Mut at Night - Patriots dealing with some abnormal issues, Ryan Hannable joins the show 4-18-18

Mut at Night
Wednesday, April 18th

HOUR 3 -'s Ryan Hannable joins Rob Bradford as the guys discuss firestorm that has dominated the Patriots' offseason.


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Yes please mod night. To some point is Brady failed to communicate to the patriots he's coming back enough coming that we talked about this on your shelf and I just this normal rational part of gap went right. Guess what we're out chief Jewish later wherever that is additional lower cool. There's been no clarity if I'm conduct it is I want you back. That we have our answer but we have not heard that stir. And rob Bradford I understand you rob Bradford solo Brad. She boat. Brad she to give out in the media stars perhaps that is a Sunday Sunday at all. I'm sure of the people it would keep it. If you would you start to lower value right you can't just the right out here you have to you maintain the sanctity of the special amnesty pageant pageantry that is the Yankees stars. Still waiting to buy gift card pulled distinctive clothing now. Here's my back nine talk Sports Radio tell you we. Warrior. You have to spread your arms out like this when you're when you're here in the tropics. You're just you're doing it just for me. No we don't know that your I actually you because you are doing just for myself it is though with all due respect your view in your presence. I would do this if bill was in the room fire those trumpets. I would look this guy. And I spread my arms. That would bask in them. As I do at 11:50 every Sunday morning for media star. There it is pigs in these kids tease me like that. By the way he thought rob Bradford this is mutt and Nye I don't know yes yeah I guess Monday night. Monday night. The other tomorrow morning. It's a great question you that he understood as a yes he has sure as. Why not it's a while I've been here I know that I'm going to be back tomorrow oval I don't know upstart you don't Horry mar oh yeah it's okay. I AM also line we've Tom Cameron from tended to on Friday in the very concerned about business. Because. There's a Bruins in the night before. It and they're very very concerned you were a that you're in part of the the concern. Knowing all this now. All OK yes yes yes I said Paul Paul surety I'll see you on Friday he looked at me oh that's right. Pruitt late this is the fifth time he's mentioned as a Bruin scheme the night before. I watch the Bruins are not like having relic who shows up to a show and doesn't watched the game the night before as an off. I outpaced it didn't the Washington hello. You'd get that ready to second but it he shows up every shows up we have the highest rated Sunday show. It is carry over from the highest rated Sunday show from last year the highest rated Sunday show ever. And the Bruins are playing the night before he shows up I text them watch the Bruins game. Did you watch the Bruins team now went oh my friend I had it I'd made a decision. Work life balance work life counts. Like. I've been thinking about this because I didn't crap or that I don't need a millennial passed for US and when you drop the work life balance on me. Now we're white balance is important. But it's usually not as important for a guy who single who is really no other responsibilities. The work flight counts right itself that you just described may. And I want I don't get exact I don't will you what are what if you had Ryan if you had to show. Tomorrow tomorrow morning. Right yes in the both say the Bruins game the only playoff game was going on new leaf admitted asked for to watch some of right the fear of failure is a strong motive here for me but I apps I think I know we're gonna talk about it the next. Solely make sure ever is silent Erin Evans fringe Howard. By I can be wacky and played off and then I can disputed two talking about going out to you would my elementary school crush. Which is exactly what he did far more buzz. Yeah which is fine for a little bit you'll take any responsibility and that may yes you. For what that this is sort of what heaven has turned into you and has not the other way here on it and usually hears it. Badgering here's the thing here's his three out of try to do this very quick. Sunday morning's Chris polonium draw myself. Last year governor denied that it. When ever and I added I've known each other for a few years this is how I always was with them and I always keel enjoyed human crap because number one he can take. He takes it. And number two yes terrible comebacks. So. It's always a great sense of joy for me to do this so I hope minute I went overboard at times last year because it was just fun. So or go after him and after and after now Evan trying to fight back a little bit so it gets into this yelling match. So I go into last week I know that is not good when you're yelling at each other in specially with Gavin because he's. He's not making sense Natalie makes me more frustrated. So I know this doctor it's I am right in going into it making an effort to say I like you have been. I appreciate you. You're my best friend I am going do have some spirited discourse but were knocked it in to get into an argument complex. Yes. But