miners I don't it's all those guys are they they're by you it would have been it would ability and really this is a guy who a lot of people focused on the minds yet such crappy. Crappy spring training. The ECB quote from under terrible wal marts yet and I'm not bring this back story you know Eddie the you know the editor americorps alleges the best pitching prospect I've ever seen on of the debate that ever did report on just a notch above top and topple. Like he was just barely edged out out this historic tie their politics do it shall have put that on Merrill was doing the scattered reports as the four Euro yes he's all over the top it off or yet Willie side and I thought exactly as a big deal by when the Red Sox almost signed him coming out of high school is that this is the best guy in and you see him go through spring training I'd want this guy is it's gonna values can be a failure but did they think it's pitching was ahead of his head again and now I doubt he was a pitching prospect for short there weren't sure about the bad but this pointless played eight games. But he looks awesome but the Red Sox but the Red Sox as chorus at the U the Red Sox not only now were saying who can pitch in and it gets only way they're gonna get them. But he even when we came at a high school in other Sunday promised that he could do it then to do so you know and and think about as they do that is that they don't do that wolves didn't do that for this isn't like all you have a guy coming out in the amateur draft. And he can hit any because there are a lot of guys yeah are gonna give you want it even more recent and talked him up. Casey Kelly I'll yet know Casey Kelly was was that as opposed to football and he was on these. Guys is stick a stud and that always opportunities but this year I forgot their names of the two of the top three picks in this most recent MLB draft. Our guys that were viewed as first round talent pitchers and first round town's past now out of doubt the team's allowed no they don't that's the point that could a player put it at a spot is BC all the time or guys get trapped not on the outside there. And when I go to college or Ferrer could you say I I will sign. But I wanted to both. Could a player so not a 23 year old coming over from Japan. But could a kid etc. that's high school like a price if Bryce Harper was also a pitcher and he was like I wanna do both. Did it it seemed to take a chance. It depends Tibet's how much leverage was involved in which is where it's which is a lot of times there are because like you said the college aspect of it. And there's also there's also just. The you know how much how good is the again. Do you know you just move on to the next guy what he talked about there's so quick to. Are you throw 95 only put the bat down and adds that the they're so quick to the pitching prospect is such a hot commodity. That would they see that 1718. They're like forget about the other stuff we'll just work on your arm but that it that's my point with the economy just now that's how what do aberration he widespread because we've seen plenty of these guys you mentioned Bryce Harper I'm sure he did something I need. Not price I surprised that. He caught he by the catcher and that he also did that junior. Yet into the draft quicker as a whole thing and whole thing by book but don't we would rather I can't miss guys that an appeal there are plenty of guys who come were pitchers and hitters because let's be honest if you're high school player that underlies most of them bar area you rarely rarely almost never see a team say we're gonna do that with Casey Kelly former it's nice first round pick. He was a shortstop and pitcher. And they said you're gonna pitch. And I think at first they might elect him doing little can't write a way went a long way the heat by Baidu is big clearly you're gonna have to decide with a look how do you relate you are gonna have to decide. They're telling this kid. As the high school senior whatever they column in Japan. That he can do both the entire time in the interesting part about this was that. So they all thought at a time he was going to the major leagues were or going to America. At a high school everybody thought oh tot he came out and said that he was going to. And then at the last minute he decided to sign of the Japanese team in one of the reasons. Everywhere I think he did because the Japanese team made their presentation. Part of Jersey thwart the would jerseys yes. Or here's the here's what did your article it did it again if you go the United States. You'll be riding the buses in the minor leagues why wearing a tie the hockey Jersey but Jersey that they say losses you have to ride the buses on this is this isn't very get the now you don't feel like royalty of it signing up for the out rather nutria McCain golf it's Tuesday. So anyway we see we see it for two I won't in the lives far amid he'll be in the lots docile like it. Tomorrow he wanted it's on court and a hoop that right Rodriguez is pitching audio he thought but I don't know when an easy. So this guy's not gonna hit when he pitches the day before pitches the day after pitches I was also I wasn't at last easily you can you don't have to hear it you could hear and it was interesting was corps has that you may now. All the ways ago and use this guy right but then