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Monday, March 12th
Chris Villani is joined by's Ryan Hannable, and they talk about the Patriots as they head into the free agency period of the NFL offseason. The guys talk about the Patriots approach to team builing, and what their options are this offseason. They also delve more into Tom Brady's quotes from the newst episode of Tom vs Time, as well as Tiger Woods looking like the Tiger of old this past weekend.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio you. We. First up from season to vote for craftsmen. There's no way to. Spend 1012 hours. Seven days a week for. Our six sponsored becomes routine and rhythm. It and you know it's my fear would be home a two kids off school was confined to view to. See him come home but you gonna. You know not quite in the rhythm off season yet. I realize every time. Emotion will go away used to have certain feelings and emotions for decaying bit. There wrongness of what happened to go away. We give the outcome we wanna. And I gave everything I had I gave my best effort. There's just complete short. I had tears falling. Your hatred stand listening to that Tom Brady in the final installment Tom vs dime Chris lie Joseph Matt Ryan Hannibal WB EI dot com patriots Red Sox. Writer extraordinary don't but I'm good for a very fantastic final addition to Tom vs times thank. That was good attacks earlier just love that you start to finish. I thought I was gonna die I thought that that the others and good stuff and I like this whole series of those of you all their didn't but I thought everything was good from start to finish. I think that this is unique for an athlete especially of his caliber I think about a school. I like to the peak behind the scenes LA getting a little bit of more of a sense. What he. You know goes through in terms of his emotions stop process and how he thinks the game approaching in the off season. It's got to teachers need to see a guy of his caliber bracket which episode this was. Working on mechanics. In those the kinds of things you thinker ingrained over the course of a twenty year career you forget about how much. I guys like that that are the best are constantly refining and in working on things like that. Did you take away that you're always done you know let's it people talk about this over the course of the day is Parse. When every statement means and how Long Will he be playing in is very bigger take away that you had beyond just. What Brady said on the circus about wanting to get Bakken play next year and it's sad that we came a few plays short. Buds that Gisele stuff is really interest thing I thought that was sort of an inside look at the navy how Brady's stealing himself. That we haven't really gone to here because he can't say Japanese have to run of podium so mic maybe the fact that Gisele gave some sort hand that. He's not having fun and doesn't feel appreciated. That's our lives gives credence to those that supporters jams during an out early in the year that was sort of my biggest take away everything that was you know good and great until. That last you know three minutes her dad to sells you know comments in the truck. Man united Brady's our last little spiel where he he talked about what it takes to come back each year and it's our left me wondering if he has what it takes the comeback. Next in the not a thing next year but in years to come. And it seems just let you know if he tells me I love it so much that I just wanna go to work at it and feel appreciated and have fun at. Just want to go work and he appreciated and have fun. Feels like a theme we heard you a little bit and we've bred them before a little bit in the separation story with with he was sort of I had enough with the Abacha and being so hard on him I think that might have been what it's different to any also. He brought up the idea of in this on the Good Morning America appearance this morning when he's stumping for the final Comverse is time. And talked about how he's gonna play for ten years they're told Gisele is got to play protect years. Made it sound like he was saying whatever it took to get the deal done at the time with Giselle in god bless. Yeah that no problem party everybody do the same thing what you want that's why so he'd try to get dead guild cited delivered did that. Good for him again. Now he's got a fantastic family and all that but. The ten years is sort come and gone in another. The theory here another idea that's been out there is the concept that Gisele sort of tugging on him a little bit insane hate. Nothing left to prove here and you could imagine that conversation playing out it should be right. Has nothing left to prove most people already would call him the greatest quarterback ball ideas were Super Bowls the Montana. I he's been to eat of these things there's nothing left for him to quit even more the cherry on top of this Cory always want to keep winning I suppose in their position to win again. This coming season. But how much is that. So we're pulling on him and dragging on him a little bit because he get he brought it up today the idea of playing is Strahan asked about it on on the show this morning. And talked about it he wanted to play ten years that is common bond is he really did it act five war on top of this. After. Going past going pass played a decade. But but I remember at a dinner with you would do that we your wife as she came up to be answered my view need to talk to my husband on like for what I know because well let me say I want to play ten more years are you know I've been with him for five years we still think want to play two more items I'm