Mut at Night - Is Lebron James really as unlikable as he generally comes across? 5-21-18

Mut at Night
Monday, May 21st
HOUR 1 - Chris Villani joins Keefe for another "Never Mut at Night" as the guys discuss Game 4. Regardless of the outcome of this series, is Lebron leaving Cleveland a guarentee? Speaking of Lebron, does anyone dislike King James as much as Keefe does?

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It's. Monday night. What we all the thinking that we open the cat is gonna lose game three now we already in the capital and why did I. OK okay what good Boston on the road how they got on the road in these playoffs mean do you remember when you. From the community not well Chris Lonnie Brock Bradford go Rob Gronkowski knows Tom Brady went on the act. Receive them up. We still don't know article because I'm British not going to be here for the start of phase three of the patriots offseason program patriots start they use career of their offseason program that. He's not there I think it's fair to wonder why she's not there I've got the answers the test now that he's not there that speaks in of itself and make you told state we. The fair perfect for her. Here's my light at night on Sports Radio telling you we. Guys. WEEI. The only four hour much show that he. He would be here they they got to use of the morning since literally never mud back months on the morning more than he did that night this week. He's not slow gone out of his own show tomorrow. No we're doing the right size but is not. Announcer Wednesday okay Wednesday Thursday no. And then I never on Friday at these nevermind go in there without ever being on Friday and now the one for our program. He's not on tonight that's finds that you're looking for I would check the morning typically. Or his house it's still six to ten times slide just happens to be AM instead of via her act if that's available. So city get rich Keith and Chris fly here for an hour than belong only all the weapons a 10 o'clock. Yes records coming at some point to go down at the target. Checking on Dustin leader who's not there he's not he's not playing tonight the drive around on either Bradford but I've had for girls and also now Klein. There is a game though tonight currents it is game four. Celtics and cavaliers. Game three did not go over well. Game three he was a bit of a beat down as per game three right from right from jump street yes it was all cavs no matter what. Here comes the Celtics run don't know maybe not not now baby not still nothing there was. Start to finish it was it was frustrating to watch I don't think anybody played well. Just about everybody played poorly paid it was okay. Failure fine he's fine cows were knocking down shots you know LeBron was LeBron but all their other guys were knocking down threes at me look at the three point difference. The cavs shot 50% from three and made seventeen of home Celtics shot under 30% and only made six it is as simple as that put them in a lot of garbage time late in the game. But how much this game three. A fact game for him not at all I don't. Think I mean. It always either things or weird about that gaming for wine I thought it was gonna be more of LeBron try to do we dating game two which is to take over himself but he was. He made a concerted effort right from beginning to gain to get everybody involved it was. EC passive LeBron the that's sort with a negative spin on it and it wasn't. Negative at all and he was doing a good job getting guys good looks. I think how bad. For example markets Morse was defensively particularly on LeBron is not something that's likely to repeat the same way the cavaliers shooting is the gaming George Hill. Coming out of 111 quarter points there were just so ya gotta prepare for a bit they kind of played well in in a perfect storm of swords. And then there were. You see the margin for error for the Celtics with out carrier Erving how limited he can be when did you try to find some scoring you're trying to weather tough patch. Mean Jalen brown gets two quick fouls and that changes the entire course of the game right there. Round plays like 21 minutes they can never really get into lower a camera with anybody. Offensively. And I would hope in these last couple days Boris rouge years Smart especially will understand that. The isolation in mid range game is just not for them. Not to have a that it does not happen another lawyer won the one road game in the playoffs it was in Philadelphia they'll all for three against Milwaukee they lose their first chance against Cleveland. You're David asked Brad Stevens and was so difficult on winning our you know why as the home team dominating and he really have an answer. But that's sort of been the the trend in the NBA for very long time. And this year is is certainly no different can they win on the road and they don't have to do. But then you obviously Bennett to take care business and the bush team after watching the first three games which she was more likely to win a road game Q I'd say cavaliers