the one part of it Ryan I cannot take in his same thing with trying to. People work hard to be in the seas here right here right there's a lot of people wanna be in the seats. And to either not show up. And I we headed out publicly with Freddie of the ball showing up to our show I think we came to the somewhat of an agreement. Well would Devin. If you have earned the right to do it I don't care you have your other job this is your job. What are it is this is your job so I take no responsibility for being mad and yelling at avid about that. After that. I should yellow items much yes you know the eastern. UD EG RE. Had this figured out at this point why you would think so but he's defaulting to his character. It is again that's what I'm getting I think I just on the attic and why Derrick why it was why do you. Perpetuated on the right the pol like constantly accused is one little thing you jumped down his throat right because it's dumb. Isn't that the whole goal if someone says something dumb are we spoke to sit there and say. Yeah you rite six or 7779 or 97 because that's January and it's it's on you guys know each other and if you wore on the radio you would beat us I I I don't know what every single car we had this happened last year where he would show in. Semi hung over. Amusing Michael adding that is an entirely okay Ernie or doing what he did last. Week going out the night before it to a place has no TVs. So he's done this before. In my point is the reason they're angry is because. This is an important show that's. This is important if you're here you're part of the show we have fought the show. Our show has unbelievably high ratings is a reason because we put a lot of effort into it conceivable place. Don't diminish. Don't diminish the sanctity. Of the show. By absolutely coming out and saying. Hey I don't know anything about hockey at all this what does that I don't watch the game and what do Metafile watching him anyway because I wouldn't know what I'm looking. Self important okay. What's going on. I have every right to be upset over there and that was genuine genuine. Displeasure. That Wallace that wasn't bloodied body like I'll. You know you you were really I don't care I don't care in the breaks it is you know. In whatever but I can I'm going to be honest about it it was displeasure about not prepared for the show. Anyway that's behind the scenes that he's gone says yes and community that was behind the scenes the Sunday morning show which I incursion listen to. Will be great once again call with all your hockey questions. I thought that it would love it does is about ease plays it off now he just he just plays it. And he's a guy you're going to hockey they're like what you wanna know about the Pasternak all. But he what it whatever you want you what are you want to know. It's actually. Eight. I work harder it's like we were talking earlier when Mick of which was on but could he do this all the time. And how someone like that have to work harder knowing the other sports lewd did it. And Fleury has gone you have to work harder about it for the sport you think it's easy for foray to talk about baseball. Now you have to work harder at it because it's transparent. Listen to worry day was one of the first evil saint Anthony's gonna rate all year along the owner I'll go oh my god I write a book air. But he's able to do that hasn't worked addicts. Much like give me with a bad foray knowing baseball is equivalent of him Lee working with a dance. He has seen the light. You seem like 6177797937. That's enough about the Sunday show of my goodness you type a lot of thoughts on the show. I encourage you all listen to media stars at 1150 per right now we're talking about. The Brady Ron Guerrero dynamic in before the break I brought up craft. And this is a big part of this has to be a big part of it where his craft in May be working behind the scenes in this. But if you is it's not as effective as it should be and how do we know this because the show after tweet today. Because of that chapter three today. Do we get a little sell the shaft I don't care what it is by Adam Chester was on with perking Callahan this morning wasn't for a long. But you can tell that there was a lot of passion he's behind would Adam Schechter is say you do though. What he was tweeting with sort of in between. And we but we set it before. It wasn't just between this out they called a many core sort of pooh poohed it now. He was very pointed in saying insinuating there was something behind this. Again I don't know there's an actual process write something like that OK it's not like they say OK Tom you can sit well fill out. And Ezra turned in his papers and take his physical it's just the kind of thing you know he hasn't shown up there he had told they would play. Yet ultimately not playing and I think there's a feeling a sense that he's going to play. What they don't know that he's in plight. And that includes the people in and around Jim chill so people inside and outside the organization they think he's gonna play what they know he's like. Off with that apparently the added that he played a very and that is it out of breath. And he's so now he's worked it out himself up to and so clearly is is coming for the patriots