Mut at Night - Maybe the best move for Danny Ainge is to do nothing at all 6-20-18

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Wednesday, June 20th
Apparently, Danny Ainge is the bell of the ball with his stockpile of assets drawing the attention of all the Kawhi Leonard fantasy trades. Would he best served by doing nothing? Mut and Keefe also do some mini draft preview with the NBA draft coming up tomorrow night. And is it fun to be a Patriots fan? Yes. Yes it is.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell. We guy. When it's all Red Sox plan that'll come your way. Seven point five pre game 8101 pitch middle of two on the final look three game series of the road trip until that Monday night slash. Keith at night slash. Eric page ever key frantic or show McChrystal on every gap between not now now get your phone calls throughout at 617779. 793 symbol that's Red Sox Delphi and the 7 o'clock hour which like this are for its leading into. Other pregame show the big start for David Price tonight and the guy just cannot get out. A result way even when he's pitching well cannot help but bitch in the media about something and try to beat. On a wise guys Marty Walsh once said we'll get to that on I'd of super super super funny really really really funny. As four or 24 hours from now you'll still be on the air will be closing in on NBA draft 2018. And Zach Lowe if you will not seen the story yet and He went all in today on Celtics and quiet letter it is 1235. Full page blank C. Includes video die videos of the do with that club Jalen brown an extreme breakdowns and all the scenarios however it's the third paragraph that. And I'm sure we'll talk quietly the next couple nights in terms of the Celtics and their interest and what that that spurs are gonna do. Paragraph number three Zach we'll today. In theory almost no team should pony up its best assets for player of the bowl in a year without nearly an ironclad assurance he'll resign. With Leonard he writes obtaining such assurance may not even be possible. No one knows whether they can trust the word of the advisors around him. They are deep suspicion that Leonard has already decided he wants to play for the lakers and that right there are three sentences one pair rap is why. I want no part of this guy you said that if if the price. If the price got so lol you have to consider considerate. I guess but even then. What was the low price before player it's still brown does not want to exactly how I see no scenario of the did this this weird. And get this I guess the Celtic fans. This is part of what they do while he loved them and they all rate the wrong guys over rate their own. Until they're gone in the middle of the news and they did Saturday cool about it is crowded air interdiction and I'll raise gone it was an acrimonious years that I've not treading Jae Crowder are Kevin Love I dare you say that with a Trace out at some point you. So it goes the way it's being spun at least among some Celtic fans is that maybe get a without treating Jalen brown I I sound old now plausible scenario. Unless the spurs just know that they made even and as I'm saying the words rich I can't say it without laughing. You're not getting quietly and without Jane brown. Or I'll Trace the star of the team yes or Asian currency area where Irving are they worth about yeah about that a long shot. And so I know it's a top flight player you were talking off the last night surprise them more buzz about it. That paragraph those three lines right there are exactly why I am out you could not convince me. It is worth making that gamble when there at the position position they are low low point this out. They should be a contender for the Eastern Conference finals the next decade. Legit ten years given how this roster minister and the guys they have on the back again if you assume Jason Tatum is gonna become a star in the league. Then you're gonna get 67 years of star Jason Tatum that's plus a year of counting this year could be contender year. I'm you should get nine more years of contention. And two on load young players and draft picks for guys might not be your long term. Feels like now the dumbest idea of doubling down on not trading for Wyler but I I'd get why it's at least the topic. Because how good he is and if you add him to this team. They go from being the favorite in the east to. Right below Golden State if not even in the Golden State again assuming you're getting requirement for two years ago would you don't know only played nine games or quad injury all last year news pouting and everything else but he's as good as we've seen them before and you put in with carrier ring and Tatum and Hayward Horford. That's on real that is clearly the best team in the east for that right right every year might be for you put us this horrible WY Leonard and carrier ring at the end of next year could decide thanks but no thanks we love Boston. But I'm Kyra you're gonna play in New York Alan Murray and about carrier Irving you don't know he's going to be back in so you're decade of success starts with the team next year with Tatum Browne Hayward Horford. So outspoken and her unique he's on entitlements and her current and a big part of it but I heightened correct me if I'm wrong. It's probably easier at this point to convince Irving. To stay here. Odd because there is note that that there's some rumors about him in New York. They are nowhere near as loud as polite wondered how it's going to the lakers that's what he wants the dude that's is gonna happen without the same thing with Paul George a year ago everybody knew Paul George was gonna go. But