star like raw data has now. On exit and this big spot for the Celtics and even a guy like Horford who's been in the league firm you know decade now. Has not really banned in a position to retire about this yesterday morning early and is kind of a position where you've got a legitimate chance to get to the NBA finals. You're going up against it is you want to degeneration caliber player be your team is better. Even after Ericsson is better than my game pretty shouldn't make people lose their minds to it they're still better at all the conversations we had on Friday. We did so for a reason and I know there were up too low but again may have the better team and all of a sudden. If you thought JR Smith sucked on Friday I can't feel like he's now he's just re still think he's terrible basketball practice he's he's not very good at getting suspended would act still that would been bad things are better off. I like how corporate yes he can knock down threes but you should be able to go on him every single time whoever he's starting. That guy should be able to score every single time even Kevin Love who are like. You should be able to score on Kevin Love as well okay there's a lot of mismatches and if if Horford is out playing loss of which again he did in game three but I think the way they've both played in the post season. Or for them better you should have the advantage in four out of the five matchups yeah and if that's the hit a couple of the warriors to receive about the warriors. Every single night they have four of the best players on the floor. I guess at the Houston series and maybe it's up for debate because I would Paul and Harden are bought more often than not they have the advantage for spots. The Celtics actually have that against Cleveland now LeBron can it. Win his match up by a billion got a lot out of that your daddy he does. I do wonder if a two week the starting lineup I haven't seen anything yet we wanted to more Sammy. No I think I wouldn't I wouldn't be fretting about the games in Seattle selling in the first quarter Obama got back out there are like him my seeing things the only defense this is gonna be with you know statements like this are why people say Brad Stevens gets no criticism and he's just eight impervious to it by. The only defense I come up with for that one is. Hell nothing else is working so why not. By when you're down double that's not the war putting out it's only and does not scream come back housing while here it comes to your arm or a good idea I just barely sat down right cracked like your second beer and now you're from job to sell any of those are your first fear here of jobs that's it never happened. That's a garbage Todd you're out of dear that's a yup so he shows up not the first quarter of economic basket right. And then obviously the rest of the game template up that other than the obvious Ellie I'm less concerned with the lineup tonight and then. How they come out how they play. And they will lose this game Atlanta would be shocked at all we come back here mar right it's too tied 22 absolutely not now ouster. If they lose these game and it looks better if they don't get their doors blown off. I think you you sort of reset how you feel about Celtic and how large your match short game three were dated players while they didn't important game six they got the doors blown off and still came back around in on that nobody is worried about that so. I would like to see them better defensively that's probably the biggest thing begins now. It would on the road you the shots don't fall you don't get calls back and thing but when they play tough defense we saw this during the heyday of the Garnett Ara. That was something that allowed them to play really well on the road because tended to travel. Including in the postseason that said they lost a bunch of games in the post season even that 2008 championship run they don't win a road game until the Eastern Conference finals right. This is something where they should at least be able to have a better defensive effort I mean there were stretches. In the middle of the second quarter where it just looked like they quit they kind of had this feeling that it wasn't going to be their night so it's a better effort tonight. And let's say the bar relatively low shot if they want if they win this thing's not going back to Cleveland but. If they're able to put a better effort out tonight putting better defense it yeah. Game plan on the floor. Had become way a positive and incompetent going to game for both big guy even said in the broadcast that that team that is. Played harder has won every game I still blows my mind I think he's right but it's like it's the playoffs so how are you not. Who's given the effort he might miss shots but late how could you not possibly. Give it everything you have doubt. This was what Terry rosier said on Saturday night following the game I want to know what you think of this. Is we need to hear what you were. Commercial reality. Taker is on Monday. You needed to get your