side of things. And one of the first court I brought this up earlier about where why did he Tweety where'd this come from. What was the impetus behind all this it came for the patriots. And afterward. As we said before the entire day on ESPN assessed the entire day. As I've been doing this show for the last two hours there's. I've seen 75% of what I've watched on the ESP and on the on the ESPN's like the Google. On ESPN has been Brady related weather is tied me shape breaking down who the patient gonna draft he's not breaking down whoever everybody else is gonna draft. Court acts corner quarterbacks who page is going to be drafting. Jeff they're talking about this related raw and all of that yes creative running within it and they're doing that because she after. Is behind them running with it and the other question I hear that clip. It's an easy one. If the patriots are selling this to shaft the well we don't know if he's gonna play. I general imagine they tried calling Brady or Don Meehan saying it just by the way is he gonna play. You give some assurance. What. That that is legitimate question as well with that being said do you believe that on he would know the answer dog but that is I only throw up on you to be nice. What typical that would make that what you sew make a lot of sense the patriots beat the phone call donning the wonders if not here's the thing we we've talked. A lot with the ball the relationship would Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady. Putting the State's Josh could call palm. Make as we ought to make sure he's client had in the draft. And Brady isn't picking up the phone from Josh McDaniels got the go between you have to be Robert Kraft called them to be Belichick Colin. And that makes sense if that doesn't up poke a hole huge hole in this whole tweet from a ship their. Makes no sense at all to me. It is so many it just brings up a lot of layers that we've already talked about Guerrero. What's wrong with Kraft would Brady but this is real Tommy Karen has said it I believe him this is very real real. Workers have said it is very real this is just the latest thing to push it along just go back to the calls bald Westfield new ball. They didn't grow up these are designed. A lot of things item with new ideas that are taken of an athletic perspective okay. Women could difference between the guy with the manhole covers and the grid system to crack would amount of private jet. That's his way to help them get to top but with Tom trains were flexibility. Throwing the ball ranged in emotion you know the bounce back against him blind sided. That's opposite. Of the guy who pushes to people's side. It's actually quarterback who has used a different methods require a different movie that's the one singer wanted to have a question ala dental. You know I've Bolivia I'm not saying that what Carreira dozens who William and saw essays dumb. It did this and effectiveness through that I've seen that we CNET. So I agree with you because what's the second. I'm I didn't miss I miss the Sunday show I've never enjoyed listening to a re explanation of elections are you have every right you. I can't imagine Evan would save lives and look at the game could showing up drunk and not to be attentive to the game is let's used to edit accused discredit and undermine. Our integrity and the show and that's an issue which pretty much have the best minds on more solid. Saw here's the thing Evans the good guys good for the show by here's the thing paw. This is the advice I would give him he won't take it. Pretend like you watched a game it's I've got it millions of times it's an easy thing to do. It's an easy thing to pretend like you watched the game and then. Do some Google searches but don't admit though this is what have I remember going back and Paul thanks for the call. I don't want you to much in his budget. I remember last year were doing this time slot I think the Celtics were undoubtedly. The lead story. I said did you watch the Celtics he north on the Celtics. Bahamas for snow is Celtics. I'm reading a book. Add them mall ideals it's unfair to millennial that is it this credit that told you what you what you write the wheel house. But but yeah I believe that you have a work ethic day. Would suggest that if you're gonna show up to do a job you do it to your best bit of your ability right elbow that has been yes. I believe that's pretty I believe. Tim in New Hampshire agent. Hey how quiet. This well it is a state like I. Just one quick point. You know it's all about liability I believe and what's the one that's why apple would bring in N out Guerrero patriots placed the first. We'll be ethnic you to address. That was that question whether or crack where are. It should be the one last question becomes. Somebody at them until I beat out of eight feet plates and committee. That need to step out and speak out on the. Well Jim to you know you could raise a good point because I think that Belichick was ultimately the one who signed off. That he could be easier he signed off that he could be there he could you should you could be on the sidelines and maybe crafts at the Belichick may have wanted to this. By what magic craft is gonna allow them a lift if blood Belichick allowed. So we don't