as you guys are talking to him you can hear like. I don't know it's gonna work this let you really know what have been right they orbit knots or figure this out now my guesses. He would DH. Three times a week. Or ever would be Bollywood and and its moral he would -- for a much Mitch morally sounded a little more reform is a morbid DH I think Jackie Bradley is losing at bats because. JD can play left field which he loves this morning has an all time and always was left there he's in the outfield all but we put we put up for that we had the one of the best over runners on him which was going to be more than Kevin Ken layered doing Red Sox pregame and post game or Judy martz he's playing you know feel bull can better get on some games because well Martinez a way that much trending years and I thought about it a strong push zone you and I still think it's a good over entitled to about half as he's exactly what he adds that at some point -- senior producer of the her challenge are reporting that. Front of the show like Oreo but. But so core core when he's talking you guys. He's yet you used talked about how the residents reviews have been that you guys are talking about how the angels are gonna use them. And you could sense that his voice like no no relief this is gonna pork and he's pitching every nine days in you know sure it's a long layoff between. Starts form. On it's at it's the hottest start going now last night was the first kind of reality check forum. It seems to know that ERA just over two and it what three dinners anything like 37 deal I think I looked at by the way against the same team. Okay against Oakland yeah but you know what I think there's a ton of bad teams in baseball etiquette they're say there federal Red Sox by the rays and the Marlins played the days and lots of pig matter had not a budget teams that they have to play the Padres and an earlier that the play there's a lot of crap team as there. There's a lot of crap they put on the bumpers are actually hit 6177757937. The number to jump aboard. Or start in baseball. Red Sox take on the angels in the bill that the best in baseball in the best record in baseball as or anything wrong with this Red Sox teed off. That's Los the next segment I was I don't guys I was actually gonna ask you to mask question. It's not normally how we do things yes he asked that question I want it may reduce after the break yes that's stuff or a yes vote nick Mitch. Experiment or the yes I think people being track experience is there an extra pair of fanatical as a gold experiments of biblical experience of involved I I wanna I wanna hear your pursuit I think people wanna know is two hours from three to five right. He was a three to five and yeah I wanna hear your take on grows so we have that and some baseball thought made up baseball thought Bradford seems to be down on the baseball stuff it's a solid because they're all proud ourselves out happened yeah aidid balls that who yet against he had had a guest who's going to be on the radio tomorrow. So. Well it'll turn into our notes in candy said Utley and here I think is if this is more agreement first it's though out of him he entrusted. That's bigger I get thrown out at home that's what happened books but let's be careful slow. The big question there what ass in real quick and over here you know break we really you know okay. And both were way behind this hour you are slaves to the brakes not as nothing to do with just getting to 7 o'clock so far six have to live but I I asked one of the things ass in this podcast is going back to 2005. When Sam was in the middle of the the same thing that. Where he with the patriots now reader John Henry. They basically trying to make everybody happy. We had I try to make feel happy Lucchino happy Bob Kraft and made the hotel in happy Brady happy pool. That's podcast school while also and that gonna drop tomorrow know tonight tonight we're gonna we're going to be against yourself right. That's fine. There's no no look after the so it and also it'll give the what is its own Matthews having him on I think correct it will give them the opportunity say this question worked in this question can you follow up. On the highly rated the second highly highest rated podcast W I after dork. That's the key follow up on this quite I am doing this for the station I was very very content you will take your calls and has never moderate night which keep rob Bradford sport for a W media eats. It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you we. So it is never fun. Yeah we're just sacking the quarterback got better harmony okay your ballot vote the way up a little bit but this is another thing always in his book crazy thank you for you know I just want to. It's like okay what's fun there's winning that winning is fun right losing sucks. We'll go Rob Ninkovich from this afternoon on jailed Keith Hughes off. Three to five and Brad still has some burning question all while his parents I'm glad that. The Ryan pulled that audio BK this is what my day is in my 3 o'clock hour but I hear about a fascinating. I hear it I'm in the Starbucks parking lot listening to the core interviews the effort before you got your crop year after. Now here's an idea I probably had a Starbucks coffee from another Starbucks. Before it I'm not copy the for another star quality guy yet