box look as a W he had a comics was about wasn't really about the asset exude Johnson Monty there might have been like six or seven in my head of Johns you know there as well but. He's saying it to Johnson I get what he's saying I think that's a very good sign is that all you think this team is carrying its own press clippings a little bit tighter if they smelling their own fart stuff about three years ago boundary front of an on classic clean it up a little bit as classic wool that they it's a double edged sword of having a young team right and now you're young not to not really grasp the magnitude of what the hell he's doing and that's not a corporate right what are you doing how're you possibly doing this. You're just competent job is dumb enough to die even now and I mean that act leader not a compliment our way to not grasp the magnitude of the situation but it can also lead you down the road of feeling media a little bit more inflated a little bit more invincible than you actually are so I think there's a degree of truth to that the comment doesn't. You know doesn't bother me and needed it's also a reflection of Brad Stevens he's a guy that is if nothing else brutally honest when he talks to the media seems to brutally honest. In the way that he deals with in talks to his team and make your reflection from that in in the players that enter. Are your neck column I think what it also speaks to his it's gonna have a coaches Brad Stevens is. 20 against the cavs and their probably bigger houses. Easier than we thought then about who we are not carry we've been playing without him for over a month. Or go to the NBA finals and even Brad Stevens. Including get through to those guys to say the surge is not over and if they win announced who wanted another home game. Or we have a long way to go to get two more wins and even he couldn't get through to those guys and so. He'd get the boss looks a OK I got it with your right is dead and so now how do you respond to that is you can't do that twice to the what does rosier side while. Now I know they meant it like now than their butts looked like you're gonna you're gonna have to. To turn things around not a lot of positives coming out of game three but we've seen in the NBA that look at the warriors rockets series for example yet the rockets. After game one Reuters that while rockets haven't won a game. Game two with the rockets win by over one me. You know or maybe they got a series and you like forty points a game pretty. So they eat they can't buy close game like that that that's all over the place and that's why a stress say this afternoon it's on the do you agree with me. The momentum like between game to game there really isn't there it's good doesn't really exhaust well what's important but lake. The performance from Saturday night at tonight I think to be completely different yeah I've never really body and. The idea that date the momentum was something that weighs overly important and I guess you you feel better about yourself coming up heavy and it applaud that you do the other and I understand that by. That the fact is they. This particular Celtics team and most teams in the NBA especially in the post season are gonna struggle been on the road and they may struggle bit tonight. I'm curious to see again how they come out defensively they do a better job on LeBron does LeBron an and so much it does. Caterpillar filtered through him one way or the other. DJ key to LeBron retract take over retired escort point five points in the first quarter 11 point the first quarter or do you get. The guy that wants to get all of his teammates involved because. I'll let you know they lost. With him doing that in game 20. That would be more concerning from a Celtics perspective for me that LeBron going off for forty or fifty points it out any guide it's getting his teammates and ball because I so little competence and his teammates to be able replicate with the dating game three. Yeah right like that they're not gonna shoot 50% from three as a team you're not gonna have Clarkson and Korver and Smith all knocking down threes the level that they were mean. There we were laughing at the stats you offer gain to that what the others like what they were able to do players like three through. Eight on the roster were almost useless for the cavs. Most of those guys brawl in double figures you know individually in game three I can't imagine that habits I don't know. Yeah. Yeah had to take as little little shot there Kevin Love shot is being. Shots didn't bring it up you just want to when he or thirty years what are your hatred for LeBron does know yeah like LeBron James. I do not dislike okay so you're just right down the middle of the broad it's kind of polarizing after the people kind of pick a site out there violates that it gave. The minority that one guy who likes fine yeah. I don't argue people alone eighty target people that exactly yeah. How could they don't it's good that it's a good way to make sure that I'm on the opposite side of every