Mut at Night - Pedro Gomez on JD Martinez Signing - 2-19-18

Mut at Night
Monday, February 19th

The man who broke the JD Martinez to the Red Sox story, ESPN's Pedro Gomez, joins Butch and Buck, to talk about all things Martinez. Gomez shares his insights on the slugger, having covered him for the past year, telling Red Sox fans what they can expect, and its all good news.


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Yeah it's much that night on Sports Radio tell you we. We EI. All right Steve Buckley torched earth live at jet. Park in Fort Myers, Florida with a Red Sox on Thursday it will kick off their spring training. Slate of games against BC in northeastern an annual clash against those. Two colleges we are alive here with a big news tonight the Red Sox have signed GD Martinez. To a free agent contract and it broke that story is on the line with us he has ESPN's. Pedro Gomez hello Pedro. Orchard it great. YouTube great to talk to you knowledge you would Bucky handled the air. Discussion right now who has better here because apparently this goes back a long way. Well you know I at ways we eat early on we threw it Dennis seconds of fame player with Arnold good hair and and we both know it very well we. Can't deny this we sit there with better care but he says. Aren't you are. Actually you know I looked up here but they're. No shame in being number general in this case should have Gordon back. Even Everett's agent of a three it's it Buckley Dombrowski in the news that it's. Well leave it. This is great ideal body. Are well well already delegates that tell us ability Martinez I was talking about. You know I looked that the ability deeper. We used in Asia and block it. They're there LL Lego car. Okay I'm I don't JD a few years and I got to see him. A close almost day in day out during the last rebook reroute or even here in Phoenix last year. Look forget what JP's. Can do all nobody everybody try to impose. Tremendous slugger he's adjusted his swing over the course last year a year and a half and it's producing. Are locked. I'll. But in terms of what kind of guy a year I would put spark other guy. About a guy not the god himself. And about three days into his tenure with the everybody in that clubhouse was like this is. A guy that hit it. Without question it was seamless transition. Is going to be a very good clubhouse guys. Are. I shocked shocked if he's anything but a very good club house guy. He has he's a tremendous person. You'll see it got up there probably with some regularity. And he's uses. An eight plus type of guy. Well that that's interesting because one of the things that. As you probably know that this was practical level as last year we bookie that's insane at Bogart's. Admitting that it was dysfunctional last year. In addition to beat back that Martinez provides our posited in the coma or file. That that that may be a fresh face in the clubhouse with to a lot of good. And the example used in which would notice that 96 Red Sox just at the end of spring training picked up on paper. Who provided lots of opposite DH in presently are and it was a very powerful. Influence in that club was that they got decked in place they'd Jim writes it Wade Boggs is Dwight Evans that a whole what you guys have been around a long time. But this guy came in any change things big time almost instantly. The lead them as part of Leslie. And look Baylor Baylor had incredible leadership qualities. I don't know that JD is quite on that level but are situated JD is going to be a very good bit. He's a very good faith no matter where he is. And let's start again that he was. David price's teammate Detroit and that could help. Two things over and maybe push. Price you know they do a better space. In in this city and in the clubhouse so I just think that it's a plot plot. On on every front and you know it'll look I know that JD complacent right he'll probably won't play as much as he thinks he might blocked you'll never hear him. Rousing about it because he's not getting out there. Talked to Pedro Gomez of ESPN nobody covers baseball better than Pedro broke the story of the Red Sox signing Judy Martinez. Up Pedro you cover the Diamondbacks should live down there. Why. What was their offer in your opinion what I was legal back to Arizona the place just flourished. Adam yeah it was probably close to the same offer in terms of years and money. But I find it incredibly difficult to believe that they would give him an opt out after two years. The biggest reason is that you're citing a guy like. For five years. And you're the want him for the full five years because all Goldsmith contract was another two years. And you may not be able to afford to keep him. So therefore I added that Alex Martinez sure insuring. A big the middle of a lineup were a couple years should Goldschmidt Lee. And I and the opt out probably was eight deal breaker. Or Martinez. And and that's that's probably what the sticking point on gas and. You mentioned that you might wanna play right field clearly will keep bet is to gold gloves in right field and that's his position. So