it was a long time ago there do you think favorably five more years here I was an Everett mass through Baghdad. I've tried a teller. She's right I did say that because you know when we met I was so I 12930 years old and I thought man if I get to forty be amazing and to be a great crew and eighteen years in the NFL and learned a lot and it's been such a great love for me I love the sport I love the competition. I love my teammates I love working with people that love to work with the end. So that parts really hard to give up especially when I feel like I could do it and I look around the league and as these other quarterbacks and a big man I could do they do and I'm I want to continue doing as best I can because it's really brings a lot of joy in my life and you know. Well he talks about that in a soundly what's combatant when more. Yeah weather is appreciated or not and we helping breeze could be back next year. The question of how long he plays I still. You don't even after tiered listening today you only talk about. Urges Al talked about him wanting to be appreciated things you were talking about I still feel like. The game will force Tom Brady out. Rather than Brady leaving I still think he will take a substantial step back at some point as a quarterback I don't know that it's gonna be this coming season but that will be the cause for him leaving tomorrow you don't think it's a family. I don't I don't think that pulls out I really don't mean the fact that they. They you know they joke about it they talk about it I think at this point even if it's against Giselle olds which is or what she would ideally like. The other thing I got from her her comments that thing she says she has an understanding of how much this means to him. And that. Eighty app might cause a little bit of frustration from her perspective I can see that. But as you step away from the game because of it I don't buy I I still think the most logical solution that is might be tonight logical solutions OJ acted alone. And Tom Brady will. Do what he said he would do the retire when he Sox are the very least we takes a step back from being MVP caliber play. I think this whole commerce aside things that are opened up another you know view from our eyes and sees them off the field as a father and I think that. I think maybe we realize it or saw how strong his relationship they have with his kids and I'm she cares about them. It's kids are getting sort older now I think he he talked about I think was it in a commerce on that he's missing soccer games and hockey teams I think. He sees kids getting older and maybe as his kids get older he's realizing how want to destroy all that they're trial that he's missing. I think that that could actually be away that he you know ghost changes l.'s camp and says hey I'm gonna you know called quite like you said wells is you have to proof well how. Much like he think he's in the game give me year in a year total two years two or three years. It sounds all right anyway. 2019. That's always Tommy cards mention that we talked about it before 2019 feels like the year after that season. Big it's a big year because he he's up almonds up. And dry counties obtuse at that that's a big Aussie and he has a bit extended yet this year that you wrote about that dare to go on WEEI dot com which is curious it's interesting because we look back at the last two times he's extended his contract. It's been when he has two years left on his deal and it usually happens before free agency is the patriots have an idea. What they're working with caps base is right now he's taking up 22 million dollars. And the most he's had before this year was 17902010. For the last couple years it's been fourteen million. So when you go from a fourteen million dollar capping a 22 million dollar write your effect mural Ross you're expecting what you know while guys paid the painters. You can sign and in a way it's affecting his you know chance of winning because there are not minus signs of a bigger name for me it's. And you mention the freeagent there was one other guy that tag got to plug in the air jet tag give me. That come with gronkowski talking about Danny Amendola. Chad mom and that should be ready for this holds up one finger tells me to wait now Dell might lead take your time jets fine I'll take your time keep looking. On a brother not live radio time. Cut numbered as you just know these things for crime allied. Cut number it is six me cut six has that. Begin the cut numbers shall. I'm gonna get kickbacks and I'm leaving and she. And he goes and who they endured. Now you're and just so you know that right if you need any. That was a miracle of us winning without your love they're just stayed on that was. That was unreal. Little plug there you know Danny and adult leader Danny Amendola is aging you appreciate that because it's a guy who's. Certainly gone the patriots way when it comes to you. I his cap hit is salary over these past couple years he's taken a haircut a couple of times and it might be due to go the other way and just to Casey digital or biding their district for a break from Brock. How does Danny Amendola gets so good the post season you are believed to. We year sort editing this whole thing together that's one that Tom Brady. Whites leaving in there one more reminder that hey this is a god I really want around target about not only gronkowski did it in Angola in this particular case. And you might have to pay him a little bit more money keep them. Yet definite back to the hole. Overall picture converse on that was cool that's summoned that you never actually get deceived Tom Brady driving home from a game. You