every single LeBron argument I love watching imply. Great player is I it really rip apart his game I like the DNA you might be seeing. Yes I Jordan play and I saw LeBron plays a one way or another analyst here in the Bill Russell camp which I know it's a mark and for that there's a Korean camp. There Mark James as a menace he's big he's really pushing for is he the only one of the Korean. And he and eighty Kareem I don't even lakers fans are private and magic yes I support Hillary cream you know. Interestingly while a lot of BP's in squirrel or a point he played forever changed his name the hook shot crystals. Paul that he would just ball up over his head no mere pocket he gets started the Fresh Prince of Bel Air wants to also targeted nice turn an airplane where the where the same sweaters uncle Phil. That's the that's the Korean Sanaa size air force of the water where Narnia like this isn't like for him. Yes like on dancing with the stars and I've seen dancing with a sigh haven't either decide starts the guys and Tia Tia it's very sad for a show is very awkward it's very off got to be too like tolerant I really did like to be tolerant stance could put him with that all the answer. He's like seven feet when it comes to even though it's sixty it's let it plus it lessons in war you're right Barack. It's what are less as much as more yeah. I don't know if he's still on their Hewlett making it pretty yet bounced businesses weeks ago to beat on fraud now by Chris I think there is definitely something to. You're watching LeBron it is you're watching greatness in your audio to tell people they united and watched LeBron James in his prime onslaught on the damn right I want out and play the. Let's out of this is why come back on and on the city. The middle of the fence which what's the opposite everybody yes there are certain things that are just indefensible about LeBron after drive you insane gas number one is the decision any I was a bad TV stuff probably get over why don't. But whatever happened the fact that he is as and and it's not that he's the problem he's just emblematic of the problem that guys. In the NBA in this is happened even before this generation but it seems to happen more now will chase championships and get air all their bodies together and try to warn the super teams. This fall will take my talents to South Beach. What are things that bothers you the most about LeBron and there's a laundry list honesty is always at thinks of the pile or the things was. Him going back to Cleveland. He fooled so many people in the thinking here's like the returning home town hero and who's doing this off for Cleveland and overlooking the fact that. Miami wasn't going to be as good brown wade and bosh are getting old and they had carrier ring and the ability to trade for Kevin Love like he was just upgrading its roster and it so happened to be in Cleveland. If it's truly about Cleveland he'll stay there next year right yap and added I. I drew I would clearly feels that next year does anybody think he thing there now I think he's gonna go to Los Angeles and these are lakers as well. That's been my agent my time calls or our season maybe somebody else you know our storage because they haven't pick right they lost their picks sixers he had been on a panic but they thought Kendrick who palca who's most coding on the ball right to his Reynolds or restrict obviously had time to cap space to planning on those two guys yet see there there's trade there's Italian kind of figured out there have been extremely likely that he'll stay there he's he's he's constant belly aching looking for calls is brutal out Hardaway out loud that really makes it difficult. I do you think they people. Sort of breakdown and massage and analyze his comments. Way more so it is reasonable for me you just did it we just ten seconds ago a B. Egypt shoddy treated to a shot at a little achy Yatom said something that is that it is completely on prop him up and much if Kevin Durant has stepped curry had said that. The other guy even notice other organizer face those are good guys I got here last night. Yeah yeah thank you Brian borrowing again if you if you like LeBron it will weigh in and tells why if you hate LeBron get line because we don't there will be greatly add to the pop 677797937. Game four is tonight Celtics and cavs. And we're talking about would view your Sports Radio WB yet. These must at night on sports. The ball and I animal they would not have Sawyer okay would that also have this prior month same race you know be better it also. Reloaded night. You have so called another time. All my good. He's very likable extradited to have people love LeBron James hit the score 46 that comment that was wrong yes the rebound woody said it was incorrect. A local animal liar and mine went out the best that who's so that I have so much responsibility I swore I'd do that I don't probably. This is a problem that that's the problem I have is what other and what I earth would send an athlete can't win. I mean if he just goes