check bellowed what's eggs but Belichick the guy who opened the door and may be shame on him for doing that initially. But as we pointed out. It got more and more and more and more to the point where it wasn't however was at the beginning I think that's undeniable. I can't really. At some point you Google the bottom line oval thing which is liability. Who allowed. Outs Euro entry and triples to. So they ego so I think. We await any discussion and I and it ritual but I think it's really pretty you know a lot of people confident we can all act in good. And that that's just. That's or worse and then I. They figure it's ago when you know it because IE. It does should be pointed out the Belichick did allow this. By I can't say that Belichick's to blame for this because if you hire somebody. And you hire him as this person in this is there responsibilities. And no sun. That person and gets a little old more. Mum. Puzzle more bravado. Overstepped his bounds start doing things that you don't want that you were hired to do. Well you might have hired the right person. But that person. Evolved into something that wasn't. That's what we're talking about here with Guerrero let's say he wasn't don't get me wrong Guerrero has done some good things I hate doing meager Guerrero. Yes his education he covered the question. I'll undoubtedly. But the results of there. No only education but lawsuits and all that other stuff all should be part of the conversation but the results are there. This is the guy who more and more and more and more crept into. The world of the people's whose job it is to actually do the job. Which is the training staff the strength staff. And maybe maybe we are focused too much and Guerrero and I know that some people I don't Tommy currency you added this is a lot more going out there in Britain daybreak you want to expanded brand. But this though we have to go by I don't know what else he wants. But we do know he wants to red arrow. And we do know that growth was taken from him in some respects 61777979837. I think the calls lined up. Hang on and ride Hannibal it's gonna give his two cents he wrote a column today on WEI dot com sort of asking the question I'd now asking. Where's craft in this whole thing to Wear for ride a little bit later in the hour hang on. Would you continue to talk about this right. That's it's much that night on Sports Radio. EI. Yeah. Are back from rob Bradford about it and I all the weapons the Red Sox pregame red sides. Vs angels red hot Red Sox John Ryder. Will be taking you up until game time Tim never jokers take me down. Big big ratings big ratings so far TV radio. I'd be anxious to see the ratings actually coming out of the West Coast trip. Is they looked at this schedule into the West Coast trip all my goodness in April you try to get people's attention I Connecticut feel that it. The Red Sox have been part of at least on the fringe of the conversation every single day coming off a year when the ratings were still. Good. Fist though with a like him and asking the news the usual host of the show I don't know where you tonight but I don't care where have a good time here six when some some some 97937. The couple calls we get the Ryan Hannibal who's gonna give his take on this all. Kraft Belichick Brady wrong. Debate in Chicopee hey did you go. I'm good I got a 200 pounds. Ali I was told that this is a new take that hadn't been heard yet by the I guess the producer of the person that takes a phone call it and not be Ryan done. An endless says he's just it's you season answer to a all right well so it sounds that he could keep coming into the conversation and your life on the radio. You know I I just don't think you don't. Great what did you eat. You know. It what you all are like what do you all the freedoms like for people to be suppressed talk about it. You know they got it done every single thing the organization is out in the do and it's an eighteen year right now and you don't need an eight Super Bowl won five Super Bowl I don't keep her work you know if you want to get paid a big guy that he just wants to stop playing there 12 play well. I would say this stand in. I'm gonna say that it's a 75%. Knew today by eight. I would say this he owes something to the organization and this is the reason why. Because he insinuated that he was gonna play for a few more years and because if he didn't insinuate that they would have never traded Jimmy Iraq. But you really picky at plate or forty I don't know I'm not saying 45 he's 41. 