Oklahoma City said you know what for a year will trade old people sabonis and when they made the deal looked like a win for the thunder. And then oh wait a minute old peoples and all star and now that doesn't look like such a great trail them but at the time it looked like hitting you company picks looks like and again Paul George for a year. But he's gonna leave and it's gonna be gone I think ultimately the lakers are gonna have to give the spurs whatever they want. Because I think the lakers are gonna want try to acquire lettered first and then signed LeBron. So that they don't have that then they're gonna be another year removed from being relieved so low eights at that paints a scenario where they could get coli letter without trading Jean brown gets a reaction to this early on I wanna get to does this boss now accounts for the patriots as well 617. 7797937. He talks about pushing this for another month ended July. Says July brings the possibility of signing and trading markets Smart. And acquiring land without losing either Jason Tatum or Jane brown and he writes not surprisingly a Tatum is untouchable regardless. That may end up being Boston's approach attach the mother load of picks that includes Sacramento's picks next year provided does not end at one. While future picks from Memphis and the clippers to a package of Smart. Rosy year yeah obvious LA and Morse. And then dare the spurs to do better I mean you have to do that deal you have to. You don't have to do you know Mauresmo rosier Ed Smart and Yahoo! sell leaked. And expert letter but at that point you don't have to do that nobody would really have to do what at this you have to do something indeed hates today. And that is stand pat for couple months here but not if it's you would have issued you that that is the equivalent of Weiler for about a balls you have to do that he's got a one year while and not given the graphics you assess the job night in order to have good young player I library is keeping you at all around. You want traffic I still I don't driveways we all love draft picks but as a sports fan that nothing better than that the people love the potential of a high draft pick but you're not giving up any player of consequence in the whole deals market science of morals that we view anyway Terry rosier in regard a year and maybe is at this point a little overrated yeah absolutely stinks and Marcus Moore is out there edit that I don't doubt who's selling Ehrlich all of those four guys for Cole why latter might at that point. You have but it's also the two picks it's the potential of hate talks a lot to get more techs you don't want it last night sacramental stinks that'll be a top ten pick next exit and how about effect on audio out of backing down at Memphis is falling apart you have their epic ride it's not it's taken out. He's he's going to be in the first round but that one is protect the Memphis pick probably won't easily accommodate tilt when he twenty. Isn't it the ninth picnics you re doing your putting yourself in position out to have well why why you. While I'm flattered while you are a contender for title you put subject of a top ten pick every single. The favorite next year exactly why it might leave after next year probably well so you don't sell for one unit and also the favorite better than globes they don't have all the guys before 41 Uga you gonna trade away potentially draft picks the key guy. Brown okay that's 41 Rondo but you're also gonna it's like build some of these players write it it is important pockets that same. So having these are all my guys that daily at the sixth pick in the draft is going year's anemic at the next Marcus marginal lie to continue not only alert and on the T thirty cut and young kinda early and allows your logic to keep the thing going right studio and I agree. It also puts you in a position where. If the next player comes up and it's not like Hawaii Leonard only you know one year deal you still have assets to go get that player the one year part of that the LA part of it. And I am so turned off by the idea of dumping assets for the app. But yours to even even if you're I don't write your players are great year he goes up refugees though if you're if you're not gonna trade for a for that I Jill Brown's differ conversational as anybody at one year deal especially a guy who's already whispering he wants to go to our he's gonna go to LA that's fine but it's one year and you could win a title without a team that's legit title team. And saying that that seems unfair it they would reject that traded NBA two K that that's not fair that that the league is in Dallas now. If you bring if you now have a letter to Irving Hayward Tatum Horford would Jalen brown coming off the bench. Towards. Does better than Golden State's. He writes it sounds ridiculous there's not actual salary Tough five pages on while Leonard and Jalen brown and Celtics in the trade and it's mostly Celtics. Is it might sound ridiculous but also beware including brown even if they get to speak live Leonard about resigning. Which by the way they're not gonna get to do and I would not trust anything quite letter says that's not the way were they the way I handled this year and a where it would not come back. The way he would not be with Popovich after the season to guys but the for a while one championship yet that is strange that he's. On it's it's nice it's it's off putting he walked out of the spurs the ball team the Celtics are set to contend for ten years the Irving Hayward Horford trio. She carried them now brown and Tina later. He concludes our writing I've ever bump for gates and this'll be as is