Mut at Night - Kyrie wants to win, thinks LeBron is a dink, 7-6-18

WEEI at Night
Friday, July 6th
Hour 1 - In an abbreviated Mut at Night, Keefe and Villani discuss Kyrie Irving not wanting to play with LeBron and Villani likes him more because of it. Villani then takes over and talks about David Price as a crucial component to the Red Sox’ playoff success.

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Use these mud at night. It's a news audience I get it liberal overall basketball that brought Rondo in the patriots got the Celtics play the same position if you're soft what does that 800 number. As governor of the tournament you know worried enough all the world. Go back up the good. I'm not aware welcome visitors welcome aboard the better you know if we. Flyers. 8% now. Here's my back nine talk Sports Radio W we. Did he ever body nice portrait of WEEI. Rookie Chris a lot of Chris Howard yeah. I'm fantastic big win for Belgium. And I got Belgium. Had no doubt about that 21 over Brazil. And an upset I would think right although this is the golden generation from Belgium that's what they say I've read that somewhere at John watched. Any of the World Cup actually deal. I don't really care about ideal I wanted. It's on the army launched in late Mike Evans organizer in the day I get sucked in the World Cup idea I can't but I know I'm not gonna put that on other people that the that they don't I can't get into it I if the United States were in I don't watch the United States. And we're terrible it's odd men are terrible soccer winner great target women's soccer playing soccer we sock I can't get into it. I'm rooting for Belgium BK is yeah I'll waffled usually pick chocolate smallest country left one not. Yeah video of the true underdog story exactly I got that they'll work selling soccer or whatever and now I'm not entirely sure how it works the guys is a big part of Belgians success also contingent on the fact that they once like owned parts of Africa only eight annex the Congo and some of their players did and I couldn't speak and I at least was and great knowledge but shore okay. I don't know what it although no African team made the quarterfinals for the first time or even the the round of sixteen of the first summer and the US may dated they failed to make a whole term is there an ITV news that you know they're -- it through there should the united half with the others who did them and Italy into the Netherlands they could they could square off and they want and we make it this year and how -- body punch outs Ryan what eight years the United States is hosting an and that would be automatically and there's zero chance by the way there are not gonna be games it fox adds them together -- -- in Foxborough I don't yup Bob Kraft I wish him yes along in and happy like 7070 years from now we'll see -- its influence. Help secure. The world right up Ford North America security gains in Foxborough and eight years while there's also games in Foxboro in 19842. In the World Cup except and that's what we heard that soccer is here to Stan. There's McNamee for all was didn't they launched in Los like right after that the revolution were born two years after that you know. You still the fastest growing sport in the world are upstart in the United States if the most popular in the world lacrosse feels like it's growing faster than soccer's. You soccer's probably more popular overall because he's just like pockets where lacrosse is really popular but it yet feels like. Late my high school didn't have a lacrosse team when I was there and now. Boys and girls teams and I think that's pretty typical for a lot of the via public high schools in the state. The political process going to let soccer's gonna hit like it's definitely it's definitely. But as far as the major sports is fifth that's at lowest growing sport in America if there is definitely there and it didn't like it like that abroad or planning a soccer fans the United States. But they follow teams in Europe when they follow teams in parts of the country like another MLS fans but just not as many as there are. The most popular writers get soccer rankings are I have been Lawrence they are very enjoyable to get it. I feel like they probably deserving soccer only stadium loud that they can fill it out it would look even better to their fans are rapid bought it's a small group. When you're in of place that seats as many as fuzz a Gillette Stadium does it doesn't look great also maybe younger band days a lot of data drive from the city's something that you get access Alter public transit and only the one train that price goes down a Foxboro it is adding rendered reds games are really had a little down in. The idea Sundays but I also think now soccer is here to stay after the 94 athletes when he six were a couple gets the reds. He's got eight more years reds fans it's on its way out of the stadium yet that makes a lot of sense. So that'll be our soccer talk probably although Chris has got twenty minutes fell after seven so he may come back at you with a soccer got the 74 minute was where Belgium yeah aren't around that was a big moment for them. I really want biggest pet peeve about soccer by the way and this is nothing original. I don't like not knowing when to games and well how how did they not have a way around that. Well I do like its commercial free and big fan of that slope commercial free that's the things that primary and it's a Disney stoppage time but it also startling to see the game starts at seven or seven it's gonna start at seven it's like they have a guy on the all that somebody Greenwich like letting them know exactly when the clock okay seven go kick the ball I love that part of that. But not knowing when the game ends you exit the extra stop Versailles if they say that orbit five minutes on the board and a go it a little bit over. I slowly got an idea that's now a drama like upheld the end of the balls and late. Purely they think they might score they're gonna give him another opportunity it once it's cleared out of there and usually. Bloat that like you know I think our lobbyists you won after the guy getting used to that India since you put it this rock and ethnic at all. Guys in the Indy where fans of soccer IDC that all of a Garnett pierce and it almost doesn't want soccer right and there's definitely a lot of that India a name or the other day about today's result game but the last time his plan. He went down beside a shot with a god he's a roll around rolled around rolled around sprayer thing about you spray up and he's it would Sprint's relate to one yards to go out and he's OK a big Eddie he's going to be fine. But yet you're right it as a basketball fan you really can't complain when I gonna say too early to plan a flopping. More than big stories in the NBA today we already