Mut at Night - No star power at home run derby - 7-16-18

Mut at Night
Monday, July 16th
Villani is joined by's Alex Reimer, and the two start off talking about the fantastic first half of the season by the Boston Red Sox, and what they could potentially do to get even better going forward. They also get into the home run derby happening tonight, and argue about if the lack of star player involvement matters.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you. EI. Like you. Back later in the week pretty sure Wednesdays. And Thursday eighteenth two days now five you know that I'm in their amendments to. I'm pretty sure Thursday. He's coming back I tell you want to have five top back not too bad for the much man. I believe the mainland states not a 100% sure I got it we may need you Wednesday as it while I'm well available to where if they were we can get ready to WB yet scheduled -- -- I we have the real can seek not all cut up they'll probably not yet status of that weights it's got to be bleeped out to Steve got easier we've got down substantially is while Curtis I was podcasts yet Curtis was not happy rob Bradford and all Beatty wasn't happy at the act here in the center haven't always stirring up trouble that's what I do. For the most part and its bites. The if they're waiting on me. To decide whether I can work when they are not keep it is if that's the case urine. Want to suit the schedule says that I have I plans on one's. How do you you work here part time you're taking a month off from your weekend shall hunt is our correct as our what kind of deal do you have I'm gonna vacation. Like training you wanted to know and then you take all you want to make it in this business let me tell you secret here you gotta be ready. And available to work where were you but last five months or so you're available. I I was about where you already I was ready to work. At your career up not great and Bowen did not ring may gain a better Pollard I get I don't worry guys C Gary talk at all about you a more night of it is proof that Twitter followers mean absolutely nothing. I tell people they don't know how many to a feisty and make the witness is proof right here that Twitter following means absolutely nothing in point our followers I lost one job is seeing now. Aaron everyone let's start let's start a collection what's out so when it and it won't be in I think you'll be in apparently body model be back on Thursday and guess he's not and Friday because usually not the Red Sox are back anyway and I think at that game. The date. There are all over the place that the update right there and I'm not into the next month of Sundays which is going to be fantastic get away from Bradford now poised to spew left the lawn. I don't know play nice and care aren't here to kill each other really down there is no part of you'll feel bad about it I'll come back and a month or sell and he's ever laughed as ever standing at the end of it. A host the show at them see I can't get a read on nests. How much of the Bradford did relic feud is real. Fake amp stop I still can't get a read on I would say it's RG 6535. Real. Really you would go oh yeah 50% real over 50% real big do you especially relic it easily fired up and it Robin you ways stoking that as much as Potts he does yes now I've been around you know ball those guys a lot you know work under rob the website but I still taken a firm grasp of how much is real how much as they guys can go the other gonna 65% stake. 35% now there's some beer and I'm every week except for the next month there's some real well there's a real animosity there and I at the end of data are usually the middle of it I just say I hate both of them and I want to just get a lot there but. Able to get through that I shall now yes on him while you get the lord's day you'd think a month off on the awards to exactly be fantastic LB now poised to keep Clyde Matta police again. Anywhere he. It is essentially nice summer's body refused to be stand under the fluorescent lights we have in the studio it's kinda like beans on just like it so you weighed in on WEEI dot com but the Red Sox tree line SI did earlier today all 120 pounds of me I certainly did weigh in on this and just adds about this column is worth so I got. Through most of the headline. An expense Roemer yes which is your name him snippy time is right for Red Sox to be reckless at traded crazy so. Question is is is this the approach to trade deadline and the idea of hey let's get better let's dressed eat it let's add depth without it these are things that obviously anybody Red Sox in or otherwise would be in favor of what exactly does being reckless at the trade deadline means read them all that even mean trade prospects. The few prospects though have to get rid of essentially bucking the trend he can't treat players like about how yes he can't get fired the players. Watch me what do people say. The real baseball folks say to browse each natively so many prospects they were there it's accent so few. Hot young prospects left we got to savor them and protect them they're up against the luxury tax. Tickle over the luxury tax and you'll drop ten spots in the first round of paid it's crazy sixty plus percent tax as well. I say now you have gone this far. Go all the way of the best record in baseball and most importantly. This is it for the Red Sox I mean I know this is a cliche championship window by. It kind of closes after this year from the standpoint that this team will not be bettered when he nineteen and probably will not be better in 20/20. Probably won't be better 20/20 one every year starting this off season you have. A core players of this team up for free agency starting with Kimbrel and so on Martinez and 2019 Demi get to bats and Bogart why you are. I'm assuming though that aid in our quarter resigning any of those guys indeed an act of replacing those because you can't resign often right. But ya gonna sign hall battles once you have to be able to address the need. As you lose guys so yeah Campbell's the first guy and that's going to be big one probably I going to reach probably not I'd bet one way or the other that the big one the Red Sox lose that charted room with somebody else the closers role but. Does that mean this team is not going to be worth investing in next year now about whether he'll be good in as as they are this year with a win as many games they did this year. It's question of will the Red Sox beat worth investing in next year from an ownership respect I'll end. There are some cases where though you could argue it the other way team's championship window comes to an end. And you're gonna enter into rebuild mode and you you approach with this push all your chips in mentality in the middle of the season. This isn't this franchise this franchises set up to be very good championship contending at least. For the next 45 years but it looked at their roster prior almost certainly won't be as good. Even next year's it is this year who's gonna say they're gonna lose Kimbrel how are how can replace him I got a lot of Croats are questions camera on the market it won't be as good as it is now would you agree with apps probably not we'd be their best team for what. Or five years. Maybe not one of their help your Turkey starting pitching next year. With David Price opts out they're able to use the money. And to add another starting