probably play left field to get some outfield situation. How do you rank him defensively using average defenders below average is he will be fine at Fenway Park in left field give us a litmus test. He he's probably an average outfielder. He has worked hard and he will continue license to work hard and look left field that way is it is very challenging. Probably not as challenging though as light field at Amway that it you know historic. All. Now that's what you guys anything you know nobody historically. When the Red Sox have been very good it has to center fielders and expect one of them in right field because it is just such huge right deal. You know that was the biggest reason they went after Shane Victorino at the time without conflicted or like. Why you're 39 pushing into real but they recognize. You need another center fielder played right eagle so you know I Jake he would never gonna be. The state inquiry Trevor fielder that's why I find it hard to believe he'll get much time out there and it would be bigger question is. If if he's gonna DH more than what happened and. Well he's gonna be a platoon at first base the way I see it Moreland gets most of the time at first base and the place against lefties. When there's a lefty in the Monica C Martinez. Playing left field occasionally. Get an attendee out of there against the lefty of literal I don't really wanna see that I wanna see. I want to see Bennett's and he beat every day left field. You know come hell or high water so I. Are literally that would gonna be hurt her record and yet and they do its maneuverability but it back to what you're saying about the clubhouse presents itself to suit. This is another no on baseball related matter that is necessarily. Limited to the club boasts that thing electrical Boston baseball experience. We have seen ego like guys come to Boston. Carl Crawford director every year we will look at and T eight in and Gonzales put up some great numbers when you're he'd like years. Some guys come here and worries Martinez. Curt Schilling. That that it works for them they fit in quite ninety Ortiz obviously took over the town when he became the Twin Cities. So you let any inkling because you benefit in million times all the ballparks. At club buses that that at rec rooms and ping pong rooms stretching rooms and you can get out of the ballpark of tunnels and out the highway you never see fans mutant. Live in Newport Beach you know and overseas you. Boston is small at the ocean on one size tiny ball park. Any. Inkling at all about how this guy would handle all that. Well he has such and to play a genuinely nice person that I don't believe. And I don't exactly what you're saying only you know I mean we've seen it happen time and again where where it's not it's easy to play in Boston because. It is kind of claustrophobic. In the sense that if you had out to. You know store at at 1130 at night Summers tweeting ought to soft you know so and so. Barring candy bar at eleven birdies and edit out there for democracy in the Detroit. And the European X. You know at JD marketers can move around it not have to worry so that probably there will be some adjusting. On that front. But he is a genuinely nice person. I think he understands. He's been told. He due to try to what to expect he was an American leader with a bit of bulk of his career big defense played a lot. He's had the exposure to it not from the home side obviously. I don't believe. Bet there will be issues. Other than that he served him well. You know bark you think you're after check out. It. Well let me vigil let's be honest about it and talked McDougal was obvious you know broke to Judy Martinez story. The Red Sox just joining us five years under ten million by most. Accounts cheeky Martinez. Coming to Boston let's be honest. Went to me I use the worst group. Players people like you eastward passion about laws that are used the words. I don't wanna laugh from the David Price and yet but I don't think price really understood the scrutiny of Boston actually got there and I think it's been a big factory. Whatever he has what are we gonna be in Boston so we don't know. How cheeky Martinez weather's gonna have some guys thrive under 80 you've seen other guys don't Carl Crawford and many others so give us a reason why. Art. I think you're talking about a different personality. And Judy Martinez. You got some of those very well grounded I don't that fairly well I had. It that'll be the first one to get out there and say hey. Stop the darker it got really have adopted that will be the first one of these bulk. When you get to know him his personality. I see you're going to see someone that. Probably will be. He'll be fine with it. Until you're actually in the band the pool you don't our deep it is and and that's been an issue with with other players come the ought to. But I just find it hard to believe. That guy like Judy Martinez is such good clubhouse guy such a good human being a good person. Will. You know he's he's built would be a little bit of shock. At first want to get up to. Bought it but I