Mut at Night - MLB trade deadline rumors - 7-16-18

WEEI at Night
Monday, July 16th
In the final hour, Villani and Reimer ponder the possibilities of the impending MLB trade deadline, and what the Red Sox might want to do, and what the have the ability to do, as well as rumors surrounding a potential Manny Machado trade to the National League. They also discuss a variety of different dating apps, and their varius merits.

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He's much at night on Sports Radio tell you. We EI. How much of Bonny river here. 61777979837. Phone number the only two people at the street station justice. Shortest means that is correct yes. Textile wants you to go hang out at him and his girlfriend. I've read. Kinda girlfriend can't listen WEEI unless I'm on that must be attacked. Let's be attacked now they Yankee means except but he also the text are also says it'll be worth your while. Yeah almost sounds suggested thanks very sad it's suggestive or subjective or subject what is that it's subjective thing I think it's abject and I know you know I am I'm intrigued by actors I'm intrigued by the danger okay the danger you get a shot. The blog about it KG is meant only I can put on FaceBook now works on the chat with Brad found the this other guys actually sponsor. Probably not now helping to sponsor is angrily texting and radio station ever know. You never now you sit there are some homophobic things and to. In the attacks one. Was sport what we're gonna sign here a borderline. They'll blitz attacks like the tenth time but you always are not we have different text line pass strategies I sent it off and look at it during breaks it's entertainment and I keep it up you weighs in on and I'm looking at me quite understand what I want yankees texting in Ballard's over and over again. We seven can't explain it means he text every night because I've been here before and looked at the same tax the same guy though you say on the lazy eating your member in the phone numbers. You see that text often a has been out at keywords for something for content they want us wherever it went I think this guy where the contest it he's either definitely going to win or definitely not gonna wind of these I the only one playing or you detecting the wrong thing. But that doesn't it meal culminated calmly that the excitement the male male theme. Well and excite me I quote it will be worth you alliance does excite me. In his late at the C a far away he lends some think it would 61 seminary code perfect hagel on the monetary your sexual. Only two options this planet I would prefer the former TV studio he had grandma not even close enough. Tennis even at Wal-Mart that are Red Sox and it seeing as we outlook towards the post seasonal Steve. Steve. Steve you have to turn your radio down out of put him on hold yet I put models you would click the answer again. Kind and you click on image. Out there and tested it out there and I and Elliot he's night and screen yet he's acted. Elliot yeah. Got I got to guide welcome to December. Among here you are Eliot. We don't know we're doing here and obviously. She read out yup yet no but Burgess the screeching voice right into your ears let's go and on. Now a mad man comrade my eye you caught us where you're riding your bike. It's only here exercising sound right does and he's only he's just probably going downhill they're going downhill. Now you're you're. Not really. Cute but I. Now is it what is is a dangerous spiking in the darkness calling us. And Alienware buy you safety McCain that directs the dark roads were named a street lights to be stationary bike. But I've ever gonna beat partner Chris Carter who would kill me. War even on the show. Why. Packers is supportive of all of our town that to be the I disagree back regularly. Now and more yet count your town it. Is on top of this love it would did you sort. I'm safety director. Kirk strips. They'll say oh you're you're in charge of people's safety calling us why you're riding a bike on the dark streets of main. There's a Marty Elliott's. I have I have light on my bicycle. It. The other sports pointed to make you it's like on jobless finishing your bike ride. You've you've got on the radar air regular. Puzzle on instinct yeah I am regretting and that's why we're not gonna probe any further there's only so much that it didn't you want to now that you wanted specifics about Chris Curtis he says he's not support or did you react talent. Yeah I agree I did you think he's very support I don't I'm Lonnie did but he I didn't I didn't you simultaneously put someone on hold that was on there and took someone who had its green and put him and I had no idea but. Give to others that nick didn't didn't like it and I could hear magician behind I tried and I got that call to Reese immediately. Block of assistance as to why I'm sorry you do. A clue is credible well tries even have on again analyst Steve. Hey I don't I don't guy you yeah Steve you. Yeah. Now I'm in a great call them that yeah I mean absolutely in the you know that I Texaco to check in on what connects so aren't apparent that a policy that originally went so it on me you know whatever that I like to let it get it starter somebody at all and you know on the Nike is pretty good when you know without a lineup a couple holes out and definitely. But he in the rotation or somebody but it's absolutely. We would you give up to get back guy. Yeah I mean. You know I didn't slide you know I mean I averaged you know what it's all right that I know everybody and are really not a connect article is what not but you know on a highly picked up a little I mean he. But