having front 'cause he call images on the phone here and just him talking like that thing is having that we don't hear read sands you know part of podiums. Thousands are part that I really about the series. As early sammon bill absolutely I think that that's that's who he was with the patriots that got to came through in the clutch he's come off his best year. As a patriots though it in the past when he's taken the pig after Paco Leahy said. I think it's time to flip flip the tables little bit or Erin golden can come the patriots and say hey. I'm getting these offers from pacs team why team you have to pay Revis to match comeback because I think. Tom Brady he's one of his as most dependable targets in the playoffs so. Exactly right this is you know as good as his endorsement as anything for his agent yeah little little plug. Right there before you free agency are at 61777979837. Kevin in New Hampshire is a waiting to chime in on Tom vs time. And I don't think he loses a big affair Ryan as you were the series a look at the. I looked up they too quick my call. I had some mom mixed signal on the whole matter arm you know arm of the documentary series let me keep. I think it reveals that probably operating very wholesome guys. Is light seem like an amazing person got to maintain family noted Peter good teammate. But in the same thing and I think that the series. Was very self. Self aggrandizing. I mean an active player put out something like this. And the nature of the six are series was the sky so that was gonna win support all of these big weight into this season. If the drop on. Really. He didn't mean to that's the content so this rope at the even if it's clearly innocent. And economy itself I don't like that rule. There's a big difference he to mitigate just kind of slips in I think that was an innocent thing there and a guy who. Deserves to be drop in the gauges competent in and out whatever those the world. Going back to those point. And what I would've asked him but I can't because jet on an up and unfairly I might add is did you look at the the two bills is being selfish and self aggrandizing itinerary didn't. And now Aaron Anderson nor is coming for him the whole ending with the Super Bowl win a vote this whole thing was to really show how top repairs in the offseason that the majority of the work was done. Last off season and yet I think that. Often trump. Wind hits and with a suitable championship or any everybody wanted to attend suitable to our PS doesn't make Tom Brady selfish fair and firm. Putting this out there and Alli there's anything celebration all right well I. I mean I think or something's bad. The the selfish part of it and it's. It ended up being and I know they need to ladies and a lot of it was made before the season even began before sept worker she ends article. But a lot of it ended up feeling like a rebuttal to the wicker Sheehan peace. Now in the timeline obviously this is films and and primarily produced. In the offseason and then the early weeks of the regular season so it wasn't meant to be that way. But if there worst sort of the seeds of tension forming not that you see that he's coming down the line if you Tom Brady. As the workers shared piece is very pro ballot check that Belichick sources who had Belichick. I'd disciples friends whatever that were commenting on this and they were weighing in on this and in painting a very pro Belichick picture. This was the rebuttal and maybe that this selfish part of date. Is about Brady and life after football showing the good side of Alex Guerrero has been portrayed as a snake oil salesman in so many places. What he does for Brady wife he'd be able to I do to help this guy get on the football field and play a high level of four years old so. Some elements that we're certainly greedy first. But I also didn't look at it is is taking the wave from the patriots. In any perspective lake. You know in the two bills I think there are certain elements the became weight from it saying my on this cast build I'll check it pretty good like some didn't put Parcells of the great light frankly. But none of it ever really struck you as being at the the detriment. Of the patriots. Now I think that if Brady really get out of want and this piece to be a total or borrow to the supporters shanties. There is time that they've kind of gone back and navy Puerto. A Q&A back and forth our shows and people talking about the workers shanties and debris talk about liked errors. Brady has control over the message and what was getting sent out there so if Brady really wanted to have this. He's selling that would go against the separation piece he had the opportunity to do that and he did yeah it can't get enough. Without being good intentionally do got away the stuff they came out. But again this stuff was billed and and but even on a daily at the edges out comments actor guy could gotta be said that. Bet that's her speaking at Tom's on Tom's behalf. There's a little bit of that element in this is it to me this is a story line it's not entirely going away I mean unless these guys. Get together for now what happened to the so called meeting between Kraft yeah do you ballot check for growing other could have happened but nothing's come out right to sort dispute that I think that our ties into the rob our county thing as well. We went Carreira connection to both Brady and gronkowski. It seems to be. A big deal a vineyard you know top players in the organization and summing it eats it worked out. Text he says and incorrectly. If LeBron did this then people around here we chastise and I completely agree with that LeBron did this there will be a lot of