414040. Yeah and I know and I and I understand that but I mean you know. Like if he didn't know what what does he always what are what are people ask what does he. Don't know us everything it's like I don't oh you know this is reason why don't call mister Kraft mister Kraft federal. You view of oh the fans are these comes back the Malcolm Butler thing Dan with bill bell check. Bill Belichick who doesn't owe the fans an explanation and some people would say he put he probably owns the guys who were. Always had guys who were playing in the game somewhat of an explanation but he doesn't owe us anything would Brady. I think he does owe the organization. Some heads up what he's goalie. I actually had that IE IIEIA. I disagreed IE you know why and yeah that's your prerogative to be wrong. I've decided to help I could get up let the fans get so bent out of shape about what Brady's gonna do it like what the guys you know. What they can live with like I have no doubt I doubt unity you're telling them what you what you're supposed to be doing what he wants to do and that's about it like looking haggard is getting so bent out of shape and so I will digress and say. Or maybe they'll all all the organizations something gold and he developed and gotten. All digress and it's a good calls it good today thanks for the call Dan and you have the weird thing is even though when your point playing a football field you can have you know the effects that we've not come to know. With the brain trauma and everything no matter what position you mark. But I almost would stated drunk. I I would have less of a problem with grunts thing I'm done. I'm done because number one day they don't bidding trade away the most important part of the most important position. Just beef because you figure stick around craw cleaves a draft the tide and in the gulf war. The other thing wrong the way he place what he had to put his body through what we've learned about science. All of it. I wouldn't begrudge grunt for this thing I don't wanna play anymore plus how many times have you heard Rob Gronkowski say I wanna play in some might need to oddities and. Whoever it too hard you know if you didn't think I would say your insane never said that my college guys I believe well why wouldn't. Well. Chronicled the played only 35 a 45. He B marsh. And I wouldn't upper grudge or Rob Gronkowski. Forward for his stepping away right now at all at all you'll source yes. Yeah exactly. Exactly. And I was like what can we read into the DMZ reports today of him from looking at a pool with this suit that he's having a way better today than any. Did patriot he showed their nonsense have now it's just that but that. Worked out about it is there's not with us this if that's. This is my workout bonus Dennison province against thanks for hanging on. I know I think you just can't. All right thank you that I am here. I just wanted to do solemnly on this Asian opinion. I know it's all stop it but. At least a possibility. As Brian downing. Oil I guess no it's not stop doesn't it good for business when we talked about had it before we get it at a I have a no patriots and I'll let let's talk about if she ever. It's the entire year. Yeah this coming year we all this rich guy is good condition apple. Earned him now would be a 110 days. What went well I I possibility of dozens of Dez Bryant. Okay. Exactly in in Dennis. Exactly why not a knock it I appreciate the call in tanks were surfacing that conversation. Because Dez Bryant. What's he starts picking teams he narrows down his team's goalie beat Kevin Doran. Gonna bring Khalil attic. Kelly Politico whose the whose the Celtics equivalent of of bringing it and who's the patriots equivalent of yeah fellow pitchers equivalent when they have the Dez Bryant meeting in Nantucket. That would be like crystal game. Kind of god or not aren't good episode it was not board the derby invite you probably not get the Monty an invite our wallets come along we talked to Dez Bryant mean. Tell analytical is a pretty big reach some eggs showing up for the tide guy with the headphones Blair and fire in the mountain. The united so anyway. 6177797937. But be first before we get back you're called Ryan Hannibal after this break we're gonna talk Ryan wrote a column today on the B I dot com. Asking the very very good question. Where is Robert Kraft in this whole scenario Ryan's gonna join us right activists. That's a more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Privileged to be here filling in the rare. Night where Mike Komansky is not available. Filling in for him. I'll be back tomorrow night with Chris Fulani. And through people here for the first time this week right right that's the first time audio sound made which you shouldn't Bible I thought I count. I'm far it's this is. I enjoyed the bad taste to show Monday night featuring rob Bradford now I enjoy the weird and no part is more important than another. I enjoyed the banter that we have. I always you are you're my co host I am your ago. You're driving the ship when you if you waste area. I'm trying Koppel had. We're not used to such positive things I've I've that's that's my April resolution. The more positive. You still stereo of these very people hey we are right hand along I know why waste area way as your color some say hey let's I. Let's talk for writing. I can that I don't like. I don't like being directed. You're right what you say one partisan more toward the other whoever now obviously much like a final fight tell you to do something. Like get me that sound now that it's. Right Hannibal. Friday there. O'Meara off thank goodness technology. It works. Ryan Howard you guy. And doesn't guard. Are all of my goodness right this show has flown by past Ryan rises soon flow by I can't believe it's almost article if he's being sincere to rhyme. What sir what talker out c'mon you know what the target while you were colonies. Or to talk there is a talker as they came out of the gate who used to play Ryan. Is the play