Mut at Night - Mut seems a bit "beaten down" tonight; What was wrong with Bradford during his Red Sox broadcast? 3-21-18

Mut at Night
Wednesday, March 21st

4th and final hour of Mut at Night is off and running as Mut and Bradford take a look at Mut's current attitude.  Bradford feels like Mut is beaten down or a bit downtrodden.  Then Mut shifts the camera back to Bradford as the guys take a listen to some of Rob's Spring Training broadcasts.  Mut also gets Bradford's thoughts on Gronkowski and his contract.


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Yeah he's Monday night. Contract from the hearts and minds it's what's in the dwarf what's new Texas holiday how much he can help me meals they actually. Yeah. Jerked again this goes on actual big break come right and everything. Here's my. At night on Sports Radio W we. Now contrast those. Morning bronze tomorrow procedure rule. I like it all for me today I was apparently not being. I I don't I'll alas Marconi Marconi junior how did you radio. Tomorrow as they want a bag on me for the way he handled my duties in the afternoon show every we'll play some of that at the of. Goals. Go rounds I was gonna say enough with the podcast about it pass this upon podcasts you talked about the differences in tones of voices. When few people change here tones are different. You know you change your -- years of in the morning showed debated at red side interview in my life color changes tell my own is department task crossed the border make when I when I'm with you. I probably sound more comfortable. And having more fun than I am with Galen rich are mean that that dates did that show right now is it's all daily deal. Is dictating everything he started segments he's getting the segments. And we we got into it on Troy Brown enough Motley of the day and then the doors shut needle on to something else and you. But I'm not it's not like shot on the third minute that show if you as ice we talked about selling the joke. You can only be as good Thursday is the people your round so what would you wanna laugh at reverend Falwell on the clerk in Jerry. I have fun doing that show those guys they'd like I think I think. I think they'll like pat Meehan OK I don't think that the ailments or who wants to Darryl rich wants me there are anywhere there I don't know I actually don't know. I do want it it's right out my schedule is what the boss tells me I'd do it. That's all do it though if they give paled in one you win then you when the end I don't know I have no idea the real. Harold who's making those decisions I think I don't want Giuliani or Jason Rossi or rich or am I suspect. During the show is dale show is he make up the schedule in the audience Jason Ross what we talked with Megan you have this sort of debate about that number one shared the importance of the number one chair right. And part of that is in your part of that is steering the ship you you just tell yourself right. Yes you're steering the ship in you as the number two or number three guy. He's beholden to them in terms of which way you're going now you can try to adjust it. Bought on that show you're probably not gonna do it again and outlast them tomorrow again what you know what would it in their perfect world. Like exit I keep getting this stuff from those guys on the year over and over again and now I'm supposed to come in here. And say that I I don't. I don't hate dale went to they wanna keep saying that I don't hate dale we get different styles on the year. That's fine I don't hate the guy different styles a lot of people on the year so what am I supposed to do make something up out of the marriage yell. And that is that is that what they. I guess is what they want there was a reason going back to win thwart it was a time. And I remember knives hard argument about something and and conceded there's not a lot there was well argued there was a lot of you talked about they want you to go at a right that's what everybody wants to get out yeah we did you know I had any color called it and said. All but you're being too much of a pay you know what happens you know what happens is not the tone without the consent that I had a huge blow up. With holly over some stupid over the Cleveland LeBron going to Cleveland made huge blow up and it was like. Well it's late in the week we can't do this isn't in the show it's just a different that show right. And and so right they want you to go act. In my wrong they want you to come in and go at dale right yes I an end I've done that fatal. Those clips are played they'd they. They actually doesn't that it's not that I've not made the effort bottle that's what's process also it's not I don't think it's your fault argued. Probably to invent something it's not there we argued about Malcolm Butler we argued about Troy brown and Jackie Slater we argued about. A bunch of different stuff. Net and it it goes to a certain point and then you move on your two for three or four hours and