pitcher and or if they use the money got a battery and use the money at a close let's start to David Price he has four years 108 million remaining honesty. So if he opts out he's going to take what at least at this point 4050 million dollars less on the open market. In one would think so I would know that he does so after this I'll I'll aren't even when I see David Price an elite probably hates it here he certainly seems like he hates it here all week when I see that's not the leading. Back and the mine on the table surprise factors into this because next year for example 7080 Martinez or bulk up. I gravity is probably opt out. It's gonna cost watt light roughly fourteen million to resign both of those guys if you combine their deals your JD Martina said today he'd be interested in possibly extending his Diamond Bar how much. Well you'd have to pay a Markel Al item I would think that you conveyed to bring us talking about this to keep last hour. I think you're at least in the mix of Martinez if you look he'd giving him two more years so essentially making it as a beside a seven year contract. At roughly the steamy day. Her guy that's a little bit older now you're 25 years old like Bryce Harper would be at a different conversations not. An easy packed full players Yi is. Eddie is he's had some injury concerns in the past he's had some time three couldn't they on appealed as much as you'd like so. These are the types of things that maybe play into the the actor Martinez rethinking about. Judge cash in now. Can I just lock in a most of the rest or although the rest of my career. And twenty plus million dollar guy. I think that's a realistic scenario from the writes I agree active so let's say he wants 25 million per year for the next for the extra two years in order and you wipe out the opt outs right now have to be done with the deal TC wiped out the opt outs. Extra fifteen million from our team is but sell you a decision gets around 200 million. On the free agent market and after that yet to worry about Bogart's import salad and you keep that's my point is. And in the tickets are only gonna get better too with the prospects of coming up and we think they're gonna add at least one of these big free agents which shot a harper. X satirist so the Red Sox have the best record in baseball right now. Their roster is going to get worse in the coming years it won't be as good as it is now. This is the time to push. All of your shifts the center of the table of your game Debra asking golf full board in acquiring a starting pitcher and not Zack Wheeler type of those and four or five. And real starting pitcher can help you not just for the rest the regular season. But in the playoffs against the Yankees and ouster but then left handed had Andy's right handed heavy one this is the other issue that got with with your column here. And I ever taken issue in your car was Katie Nolan won in this those are the only two that you got over the years and apparently tuned not to go on a written eighteen months and Elvis accessory I think other odds pop in anytime I think others like quibble with that accessory that that that I did you but would say give you for now. What do you again. I mean the it sounds nice in theory to say go for it go for ads right at a big name had a big bat at a big stars nature. Are gonna get Minnie H out. There are apart with rap field devers plight when I say that I spent an hour so I had reckless and a hobby or not parting with divers from al-Qaeda. So crazy Chris organic and a matter and going here you you're gonna further deplete the farm system which by the way will then make it harder to replace. Some of these guys you're putting forth your doomsday scenario where the Red Sox are just constantly shedding players and replacing anybody apparently. You make it harder to replace those guys internally when you start dealing prospects to get one Michael former. Chris archer Chris archer jordin Zimmer of a four and a half ERA. Yes who though as to who has had some really nice seasons now and Tampa back we know that. He I had price also it's really a yes but I visit slightly better as a better player tractor and David Price story examines another again we're not setting a high bar now and we would pretty much anyone has a better record oppressor toward the chairman's another one is two years about fifteen million left on his deal's not something great to take money. Right and you give up fewer outlets prospects in return or let's dive you know let's highly rated prospects in return. Oxford Zimmerman. And be remembered him rusty he's dealing date Timmerman by the way is one year removed from leading the league in earned runs allowed while how's it going this year pretty god twelve starts looking damn good after that neck injury returned sixty innings. But hurt it would be top forty right at all this research for this hour if you qualify Thierry title he'd be top forty you and Tim -- here's the thing with a brownie you're doing these guys are too. Acquired Max Scherzer and when he fifteen for the price of Edwin Jackson. In Curtis Granderson it's a pretty modest price for Max Scherzer he had an able statutes are pretty much next to nothing as well. So it's anyone's gonna pull off the deal out of his ass it's steel and Dave Dombrowski to which is why you brought him I don't agree it's why you brought an edit any authority Big Easy on them rest easily with certain. A number of the moves he's made some good some not so much been a bit of a mixed bag by. When he's getting he's deal with a Anibal Sanchez what he's the only with that Max Scherzer. There any different market and I think they are this year he's just it's not a great buyer's market it's not there's Mitch shot oh. And that collection of guys where it if you were really looking at it. And really saying okay how much better does this better is Michael Ballmer made the Red Sox how much better is Alex Cobb make the Red Sox. Relative to what they've already gotten your starting pitching depth. And you've also got a further mortgage your future which is already pretty heavily leveraged to get you in the position that you are I I think this idea of goalie in the big move make the big splash it sounds nice in theory. In practicality. I just don't think it's that her brother Michael former than Hector Alaska as nor are. Brian Johnson. What about Dorsey about getting it Marjorie gets healthy and that's a big issue but if he'd ever or he never charters for starters in the post season right you can never have enough good arms that's like Chris archer isn't in that come up with two yes he status is not an era north of for every year since when he fifteen. We know he hasn't been as good lately as he wise but still. I'm not planning on David Price in the white house on the accounting and reports on the Playhouse on any of us RC get one more pitcher. Right handed it right handed pitcher you're right articulate if you're running out priced imports alone playoff archers we got in which are now top and did a better back there Chris archer I buy but he has a better chance. Yes a news or it would he got Chris archer not you know when he World Series and price of Marcelo making significant contributions in the post season you can't write off all of our orders not all re edit radar tickets on our police had survived that one of those guys archers the guy