he he he may never leaving clever way you want a trade Dustin Pedroia starting what I think would you. So it's a giant you know I've been here. Sending it mean I had docket a rocket in Iowa Pretoria I think he's done. We're we're we're not not Internet speed we're not booing you the reason you think. If you could trade Dustin Pedroia efforts starting pitcher right now. I would absolutely do it no questions asked by EU he may never play again at this rate is he he's gonna worry about cities career. And what team is going to give up anything for Dustin Pedroia right now. I did at the pad I don't know what the team was sent it fifteen minutes to. In debt Latin and that's how are you don't like you look at that picture I mean victorious still exists. How dry the larger he's cities are dirty and her. I was that would add it by sending it but it was. At least it would take it out. Only take a chance in question. Now I think I have a better chance of moving on from lakes why heart and getting something effort for him at least he's 26 years earlier that now the people are on my side. They want to starting pitch like we getting to I want starting pitching to get sick get the second part of that conversation. Take it to the next level. Okay you want starting pitching Allen starting pitching to what are you willing to give up to get. Blake's wire improper is it is a part of the package of game one how good is Esther it's starting pitcher. Is Scott. Her not Cobb actually that's a waste of time are buried and our hearts and Chris archer. Like which I'm not kidding Michael Travis here or Michael share our Michael Seamus. Not devers obviously while Jackie Jackie Bradley may be you deal Jackie Bradley. Can play JD Martinez in the outfield more often you know Steven pierce here is well thought it DH more imperious Moreland. Neary. Has the right. A tight terms this is pretty bleak especially the upper levels so you would opt to take. Often made it so unclear if you're TI you've got a guy with just hypothetically played out but it's archer you get Tampa Ares got archer if you champ he's got its cost controlled now for another few years when he won you know. By the way he's opens when he when he when you're you're willing to swap one cost controls guy for another pitcher for an underperforming. Outfielder. And Blake's Y hard is it added sweetener to get that deal done do you think that is realistic now probably still I mean I'm very realistic IK you're so let's again get back to part two of the we both want more pitching we agree on how you do. Involve a third team ups are you willing to deal route feel that personally that that conversation not Chris archer and now nobody would it be anybody short of the ground. What's aground contract this point. Problem is been around a few years on and everything underground India were grabbing different conversation he's on a different level you have the ability to re sign him. I don't know how realistic it is that he's going to be avail Tony that when he won by Atlanta ground Yasser why I I. The agency anything he wants why would the Mets make that move right now. Again because he didn't amount to hold out well what's he gonna do every year closer to free agency his night it's worse. If you're on the gonna keep one of those guys cinder guard horde to ground. But if he were a year away from lock year if you're this season you're getting him for how your rental plus the season. I would say okay are gonna get much more value lie again this year than you would deal in the next year. You've got multiple seasons after the season. Where he he's under control but talk though it's just there's not a sense bird off their for the Mac obviously though the packets are two devers Mets have an awful awful so you can say devers yeah that's fair value you're gonna replace atop their teaching dying gets a 21 year old who could potentially. Beat the middle of your lineup for years to come. The potentially but he you know do we get at the height of his value he's on the DL for one. And I think most will look at and Eliot conduct but ways on child excellent I'll be sure to get him right this is still riding into the front of the Q all right is it more native went on to the Elliot from Maine but in just I didn't write back on the air you know sometimes give a call as good as Elliott did you bypass the screening process and time to adjust to rates at the end we have to talk about riding your bike. The dark streets and I don't care you have lights on your bike that is dangerous and needs a safety coordinator is not dangerous. Yeah power to ride in talk on the phone in the dark. I don't write and talk on the phone a rat in the dark in a don't rides at night we tents in the right in the dark but I I don't now under the while some are divided by training rides in the middle of the day. The sun baking heat ninety degrees and the more what's your biker outfit the of the whole spandex. Yet. Yeah bike shorts like shorts if you're gonna bike or at 607080 miles you you're gonna want to know where cargoes that. And I teens excited comfortable after one. That's cited a couple of after which backs and phone calls here Jane Fall River on the Red Sox starting pitching like Jack. On course you don't. Two bags so. So La base while offer I mean it be nice to see it Jake arm like a major economic yet gallery all ordered as they act like a matchup. We're goddess bottom line is you on grants and seeing the line is the strike zone is scene on a lot cities and rocket AAA right now. We got we needed it and now we most that's neat that's not ready right now that. I I read this to parity does. I don't know but