and against Al find out tomorrow. What you from on the Marconi Brothers. You know how it's supposed to be I'll find I'm looking for today yeah meets you know what is or you are. You are in such as early movement that not all uh oh it's so maybe that's not all that's not a good representation. But tennis or no no no you just seemed east team no I apologize I retract that statement on. Here's what I I was just trying to support your whole argument which I don't know I was doing about transported. I I just felt feel kind of bad for your right you select your beaten down. Dodgers I play aids it's my fault I told Chris to put out the open and now heard at fort I heard it I didn't hear life. Heard at the jam I've now heard it four times and I just have the same thought over relate these two obviously Q these. Like they're gonna blame me for for. Their project they're projecting stuff on as us and also the fifth time this is finally coming and it's a what's gonna happen tomorrow gonna go win there's nothing going on as you know. On is nothing going on C now organ and a quarter of this if you are pretty good at this. Corbett is when nothing going on I the fourth pick I've heard that I realize that it's going to be. Beat up on month now tomorrow is going to be absolute bought beat down from beginning to and from the leader perform from soup to nuts it says. And I'll be front and center and all you sound different ivy app it and that is and mentally. I'm trying to mentally tough knowledge that callous and your hand. That you urinate on to make it tougher whatever it is he would know batting gloves that we deal that your your eyes. You're out there. I'd try to Mann Motley I was who goes where and why you're you're on your hands in the break bike yeah it is the evil I am evil boys lose because they know that your client Boise this is our little inside radio might says hey I I don't minded. I can make fun of myself on the putting open put in the open but they also know. That by the fifth time that you play it you're gonna get a read a slight that it's gonna carry over tomorrow and pull me happier right where they want him. Right but my thoughts yes OK actually after urinating on and I Chris I did volunteer that I said let's put that the open tonight correct 100% out how high number I I loved most I wouldn't let him do the montage. The first time he probably reacts crisis first time not that that's that's that's the older it's I because I did that is the only time I reacted to was right you reacted a little bit the last time by saying on all of Canada and I think Roger I think it is. That the only guy really was still just a little because I was I was looking at US looking to see how you react because it wasn't very complimentary and I know that you put that out there that. So I didn't use you mentioned a little something in but then now it takes the next one now we're on world now regular hours steamy on into tomorrow morning. Yesterday was my falcons in its newsroom. You are not you listen to Paul yesterday. All of that impulse and nine but the other stuff and that's construe the law that data slide. Let's get riddler I'd but he made sense of brat like bracket of the brain was there there are couple that I really really really don't like the one now the cafeteria is open is it that one. But I mean that's. I liked I don't I've long long. This bracket of the brain with Kirk. Hates it on and off the air and anti unethical as yet giving I think going tomorrow and fight for bracket of the brain he's gonna try to shut down to go to the the sweet sixteen or the the stupid sixteen yes tomorrow. And he's gonna shut down at the fight for that stupid thing to bar to. Why why you have to fight for this role with punch is exactly excited like I wanna sit wanna see this thing to the end I wanna win I wanna be I want. I want to Tom Brady dog bite clip to beat good weekend. And approve all of its supremacy Kirk Callahan it's a little things in life that excitement and if you strive for as a parent I advocate. Airlines on nowhere mid thirties like like crisis is snarling you owe it to do your wife promise you something if you won this bracket yes I kind of feel like this is the case here. She probably. This segment was biased knowing about rob you realize that I as I've loses that it doesn't feel our eternity has been a really. You were so beaten down very very close it's been a very long 24 back down far it was me I would love to you acute right now let's let's get a couple of reactions from rob here's a better myself year. I quite enough in this segment let's. Let's steered lets your rob a red sock experts because this is the one where. There was a suggestion among your friends in the morning myself included. That you may have had a stroke. That this may have been the first sign of view him cock having that of a Texas ranger announcer who said in effect does that man was and it henchmen and it'll break down. Yeah this is the rob Bradford