Jalen brown next polite letter which the majority of this article we learned yes thank you LJ I'm flipping around from Leonard tilts Boston towards more towards the present. And chips away at what might look like a bright future stretching well beyond 20/20 five point Zack please act. And to maintain the present future balance of makes more sense to use hate order Irving is the centerpiece for any Leonard like that ball does not appear inclined to go that route at least not now the spurs steal letter they should enter full rebuild mode. And chase picks and younger players anyway right also that extra frown on a Boston defense featuring brown lettered in Horford is. Nasty ones spicy meatball and waited to our defense. Zach we'll put that it says there I think they would be they would they'd be competing local state an angle state might break up and a year and it's even if you lose Leonard your team is still in a position. To compete for a title for the next couple years to be sold boring insult lame. Any chance to stand pat. And resist urges I actually found that because that's got a straight out on the is available to the one that into the no brainer in the spurs are gonna say OK but as a player I icing get more from the spurs side. In the celtics' side the spurs truly -- it completely rebuild which. Who knows what should rather get let's com's and Rome and maybe Randall assigned trade would rather deal with the lakers even though we don't wanna give Carlin at what he want that's not snicker often out of athletic build and purity conference where. You without than with why Leonard you're probably not. That they in the top two next year. With class Leonard healthy player who's I want the spurs RC in Pittsburgh I hear you said the Ingram Laker deal who didn't get where people's lives are but what was that put them. I have some good young players are gonna fit in the Western Conference which should but won't happen and I Akron at that point when she is terrible thing down that's why that they kinda are aquos said he did get the licorice and you get all the lakers players that you'd be you'd be pretty bad maybe you trade Aldridge in another deal. And then your value tank for a year into the sub 210 for a year and then you're back out. And next thing you know you may be you get some future picks. Which would Leonard it would Aldridge and you try to model it after the Celtics where you'll miss the playoffs for a year older guys have with the Celtics pick if you tree are truly are getting a and bottle pick they want is that your next year but if you're out if you're getting it. In a future number ones one of which is gonna be next year or Sacramento a year after that potentially top ten largest outside the top ten with Sacramento. That's it that's a pretty good way to rebuild too if you think that terror rosier when these guys can meet someone you're gonna build us or if that's my point is though and I are talking about a player a Terry rosier. Yahoo! Sally or Ingram and charisma or even want the ball even though another rate hits on the ball but it is one year in the league wasn't terrible. Those are better players. Then what in that fake Celtics traded as Jalen brown offsets that then it swings back towards the Celtics British amateur rosier. I'd much rather have pal who's Marbury and Ingraham. Yes I it's it's fair I just don't know if that see that need those guys are talented enough where they might not be able to completely go Fulham tank. The Celtics packaged nicely like I even wonder if pop that out of the doctor about public driving like copper to not worry built the year any real hardware though he could you know he has a he brought his way he's one of the and the biggest fraud yes. In recent Boston sport of oddly pleased Larry Rivers if ever they featured designers on go to it he bleeds it leads green until the team is now feeling at the bottom of the Eastern Conference again. So. I I got to believe that Popovich has a similar sort of set up like he goes so that the spurs offenses. What makes. Untoward in in my career he's got to be. It is six sincerity he sees much more concerned now about social issues in our country that he does it doesn't it on the NBA anywhere and so president I can see that as being an issue for now Popovic. And make this arteries. She's maybe this spurs think art will we're gonna have to trade this guy and why does not wanna be here. We need to get back any and now you do this. A ready made star now. Arnold that deal's going to be out there or not the pop Mitch might maybe once the the bed the next closest I apply it to her no idea where Smart Yahoo! sell is not it but that is not gonna get it done that to be yet that is exactly the that's the opposite of public trying to win right now and I wanted to pop it looks the Western Conference in Houston and sees those guys that look out. While Leonard I have a nice team right. Then again it is a bit top heavy though the Western Conference now it's not as crazy difficult to make the playoffs is difficult to compete we've. Gold state entities in states together was above it all goes into account would mean the LeBron could change things do or LeBron going to LA potentially with collide Leonard they make that field elect a different city and here's the other. Is this these weird. Think golf quietly and likes to hear that servers and quiet in an absolute date this entire time you gonna give what he wants to trade in LA. Or against say will take a lesser package that to make eagle place on routes for years I think that's that they would this isn't the only well. At abolished and a much what they want unless