Mut at Night - More reports out of Foxboro indicate trouble in paradise? Bruins shocking nobody, Celtics shocked everybody 4-16-18

Mut at Night
Monday, April 16th

HOUR 1 - The Patriots continue to steal the limelight from their winter sports counterparts as more reports about Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski surface. Marc James discusses this plus how dominant the Bruins have looked in their early playoff stretch as well as what the Celtics have been doing in their own playoff series.


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We will have a list of it reported it who doesn't play well I think developers aren't really hard to yeah. You know you move. We move through lol yeah. With twelve points and it was about the war Al Horford sacking the haters. Mark. Miss Monday and Tuesday students regular scheduled event and cover. But when he returns I do not anticipate. That we will be part of the voluntary program on Thursday. When the team's resume their activities and then moving forward from there quality guys that continue to question one. But I don't know that even Britain has yet. Yeah you gotta have answers to those questions. And have to be with a lot of conviction you know when you lose your condition you barged into something else. Now here's my bad night on Sports Radio W we. Well well well. What that night my name is Mark James is more with the ACC games and this is a Kansas don't know Brian Garvin production here from. Six to ten tonight we will get to your phone calls you wanna jump in the number 06177797937. So. There's trouble in paradise. And this. It all started it. The bike week and of the NFL playoffs. When the patrons of course had another bite because they had home field advantage and sat weaker she am on a Friday. Dropped a bombshell. Of an article. Debt left everybody here in new England and complete total utter disarray. And since that moment. The one thing. That we've seen the picture the following weekend yeah of course. They get by the titans and they get by the jags in the AFC team to game so everything. Is hunky dory everything is peaches everything is just. Absolutely great and then the Super Bowl happened. Oh yeah and that's that sort. All that. Internal strife dissension amongst the ranks. Came to operation. Materialize before our very ice. And it's just gotten word this bed with. The shadow of doubt. Dean most. Discord. At patriot place since bill bella Jack took over. Eighteen years ago. That's right. I've never seen anything like this get out of former players leave. Who felt as though that they can get what they deserved whether or was Vince Wilfork Richard Seymour Wes Welker. Mike Vrabel whose coaching the titans now what ever. They didn't even say anything bad. We thought. It was maybe something the heat of the moment. Mike Reese got Malcolm Butler right after Super Bowl 52 week understood where he came from. Rob Gronkowski was asked immediately after the loss about retirement. He actually validated. As a legitimate question. And then. TV. Tom vs tie in on FaceBook. Comes out in Tom Brady. Who talked about the first episode how. He was willing to sacrifice. His life. For the sport of football. The last episode all the sudden he changed his tune. It's I think it's. Some remain here through these after you're getting my iTunes worked on my phone. You know what I'm doing this work you know. What are we doing this for Hutus or are we doing this good answers to those questions and have to be with a lot of conviction. You know when you lose your conditioning your question doing something else. My old I was that the antithesis. Of the TB twelve that we heard an episode one. You see one thing. That will supersede all is winning it is the ultimate concealment for deficiencies and dissension. Winning. And that's what the patriots have done they have been the gold standard. All of professional sports. Of any sport really. Since 2001 may be Alabama football is is probably right there if not a close second. Bill Belichick's former assistant in Cleveland by the name of nick Satan. Now all. You have Danny Amendola. In a par and insists win it and I know that dude did the British dude on CBS team's court in part of whatever his name is. Who does the lace I don't watch it but he's big thing. Is Clark karaoke. So no deity Amendola. Is. Doing an interview in the Harwood Mike Reese who by the way Mike Reese. Who is mr. patriot in terms of getting the information along with Tom. It comes to everything like that but now also since when did interview karaoke become the thing that. I saw something recently with the LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Doing some sort of interview karaoke so I guess that's the new. Cool thing now they're they're sort of copying James Harding who did the car karaoke that's the thing now. Danny Amendola Kansas don't do we have the clips of data image dole law. Who I mean they're on at least a raft of monumental proportions. On his former coach Bill Belichick. It was open mind and I understand Biller on a tight ship you know he he hasn't been known to pay its players really and you know I I understood that I gave money back to him so like it so I could play for him in place for my teammates and for film side of the contract. And you know at the end of the day I I had faith that he was got to. He was get you know give me an opportunity stated. You know at the end of free agency or current you