think that overall probably. It is very well I'm an amateur probably because all but he always what I am I don't believe that this will be an issue. Pedro what's the best team in the AL east right now what assistant to the right side. Oh Sox yankees game. I I think you on paper on paper you're still up look at the box. Because of the pitching. He's still have more on troop itchy street alleged Sonny gray. Got to stay healthy for all these big. You know several Reno has yet but me me piece together what you say I think he has the ability. About you that the the back end his career currently still. But I think when you look at the pitching out. You probably ought to chill the beetle a little bit toward the Red Sox right now I don't hate you and happy that that. Dynamic duo in the middle of their life to break Albert. Or that two out of our hitters. I think that when you look at 25 there are twice by. You know these are the old Red Sox were athletic. Act let it. All of the box out yeah exactly that reason. I think the needle it still took it that way and I don't say that because there's another. Trick out here today. A look at your son and a second but what can I could debate this I think after you read page or debate before you call the presence of Martinis and what's that mean. To this Red Sox lineup shall we play that. Doubles 2% yet Paul Goldschmidt. In Arizona that's partly open thrive who's got routed them Boston. All you've got a lot of of you know why drive double tight hitters. And I think yet you don't have a big offer and it by the way to put Goldschmidt in broader. Of that battle so well a lot you know the laboratory polo would would play at around one or the other and JD certainly lie. Calls it actually is a great September. And despite not having a great September. It'd that you're allowed to. But only outlet and temple alters JD a strict track you. You don't scouting report every opposing what now 08 goals they could be Christian right now. They were pitching and pop the ball so I think that's. You know with the type of lineup direct like out there yet they don't have a big upper that it JT. But you've got a lot of feature type hitters. And you know double doubles are also doubles sometimes I'd take her pictures or alt rock. Right let me just point before you came on that. Particular greens the more I think mr. baucus is probably number three hitter in this which makes. That was an Arizona at the protection. That he hadn't. Adults don't sell it short bets that's the I've but it's a great point the affected. Dick Cheney accused might have won that Somalia look at it the other way and I thought that might that's. Yet yet a down season last year. But I thought that's a bounce back season. Regardless of whether they but he can't just always from always hurt oaks course at three times repeated the other day he's my leadoff. If so therefore. Three or four spots in the order wait for each and I don't get ahead of ourselves and just take it. You know you know what went went forward saying that JD wasn't. Part of the picture it can also Alter a lot of. It's so. So did you give us one other reason why he's given us a lot at apple one other reason why it won't work. In Boston this would be bad signing or will work at the Soviet great you miss most important question it is Sodom and it's important it is and it's on exit though. They're not gonna let him go without congress on him. Let's get some and I'll put it nicely written on four. Look at it it doesn't work. It'll be all of a sudden he's reverted. To do it all swing or something he's going away from the upper. You know he he's got a nice like coated Ballinger last year involved the aisle skeptic nice upper cock and that's what JD. And it talking that he backed player like just like like also like Jake Lambert all boats that were shaking their heads at his ability. Ticket. A basic pitch with a pitcher makes a mistake Bo it's gonna go. He capitalizes on that so. I think that it would have to be something where you revert. To bad habits. And then maybe it won't work and then all of a sudden because he's a fanatic credit. Built up in Boston. The band suddenly say this guy you know and make sure not a this guy's not worked at what he'd do it here and all of that back spiral. In the wrong direction. You know when you don't have credit built up in the city. Get up to bat started go to look really bad stretch that that's where it all players might get it. To ensure an honor you don't know how the players could react our you know Detroit. Has huge amount of credit built up. Thirty that the fans are still going to be Idec because of what he's done in that stadium that you don't go that I. They get the one thing that would go a long way potentially. All right Pedro Sobel is the best pitcher in the Red Sox farm. At. A a a for me it's real gold has of course Lamar. I mean I don't know that you. That was ranked quite as I on the depth chart for the red archer but it would not horse breaks are. Don't know it sucks. It's the right. Well with holiday holiday hams are as a whole low rate Mario