version of that with Jim cot in joke estate in the boot the other. And I just tell you also Jim. Europe album on as the past nickname. The flying dutchman I'm going to speak through Friday the dog almost like I do. Well there they're going to play an attorney and appeared near Lakeland. So I'm going out there are two speak to their players prepared spotted the two and a half hour drive from groups like I hope to see the fly Dutch IQ how did you meet the slide that yet I'm not hiring activity did rack it. OK explain yourself. I'm just hang out with X I bladed followers rob all right let's collier Ganassi and not a hobby number honestly are you hear that yeah what is your first three when I first heard it actually got him sound as bad as when I heard it on the year. South worsen the audio and Asia yen yen attitude does sound worse when I heard him like one what was going on I feel about the site. Yes yes it is well as of what was going on. And I just feel like it was like this rock next to my good buddies joke disagree on engined. I mean. I don't have an explanation because that was probably like the third inning of that team. Wasn't like bully beat you into the seventh eighth inning of these games. This horse probably sound bites than that brought even then I've never I've known you again since what 2007. We start of the month Bradford channel before there. 02000 whatever one's. The you never talk like that to me I've done hours upon hours upon hours of view on and off the radio you never sounded. That slow. Accurate what what is that you and what your dad I we're just how why what he's done differently with me you and me or Gilani and Bradford and what you just do what why I don't know why I don't know the answer to that. I dealt with that one I don't know see this action and he did you write about people signing different different places and you would be the king of it. There's Bradford is the two right now which is conversational. You'll laugh and having fun yeah there's rapper is the host. Which is way too overly funny you try to do these joked it sounds awkward at times have been nick Fryer near the host dirt. When you're the leader of that all with drought when you when you hammered relic like half hours are entitled to your opinion go ahead and then there's. Rocky Red Sox broadcast job there's three different Brad efforts at what's ruts like that does not Red Sox broadcaster yes how. Leslie I think it goes back to exactly what we're talking about I think that. In people disagree but when you're around different people doing different things you have to be you have to adjust a little bit. Right I mean I don't know what happened I don't know walking I don't know how that night yeah I I agree I don't know how it was adjusting to Jim. Other than being odd that he pitched hour and 29 and game which we talked about for. Five different to that while came from law now. Who work fast Yorker sale. Don't know I think at wow we want you to. Of off the field fuel to the qualities that they'll I thought oh. What he does is after. Yes the final out pushes this figure out what the privilege like it truckers had oval test. And is there a reason authorities acknowledges. It was a time of my app wasn't comfortable. I started doing a couple years ago people I didn't know I was doing into him yeah you know if you know who does was Norwood. To me it was like Jesus is it victory cigar. At the last though. That sounds a little more conversation but that first armored. Than. You go here's the thing here's what I and I think I was adjusting to AM radio. I think if you listen to that on AM. It's like spitting a record backwards shot up the gap and that was by AM radio voice probably at. Doesn't matter it all sounds it's. Did sat the excuse. On the GIE I am a master my crap did you Colgate years Eddie KG after this. Did you go NC feuds added an issue on the idea I get an EKG after every one of those projects yes. Yes you have no excuse now I know I do I do know I was doing that I want really I very selfish that way. So I don't wanna play the other one on the lawn and stuff I don't want on one and it's that was good that was a good I'll show we was next is excellent show national political what you're Soviet. Looks I want it I want it we have an gronkowski yet in a lot we've done. A little too goofy last hours like reset a little bit okay and rock and you're you're the number one guys on saying that no that we did enough lacking is there between mighty meant to languish. Opera tomorrow morning show and your ridiculous slow talk we Jim cock again I feel like a case of and we should be more honest I think it's an actual games. That's why you progress is like I'll talk to Chris is an. I think rob knows the Jim Cox kind of a senior citizen and he's older and you must talk to your folks slowly like that like a dad. It's now so migrant Alex you thought you were talking to grandpa he slowed it down that started arguing that an arc and