know this case it was the beginning and Lynn wood free agency broke you know it it it came to. Realization that he wasn't really come close to them any of the other offers an added. And I had to make a decision for my family and and you know go get them amien. Continue. Again like that play. You know so it's not easy that's for sure. It you know he's and times. A lot of things I didn't like. About playing for him but I must say things that I didn't like. We're all. In regard to getting the team better and I respected him. So. You know ideas like taxing the snow in my tracks in the rain that was gonna make this a better football team. That was gonna make it better football player. It wasn't easy. Did. He was he'd be the first to admit that at the ring ceremony that it was it was easy. And you know the silver lining is that it. We were active things there. All right so there's so much stuff there to get to let let me get to the beginning on it. We're digging in and Dolan said quote something to the extent of play like he thought bill was gonna take care of him with money. Danny there's some examples here ominous sight TU. Starting we have Randy Moss Richard Seymour Wes Welker who was the precursor to EU and Julian Edelman Mike Vrabel. Chandler Jones Jamie Collins. You can throw Malcolm Butler. Dion Lewis there's only been one player in the Bill Belichick era and about quite a Drew Bledsoe when they're all we're talking about it. Because it's only been one player. Who has not indispensable in the Belichick era and that's TB twelve that that's right. So did you really think that you were going to get like old BJ tight money. Your older now and yes you've got a real good last couple seasons which he came in here in the beginning and it kind of stolen check for a little bit. You couldn't stay on the field did you learn. Your paycheck and then some for your performance. In the playoffs the last two years especially in Super Bowl 51. Against the falcons absolutely unequivocally on tonight. What to think that Bill Belichick was going to take your view do you should try to get out of your contract a year ago you could it got even paid. Probably more money. The new did from the Miami Dolphins who just gave you twelve million dollars for two seasons eight point 25 guarantee. What. Let's forget about it until for a second but it's just concentrate. On the all of a backlash that has gotten out. Jersey major. Crack. In the foundation. And here's the one thing. That I'm a little bit incredulous. So far I don't think it appears bent it com to Jesus meeting. Or a comment to Robert Kraft to meeting now I know Robert Kraft has a lot of things going god I know he's very busy. Visiting meek mill in a Philadelphia prison. Holding a press conference. After visiting meek mill and a Philadelphia prison but mr. crap with all due respect. Gore football franchise which is the gold standard in not only the NF filled the 21 century and all pro sports. Has a major. Major problem. And it's not going away anytime soon now. We know Tom Brady I was at the Belichick press conference on Friday when he talked about at we're knocking to have some players here we know about that. But Jeff Darlington. Talked about forget about the first couple days. What out after the first couple days for Tom Brady. There are a number of conversations that I am having I anticipate that Tom Brady will not only miss Monday and Tuesday did you do this regularly scheduled event and cover. But when he returns I do not anticipate that we he will be part of the voluntary program. All those that when the team's resume their activities and they're moving forward from there. I would go so far to say that I would vote unlikely at this point that is the part of any of the voluntary program this off season. How far you sense that his major question one that I don't know that you can Brady has an answer but for now we should definitely at least not anticipate. That he's a part of this week. And likely moving forward. Mean. Now we had Jeff Darlington on this very show less than two weeks ago and that was about the wrong stuff. Now this is about Brady. And their ease a huge. Hole rising issue. Inside. Nature place. And there's a major divide. And to rehab the sound of Dini im dole looked talking about. Bella check not playing Malcolm Butler we do have that. Yeah right click to read it happens. Ten dollars since it. You know. I had my thoughts about it because you know I was out there you know. You know put my blood sweat and tears out on the field that night. One of our best players wasn't on the field day. It is you don't know why. I did ask I didn't get any answers it. You know I can't make decisions like that so I don't really necessarily worry about it. I know Malcolm's a great player and he could help to us. For whatever reason he wasn't there so. You know he's gonna play that he's gonna play more football on his career is gonna be a great player for a long time and no. It's going to be tough line up against. The players. Yeah I did honestly. I didn't nobody really got an explanation for it. You know he's a brother of ours is a rather cars a year and you know I I hate to I hate to see a guy. Who worked so hard throughout the season. Not get a chance to play in the biggest game of the year's end and and really get no explanation so. With that said I don't know how you know the business aspect. When I went into that decision I don't know how the personal