Celtics fans in Boston fans in. Really everybody to buy bonds and likely not a criticism across the country finesse. It's time but it hasn't been received nearly as warmly. I think there I think there are a lot of people. Who just ignored. It's on FaceBook you have to seek it out yourself it's not like it's something that's bombarding you on until this morning against new breed as the media to work. It has been something that's been. Bombarding your senses at all times you've had to pay attention to the a lot of people just ignored it out the text is poised bright people would be killing LeBron around here it's Brady. It's a different sort of looked. But it LeBron did this sort of thing on FaceBook at eagle get a lot of traction in Cleveland. The NBA will probably promote it better is that the hit key agencies be really good at this kind of stuff the NFL there really do much to promote. Run out and it's not their property so what do I care I mean eight bed until late the NBA just just does imports it to all of them are a social media type idea that and their word starred driven repeat the individual players themselves and supportive of we've seen this from. You know from they're from Adam silver is opposed to Roger Goodell there's support of the players being war. Individuals being outspoken not just shutting up and dribbling is as Laura Ingraham said so. I think there would have been that different element to it but the texture is not wrong now. Already getting killed now definite I can find me the keys for a lot of star players across lenient. Say if it back couple years of Peyton Manning does I'm sure people around here would be doing the same thing that the people you know across country are doing during the day so. Yeah I there's certainly a point that I think the overall picture is how. Think it back when when some of these debt older generation say Larry Bird did this yep. I think there could be some of these older people that are giving bradys are crap for doing this might feel differently just because of of who it is that it was Larry Bird there will be things that I'd. Now I agree that by the way Kevin chimes in on the news the Tex lines and gets banished him. And he says the nature of the documentary was me me me here's how living legend prepares I thought it was very strange for an active player to release. I think it promotes a celebrity culture with the pats and opens up huge can of worms and nobody is bigger than the team remember he also says sorry to. Apologizes to each ball to accept his apology thank you Kevin you're welcome to call back and ends on another day any time. I just don't see it that way now I don't really see it at first of all Brady is big and Petit. It's OK to say that's he's the greatest player of all time of course it's fine to say that Belichick even acknowledged going back to the Guerrero dispute. Tom Watson here what am I supposed to do without point Brady's wielding more power than Bill Belichick Brady can go to the owner directly to get a contract extension. Indian dole can't do that now you don't have the same kind of cachet for other players we can stop pretending. Bet it's. The other patriot being introduces the team like they were which is adorable and Super Bowl 36 and all that but. He is bigger in the team twelve is big in the team that's fine I don't problem that whatsoever that's the nature of the quarterback position. And again I'd still to be Dexter also as a unique stories forty years old. Performing it any. But no one else can really say it adds I think that right it's sort of getting a peek behind the curtain. For for people to see exactly how you know he does it anti even said today and Good Morning America that it's a chance for her for younger players the younger athletes see. What goes into it I think that's one of the main reasons why he did this was disorder for the younger. No person the younger athlete to see what goes in and how much work he puts him behind the scenes to get to be no worries. Would you watch a Zdeno Chara similar Zdeno vs time. Probably not. What he's doing in some ways in Iowa Iowa were high price of watch him but I when you know tune in at noon every day blankets for at least what would. Is doing in some ways I think is more impressive. Or at the very least as impressive because it Brady. There's a large part of that that is is cerebral. Leads yet you see the physical training in the regiment in Guerrero working on and everything else but what makes him the best in large part what makes him the best. Decision making. And pre snap looking a safety op accuracy which is the physical. Attribute for shore with Chara. We get you'd think the game to an extent there's no doubt about it he's enormous and that helps. But it's just eat you can't think your way through skating three minute shift in the fighting a guy Ian. Yeah they are expected to be credible laugh he's not the same level as Brady and the NHL he is not as good if his sport as Brady is that it W calls it in a chart the greatest defenseman of all I agree. I'm saying what he's doing right now it's it's a recipe get a Zdeno verses time I would watch that itty char vs time we'll catch here. You DOJ acted alone. You don't you'd think it was an accomplice. Aside the collier yes he did okay HO jacket on Mike and hand over disagrees you'll get this out of the way god Mike. Make your case. There. So bring your god that met the guy before the break legally. I can give you three examples. OK forget everything you think you know about OJ but I can give these and but it helped you think that this individual should have been. Look got a little or closely by the elite media