knew that Carmelo Anthony opted in. To his contract hit a player option for just 128 million bucks. The Oklahoma City Thunder don't want them but he knows he's not donates forty million dollars next year anywhere else so wisely he ops in but now. They're trying to get rid of them whether it's any kind of trade. Or there's like these stretch provisions and things you can do where it's not gonna hit all twenty million on the cap he's so good to get his money. But they're going to be able to stretch it out a little bit but bottom line is he's going to be off. The Obama seat on the roster. Is that even worth mentioning. Him coming off the bench for the south you know my question is north side euros ruled that track a the jury is the bottom of that last night I get onboard but yeah there's there's really no no way to get this straight answer the rose delegate I eat out a rose or any of the jewels in the NBA forever. Hard pass. On Melo I now I feel like like a couple years ago his name popped up with a Celtic sounds like. Name intrigues but now when you he was a great score at one time one of the best scorers. And you can make you are at that's all he does but whatever that the pretty important skill to how would absolutely make that aren't I thought he does I love that I but I love that skill. Regular guy like Alitalia does Chris bounce passes went I'm better I'll find another got to make Chris bounced past palms facing I'll let you know one guy who can score. On every way possible on the docile for but. He was a mass they thought that might be like a super team in Oklahoma City with Westbrook George and him and it was not it wasn't close. And so he's 34 years old. Probably Don I think. Anybody since he's nineteen he's a one and done all right when we now and a lot of tried out the tires coming up is worse season. He's probably still get something to offer contending team but it feels like. Staying in the west would be. Lately I don't think you fit in Philadelphia wit with the with a young group did it with a veteran type team Houston seems like the most obvious choice it's where you want to go no interest anyway yet Houston. Mean Golden State just does it's gives everybody should be gone coastal state or Anna are the lakers folate license because these bodies with LeBron. This is filings yes plane together outside of All Star Games ever imbalances. A Portland would be interesting because Willard I don't lose it dealt out of their allows other rumor in the NBA that over into gaming litigant team up with a broad. That was three years left there and let's see just forces the trade would be dumb of Portland yet but will team up with Melo I mean that's yeah. Important we are on Seattle so they they need help your team is cattle weird ending for them they get swept by the pelicans the first rounds yet that they come and they were a better team than what they showed certainly in the post season. Now you put Mel on that team they challenging Golden State probably not now that in the lakers seem with data around on. United debatable but I feel like Houston is an easy not an easy fit a logical fit because he's gonna wanna go there anyway. Plays the guy that he no Israel while either use your pairing superstars again their liquor replaced in scoring. And then it just seems like it might be a good spot for him Boston though heart past Carmelo Anthony on the I'm like veteran's minimum or DeMarcus Cousins on the midlevel. I'd much rather out tomorrow I think I'll markets cousins the only thing that makes the pot for second coming off a really series in years and but he won't be ready at the start of the year and I think he's saying he wants to be but that's just what you say. And so he won't be but the Celtics much like the warriors. Our position or like they don't need the first few months to hoped to make the playoffs or hope to get a good seat easily there to be just fine. So made sense when you go there but those are two guys I think even coming off the Achilles injury. He was also before he got hurt was playing at an all star slash all of the level. Where's Carmel wasn't last year was the first year youth 120 points per game so he just he wasn't the same player at all last year. But he still. I think better than average right he could help out a team it just is he okay. Playing off the bench. It scoring twelve to fourteen points per game and might not finishing games might can he take to that because he can he be like a Trevor reason type player conceding that the Houston. On the defense well no defense whatsoever looking to would you place the scoring you'll lose for a guy like Trevor he. May be. Although I wonder if they get all their scoring out of Harden Paul and capella that they probably looking more for a deep like PJ Tucker a reason kind of fit them better read than Carmelo but. Yeah Houston goes I have three indeed act he is not is. Three but if you more threes and too little theory is you get to the foul line occasionally have a rebound every now and again you're right means average in six and a half first career. He has never. Come off the bench as NBA career. Ever night a game which is that. Which is pretty amazing is even guys that you would assume are always starters. There's like a game where they're coming off an injury or something like this senior day or something real asset value and I hate I pray you don't really need it but he has started every single game in his career. But that could change although there may be replaces a reason or goes the lakers LeBron says I want them wanted to start the good thing. There's an article written today. About Lance Stephenson. And how basically LeBron might call them that we want you join team. And so if there's any doubt before. That the bronze call all the shots well and I mean there's and event but some people were wondering. You know it is just the players are really Biggio but now he makes all the moves. A key. These are relied millions so that. But it it burns hot for a couple of years at that he's like all you care about draft picks and at a future holds later our god right by. What you guys you guys to have a franchise are after and I are now. But so it Rondo McGee and Stephenson had to be LeBron picks otherwise. The first day you sent abroad now he's knocking on the door saying what are these guys still in here and now if you saw the cardinals next. I'm doubtless you would think you would think that they'll be a phone caller conversation there that you guys they play together internationally they like each other. And there they've. Sort of had that that kindred connection going all the way back to the 2003 draft where they were the 13 picks and watching Darko Milicic wherever he may be at this entity champions are exactly his deeds do do do respect and deference to him. It seemed like