that's gonna on Madison got mark bomb Werner like role with Chris yeah Metzenbaum garner better than David Price which is as we established is pretty much anybody and torsos and got in the playoffs to in his career. As well. Sell a play that game Chris Sale guide you what I held in my game one of the right yeah yeah life yet I am a Red Sox that not realty starting this all started am not build these pitching this all star game why why why do you need Chris L pitching and I equivalent a day. Asked have a page or 99 ha that it could have occurred I I was the after that. Eight or nine uniter has paid her 2002000. Rights tolerate. And he get hurt though it was 2001 I was a 101 made out like some US house page or 2001 after the all star game we've had scenarios a year and a half after he austerity but we will we answered that he got hurt down the second half of a one page. Deals that it was in 99 SP gossip which no one in 2001. I got my ears next up here's my point and every inning that Chris out throws now. Rights is an inning is is another inning under his belt and if you're the Red Sox you don't need him out there tomorrow throwing in this exhibition game does it account from field advantage anymore. Writes me as twenty starts he's gonna get over 200 again this year we saw I broke down in August and September so why don't these pitching tomorrow night. The website as in then rolled about it I guess they just don't care one way or another beat arisen in your two in the all star game I I don't think that's going to be the difference between. Chris Sale I slumping down the stretch or not when that I personally I just don't see enough that in isolation but it builds up. Over the course of the year you'd think those two innings that's going to be not not alone make him maybe Saturn and and when you say that. The Red Sox unlike last year. Are in a better position to be able to manage that would get those two wings back let's put it that way. Then they were last year that you look at this past series where you play Kansas City so CL probably could go with seventh inning double eagle attempt at getting ready. You're really after its Kansas City don't you save an inning there there's going to be even I do believe the Red Sox beat playing a lot high leverage gained down the stretch because they don't seed and is. Leaving the Yankees store right TD yankees leaving the Red Sox in the division race. There's video games they play against inferior competition we have the ability to roll past those guys and unlike last year. Windy in in state struggled at times this utility gets no run support but what is last two starts they put up eight runs the first two innings that's a team that's capable. A putting sale in positions yet I deems. Earlier then they might outlast a hurry up and struck but so far is that a 129 innings in twenty starts he did 214 last year so he's getting get to up over 200 again this year so you're right in theory. They have the potential discount but they haven't any yet. Now but it activated better spot. There are a better spot to do it right but. But I mean but we know important it is to win the division I mean I heard you keep talking about this a Red Sox could realistically. 110 games and still playing meaningful regular season contests all the way until lea I think they will I think is a good chance they will be meaningful regular eating contest also mean gains in blue to. That are gonna matter where you can have the ability acting to get again we're talking about making up this all star game to cumulative effect retirement getting couple innings. I just don't if that's the case you all for this to scrapping All Star Games entirely but if you're going to be free to put anybody out there reason good unit is all just. And I'm. I think it's Marlins they did a great Kimberly I don't care on the I'm not giving him Chris so you know about getting us about the iphones are favoring those two innings from Chris you have no because why mice during this is no regard for Mitch Moreland note none whatsoever to going to be too maybe his throws one. It's going to be TV it's going to be test targets to LPH elder person people were injured personal acting may have let go get them but hysterical about it because it's all coming to this year for the Red Sox mean it sounds weird bets as to when he five over to Tony five devers when he won that intending in his early twenties. But the roster won't be as dead. Next year the year after that or any after that and the Yankees and telling you are gonna be better they're going to be better than this I feel like what you and his gut idyllic in some ways though you're arguing against yourself because a big part of what you're talking about is further mortgaging. What can help a future that you already painted this leak so. The way to address. Maybe you just right not an expired years and why is that a thing. Essentially what you talk about the Red Sox get a Red Sox can you never write off next five years just by how much money you have decided rosters depleting and you're taking away the ability to address. Any potential issues or most potentially she's running from within internally. Then you're putting yourself or worst position. But what if it and for what award if it for the World Series that's a reward to that but I don't think there's that player out there outside a main Chao. And will see what the market is for Mike what do pockets immediately at 240 hitter but he got some power a couple of the suitors though. I don't know that there's that player that guy that puts you in such a better position other than the child to. That potentially one World Series relative to what you have right now. You agree the farm systems guardian a pretty precarious spot and from what everybody trial from what everybody and I'm not out breakdown or pretend I'm watching like Salem games or that I'm on. Scouting a lot of what the Lowell spinners are doing a man wouldn't it from what it let me tell me you wouldn't it be disappointing. If the Red Sox down the stretch of wider Rodriguez had a serious ankle injury does not really come back in Tel. Let's say mid to late August and that is not the same after that in the Red Sox on house slump out of division leading up to point out one game playoff wouldn't it be ashamed what you and site. Too bad letting go the extra mile for Chris archer or Michael former Horry Jordan's airman if he's available. His birdie gotten this far why not go as far as you can and you and many were shot oh I retreating Davidge rich Otto would be asked what if the Orioles of was not a package around Michael jobless and he missed eighty games but he was real good last year I don't think they would. I I I guess I just don't I just don't know that they would the latest rumor has rich out of one of Philadelphia which would be. Eight dream scenario for the Red Sox it's actually any sound sweet irony to it you have to deal with them in the in the World Series fine you have it. Yeah you'll you'll punt on that problem up until that but that's another problem DeWitt the Red Sox farm system as it is. The top part of it fell lower level. And the only guys that are our at the top part of at the top pitching prospect got hurt the top hitting prospect a Popper TDs and suspended three games sell. Even in the the best parts of the Red Sox farm system sort of come. Warts and