Mut at Night - The Kyrie quandary; Bradfo fixes sports media 6-13-18

WEEI at Night
Wednesday, June 13th
HOUR 3 - Just because Mut isn't here doesn't mean we can't help the man realize his dream: co-owning a horse with Kirk. Is it really a big deal that Kyrie hasn't professed his undying love to the city of Boston? And Rob, tools his hands, aims to fix the cookie cutter world of sports media.

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You too much at night on Sports Radio. EI. I heard back from other night. I'm rob Bradford sitting in some building in Baltimore. Or somewhere near Baltimore I know was approximately. 25 minute who word ride. From Camden yards which is fine. Very very good week I enjoyed my time covering the Red Sox and Baltimore it's always a good place of work. That's an increase in conversations I will spoiler alert I talked to Judy Martinez. Before the game today saw a love story up probably tonight or early tomorrow morning about him. And basically this is the first time that he actually got a chance to be a leader on this team which. It doesn't sound like a like a sexy story but it's a noteworthy stored because the heat is it's unbelievable how young this Red Sox team is. Do you think this guy just came in for a couple months and also he's a leader on the team but. If you're around the clubhouse you've got to understand like that's the dynamic. And and you heard the rumors about this is one of the reasons hand leading moved on from Hanley obviously the biggest reason was the option. But one of the reasons they wanted to free everybody up and I have and we've presidents and who knows I mean who knows maybe that let JD Martinez be more of GD Martinis I don't know Bob we talked. It was in trusting conversation we'll have that up on the web site a little bit later also. It's him your marriage ever gonna play again it's legitimate conversation as well. But we've been talking about the Celtics have been doctor about the media we've been talking about. Getting into the business and so forth and so on. And a couple people one way I think you wanna weigh in on some media stuff so let's get right to them that immune in New York Matt what do you got going on tonight. Law you know all of mark while listening to post ensure they're great in the closet is so bad. Like a sloppy apple for I U and China makes boom quick. At the streaming radio background and yeah I think the best part about. Yes and for me losers in our peaceful broadcasts. They absolutely wrong that I mean nature had it taken that this joking atmosphere. In Iraq and seemed like an analyst. They keep serious guy a chance. To pose and really distract poems and I followed that. Yeah. A little break and on Amylin natco. Rod you wanna address the much stuff or the senate now oil oil oil buzz pauses where where I mean I'm always talking about. We should talk to this team has a need for power lefty arm out of the pen. The problem the Red Sox in that they can't overpay exit don't have anything. Yeah theaters and saw remained convinced after watching right pitch tonight. Quite stick in the rotation. Palmer admirable and now this is where it did not only is at the at the start. Thinking about it for the Red Sox. You've got to think about implementing it and you got to think about. Heidi convinced to Palmer to do it and so you've got to convince him and look at his career numbers. And show him that look we're still in your book thrown it and your four RE pitchers. Oh arrives and oh so what was going on because he doesn't usually do I don't know Kazaa and I'm never big here is it bigger is costing him and sometimes if you get a bad cop you're the cough Biden. I don't know I thought I feel for anybody that's deceit here in in front of a microphone for Q3 hours in just have. A stream of consciousness Bryce your tolerance of all people EU you have to go low. And avid interest in monologue prepared drew Palmer moves. He has two pitches is you go to the ball and and that's the morning as we go on that. Firm for a couple days now and it its lowest since this I would sit this go potentates of Kurt back when he was doing weekends by himself we used to joke about it like that's the move. That's the move to do the deposit is the dramatic pauses. But I've never heard what do that so anyway and look at his career numbers that. He's allowing us to look at these stone hammers or you were two ERA picture on them and your four ERA pitcher starting. There go the senior free agent next year and go sign anywhere and go pitch anywhere. I Iraq I think Ryan I think that what it that is with the mud it's just letting it soak in the drew Pomeroy and snooze has nothing wrong with that. Or good or are we overlooking some chicanery by kerosene and wired. Maybe. Maybe I would never ten caddies sneaky I would I would never read aloud Ken would never ever use that as lucky so that process and it mine it is I would never rule that. Now anyway. Yes so you so we're we're we're talking about Matt New Hampshire I'm sorry in new York and he had have brought that up and and OK we address that and he talked about Sunday night baseball is earlier were Tyrone what does yes indeed well. And I agree with them. I agree with him about Sunday night baseball I die. You can think what you want about Curt Schilling I thought he was Axl and he was perfect guy if you add. If you had a good host. You had Curt Schilling in there. Think about this as much as even though they hate each other ticket well how good the dynamic would be if you had Curt Schilling in there with a A-Rod. Oh my goodness. Note is judge Joseph he stuff I'm not in I'm not gonna get on what should what's her name on them drawn a blank. 