arguing that. That might be the case I'd. I have no idea. I just adjusting to your audience. He's one of them you know if you watch him come off the field you'll always get the blue eyes light volatile. What he does is after. Yes the final out. Pushes this figure out what the privilege like it truckers had all the best. And and is there a reason authorities acknowledge this but it was in the count my out wasn't comfortable so I started doing a couple years ago. I just tell you also agree with your album on us. Affluent I'm going to speak through Friday the almost like you. It's like here that was the play and it turned up usually. It's not going out there to does speak to their players the parents about a two hour drive partners like I hope to see the line that idea how do you meet the flight yeah hiring activity did it but you. There very permanent statement as bargain this printed I'm not talking about Hoch it's easy and gentle lip annually chewing tobacco is a bit. I think you're Chris I think you on to something or you're on the Spaniards they can slow down you're talking with senior citizen I think that might have been the case surge you know where your caller. It's cute you wanted to help you find you drive the drive in the front of the cream of wheat the right side the road you know when the light turns green you can go it is it is in fact bingo night here. I hope you sir you've got to go. That's what it is. That's what it sounds right to me a year unit that you solve the issues 6177797937. The phone number your explanation as to why rob is slow talking porch and got. On this broadcast that way he sounds younger than you. He asked the question normal speed you get the 45 records all the way way way way down talking and it's all on me for trying to be nice the old people. Okay yes that's your fault. And I wanna reset lies on the bigger story tonight that is what to do with Rob Gronkowski mentioned this earlier and fans were all over me saying you do not give a new contract. The patriot way is the nature way. Do you folks are nuts when it comes across we'll get your phone calls on that and now joined Hewitt and it's Mott at night's Sports Radio WB yeah. I Q how did you meet the fly dot yet I Fareed it's everything that's right it. Lot of night Sports Radio WEEI rob Bradford is here will take up until 10 o'clock then Mallard. What joy after that on WEEI late night talk about the date in sports certainly. Prod react to another day vote but NFL free agency. The Bruins playing in Saint Louis and LeBron James and the cavaliers just upending Toronto. In Cleveland finally late three pointer Kevin Love. I'm a big factor this the cavaliers. I'm not golf to Ronald here tonight and now it's gonna at all after 10 o'clock would your calls at 617. 7797937. Of thought some thoughts if you be on Rob Gronkowski and second. Although Chris and conquered it. As a possible explanation for robs. Jim cut conversation hi Chris. And now you do on good good buddy you. All I can be totally wrong I have a couple of quick look at night yeah we were at o.s in the course. I'm out of the restaurant industry most in my life and I'm a bartender. A bomb and I can tell you that. I bet you hear what people are at minute at a couple. Based darkness lowdown and some of the work out quick start our act together. And if somebody's working Robert slow speeds down to make sure that clear so just thought maybe all you know I know you don't usually you know. And Biden. Yeah if if there was if you're really curious what were edgy issues combined for a final he's defied. I don't usually do side is that the war in viva yeah I'd never heard of violent Marat impress your Barton right. Everybody I can't be I'd be yeah kinds. I'd educate it undermines embodies a fancy word for drink very OK if yes no way to welcome from me on the smarter you Chris if there was if we if we just another example of exactly what you're talking about. Are all somebody else I don't know like Libya a policy that bidders out. Ask Steve I'm not as confident as you are the best in America that have a lot of respect for Texas they'll still are based at the that you manufacture runs. 83 down the third worst record in based played the American League before your edification if that's a fair Dell model. Does the baseball and you look at baseball thought that crystal play good baseball talk lighted edification crack you up some I don't know. The dollar I think it's just kind of funny you know you gotta you gotta go back at my mother got we've taken a beating over. There's some irony Chris fired at on the moron that's fine. It are the ball or won't like battle of ideas. But a little ensemble and the other lot of debate what is I kind of agree with the whole. Galen keys and I mean I in all ID. Between my job right I drive during the day on salt on the Mike Hart out we're actually usually catch some of the morning show at midday and afternoon drive and and I got to it was it was hard look