him. Lot of people I know very go by writings dump that has got to this point it is dumb. Yes yes mr. consult. Right after the what happened in the so called beating. Between Robert Kraft Bill Belichick Tom Brady and even Robert Kraft he acknowledged that the meeting happened when he spoke to the owners being a couple weeks ago and based on the events of the last week. A much it actually happened not cracked wreck that happened music and spurred. That happened but based on what's happened that we only need those three at that I'll be getting on as a resolution at the what out Guerrero status. As to what target rate. Contract at a as a lot rot where it's a huge contract does that a lot of the current I think probably ship the care of we are. OK so Ryan you wrote a column today on WEEI dot com at patriots three trio. Truly stand united wise there's still drama between Tom Brady and Belichick and where's Robert Kraft all good points. All what we're talking about tonight and to your point Ryan. You have to look at this and show after tweet this morning. Why this happened where it all we know where it came from came from the patriots but let me ask you this. What went out shout at willow like well if they are very important question. At shaft through out of chapter when he says that the patriots don't know if Tom Brady's going to be in play like. Why can't they called Tom Brady and asked him. Yeah company in the opposite side I don't think it can't freaking you did check. I think the shepherd is warning came from the Brady can't commit putting more pressure on the Ager the door in. But what what you want what we what you want you know really nullified the combination of things I think that that week to shocker public on the street. Well how can that be though when you went is that the tweed is basically saying the patriots don't know if it's coming from the patriots camp. Like they can say well here's. Tom Brady isn't saying. But but he's saying the patriots don't know. Hugging total for the Brady camps there. Well wonder what they'd have to say that that he that he's not gonna play like that that's not sing like what. What lie why would teacher put that out there who what when it being did you they have put that out. That the smoke go Brady and but that that leads me to my question the damn it why can't. Why is OK. Forget about where it came from I still think him from break the bell patriots camp. Well why couldn't someone pick up the phone and asked the other person. It's a good question it's it's very valid question you about the country until we can't and enemy what. Kind of the thing that's the type of daylight everybody doesn't crash site delighted that that you attack I say out on the don't work tomorrow. How the it's not hobble a bump up the work world where. The whole the whole thing over or today it was kind of not really their ever short. The community. It doesn't really say much but it just go to Wal-Mart. But look or I'll walk heated comic con man out on it where he or circle around a little bit hasn't gotten. That he'll answer that Reid can return and play that he and I I think our order agreed that he probably is but the the fact that. You know people around him don't know for sure that's telling you that sense that Brady buying that isn't what it was last stop you can maybe not what it was when group. Add to that you Acropolis treated that was where things are shipped in mind. Ryan I should ask you or your work tomorrow. Look at this one declare her. After we have to do this because Adam Chester has made it clear he's gonna and it needs to treat every single time. And it comes back that greeted Tweety is sort of bizarre. Because. Arabs after didn't take a side here you sort of EU was very passionate in his phone called the curtain cal and but he wasn't really read ready to commit to one side the other. But then yes the N all day long. Ran with it and basically for me are tired dia programming around it. Why Lou what is the what is the what is sectors. Play here. I think yeah RO characters played here yet at an artwork Tom Brady you have great but you Dolly if it could have been. They went overboard on. There is did you got to meet as saying this after it is telling them we got a really pound this Rio really pounds. These are gonna be audited these if he said now is really not much to it. That the deployment and we went by in the sport this is kind from the freaking I think they really ought play. I'd much leopard that possibly try applicant that featured in order to get greedy whatever he want and that's more actors are Guerrero a new contract. Taking care of the body Rockland county I just think that all that. Drama that he played up more so on the on the patriot on on three sides to go look at the church that. They to have more elaborate obviously you know ready yet I'd more elaborate on the team but doing that in saying that you know EE. I not going to the voluntary workout place saying that he's not committed to. Playing all back. Actor today that it leopard that goes back and wrote that featured site in the end he immediately locked. You be the run and usable power rankings who's one who's to blame. Correct. Tom great number one Julio OK stop right there on line. Big I mean ease. He