all clear on pick is that Tim. Where it it almost immediately hit it right away it even play game now or without I don't think so it is signed and went straight and they got a good deal. That's a good deal that's that's of the Red Sox did only the Red Sox pull out against it say. I wish there was a better market I wish there were more guys out there I wish there was a better buyer's market BK is. They're going to be acute teams here they're bidding for the services you guys out tepid is gonna make outs top available or whether these guys are gonna move. At the end of the day and aside from a shot oh I just don't know I see that guy that adds. That much that puts you over the top guys that makes your argument. Just argue both sides of the street here whether Obama and I and Orkut. Yeah our lawyers all day who'll be willing to side it's never paying them so let's pretends that he's paying the argue your side of the street Jake Peavy. That's the guy who makes your argument today. Nobody would look at him a majority even 23 Jake Peavy right now announced profits and some man and a senator they PV 2013. Because that's the type of guy who if you looked it is his contribution in a vacuum you'd say. What was that worth giving up Iglesias was out there were lights making the cut a deal to add this. This middle of the road Mitt starting pitcher. But you think back to that year. The injury the Red Sox had their starting rotation in the fact that even Clay Buchholz pitching really really well only pitched a hundred or so winning because he was hurt perhaps the season. That was the kind of the go for broke quote unquote the dish in. That added depth that made enough difference in the Red Sox starting rotation yes I just argue both guys think we and I think as a selling point that made also obviously carrying you hear unbelievable. But that they're there is a real tangible example of that to my hypothetical scenario of yet Hector Velasquez and Brian Johnson starting in injured drew Palmer and minimal amount. If you fall back at division you have to put that one game plan against Seattle with David Price on the mound let's just say he gets a six runs in two innings. What you say damn if only we had Michael formal economy Chris archer on that we did this year's version of Jake Peavy to keep east. Fishing. Yeah or or hot or hunting. Still deduct but that they have yet to easily get an art gallery or something I need to be needing GL AD cell in a very specific light I am not taken in Broadway musical. Probably the only Jake Peavy is one. The art or culture out. That it is now right now Devlin as a fact and is now out there in the woods of Alabama. Are you pointing your finger and year out that you with yes yes I do I do demonstrations and studio now but on. What does he still duck but they're Jake Peavy that's a question that he seldom vote he did at a catch that on his lawn easyJet and old trolley car for you from that's Cisco just attack attack attack yet well. Keeping intact put on Iran that's about it awe and if you're rich you just eccentric that it's not true about that badly as it's in plain tree house. Yes they can't on an economic it's like having a really big power wheels. Those are those things that you probably has re little young but I remember power wheels and as it ever hot wheels I always wanted one of those things that never got one thing I found out. I only jet. A OK and I year year in the wheel house to power I never a power wheels that hot wheels I don't ban on that staff ice on a real work Hartford out. Gates and then there aren't that not a great investment and eat our meals it's. Like getting a duck boat or Michael Ballmer at the trade deadline it sounds good in theory but when it actually happens and actually comes from which in. You don't really feel like it about it I'd 61777979837. The phone number we'll get some vehicles on the Red Sox trade deadline do you wanna see this team. Go for broke you wanna see this team do it Alex Roemer is suggesting which is. Basically take whatever he gets or whatever it takes they should say two to put a World Series contender who's the guy out there that you get that's the big question it is in theory short looked at all the good players possible to beat the Red Sox batter by. In a practical sense. Is there that person out there that player out there they can realistically get it makes this team better you would be satisfied that apply to be wilder Barrett caught. I was their date trade deadline at which your next to Steve Pearce we should mention steepeners sleep and good but I think that's what it is firm firm here on out it's the equivalent of Steve Pearce. As a reliever. The equivalent of Steve Pearce as a starting pitcher if that's even out. Again has he Hector Velasquez in my feature went devers doesn't come back we stock is is again one he's has nineteen home runs a lot more pop mean we stock it's a few devers doesn't come back quite right. And no that's a rental but again when you're this close to fear the Red Sox on pace for a 110 wins. Political landscape the American League you look at the ceiling of the window with this team. You even for eight seemingly modest upgrade out ball and Chris archer is going to be began as they didn't when he thirteen which Jake Peavy great thing when he was 777979837. A mullet you go at that your column now some sure gonna want to blitz and your phone calls coming up. Scheduling staff who apparently the lead to a lot of infighting here toll on me I was shattered drama here about today's yield something that never happens here two's that's a little bit disappointing. To see that happen normally on straight narrow here at W the guys we get all of that coming your way coming up your money back. Join the conversation with my 26177797. 37 it's much at night on Sports Radio W we. Yeah right. Sports hernia WEEI know much tonight get bloody Reimer with the until 10 o'clock 6177797937. Were you listening to Red Sox review line and son who's on Saturday. The Saturn yes when this happened and one that's right we talked about it Sunday morning would have been difficult to talk about it Sunday morning. Given the fact that the Red Sox review for Sunday did not answer her point you know now it's possible I did I did actually catch some in this rant as I was picking up pizza Saturday so I did I did hear Armey and Paul go on to bring you were to repeat. Was shot near my apartment Boca. Stop by for one her part for I was at Wilson had her fifth. Pizza for one the out streamers to act the year on a platter and hot that nice pine and what they do is they go to lightly by. I go to my roof deck that's not really a group stack that's outside my bedroom when Dow. And it's the fire escape more classy and nice and on a little it's for once you're 3230. Folding chair. Really hate you recliner and I am in Brookline slots and pizza. Pizza on autos is pretty got a it. Mean ever you know let's. Yes I don't live news now at Brookline include in Pino is very expensive this'll mean let's be honest here. Ten dollars for garden salad. Please I when he's not paying any attention and just let her out at pizza places to target this keep this great figure that I think needs some green static figured. I was anywhere near my radio on Saturday afternoon I don't interest listening to I was also Burke one. But out there saying I was doing things