Mut at Night - New David Price comments raise eyebrows - 2-20-18

Mut at Night
Tuesday, February 20th

Mut and Rich Keefe talk about a new interview featuring Red Sox pitcher David Price, where the controversial Price makes some statemnets very inconsistent with things he's said and done in the past. The guys don't seem to believe that Price has turned over a leaf, and revisit some of his "greatest hits" since he's been in Boston, to show how he's been handling things the wrong way.


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Okay. Okay. It took me back. Ali you know obviously Greg you know and so he should look at. Good to go there and I think you know it was a lot of we've ever. First this diocese. Please reduce them for the support of Detroit into the visiting bullpen goes around got a letter the belt that's good. Now here's mine at night on Sports Radio telling you we. Putted nicely to keep the house was ready W. We got a lot lot lot to get through tonight we'll focus on a couple different topics baseball and football. Specifically John Tomas he'll join us from. I'm for buyers were for sale was today all the entire staff is down there for every Allen and there are one of our our big boss mark is down there. Our big. Big issue boss Joey is on his way down there at some outlets sounds like so the whole staff is about hiring Lou is down there doing stuff for run TV and radio. It's everybody's down there. JD Martinez story I guess becomes the biggest story and I'm not sure what. People be talking about down there if JD Martinez has not signed. I given that it was the same story day in and day out we get off the yesterday heard relic and Barkley mentioned this. I don't often like to equal the writers because you know they complain about their jobs but the religious. There and a fourth for a month. So yeah they're pretty good gig you have here it's not at all but relics at it like it's it's Groundhog Day it was everything was last year like yeah what's this year gonna be like. Alex Cora making changes I mean. If they don't signed Martinez. Re doing this for three more weeks dad wouldn't know what day while you I think you would have taken and what Henry said yesterday and how that did not come across very quick clubbed over the head with applicable they asked indelibly on that you perhaps he's had probably go to suddenly it's gone are the Yankees had a good for business that they signed John Carlson good for the rivalry him philosophically I don't feel that way all the changes that they've made up until that point and who would have highlighted ghostly. In purchase decisions out there hitting John Farrell's now they only brought back. They don't avenging the hello all the staff that's a lot of debate about that the lot of changes so I guess that would have been a on the focus off on the comments yesterday JD Martina has been discussion here today I've I've still heard on very few people give any sort of real argument as to why. On this is not a good deals specifically. The way the contract was put together and look at some of the details again today from that the people whom. The people who know not yet dummies like me that around baseball it buster role New York. Is some of the national guys are all hey wanna go and is is he says he broke the news media had dads are nobody else did anywhere near you call that red sock. Cingular muzzled confused about that or is that Sox he says the really don't I tweeted out I'd like Tom carrots and I don't work in the market for forty years this what I clearly people all all right my ballot and I I don't I could I screwed up last night red sock red sauce is rock. Else. Yet exactly. Ops of the the national perspective today. Is all pro JD Martinez the verdict a couple different places locally but when you look at the contracts specifically. The opt out after two years they're paying more for the good parts the deal. Even if he doesn't work out as late and I'll be forty home run guy it's not gonna submarine them. They just days very little downside to the deal when you look at the with a contract but the yeah I I I. It was after the audit is Jean I didn't you know you miss Sargent Carl stain which would have to give up players for I don't I did want Eric Hosmer and want my stock is. Judy Martinez is great you know he can if if there's an injury to edit the outfielders he can play the outfield he can be years your regular DH he can hit fourth in the lineup. Give you some power but that's exactly what the team needed and it wasn't like a six or seven year deal. It may end up or being it's weird deal it plays really well they might you know get money more money somewhere else who knows but he has the security of five years. And you finally have the I think finally won one season but. You have that guy that can take Ortiz a spot in the lineup not suggesting he can take a spot you know in the locker room or take his spot where means but. For the guy that he smelled a pencil and thirty plus homers hunter RBI you have that he is not the the face of the team as not getting everything goes out there and and cranks 404550. Home runs. That in year 18 out of our team I I still think he's never been a face of any team he's thirty now and a putt you're right he probably will the chances are slim and and there's there's really not. Pedroia at this point. I guess he's by the de facto face I look at Chris Sale listening to Chris Hill today. With the guys this morning is a reminder of why. I am such a Chris Sale Femi just off the top talking about his lack of a social media interest in talking with Kirk and Jerry. Out of the gate it's a guy Venus showed up here pitched really