Melo stay in the last would be a logical spot going contending team. Going contending teams get at least two other stars where you could sort repeating to you MP. Nick scoring role. If you're looking at enough from the Celtics perspective they've got the two other stars by. I don't know the week. Plays me very isolation heavy very ball dominating is that something you wanna mix in a bad it's on the back nine when you've got a team of young stars that Wear might get a tree and it they didn't have Jason Tatum like hypothetically tonight on the roster and yet everybody else. Which we will have more inclined to have another guy coming here but what shots let me let me throw this had to that are out there let's egos to view Portman in Portland yes. Middle of the road Western Conference team. You start to explore the idea of like a mid season addition. Partly to smell make more sense needs season as eve Boettcher in scoring presence added. Ted to try to bolster a team in the middle of the year they could I think as opposed to the beginning it's. What I that's why I think he could Simon just a one year deal and and that will be really easy for team to trade him if he wants and many also see. Think of Gordon Hayward. There's another injury like that for a team loses significant piece that maybe take a shot but. Ultimately I don't think he has a ton laughed. He's gonna end up my team though it's going to be I think Portland beak is Houston's gonna be one of the best teams in the west parent and sell mode any point at the Golden State obviously price or LA. He's there it's really a team like New Orleans who lost cousins and Rondo again can even use of two's I think. You know he's not an all star anymore you'll probably have a suitors 6177797937. Number to jump aboard here. Also carry Irving there was some information coming out carrier Irving but how he felt about LeBron James even before LeBron James got the Cleveland. Which I of course can defend carry on we'll get to all that it is Keith and a lot of never Monday night's Sports Radio WB yeah. Recapping that day in sports with Mike my nasty it's Monday night on Sports Radio talk. Yeah. Never thought at night rolls on that is rich keep crystal Lonnie before he gets to. Some news on carrier Irving let's go to the phones right now we have Eric in Plymouth what's going on Merrick. Hey I don't keep the Lonnie. Pataki got. Well we're right on talk of the Red Sox of course everybody and everybody thought that orchard watched a site of the Ultimate Fighter finale Jodi that he gonna be on our side native I thought ultra short Friday. He secular old and guys are at record art you'll see them on the law but. Are so quick and the result is it random thought I'd ever had but you know the response rocker a great start this season. You know I think this scheme is a big better than them or kind of sick. Despite you know how good the scheme has been actually where more negative thing kind of critical of this team then and I can't ever remember I've got to what did you guys ballclub you know this team is really good of the gate users read and got back. You know look how good this team as of that would be kinda hyper critical vote them on the radio you expect. You know Eric I think it's more is more asked to do with David Price I think last year was more negative I feel it lashing there's more things. A big there was questioning of the manager full plate managerial moves and it also explanations they people pick polls apart. And I think price the Pedroia stuff would Baltimore. I think there might have been more negative tone last year than this year I don't see it that negative. I do see a little bit of a while let's see what happens in the playoffs type of thing that let's pump the brakes on this team well even if it went a hundred games I don't know how far they're gonna go because new York and Houston are still on the American in the Red Sox are. We're approaching the Red Sox in a similar fashion to how usually approached the patriots which is to say. The regular season all nice and wonderful but wake me up when October comes around with Pat's is waking up in January comes around when 1213 games being played out then. Yet they match up everybody else. You look at what the Red Sox have beginning this weekend the royals are paid absolute dumpster fire on the baseball team right now. Then they at Texas thing at Baltimore and in Toronto on your mother and a yet that dregs of the American League which frankly is most of the American League baseball's not gray myself five seats because you know the Red Sox. Astros yankees are great. And then even if you were the nationality or Seattle and that NATO itself I think not great but I look at other than that next year account quality yes yeah they're about themselves on the next year ending Cleveland there's one but the hole and Ellis down. Got that your plan them all the time but you do have you know games obviously and on the Elsa are the AL Central Africa. So there's not a lot of great teams in the air so yeah they they can go on the stretches especially when they're not playing the Yankees are the Astros signaled his long stretches and win a pilot game and thirty games over 500. But I would also ask. Besides. David Price the you know the week with a carpal tunnel on the fort night that the most recent yankees start. What's the most negative either radio hosts or radio callers have done. Oh then you think bullpen yeah I think Pedroia. You know regulation ever to win this guy to be held out candidate out there with and that's a good question and everything that's negative. That is a frustrated tone to about the economic zones without a doubt that I found at a town of about Tom bottom part of the order Jackie Bradley all right I'll get a Allen Brack yeah Bradley we have we have gotten money of are you kidding me this guy. He's at 200 Bradley to a one you protect he's back he's back above. The Mendoza had a double on now on Wednesday in the bullpen it's been good on the whole. How do you feel about Matt Barnes Letzing Yankee Stadium a lot of games and will give the AL CB I don't availability count that digital Tyler Thornburg is back. Barack excited that the town Thornburgh this again tonight. I guess it could be could be on the game tonight here comes Tyler Thornburg. Starting a new phenomenon tell my great kids about it yeah where were you as well it's thorny he's out of the broadcast. Eating Chinese food in studio and you can listen in updates in between update custody scented jelly Tim called the game entirely Thornburgh made his first summer in a nice moment I don't think it's entirely unfair to look at this team and say yes that thirty games over 500 or wagon degree continue to dominate teams in July. By how do you feel against about them against the Yankees and