he's there and the player will not work out and we're not asking for eighteen years. I don't think the money this year making 149 dollars see why it is still in the world money but really an issue Guerrero he. Cigar Guerrero. Belt they'll let and then. Or Brady can't help what Carrera Ewing once he got an. Yeah he's the ball well now he can help me he can say. You don't think that Tom Brady considered Alex Guerrero a you know what they're dull dull -- walk off the field with Chris Hogan hey you know. Have will be a little more deferential to the the people were employed by the team did to lift weights and and form that strategy you don't think Brady could have done that. I I agree that lab at the top who are no good ones he eat he can control you know what carreras said I mean he can say hey look like you're in the building. Lights aren't valid let you out how he beat you in the last several years or that turned out they sang and and we keep doing business yeah but instead you know Alex's. You know bad about the features he trainers try to work group people or court and then and that's not a good combination burning. Who's number two grounds the balascak. Cracked I think crap. Or not on his his part or making things better and I think that now that our achievement or that you ever treatment you know why add that in a year you know. I didn't bring maturity yet at the resolution and it seems like they're at it. And you accept what urgent warning on curtain cal and sort yet you know I tell warcraft it was late getting to both sides at the end of last year you haven't heard that before from Robert Kraft that we. Not a big cities costs yet yes it's like he's. Eat out you know one side you know pain as it got to get out Saudi air EE you know back for our organization. But yet. Outskirts X Robert perhaps our plane to budget seems to be contradiction of a. Yeah I get a sense that you know the the trying to placate Brady by god flying Guerrero to the Super Bowl the private jet like that's. That's I want says surface novelists who cares I mean we're talking about. Actually having either the guy is in amongst the team's training facility or he's not. I mean that the private jet thing if if he thinks that is gonna mend fences don't you think that's stupid. I think it's. Why should be you know a huge thing and it and it's not something that's at eight. But it truly what it's saying that he let the problem. People that went out concealing it is back in the organization why would he fly by now there will lie like EU's Tom Brady are gentle quiet Robert Kraft. Getting involved now when you really advocate Terrero and it you know. Any in the Arctic agent why he done out of the late Al month. I don't think Kraft isn't against Guerrero I think. I think bella check via the the the training staff that he hired is against Guerrero adding crafts. My guess is a craft like whatever makes great Tom Brady tech whatever makes these guys tick that's good. But Bob Kraft also has to understand come to the conclusion. That you run a business. You delegate you have to have these were people work over here. These people work over here and clearly the lines were crossed through an uncomfortable level. And that's what Bob Kraft have done has to understand. And that's also why I think he needs to do as far as. Owner and bring all these sides together and come to a resolution in doubles where a political statement and that joint statement where we stand united and that Eric and it happened so far this hockey is that we. We not unite it just goes against him what that old statements that is you know basically. Claimed battery what was he gathered near gathered there at the in the back. But clearly they're not. Colored article is it still happening all late at owner of the patriots in order being a lot. So to speak out Bill Archer in Tom Brady he had early on his job to bring them together and and yeah typical masters. And if Andy and rye and anybody who says that there's nothing to see here. All they have to know is what Adams after treated that well put it this way that Adams after tweeted. He's not waking up and tweeting at 815. If it there isn't any any motivation behind it from one side via. Absolutely and I mean then the whole matter that people are still saying that this is not a it is normal lot easier and everything will be fine. It ain't ever actually it coming out there I've never seen that people so fired up one topic in. Of course you know what what happened that all he had never happened. Or where the teacher. Operating as an all these voluntary work. Except for those couple years when he went out to California and you know Robert out then that eased voluntary work out with this time of the creatures all that stuff is not normal. And sir that glove and win. While looking picture when it using diplomatic error in fine. But it still doesn't that count the stuff that happened I'm seeing what's happening between these three of the players is in the normal at. At its okay do dollars very deliberate agents in part. But they're all going to months in variety TVs it's all gonna be okay. Arbor Tom Brady killing Adam and 8080 or so and it in this year. Cool breaking those run the rise in no no he's shaking his head. Don't think