the lakers offer is sought out better that you have to do it for the organization you can't despite while Leonard and take the worst deal brawn with LeBron gets to make that tree LeBron makes that deal makes that movement. But pop which is even the public likes LeBron he's not gonna wanna say collared. Rule and he dealer entire season this year we thought we had a a decent team but he didn't wanna play nice forcing a trade. Edward is gonna just will give what he wants the other priorities I Gilroy told me last night that there are hot they move up and get one of these Euro players I feel it that smoke I want them to stand patent and at its Salinas of link yet possible to just wait and take a nice flair is funny seven best available at literally. Go to figure. Get a drafted stash goat takes an Italian and European allies Ohio and we are going to be with him plan's roster anyway next year it might probably an awesome guys. That's what I wanna see that usually played the soaring the now Leo he did play. Vanilla yogurt take a nice that's violence he what do you want tomorrow like if you're gonna be off the air at seven you'll be home relaxing watching that the draft I am reliable what do what do you want to see them do more now believe it or not when you I just you know it's true though because I wanna similarly or urged people to hit. It out of the Irving and Hayward Tatum brown and corporate I wanna see those guys play together. Our I'd like to seek Weiler get traded somewhere and agility it you know spice it up a little bit and you know that the more chaos from the league I think it's just better it's more interesting. But for the Celtics. First time in awhile you know just just take a guy their season was so hard for any do that. Yeah so what did not want that big all night. That last year your report at like nine. We had here at British taxes would say if the players about this year yet the one pick. He's going to be easily bored out of his mind Ryan Russell said today two teams and hearing the most aggressive to get the top ten. Celtics and clippers. I'm that would over the clippers could easily get to top ten bit twelve of thirteen right now it would take the Celtics what rosier and a pick and another future pick. Mean their death this year plus rosier plots his right other one when he said that one's going forward so could rosier and two point seven move you up how many spots. Maybe move your. And I don't think you're gonna move up in the top fifteen a much react that I'm not top the Beckham looked when he slots because of the heroes here that's why I mean these woods were easier. 27. And still. We went out and obviously you don't want parlance that's that's only telling examples I'd displacing people you don't wanna deal that Brooklyn tech last year did you. Which ended up being the APEC you've got collide you've got he got carrier yeah. He was under contract for couple years couple collide while Leonard is under is under contract for essentially six months every two. Bought the whole ziglar. Outfit on the icy for the athletes. Gotten for a season you'd carry for two that's all you're guaranteed two years carries a decline ten months I think that don't Wear but the months title of the season he got one full season one season. US senate and had their odds and then you have a 33 weeks Tyreke libel sake we re they could they can rarely like awesome really really put the city ramble about the culture. We loved it Linear format players and then got to dump they were and I got a Smith and that Rick is more person for sellout out of this terrible electorate to be a little over the cap. So slightly over arts that we are super boring we both want them to sit back and you aptly nothing tomorrow that there was any age you sit on his hands of the big book that big names that they've been like. Halfway linked to our Mo Bom ba and look at Don it's. We wanted to drive to be honest. Obama could be great fine amount. It's like the big man draft and I think we've seen in the NBA over the last several years Buehrle needed treatment. Outlets are always on our big men like it that the idea more the idea that Erin means community help them for long stretches this year if that at that big guy can help you. You don't have to go spend big draft capital on. I'm a big man I'd like warriors the warriors big matter JaVale McGee and Zaza Pachulia of the two I prefer docket because he seems to have more I don't know unknown. So prop. Upside he's got out while down a contract on going to be doing draft should Marxist wife Lee wing span David wingspan up sign. Potential. Three indeed. Off the ball player he do all things any to practice and really get the missing cops got to have come serrated Yahoo! is comp honestly I believe it's heating Turkoglu. Did you speak at Cox and Tony Kukoc the jury Michael Porter junior's quote bodies comps yankees on the the Asia if you thought about sand like. He's a more aggressive Kevin Durant and a better shooting yeah honest. I am confident I heard take outs that Michael Porter track of him he and was avoid the draft zero and the topic right based on what they said yeah. Obey and getting some dialogue season or maybe get some value so I ask you which you guys wanna see Danny Ainge duke and a lot of people wanna see. The big trade wanna see trade up for. Look at Dodgers they wanna see triple A by the letters they want Obama. I expect they see eight Obama called there. He'd be good to know which maybe is as I'm not sure 6177797937. The photo we start theirs were what when he. Five hours or so away from the NBA draft which for the Celtics from the pick standpoint now a