50 they don't want time to come down. Oh yes yes Mendoza just Mendoza I apologize suggests but. I'm in this isn't this isn't she does her best and I'm sure for a lot of people she's daylight here. Think about if you're talking about that broadcast which is the is the most important baseball broadcasts of the entire week for the biggest network. If you had Schilling the pitcher and a wrought the hitter in there. That would be awesome. And that's what people want you I don't wanted that I was in Houston Ryan and they did the the broadcast out in the bleachers. I'm looking out there I'm like why are they there. What's the point. The yeah its shares a glove. She all bail out the lines. Yeah nobody it is T yet figured calling a baseball urging Iraqis to play one Cairo I understand like what they're going for but it goes back to what we're talking about before. They're just like they're grasping at straws here is not that complicated. Get passionate people on there who know what their doctor about. Get riled up and then there's this one of the best things about Ramey an act and then they they get riled up about this stuff and I. I also there their willingness to the critical in the first place which I don't think you'd get. Even national broadcast where I mean you have yet your hometown broadcasters here year. I'm Jerry grammys year. Two much further exe com and since we're there obviously going to always be pulling for the home team without a doubt he's had much like that announcing yet it hides in his much further I like our example than. Enter a bit as opposed to LA tennis actually who will sit there. And and chastise a player who. He's basically just calling the obvious that guys socking. And Dennis Tankersley is going to be the first person to but it only by. But my point is I don't understand white national broadcasters are so afraid to do it Jeremy allegiance to these teams. There there are some nights they're calling the game and in their. On Q I want you know I I know why why did you ever go that you ever go the heart you you can see why. Because they go they mingle among the the clubhouse is in the players in the batting cages. And their buddy buddy this is why. Vick because when they come into a stadium and usually come in the day before. They're trying to do due diligence and talk to these guys and get information. And they don't want a ruffle the feathers of these guys are talking to him and I understand that. And that's that's the problem with a lot of these broadcasts as you go back to what price said about act. Oh he's never down here he's never doubt me well that's not true wasn't true number one but the broadcasters aren't down there a whole lot anyway. They aren't they are mingle and around there like in the clubhouse asking people questions and and asking tough questions. Because a lot of these guys if you. They are judging you by the questions you ask not what you say or what you write just by the questions you ask. So if your question Ryan that's why. They wanna still be able to mingle around the batting cage and not to have someone say all you said that bad about me but to go back to act. Make the biggest thing for me and this can translate to the national stage. Just speak genuine. She coldly he does a game like you would want someone. In your living room to do a game you react Stewart. Like when someone hit some or makes an error whatever you that gut reaction. Which we all do this would throw it we don't see that we are getting that from the ESPN broadcast. This dog January. I mean I don't understand why it's such. It. A crazy thing is that what wise that's that a ridiculous notions you may need deal little more critical of what's going I just told you lie. I just told you lied in that skin peeled they would deny it but that's the reality. They walked into the stadiums and they want to be buddy buddy with these people. Is that the worst thing in the world who Jackie Bradley juniors at it means is. It talked about it on the broad ass will listen is something that we have to I I would dare I day right get where you're coming from as as somebody who. Covers team. Or just relic. Now wanting to go after David Price for you know dressing him down in in the clubhouse bird Johnson mossy not only people conjure with those guys every spot but we do about it now like I met. Mr. or heard I arteries or I just Mendoza I. I'll say this we do it better than they do and we have to be around a whole lot more because we understand that that's part of the deal. Did part of what they look at it they're deal is dead. They dance around things controversial things they're not too critical and then they show up the next time and they don't have that he heard from them. That's how what is your not wrong Ryan mean their. You talk a vote mean local people not being critical national people are the only is critical are much less critical. Anyway this go back to the call here was go to Georgia West Warwick. George what's going on. Hey Brad political arm and a perfect point which Schilling and he rides on their own pace law that would that would be off. Rates and would be great. But