aspect and it's of that decisions in the bill. You know as a friend. You know I would've loved to see and I don't feel that day. All right truer words have never been spoken at a Dini Amendola is now then that exchange right Garrett Mike recent great job I'd Michael Reese. On that interview. I'll still I stand by. If bella check had some personal thing dead now. Because he sends. That Malcolm ball always unhappy in training camp in the beginning of the season and remember about the game against New Orleans. Remember that game the patriots went into the superdome and beat the crap out of the saints Malcolm Butler didn't start that game. And we made a little bit of an issue of it would then it's sort of went away because he proved himself. And he got back on the field. Lining up opposing Stephon Gilmore. On the other shot. But would Damon dole said it jaws there. E.'s bid low coal. Eighties the gospel. And I'm not talking about religion either. I stand by this Bill Belichick raised coach in football history. What at the end of the day at the end of the week at the end of the month at the end of the year at the end of Hughes whole theme. Gold jacket wearing career he cost the New England Patriots. And it's in tiger fan base 86. Super Bowl trophy by not putting Malcolm Butler on the field in the second half. Against nick freaking full size. They gave up. Yeah. That was Mike Reese getting Malcolm Butler right after Super Bowl 52 that's the real Malcolm Butler. Spewing nothing but sodium pentothal 88 truth serum. That's the real now. It's sort of backtracked a little bit after he got that nice little 62 million dollar contract. What happens now about them unrestricted free agent. It's like they did. I love Malcolm Butler. But Danny Amendola. Just if you really truly thought. You were that good that you were someone that was gonna dig get taken care row. After services rendered for your next contract C Drew Bledsoe Randy Moss Richard Seymour Wes Welker Vince Wilfork Mike Vrabel tailor Jones Jamie Collins. Dion Lewis Logan Mankins they sold to the list goes on and on and off. So. You're really good wide receiver I don't know X gonna throw the ball to your rights and knoller mr. Christie cavalier re Jay Cutler. But rock. You're not a Leo Jones you're not OBJ. I mean you war which you Lar. Your age pour millions Julian Edelman. And end up at not to pay each way to take care of wide receivers or are expendable. Look at your former teammate from last year Brennan cooks. He's a ram now. Sold there are no indispensable players except for TB twelve we've learned that. But this problem is not going away and I don't know. What's gonna fix it. Your thoughts 6177797937. Another thing about. Danny Amendola which sort of some mean. And the door was so only your last couple seasons so keep it up for the beginning. Of his career here in new wing where I thought he was extremely overrated about the patrons even over eight for him. Coming over from the rams. When he started back into when he thirteen but he made up for the last couple years that being said talked about. You know all we had to practice in the snow were the greater and African don't we deploy your child's game to get paid seven figures out there. A memo to Danny Amendola. The former mr. Olivia Coppola. Jude people out here in New England which is the blue collar region. We are lunch pail. We wake up every day we wake up in crappy weather like we've had the past few days and a lot of people. Go to jobs we hate I'm not one of them I do I go to job that I love thank you very much nests and in WEE I I love my jobs. A lot of people wake up and go to jobs they hate it just part of life you get pig seven figures to play eight kids game. If you got a practice in the cold it is what it is the one thing I will look at. Sort of ironic through all of this. Is this is starting to feel. Very horse cells age the way indeed. In 97. When Parcells left to go to the jets now I don't think Belichick's going anywhere. But the one thing Parcells had because the players then were different. You had Willie McGinest you had to Tedy Bruschi. You had a lawyer Malloy and Ty Law. Now the players. It changes. Tom pretty perhaps has changed a little bit over the course of the last eight seniors all right we're loaded up. Like Lindsay Lohan in a meth lab one might open 617779793. Said we'll take your phone calls on this. The Bruins are on the precipice. Of sweeping the leafs will get said that. Always act he guarding yesterday for that amazing playoff game between the Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks. Why the Celtics. Could still. Get to the Eastern Conference finals. -- explain why all that more coming up marching in from one at night right here on WPIX. Too much at night on Sports Radio we. You know so it's not easy that's Fisher. Yeah he's and sometimes. A lot of things I didn't like. About planes forum but I must say things that I didn't like we're all. In regards to getting the team better and I've expected. You know ideas like taxing the snow and it might accidentally. That was gonna make us a better football team. That was gonna make it better football player. Mark James back on WTI but at night you know the a lot of things people don't like about their jobs Danny Amendola and agencies wedded to get a text line 37937. It's gonna reach some sector to ye can text in good bad ugly it's mostly bad and ugly OK mark with a C there's nothing going on. The