lot of buzz with quite Leonard and LeBron and the NBA offseason drama we saw last year. The NBA offseason is. Becoming one of the better all seasons sports I think it's about given the drama betting its war the number one so that's a legit story will be talking about that as much as the subject to get a ticket 27. Two and east ticket 27 tomorrow so what do you wanna CD any age do not only two more right to trap this offseason. What is the goal 46177797937. Boston Globe wondering today still fun to be a patriots fan. After all these years we'll get to that as well luck and keep until seven that would get shepherds 725. When Red Sox pregame here WE yeah she'll never stops on Twitter follow along. Had much WEEI. On Sports Radio WEEI. Lot of nights we're trying to get WEEI average three theories will catch up and a Red Sox pregame at 725. By tomorrow night during the draft seven channel beer alongside John bossy. I'm labeled as an NBA draft show Celtics trash like I guarantee we have doing a lot of NBA all season Celtics Austin's stuff so if you don't wanna sit there and both the process of who these guys taken a lot of fans don't know we spending most of our night talking about the Celtics their moves and obviously make a move. Will be all over but say they sit at 27 will be very much a carrier being. Coli Leonard the Indians offseason show with your phone calls all night long and hard during the NBA draft beginning. At 7 o'clock COLT following Dylan Keefe that's right here WE yeah there were the real post game show guess who ex all it's Red Sox went to a red zone it's a sound echoes in the report sell them on huge game get away dad's feet. And the road trip shirt on a good note the try to do tonight with the 88 hung apostle starting tonight with the NBA and your call 6177797937. Dave in a caller ID. Did it sound great great cellphone day. He's sarcastically that's really a shame. Seems like he wanted to but Obama bowl but it father as what the if they want but Obama or his brother my Obama what they're after they'll be trading well into the upper part of the top ten draft you at wingspan is sure do like wings on venue like mobile Hamas. As an eight footer no losses are monster my Obama and it is rob Bradford he's trying to will trade from Obama into existence a couple of offensively terrier rosier like the number eight and known as we once again and says all right poppy articles slapping that they are not it's gonna take more than terrorists here in 27 to get into the top ten we both agree on I would yes that would nothing radically because you drafting there and and bombed as your guy you probably think that he's a franchise player Terrence here's a nice count the player. He's not a franchise seven foot nine wing span. Non aggressive. Do we think that position is really I don't power forward also who can score is that necessity NB I don't know if you can score I'm also late. So won his comps obviously will be yet again this Eiffel Tower or the French rejection. Rudy go there. The new Rudy go there he's not sure my spying but you don't need it really don't know nice to have you get her blocks and shot other people relevant around him. Overprotective. I would attack on. Not slot shots of the third row not for organizations opted net gonna caution to give him not right in Paris sit there sure drought if you. If they had if the lakers were as bad as we were all hoping that it that it would be in you're picking 2345. And I'll take a big guys is the guy available put. Must have I could do that in this draft that that really high up. Let's talk to Kevin and New Hampshire what he wants to see tomorrow night with a draft and the Celtics like him. Thank god what's that. I think that it penetrate and not be that they play L you know yet helped hurt the team so much hype around. Bringing Gordon Hayward ended up higher greed and any you don't players develop. Everything around that they felt. Without actually being there and even our unit I think the people I can change it. Think it there's too much I would that help you hurt me you know until you actually be true. Great to do it that. Yeah out when you I wanna see the team as is but Hillary is why these conversations in the coming up. Is because one. Kohl eyeliner is available but never thought it would have been available a year ago look before you played this season I played nine games. You win the bodies available samarra carrier ring a couple of years ago you would have thought he was available what Somali guys are did in India with Irving you know widget nobody was available and I don't know rare happen all the wreck before that number because that's when he wandered out -- at the list of teams is that the spurs suns Nixon and the Celtics were not on that official bed early got to secondary list or whatever and then he was OK without her here her team's unlikely for now I'll go play for the Celtics. So while there is available so if a player as a top five or top ten player in the league and they're available as much as the stand pat probably makes cents. Well for Danny Ainge might take a look and see what it would cost you. So that's one of the reasons I hear a couple of the reasons requires a big part number two it just seems like they have. All these extra pieces right it feels like they over achieve this year. And so one's expecting we can't come back the exact same roster. Unity got all this extra year where these guys gonna be keep hearing what they gonna play where they gonna play in Gillibrand back to the bench has got the bench and what are these guys who started last year. Are going to be ot have different roles and in 