did bring our dependency issue I'm a radio umps. Speaking of mock. But 75000. Dollars right. You can have been all spring are justified while I was much. If they get that much incarceration and you believe that much into it that would be my next investment. Because you're pretty donates some losses battery diet before they get shipped out there he. 75000. I'll explain less than I can have pony rides her like any. You can do whatever you want you know maybe men and alcohol when it stable people lost and then he's wasted yet he likes you had not. It would be staying out of the hawks and the process name would be called justify it could be why. And wind flight the preakness on lake LB awesome women. Hi you lost me when you said the minute hand would help him out with a stable. One hour. By letting out what would that just three wood that just be by the stable and putting the curtain and hence stable on an order would that actually be meaning in helping out. With a stable like shoveling stuff and and. They acknowledge there would be no physical labor involved which is yeah. He was sponsored the label I mean. You know when the Aussie. Sure what year. I swear to clarify this scenario because I think it's very plausible George thanks thanks so much for bring out boating accident that may be Kirk at the money. For the wars and my jockey. Now what I have to cut back on the power what they had modest surprisingly short and when I say surprisingly short I think that like he's gotten shorter. As I've known him. He didn't seem as short as me as he was he seemed shorter now than you have ever been. DOC in the short few Rauf to believe their third bats start best start eased me to say. I don't know if it's heightening that right at the guys fire hydrant. And his body fat is like 2% yes Killen and cross or not a history I don't know where he's working at these days but I mean if you think about it at that could be. It's worked efforts so Kirk. In my decide joint venture any horse obviously a rare rare which would be a rare time that a co owner of a horse is the jockey. What you would think it with much love of the horses and end. OTB that that is where it would naturally progressed. Is he would have you be involved in a horse some weights and I don't needing the odd pocket change to whatever. Cockamamie retirement on how do we we so we have the clip and I don't know if you could find his way back but we have this clip on Butch Stearns. Calling a horse race. How does how does mark never called portrait in book book why don't you guys I think every when he's watching needs you notice how my lines that stretch. No no no it in his head but they put stated. Live bush and at the track. Has it not happen. I was might not get it dated the wrong. Live his dream in every aspect of horse racing jockey calling a horse race all of it. I want only the best for months. I want him to live out his dreams. But what I saw kids use now is is stream. Colonial horse I think it's all over it I get all of calling I think he's I think it shovel in the open the stables I think it's all of it. I think he just loves at all. And I want him to experience every single moment offing and you know why he's doing it why you shoveling the Pope in the stables. I will be here. Trying to host his show with his name on it. We will be hosting a show. With the name of someone who shoveling who've been staples why the show's going down. That is the industry right there so I I think this is obviously and jumping in the -- the way back machine this is reproduced it I think what you were just talk you know that put Stearns doing or capsules. Yes. Can you came now we're going to win over Paris no one brings the race action to life better then is she there. This strategic aim now we're going to leave over Barron's. Errors in the lead over strategic game. My dad in windows releases it sounds like reddish 1000001 delivered actually go to jail. I'll shut down the stretch they come movie again and high property. Movie again. And high atop the movie again and I copied. Again and high atop the movie again. I. Clint. We are going to be disparity. Would start and never would have dug into I that's that's very that is what I ideal setup. I'd that if I'm not disparaging bush stirred that is not that is highlighting a highlight. A moment it's like they said. Mike minutes yearns for you should have that moment as well so we did. Soccer ball like that it McMahon and how. So you look. So good. I 6177797937. I'm rob Bradford live from Baltimore take you all the way up to 10 o'clock big bad Mallard. Will be I would imagine be talking about patriots and Celtics and Red Sox and all that kind of stuff. We've been promising for awhile they did I think I read we are gonna get back to carry because I think that it is it very very important obviously as I said these Celtics are going to dominate. These sporting landscape for the next three weeks are Red Sox as to how it's going to be that's how offseason happens. So would go back through that if you let talk anymore media matters I'm open of that as well as is Ryan who's doing an expert job behind the glass thing will be back Korea. This the problem the Red Sox that they can't overpay exit don't have anything. And saw remained convinced after watching right pitch tonight. Right stick in the rotation. That's a more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Robert most