crystal is going to be I don't the he's made yet. Real you don't think he's he's cracked the month in a true Nat vote today. You forgot animus and DC gentlemen gentlemen will be there yeah pressure anchor so an egg and also because who's gonna say it to als Guerrero I'd still bench press. And Alice director VI Alice Correll the opportunity to say I don't have a problem with bench press thing. With this I don't know that that court ordered out and can't argue yes it if mr. -- yes. At Ryan good job you're job my friend. You are showing up to work tomorrow I appreciate yet out of new attack every single night on this on it they'll both the quality of their. We lifetime contract for right Hannibal I appreciate that our battlefield. Our internal. Right that's right handled WEEI dot com we get a little break because we got Red Sox pregame coming up after the next segment. But we have retreat next segment the guy who will be part of the pregame John Ryder joining me for the last segment of the Monday night show right after this. Now here's my life at night on Sports Radio W we. John Ryder. It's true joy you were out. Always good to see if John Ryder is going to be doing the reds like pre game you post game you know throughout the post game but note I've. He had fled stylized when he fifteen minutes of and commercials follow and it's a must go and and well yes and so nothing will get you ready for the red slice game like John Ryder leading in with a pregame show. All the way up until you never and to disagree on this coming up shortly. But low last night time the game what was that 315 other you now through. I do you know I know you dude can you count the minutes I thought it was here so positive feedback John Friday night ride it is it's always good to be back here or is enjoyed. Being back here John Ryder reverend last year I don't know I know of I mean that's a similar 100 back a lot about assignment for about six months that's exactly if you'll be working at the it down Bristol. On the fly by night organization down there so yes the end so yes a good job but rider you and I. We had we got to show ones read we read into it there in Alaska we had it. We John Ryder who is that other guys go out loud so whatever how it was who is originally it was about overall. Kirk denied that was the Saturday morning to Saturday morning race Saturday morning. And it was one of the many times that Muster and Johnson got bombed them and they came back to bomber and mob bigs they're bomb. Saturday morning and another happy about that would be involved there war and now they were non. Now there windows yes they were not happy about it but but anyway we did our best and map raw was that regional it was like sort of who the drummer wise. For The Beatles the original drummer before Ringo Starr. You have guessed it was in this case it was map brawl. And that was Kirk in that was the first time he two hours a coup it was the first true threat out. And I remember we sat Kirk and I went out to Starbucks. And met with the Mac. And and Kirk like you was this not happen right so. We did this show for awhile and then how did that happen only Jason Wolfe called you consider placing them parole. As so many years ago is that I don't know and in that really seems like yesterday in scenes. Was about five or so lawyers or finally won by you work out and more than that you're calling this is your big chance to be do the Saturday morning show of Kirkland and who you know that was his first show and right rob Bradford and and I was a lot of fun while it is always sleep vital anti here's the thing and I felt bad for you beach days. You had to do it the tide you to view Celtics like rap pop stuff. In those games you know he could or is it basically like what you're doing now. After the game you do Celtics reaction right Celtics really want rights and so are supposed to you line. And up until it's a midnight and then be back in here for them mornings and right. Or Red Sox review until midnight. Yes depending on what was edited. Any night it was up until midnight Friday and yet yet so you to do that we gave it our best try and agree with the schedule Wednesday mustard Johnson was back. That's right and they have the the end of an era. A but it's less those. I I love doing that show though those funds until now the numbers in Iowa yeah yeah Arabs as if that. As somebody said that that was the show I think how. Shows evolved into it. Because we were a little off the rails I'd say yes and I think that's how people have gotten on shows and get a little more off the rails would you agree with live via Paul anchor lead in our opponent via the view mr. flash yes before pageant it was a new president it was a passion yes the sports flash guys so it hurts and if you had you it also you did the night. While the business. Yup okay that's I was I was with a that's all right so there was no loss of story that really yes well I don't oh. We can hear more this other clubhouse and side with you well bore portly Red Sox are coming up. Joseph this figure Leo and they've never before that. My man right here we just reintroduced you to John Ryder that Europe for Red Sox pregame I'm rob Bradford thanks to Ryan Campbell right Garber and everybody could show. Popular.