light on is and only got a thirty million dollar choke artists was probably in the ball and so we actually in east side as. The price can mean the ball if he's healthy and be crazy. But you know what it really does all come down to David Price does it not to be tried speedway a little bit from priced at the piling on and can't get all by. That's when it comes downtown you have give Dick you're confident in David Price and a big game. We'll be taking any eighty starting pitching said that from the start that even before any of the issues in seasons of popped up at David Price. That he's the swing got this entire Red Sox season if he is. What they thought they were getting when they invested 217 million dollars in him then you know World Series contender if he's not how did you do. And that's in large part because how good the other teams are the Yankees are masters especially. A Jack to be the Americana I don't watch it comes back to as they weren't the last couple playoff series you can't win at the starting pitching doesn't keep you in the games and it's on an obvious point but Chris Sale was awful in game one priced imports are awful against Cleveland in this lineup you've noted that that while. Had no chance they're in such an early hole. Imagine JA happ. He's been on recently stinks I race definitely thinks 125 runs in his last Eid starts old no thank you I mean that's. That's got to move you can probably pull off though you you have the assets to get checked out. This cannot be feeling better I'd rather I'd take my chance Nazi Brian Johnson. I mean given the price. I almost feel that way about archer for this particular sees that they'd given about archer he's been jam out. But he's also just some pitching well and also his peripherals I was doing in my research is not awful is that. All of this. Newton three point 79 that's good that's what Jerry said what's a good fit. That is it easier against that as again DR Deb Wheeler reporting in that look at the same thing on what point you're at a league average that. The don't you have to you put a Staten context yes egg three point F dip. If I'm correct. Is what you're ER a would be if you if you take out the variables or Jimmy you are be that I. I know it's one of these statistics like so many others like a guy true ARA adds it's designed to take in the locker chance or happenstance out of why they're playing softball now under amateur it's happening here. On all of the kids or get your chance to any. It's red stickers and he and he locked or Ortiz out of baseball put everybody back Hume here's what they will be short but is it it is they indicator apologized actually pitching when you strip plucked from the equation. So art Jersey areas north for gas but he's really pitching making guys that you are in the threes and also you'll understand nests. 86 strikeouts in eight or enix district in mourning got earning an easier swing and miss stuff better than one strikeout per inning swing this stop all the funds today. If that that and it's a fantastic and they do it off Michael in Bridgewater are told on Blake's wife aren't alone Michael. I would do and I don't think. I don't think we can try to slow old. Transpire make no sense right now because you don't know investor is going to be back. And then you get what you look Leo can't be a look at some roster and there's auctions and problems and stuff like that so what do you bring out in what what do. He's not playing out Michael Blakey barely plays but somebody else happy on the rockets and catch. Fast schedule but only on the DL error. Five or six days or I think five games are art call one any place first he. He's like two of the five days that that has been on the deal I think you've got to play more we help Leo that is every single day. And it's our bet is get back into gat has been done and that is gonna have to get every bit as and in less. I'd get it and not playing but trading him far. The value is there anything where it's going to be a team you're gonna get a picture of them matter beat anybody Elliot wore and it. I am on with Michael I I don't see the value for Blake's why heart I know you'd make the argument he's a classic change of scenery guy but yes practical standpoint. Somebody else has yet to catch. On the roster only of the jade and lives up to the 31 basket as the ideal I am I happy how. Vasquez we'll be back ideally before the trade deadline comes about but. The second part of his point there is the one night. Really agreement is the value. Part I don't know the place wires and a valued do you think he does I mean on united a senator Trenton breaks my heart for anything of consequence of value but I think he's a good sweetener because he was a top prospect as the years ago Blake's why aren't we hearing on this why I Bradley junior centered. Deal is enough to get you. They are starting pitching. Tell you like. There we may we may agree he may be not to get too JA happ right six what 77797937. Eliot Maine still on hold this did not this is a teaser there you guys on talk about it. Is what's the chat I these loans desolate convert somebody it's octaves though it will let jet title between now at 10 o'clock sports hernia WB yeah. That's a more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. A point nine you don't have to ADD. I'm not gonna be able to pay attention for an entire game. I get bored easily. Walk off. You know. Go on my phone and starts lightning on bumble and although it's on eating out I'm going to get bored and eventually do something else when there's nothing happening or when it takes. 