of. We'll shoot. Which are home to his father. What my hope is that and who do limited. Can pay you one question there but we're doing. That's my hope it's soon I in this episode. But I think goes through my attitude is is really just reduction measures really injured so. We've heard from again really focus on the Egyptian vessel it really worried about it until. I guess the point tonight who's. Prudence listen and answer any questions and so I'm pretty short mentioned Iowa and talk. I as diarrhea Irving and doing a ton of interviews Kate kind of interviews. And I I still wanna say uncle buck of the movies that he's gonna have about his uncle buck how we did done a search of uncle buck yet. You know not that's like. Listed Easter night and I producers duties along with posting the slow so. They do the voters out there and sports. Yes core it is a classic uncle bought John Candy news producer. Had said that he did it with a woman and women in uncle baucus from Worcester I see that right now it's I know exactly who's he's talking about. And if you nude. Jean Louisa Kelly see from Worcester you would know she. Yes it here was that the out today that she's similar hitter into the Mike O'Malley who's in times that top. That was it Jim Belushi you Jim Belushi yes mr. Holland's opus in man yes anyway. Anyway but did we are not talking about uncle buck we're talking about uncle drew. And Tyree Irving doing all kinds of press for that. Which is you know we see in trusting. But it might take away from what Tyree you Irving said redemption redemption you have all. He redemption EE I hated team guy he's an interesting guy. As Tomas he said earlier when he first dozens press conference when he comes here you sort of like gas I don't know this act is gonna sell I don't know if people. Are gonna really buy into this. This weird way he looks at things and I think it was entertaining Al that he law bumps in the road other than obviously the injury. But unified. But redemption is also redemption for him. The the biggest thing for retiree you're thing is that yet to show that that need using going to be a problem. And if you're the knee is it gonna be a problem yeah I'll be reduction in terms the reds odds are the Celtics. Going to the NBA finals is that'll happen if you say healthy need. But it also mean for a future he's not an old guy he's a semi young guy. This is an enormous enormous moment for Tyree Irving this whole year would get. Look at how it turned. And as thrust he pointed out this is an apples to apples with a Isiah Thomas yes they were both heard yes were playing on one year contracts. But this is an. With with the Isiah look at what happened. Look at what happened with him. I mean it went from. It went from this guy who we thought okay is this hip injury really Mel was never surgery. To where he is now right now we think carrier Irving is gonna get his and alarmist contract. And he probably well. If there's anything wrong that need. Isiah Thomas is sitting there as the U warning. Because Isaiah. Accept the Brinks truck. Comments. It's got I don't know why he's going to be selling for if not going to be a lot relatively speaking it's not going to be a lot. We what are rod what do you think Isiah is getting this year. I think Isaiah is going to you have soon go through that. Yes or that reminding whoever won what I can do you or Russia and Rondo has done like three duties. There's Rondo was the guys you'll look at you know yes you are right around it never took so that it never not say so. Now or that that's what you know worry about yours Thomas's are you fall into this. This constant loop of show me show me show me because we got to see what the high end allies on. Short I am he's not he's not get in there again. I mean I doubt this hip is not to allow him to get there any game say so it's a new world and everything else. I just stole think with his Asia and what the hip is it and my point is. Is that he is you reminder. That how quickly this can turn. A year ago a year ago anyone who says that they were saying oh Isiah Thomas yes not gonna work out obviously it's gonna be real problem. No I remember distinctively. Debt I I was like why are they talking about the surgery in and the Celtics media we usually do a great job. They were doing a great job that there was no talk about why isn't he having the surgery yet. And in finally he has it in it was ago is that surgeries to be back. Down. There was the there was assumption. That Isiah Thomas was it's gonna. Beat back even if it was good before an abbreviated time comeback in the city December January. He awesome and get his big contract he. It's gonna take until December January for him to come. Now altered I do they add. Well from the from training camp is suing us Oprah well that hadn't added that prior urban street never happened that yes he would be good ago. And ready and we're gonna do hand in maybe Gordon Hayward yes Al Horford we're gonna try this whole thing as popular to the carry urban tree. A lot of this came out they can't but I I would say this you are correct if you're talking about early June. Yes absolutely may absolutely. Like that's what I come back to you I think that everyone would disprove blowing this injury and no one was even asking about the surgery. That should have been asked on a daily basis are you gonna surgery are gonna have surgery. And how long it took him to get surgery