Gomez talked about it. Is that I was NC it's the Franco team is that the rates so it's Eric Holder on its. When it takes iris keys with oracle. One and college World Series. You can go low body give us though the legendary coach. Does the scouting report on Rio. I think about GO Gonzales. Aren't they bill. Similar. A lot of similarities. Maybe not quite war but knows how to pitch the pitcher a grower. And you know. You see that over achiever and will continue to do. And could be more product. A minute drive up the lol Portland where Edwards Salem read bill. I'm notified of it and rip them but just to get ready but then there here's the question this entire interview out. Wow how is his. Yeah. Well he's 23 soldiers. And at that age everyone's fares for remote are the. I Pedro joint avenue one we will see you gotta be puppet out of Fort Myers at some point are you. Do you still in the back rightly. Or abduct accurately or for the first read for weeks. I'd make talked down but I'll be on the back feel like you're. Did you miss Els thanks to help. We're seeing marquis are are you gotta. I think it beta major Gomez ESPN. Broke distorted Judy Martinez. One named Rio goma's while. That's Hollywood that might as Baltimore. Got one on its. We got to go to break this story goes that's right. One of the two idiots that it notes but it's not. Disclose them. Quick break and we're back with more Steve Buckley Butch Stearns JD Martinez governor Boston. We have an about it join us each month at night on Sports Radio yeah. We enough. They've learned the news. What would you like this and this is Iraq. This is our roster I really don't wanna talk about free agents. Judy Martinez or anywhere else. This is our roster at the moment. So John Henry and Tom Werner that was WEEI dot com rob Bradford asking them. This morning just after 10 AM what all of us in attendance right after steep Buckley. Had asked ownership whether it was important for them to make a splash or not there for them like yeah. And right after rob. I asked John if he was surprised at how slow we. He always ask tough questions which. But we we. It's interesting because I immediately went back when this news broke it was those soundbites. And use them on TV because analyses data brows ski on Saturday and they all left themselves outs. If you listen close dirt where we're John Henry didn't do it but he deferred Tom Toms and we love our roster. At the moment that was hit it to Brodsky said. Oh we haven't had any free agent conversations last few days septa work as well. Thinks might be breaking because. Adam on Eric out. John Henry credit for at least mentioning the name. TE Martinez prices if you listen Dombrowski wouldn't speak the knee while you speak about free agents I don't mean it was really kind of dark and only show. And that we know that it was pretty good chances was going. But the Brodsky really sold. You know go to the dotted line that was me. That. This silent minority rights acts is approaching him and sayings is a chorus Dave don't do we love his team the way it is. What this team the way it was nobody. I challenge anybody well we won't get a call some real contact you want. But. Think it would listen this story. Was there a lobby group worried your people out you won the Red Sox to combat the scene team. As last year. I never heard did you. No I didn't hear anything that's your point. Well I think needed today is slated to Rel that was spirit to that it is that it used to be you'd go around here. It used to be that that the patriots really Deaton take over the it's the Sox were done. And then the patriots did their thing and when they were done. We jumped into the Red Sox and spring training. Everybody was. And and then it was would wane in March. Because it was March Madness and ruins the Celtics in the sox' opening day that was excited about that and they finally in the weeds a little bit brought substantive thing. We didn't have that this time we went directly from. The Super Bowl two weeks of Malcolm Butler in tree. Two the burgeoning interest read burgeoning renewed interest in the celtics' general. And we're down here for rise was was also wants and if it wasn't generating a lot of response. And now that change. 6177797937. Which stars Steve Buckley allowed jetBlue park how does this change things for Hugh. Cheeky Martinez is coming to Boston. You've been on offense on how you can embrace a two years wrote 93 win team that fizzled out. The first round of the playoffs or is this gonna put you over the edge. This is his according to buck the relevancy that you needed to get the Red Sox on the map that you're consciousness. Or you have to wait Sina. Like everybody else saw what he thinks talk about with Judy Martinez will hit line. What does this do. They were all the Red Sox were already the highest payroll team baseball and now that go above that first level luxury tax which they're going to be but anyways but below that sector. I don't wanna remind me you don't care. Chris hill's contract. That becomes. Yours all the sudden you have David Price their choice. And