that word more fun listening to upon a lot on the radio. So apparently I heat had a few things that Tom carrying than on Twitter. Took issue with at Paul was not impressed. I guess by the Red Sox victory over the blue jays on Saturday became by the way on a walk off Grand Slam and keep bets be honest if I was in Iraq. Not doing it structured today farming and Austin. Drinking. Playing the blockades in an afternoon game the Sox are doing this show that are used in Scotland are going to get. Drunk probably somewhere basically annual hall and stumbling nightly home in the two years I'd rather do anything else than anything it would stop right there off for second out would really rather do anything else been teetering annual hall not to mention that I got a great day drinking spot he's trying to go. Yeah he's sounding a leg. Where much of Boston outsider it it at first I start that would block I would someplace like I don't know. Box and the place where they show is being broadcast simply crazy like that you want a cool spot. Check out free entry through the kids get out it's a nice nice nice spot firms as to why I would think that I was that she is. Yeah I was ever grow over two years base and shout there's a little now there's a little hole in the wall called ballad hands not your your wired it. On the off chance that I stumbled through Boston sometime because I don't know that's were my show's broadcast. I would be. Majoring game. And of course he says it is Easter to come off like one of the cool young kids yeah at end date Saturday is a pretty was somewhere there's an inch from Saturday at a greater choice in aunts and elsewhere. IT crossed checked all the bosses might traffic in the Williams tunnel but he also he also said some donkeys gonna go somewhere basic. Really really geared. Somewhere the basic V may it may also that somewhere. Watching the Red Sox game I'd be gay drinking some weird the basic respected the date drinking. Commentary if he picked a good place to date anti ganymede and a hallway and it that would would what would you tours and Fanny packs are pounders that they walk on I am. That's what I lately party gotten is that place you go looking out from here you know nowhere else to go you gotta keep him and all yeah why not. You like me picking I don't know it's. I was in New York in Times Square are at once played great spot someplace you know love the one place and are now all of a restaurant called the ESP SPN's own use pins on in Times Square. Real cool sports bar appointees try to make there though and an actor like this is one of these seemingly recurring. Sports conversations or some version. Is that baseball doesn't grab the younger demographic in this case it's following. A Red Sox win became a walk upgrade plan was theater Bogart ticket these programs and smokey batsman was Thursday at the Lima a couple of nights before the thirteen pitch at bat I was very exciting the exciting sorry. It's on the one of the kids. And that he there's these are not that seem. Energy excitement word younger fans they know use the Red Sox whatsoever. There's years where I'd buy into it there's some years of the Red Sox just aren't very compelling product 2000 welcomes to abide by last applying different. Yet it was compelling and only now only be like really hurt if you're on T. Watching CAT wreck each train wreck are on on the on the MBTA. Somewhere. They take support they think maybe Italian food in the north that some like that he basically that cell. This year's team now I really can't even wrap my mind around the notion. This year if not likable. Or the not a compelling entertaining watch I don't know where basically annual haul these days I don't understand that I can't get myself there to either one of those points. While a personal appalled that yeah I respect that take but probably not the time to do it after game winning grants. I mean that baseball's board dot boring diatribe young people don't like it. Probably wouldn't do it after a walk off field and I am yet that take ready to go where aren't anticipating regardless of how the game played house where run and went it. I also say to there's been so thirteen inning lock up doesn't matter who cares. This is better just not thirteen NEC get to deserve it's it's like we're better get to thirteen fourteen innings he'd start to CD arguments like I mean enough already banked on it and it but now this is not thirteen innings. I also hear a lot of tock. Especially this time a year he says it with Keith about you know it's let's analyze baseball they're not rabbit in the younger people why lack of stars etc. but if you look at. At the Red Sox in comparison to the Celtics in the Bruins. Patriots had a different stratosphere are not even worth talking about. We do. Way more regular season Red Sox tot even as quite a quote slow season like you know a thirty games over 500. Not a lot of issues to delve into besides price still sweet deal like 250 times more regular season Red Sox talked. Invaders he's insult the stock certainly than regular season's pro stock yeah so what are we talking about here just they're not where they weren't 20032004. Yup. And it probably never gonna get back there and you as well. But so what they're still. Head and shoulders number two team in this not even close well and enter it was asking me and maybe it's his day eat talk radio thing where you wanna grab onto you. He he storyline a talking point some soap opera quality to the Red Sox are that last year David Price. This year to a far lesser extent with David Price this year priced more about on field stuff right and he makes the the the snide comments to reporters but it's more about the way that he performs putt it in the big games like I can start and after Miller the anticipation to yankees exactly and he did not deliver it anyway. EU. In droves asking yesterday what's the identity of this team what's the it it's like you wanna find some sort of bumper sticker to encapsulate the Red Sox and if you can't. They're not compelling to boring they're there not worth watching waking up and get playoff kind of the thing. I don't really the buy into that I don't really see that with this particular team. Why can't hear their story their narrative. The identity of your team the something similar to 2007 where they're really good team that rolls through the competition and maybe I'm like 2007 they Kiki peck on the playoffs may be. The fact is going to be two other at least hundred win teams the American League eventually does them into that point oh for the 160 T you for the regular season. That's our identity for me there are really good team that's running through a lot of really bad teams the American only the only the big differences into. 8007 you still at Manny is still on Ortiz is still a powerful buy and you had some big personalities on that team. You don't have the big personalities on steam so one. Well but when you talk about talk radio and the lack of quote unquote buzzer on the Red Sox acting that contributes to. Yes this team's thirty games are over 500 to steam rolling the American League by. Chris L person does not close to Josh Beckett. On on the line and mean on talk radio what we do we talk about issues we talk a polarizing personalities right now it's David Price. Nobody else we don't really know that much of anybody else on this team that