gold the Super Bowl game this year it's all you media people making something out of nothing. Our OK mark this seat speak for yourself lots of people recognize the word discord erupting as soon as Jimmy G was treated for a song. Quicker Sheehan article just confirm what many. Already understood you were very late to this party which reflects the degree to which you in many others in this market had their head in the sand. Mean very nice about this who the bleep is this eight hole on the radio at 630 speculating about Brady the patriots in now Robert Kraft. Does it need to be visiting some prison. On how about this fax if he had a problem he should've spoken up before early sounds like he's crying like a little kid I like that one. About this one year jerk Bruins and Celtics in playoffs Red Sox off the best art history. And you were talking about the patriots jerk jerk. Jerk there you go sell it is his will jerk the seat yeah jerk Odyssey Maher is that a market the seeds jerk with a CJ ERC. To get in 617779793. Said in the let's start it off we is that. Chris in New Hampshire who's up. Here on Monday night at W eat what's up Chris. We don't like you. Good good so you know I. I liked. I like your show I like what if they had yet to ask yourself this question what better in the long term from buck broke. Keep them the players and Holden and a wedding either net is he inept that he. Let's be honest here. The patriots right now art almost like the end of that Joseph Montana ticket fiscal 49 errors in what happened to have good it was they didn't look at the future. And it makes stumped for many. I'll you're wrong they did go to the future because Ron Amadon replace show much yet and they won a Super Bowl so that's wrong right there. Lou let me finish bent then he thought with the Steelers. Yes with with with the dolphins and Marino quit the defense. Again and again and again if you don't pick a team that would call fox Ron Allen saying he had eight pretend first round draft expert Tom Brady gets nothing pop on the next play to pay attention. Unchecked one job is to win. Many scenes as possible. That's his job I mean anything and so they have brilliantly dealt good players and other key. And every time they do it pays off for now Malcolm not playing in the doubles do I have no idea why why that happened within an hour. I don't know what that cost them the second. And I don't know what that cost then they'll be losing their sticks so global a little over. Yeah that's not a good idea RRR Crist who cares if big we will never know only Bill Belichick knows the true answer to that mystery which is still not been solved and you know Belichick does not the answer anybody but the guy signs of one of his checks and I'm sure Robert crap is obviously. At least I'm sure he's not happy. But he's accepted bill Belichick's decision better or worse I mean they did win two of the previous three Super Bowls. So but it would've been nice to have the second dynasty Brady was already to go Belichick was already to go. But to get six to two. Six from old one to 2017. Puts you at a low look at it Steelers the Steelers started with Terry Bradshaw and mean Joseph green and Jack Lambert. And didn't win one after that for like almost twenty years and they want mode would power and brothels Borger she went to eighteen year. It actually was like 27 year excuse me interval in between symbols this is all bin don't under the same regime might thing is this. It's gonna start with Brady and then Rob Gronkowski. And gronkowski obviously. Is that a situation right now where he's going to take his leave from TB twelve another thing. I took from Jeff Darlington who said he doesn't know whether or not. Rob Gronkowski was an article whether rob has decided yet whether he's going to played this season it's like. We before the draft the draft is a week from next Thursday night from this Thursday night. And rob you read all in or you're not aid you can't be semi and and quite frankly I'm sick and like it brought keeps. According these things out parent liking these things on instant Graham and and and obviously. It's it's looking like it's a little subversive here. That's that's what's in it a little subversive. And Belichick is not going to change hasn't changed he is the way he is more is. Belichick's mentor. Bill Parcells. Those guys don't change. Now the one thing about how much Jack where he's a little bit different. If Parcells is I don't think he's multiple bullies Parcells once. But Belichick did. Allegedly reportedly embarrassed drunken from the team. For going with the TB twelve method. I'll tell you this you say what you want and I understand. Not wanting to have that line of demarcation. Between the the training staff with the patriots in outlooks Guerrero over there at patriot place but. It's doing wonders for TB twelve grunt and Hanley Ramirez. America's. Looks like. Right now I mean did the best every week seems since he was all star with the Florida Marlins back in the day young confirm that. So the TB twelve method is working. But Belichick is not going to. Rescinded his decision. On dating Guerrero from the patriots sidelines for the patrons facility in from the team plane that is never going to change. So you'd better used to he's the head coach. It is much as Tom Brady is the reason why. There's been five in some party trophies hang it up right now would mr. crafts office in Foxborough Belichick's the one who put