sort of rushing to judgment on OJ one. Jason Simpson had better. At implement the blade neglected girlfriend including an incident where he currently about Hogan sought out her hair look and not the. You know while setting a sense of rage against his significant other OJ cut. But no not okay about it. Were held it there but years of abuse years the views like guilty plead no contest technical and. Jason good thing. There Jason left work early that night he would the show he was upset because Nicole spoke to bring the heavily to his restaurant. That night and at the last minute she Campbell went to another restaurant. He left work early had no alibi and one with a bag of night because he was the ship OK number. He had just thought taking medicine. Or is this oppressive rage she'd just come off medicine you very volatile number four he had the same pair of gloves that OJ Simpson. Nicole bought them each isotoner glove that respond at the crime scene she bought a purple road doing to prepare for Judy. OK where's his DNA where his footprints where is any five her where is any hair sample and why are okay footprints and OJ's blood there. Why did OJ DNA out. Ethiopia which is a blood preservative wide open because they have an altered DNA were talking about it like this week it didn't need to look more DNA at a car. It is blood it's not a sees there's blood that was left there. About the other good friends don't want setup went into the matches OJ issues. I'll get OJ football never on the accused in a difficult but secondly. It is possible that he didn't like bill parachute which he called ugly cute but he didn't like immediately respond to work. Now I do not think that is possible absolutely not I think you're I think you're reaching here Mike if you wanna be conspiracy theories that's fine I'd recommend taking the tin foil wrap opt your head. The government's not reading your thoughts. OJ did it which he didn't. Can say that I get why it's so hard for the guys that double murderer. He had a motive to kill. Nicole Simpson he did use an abuser it's a tragic. Story that plays out way too often where these things escalate to the point of murder. And it happened I gave the chances I get a chance in two minutes try to try to explain it did I'm not convinced and your video prep a huge and one denied convinced are right 61777979837. I'll gets more Brady talk coming up I want to get your thoughts though Ryan on some patriots Nazis in matters because. I'm looking around it's and free agents and I'm looking around good news just wanted to cap space and curious how that sell whole situation that equation will play out we'll tackle that next. With your calls and text mixed in Hawaii in Hannibal Sports Radio WEEI. Always a safe. With a month and night on Sports Radio WEEI. Body and animal Sports Radio WTI. Is trying to WEEI dot com on Twitter app Brian animals find the actress Bologna 44. At jets drier as it animals. Plod through appreciated and I probably. One of the we've heard a bunch columns lately ran about patriots out seizing well in the legal tampering right now first of all I. On one to ten scale how much you're buying into does not Butler. Lions interest. Not so much me like six would this bad since the great in the middle against we'd. That not be the most he's delicious just east the story line you can possibly imagine. And talk about 88 very public. Rebuke of Bill Belichick you know the appellate techniques decision to bench bench Butler for whatever reason even if you believe the reasons and believe that OJ didn't act alone which it may be this crossover between the event diagram those two groups of people you have to believe or admit. That Bill Belichick makes that decision so if you're Matt Patricia. You preside over sort of the benching of a guy he played 97% your staff to wasn't enough to play even one down one single way in the second half. And you sign. Then that is going to be worth you know three or four year deal right you know fifty million dollars so he's great regular season we just don't want him in the Super Bowl the at all you'd know those questions are becoming so it really of the fasting that actually might play this out and see you know what he would say eighties he can't all of us. No on this Fella built on about that well now he's here now are easier player in house the kind of thought you we want this job pal buck stops with you now you've got to decide. That one would be again delicious as a story. The one that I've found more interesting though Houston Texans also linked to Butler but more important is nobody's counting them out Butler coming back. Linked to dates older and the patriots have according to Miguel over Pat's cap a 21 million Gabbert taken salary cap space. You have. Neitzel older who to me is priority one. In a relatively pain free agent class getting your own guy back at the top of the list when it's protecting Tom Brady. Danny Amendola just mention probably had taken a haircut there's this. Narrative that Rob Gronkowski needs to get paid more to worm away from the temptations of professional wrestling. It feels like Ryan there is EE eight small high relative to some past off seasons the patriots. And it's getting divvied up rather quickly yet. I think that this is definitely not going to be the same offseason has flasher we saw. The Stephon Gilmore assigning that Dwayne Allen trade and bring cook street on this week that's you know not happening. There's a number of factors that you mentioned that the biggest one is as their own needs may sold there. Perhaps cast come back if you've got to get they've sold their. Here piloting outrage in waddle and Karen