Judy Martinez his choice to stay in Boston for 2030. Million dollars to each. For the next. Five years from Martinez at five years they've met that. The vexing is going to be interesting because he won more money last year in the renewed him because you know arbitration rights. The treatment arbitration he had to go to arbitration if the money wanted. And so so it does not bitterness but at the same time he said at a fight what he wants. And I'm fairly confident that you go to frequency before he signs. They'd done it before sure feels like it to a lawyer. Packet they've guys they Ernie had him control they signed to long term contract but it doesn't feel that that's doesn't. Know it does not and in in I don't think that it's anything to do it I don't like Boston with adulterated meat. I just think that he's in the costs. EPS is seasons this year Wiki last year but that would mean three consecutive seasons but under our guys. If he has the season this year like last year it would mean. To what three years he's MVP candidate and then his stature as they talk this year baseball player grows higher. In. It is the statistical. Your reaction to JD Martinez come into the Red Sox go to. Rogen who's in Florida Robert you close to us in Fort Myers where you're down here. Yeah or pretty close were not peaceful way. Great show. Yeah we're not we're down here in Orlando. Oh yeah. The hour right now. As soon as cover many spring training games every hour and it and they go out. It yet they get that JD JD is is geared. There's a there's another player. And it blows you know Wilson. I don't know conferred. A player about Myanmar to Amber's you know. I'm Wilson another pick up a treaty. Actually that Switzerland he. If you guys heard. Now that was. 6177797937. GE Martinez. Coming to Boston probably not go. Into early oh. So but they ask you this question Dustin Pedroia gets healthy yeah. He's on his way I talk to him today early on said he you do when any baseball team insurgency thrown. Tit for. All you do is pro baseball he's out there working he said the other data wallop us that he wants to have one good day and followed up with a another good day and move point. He also said he appreciates the Red Sox being. Not his words but over cautions. At this point in his career. This he's that I ever got that we almost shot but it debated every opportunity. And last year was in a ton of pain says he's not in pain. My point all that said it kind of adds up to the probably. We don't seem for the market right. Don't know I you know. OK so when he comes back in May. I just corporate lineup in check. She becoming a lead off hitter is walking go to the third hitter again I'm fascinated with its. Third of this team if it's not cheating Martins. Core has been adamant about depth being so yes I think that may change with Martina is being here now because I eco pets. Martinez may be third boy I don't know. That's something that guarantee will be looking at but yet because. I always kind of at the back mine's cutie Martinis with the year that we kind of reassess. When you know you're busy doing my pitching rotations and I don't listen. I I quickly but Dallas curry COLT David Price in game two. I'll give you mine I just wrote it down just for holiday when Petraeus helped. Draw area at attendee. Mole key JD. Smart tough outs and carry. On after that fill in the blanks Hanley our moral and right and then you have the potential. A lot of I started in the stuff while the lineup he compared the Yankees this he got. Bogart's eat that devers Jackie Bradley you let it all I can assume it's gonna be some combination. Eight united Bradley's. Vazquez. 8998 the band. And that is this. Attendee. Devers more such an out that I had the potential of if you go Pedroia batted pending move key. JT. And get three in their heart you already get three right after that. He got Hanley righty devers lefty. Bogart's righty Jackie left knee which managers like to do I think it's over rated a little bit when you make a line. Well they have to let it as things stand now in its own got to play as slept all these acts the way it's gonna be like I'm guessing right this is all really shiny. But if you you you don't want to first base you don't these little as possible. So. I assume he place first base against lefties Moreland sets. And which means. That Moreland gets most of the playing time source moral and gets. 400 products. And Handley gets 300 that's how does that mean obviously. There's lots of questions one is clearly. And his mind him against this news tonight he's not that clause sponsor no he's not okay. And I think you put it out maybe Evan did it did it's reasonable to assume that be nice tidy out in the locker tomorrow. Just to get his two cents on this and I suspect that publicly he'll take the high road. But at the same time he may be meeting with. Eight and an avid pointed out the possibility that tree could still be made. And and and I hope they don't ball with a trap trading Jack. I think Jackie is an important player and he did and talk about it and I agree in the he makes him