45 seconds for some crap relief pitcher with a five. ER rates would just his you know once and see attitude back he's cheerleader back to him what pitch to Vlad and all that backe. All my guy. Puts on the tenth now. Eight DD waiver pilot. They play at the beginning part of that again to at least eight deep deep. A two point seniors have eight DD AG today AV WNBC. MA DD. Fumble. It's like madame bumble that's what I'm bumble. I don't fumble it's. It's a great people up we don't have to negate I was gonna say it's. Sexual dating out although they do they BFF function and on now bumble where you can meet others of the same gender seats all great friends or. Tender community wanted to buddies you can look analyst and then tunes I define your friends on. And that Israel and this and I I am very happy not to ratchet that laughs yeah I had some friends on tender their dates that did not work out. We became friends after a significant other Frontline guys together initially to find them as different not are hoping that they were now Anthony met somebody out there elder Matic partner now you might have been gradually friends on. Dating well it's strange you think Eliot Maine might. What's our what are you until you get talked Patrick all right 10 o'clock that stature or it's in. Detected an hour and now depend on 9 o'clock. I'm very happy that every single dating. To get your relationship right so when you were single not to have David you have them in years and I did and they're not so I'm. Could get rid of them. Bites I'll be happy. Well it is Graf grinder and it's what its growth. Make that an up now it's an and a curve for me you know Harry eyes. I can't let myself I suppose out tests when I was in New York actually a crowd want one Tennessee in near being beat. And the one who own air beam beach he started dating. And it was called cheek. Which an assembly seats that's why she innocently. The part I'll find ways that was people were in relationships and wanted to cheek. Now I think on that up her last name is cheap so that's it was based on but the whole concept that is out was that. Same thing they swipe concept but. The proximity is really. Narrow so instead of swiping on people the night before odd miles away it's within. Like the same room or the same streets so you're a bunch of people in the bar you swipe on this app you match. And then it encourages you to actually I only saw flies out our elders on outside in real life. You know well did the editing is yet have a lot of people on. To not gonna say I needs of their masters so I direct your out at a bar in Boston inserts fairly populated when appeared at home like in the suburbs and yeah or you're really in our identity and our family had I downloaded the family member to. Very quickly. What is it decided maybe her air being keep. My eyes certainly are going out this issue is John Nash shark tank. And you get investor and everything else is legit to get the money for it so I think that's all she does now is that is the app yet he's cute was in on it did the did hold the whole situation tells on somewhat similar to grinder which is based on location in very close proximity rightly goes like this person. Is the closest to mean grid right now he's 570 feet away. You're doing that right now yes that's an iPod addicts and yet he Steagall act yes it's a jet it's not just closed closed since my answer. When at the close of personals like three feet away energy field more awkward. Very hands what's going on here who's who were where the secrets is a good feeling that get the act at the apps. And it's apologized six next time Paul on does that and to suggest using. As of the cancer into these days the act now fumble a point nine years have to AD DJ. It closes rant is definitely you know what regardless this Red Sox review I don't care what readying the matter and out as a matter what happens regardless baseball. I think before is Tom Terry call them out for it hurt her having that rant after easing into Bogart's walk off Grand Slam on Saturday. And it was a product. You get a shell prepped for the game starts yes it has I going to get drunk. Probably somewhere basically annual hall yeah I love getting the aid drugs to Daniel hall. Off what a great spot just getting data Boston Public Library they necessarily have issue with that take in this and sleep. Would I necessarily be locked into a Red Sox blue jays game Saturday afternoon. You know one of 162. Rate for the All Star Games of the summer. Beautiful day. Now I I'm OK with that. But just then the way he formulated the opinion. Where it was just stay I wanna bash you over the head with the fact that on the millennial. Emmett you'll millennial things and talk about millennial things like had he done this brand. 1012 years ago. It would have been I would just upstate than a tick my MySpace page man. And then I'm gonna go out on a map quest the directions and ask jeeves on the best place to hit upper he was just trying to hit is many of the the boxes possible. To show that. I'm a young yeah you know I liked the idea snapped shouting my friends you know post on instead where are you glad Saturdays for the boy is it I think the story got update the instead grams story day drinking and you know I the annual hall of very rare these days it's way assi days like guided some you know Italian food at north and some deserve it might pastries like did start the rant. Byron Boston's. Go to every. Chance I've I've I'd be in Boston where the shows being broadcast. This horrible that night I really honest if I were. Not doing Red Sox should be today farming in. Austin hi I just medically advantage. Asked aim at city opt out my head and Boston first when it comes to mind