out there and gives you the trite cliche we you'd never know that the team Obama is trying to give it a 110%. Lord willing we are gonna put up get. Good when you realize that I would be a bunch of crap I mean I know he win honestly Milan though he's. He's good but he's also and our success he's pointing out the fact that he has to do all these things why do you like to sell you pick itself to users right. Yet again why did you pick insults answers. I thought they'd have a better team right. So he wins of the team loses the team around him is terrible. It's Darche nobody thought this history for LeBron James they did you see him after post game losses. Then all of sudden it's week but after both teams win that guy. That's what famous. We also fire and maybe it's a liar liar and I'll be better you finals last of what he was walking up the court in game one was the inspiring anybody you know inspired our sell him he didn't do any of that. No my point is other got great players in the NBA have to do all of those things. And it's also bizarre so. He'll but he has no problem that he likes doing all those things in the seven years ago. It was too much forum and here believe he had to go team up with guys at any did again and then he treated carrier like a child so he left arm and now is more responsibilities. Kerr that's what it is he doesn't really wanted to do this in fact we're gonna find out next year when he joins another super team that he doesn't want to know if he's out. It stays in Cleveland would it change you were a little in that yeah. Yet he Ilya. I said all right somebody's taxis waxing poetic about you know you waste eleven years his career whatever in Cleveland sacrificing the hometown team and I mean you practice narrative arcs we gap this much choice right held out but a old and Eli Manning just demanded to go. Someplace else by so he had that battle much but it does stay ready stay that does and a little bit more I would say Cleveland to meet that number two destination. Arrow anger over I want your I don't think I killing Phillies are quite as terrible fit as I know you seem to think so but I'm just going by a likelihood. After Los Angeles. Just saying everything put balls bringing clean yeah right I that's definitely changed the the conversation about the old. Well it will a little bit because you and you won't have that you know mostly third team he deserves a third team I don't two franchises but still a third team. And so you said at Texas that he wasted eleven years and Cleveland took a volley that he was there for seven. And they did a ports job but they ultimately did try to get him to pieces every word they came back. Wasting away their way courage. A lot of wasted. First seven years so we made an improbable run to the finals on the most improbable runs in the finals. You'll ever see on that team with their epic performances too and that they game against the pistons re scored like twenty some points or something I don't think knots yeah it was it was insane so that was incur a mean or series of bad players and coaches and any kind of I have to ask you to Arab regularly Dario obviously you're that you're too blind and insane buyer hatred. But he made the finals and anyone up against that Celtics team in any decides that the former is on team that's fine saying does that he's in Miami for years. Wins twice probably should won four times but won twice bagels the Cleveland and this is year four in Cleveland and this is the first year. They didn't have to all stars Willem. Because they replace parry was Isiah Thomas that worked and they flipped him for a couple younger guys yet so just him and Kevin Love. And so this is his worst team he's been on an eight years. And right if you re signs as they ever were tiring Cleveland. Well and you know what then shame on levers and that he was gonna leaves them open for another team but that's sort of what everybody is pointing to be you know it makes me think that he might is there does seem to be deep down this desire by LeBron to be loved he's terrible at it. Yes he's terrible at. Winning people over you happen to be his NBA does not wanna be a Villa on the menu at the pioneers like greatly Oz it's should've been you guys vs everybody but he did want that. Right and if he wants to be embraced by everybody and in sort of thaw the frozen hearts of people like the rich eat the world lessons called that are. Staying in Cleveland is is the way to do that because it even if he weren't you didn't win another championship. It would be hard to sort of Ding his legacy. Based on the fact that while he elected to stay with his hometown franchise ride it out and try to out work and build something there with whatever they've gone to the tobacco. Our ten pick I mean it's. Today I mean it's it's. They have LeBron himself clinic the legacy is really important moment I'm outs and that's a bad thing and it is rely on these great players. So he can look at it and more people like him if he stays in Cleveland and and plays up the rest