20182019. That's part example this capital will open player and pick the trade and the other recent. Is it Danny Ainge. If this were not the any change there would be nowhere near as much bonds. About what the Celtics were going to do because Danny Ainge has his I history. Of making moves and not standing pat for the most part so you're right why Leonard's the first part of it. But because they have so many assets that to movement and pieces to play with and the guy with the chess pieces is known to make moves that's adding to the conversation. Yeah how exactly you can't rule anything out with a range you know if he has all he has the ability whoever wants now you might not agree with it but because he has good picks he has good young players and he has player's number eight. All star players as well. He's got more nobody else has that other teams have really good players like gold state or other teams have good picks like always bad teams. And some teams have good young players they're who has the combination it's probably just the Celtics. Let's talk to Mike in Malden the Celtics and their drafted Mike. These auditing your dorm determinant. I am all it. On mobile partner. Moblog injured. Yeah about I don't know I beat a variety arts voice that and so that's fairly that's a realistic wanted to point seven. Wanted to one player council and have him is one of the guys they brought into K okay at some point or need keys to the draft. That's a great idea mark thanks for asking Garvin we might just have to do I know what out he's for the draft tomorrow. Tomorrow tomorrow. Probably schedule now so people can set their alarms. What time though I thought Heidi now on the analysts and one month. If your time while you're just arrange -- can you do in the money the money are sometimes 56. Walk it's on the money our. Advocates are still clubs okay devoted hopper another group the I don't know. You know there's Red Sox game or not there will be working at the earlier by the journal world tour not matter. One here player compliment scared away from Mo on there Keith Keith is about the keys key leadership know what back. Or for big events like the NBA draft which is tomorrow night. If you want we can take it you can played their New York portions. The mother died August. 5 sounds pretty definitely do that so ball Wagner to wanna hear player. Here on your. But the whole show remarks and player on people don't know anybody see get at their accounts up there a dramatic and a here's what is this like they ran the ran. Its course and back. Don't know that it is the player comfort mode phone. No I just think you know we really miss Cali like this year he had a pretty good year for Miami Vice and he killed assault it's not one but he's the guy. We your team is not really good. Kelly a Linux looks like a really good player AA looks awkward still put Al Alberts reporting what a yeah right here bat he's he's hit in three yeah Gary I'll probably watch those guys really good. But when he you have I eat really really good team RJ RY this year they don't want him he's he's and that is a nice. Obama and me. He got a lot of money. Unit from Miami 61777979. To 37 before number what you want to the Celtics do tomorrow respect as he Danny Ainge do. Earlier draft itself but in a on this offseason we all these pieces of the moving ships to get trapped picks that are looming you got a bunch young players you've barked at their deals are coming up he got a player market Sparta veteran player. On whose deal is up. What you wanna see tomorrow and he'll see we expect to see it 6177797937. In the Boston Globe once again becomes the patriots. The last question they never asked about the Boston Red Sox so they're asking the question today. It's still fun to be patriots. Will get to that in your calls money at night rules. Follow along on Twitter with a month after month got a EI and rich actually 21 now more money cheap plug Sports Radio WEEI. Aspect of football where you can you tell yourself yeah outside the box I just saying. The nature anyways there's a fear based organization obviously do they win hell yes and women want for a long time to other people enjoy it has to say I had a lot of fun playing there. No I don't Wear it messes got our rosters are they successful what woman go to interviews they had lied. Robots. Segal play Johnson with the Elkhart lake city guys big cat and if the lot of nights Sports Radio WEEI by now they heard that sound it's. I kicked off some of the other players who came forecast he's martian get paid to tell them random guys he had no bonding sock. Would wanna play for them. But they keep winning excelled at that's been one theme of the Celtic beat the Celtics the patriots offseason on a play for the patriots is that as a player or two wanna play there. Date and offer our ass today at still fun to be patriots fan all the success that has come. A sense of inevitability that is drained a joy. I'm so much of the process. He says but it at the back and forth has emerged the question for those who are being paid to put up with it. Is it still fun to be a patriots fan base on the premise that winning respond by nature the affirmative should be an easy answer and has been in the past often. It would be easy to pick a favorite among that had them in the championships but it is it still is on what winning is no longer rig goal but a mandate. In one Super Bowl or bust expectations seem to have sap the joy. From sold much of the process these days finally the patriots soul. Delineation between success and failure is a championship and that way it's difficult draw satisfaction. From small victories. On. I