in my got a whole thing that's fine and so why the pictures say that yet so I do have it. I drive down the ones I know that course to become on it through thirty right I can pull in there user Internet. So I go in and refills are only 53 cents even if you take from another store got a fairly. I Cerrato never serving you that she laughed and it will what I didn't know I didn't really have to be able to ask me that that's Treo so I was the core in the Starbucks saga Starbucks part analyze it through thirty good core the job. And then now it's my job to go into the Starbucks get my 53 cent fee and blogs core I actually found the diverse things pretty trusting you carry out leak. Defender at third base and strong view is a quick aside if you could ever see in rock field devers and I had that we always talk about how much time they spend spring training layered on all my goodness and a butcher of I and lurch. All right now but he did get a lot better so. And at this point so that was notable also blogs about that come back out now I'm driving the station with my fifty threes and the nice and I hear I'd get my heart and I hear that clip well. And I'm like. That's it that's it right there that's the whole thing in a nutshell that is the what everyone was talking about yet Rob Gronkowski doesn't have fun you can have fun if you play for the pages. And I don't know OPE summed it up better than that but I thought that was pretty detail that we even played Elaine Johnson which came from forever ago he was on pardon my take awhile ago used the wants out rather would once Super Bowl and have a lot of fun then. You know not have fun and in the big catch of things that went five super balls hit it doesn't operate much like OK that's a state so they give it to say that's definitely not the case but I don't think he's got he had really. You can do assume and pass. What's he do it yes I do you assess here's the real question yes. Was did you. I just said yes OK I don't know. We did it together. And now added that if this fall apart just dump that part time and added. He. I think he's good he's obviously played with almost everybody on this team so it's a different kind of you know a lot lot of former players maybe don't have the overlap of the current guise as much as he got me just last year didn't play but the year before he was a part of the team that had the greatest. Come back at Super Bowl history. Played eight years under bill bill checks though. Would ask him questions about balance act about Tom Brady about what it's like down there he's even a guy that. Has gotten some of those aggressive rub downspouts Guerrero really like he is somebody that has. That parent experience. People like people always been a fan of Rob Ninkovich did commit late in look at how he got into the NFL the fifth round pick. Was kind of a special team are kind of fringe guy and gets picked up by the pats is a big part of their defense going forward. And he's got stories on ballots Jackie was at the he's you know he's self deprecating the use and I hope we come back well this is the ultimate question. Besides the contents are delivered today did you get the vibe that he wants to do this because here's from from listening to him and I try to look through this prism. Does this guy just won't drop in or does he actually wanna do this does he won a pole for Yates and do this and from from where I was sitting I'm like. That guy is trying harder than you would if you was to dropping him. I I felt like he was obviously Illinois yet and because he would definitely felt comfortable telling different stories ride. The tribe counsel each idea until I read the coach of the months ago everybody was he was into like I asked him point blank I could the something that you always wanted to do. But I think you did get the sense a lot of former players not all of them but it feels like a good amount go 12 directions right away. Coaching or media. Yes now they are maybe some of whom you know open up their own stores were about but like a lot of the ones that are in the public I guess the media. Yet the talent in general stores down on the like that back in right as I call I got worms account when a collar so. He made it pretty clear about you know the wife of coach you purchase away from their family so much all the time invested. It to being coached so it's pretty fair to say he's not gonna be a coach but would you wanna do meet a key became. One of our regulars on patriots Monday. That's definitely another guy Heath Evans who he stopped being a regular. But not heard a lot from him now now we have and we ought to get more effort right now. You know that is different but by what he wanted to do. Of one day a week where he wanted to five days four hours I don't know that that's a whole different than you work with athletes former athletes before when they've been dropped in year and a you do get the sense that the so heated for two hours there's over four hours but for also wasn't a ten minute no no but it's the what do you get from these guys usually do it all man you know this is a long time a lot of work refer to do TV because TV guys and measure it out the Easter is for me yes that's a good combination both. Yeah that would be yeah actually you know dress up I remember when Schilling we signed Schilling after he retires we re sign