but you're right Brian I think if you talk about early June people go yeah you know he's the as the hip thing about it. You'll be okay because you know it will lead guy was just coming on top of you know it's fractured jaw or not fracture whatever that and it means he lost his sister right before Annan. Yes wizards' playoff he saw Isiah Thomas goes through. More adversity than any human being should really have to go in and that short amount of time you always have to do with a tech because if you tacked on one more thing. You know the injury you're going OK we'll he's heard overcome X and Y why not a guy and I see you don't want honesty for what he. You dealer who chaired an area Richard Gasquet we might do thirties every third is that doesn't make any sense any member cared cute doctor that was they got to the guy gave thirty seconds does that make his case to be a host of the radio show defect in his that he already surprised everybody's riser being nationally he's right but this I think this is not the same as an injury. At like it's not it's not they faked broken jaw whatever why I don't knows what that was but it's not the the family tragedy. This is a major thing is is to mossy pointed out. Though they hit play Abrams surgery is that it's isn't well beyond anything or talked about. Wholly different franchised jaw. You know I was driving around that day I was drive around that day and I heard say that I was here almost rightward once bought over from where I am now even all you. I'm glad I knew I was talking about. But what you've got regular student like I wouldn't fractures John not what anyway we wait wait wait wait wait wait you said you knew what he's talking about he said he fractured his job exactly which means I ate I heard him. But I wasn't listening which is when when you have it's. When you say your fractured have a fractured job. And you have a team released a press release then there's probably some some part of that equation that wasn't right right he fractured his jaw. Yet it probably the fracture. And the job although in this and he got it and that's right other than that it was it was our and the golf cart back him up on that after was so good. So far me by. Yeah I guess he gets some semblance that's you know you're you're producing some of those shows on right here. Yap about you but you're after the fact I. Am. Not oral appliances when glee Glenn filled out and practice tee bow out after like saying you factors yes he was view is trying to recoup. I'm talking about after glance at it. After the press release happened. Then like fracture his job but. What it really wise than yeah that was that was glories knows Cory or some great radio you were there analysts right I'll I'll always remember. Yes we will remember much like too much much like the Rick Pitino press release saying he was gonna return from the press conference I have the Celtics from leasing was fractured. I am my book of press releases. And I. Load them we get 61777979371. More segment to get on an. Talk about anything that we've talked about we've had a great time here tonight I've had a great time in this. Building in Baltimore. Talk to Ryan talking Red Sox and Celtics and Tomas team to rally in media about mine and plans about the stables in every evening it's been awesome war what more segment to weigh in anything you want right this. That more mod that night on Sports Radio to. I should ask is before us. By the way I'm rob Bradford and filling in for my advanced beyond it. The aforementioned Monday night. Suggest is before is better Mallard what you got busy rated ago I had a question for. Is that possible we have that technology Odyssey. Maybe if we wait him out for a couple more minutes a lot on this line okay well let me know if he does kids. We were talking earlier about. You react Jarrett in New Hampshire call off the EU wants to break into the business are we talking about how people broke into the radio and and we got into the hole ESPN now they don't try it out anything new in this and that. I've got a series bad debt now has been around awhile wanted to like how he did it. How we did you know. Are now arguing trusses of that I'm always interested like how people got in. This line seen Fuller and uninterested in there and packed stores and now you are students speak honestly. That will that's big stuff in the right direction where record in trim beyond that I lucked out I just out all I had to do is wait people. For a couple of years and here I am doing fluidity about it that that's always how it works right it days it this way how lethal way and other people do dumb stuff and query at Wired News you opt out there would no problem and I think that's that's the American way. That's how Donald Trump became president exploit other piece of stakes to the fullest if you sure if you. I can't believe that I can't believe it. So you said I'm in Baltimore I am going to effort getting Hoover back I have no idea where I am used to Bryant I go out relic activist yeah I am by I don't know where you I all I know is that I have to figure who were back to the city. I don't know where I am right now I it's. That overtook me like a half hour away which is great and I appreciated. But it's not it's like an office park the very nice building under com Baltimore. But I. I'm I'm a little worried I had I was introduced at Wilbur surged pricing in Texas earlier this year