at Galen Ali keep that out to bail you and it. Actually gentlemen and the broad black armor so those guys get back. Black savage fired up its reach their own people and we get a million calls him the global like my show mortal like. The midday show the morning Cilic is the nature of business will be you know it's his. I I enjoy it all I sent it back and likely listen you on that show and what I'm Dylan Keefe. I got a couple Mondays I just don't one of the things I comeback a comeback I don't get a chance to I was in the app when I can you wanted the he surprise you eating get a call to do that you know I was black ball monster forgot yes. You're the 1 yes I am the one in I got it fits Alyssa. It's good to hear so little fashion sports stock at the graves here in a second did you actually listen to repeat for extended segments appears I was saying I was on repeat. When. Not a few weeks ago. He's doing on Monday put it put this on the overnight she forgot all around I don't know I don't know here's what you gotta put on any dog that I need to do is who she. He's doing a remote from jetBlue park on Monday. On his birthday on peace effort and taking copious yes yes. So there ego. Radford you do show with we need that for don't know I did it I called it was all they like in studio down bell abide by did CP is always good catching up within and we did talk about the opening at WTI in what it might take. To lure him back my what he says this just say it rhymes with 300000 dollars. I think he should get it it is earned at this point for a southerner the did the fall rating book that station down there I birdie you're actually doing listen those down. You actually listen to like driving around. I was only doing local stuff now having to look I'd just like this ice cracks me up any patriots. I know I think it's more of the Buccaneers. Error of the of that now yes. We think Pete would be OK with giving more money Rob Gronkowski. Could subsequent spike what so we do it. Yes I get back to draw I wrapped up obviously I think I can adequately yes I absolutely I think he would be right on board with giving more money I know I don't know what Kohl loses. I normally don't wanna solid the players in this because I I get the fan reaction which you signed the contract. You live up to. In the case of your league elite players Rob Gronkowski Tom Brady when the league is all pass these guys by. And guys like sandy walking to begin sixteen million dollars a year. That's why default back to the player and suggested that guy has leverage something and learn quite a bit about. If that guy as leverage you need to take advantage of you need to take care of him. For fear of what might be Dwayne Allen and Jacob Ulster bows the patriots rob. I would. First or foremost rip up a contract to get a new deal put among the top two were repaid at the position worst case scenario. I would put that incentive based back again. And try to find a way to make sure he can get that ball but should he play really isn't different football through yes video slightly kids who couldn't immediately say rule one baseball players baseball players wouldn't. Walt their contract it is what it is. Put a different feels that way yeah well first while they're not guaranteed contracts second overall. New York bureau lifespan in football is is my new. So you do whatever you can especially when you see it passing by so quickly so quickly. And here's the other thing how many times do we see football players. Deferring money or taking pay cuts in order to stay on team that M and all right how many times did he deal. I three for time that aren't as it has the only sport that does it. So they're always asking these guys to do it in in in this case when when you're clearly the best. Why not is it if you put all the card of marking a play anymore. I had hair you save your brain. See. And in this weather picture fans responded and said let's not the patriot way. This is not Matthew Slater this is not even Danny Amendola it's Rob Gronkowski sold you're if you're the patriots tonight. You would rather him walk away save his brain like you said wrestle three year I demanded trade not play at all. They had the best side and playing with Tom Brady that's seems shortsighted to me and again it's a tricky spot because you don't do this for every player. With crawled you do based analyst salaries have gone up and and how under Haiti is now at a position. That is is finally get the recognition with Travis Kelsey and others that OK it is a premium position got to pay the players like that. And crawled is out of that top three or Fords are back Jimmy Jimmy Graham who's 31 who had a down year last shootout the year the ground did. He just got thirteen million dollars what was gonna make cross getting down hole like Rob Gronkowski need to be act there right this is what we hear yeah. So what. What is going to make him happy what is going to be having his comrades in light the other tight ends