more exciting in his absence makes them less exciting. Let's go back to the phone 6177797937. Got wind up John is in east. Long meadow once talked about how Marti is going to be a huge presence in this lineup how so where you're hitting him John. First that I would Betty. They're. Excited this is baseball team but I I did not explode puppet. You had such a big present in the Diamondbacks lineup yeah I think you make Colby better. Top to bottom and only got it you know days he can't make everybody better so I I would. Courier or I think eagle eagle at stake you anyway. I looked at her. Yet you wrap it better I hate that standard better. I don't think he has quite yet our credit. But actually. Seeing him as much as I saw last year I really do think he can knows he can't. It'll get tight you know especially with a lineup that has that ability that means 81 or two out late that it. You add up to play devil's advocate letting Jackie Bradley has to meet Jackie Bradley batters in that part outline of it and he is as some on the city's streak you're in the blue angels flight over a football game and oh my goodness don't want he's been around good streaks. They're good stretches out there today that an American and I I still seek immediate assistance to having five to inner. Which which would really make him valuable player and it if it Martinez. I mean. He may help Bradley to the degree that they carry one in the line up slumping. Because if Martinez is the opulence that projected for him that it may be is less important for Jackie Bradley took to put a power numbers. A higher batting average but that's in his career. In you know we've seen senator fuel using Gary pettis back in the day it was an everyday outfielder. Who played center of the pits as does it but he played couldn't hit. And eat eat sort of kind of regressed to being a journeyman with opulence and later his career and nobody wants to Seattle brown Jim Edmonds a data comes a mine to for a stretch there is look like well. Oil and I don't know if it's it's not the same category it was a complete ball player for a long time. Via a hall of Famer went 60 favorite but I mean that's Leo that's recent periods it Bradley. And that is so he's not at this point Jackie's corrections. I don't think Brad is ever gonna do that means it's real and that's why I mean it's but now it's it's important appointment its its he's just that. Edwards was a top player. A look at the numbers since I eyewitness. Let's go to frank it Connecticut who's met Steve but we sports stars live. That jetBlue park hello Fred. Yeah hi yet good evening. I would vote or one blog guy I spoke to view of many years ago Leon Culbertson told thank you for straightening me out about it. Well yet I was a long time ago but anyway I was wondering if the facts would would entertain the idea of trading Jackie Bradley. The football god to Baltimore. From my Condo and as you we can get a DL again and then another after warning about the next few years about having some batting how law. The U wanna get back. Mean it's not wanting to about one Colorado come from brilliant selects. All shots out of public autos and light sides which I don't I don't I. Frankly we got we got that just from frank thanks I I don't think that's what the your little dysfunctional administrative Bogart's you know the shortstop. Each always out of those are some of these shorts Ari change Keyon. Well now I I think I don't think the treatment rate now. Trader contender in August July bullet no. Doubt it would ever happen to its pre. I'll take a quick break we'll come back the phone lines are lit up we see their mark Jerry Romans Fred. Steve Buckley reports turns on WE I JD Martinez coming to Boston vote it's always this act with much at night. On Sports Radio. He guy. JD Martinez a member of the Red Sox you know his Boston Red Sox five years under ten million dollars. According to various reports phone lines are lit up where jetBlue park lies Steve Buckley which starts Friday in Salem. Wants to say that the Red Sox now need to get rid of Hanley Ramirez widespread. All along right. Eight rock. Out and kick it needs more aching in getting. Well they're pretty good pitching again you gotta talk about that seasons with Seau. Rick were so low David Price. Palmer rants. Right Eddie Rodriguez. I would take that six million staff. The possible exception if the Mets Geisel bounced back with a minute to get Matt Harvey in regard to gram is Salman. Lugo. Mats. Who went missing and that is that Vargas. So so the Mets could have the best starting five baseball's so you know depends what you look at that and in the dodges. Spain makes it. Only on Jake. And check. Ariana tick area. Well but I looked at everything they don't need a starting pitcher that many being with Thornburgh out may be 78 inning guy that crisis meant. Gates a bush closer I think it pitching is pretty good. And by the way Fred before you gonna give a hundred million dollars to some other pitcher. I can look and Chris Sale before you do anything else. All of that was. Say well yeah are all they ask you