factors into it as well by its personality is here and taking that argument in making it into fuel. Well this team's not worthless that's jargon he's making teams not worthwhile that's that that's what's and if you can't enjoy watching. This Red Sox team idiots don't like basic like baseball. Right I'm talking about for me talk radio perspective like Tom Carrey's tweet tweets out you know just listen to someone I've never heard host. Post game show on tying the Red Sox are too boring. Moments after a walk off Grand Slam in print it out is tweet I tonight prepared for the show I'm impressed every night in the place in NATO but. While I'm gonna gonna recycling after that we'll and recycle everything acts. To not to let my like the climate and higher even though I you know climate change rentals you would think I was on the tonight the way of my life but. And watching us in just the last homestand especially Dave O'Brien. Seemingly every time the fans and we got up in security made a point to say like all they're really buying into this team it's like. The points like. Yes fans are going to games fans are watching games ratings are up this year but. In terms of talk radio the reason why the Red Sox are generating in the buys twelve hours a day here any yeah I like they want used to do I think it's largely because again. Of where baseball is in general but also with this team the lack of polarizing personalities and the lack of issues. Besides David Price you don't have much to dive into it in talk radio. We issued based that's why when the patriots on another Super Bowl run in December and January where we spending your time discussing not to win over the titans but the Brady Belichick story dissent ricochet and ESPN's story. We're always focused on issues in the Red Sox right now there just aren't which is why you don't hear that kind of talk on talk radio on TVX center. Yet and it comes down I guess I have an issue with rappers say I feel like there is an inherent lazy news though in and saying well. Where I talked but team at all I mean let's don't do that kind of show that finally the mortgages and talk about what did you do that and I felt so that's that's fine that's what they do. And and even at the team had a bunch majesty story behind they probably wouldn't talk about it because. They do it can show they do their share price not as much as other shows but they do David Price. Yeah there because that's issue W and that's a polarizing personality but for this team right now to turn that into well and they they're not worth watching or that. And it does feel like evil brand pushing back a little bit against the straw man here already at least try to make it seem like it probably would Jack Edwards does. When the Bruins do something good in and it's you know big game big moment post season game or whatever. And it's. Does great this is them like an image I think he's going over the top to try to tell me that what I'm watching is fantastic okay yet. Is quite an advocate and Jack EZE body it's okay. It feels like that's what he's doing a little bit here because. I really do think Ben's body to this team right in the gecko attends without the beginning because with 36 to reach our dog and that was why attendance was down a lot of plates around Major League Baseball. It's picked back up at Fenway Park it's been fine. That NASA ratings are up we know that across the board including in the younger demographic by the way the idea to younger people. Are watching this game is demonstrably false. These are watching this team is demonstrably false so. I really figure you're pushing back against that strongman in years your taking he would your argument if you're looking at the. Well there's dole real compelling personality with the team gear were. They're not worth watching people are buying into that part I just see but I think I felt like both things can meet your people are watching. We still do a lot of Red Sox talking comparison to the Celtics and Bruins I mean listen the stakes staters want to trade deadline and lots and lots of start I dead. I I only work here that's the only job I have gas and and if if you listen now to us all day we did a lot more Red Sox not to get out. And did middle of July than we do. Any random day in February during the Celtics are march during the Bruins so the Red Sox still get way more played in every team in town except the patriots and again I also told Dave O'Brien Tom carrying the reason why you don't hear wall to wall Red Sox like you might want to. It's not just people don't like this team not its people don't buy into this team but because again where is the issue where the polarizing personalities. Sees you pharma what you could enjoy this team but also realize that they're not. A great talk radio topic necessarily because. Where is the conflict so you hate the Red Sox I paid apps on it that's why you want them to go all the that the trade deadline to be a much better team yeah he can he even more yes going for Jake Peavy or Jacob to gram know a senior guard whoever is out there. All in there and never going to be as good as it is now 6177797937. John in the car wants to China analyst John. Clapper as usual. That he. Walk outside but I'll say pick Paul as more personality. On the way more. 00%. Because he called the fans John John he called the fans Johnny from Burger King. You said that on these airwaves in all four can you tell me one thing that creek timber was ever said. What becomes an ordained as a crack at fault. We at all really good you know. They won't look pro. Golf ball well integrated into our. Quote sort of baseline but it ain't no Batman Aristide pic of stick out of awards. At the all out. Anyways just to do well John we you read real live when he was here at the Red Sox every single week there was an eighty countries not running out ground balls and faking an injury. Every week it was something with. I'm sorry. That's a group although. All of people take is that more seriously than just dismissing it as a goof ball here there's nobody on this team John besides David Price who who gets people going make nanny did. Even keep folks comic again he called the fans Johnny from Burger King in that famous pics and interview Naimi one court the creek timber has like one polarizing comet or at Bogart's like dot. Those guys were great and they were also controversial. All on down the line fourteen. The next round when he when he got home that's way but baseball. It is but how can you really discussed. But at the U guys early to. I don't know I love being in should be more right now. I guess we want controversy but when things are going good news. Excitement and later it. Right and we do we do lots of Red Sox are in the first half hour on trade deadline stuff but I'm just saying from a talk radio standpoint. You need the controversy you need to conflict you need the polarizing personality besides David Price they just aren't there it feels like you two were having me tutor for conversation maybe two weeks that you and I were to. You're looking at talk radio topics what he's saying is. This is an exciting team. And the supply act yet keep all is not the guy that would necessarily go to first but comparing personality closers. It would be Jonathan Papelbon. And I agree with his point if you're looking at it lasts from the what kind of quotes that they give what kind of presents are they both in the clubhouse and on the field turtles got full. And the LT eight gig model was really good but it's chemicals in 99. 