guess I'm not surprised given the offseason that this is being written and I'm certainly not surprised it's coming from the the Boston Globe which has this weird track record of writing things about. The patriots in patriot players that on my mind they would never ever write about the Boston Red Sox for example I think the Boston Globe would never ever ever. Digging into David Ortiz is charitable foundation. But David Ortiz golf classic Porsche and a looking into is every dollar spent their correctly and how to they spend anywhere basic goal. Who gets paid to go where you would never ever ever see that a page of the globe. When it comes to Brady best buddies all all of that that's now fair game similar tack but this. It's been a crazy offseason I get it but the Red Sox at some crazy couple of Aussie and your last decade not once I don't think. Would the global were written it's still fun to be a Red Sox fan lunatic crazy double standard exists at that news. And if anything and I have anything at that Red Sox fan has had more of a change in who wouldn't want. They are we are after winning you know for Alexandria threats have only read. It. I the first 1920 years of my life is just the scene will never win ever ever ever real reform next eight next year's the year in next year's the year and they winner awaited and it. What is this what is this feeling where's the pitchers that just differently or have built their of the history playing in the 1910. Sleeping or playing the and it's just completely different thing. And I think the better question or the more obvious question would be a very sick of the soap opera back to be one whole storyline or like Tommy Curran wrote. But midway through this year. Hey ya I wanna really cherish this because this isn't gonna last forever that you should really enjoy. The next year. 23 we don't know what it is he better enjoy it not are you sick of winning it's insane to me sick of winning. Or blow or rooting for a winner the stress that comes elected these costs of this all and that's good in denial for your rights this morning you said it's all or nothing mentality is still fun when yes it's fun because I Mac it's all on Al's big for patriot fans but I house because it is eight. As a fan of a team I would rather that team the expectations be. You know championship. Verses we are playing for nothing this year and to coach football team. It's might be more stressful. And yet there's let may be their big the gains in cells become more stressful and because you're expected to win a when you lose you must be a national story and all that stuff. But it's much better to be have that have not made a small that's only the NFL where. If you have a star quarterback you're having you're in the mix if you don't. You might as well not exist in the sport yet you mean by on your you're not you're not relevant if you know the star quarterback released an upper Ashe one guy people think can win a playoff and it is positive it is fun to root for an underdog and so 01 was unbelievable once that happens once you breakthrough not gonna happen anymore. So the differences yeah the regular seasons are going to be the most important thing are gonna live and die with a week five game because you know if they lose they can make up for they're gonna make the playoffs. You'd rather have that you'd rather just pencil the team into the divisional round. Then have a team go 88 in your freaking out about it they're gonna make the playoffs to Slaton get waxed by a team like the patriots come playoff tee to me it's fondly Gaza fan. Be fun to think the rest of the league thinks my coach Bill Belichick. Has this red are back like aura yet over game by game that you have so much real estate on the opposing them and bases. An opposing coaching staff listened to the pitches radio broadcasts opposing fine layers. Like you all of that much. On land in their brains that's fun that that happens once in I don't know. A full forty year fifty year span in sports where somebody's so good a coach is so good to the star always taping it must be doing some. That's fun yeah does that doesn't happen very off ball well and I think and again. Patriots fans are of all ages and there's a certain age that remembers on the team was bad or terrible for that and awful on the worst teams is not not on television. Like one out fifteen teachers that gold Foxboro Stadium so I also understand overall there's a younger demo that only knows the winning like if you're under thirtieth well that's it or he just our Brady mean Robert Bledsoe anymore it's just it's just Brady so a that's a little bit different. But not mean. That that question or the title that article was is still fun it's great it's the best Q what other team would you wanna root for in the NFL. This close again I would say. It's always fun to root for wit her write me and that's that the expression that you don't see the you don't have. Have to be bandwagon guy either this is your team you're you're doing good group as the pictures fair this is your team they happen to be the best. Great you don't you're not looking for a that was this team was knighted savvy and and it just making the playoffs was a win what's that no you don't that's. Fun you want but the goal should be Super Bowl and realistically for the patriots it has been. Every year for its eighteen years since since Brady became Brady yeah it's been. The goal and even then at least get that he won three Super Bowls before he was the greatest of all time. Like you guys are all yeah yeah it was very very good obviously he was team manager he wasn't fifty touchdowns this season Tom