this whole thing together. Della checked it as much you wanna believe it. Entered it Tony Soprano was still alive and held a gun in my head. I gotta go Belichick over Brady in terms of the importance. For the overall success of this franchise. I will still blame the bill ballots yet for Super Bowl 520 Matt Rhode Island what's up Matt. Hey how about you. I'm wolf. Islamabad the start up a little bit different captured some other of a diehard my adult I'm sorry. If you hit that automotive group in the ball. I can I would imagine it's it's I used to live in Miami I would imagine is growing up part anywhere including South Florida as a dolphins fan. You've done it and I didn't admit it whether you whether they get comfortable in my lifetime I digress. Without looking I would like about and we'll look at well all that thank. You know did the opposite included textbook. Floating by then they'd they'd do well on the basic. The Canadian players that they can't be that they are worth and they write off as well. See things prior. There wouldn't have been prior right at the attitude that he got a little while ago. There are actually you know once you know the end Marino he actually hit some good years down in Miami but. To that extent yet here's the thing as long as Stephen Ross owns your team you're never gonna winning thing but I'd. Demon dole you gave an eight point 25 million guaranteed I don't have a problem with him leading. I don't have a problem even with him talking about how. That you know. Why Della check didn't play an Alka Butler and how he sort owed it to the rest of the team and Malcolm Butler. Put his blood sweat and tears on that field any old it's everybody's problem saying that problem with the fact that he talked about more or less that will. We don't like practicing in this no lead in the bad weather hey hey dude dude here's the thing. The bottom line is this you live in New England. It's a role sixteen today and the weather socks. Okay it's it feels like it's December had a it's been awful the last few days plain and simple. This is look at where you live nothing's changing there let's squeeze Dylan mauled in here what's our bill. What we did that and the bullet clip now if it gets worse for him at summer market smoke. And I'll really I. It's big ticket holder means that the man did everything. Force the two point conversion. That. The so the ball I mean he's come in but he. He sounds like it's all like. I would check one's a teen. It has problems they we. Call and have fun like Wayne Johnson. You know we'll play in Miami. Had some fun down here at the winsome game. One won a championship I mean I. He's got tour. And how. And that and I assume more that's two more he would have ever had if you never came to New England if he stayed in Saint Louis and then now the LA rams and me. The patriots are built a different way. In front of that in all I'd love god but I am and opinions is that clip keeps everybody every show. Planned. Every win you golf declined. I'm gonna be down there with bella check wedding that could take a run at number six this year I can't wait. Bill I agree with you the one thing I will say it just feels different even after the 07 season win. I think the greatest team I've ever seen in my entire life. VO seven patriots eighteen you know losing that giants team and then it seemed four years later in 2011. This feels to me the patriots yet they had to overcome that. And the following season after seven Brady gets knocked out in the first game against the canes seat season Bernard Pollard Matt Cassel comes in wins eleven games. They missed the playoffs 2011. Then the following season 2012 you lost to a Baltimore Ravens team that was just on a roll ray lewis' last raw this feels different because there was never. This much dissension amongst the ranks in this feels like a severe crack in the foundation. Of pick the fact that this is getting out now. The fact that. Dirt late it'll even dole is doing interview karaoke would Mike Reese I don't know it beat these guys that stop off that tasty burger afterwards or whatever. And I mean congratulations you got a new contract. But don't plays a what was me self pitying victim card it's not a good ball. Probably said about how you know 08 he said honestly. So it was all truth serum would Dini Amendola. He did not pull punches. And arms. Yeah all that deep sometimes just got you five Super Bowls should of got you six are people or kill me and it's excellent and it's corporates. You wanna call the number 6177797937. Why Bruce Cassidy. Crude right now. Right now as we speak. We don't know how score is weak it Brad Stevens we sort of you know. But in his four full seasons Bruins coach. Decided Bill Belichick could be taking the Bruins on a raw or not only this year but many years to com. We'll take your phone calls coming up next marching in from what I don't WE. Back to more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. The Boston Bruins are on the precipice of odd taking a three nothing lead. Tonight in Toronto. And this this team just seemed to be getting better before our very eyes in what makes the Bruins. Arguably the best thing to happen to new England sports since the patriots won Super Bowl 51 over a year ago against the Atlanta Falcons. Is that nobody saw this coming. Nobody. Including meat is team with twelve benign. Back on December 4. And now arguably they look like he could be the best team in hockey. And