of his career. But. For him it's really well maybe be on the winning argument of him vs Jordan or him vs magic. He needs to act on more titles but they and three title isn't it over with Jordan just because he's already lost four. I mean I'm I'm going for me but I'm going well. I'm going based on the arguments that I hear outside of obviously this particular area now where. No matter what happens Tom Brady can't be Joseph Montana even though he's one. More than Montana. Because he lost three of them yes I mean there's guys as Eddie I. I think it's idiotic of idiotic notion that you get to a championship in Atlanta next you know how unheralded big words like he should loosen this up with right the worst part that's slow down. That's it Walesa the same thing about the patriots about some of those that's all I'm very consistent laughs I am very old system there. Brady making worst evils is still more present even though he's not undefeated like Jordan is a perfect 60 but those other guys that magic and bird and Colby like those guys have lost in the finals Duncan. Has actually had lost both Duncan never lost on her mind so he's the greatest note and thanks now yeah I got the double check that they were there either there and get what they write David out there and my dollar and I heard nothing system. They got there in 991 reportedly behind on here. He beat him innocent that he might have beaten them and you met your right side anyway but. So let's let the dark ages of the NBA like those couple seasons there the pistons in line. And in Miami as well again and again you'll hear the Celtics are putrid and there is nothing. Yet the spurs lost in the thirteen to the heat. Okay that he time. Yeah I am yet because those so they heat on their for your wrong they lost the mavericks than they beat the thunder they'd beat the spurs than their loss of the spurts. If the Duncan does have a loss and Dan either way is a staff to now LeBron James Summers that's gonna tax line. Yes they player option for next years and I everybody yes that's the most these guys do so he's gonna opt out of that. And any can choose to sign wherever he wants and it seems. So Chris and I are on the same we we both in the lakers people of floated out no matter what you know grounds out to leave and he goes back to Cleveland he'll just go back and more favorable terms spied. The one thing so he sounds like a long term deal to mount shuttle a lot of people but what he would do as he knocked out. You would was resemble forward with Cleveland even when he returned to Cleveland. He was always signing and he's one year with an option deal when you're an option to always do what putting pressure on them to what did Jordan do at the end his career. What's the wizards. Above before that happened after he retired he did the same thing he sat there until one year late huge money deals yet in an hour away I mean. That's just Smart business to we've been here not always in that and in the and that's what your you know hopefully your roster and I. So basically the paraphrase I was lots of Gaza city's the top of this all soft and games that you think they're gonna. Because that's what they are worried about I wonder and I forget who had who had the comments that might have been Jalen brown editor Marcus Morris says that there are play a lot more aggressive tonight. At sounds great but I am afraid that. That could just lead to resilient files Scott Foster is a fishy in the game it's in Cleveland. It is hard to be too physical the broncos' second quickly go the other way if it's one of those nights we got a quick whistles. He had and with the whole thing the Foster in the game I mean it's really hard to see you with. It's hinted put this guy out there consistently when you know he has no credibility going. Like that is a a tough spot how I Indian official in the NBA much less impose on and games. There was the the universal. Reaction. When it was announced that he was doing the game. OK get ready to YouTube hurdle via Bernal. Hometown guy who are worth losing the series put an amendment that away enemies has no credibility what I don't know published on line and I I don't get it and a lot of people for a lot of time talking about it makes no sense to me about. He's on the call tonight again at 832 at game four Celtics. And the cavaliers. Could this team the bronze last scheme and Cleveland. Is Jessica Jessica had an arrest of deportees sex on the back and I and I got an idea that it is Keith and baloney it is never modified Sports Radio WEEI. That's a more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. I hear something yesterday and somebody who I think it's a little bit more plugged into. Cleveland at the prom and I am. Default was shut perhaps LeBron might want to get off the basketball next year not have so much. You know responsibility. In terms of being that point forward. I have zero idea I almost eight that is to say it and I have zero idea that's true I don't know. It is an interest in opposition to me. Doris Burke