85 mile an hour backdoor changeup as much of the next guy but. Demi came at ten times out of ten and he is I think he's overall presence and personality is there as well by. Palpable and would be kind I would go to village Utica into doubt and the person sure he had a little bit of both. Are at 617779793. Several gets more your phone calls coming out. Any all star fever in Nstar fever when catcher jump then but times armor under result it's starts a little after eight correct. Where are covered this year and easily carry the outlook for the play by play. Mean it that illegal. Now that no FCC remotely re glad I gave my rookie that's among Concord Italian yet to enable played out as well your play by play veteran. Gay judge might play by play scale has done a dunk contest never home rendered in say the results you can not to play. Oh sorry. Art. Art would we can do a quasi EC's toddlers upcoming summit Casey's idol are crests that could be a lot of fun but can be fun game against the cars get involved there's a lot to do all we can lament all happened to arm and there'd be. 99 McGwire Sosa Al man at 61777. Died 793 several gets all that plus more your phone calls coming up next. Spoon. Didn't give. Perk back home. I yanks yeah. It's always see that. We've monk at night on Sports Radio WEEI. About fake field or the home run derby a few minutes. In Washington DC the hometown boy Bryce Harper considered a heavy favorite I am loving arteries get. Fair patriotic American flag bandanna. The American flag gas leaves. USA baby in the nation's capital. I would think you'd be eager to be anti American now with an American flag right here that's not your American. Like it always that's their announced mosque he's actually mossy put this here. The pay homage to great Jerry county loses did last summer heat erratic guy at the stage still flies high today. No doubt about it I love America if you're one of those people though that wants to make the argument the home run derbies dot. Stale and tired. As a run its course not really even worth doing anymore or even though they try today. It changed the rules are moving along propping up in some way look at the freaking lineup of guys outside Bryce Harper. Guess you don't Freddie Freeman if you just the casual baseball if you that they and you liked the Red Sox. But doesn't really tune in otherwise stated that Major League Baseball is super locked into it there's a lot of guys here that you have no idea who they play Clark. Or what they do wider in this derby and he even all stars this is not a great lineup. To get people excited about the murder defend baseball though so sure it won't be a better line we got like three or four cubs in here you mean you know Collison wherever. An Ohio judge I as judge Stanton Trout that's Martinez about those guys. At that they'd be better yes all of them these that but we just five out of it would be better three Cobbs I mean you know these cubs mean you're not in baseball and nick comes on the World Series is two years ago other deep in the playoffs every now I do not know the Cobb County worker that's guys in the cubs or the best its products yeah O'Brien would be better yeah. That's Warburg its bonds Rizzo would be better or would you rather be better former like at 240 hitter hits bombs aren't erodes and arms and Reitman. Javier Ryan's. He's starting shortstop for the cubs at your eighth even casual baseball fan I now know who he is starting shortstop are known for having a lot of power it European Merrick and lead in like 1998. It's more apparent innocence lies in the derby on your eyes next month's eaten them not not right on. Not ringing would I wanted to ask you about Casey's idol what about Casey's dad York while they give me one thing about a place of numbers he does. He does or India where every is Hopkins. Live with the reads or writes you said it was right right war rice topped in the house it's Reese Reese Hoffa in Boston is LP Hoskins. Actually I have seen his name in and day in the prospect him and through last couple years he ever heard tagged out by I read analysts and it's a big time first base prospect that it fails I think he's he's he's he in there may deal at the X I really it's more than a little I really don't know why. You do though at this point any it's a dunk contest in the NB. The dunk contest that feels a little bit that'd nest watching batting practice at least even begin to keep things like the can be somewhat hokey but at least gives you. A little bit of luck curve ball a little bit of wrinkle into an otherwise. Incredibly inherently predictable and and don't give me the people keep talking about doing the this skills competition. And every time somebody makes that referenced the skills competition you have to referenced the super topical Tom Komansky video. When he won back to back to back EU national championships in the early nineties and the kid throw the ball from deep right field into the trash barrel with tip on its side. I understand all that comes up but even that. That would be the kind of thing that might get you watch one time for about ten minutes until you realize. You just watching guys broke the ball around the infield the outfield it's not then by your argument out adding Chris Bryant Anthony Rizzo make it all that more interesting at least a year more familiar with these guys they're still doing the same thing there's eating are on and they hit more home runs. Will be a lot of elements and to meet this batting. Some cows Warburg has some serious power as Jason Bay from that time in Pittsburgh when he was the hometown guy coming home runs you're you're guaranteed to hit the choke. You know one don't think it may be why he is totally think you get a zero I think you can as a hometown thing right is as out there the Austin can pits we can say no we want about the lack of star power for this year's derby can complain about it afterwards by. I'd I think there'll be enough elements it's an element that's the issue these guys went on involves. Out of the park here right in terms of major stars Bryce Harper is the big dry and it's a place he's he's whenever you say who's the big superstar baseball who is based on need. It's Bryce Harper right he's the one who everyone says that he's a bet. The dang right he as the long hair and appeared to look I mean we've known about since he was seventeen years old he's like the LeBron of baseball. So harper it's harper is just intrinsically act yeah you bring up it's even more than Trout demeaned and Stratton. Maybe one thing in my Michael Trout. It's best player based right that was I what I need to get besides that. Think it's harper that kind of shows how the search for the story line Agassi can never be enough just to a great I. I wanna fix it I have great players there I'd want the best players. You just won the most interesting play on what I want whose whose most likely drop at Andre don't run don't bring back Sosa. Bring back home and bring back the disgraced sliders. Of the sterile air the payments let the ball on the market still at the bottom par Lilja got it all fame that's where it should be completely dissect and you steroid guys who win the armor and everyday UNL thing