against the Astros the Yankees matter. A hell of a lot to a 21 game difference in the standings we know the difference between playing now one announce layoffs and we're just for that any deal about infield fly call Indy Chipper Jones career. You're one game direct wacky things can happen as opposed to getting into the series and so much today. Goes back to David Price if price is good yeah. You should win the division you and you can match up with what they're they're thrown out there Houston's greatest that's starting rotation is if price is. Any think forget about what he was. Against the Yankees that was an abomination that he didn't sheeting in that direction I don't think this team's good I don't think you're starting pitching is good. Yeah it's the playoffs that worries me and that's why you know you can't just say well it's his way to a seasons or that we can discuss that but that's just. Would David Price of particular. He's equally signed them he says are right. He's got to be good now he hasn't been that good he's been up and down than in the in the Dallas cut out waited and eat every sort of focus more on that is how what is. But the only way to really make up for it as we've big successful playoff starts yeah he had one of them he's had one and start with a Red Sox the playoffs went terribly. He pitched well at out of the bullpen which is not really what he had in mind. And now here we are your three. So let's see what he does in the playoffs and even got the report solo and I was only one year but Chris Sale late they have not. Yo sales for the second Cy Young last year pour salt finished first the year before and then what they don't play doubtful also wide it's still finished second Cy Young like Albert pass involved he fell apart the last ten starts of the year it's a and I continued into the playoff Cora has a great job in my mind of not forcing these guys out there for Ernie finished seventh inning and you might say at the time Olympic into ten more pitches the amount they could they can they could do it right now. It's gonna add up in you know Chris sales. Ridiculous chase of 300 strikeouts last year the OK got it but. Now that nothing left even Eduardo Rodriguez the other day with six innings kitty got a seventh PG cat doesn't go to but the nationals working hit anybody frankly at an oddity to route there it didn't matter. Save on he's thrown a lot of innings like quality innings pitched well he's ten game winner already before the all star break which is which is positive so. I'm waiting Alex Cora doing a good job sort of managing that whole situation Paris have before we have some mug like news that's adds to the good besmirching of carrier ring how I was urgent news I still get that this is that I searching is a section that that's a section in the newspaper west side of the -- -- right there we're gonna skip right past the metro around half the yards before the sports to the besmirch it in the section B seven as its first stage set as well it was it was from a roundtable. In Cleveland silently at around and it was the roundtable in Cleveland so we'll get to that coming up next the -- from blind Sports Radio WB yeah. It's much at night on sports. Never thought tonight's portrait at WEEI rich gave crystal Lonnie you're for or. Honor for their fifteen minutes Fleischer all night. He's got the Red Sox game or if obviously fired up about two yeah Friday assets. Get excited Red Sox royals maybe blew out of he'll be of the beat this Cleveland round table they had on the fan in Cleveland. The day assortment of NBA analysts and Jason Lloyd from the athletic. Had this to say about carrier ring. I agree it has been made clear to me by multiple people. Tyreke never really want LeBron. You think. It was us. The bronze that something fiery on court on game when he was with Miami some. Of you keep going keep key to what to do you know you know could be back here when there's. It's that. But he talked about it. So Perry never. Write in much like you know chastened or someone after the centers of LeBron maybe that was the moment okay to be leaving. Harry you. And his camp considered. That's perjury that's the championship they'd they decided to keep it in house and not go forward with but some of the discussed that with series was it where he wasn't talking. Those Indiana being the I was last year between the Toronto and Indiana series he does when he was into it in any days at practice where he would die in Iraq. What. Mean engages got progressively worse over the time that they were together and. Well it couldn't be any worse than how they started okay. So these guys are so as Jason what's that like David management ESPN that was hills are in plea about conduct a second voices McMahon and yet if so there. It's like they're trashing carrier ring even though LeBron James the one that's left Cleveland twice. Curry left it wants any Hollywood has stayed forever at LeBron not shown on there I love the fact it is like LeBron is every player and every annals in the world. Loves LeBron can't believe that anybody would ever not want player of LeBron. But you can totally get it. LeBron gets all the credit there when they lose its own teammates are bad carrier is being treated like he's like a little kid on the enemy that does have to be true. What they'll Bronson. He has great. Yeah Abbott lead a tie everything CPU time on Clinton be at the time at most the times when LeBron teams have failed in the post seasons and he's had bad teams that eat the blame for that yeah but aren't the right one carrier together Irving at the big shot when they won the title Ray Allen could be shot when they're on the final Miami and also I understand that. The part about blaming teammate that he diesel to the validity to that I think it Floyd story is accurate the the first guy and it's not there. I can see why Tyree would have that reaction to LeBron because. It maybe didn't meet it this way but it comes across incredibly condescending ass when you say he carried keep doing your thing that you keep and revenge you know if you're lucky I'll be here are all common really can't get it championship awful he may not of negative that way I daddy did LeBron did you you don't get the benefit of the doubt that are never put away comes across gas at 88 champ. He carries that what's the blog item on the head when he did just a daddy did I guarantee that we're gonna get a video of that at some point. So here but also shows you LeBron is. His last year second last year Miami whatever laws was already plan going back to Cleveland yeah happy Fella carrier on the court. After the game and are now back in the 200 things that happened with this it does this affect how you look at carrier ring one way or the other. I don't think it should give some out there right cypher and