at exit Austin might just didn't read city. And the eighty. ADD. Here. Now man oh like it is and the point that he started make which it is the Red Sox were watching. I'm gonna do after a walk off Grand Slam products that aren't doing this. Drinking the standards that I predict drink sure you know what the Bogart's life upgrade Sam looks even better after you do in some danger and gain get you Dade drunks like it on bumble. Do and all that safari ten more square near the Citgo sign. As I've taken a straw. So there are relevant but no matter watching McCain and going in that game I'm going to get drunk probably somewhere basically annual ball. Go to get DA drug indeed we Quincy Market is he talking about yeah I guess sneak entry in penal policy when you're rested not a pretty excited when I guess Austin being asked Eddie the basic. The basic it's getting arrested in Faneuil hall Lockett got eBay bogging down the Boston Common for example now. And and Austin axis. Just the efficacy. Well my goodness those terror and I don't support even in this and then the smacked down by TC on Twitter. TC coming out to eat and do this a win for polyglot you know when at odds a little whenever the Red Sox are viewed Knight doesn't ever you know we can get some play. On the day parts on the station. Went that's it for him to win for Garrett ADD EA DG ES and is it good if you're getting. Of those just as you take it so bad. Some news at England's off that kind of publicity I'd say sometimes yes sometimes no expert numbness that ADD. I rises to a certain level that now and here's it's got a lot of attention for our particular all that all of that takes really Katie dole and on for all the back takes purchased years holding onto Keeneland that was won the by the way I'd been right on a total waste of money for years and she's always there is it is just like a podcast was there to get her once a year Boozer didn't take you add on eight young woman that was worse. Now now now now. I'm just saying I was right now you can give it a different take enough take note I'm retired now now and I'm gonna call on the points at the car now let's not. We got Ben Malloch coming your way with late night we'll wrap things up by the other side Sports Radio WB yeah act. It's much. At night on sports. And you could. Minutes left here there's controversy apparently hit a home run derby so much so Chris I think we stay on for an extra hard to sort it all you're welcomed him. Apparently they didn't let the with the Hoskins or. A case of Kyle Korver Werner didn't let that featured in with the ball yet look the ball land OK before you throw the next pitch and I guess that didn't happen. I'm with who with whom backed out of I just saw somebody tweeted it was the same as steroids that's Warburg walk off buzzer beating upper. Decimated shorter beats Hoskins. So workers in the Holman derby finals he'll face the winner of Max Muncie and Bryce Harper account. I mean rice Hoskins. Quite a run Rees Rees hos yet quite. And different note John Lehman a sand rag know enough Democrat and correct. That's the that's bogus thing that's Doug is yeah does he owns stock in it as well. Probably look at it seemed like ever held any sop opener just everybody who works for the company also on its docket yet today. Wisely it's it's like Microsoft in the early days. Yet just like that that I think it is against same trajectory. Why did actually happen and we're gonna Beatty Jack asses who didn't invest in it and still be doing the show ten years from now anyway. Orioles very close to retreat yes according to Bankrate insider John Hammond but Red Sox fans can relax rejoice. It's not to the Yankees according to a source Jon you are not saying which team he's just saying it is not the Yankees while. Sort of but he is. Narrowed it down to he does that not the Yankees are apparently three other teams Phillies brewers Dodgers. They reported leaders and image shot or dirty. The team that is close the deal is not known but it won't be the Yankees who according to oral sources. Didn't have been needed Summers. At times reporting right now aren't so Machado the guy who's the big east's without a doubt the biggest chip available to trade deadline. Egos the National League now do you like that because it's not good for your story line our right to our mama tried on the Yankees of course we. Yankee's and Sox although for baseball the Dodgers and you get him to Los Angeles. Is it Dodgers an extra boost of the NL west they'll watch it begin at that move the needle a total. I mean it would be BP to sabathia right 2008 great deadline acquisition propelled bruised the playoffs beat their broke their drought is probably as as starting infielder to play as many games as sabathia did it seem like a pitch and every every day down exactly. Exactly that's interesting but the Dodgers the Dodgers to always the darker is as much like the Yankees they have loads of money to spend as we don't actually have a good farm system is whilst the dodges another team. You always see eye out for maybe the Dodgers if we're trying to play the long game in your case I covered the Yankees this year greats by. If you try to play the game of what keeps him out of New York to Los Angeles you that long term they have the money to afford him he and he'd be. Wowed by half the year in Los Angeles the bright Hollywood Hollywood lights whatever. And just say look at I believe in buy into this organization. If they can compete with the Yankees in terms of money which you know they have the ability to deal. Does that keep him out of the American League east long term well I Bay's gonna play shortstop