Fleming notably during a lot those two protecting your forty on hurled back side. For a sixteen game you know I would've felt bad about attitude or outlook still on the team because he could move her. But or at the very least it Brady goes daddy got grapple mr. Brian Hoyer quarterbacking would not the only with cup now sit and eat that since it. So there isn't a great spot because he's the best left tackle on the market there's a huge drop off. He also sees the patriots to Asia where there's no real fallback option on the roster so he can basically. You know go to these other teams get you know the highest price that he can come back to the page and say hey matches and I think that the patriots are left in a situation where. They pretty much have to. Do like the patriots play at that awaits him. I go and I think he's going to do it as he should sold gonna go out get his operas come back. And then pats could be positioned gritty big yet to extend themselves a little bit more it becomes an interesting question though. When you look at image delay and gronkowski. In a dole I think we all agree is got to get more money he's gonna want more money. And the the haircut he's been willing to take over these past couple years for all the reasons you talk all right coming up great year. As gras pointed out just gets better in the post season. And then if gronkowski. How are you willing to play ball with him because. To extend his contract. Which sometimes the easy ladies give a guy more money just tack on some years well if you're not buying into the idea decry it's going to be here long term you set yourself up for some dead money in your cap. 34 years down the line of gronkowski retires after next year but it does give him more money up front is now cutting into. This relatively small piece of the pod can let guys go obviously create more cap space that way by. It seems. Dicey if he starts at ground starts getting into the idea why should be paid wide receiver Mike. Yes and I almost think you delicate he's gone 'cause he's not the Brady level yet these clubs. I think that if they say you know they didn't if they'd just left from a coast as he has. Despite an unhappy and the trickle down effect is is pretty big advocate what effect guys like Tom Brady. And when you're you know. Affecting the that the best quarterback you know and in the history of the game. It's by it's not a good idea for your your franchise I think in order keep Brady Abbie you kind of keep on the problem with that is we talked about three positions now. All on offense. The offense is gonna be a wagon again you lose soldier that's huge he gets older back even if you lose the Amendola. But residents say their top one offense this year that Julian animate you can probably survive without the any until obvious these traits have in the plans right that they have some solid depth at that position making that Kenny -- coming back who wasn't really a factor last year. Felt our set same thing for a first round pick he's got a year in the system he's priority batter you celebrating cuts fuel and Adam and Chris Hogan and and you're never too Brady coach had better be a step for just the guy invested a first round pick in. I wasn't terribly disappointed with him this past year frankly. I want to and I in the minority and I can't. I wasn't disappointed Ian I think he's a thousand yard receiver Eddie gives you a thousand yard season not including. This is a viable thing the rundown appeal to drop the idols penalty yards count. And I think there was a factor of baby is being a little bit off with Brady you complete. Eight get a little bit more on the same page this coming year he complete three or four more of those over the course of the season those long passes the cliche take the top off the defense kind of plays next thing you know a thousand jobs. A hundred pretty quick he doesn't he better do that and on the field and the exact that was the thing I sure that didn't happen as. Hammonds abilities are no demand a lot of attention over the middle of the field which made your dry seat the apple that more and that frees up for any coaxed down the field I think that was sort of the misconception with features scenes a lot of people expected him. To be like John adamant and run over over the middle of field you know take some hits across the middle match is not his game that's never been his game and went on the way down and the pre season. I was are looked at rating cut sand in or a short typewriter over run over the middle field. Play the slot. Those over and I'm an unfair in a characterization of brain cubs game. I think that's it took awhile for fans to recognize that that is not part of his game I think that's is things are to return towards the end of the year. Or we saw those penalty yards you know add up and we saw how much are difference yeah I can make in the games I think that. Critical to have pretty solidly. You know and that goes back to the point there is the eight bit of a turn key element of the sock that you need dates older back not just glossing over that. But there's a little bit of a turn key element because he's still gonna have Brady. I believe our 'cause he's going to be back Julie Adams coming back healthy right there you've got three offensive weapons the witching ader head of anybody else in the game. Yes out of the football's very different question. Donta hightower does come back and that's something that you importance there aren't they can be overstated. But you saw eight team that was a dumpster fire when he came to coverage in the Super Bowl. But inlet and the whole thing their top five defense and points leather