Boston and I backed. It enhances public carrier that here's why yes apparently it is. There is and it's it's out of predominant narrative but there's a narrative out there are carrier being that. Well this really wanna win to you wanna win. You wanna play with LeBron right amiga best player that can help you win it's. Igor is at war for him about being done and more about being a superstar more about having his own situation. This story. And I'm just gonna for the sake it's him all of its troop by Al I'd sure like this story really does work pretty clear. I every wanting to leave Cleveland. Is not about. A year. Desire to be the man over desire to win he thinks the bronze jackass he doesn't wanna play with current cell death story makes me finally what I read and more yes because it eat totally. Disintegrates the narrative. That he cares more about being the centerpiece. Then about winning he wants to win yes he just wanna win it back. No I think carrier Irving is now here this is his team he was recruiting Gordon Hayward to come to you talk for years ago anyway so it is the guy he wants to be paired with. He's got a couple young guys are on the team and now anybody else they add the Boston it's still. Hi res here are sort of at the start of gas and this push for the next era of Celtics basketball so. Yeah it's definitely a him not wanted to be. Would the brawn it also makes it clear that if the Celtics had gone after LeBron out carries gone there's notes and they they can play your sanity here at the B. Out of there so no I I definitely read this as a I don't think this was like breaking news because obviously Kyle reed left Cleveland. And oh we almost thought we traded you they won a title all of the year after never again finals and we nobody wanted to now and they traded held a news here all year so. You're aware that he left an automatic trip to the finals on the line to start something new. He want he wanted out of there. And I don't think that is telling one way or another. For what he's gonna do it yet this year when his contract is up I don't think this really kind of gives you any extra you know knowledge about all of. Is it any thing is it's good for the Celtics BK is in if you believe the narrative prior that it's more per carry about being the man and he feels like he's being crowded the end of the year by. Gordon Hayward and alms and Jason Tait and a superstar in. Is this really my team in an hour. I don't think it's about that for him I do believe this guy wants to win and he also thinks the bronze date. Those ten things exist just like Maine does simultaneously. Carla my life rich keep I wanna win and when and the bronze Dick. I can put our share and that's how do you feel about Richard that is directed at that would entitle the telegraph here tonight and I want a little -- the democrats' deck fell outside the garden that'll be one of the hot seller and there's no reason to believe that and and I've always thought that resigning here made the most sense for carrier BS in the room waiting makes the most sense to me eighty million extra dollars B waits a candidate English ransacked the Celtics to learn how healthier you went there in good all year and he'd ever play the 82 games but is he a place seventy twos you knew right in the playoffs how did you like that he had ever games is less import or neither does he look second half of the year. Going into the post season. And going through what we all believe what frankly should be a very long. Post season run they'd be playing north of twenty games easily in the post season going to force series and going to the NBA finals so. It's a great week I talked about this last night it's a great. Sort of eat debater year for the Celtics team tick. Kind of grow again without the pressure still winning a championship because everybody's essentially handing that to Golden State. But an opportunity to engage carries held his effectiveness his help over the long haul over a long you know hundred plus game season including the post season. And allow all those younger guys to continue to grow and gel so this is this roundtable. Albeit I battery of tests I agree completely with and we need to get that your anger can and I shirt and you got about one immensely and so Red Sox baseball already doing whatever EAS test I think right probably now at war I usually keep people locked and knock out another one of those develop idols are Red Sox yet went up that's based on because that seems to make sense that sounds that makes the most out the first pitch with crystal Ali is next. I ray have a good weekend I'll be back Monday at two with Marc Jacobs who filled in for bill. Monday to have a great weekend. It's. Monday night. It's it was audience I get it in the rough overall basketball that broke Rondo in the patriots got the Celtics. Played it safe position if you saw what does that mean nothing has got to look to me you know worried about all the world. Go back up the good. I'm not aware about there's a good welcome aboard the better and if we. Flyers. 8% now. Here's my. Talk Sports Radio W. What a nice though but a lot of review until led to about 730 yourself and then really for the rest of the night your Red Sox baseball come your way Red Sox and royals. You're a toxin socks and get a little. More of an extended first pitch. Because so I don't know why am sure there's a reason may be textural tallied Kansas City does the quarter past the hour starts so 7151. Pitch local 8151 pitch. In Casey's so worth it to about 730 so take your Red Sox calls 6177797937617779. 7937. I'm curious to find out how Red Sox fans feel about this team it's piggyback thought I cholera got the 6 o'clock hour who. Framed it as are we being too negative with this team or our people nitpicking a little bit too much for a team that is. Thirty games over 500 that looks like. If not the best one of the best teams in all Major League Baseball in the best record in Major League Baseball. And are are there are a few too many negative story lines or word nitpick story lines with the Red Sox and approach it from a different. Perspective honestly because relegate this team. Wagoner TDs thirty games over 500 by the way the first time since 2000 the reasons they indeed the 2003 season that way. End I wonder why don't feel better about this team. For how effective they are in you look at the numbers across the board starting pitching bullpen on the whole has been good. Op and civilly. One of the best teams in in baseball the best team the American League right now ordered 63 run they've outscored opponents by a 130 this year. So this is a really couldn't top to bottom baseball team to continue to win two. In large part because the American League is garbage Kansas City. That's a bad Kansas city's just pause here for a couple Casey's death. Royals last six in Iraq. In the last eighteen of 2125. Of thirty. If I've been 25 in the last thirty games 45 and 61 on the season. 