that I'm like wow that's something a lot to tell us employment by the weight bias has played twice as many games at second base this year's shorts starting middle infield cubs second baseman even better. Starting middle and get this economy the budget into shortstop equally more case of Steve has played shortstop many tax cuts and easier there. It cubs in the Lady Gaga drives. So he's somebody you should know the true baseball but you've heard of eyes you've heard of sort Burma cubs on national TV all my time here's the thing though is it enough or at these events these marquee events. Supposedly. To just capture baseball the end isn't this the thing that has to branch out a little bit in try to get. New people interested in the sport but I think it speaks to larger a larger issue about how we consume content right I mean were watching less TV in general. Ratings for the home run derby you're down just like ratings for the slam dunk contest I'm shore are down from where they once were because how to most people consume this kinda stuff. BC Holland on Twitter you're not gonna sit through policy entered tonight two and a half hours. Three hours. Mean you're not gonna sit through an entire multi hour production of the home run derby when you can just seated messed up on twenty. Yeah and going and I and Annie and I'm not sure how having bigger stars fixes out of Chris Bryant is in the dirty tonight. Are tens of thousands of more people sitting by their TVs for the whole two plus hours to secrets Bryant get up. But not RT big memories that you have a home run derby when stars have done great thing yes whether it's Mark McGwire going out and Ed and weigh in 99. Griffey hitting the ball locked the warehouse and then way that was one swing but it was a great moment in had a ban. Whatever the that year's equivalent of hot here by his was hitting the ball off the op the warehouse that day Camden yards. You might remember it but it was the reason it speaks out of the mine is because of Griffey. But it also sticks out in the mine did so many people are watching live because it was pre social media. If you want to see Sammy Sosa hit a home run off the warehouse yeah out to watch Norman derby life. Or sports highlights that night. The killer and to all a Twitter what about Josh Hamilton. Again please social media as to when he tag right when he tends when he eleven. If he made earlier on Baghdad it was clearly a lot of highlights on basement it's a totally different plans worried us on FaceBook you're poking people back then I was like posting like as passive aggressive stances and my friends to invite me apart as legally player you're away message up on scene you make like that I'm having friends over can't talk now. If you ticket I'd get my friend not invited. I feel bad. But here's the thing in general though the all star game and homer and David is the point that I really want to hammer out here it's just I think. There's not much baseball or any of these sports can do we always hear what they do to make the all star game like it once was well it'll never come close to what it wise you see all these teams all the time you see all these players all the time and again you're just not gonna have. Hordes of people sitting down to watch a three plus our all star game when all the dust up is going to be on Twitter and get against social media instantaneously so baseball with a lot of the stuff is just fighting an uphill battle that. It or any other sport is never gonna be able to overcome at the very least they'll be better take it fight it with pared their best weapons so to speak John Carlos in just three years ago hit 61 home runs it go. So that kind of thing yes you could watch the ball probably a span of thirty seconds and a montage on Eleanor if you really wanted to. But it least of that makes it feel like. The sport is trying. And I think is an easy answer for baseball here you can't force guys take part a home run derby you could send it buys it more against but. There's not guys that feel like screws up there's swing or potentially. I negatively impact the second half and they're not gonna do. Even if you make it aid. Couple million dollar prize or whatever it to try to entice them to do it because not worth tens of millions they could potentially lose them back and I understand that. The simple things I keep coming back to is just to give up. In it that much of an uphill slog just give up just don't do this they'll be one of the highest rated things in primetime tonight that's amazing what you're going up against. Not exactly what so it's that's why you keep an eye on but if this were in the fall. Andy you were looking at the even all line up of network television. Do you think this would still be the highest thing out of course but it's not happening on top in the middle of July just take advantage here take it I said I absolutely there why not ESP and they build a build up a lot of this thing absolutely yeah. And they keep Norman did he keep the austerity because that's the other part of it too as much as the ratings for live sporting events have declined an especially east and events. Against everything else on TV still stuck up pretty well or the people watch. Some of these teams battling I always hear. With the rebels agree example like ten million people or something like I watch it who are these. They think about a great all what the great all star game memories released in doubt in your mind. I did Josh Hamilton homer in their being and didn't Hamilton had Harmon and Yost again GAAP nightclub at about eight Josh Hamilton week at Fenway one does hear manipulate the biggest moment there there was Pedro but. The biggest ones with a home run derby and then the Ted Williams might on the field all the players saying their respected that Ted Williams. That was a great moment other Nat. Power in home run. Yes I agree I didn't turn out like I got the tie that tie that was it out into the tie was the biggest one Bud Selig to striking is solid. And now I guess we just give up at this point but most recently to go to the Hamilton. All star game was also in the old Yankee Stadium ID think it was the last season. Some I didn't even eat in the eyes Hamilton would have been away yeah when he had that belly browser doesn't even earlier even even further you critic FaceBook about it. Based yeah I just getting basement in 2008 and I don't remember what pictures like my pool party and I was like fourteen night here we are are ever in the writers backyard had in 2008 McCain think about it at this point it would only remember it very Darren. Richard did it right on the laws he can poke people and that was pretty much all that's why you communicated. You're right on the laws because there's no like FaceBook mask right or domestic there's no magic right that's right on the wall right there was text messaging so again you want it to be public and people a seat going down memory lane there did you ever write like settle FaceBook status is to take shots at people and whatnot there. Now you never did that I did. Like petty stuff. And that's shocking the invite me your house you've got to face a mess and FaceBook status next morning shocking that it's imagine that you could approach things that way and a petty petty fashion you never think it now glancing down. 6177797937. We jump right back your phone calls next.