Brady or winning multiple MVP he's robbery. That's where he is now and so you have that valuable you know two years ago they win that they. The so when they came back from two point eight to three and one the first overtime gamers like one too much. Fund are lots Beckett out a lot of fun of pretty enjoyable. Thought I just I was at. Guess I should have been taken aback but this is now a couple of these and and I'm sure I'm missing one as well now where the globe takes a different angle when covering the patriots. They do the Boston Red Sox and and it's just with one of these things where. You know I don't think necessarily that they get. In some beneficial treatment because John Henry owns ball I don't think there's some edict only John Henry is. Keeping track of all the the red hot stories honest I don't idol but I Shaughnessy wrote the article but David Price last year it was like you know this guy a chance he would never write that you kinda odd ad that analysts add that the list but that again that's a columnist. Wright who is also at that time tube to be fair. It was something again as always done which is when the entire city of Boston going left yeah. What makes standing at call us and going columnists at the browser with a generator. He goes right. Like to eat and that was when you've Marion Barry and Barry well anyway the one guy town defending and you ought to his credit you know you know that dot opposed we're a little bit stupid but no but to his credit the article which he was the woman gave us all the info about president personally yes I was hitting majority could he broke that's the exactly. So even though that the puff piece for price was it was on at least he did sort of the reason why some people hate don't price being is because of the day and they just at times it seems to be kinda anti Brady anti Petri feel you needed that'll that'll come this in my mind as it reader James and a car waiting patiently 617779. 7937. Hijackers. Oh my god I got out the switch you back out the back appreciate it but our draft a light golf. BJ Bruce brown they eat pretty penny a local caddies are quick bill. Birdie or two he's a nice player that they also are great talent. Just 'cause at bat a bat in the draft we'll get ready guys Alec bat. So look out those old Abdullah. I I I think and one of the preakness yeah I think grace and Allen Chris announced an area the ringer had the Celtics taking grace and talent when he says there I think you'd be their late Bruce brown of using projected as the second round panicky to probably get him Indiana town with the Celtics again recently and guys report that last couple of those maybe I'll say grace and Allen and we tuchman duke players yesterday a -- is what are you going to be classic the player but he why are you gonna be pretty good you on refuse and hate all duke player like him except Jason Tatum and carrier ring. On forgot her. That ever came on your sector for. Four games would do all can account but you view the event as big of a sudden he's got a mother at duke where you stood on this soapbox last night explain the ones you don't like he went on the entire list a two part Parker to ever think about race and Allan is he's the probable player on a lot he's out of like day apart typical duke Q what it's gone so far the other way with hand like every Arizona so David Price a little bit out right. But he's he's actually a really good player he worked for over NBA and I each. He was going to be like are about one and under the two when Don. He would like a lottery ticket you get stated school and any cap hurt his stock by being an idiot. He's a good player so he he made the pale what he negotiated pretty yet I I. When he does do you mean to get all their college just hits every open three ads there. And it can score so that he ticket about it if dump on people tuned it Danny Ainge got to collect guys who are he does on the deed the deep parts out there he's out there but. Guy's gonna open three to score if if they took semi social as a defensive stopper last year and thought this year. We want an offensive guy who's going to be in that that second unit. And get open shots when he's playing a terrorist here. He. He would fit that mold but aims lone death defense of guys. But it took a wrong well here's Tony Allen. Our markets are all even rosier he became a better off than you earn an average to good offensive player Jason Tatum yeah now I'm. Because of more Jalen brown these other guys who sort of defense forgive enough defense first loves the defense of technical office show on is in a car we'll get him in. I'll forward it's out here racial. They've got ready imminent yeah I want you to tell me guys we're already talked about it it's just you know the same as it has been this whole. That's. Eric day. They need some and the talk about some then you know I don't know. She typical show yes it until. Police said but at a Los reunited dazzled in law may be both ways cart people they make themselves feel better by saying the pats are having fun. Right they're like hey look at me your little angels and says they can click. I'll we'll see you tomorrow post Red Sox yet probably Mitt. Over some keys keys sometime between 407 tomorrow I can't promise you the exact time but somewhere in that window fairness. He's in the draft who met him on. Missed that. So that Hamas is that two coming up David Price cannot get out of has only eve when he's pitching well the last year. Iraq and his pitching well Dennis accuracy thing and now. The other one of these type of things that makes people wonder. What makes this guy tick we get the David Price next.