Toronto looks and this is the match about and want. Because the Bruins over the last two seasons were 16 and one vs believes in and Mike Babcock. Just seemed to have the v.s number and then this series happen. Now I know Toronto is a much better team. At home of the they are on the road they have the third best home record in the NHL tide along with Tampa. This this just looks the Bruins are making them look like absolute fools. And the one line. We've postured knocked Bergeron. Marshy and they had no answer for. Even you see great seed packets. There's nothing his team can do in troop has been good enough. You don't need to beat Patrick wah with the Canadians in the late eighties if you have a one line that consists. All of those three guys not to mention the guys coming in after Reynolds and Ottawa hasn't got really any play hardly in this series but. I was nervous I was I raised over a week ago when the to play New Jersey in the first round and and as soon as they lost that game at home before he said all. Be careful. Because here comes Toronto. And and what is Toronto and now. It looks like they're done. Cotchery out. Tonight. And the following game. Com rods out tonight and he he's just like getting kissed and lit by marshy and in Toronto has knowing if they pulled goaltender Fredrik Andersson. Had no answer for the Bruins right now. And this story. It's it's right before our very eyes now where the parallel is is the Celtics are surprising because they're doing this without. Three of their leaders tiring hearing Gordon Hayward and markets Marta Marcus Moore says he could possibly come back. If there is a game seven against the bucks I don't think there will be editing to sell this when it's 16 but for the Bruins who saw this common right now. I didn't see this at ball. And maybe your. To call Malcolm Butler used that clairvoyant. Maybe you're miss Cleo. I wasn't I didn't see this team being this school it. And the great part about this you can see the confluence of chemistry between the veterans. In the influx. Of young talent to brusque. Mac avoid postured Knox still really young. Grizzly. They're only going to get better high need. And these BC right now it doesn't end. Looks great for this season and this team's chance at possibly. Not only beating Tampa in the next round in May be making a run at lord Stanley Cup are talking about. For years to come. A lot of people. Didn't like it. When the Jacobs fired at close Julia and the date of the patrons duck boat parade after they beat the falcons. And they put him Bruce Cassie but Bruce Cassidy has been a breath of fresh air and ever since he's come in these team. I believe they're a close to over forty games above 500. Since he has taken over actually about thirty something games over 500 since he's taken over as head coach. And look at the Canadians who clos Julian. Done nothing not even sniffing the playoffs. So. Boston always has been always will be. You know it would be a baseball town it's also hockey town and the Bruins right now are about to go on the run and I'm not scared anymore. I'm not nerd now Dwight think. The lightning could be the Bruins and a best of seven yes I think Decourt animal they will ousting the Bruins can win that. It's going to be imperative to stealing one or two games down in Tampa. Right now Toronto has no answer now they're better at home if they win tonight it's a series again obviously we know. Down 30 it's a wrap it's a foregone conclusion it's a feat accomplished. It's over. And I love what Bruce Cassie has done with these team. And I know how affected natco boy would be because remember he was a rookie last year got rolled it out of the EU baptism by fire against Ottawa. He had his moments starting next to Chara. But now he said when season in the big cities not that wet behind the ears green rookie anymore. But they're pushing all the right buttons in you have to love and I'll tell you right now if if I'm a betting man if you're looking at seems. Who's going to win the next title in this town. Obviously the patriots don't play until September in the Stanley Cup seasonable will be over in June are putting my money on the Boston Bruins right now over. Any other team. I'm putting them my money on them right if I was in Vegas right now I'm putting money on the Bruins to win the 2018. Stanley Cup right now. I think maybe. It was a blessing. That this team sort of choked. Overweight could go home against the Panthers. And ended up getting Toronto. Instead of future New Jersey it's just like ballroom dancing. I mean Tampa's toying with them right now and the Bruins were undefeated three and Hogan the devils this year so it would have probably been asleep. But the fact that they are doing is due to eighteen that had their number the past two seasons is nothing short. A spectacular 617779. 7937. Tim lake Butler. From ESPN will join us coming up later in the show we'll talk about the celtics'. Next. And how this team. Could possibly still get to the Eastern Conference finals without hi every Irving without markets mark. Well Marcus mark could come back at the in the first round even if he's unable to come back in the first round. And with Al to Gordon Hayward won't be back the next season my name's Mark James. You can hit me up on Twitter follow me your tweet at me by handles more teams and a or C James. Because back taken more your phone calls here would you till 7 o'clock rocket enroll in. On WEI.