well. Doesn't say much and doesn't complain much and wants no part of social me. He's. Obviously people who did it twittered to face it keeps people just. When they're doing what do you do with that. Phone a real person. That's him your its its arms and I have children you know what's been every other jobs started. Out for a bit odd. The saga. You know run their wiping out kids took the pool. Cluster clients of Monfils who plastic products. That's what a spicy gets brokers say Brad. I think I have I have a day when out of all out of my hand up I I play a game that billions of the people played dialogue has an idea I am never going to be on Twitter or its program. I'm not a bit and there wasn't anything that in the likes to an Al from the interview today but it was just more of here is is no nonsense guy who showed up here a year one Boston didn't complain. Did bitch about anything. Tail down the stretch and and and and that's missions down the stretch and said that was on him in that pace himself better. This year. And lived up to every. Bit of light every bit of hype he had coming in. And based on what he said today. He sealed the same guy year to well much like he could be the face of the team he could easier to I think I think bogey bets that conversation or he's very popular and much like an old gated David Price but as much as he make oldest are all there and sex he makes it difficult for her her forum. Chris Sale makes it so easy sell. And it you know it also helps that he is underpaid you know for for how good he is he is underpaid and the contracts are always a big part of I think how we view. These athletes on any of the four teams like that it really does speak a lot to it bought. Sell those making excuses sales not you know getting ended Twitter pizza with fans sales. After game blaming somebody else like he's just the guy. Who says all he say he sounds like he's he's made up because there's nobody that would say some of the things that he does he's not worried about his contract with the authority he does anybody know that we would talk about 11 of the things that team option for next year we're also going to be underpaid. Now we're about it at all. Our Brian that stuff last year we knew we he came in. You know yet to deal with you know had cut not the uniforms some answers there prepared without audit committee he got to move on from that. And then he was great now we. Because slowed down at the end of last year and obviously the playoffs he wasn't good but join the club everybody that pitched for the Red Sox is bad. In the playoffs but the start he had he still finished second in the Cy Young. The Jose is a great first year form and he's exactly the type of guy on your team. Eight WellPoint and on the opposite end of that spectrum. Is the other guy who before Chris it was here. Was the ace of the team's got to give thirty million dollars to that is David Price and and this is where that the question I have tonight the Red Sox fans and I am at a point now where I'm just. I can't. I can't honestly evaluate David Price because I'm soul. Everything I'm sold on the ice against him is not the word. But I find eve when he tries to the right thing. Like I guess he tried to you to in the spotlight and Gil pizza to get to your second. I find myself annoyed with David Price now I don't know where that comes up that's his two years of hearing in you know whether it's or two after your want to take a Twitter and laughter fans ailment Hawaii and I hear you guys right now no playoff records matter here. Your two we showed up and talked to a local newspaper to ride along its ad in the mediate and ask you Bob. Meet in my in charitable events the world like the fans are like by email me like the fans and a one and L lead and then trot but the actor sleeping last year. Which really icing on the cake. So it's been two years at this for me. Where there are things about David Price the week goes about himself but I just fine and knowing that may be just made this nightingale thing. Is not as annoying is on making it out to be in maybe just maybe David Price this is no big deal. On the story comes out the headlines from again Bob nightingale vilified in Boston. Helps lower JD Martinez for new chapter a media say 00. Another nightingale sit down no local media did the local media thing. Not deals this guy this is the god that he is gone through and there is a it is a lengthy piece with out a bunch of different. David Price quotes in here. I'm out I'm not gonna start with the beginning of August are with the part that stood out to me the most that's the part about. I'm JD Martinez at the end and he speaks to. I'm talking edgy Martinez they were former teammate parts of two seasons Detroit's books several times during the winter. About the possibility of signing with the Red Sox they talked extensively about the other day. How about that the size Martinez said questions twice provide the answers I'll add this. I'm not sure I wanna David Price being on one with the answers here now he's at his side here that we could appointed to why it back I can't believe I thought I had a bright idols are able to get an a second night. That he actually and ups and here. Simply Martinez once they'll be could be happy playing in Boston the biggest fishbowl baseball where negativity thrives. And the weak get swallowed up like copies. Where else could you have eighteen win 93 games in back to back seasons this is of course nightingale. Two consecutive AL east division titles on the New York Yankees and still be hated by the populace. I don't think it's hate I think it's a difference I think there is an indifference to. This team in some