36 games below 500 their last the American League 297 runs have been outscored by a 167. This year. It. It ended Yost said that this is from the ESPN. Articles that tell C talking about the gate tonight we have opportunities to manufacture runs. He said after a 32 loss to the unions we opportunities are runners scored position could capitalize been a problem for us all year long they can't manufacture runs when you barely get anybody on base. The terrible baseball team so the Red Sox a win this weekend at Texas after that they've got Toronto that's mediocre Baltimore that's garbage. The rest of the scheduled for June is junk after junk after jobs there to keep winning. They've actually get a great shooter July should say they've got a great chance this month to really pat that record. And put themselves in great position when a hundred games so why don't I feel better about this team right now. And there's a few reasons. Chief among them first and foremost you probably guessed it David Price. Price is a reason why don't feel great about this team right now and why say don't feel great. Grating them on the scale of their ability to win a championship because that's all the matters. We've got a team that he is on pace to win over a hundred games when you've got a team. That because of certain contract situations the first one being Craig Kimbrel the Sox season. Guys are heading into the back end of arbitration that you need to get paid Chris Sale a year away from Milwaukee here. The Jersey window that exists with the Red Sox when he comes to winning a championship day Democrats used brought in with a man to spend a ton of money. Make the big splash move and to put this team in a position to win now he's done. And you can look at the hits and misses of the Democrats tenure there's no doubt about that there's some big business by. He has put the Red Sox in a position to be championship team now so that that's the that's the date curve that you grated. 103 wins and an exit the AL DS doesn't count so how do you feel about them in terms their ability to win a championship. David Price is a big knock on that for me. And even though price on balance hasn't been bad when you look at our performance against the Yankees how dreadful that was in a big spot. And I don't buy into the idea that pressure doesn't exist in the July 1 team war even though it's true the games mean just as much in September made July. That's a spot against the Yankees on the road a place it's been a house of horrors from hip for him. A guy who is taking in. An arrogant approach in the way that he deals with the media and the way that he responds to criticism. That's a great opportunity. To show a lot of people out and he'd just wets himself on the mound. He gives up a home run to guide edit a Major League hit before. Eight dreadful performance in the latest in a long line of dreadful performances for David Price they sell. An October start per guide it's got a bad postseason track record for a guy who. Post season regular season whatever can't seem to beat the Yankees. I think they need this guy if they're going to be. He would GA championship contending team as said that from the from the beginning and the Nazis you can hate David Price all you want. I really want to like him. I really wanna like David Price. I want to be able to laugh when he trolls reporters. I want to be able to laugh when he says yeah I'm not gonna make that start at too much fort night in night knocking a pitch. That should be funny. But it becomes a lot less money when that you can't back it up. With the type of performance that will make bands and make anybody who follows this team shrug and laugh off that kind of stuff. I didn't do that. So you look at the rest of the Red Sox rotation okay Chris Sale. He he's the ace there's no question about that he's going tonight is number's been fantastic numbers on the road have been great. I had no reasonable leave that he won't do anything to dominate the deed will be gone in the city royals tonight in game one of the series by. Sale as he has in past seasons. Faded tremendously the second apple last year at a used game better this year credit Alex or for that. But the last ten starts for sale were bat. And that continued into the post season where he got knocked around by the Astor. So you want to believe in him in the post season he. You still feel good at the starting game one of the playoffs theories but it's far more locked report cell it is and having extensive postseason track record. Then you're getting into the Eduardo Rodriguez isn't Stephen writes of the world for this team to match up with Houston for this team to match up with the Yankees. David Price has got to be the guy that in fairness to him he's bid at various points it is Red Sox career. There are times where large swaps of time. Where he's been a really effective starting pitcher. Any outward 31 billion that's debatable but at the very least a guy which you'll company given the ball to once every five days to get a chance to win. He's not been out against the Yankees he's not been that the post season he needs to be that. In order for. I think that's the look at these Red Sox team through that lens that OK go go toe to tell where it. That lineup in New York they'll be able to match up with that starting rotation in Houston and by the way the Mariners are only game and a half active. The asterisk so even though Seattle's kind of a surprise team we see that in baseball from time to time. Teams that you didn't expect to be successful they are everybody waits for Nepal locked in by the end of the year whoops it hasn't happened. Is there another team by the way it's pushing a hundred points. So that. Price factor you know whether you're going to get the David Price that on the high end has been a very effective starter. That changes how I look at this team I don't think they can win a World Series whip out a very good David Price and that includes in the post season. I just don't know they have enough. And part of it in this goes is sort of he added he and with the question of art and I feel better about this team despite the fact they're 5929. The haves and have nots in baseball this year and especially the American League east is it's so dramatic. Red Sox are one of the happens there's no doubt there one of the good teams the Yankees are right up there are meant to be pastors the Mariners. I get to can't entirely. Right Cleveland off. Oakland's been pretty good. The rest of the American League is a mess. So. The Red Sox have a chance to pad their won loss record the same as the other good teams will be by. This is another the off season started that the rich just