now. Because seekers. Right yes so now everybody's out mosques and extend its siege by the next few seeger returns and a third base. Yeah I mean right if you're treating any sort of IE from China you have to see in the plan is to at least try to keep him past this October. So yes and you moved to third and he beats out Justin Turner may be at Muncie if firsts. Can Ballinger Montes batting right now by the way in the homer and dirty minds TVs are B harper yet but absolutely right is because the brewers' loss. No chance they get 200 million Philly. I mean financially you know it's a big market but Phillies still a couple years away you would think from real World Series contention but so that's the Dodgers are are the team that. Of the rumored teams that it is supposed progress from it shoddy targeted Dodgers have the best history and I think that need to dream scenario from the Red Sox perspective if you don't think China's coming year which I don't. You wanna keep money New York City wanna keep my the American League it's badly at best way to go about it like and enjoy Los Angeles for happy year. And then they can blown away money wise the same way new York and in exactly what's in the national. The now. That would be terrible for baseball in a lot of senses but it also played two of the best players in the league. In Los Angeles in a market where stars go to die unless it's the lakers you just darkness the the same kind of traction for a guy like Manny Machado would be like I Trout. In traps the best player I see angels aren't there in the dodgers' them as they are playing Anaheim by it at the same time you know I can get nearly the it better than Milwaukee but it's nowhere near as good as New York. Well the thing that hurts the Dodgers is most of Los Angeles can even see dodger games sports now why is not available and those cable packages which is just. Unbelievable when he think about it you're tied with this briefing with keep about their contracts in baseball and all the money that's in the game. Perhaps nothing says that disconnect more than a Dodgers TV situation in Los Angeles they get billions of dollars in sports Natalie they're doing great financial. One the highest here as a baseball bats. The problem is nobody can actually watch the dodge against is no cable provider wants to pick up sports net ally for the price there charging serious situation where the Dodgers are going in the money. Short term with this TV deal. But long term pinching themselves in the fight. Because their product is inaccessible. Yeah yeah so it's even worse than there and it's even worse than what the Yankees they when they first opened up Yankee Stadium in those seats were prohibitively expensive even by New York standards. And they are anti. And looked terrible but in that case you're talking about a relatively small number of seats. With some big dollar. If folks had deep pockets who are going that deep into their pockets they immediately adjusted prices so don't fill those seats that up and bite. They still put a lot of people in Yankee Stadium and they still can get everybody that wants to. Watching the games on the yes network this is taking that same concept in making it exponentially worse because this is the chief economic engine of your team. And you're actively hurting right I mean it's hard to build fans and build and base when most people can't see your games and now. It's generally a problem it's hot take repaired and the ninth you know I think like that element X com idea JB's priority of this effort. That's a good one yeah that's art when did it mediacom coming out coming out Wednesday and what's going to be it diving into the Boston Herald the future The Herald sports section under new ownership. Where I don't use the news sports and dead and dead but he adds is that. He. Sounds like a man is once it just stayed the course sports and I mean. Not change in match. OK not changing much cents. Encouraging but here while the the other thing is to this old thing capital this vulture capitalists who out blue spot counted eight. A lot of people bossa need to know what exactly is happening with the herald's leadership C ration that that's and that's a story I really hasn't been told I applaud you for writing the the column. I just on the a lot of people care. And and I still would write it if are you know uncle for help but in the end it's a bad thing by. More often than not it seems like when people are on social media and that this is too bad for journalism when a big lots. In two other people in the journalism the stories are saying that course saying the course. Of course but that's we write for right right for some of some Sunday. You guys do not right for social media we write for ourselves a pretty much and that's very deep listening on Twitter you're right he's in the sea of journalists intimacy account. That's is gonna see it Eliot Maine finally gave a gave up he probably got or is gone and it's like I did serious doubt that journalism that newspapers have lost more jobs. Over the last couple years and coal mining. I'm tired and I don't think it's gonna get the same kind of support from the Oval Office. Now I'm an excellent support. All right jets drier fantastic job as always out streamer thanks for coming in but hey thanks for having of course always we'll see you why what's evil hear you Wednesday night you're gonna join me Wednesday night since I join you tonight thank you for doing now that is he asked fake news I'm going to be at the theater. Our chief artsy camera man and apologized for none of the and now. Coming up next to stick around for that with what were treated W yes it.