ways I don't think there I hate to strong word there are people that don't don't like the organizing and out for a reason they're capable things about it last year cholesterol barricade yeah right Andy going in knowing that it was just about the same. I think there was people there rule annoyed with the team reps over the team but I don't think it's just looked at as you know strip hatred instead of mystery. Is always. And we can't and we can play an entire. Back in port. Not yet. Instead Evian standing up your team instead telling Martinez to run back the desert Arizona. Rita is sitting out until some of the team came along price gave the lay of the land of what makes playing in Boston dramatically different it's tough year price tells USA today. It's just there's so much more negativity. Some negative I've never won for negative stuff. Alex routing myself. By positive people. Even if my wife starts talking figuratively. I letter no I just can't stand it. I can Revver Vanderbilt coach Jim Corbett always preach in the positive positive were positive by positive environment. I feel like on the same way I try to find a positive or things sometimes that stuff OK so your year you don't like the negative it's negative your boss and I would admit. What he'll perform well it can be negative for players I also think. When you do things like I don't know call up a hall of fame member of the right sock that is sexy with the law any ambush on a plane. That's not about you pitching that's about doing what's right and what's wrong and Red Sox fans Boston sports fans. I think can tell if you're right wrong and everyone you viewed that as the wall away. To handle that last year less about the pitching but it is just what would you pitch well the playoffs you've got plenty of cheers there you want the only view of the Red Sox in the last out of the pen. But that the thing. That was no negativity you you may be negative because the weight hit itself that's. Out right yes it was a year ago. So I accepted by David Price is off the field. Dustin Pedroia as was technically on the field but it had more to do with cut off the field stuff and sort of relationships in the in the dugout and everything was going on there. So that was not a guy hitting 200 org now the final RA those were. You know what kind of teammate are you in the case of Pedroia all kind of person are you a case of David Price for sectors. Annexed it ahead usable won't circle back to Blanche is different things about negativity is actions and he does talk but I personally. And and still doesn't wanna apologize for that but here's the JD Martinez follow. Nightmare writes a lot of old Fred within this year one of the elite power hitters in the game was a chance to put up monster numbers in Fenway and yes. Get booed along the way. Like OK where is this going Obama quote this is quote from price. Oh yes he'll get booed price laughs I told JD below the guys in the clubhouse. But also told him he'll get booed. He's a quiet soft spoken guy but he'll handle it besides. Everyone gets booed I heard Big Papi David Ortiz get booed many times at Fenway Park many this that this is the one to me. Where this is the holy bleep quote from David where is that coming from number one he is again admitting. That he likes his teammates but the fans. He doesn't care for you're gonna get booed but he's gonna like the guys you'll love the eyes in the clubhouse that is again reference point to. The fan base here boss that it's PS2 years and years yet David Price yet who get booted. But he'll love the guys here in this clubhouse that is a reference point to the fans are gonna get on you. But your teammates they're gonna have your back were two years in this is now the second time in apps or three years and for him. Second time in 33 seasons where he's made reference to the BC was asked the bunch times in the post or story last year. You see it kept saying like your teammates like the team like the organization. You wouldn't say like the fans and he wouldn't commit to liking the fan base he used the fans. At some sort negative because they checked him when he says something they don't like what hasn't pitched well. He's easing your three and has very but he's saying I'm Jason Martinez to be here he does not like the fan base and also a lie and it's it's really weird to him because he could easily hate the media and fans we eat the Hollywood love it in on the Arnold as much interest in the fans of the best fans in the world. And then bolting crap all over the media and that's great that works out. This lied about he's heard David Ortiz booed him many times. There were teammates for one season that was Ortiz is farewells he he did not get to it that your. Close to ovation nonstop every park they want to add Fenway everything they did everything with the great they are able wicker chair and it is so they are and it was an unbelievable season he played really well pace. Last year and so you're saying when he came in as a member of the rays. Ortiz got booed many times I'm nothing Ortiz never got booed because he played here very long time. But give me a break maybe that 1 April or got off to a slow start. That you know by by a handful people the crowd isn't good food and don't OJ Martinez iron you're booed and we're beating sock that. Like what he's not gonna get booed trust me there again the chance of a big chance he's the people's over four he's gonna get booted the next day. That's an explosion. Won't relate to rules Oscar stinks. I just thought I got I was doubtful that he might I was hopeful they might opt out. A little back and forth on that though because there's so much money still