top I defense point one that's fantastic. Good defense be enough. To get them back to a Super Bowl next year even at that somewhat comparable to what was it yeah. Because again the offense is a wagging get the best quarterback in the game get the best tight end in the history to get. I understand all of that. But every time the patriots have lost in the post season whether it's been in the Super Bowl specially in the Super Bowl. But even in the earlier hounds. It's calm down to an inability to get stops to get off the field to get a team. Off the field on third down. To make those crucial red zone stops giving up a lot of yardage which is something that is defense did all of last year even when the point totals were going down. That is something that has the potential to be a fatal flaw and then you relying on. Tom Brady being otherworldly what's gonna happen are you you can you can quibble with that. But as he's on the Super Bowl and that's that's on and off line and he's he's. Getting older so you really can't depend on him to you know as each year goes by you can't put it more on Brady show they each had asked the less. So at least when he talked what the defense are of value eight eyesore look at that durable and I think that the front seven was exposed more than the cornerbacks I think that. That quarterback play it in the CD player wasn't great. I think we William mildly Borneo to the front 7000 bigger issues there is no pressure on nick falls. There's so many times what went on third down running backs up out of the backfield and I doubt first downs because of the inability to pick out a applies out of the backfield and that's been a problem for years is is how how slow the patriots linebacker Bruce in his and that if they can't match up with opposing running backs. And Doug Peterson did a great job of sort of find a match up since our. Gave a lot of the patriots tasted the wrong medicine and find a match ups and beating them so we look at this offseason. I look at the front seven is seeing a much bigger priority than second in. Added any Shelden which is nice I don't from the Gainey shot and then trade I was fine. And if you get the upside to him you know first round talent kind of player great you know run stopper. At the highest end for him he's sensible for the very high Stan. And he's the kind of guy that takes up two defenders lets other guys make plays but Jeff to have those athletic linebackers to actually make plays. They had no ability what so ever last year to set an edge on defense you couldn't they and they Eddie that your Christmas skipper James Harrison up the scrappy it to do. And their practice squad guy from the bills and Derrek Lee sell you right you're really scrambling. So I think that that's sort of priority this off season as finding someone who can number one set yet that that's one need. Number two an outside linebacker that that patent cover guys out of the backfield. And number three days prior to find a middle linebacker Bakken play alongside dot I tire because as you've seen this past year and the years before that. He's not really reliable listening on the field for sixteen games so. There's three knees right there and onstage giving got into the into the secondary now I I think those three right there at the top neither of non defense for the entire team. So it's going to be interesting off season and are regarded for a couple other reasons too when you look at some of the big picture stuff for the patriots we'll get to that with you next 617. 779793. Said the attacks lies there for you with 37. 937. On Twitter at Ryan Hannibal act Chris melodic 44 with the till 10 o'clock talking patriots right now if you Sports Radio WB yak it's. It's much that night on Sports Radio WEEI. Bloody animals forgery at W guys text joins me your mind people who ran him is he's right. As are my view anyway. The Chia rates on a W yeah I got from patriots Red Sox primarily right unity at Fenway quite a bit this summer. Well that just a little while most of its okay let's excerpts someone from Bryant's family. Yes Bob Hannibal. Uncle somebody's cousin cousin. Now fine right on Twitter Brian Hannibal does great job covering the pats there were talking patriots right now with him in with you. And out of South Boston at the bottom Tom Brady at next hello Adam. I am known. You know what actor Clark. I'll. Wrote that brought art to our courtroom or not utter a word and all right. Same act act and then all of that North Carolina I would but Tom Brady. What and I've I would help themselves and I hate to say I hate them because it caught white rhetoric and he is just our hearts are you might bet partly because questionable arm and I I gotta tell you. Jack a lot you made I can't even though I tried. So you gotta patriots and obviously. On him and why would you would even try to heat him. Well because he goes successful any soap box and got it right you're part art and frankly. They. And security of may I don't know what I in hockey you soak it everything you got. Are you married Adam. OK don't don't don't let your life. Let's you'd usually be jealous of another guy greens aren't I crystal a little friendly just friendly advice that are friendly like. You know the well those people out there with all the Internet a lot AJ when all the kitten it won't wonder fifteen can you believe that Scott has not. Yet I had an and I get that element of it for me it was more the Red Sox than the patriots I never really grew up you know the long suffering patriots franchise even though they work. Prior to 2001 are really prior to Robert Kraft buys the team and in Bill Parcells coaching but with the Red