him high level to go is usually early to I have a story for you. Real so. But we signed him you blog and he was committed to doing once a month showing the blogger. You don't Hewitt the first got to block he had the yet the thirty pitches blonde. Oh that's right dude yeah I ended that it was a big thing Arab yours the first law I don't know you with his uncles all athletes like his blog with. Who deal with the players. Here's the players are viewers why you got was the players' tribute aren't and repurchase the right he actually retired. On WEEI dot com. Yes and I thought well who will part of the reason you might not remember was because. When we post today. It blew up our servers. Ha call anyway it went dark editorial we are not a lot of Curt Schilling to retire because our servers were blown up. Fortunately was on a plane you can see yes. So anyway. But when the equipment ice yes I told you write stories that are insured Diaw but not to the point Schilling when Schilling did his once the month commitment in the on the big show. It weighs on my good four hours hugest. Tomorrow flight team even with the check out for the leaders of Mountain Dew and five pizzas is do you Q wasn't there and that's what you hear right yes I think picnic of which probably could do it may be once a week yeah I had I don't know I should ask the moderately thing about it for two hours anyway there what like his last segment was just as good if not better than his first words other guys new tire data Peter and I. There's a lot of talk well you know the ultimate test him. When you start talking about the Celtics and Bruins right actually we we had some plenty of patriots topics of whereas there are other days that if we had a Mahan. The day after bruins' playoff game ever Howland out of gone out of I honestly as well honestly you've Maloney forty credit. Because idol aloof from the gecko species are doing in sports fan whatever means though so he. He's in this stuff the Bruins skewed Bruins fans not difficult for him but he worked out it. For you I think it was a little bit more ground he's not from here right but he put the work he's put the work and you could easily defaulted on the pages diamond set up. So we start talking a you could tell that even those guys even still this is a bad thing at all but they do Connell light up when it's their sport obviously united you don't it's because I was president Fauria at being listened when rats I've come up he's not talking about as much now but and Lou gets is in Lou's great and all sports I faked but that is one where it's just even a little bit more excitement in his voice that account which is that crowds which is great I said this Alou on and his. Or is random appearances on the Brad what happened on the last one. Work record from a lot of the story I've told this at a story after we we gotta think yes so out okay after the break but I will say this would lose that. He's so into it he wants to talk about it so much he immediately dives into the deep end the which is a little too easy yes yes so that's a fact that definitely is. Are it's Keith and Brad follow it for months orchard at W yeah. That's a more mud at night on Sports Radio WEEI. It's never about its corporate. Guys were. Rob Bradford I'm not here a few minutes proud of all the way up until Red Sox pregame deaths what do what else you got coming up on the program. I lead dog lover of the speeches yes that's been on the house that morning on center I was most of our fifth so many layers to and I brought up 11 very talked about layer which was he John Henry asked them if yes which we can hear all about violator of I honestly I. Kraft is a big part of this crowd I would say so is is yeah clearly is a guy who doesn't wanna take sides much like John Henry didn't want Exide Lucchino and Theo. And when you're an owner near that spot good luck with two Al office. Yeah I mean it's. I make it last for I mean it's incredible that lasted as long as it has echoes of saying an eighteen years one other coach and best player. Against Popovich and Duncan in OK other than that. I don't see it I amounts I wasn't super surprised as the fight is to offer camel on the beach in toddler. Yeah like and one football. You know it but now I mean football as you go work out a new reason to the the passing camp in Montana where their diving over clips like that's very four Wheeling very aggressively just as dangerous things just on and on that's not my contract I guess it's he we all know he's gonna play I am fascinated. And we talked about this after you leave rates yet by him fascinated. By a the impetus for this after two this is I look at the media prisons a lot shortly what's the motivation where they gathered from. Is he trying to. Like I assume we're gonna talk about nephew Ali and I -- Arizona that's coming right up go ahead concedes trying to like ice and he gets a lot of the stuff from the patriots like he's a lot of cases that they and it's very clear based on everything I think he has a lot of stuff from everybody all that's true but spaz generally care if he is breaking the bad angle story when it comes to the patriots like to to grapple thing he got that maybe even from Belichick against. That sounded like he was so wrong. Saying they would never traded and then five months later a moment in his right. And