left after this year on the deal that is there going to be a market to be able to make that money back. Obviously got on again off again power station all year too because I guess it would depend on what he thinks in next year's free agent market and if he thinks he knew it did him in Dallas eichel. As a top two guys I guess you could position it worries out their Kershaw is going to be signed. In LA he's not the morning worse he's going to be a technique technique you can give free agent potentially he's not going to be freeagent so. If he gets word that baseball not gonna spend money again after not spending money this year or have been terrible if you got that out. This past year as a marked as was not there for for anybody really what they thought the we're gonna get. May be next to Richard but I would view and even in the midst of the story he says is his plan to stay here. Are with this team by me I I I just don't. I can't imagine. That he's trying to convince JD Martinez to come here and he's talking about. Getting booed in this ballpark. That that seems off to be that seems like a guy who the fan base is still. Even after a little bit uptick at the end of last year even though he's gotten some distance between he and yet closely incident. It's still the fan base and the media here even the story is done again what Bob nightingale national guys govern their relationship with. He was asked again about talk of media by Shaughnessy last week when he spoke and he said. I guess I'll speak to guys like pitchman for its negative I'm not going to be bald. I mean he. Even when he tries to sit down. And I guess in the right thing like khaki ms. Judy Martinez to come here we should be a good thing right you commit a shudder and a very good thing. We dozens of their weird way and I'm still. And again I'm wondering if this just meet this point 6177797937. The phone number in mind now not seeing things clearly. With David Price and I I ate and I I don't I think fans in general I don't know but I think fans in general are gonna root for guy. If he performs well. Well listen I. Read this stuff here and he just seems like he's still at times rich does not get into year three even after the press conference last week. Eight the ice it's a good things they're. Keep track immediately and said it's I told Jaime Martinez he's going to be booed all affects the sales into effect yet on JD Martinez and bulls. I know I don't think I don't think he gets a lot of credit I think a 110 million dollars that's where the credit goes that's where Dave Dombrowski gets the credit. The Red Sox Henry firfer opened up the checkbook it's not David Price that ringing endorsement of you're gonna get booed and it is so negative here. That's not a solid point even David Ortiz got booed. Eat at a time he says many time I I I believe there are times or David Ortiz that did that the sports talk cry out. Got on gave her keys because of the year any year route seemingly. Contracts. Not rebuttals but contract mentions about one negated deal wanted to get paid he would sign a new deal two years prior. He come back in two years later and say. I'm looking for a new contract I think that war on a a segment of sports talk radio fans and there is that incident where he had the the tainted or they are guys. I think I've got people to I think there were some issues there with the fans but being booed off the performance. I don't know that that feels like a revisionist history situation from David Price David Price got booed. And David Price did help sell because its first year here at thirty million dollars or he did not pitch well. Then the second year he got hurt the accuracy thing happen. And so he's never available find a real good group here when he does everything and is it back in his side. I just read something like this I think since the more the sand and all right reaching and I have more coming up he's not apologizing record sleep. Less than a year later he's off a Twitter because you negative fans in the long run social media because you folks. And so that after healing hearing Chris Sale today. And the refreshing nature of Chris Sale. And the no BS approaching no excuses and knocked out socially at the arms gonna go all their pitch to my job or five days and he's gonna land word is. Sale comes across as this one way. Pricey X exact opposite and my question again it's MI just now. MI so Jed up the first years Lamotte senior clearly when you read this they knew it dale bids to view her did you read that same senator. Odd seeing him Obama team yeah I actually have to can't stand David Price and if he pitches well that you'll put up with a company still a tough guy to root for he's got someone I turned a little bit to John Lackey where. Lackey gets it's a negative backlash on yet fan base where. He just harassed at school room and you could almost understand it you know and then. He went out there he pitch for himself the spurs teammates but he never really loved being here on it right unity he got traded he was thrilled to go. Played that she appeared in Saint Louis who would never done that here in Boston. It's kind of similar to that in I just wonder. Is he going to be here for the long haul or are we going to be wants in the the last year of price and boss. Art as expect and we talked David Price you guys react to a full phones to talk with you with 617779. 