Sox that was more the dynamic for me. And it weighs you know you're grown up their father to son being taught that the Red Sox will never win the World Series they let you down every time and then. They defy that over the course this last runs I I get that dynamic. I I was with him in the sense that it. I typically like an underdog but I can also appreciate dominance no matter what I appreciated those yankees teams of the late ninety's I want it clearly. In the Red Sox and I can appreciate how good they wore. And I'm totally pro tiger I 100% when tiger which sounds. I am as well I'm a huge tire guy in moderate Aniston wearing his whole point was for saying no that's okay are you one of the in theaters six point four in Boston watching Tiger Woods is weakened yes you know I was on the bar where I was having my martini and lobster. And yes a marquee it was martini and lobster I start with a martini you'll white line with the lobster. Yes that you're tuxedo I did not pay the guy who are making the same clothes and now I'd send them wonders like martini and lobster that's got to dress up for the you know did not like a slob but you don't go tuxedo like there is high class place that famous with. I grew 23 it's my usual spot mutual's all of in the martini. No I go with a twist them like elves shaken Esther and pretty much a martini shaking nowadays but thanks thanks for breaking it out either jet double watching tiger. Especially the putt on seventeen. How badly did you wanted to chase that into the hole like Bob Boone would the the Bob May PGA tour playoff or the big. Tiger baseball out of these old and he just can't block those things anymore buddy of mine said he's just trying to save his energy that kind of thing. But it was fantastic. To watch. Golf clearly better when he is at the top of his game if you can get a were in now. I and this is probably just an overreaction from Vegas but there are sports books that have been the third best odds to win the masters. Play threes at eight ton of success. I think. Ahead of him was only. Dustin Johnson and they Justin Thomas so that's it and then Tiger Woods. Sign me up sign me up the tiger Renaissance and I will be back into golf again just. Nothing against dusted Thomas he's not move the needle for me whose death and time is the number two player in just just. Just to start on easy it is the could've done combining Dustin Johnson just at times but yet. Justin Thomas Dustin Thomas of hell's name is does not with the deal for me in the same with a. Don't deafening on. I'm sort of in the minority or a watch golf aren't tigers plan on how lights yeah six hours PGA tour covered whether its. You know Paul Casey Mears who whoever I don't care but that the way you could Cleary tell on Twitter. Just how popular yesterday was. With Tiger Woods and it was sort of a slow around there is lot of pars yearly gap meeting after the first hole but once he made that birdie on seventeen. You know ordered exploded in Everett was sort of hoping for a birdie on eighteen but you know. I don't even know the old tire when it made a birdie on many people. Well this topic but the iron in the fairway you wanted that in and just so many things that were classic about it you know hits the iron off the tee club twirled and immediately down to gravity after that he notes could you know he likes it puts right the middle of fairway. Needed to put the second shot on the upper tier of the green but still. It's not a straight but an uphill putt deacon smash doesn't smash it nearly enough. And leads to short that was disappointing but just seeing him back in contention. I was so much fun to watch and I know that he is not been agreed citi's in all of that. And compartmentalizing here I would not want Tiger Woods dating my sister by. And again had a sister site isn't really care but I would want tiger which you're dating a woman that I was that I cared about given his track record of such things. I'd be much more comfortable if he doesn't get behind the wheel after whatever cocktail of medication that he was trying to down that particular night so yes. I all of those things are unsavory tiger on the golf course is good television is compelling television and I am in a 100%. The best thing aside and of the notices was Snickers reaction after the puck attire at seventeen. All eagerly do was to smile and laugh I think he's played. So earlier rounds with tiger since he came back and even back in apple before the injury and everything that happened east he sort of I guess. Realized self hate tiger's back in an Alley really do. Is laugh and I think that you know it's this masters coming up this might be the most hyped master off and in years late so. Of course differs forestry Snedeker by the way tech but it train wreck and to get too much Brent Snedeker talked accusing it is an athlete even par. He's seventy to 79 for the final round and yeah he's hacking it out of a Roth I mean he was being looked like I would look on eighteen I hope that he shot eighteen Lovett. But at every. Every time a golfer does something that makes me think I I've done that before that looks familiar which doesn't happen often you watch the PGA tour it's comforting it feels good. Came right back to that was kind of thing that I would a heated as it was moving John Daly did that once it's actually two shot penalty but. That would have been the frustration level for me is just smashing the damn thing right back up. I got another hour to go get right back your patriots call 61777979837. Ryan Hannibal WEEI dot com is in the house Chris aligning with you as well. Until 10 o'clock in late night your Sports Radio WB yeah.