it is not is not als Guerrero is not any of the southern style what might Komansky. Says I just wanna be happier. I just wanna be happy when he goes to Entercom is that I just wanna be Akron that's all I'm happy right now the four I I understand I'm. It's a scenario scenario playing yes there are other other than having to wait until the wee hours. Anarchy toolbar on for 44 hour and a half and I'll be prepared to Iowa being mentally tired so that's fine that's not part of your happiness is not making mutt who use yup. But you usually with the money. You start with you guys make me happy the respect. Month the same thing what is that play exactly that's the scorecard even in our business what is that person make we've slid by making yah sure so with Rob Gronkowski. I want to be paid in that top Echelon tight ends and I. I'm saying I know it's not the patriot way I would do if you don't wanna do I figure being shortsighted about the position. And the talent of the player he's worked too much fewer team right now. 6177797937. The phone number get a couple calls here for the break in and then bowel journey top of the hour ten. Matt is in New York nobody Matt and Matty. I don't want to tell us what's up that was not. Eddie my you know no way you can eat what you got caught out perfect and you all the parts suffer more in our exports and or are certain note chartered afternoon shall we what I would listen what are what are you wanted to do. There's no you can't go to jail and he. While they want their so it's not penalty it's going to be an issue. I don't go out there I don't know he's keep geeky can draw on their Matt I don't know. He had this sound like. This summer in negotiating ploy itself but there's no Accenture now. Well unfortunately the shows are all the same stations in the negotiation please not. Does not no not really that doesn't work from here whatever their whatever they would have they came to you my yes that here's. Bunch of money might just three times of what you made shore a sale and buy you're gonna go to the show. Instead of that Chicago yeah. What would you you know I would go to that show okay that a drive time show. That I would go or that drive that be added the the in radio Mac you know make madam had dropped drive to not drive time is the best place to be I love doing the show night but the reality is in our business. Morning and afternoon drive on the king and queen spots of the of the medium so if they came to me and suggested that. That I would make it happen I would make Barack. Begin negotiations. Open pit sincerity is a week away. And really turn. What did we wouldn't Woodward did we pay you in the last time match and remember. It at all good tidings it got to sit on all of them like that week. Let's look at its existence but he did a moron run what was thought of as rising sun come up with something else. Kids are I argued got me okay. An autograph chasing Steinbrenner is on your way. Oh while with the dignity ago. And makes it sound you hear it and admire my son got one of those makes an excellent dorsett up at thank you political Ethan in usher is very. On the Red Sox upcoming season high eighth that. Ignored or anything argument. Your but responds it's pretty big question on upcoming direct yeah but they're they're keen geez it needs the most work seeing them. Due in spring training. See I'll defer to rob on the seats and I I have a hard time paying a lot of attention to spring training. Stats and and and or anything at all about I don't know I don't know no that's not entirely fair here here's what I care about spring training. Once she gets in the middle of march years starting pitcher. Innings. Hard hit balls against the to come out of it healthy they got that's an easy at sounds stupid but not even Chris Sale the David Price sugar for selling get out there start because we see that these are he seems like. They've done a good job of the starting pitchers so far I guess. Odds why would I I would add ons have no idea of what aspect in spring training. Needs more work Robin to thirty I do all this is going to be a very sexy answered our infield defense who really. Yes I mean rock field Denver's Eduardo Nunez playing second. Both. My new defense replacement mark of good defense replacement to dampen Marrero. Well let's rock all want you to get you again you do the Brock coat to get their per barrel. It doesn't are well devils are not close DeVon Guerrero is a much better defense out of options to. I would keep them Marie are a trade chronicle for bag of baseball's and I the senate that you can't you know all that's the easy play but you keep that two million on the books and hold on that's the this this is neither question Brock local play every day AAA or BJ at some point Guerrero need defense out of the gate. And we'll go from there could clubhouse guy who said today Brock all I play for 29 the team Suzuki caught everybody else and he knows I can play out this. I'm Howard