joined the dill seed program this afternoon. A three hours ago she's on the program. She's very good she of course have been doing sidelines again tonight for game four to the Celtics and the cavs and sort of so she does Purcell does not think LeBron will be back in Cleveland knows what she believes. But she was talking about Philadelphia who I don't think you'd be great fit Chris are you think it figured out yet at this. Sort of what she's alluding to there are slight. You don't wanna take Ben Simmons off the ball because then he's not nearly as useful as he is when he's distributing cure anything if you. And so maybe LeBron wouldn't care as much in need. Sort of is he needs titles when he's looking for titles he's not although he's also looking for. Double digit scorer means keep that streak on I think that's probably to stay intact no matter where it goes I probably should DeLia temple once again but he's off the ball well. That he should definitely do it weighs ten points a game that you see them in January yet you would help help him get a shot rather than most getting zones and the street Berkeley. Adept to getting his own shots I did you do handicapped Philly maybe third or fourth on the list setting up with the with the lakers won Alec here outside the box. Just staying put I don't think so people I've wanted people like knees sort of that's very important to them obviously. Then maybe Houston Philly somewhere in there it's telephones and get sacked in males were an exact. Back. That all the trouble at two or action yet clear and right now going to the game I was happy about. Our special as well. Now the word about how this all. And now it's brutal and it should not be how it is Zach but that's how it goes you know in the NBA. I don't know I don't get it I don't. If beat that it's picnic. Well. Outside Cleveland or illogical to expect. But yes it seems like it's ID job. A little light it will all out. It looked and actually what two. Yeah against all odds Zach thanks for the call I think there'll be LeBron and Scott Foster in Cleveland. Larry pretty telling yet Scott Foster Bill Kennedy air Louis tonight according to sports insights. Home team straight out had 8611 winning percentage swift. Any one of these three. League wide home teams win 57. About 50% of the time I'd sound I'm when he percent gap that they see her slowed down thirty point job. Yeah that's solid John Elliott you know. Well Scott fosters the guys that they are saying every time there's a series those two or 30 you go in there in the the team that was losing would win. Including those of game four against Phil. And he was he's used it there and the things that drive this too late in the last CBA. We came around like some. Couple series didn't go as far as they thought they were going to Italy lost out on money loud clear apple as an aside is that last year after years I should they lost the total money because there's a lot of foreign five game series is like two or three years ago when their during the lassie BA. Salary and had to fill up their much as they thought they would it mean it's just. There's so many things when you have one guy like Don he. They actually lends credence to all of the conspiracy theorists for at least a pass from some Foster. That's very likely have Donna you rightly yet Donna decent venue we have. That raised eyebrow and everybody else but then the fact that only does call Scott Foster the entire time and then he keeps his job. Likewise what's if you wanna take advantage of it though maker find another rough being down that's it that's the only guy available at. If you wanna take advantage of adelphia the Celtics will do the opposite to what they did in game three game three had a lot of isolation saddling jump shots. One thing the also an earlier to get Scott foster's whistles a lot of them and that is the potential to you yet make the game really ugly but ugly may not be a bad thing. Bird this Celtics team they can use it to their advantage do you could have more attacking the basket get to the free throw line the stuff they didn't do enough early in the game. In gained three. And it only takes a couple of thousand of their 2000 Jalen brown early in the game they helped change the complexion of that first quarter at least made a lot harder themselves skip back in the game in the first tap. With the two balls on the brought right away if they're able but it didn't. He's a shock really when you get a comment you know I don't follow the games. Thousands of my favorites it right jabs look at him you know that there. I he had to somebody did all they get through healthy leg like guy you'll always got to be careful of him leaving the court admin. Coming back in and shocking everybody and our question Obama I know that's true you don't you definitely can't. So. And if you got any predictions for tonight are you feeling good when when the other night cavaliers win but it's announcer. As yeah X seven point odds that feels about right. It's our guys over by six in game three. The 66 