7937. His opponent broader region cub work of the quotes from the so sound from this there's more quotes from David Price about Twitter but echoes from a year ago. I wanna get to Rob Gronkowski next hour because even Tommy cart is now writing all this thing's lingering here Tommy Carney is not one of the you know one of these panicky a patriot riders so is not he's right down the middle we love compound that now he's writing about Rob Gronkowski and that's an issue that we that we Major League Baseball had a terrible day yesterday. Made it worse today or rob Manfred clarified these terrible. New rules they put in place they're gonna be a disaster. For baseball this year from a PR standpoint so bunch of stuff to mossy Ford he'll join us. We'll start with your calls on David Price in the Sox 6177797. ID 37 lock and key Sports Radio to view media. Follow along on Twitter with my tax money could we. EI and rich fat she's 21. Now more money keep. Plus Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. Yeah NASA before productive. Handle certain situations last year better and and I did said that last year in the clubhouse to to a big group of guys though. Again. You see it this year. But it it is. You want thoughtful well. I'm based on conversations I had that was David Price last week we've. He several media Fort Myers but at night portrait UWB yeah I've based on people I talk to. And around the expressly incidents and a circus he has. No interest in talking to David Price who wants to move all of his life all price living price free life going forward and do his job by Eddie very high level which he's done. For NASA or TBS over the years he's very good at it and just wants to have. Move on thank yet he's he has no interest then and based off what price said there at them well so he said to Bob nightingale. Is that they'll apologize. Because I want applause as he is that you need to apologize. And he's a sort of leaves it would ought wants to talk on talk that talks are canola you know. Chains. I talked about last year Bob nightingale forge a part of these phones I've never been anything I'd never been through anything like it prices double last year. There was so much going on so much it was a very trying year. If I wasn't making the amount of money I was making it probably wouldn't have been a big deal but I'm an easy target let's circle back to. Op price pause rubbed his fingers through his beard and says the except some. Of the blame itself. I was frustrated by double injuries limiting him to sixteen starts he's upset by the constant activity. He was angry when he heard Packers to criticize his teammates on the airwaves voicing its displeasure loud and clear. Price never apologize he told my Gail says there's no need to apologize that he was merely sticking up for his teammates. But if Akerson wants to talk price of gladly sit down. Quote I don't think I would have changed anything last year price said. But I learn your way and not that you're doing things I learned a whole lot on a leader I need to lead better I know that. This exact quote we just place that would change some things yes. I don't think would it change anything last year price said maybe it depends so there's no that's all which is it that the tide yes it hat he's so. He didn't learn from the incident and he doesn't care you know care of the fan base reacted and I'll circle back to the money part of it. I wasn't making the amount of money out as make you probably would have been a big deal I'm an easy target I am convinced rage. That really if anybody did was having a poor year was injured and did what price did Wecker sleep I don't care what their salary was they would abandon. As land base and its price was by the Boston media beast Acker sleet is is in the hierarchy. A the current guys working in the media use that term loosely is job has really not to criticize the jobs to do games on NASA to be honest and he admits he's not that critical and it's. It that that's just the gig that's fine. But I don't think as into the money it was a guy who based on the stories that Shaughnessy for broke basic ambushed and sectors in a plane. No actually had nothing to do this morning what you're high or what odds caller we take what everybody says that has more to do with this contract ending a thirty million dollar guys. But Eckerd sleaze is point things out and it's up to cop out to say. He's defending a teammate at all of what what he's out of our league lead don't care as bogus they what he's about Eduardo Rodriguez had to defend him like. Asked that before and handle certain situations last year better and and I did. I don't think I would it change any thing last year rice says. But I learned the way not to do things not how it. Is it common decency thing when it comes the Akerson part of it like that's. The way not to do things president of my teammates. Is ambushed an announcer for a team who really is not that critical anyway I was gone with a fake mock cheer on a plane. Party your teammates in front of other media members that Ron and I went orcas other broadcast partner Jessica was the heat of the moment I'm married and then afterwards and it now okay. I should've done that this was like hey guys who were regular regular for this it's going to be great I don't bare cement gets on the plane he has no idea yet on cheerfully tear forming a it is as if that what's that hundred club. What's that Tom Cruise movie with pre crime. They detonate that. You know minority or Orlando Florida would have little little what do barely got a pre pre ought yeah at this company is using her body to his teammates to do and he read this stuff today. And again maybe it's just me I need to know from you guys 6177797937. As the owner of one open line most are we David Price would into. A bunch of this doctor blankley Rob Gronkowski potential retirement yes that is a thing folks what you try to ignore at this point. Austin and a car is on Monday