Howard doctor now are a trolley little more red arrow hole pock rob Brock called it overrated. Verio raise your Boston nice player dirt dog player you're in this category guys that scrappy unit dive over 300 grapefruit league had a chance shop when he had a chance to play full time. We saw the numbers go. Right back music art and he's a part time a utility player give me death from a rare books started we. There ya doing what's and I'm. I agree that the you know that I want the patriots to keep carpet do you think that Pallet Jack looked at from the perspective when you go look at it from his point in the sense that. When they gave him that big contract a few years back. They gave him a lot of money up front. And and you know he missed a lot of gains over the course of that contract. Did you know to a certain degree when he's on a scale. He knew he would get in you can I I believe it. Condit was the biggest contract are tied and it was yep let's say yup and in you know he made a lot of money upon and that. Dale and you know it is credit political season last year but. How how many games and missed in the middle of that contract where he you know he's cashing those checks and you know even getting paid so I think he needs a little flexibility I think he deserves some type of a pay raise but I don't think you can overlook that. Completely. No that's fair but what what's changed here Mike you'd agree that tight end position since then. Is now Haiti in more premium Travis Kelsey Jimmy Graham even since he signed that deal position financially has changed. Oh no I would agree a 100% I mean I don't I don't think that I think it would be stupid to that knocks I mean he's a core component of that offense Kiki is the engine that. You know regardless of whoever else goes down as long as you've got clocked at the matchup problems he trades in the the dynamic you know level of offense when he's on there in the on field it is. You know is a debatable and if you know I think that they have to find out a medium somewhere I don't but I don't think Iraq can stick is still in the sand and just say you know you don't demand. I think I'd be well and because Ed thanks for the call because the other options could go we could go. He could hold out into the neck as things have not gonna play for his deal or it could just say you know what I'm gonna walk away I'll do something else for a year and I can re about to retire. And come back in a year when readily available for teams but when you're risking you you're you're potentially risking your quality of life by play just three more years. You have every right to say it to be more money you are not complain anymore is it got it it's only worth it to me if I make more money. Is that unfair for Rob Gronkowski to say I don't think now and horse final break we'll come back spend an hour and ten W media. Molly cover it all tonight baby it's funny nice Sports Radio WE guy you wanted Red Sox got Red Sox wanna Rob Gronkowski contract he got that one of Brady. We gave you that you wanted cranny in tank way but reading poaching to reject the start there shall we gave you that you wanted Bradford. Slow talking Jim cop we gave me that he wanted me complaining about my lot light he got that Tia at all here between what a full. Freaking show this was the best shell on the station today and it was stuck. Really was not closure might standing on right now Robbie yelling. Like you're exactly right just there. Oh if duplicated them perfectly. Who's in tomorrow with soccer calendar we don't know if that's the person sitting right here not me you that's like. That's awfully short I'm a few hours you do anything for the company. I am by Anna comes stock tomorrow begins by millions he's a hard working human beings not feeling great I'm in a same Bradford I want to draw a crowd tomorrow. If children. He really due to two hour shifts. I'll be back tomorrow morning at 60 hey have with cart and Jerry taking. I'm guessing and absolutely the Bosnian Buffy got off to fight back but the one thing I'll ask people yet people listening tonight listen during the morning show at a mall it's going to come off. The brackets are gonna come up I love the brackets if you do too. When it got what it gets of that please Colin support to bury the battle the bracket the us please Colin supporting the eightieth or stop that with friends and sixty. Chris good job buddy of bad Mallory is coming up rob Bradford easier when we next hear you on these airwaves. He'll QB on some fairways are more on Saturday only on the Red Sox yes red I will be listening myself at sun. Huddle around the radio I'm bringing baseball bats and I was in Connecticut and I promise you that object on that as rob Bradford he looks great courtesy of awaken 180. Rob you look great thank you that ballot next thought tomorrow morning Sports Radio that he. Did a manner whether such as yourself. I'd you have you meet the flight yeah very intimidating miss it right.