that's values so adamant about it is that he's not somebody that just the road like if another. Reporter said Tom Brady hasn't said he's not gone back yet either okay thanks by a dozen dom tweet so bonded out of chapter. Reports that its analysis all of sudden there's something here so this could go to if you look at how lives and so what time was a three. Maybe he asked around maybe he was curious and call the patriots today as Tom Brady's anything to you. You guys about playing as you know right now we haven't heard from ample week. Yeah or maybe are you supposed to hear from the federal get a lot of that's the point. Point yeah I know but it I don't think it's even a story I wish it was four or you could have the patriots and you were frustrated we want some. That definition from sombre address smoke about trying to shelter out yes. Are you think that the plaza like yeah all thought he seemed like your guys playing right that you got an article sealed it. Set of hail such efforts would allow and then go on his hey everybody that he read the story that has pretty much throw things story outlines and destroyed his phone and everybody has created a meet and talk to him directly and are destroyed it for everything hey everybody that I talk to believes he'll be back body hasn't said he felt like. Okay it will only. He told Jim Gray after this his last interview that he's going to be back. He counsel Michael Strahan and Good Morning America he's. I oddly placed five more years and he's playing this year and it would be the ultimate. Awful to move Richard move of sir Richard moved reed on the air I don't know. But it would it would it would be all right okay oh on the dropping all you people would absolutely turn on Brady that's carries absolutely but they would yes you you took third joy away from us at risk goes up well here's a joy it was twenty years. That's pounds lighter note that in our freight out here you did an interview it was a while ago Maloney an airplane cuts on it and never got the full story. It was literally the worst audio that hurt we'll. The source you share. And. Yeah. It's okay yeah. He's on a walkie talkie at salvage your McCain's. And I've done a lot of different recording the podcast recordings whether it's like Skype Google hang out or like. Guys on a speaker phone. That is unbelievable. The technology behind that conducted. Okay. Yeah what what. Monty is not a lot been unbelievable positive and yeah. That I did believe it is indeed yeah. Yeah. And I could hear it. Wanted to thank you that's too much of that is that what you just listen to is known as low lost episode 71. Never it's never all the dire remember it was an affinity was that it was replaced by a well it was a replaced by title and a classic and out inaudible episode I think of but now I I'll a couple of deficits telling what you guys were recording on solid effort what I from he US Rick. I was if so why is that by a muted as the Red Sox have this team so much I'm gonna catch Lou going to job I thought this would be given a given time in the car. Get his reaction there will be a good good time terror so. I mean my parents condom because they live not near Miami were staying and then put out by top floor of the condom doesn't have great. Technology apparently none ever. So I put my phone on speaker. And I'd put this contraption that I have with a one might there and one might to me. I didn't know that one of the mics didn't really worked out well mind and so I mean might be in my parents Condo trying to do this and but the worst part about us and we all mess I'll be given a try though though but the worst part about that I posted. Felt like I was I was at those targeted how long was the actual recording. Mostly miss you it's forty minutes sounding like that well here's the other thing the battery area now about fifty minutes and and I mean at least if your theory I really switch in my visual quarterly with the bush sounded fine idea that it actually now. I he. What I always enjoyed the all. Alerts about good it let's though so I disagree I guess I'd that a thing like this wouldn't matter. Or I think I was. Yeah you don't just here's the plan does he got a two week before that meant I promise that I would do the podcast four times a week I did more times a bit weaker and the pod David Yaris car. I'm around three. Overs I'm does this is the third I did this week again. David Ross went on video sent on super site to hear the Bradford so unfortunately when Dave Ross puts his lady and China have yet to result I'm desperate to do this person so there so I did it. I do this podcast I posted and this is my last day in Florida than the last day of night whether I'd been there for two months they can count I'm standing on the beach looking out the ocean I'm thinking. That cannot be represented on the graphics now though it it's just that I sprinted past a bunch eighty year old people them over and and deleted it get lost episodes of call but it somehow still got more airplay on WB and yet it. Wasn't for you though. How long have. A little joke there -- journalism or is very idea there is still accounted card that you run for producing this Bradford has you going all the way up until Red Sox pregame around nine to 45 or so I'll be back with dale tomorrow starting at 2 o'clock. Every have a great night.