night would much any key files to. You know the donor go to. It because they're gobbled in our post my great show your shall have a caller on and keep got to put on the Celtics are currently not on. Now in the and a pretty low points screaming pointer now expectation okay the price sign them. Of all places where there and walked Miller. To be the picture. Do you. You got a lot of different look at the Berlin and. Are well under ER I got a lot of pressure from Linda didn't look so number one number two no. Well good I'm not certain yeah at all understand what's going on. Can you haven't done well we aren't. I I agree with what you're saying. What are we don't want. You're not special in so I don't want badly. Because unfortunately now we talked you don't. The number three did you as well okay. What part of contention box until two or three years and years and it doesn't do your numbers. And I'm ever out into the rookie how he talked about often I mean the man who didn't know a lot longer in late and a lot more what you eat and I want a key to whether you can't are controversial. He's an African American athlete who. I mean. Sure you add welcome armor so important bigger topic at all even a little bit right about when I'm done this year until you go out there. Never lose but you are automatically and under the best. I'm glad. I can't wait to get out because it's why I'm concerned either destroy it shouldn't and bought in iron in the league where there's an old letters and yeah well yeah your quarterback you need to. He would fight you'll find a job somewhere again I'm not sure how David Ortiz of the race factories in. I just know that did the first part Austin about the negativity I couldn't agree more and like I I would I would ask him to they go back and read some of the articles. And listen to some of the phone calls when the reaction that John Lackey got this down John Lackey got it I think two to three times worse. On the David Price has gotten so far Lackey got booed over and over again by the fan base we spent days on would it day after day after day. Ripping John Lackey rate for the way he pitched his attitude the way he showed up his teammates out there an amount that I got Barry turned out. He pitched her entire first year got himself healthy and by the end of it by the end of this is Boston Boston works. You. You've pitched well. If you format that John Lackey essentially forces way to Saint Louis and set a knock a player anymore you guys global Jon Lester. And that was guy who got crucified. Out of Boston fans for a couple years here as you know having worked in the game. You play well yet they're gonna they're gonna root for you and it might be a little bit more. Overstated. On how much people dislike of an excellent the majority of the fan base probably likes him. Now if Yahoo! just looking at Twitter. That you price a bit of I got to bring hates me if you're just listen to talk radio unit leader but he hates me oh you're out there at Fenway Park. They're gonna give you that chance and he takes the mound in game one ever to three probably two. For the Red Sox he's gonna get cheered yet he has it's not a way I can effectively he's on the team but it's not that kind of hatred. There to give you a shot now you have a shorter leash. Dead probably everybody else in the rotation based off some of your comments and in your salary everything else. But they wanted to root for you and it's Google that's what I hear the end of last year when he picked or not OC welcome. Well peoples and the prices back that was Packers the Euro area that was refreshing that he's at he'd tolerated already you're mature enough odd since in Woburn on sale and priced at 617779. 7937. Heights him. They have inordinate amount. Good. The first woman I don't think you're being out there and I think you're just reacting. To what price you know what what anyone's reaction be I don't think it's really I haven't been too particularly biased. It was a one off him I think I'd probably just pull this off as young as they need to stress of year three eccentric but this is now three years in a row and certainly to three seeds in a row where. He says some stuff flasher to hold this time tonight gallery just appears not to get at least from my perspective. Right so my point and it's a pretty obvious guesses that no price. It's certainly sob himself well enough in the foot on adult I would say the worst thing that could happen at that sale later so. The point. At least. You know. You know. All aces or else on the staff for the comparable with him. I also know that you later and honestly you know. Nightly nonchalant including the one that should be making. The game quite fun but. He will go to our country and Ed and pictures bought up and Korea to the front. Apple you anything and you know let you know exactly what effect if a partner necessarily. You know they don't record popular in Iraq's political. And you know. Well I certainly says that it. You know technically you gotten in a dark dark about it is you know former. More preferable if you you know what Gator prices down so I think partly guilty frequently consult liked. Certainly. You know if you have talked about it you know genocide in sales in May. You know it quite quickly what everyone probably the Red Sox some buyer's remorse that they know so little money basically to end whatever. Character can't have it it's a great point because sale comes along pitched edited pitched better than price did essentially year one that we killed off the end. And none of the outside stuff I mean now they don't make him less laid down the money. You know yearly basis of Maryland wanted waited