got richer in the op season including the Red Sox and now you've got an American League. Where there are a fuel leak teams and the Red Sox happen to be one of them. So. Even though you're you're looking at the Red Sox either the best of the bonds there are other teams that you know. Can perform in the post season the Yankees are better in the Red Sox in playoffs last year the Astros won at all. The end both of those teams improved. In different areas. This off season. So they're just certain things that even though the Red Sox are playing really well even though they're gonna continue to win. Throughout the month of July certainly the schedules mass. There are certain things they should bother you ended do bother me prices the biggest one by far. Just look back and think about this. I think it 31 million dollars signed for a 217 million dollar contract could be. And a Stabile a water won it top of the rotation guy pitching big games to win in the post season. And here's a legitimate conversation being had about. Boyd he. You try to have them avoid the Yankees rest of the way you're kidding. The guy who is supposed to be. Along with Chris Sale a driving force behind you're starting rotation there's actually thought well. He had in the good team the rival the team could try to beat in the American League east to avoid a crapshoot one game playoff. Yeah we want for or against that team. That's ridiculous. And that's a big reason why. Even at 5929. I really feel like I should be more all in on this team's chances to win a World Series another one and in it sort of please into a timely story line tonight as we take yet you Red Sox burst out first pitch here on first pitch. Tyler Thornburg coming back because. The bullpen and there are a lot of teams he'd say that the Astros can certainly say that the bullpen is today an area of concern or at least an area day. In big spots even though the numbers have been good you trust certain players in certain situations Kimbrel. You feel pretty good about in save situations getting to Kimball. Getting those high leverage seventh eight inning outs is he just going to be on Joseph cal. In Matt Barnes skated down on the road. You've these the types of things that the Sox connect to sort out over the second half the year and how they perform will likely informed. You feel about this team in greeting them on the scale when he championship so thorn birds coming back in May see him tonight. The chance they Tyler Thornburg era. Finally begins after. Well over a year. I really have no idea what to expect from him this is a potentially very very sneaky high outside addition. Because if you're able to add more adapt if you're able to play a if this team and a better position be able to get to. Craig Kimbrel to be able to get some of those high leverage outs in big spots. Then that's a huge win especially considering. They're probably not a great position to go out and make the kind of deal at the deadline that they want you to add a quality arguable pack. That said I had no expectations and Thornburg whatsoever how could you. How can anybody really have expectations even scenes. So you going hoping for the best. And skeptical. As to what you're gonna get from board berg like pretty much anything he get his great. And that addresses another reason why I think this is a it the united when he nineteen it's still. Had some room for improvement has some op opportunity. To look even more like a team that could be a World Series contender. There are a lot of things that they feel like you mean the bottom apple lineup is probably another thing that ever mentioned that. That's something I don't think it's laid out quite the way Alex Cora had intended I don't think he slot smoky bats in. From day one as the leadoff hitter ally George springer last year Houston if he thinks that this lineup is not ordered heard it is is go to be. 88 top heavy lineup. A lineup that's not gonna get the consistent production in 789 to put guys on base to turn the lineup over to get bats in a position to drive in runs. I think that's an out score was expecting yet to really gotten. Prolonged slumps from Jackie Bradley junior not a lot of op and touted catching position not a lot of op and had a second base in large part because. Dustin Pedroia had. May or may not be back at this point we'll see. So and those types of data at that that's another area where even though you look at. Totality of the numbers and say more runs anybody the American League outscoring teams by 130. Yeah out but a lot of these really topic. A lot of it is. That one for a 58136. And then falling off the bottom half the lineup. That's not what Houston did last year when George springer was such an effectively got Peter despite having more power I more pop more cardiac potential. Then your typical leadoff hitter and it fuels like. Not quite what Alex Cora had in mind we put McKee that's their right to begin. That's another and another thing people look out in saint nitpicking. But we're really. Lay said is to keep last our real looking at the Red Sox now. In AEI prism lends. The rich we usually do the patriots. And what I mean by that is you hope for health. Yeah especially the important players for the Red Sox and patriots rating rocking those guys hurt. The patriarch of the Red Sox rather it's Katie Martina is spooky bats. Chris sailed the rest of the starting rotation Craig Kimbrel certainly out of the bullpen you hope for that health. You wanna see health and you wait for the post season. And that's not really a the lens that we VoIP either Red Sox or even the seasons they've been good even the years they've won the World Series really to go back that. Maybe 2004 radio 72 and that team is really just stay 88 juggernaut the start to finish but. It's been awhile since you came into this season. With an idea that this will absolutely be a post season World Series contending team. And then most of what they've done after that his reinforce that notion beginning with winning seventeen out of their first twenty games right out of the chute. They look like a team that was gonna roll over. And and they were just trucking teens early in the season so. As a result in your spot now where it's wait until the post season. Wait until the play out so wait until you've got to face the iron consistently. In high leverage spots. How well they looked they how they look in those situations how we feel that David Price second half of the year. How we feel about the bottom half a lineup the bullpen Matt Barnes on the road in any inning spotter seventh inning spot. And it's the same thing we do with the patriots right at me on the whole cattle in thirteen games but throughout the course of the season. You were looking at RA is there will be trouble getting off the field on third down. Is that