and happening in three cats covered cavs to just remove them they covered at the end of the first quarter than they literally never looked back this one this one feels. Again until closer I think they'd. I wouldn't be surprised is the seven game series I would be surprised that the teams hold service home and and meet a big part of it as was the case in games 12 and three is going to be what does everybody else around LeBron do and I know people get frustrated yelling they lose it somebody else but. You know if this team goes down it's probably not could be as LeBron James is narrow and we design did not not a good luck and an ambulatory dating game to you Liu and he'll leave you pin this on LeBron is if you think he's behind. The roster construction in the trades they made the deadline but the way this team was built before the deadline. They weren't exactly well and they were completely there's no cohesion there whatsoever they weren't getting along maybe some that was on the bronze to. But with this particular team. And I am guessing at the beginning of the game LeBron comes out similar to how we did in game three let's get other guys involved. Are they ready to it's he put it answer that bell on Monday night I don't have a lot of confidence that they are because I don't think you've got a lot of guys. Their target now a lot of people throughout the Al playoffs have been saying the most important person on the Celtics Brad Stevens and that's been everywhere it nationally and is a tonic credit aerials and he should he get he deserves like credit still players' league but Brad Stevens get the most out of LA players have facility I don't understand now on order so what else is yet up his sleeve though he has the make up for a thirty point loss in Yahoo! Sally or do you think there's a lot of change yes. I think it is pains yes and any kind of go from there are now that doesn't help you offensively the but. This Tristan Thompson. Keep him off the glass you know Kevin Love it both of those guys are fantastic offensive rebounder so just having him along lake could that help. I think it would at Marcus Morris was awesome game one. I think we sort of seen RA. His effectiveness on the brawn and even his own offensive. Stuff was was not there the last couple nights so the last couple games. So they don't make that switch but I may be different and also to sleep to decide what change. Well like you said adding semi emotionally played it again also he's starting as the box. I don't know if it's that I don't know if it's really small lineups really big line up like there's something and either come up with some. The only afraid to go small against this team ya. Smaller weight Smart rosier Tatum brown out wouldn't I wouldn't be worried about that at all and analysts say another thing we've got to get reading into this has payment of the at all the past hour by. I Al Horford get to shop the first half you know guys and I take some bit off of corporate music you've got guys out there like Boris lakers here late Smart that are. Just wanting to you. Take themselves runs in time up the shot clock and put a shot up then nothing's really run through corporate or anybody else right. There needs to be at least a little bit of an effort both on his part in the other guys out there to getting touches to get him more involved in the flow the opposite to be there was no flow yup. It's not a Florida it was incredibly stagnant the entire game just didn't route filled ninety minutes or more than ninety minutes away from tip off here in game four are what do you got coming up here in popularity a complain about the forty tipoff to. I love. I like it that I wouldn't an auto compliment them well a lot of I candidate standing policy of you should never really complain if you're team is in the post season I seen time that's true when there are 28 other fan bases are 26 other databases that. Would happily injury while they haven't you right now that's unfortunately to expand into the end field out of my team on at 1 AM there's even play out of their five hour and a hundred playing in Nagasaki never others coming off Tokyo and how nobody else do it. Because they Celtics on this one. A narrative that I'm glad has gone away it will definitely get to that and I can take the temperatures held expands too because there's sort of this house money concepts. Coming into this series I don't know how much the goal post moved after winning. We can mix sports metaphors here after winning the first two games of the series however out of how disappointed are Celtics fans gonna be at this one doesn't go. The celtics' way and is it going to be one of those things are like. You liberty back sixty years he's not really that upset all I need a war right is it it'd be this this and more crushing defeat because of the way it would have gone doubts we'll get to that ran out the top aren't so thanks arrive for producing states hear of a lot of catching up until 10 o'clock I'll be back tomorrow would dale starting at school pocket.