lasted retirement the whole contract on you do your bases. He's making less than half. He says all the right things eighty pitches better liked by god any kick out of his way when it comes Stephen social media are really gonna social media anymore price says. There's nothing of negativity that's all it is I get we don't John 316. I'm gonna get crushed there's no point no point. I used to really enjoyed especially Twitter interact with everybody. I thought that was the coolest thing ever I really enjoyed it now I go weeks without even opening Twitter our camera last time I read by mentions Eastwood of Freddie thing. I definitely miss that I missed the reaction of the fans but I'm okay with that you're not around enough and Justin and missed a lot to explain how much you miss Twitter pesos but you're okay what he wants Twitter he wants is twittered out of the Tampa Bay Twitter. Which is what he opens it up the Fed the fans love the minutes grade okayed the occasional Red Sox gamble Sasser mop and a fire back all the rays fans back we'll get in this case Ben Roethlisberger Twitter yes we'll get the guy and moderate if you size and old were locked everyone everybody what everybody you say anything about a you are blocks are basically you have somebody. Read the negative suites delete those and then hand the phone back here the response you got there all this is very nice north though I live in that ball he can't. It it's WellPoint he cannot deal with those people. Outside the pro David Price up to the point receiving telling his wife on you being here every negative. I can't deal without right now but it is it too it's this isn't the same yeah this is Bob Poehler two point well. Is a week after he sat down there in Fort Myers is that it's gonna be different and I'm going to be to enter an introvert I guess this night guilt thing. Is complaining that twitters too negative that's Twitter David Price for four for rich keys for Dale Arnold for you know. Anybody that is Twitter. Get used to it especially if you're in a market like Boston where people urgent that's that's how we are this is not camp but it's not Detroit it's not want to know. If you pitch poorly you mentioned the gonna suck all your kids did just don't know about how hard is that don't market. The easy 6177797937. Is your phone number back your calls we get the robbed and cows is retirement potential retirement. After 7 o'clock but at night rolls its Montag. Which we keep on Sports Radio WEEI. Tomorrow. Long. They always start. Toughest of them went down the sound itself. Doesn't match up the truth recklessly here in this town and you're pulling guys aside what you did do that they've distilled to beef up to shake out we'll see how we get start theories that April. On fanned the Red Sox fans are paying attention will probably back and aside but a slow start. Watch out he dug Majid Martinez get booed potentially. There you have more affects you for sure you'll get roughed up while one quick gulf forge a back of these phone calls I think by default it fury bar stool fan. Any future do you think you just when you watch every one because it's so short a two with three minutes it's a puzzling matter pits you wanna if Diaz against you're gonna watch anyway. Please please please watch today's the interview with bad number so. Well it is a plus free rein. Excellent it is is mad dog at his best mad dogs and pizza parlor. At one point that you can ever razor he's great he's getting into the the perfect guest calls the tuxedo pizza he was it was excellent to make sure it don't miss this one is what I would say immaturity can watch when you watch a ball it's like Pete's ironically. Watch mad dog with or right that's. Our Alex talking about David Price is 6177797. ID 37 hi Alex. They guys. Resistant to. I. You know David Price situation is unique in this example or that everything and everything look wrong with the Red Sox. The ownership is utterly dot. The 2011 may have said completely unable to stand up for the players. I don't understand what how much more go to Aaron the clubhouse. Help this guy shut his mouth. Ironically and I'll let you finish Alex I did they'd be organization was not happy. With the way price the only thing last year so Carol they've they've walked in the way you want them to in some sort of you know like Clint Eastwood Foreman and told that the shut up but I I I I believe that. Yet they let people know the ownership did debated not like the way that was handled last year that is for sure. They let people know you know. That's not enough they need to go o'clock this guy directly. And told him just you know he had. Hot on balance what at what level is at the manager's job though like I if I'm not Henry I go to John Farrell and I tell John John each religious message and by the way. As one of the reasons Carol's not here on much of the messages ever got across to the players in some cases. Now you've got you've got this close to him more worried about his job that he was worried about you know. You know what I helped the team and just you know maintaining some kind of order in the club house. You know at this sucks for Al Gore because they are all getting excited about the beauty Martinez signing. Figure this guy problems crapping all over it. And creating took a totally unnecessary. You know distraction. At the fact thinks that he that he's been under has been part. I'm not to a pilot diarrhea compared what the guys it's years that the well. We'll Lackey especially Alex and and and thanks for the very descriptive. Phone call plot of the film there on the verge of a good point. Alice scores job a year one part of it has to be. I need to get David Price focused on pitching and less focused on stuff like this I don't want David place talking about negativity. I don't want talking about Twitter I don't want talking about Dennis Decker sleek. I need David Price to focus on the job ahead of him. And part of outscored his gig and I Heidi do it at this point. East to get David Price out of his own head that is a big part of your own. Let's have a tough and I guess he went to see. David Price in the offseason at some point I don't know what kind of relationship they have but. I he asked the folks on that as part of the year you've got to go reported or podcasts and I'll direct pay at their house they're about as rich keep Andes in new Hampshire at 617779. 