some paying that it's really going to aid to do them in the face you good quarterback and good up and did an AFC title game. Our rights and injuries piling up on offense Brady still got. Needs he doesn't have bad omen now he's got crock housekeeper but it with the image dole is that it be enough. When it comes time to out score somebody because you got to make up for some injuries they've gotten back in in the in the front center in the secondary. They're nit picks. Dare I called first world NFL problems now with the Red Sox yet they've got first world MLB problems. Okay you might have for ten game winners by the all star amber that's. Very possible Chris sales gonna win two more prices got to win one more they've already get him. To get for ten game winners by the all star break. But look at David prices numbers against the Yankees. Would get David prices numbers in the post season. First world MLB problem but something that could potentially be a law that dooms this team when it comes post season time. Bullpen on the hole and really get. In a lot of situations where they'd they'd be able to efficiently and effectively get themselves to Kimbrel and and get the same Wednesday as a good example of that didn't have to extend Rodriguez but you're facing the Washington Nationals a team that was. Not going to give them a run and didn't throughout the course of that entire. A weekend series or or polity series the beginning of the week. Is that going to you hold out. In a big spot on the road in September in a game that you need to wind to try to get past the Yankees and avoid the one game plan. First world MLB problems but. Something he could potentially. Via a flawed AT rails and otherwise juggernaut of the team and another similarity between how we view the patriots and how do the Red Sox question patriots now. Is looking at them through the lens of of a window right how much longer is Brady gonna continue to apply. How much longer is this machine. It as churn along in Foxborough going to continue to churn. It's different with the Red Sox haven't quite been a machine though they've been one of the better franchises in baseball in the 21 century so far but. There is we've Craig Kimbrel heading into lock year weird. Chris Sale coming up year after next with maybe David Price opts out maybe he does in McKee that's eventually some of these younger guys snapped get paid. They're already investing a ton of money. Indies team right now how much they want it extended terms of going into luxury tax in future years. There is a sense of urgency there's a sense of we now with the Red Sox just as there is with the patriots their first world problems they're great problems to have. Look around baseball look at the dumpster fire of a baseball team it's going to be in the other dugout tonight. For this three game series in Kansas City you'll see a lot of seeds a lot of managers a lot of players a lot in bases. There would happily trade places with the Red Sox in these quote unquote. First world MLB problems but. Get a beat the Yankees you gotta be the Astros. You've got to beat. The teens and that will potentially keep you from winning the division and put you in that one game playoff spot rates. These is no overstating. How much you wanna will avoid that because how big crapshoot it is who knows you have a chance on line at your pitching. Who knows who started at that point maybe it's David Price do you feel about that. Given his track record of winning big games when he post season games. So these are the types of things that. To bring it back to what cholera is talking about. Last hour hour we nitpicking too much this team overall they're great overall they are great. Overall they're the best team in baseball terms of wins and losses but if they don't win a World Series with this group. We at a young manager rookie manager that has certainly won over that clubhouse whip. Arguably I think he is the bad tutor baseball JD Martinez another one of the best hitters in baseball and moved he backs. With Chris Sale and David Price and Rick were so low and Eduardo Rodriguez winning ten games and Craig Kimbrel lights out if they don't win the World Series with this team. It's going to feel like a missed opportunity. In the same way that the patriots with Tom Brady and all of the talent they have in the coaching staff who played they don't win a Super Bowl. Even if it's successful season. You look back and say that was a missed opportunity that was one that got away that's a disappointment. And the Red Sox the World Series this year it's disappointment in you should be disappointed. Pretty and not a money they invested in this team for the amount of talent to backlog bouts for the amount of the the the amount of star power. That they have they should be a World Series winning team. But these are the types of things whether it's price was the bullpen bottom line up that may or may not. Keep them from getting there could be do you rail then at some point I don't think it's unfair to bring those up. At its really the rest of the way keep an eye on that through the rest of the retina sees Red Sox are unlikely to make any kind of a big splash move. They don't really have the assets for. And then the markets probably not going to be that favorable to. So this is with media a weaker to hear they're born Burke could be part of that. This is the team it's going forward are they good enough their great. Are they great enough. When it comes time to actually face the best of the best to win in the American League win the World Series these attacks things will find out over these. Over these next few weeks. He should definitely be good enough to win tonight and win this weekend because I cannot also overstate how bad the candidacy for us. I just a minute or so left here. And I really did want to mention this on and a completely separate note. There are a lot of people that have seen. The photograph from July 4 1984. Of the broadest Soros flying over the city of Boston. Ron sores and a helicopter. I'd go right past the John Hancock Tower it's an iconic photo. If you've seen it will you may not know is it was taken by photographer named Arthur Pollack. And he is covered from civil rights protests in the sixties all the way through breaking news. In in 2018. Decades of exquisite. And incredible photo journalism Arthur passed away earlier today. And he worked at the Boston Herald for a lot of decades he had any. Tremendous wit and sense of humor incredible talent and always gonna be ms. Donnelly by Stanley. But also by the journalist photojournalist. Editors and staff that worked them The Herald so. Just wanna mention him. And our thoughts are with his family and with the Harrell family and journalism and we tonight. Red Sox baseball comes your way next we're treated at a unique yet.