you ever have this happen. I'd know I have a functioning cars on I'm pretty much a percent well I was in I was so in Fort Worth trying to get to Dallas and that was a thirty minute rising cost me a 120 dollars and understand why. That it was explained to me so anyway I know he cares about that I am in Baltimore. And now I am going to be heading back are aiming somewhere near Baltimore heading back in a Baltimore you're right about Baltimore County acting it's it's counts that we don't fly I dozen friends Baldwin think Joseph Flacco but that's why look like Michael my wife is from there you're probably like the fourteenth. Most famous person in that part of Baltimore right now. Interesting. So maybe they'll they'll comp use some mozzarella sticks and human. I'd then my good friends and awaken one Nady now. Led by the way and a note today has been a big day to. Appreciate our sponsors and I want appreciate the sponsors and I'm attached to. One girl's distinctive clothing Marvin laster awesome awaken one what eighty weight loss I mean. What they've done for me my wife and my wife it's been awesome and spectrum health system's been great. So is so so many people thanking us and I absolutely. Absolutely do you think it was Janet Dan. You know what I US through this before I don't it's there and actually sitting here looking at. The sound cues. Yeah so I can't add the on eyes I think you always do it no matter what I think it was good for the Jennifer and Doyle Bradford brand. UB LA to ask you about is everybody's commenting on your most recent. A week when he LC and very very depressed. You don't have that same Brad vote on she and they are no I did a new line I you know what that look I'm not making that dislike of Robert. Nine people bring what's wrong with rob yeah I felt bad because I'd yeah it was because they wanted to do one where you just sitting around talking. And I think you know me where like when I'm sitting around talking I I have a different energy level. And so I'm sitting around talking about sort of what that laws. We're sitting around talking and it wasn't sort of like hey you know what I'm really excited I am excited about. Talking about this stuff normally but they would talk. And yeah yeah might my wife was there so I'm also trying to play cool with bird yes Il he wants our brand vote makes it home like Brad. Earned on the very same person at this point. United now on what area of low key a glaring low key Brad so it home low key Brad solo home I. And people that I know that Kirk said this whatever like that in changes in someone actually on Twitter earlier tonight when we first started Bradford drunk. Lighten honestly it is not a change in personality Ryan. It's it's I get excited talking about they would just be like department are talking about this stuff from Obama rallied. Am not I'm not saying that I am at a bar and when drunk but I I'm get riled up talking about I got riled up the bulk. Got a lot of I got a brother of the beginning in this show talking about how could we possibly. Not be listening to this station at this time slot and listen to anything else they've baffled me and now I got Robert Duvall happens you trying to. Coach listeners until the next great sports media stars. It's I don't know what that means anywhere we're gonna start of the very probably or a focus group viewed Spencer hold people like the audience these shows. Who I who I didn't do that your your New Hampshire body. No I might get but I try and they'll allow him to get thirty seconds I didn't say it was gonna hire him I think you'll love it if if you can somehow via our rob Bradford injury. At this stage you don't think Gary how Barack Bradford coaching tree is what do you think the guys in the morning came from. That's thirty take you've taken a much credit for that why I choose to crack or did you work and upper deck cartel birdie if it wasn't for me. I mean that's a fact. She's articulate what what you why they are different or Dick and bitter seven. So we got I didn't listen to a word you just said we have and now are joining us I don't payback and so they I was so what's going on Ben. To. Well they've been we were talking earlier it's the mother people thought we talk about getting in the industry and we actually it spawned from the hole ESPN like why they can't find anybody so real quick Aaron is Heidi you'd get in to do in this. IE ice isn't the concern actually. At a radius is in San Diego. And then I I was every member of the radio street is back in the day I did that for awhile your work is aboard opt in. We worked it worked my way up in the radius that. It's a religion. That though there you go so everyone comes from somewhere and so better when he got going on tonight. Talk about Tom Brady golf. I'm sure that experience talked about it enough yes. No we haven't really talked about it all of this. That's good yeah so I like it I'd want to. Our Ben thanks so much you talked with a well I don't that's gonna shut. Yeah all school and I'd really answer the question. All right Ryan your job man I had always a fun review day producing. I'm rob Bradford Monday night and dollar up next it's tune in after van that was after vendor we know. Whatever. Sweet sweet ESPN radio okay and then obviously Kirk morale here in the morning with a month and and out with a mob may be out there you go stay right here it's awesome to be had that view the seal it.