7937. Andy woody got. What context. They and it might stay with this guys that is another example of this ownership. I'm getting triple digits. Instead of the people can actually do their job. It's pretty ridiculous that the Catholic lip baseball players tend to be able between Madonna ish anyway. But you know that Gonzales says the world Crawford to the world bid at these situations will pour in hr or march of mighty atom. We don't like Jon Lester could have. Yeah secret test out your bluntness out yet it shouldn't want to get 110. Million dollars. I thought they had seen. Another blue they lay low ball early and that was it and led Lester and at the Chicago it led John lacking in a B with the St. Louis Cardinals. I mean I have no problem at Reich it long it just play shot. Yeah I don't need I ask you ever get I don't itchy ever get richer. Out of this stuff and Chris Gayle and I was just you know that she felt that that approach certainly didn't sound like it. Not really think that the same god the last two years he's been at if that's exactly what you want out of many wrapped weights and you know. He goes are Mormon manager and ownership what that last. Mean clearly. Ed and the but I would say your point and you you said to be in the call on and thanks for for join the program I you talked about the guys they're bringing in. And being mental midget I feel OK so they have for you can say that before David Price that brought a couple years ago. They went out and traded for Chris Sale and a caller said this last hour and he's on a percent right. Chris Sale being here makes it look worse for David Price. Because he doesn't talk about Twitter is a talk about the media doesn't talk about the fans Chris sales shows up. And for less than half the amount of money David Price of making fair or not that's part of the equation. Absolutely shelves. And there is none of the outside stuff with Chris Sale would David Price. When he doesn't pitch well and the fans get on them he gets sensitive about it. With David Price if you have Dennis Decker sleep make it a comment about Eduardo Rodriguez if you believe that was the reason. He goes after those guys David Price still unwilling to even say. He likes the fancy or Boston told JD Martinez you'll get booed at what you'll love the clubhouse a second straight year. And the third or fourth time I think. Where he has been reference to the fans being too negative. And not like in the fancier Boston. And it in recruiting. At Bob Knight get reports that JD Martinez. Says yeah you get booed here. This is the guy you're dealing with this is the exact opposite Chris Sale and achieve it or price were here. And and sale war I truly believe it would be easier for David Price because there would not be. Any any other option there's no other Frontline pitcher on the team yet other good pitchers like Rodriguez. Andrew Palmer raids Rick or sell those guys are good not great Chris Ellis lights freaking out. Any does it the way I think. Most Boston sports fans want to see it done. And a very high level and there is no complaining about the other stuff going on and that same guy. The guy doing it better than you did in year one. Is on your team making less money to you that does to some extent make it tougher on David Price and I thought I thought. After watching it assailant year one. At some of that might rub off on David Price had a pretty quiet offseason didn't talk to many people showed up on time. Doubles are what's it showed up ready to go decent mental state decent press conference last week. With the media that was there and then you get this. Talking to another national guy again Bob nightingale. About the negativity. And I wouldn't change editing last year and Ali told JD Martinez Asia come here. But Obama away getting booed. It just wore the same it doesn't seem like anything change with them and again I started the show with the question is it just me at this point. And I just too jaded in my biased now why am I not looking at this thing. You know clear eyes full hearts can't lose but I live with this I don't know you guys have to explain to me it is Red Sox fans you get as annoyed as I do. With another year David Price reference to negativity in Conchita Martinez he's gonna get boot a lot of Boston JD. Bringing it boot 6177797937. Is the phone number. A lot more this wanna get your thoughts on the Red Sox on placed throughout the course of the program. John the loss to join us an hour from now form from Fort Myers we'll get his take on what he saw down there today as they await. The official Lott's announcement of JD Martinez the newest member of the Boston Red Sox in addition all that we come back we have talked about Robert counts he went Tommy current. Starts right about brawn and retirement this story lingering. It is time for you folks to give this story a look because it is not going away get to that and your calls bought at night rolls on Sports Radio WE yeah.