about it at all. I mean seriously. I mean we give this guy or a Mark Warren always. I mean. Karl brought about a pass or not. All of Washington or will look. The next for the cause you know there is priced pavement at the missile last year. There is priced team but in the estate agent baseball you'd admit this there's surprised me I'll. That's threats such as to correct. Yes. 810 million dollars for well Ralph is in Cranston Ralph good well Atmel fox. You don't guys. Big politics thank Apollo bags elevation across the years ago about an addict well that would block you can go in and boy I. I never understood it because it would play him. And you know we can in the lineup that was don't go look this guy is a good public potential he has and have a long history of that. But he's not I wouldn't attributable with baseball player so he's gonna have to hit a lot of home runs because. He can't play him anywhere they can handle equal to me is not really a good baseball players local pol guy. You know Deborah is that Tim of this team that was shown actual play so Pataki gave some stability is. I don't like him as a field I would have moved to first and one out and got Beatty in the socket it in general shall it's a quick signing psychologically if you wanna shake. It is important to feel good about it. It's good to wiping chickens have great baseball player actual pick yet you know in an electric Powell but the key is gonna live or die by Irish. That did not have a decent last year other than that as well as everybody else pedal like they ought. But the pitching built back like but that I don't think it gave the but the guy I am very upset with dated resigning so many reasons is it that's really. It's not considering you've got Kimble was going to be a free agent. He's got the scratching the panic I appreciate you with because he's got the list of best reliever based. In that it wouldn't ask for after the picture he could've told academic guy. And it couldn't happen to me it means more important to them into could have he got struck out seven in political books you know a lot of these well they. Travel thing is the principle because actual account that the market. But you don't like it for the psychological thing Egypt because everybody was so down and out increase perk up. You know so it's a good bulls can meet but I mean it's just an entity in gold or effort to get better. Yeah that's how I liked Addison re so I mean he's he he did a good job stepping it is close and that's when. And then you went was oh and eat he could've had a place in this team. Is any doubt that what they beat you with the app that they got this afternoon. I agree. Look I agree but what do you think and act a what is your your harvests and this guy is in the toll gut. Intriguing you know what now if Campbell blows which sign and it'll beat and look at other great at what a gigantic contract to pick up JP pretty pretty cheap. What do Kimball want a ton of money dictionary you had trouble default back and be sure. IRA advocate I appreciate the call but what I'm saying is that eat eat if you're talking this season. That that reflects a built to win this season so I'd look at Atlanta by the way I admit check it out at a beaten. But chatty that would football mindset. She and dad aren't they the patriot ten years ago but Adam Eaton was that with us nationals in her twenties. Miss the rest of the season but. I want esteem among them unabashed about eight eight eight. Eight if price one mean screaming at the broad scheme. John and means the last couple days because. I didn't buy guided by what they were selling with this team on two different levels the the images strategists say damn it like this team without that power the unabashed love of the game. Didn't like what they were putting out there in terms of selling the product people's wasn't creating what about style because. This is what happens. When these guys touch it's that was Henry. Award or whatever but. The world we live in I I always remember what. Charles Steinberg dispute the Red Sox after. Aaron boat that Whitfield home run gained 70000. Rates. And as the club was apparently column. Charles it was in his second year Baltimore native in his second year with the reds jointly goats who says. Was this season a success. Or failure. To house seats it was a disaster. He's a week gave seven Ailes yes that is titles this is Boston. And it all just whipped her partner's legs start to get a hit in in game losing game seven of the Yale CEOs. Does it make it a successful season and it even more pronounced now. It was Henry today. The four teams. That combines the championship. Since that where you exit where who was talking about other plane at a championship level and. Even if you click and championships. The Celtics beat the Bruins have been listed in the supper plus lakers and rose plus the Blackhawks thirteen. It all the time the patriots was the FC title game so so. Just get into the playoffs and going it's that study that is good is all the teams over the last fifteen years that didn't even win championships. That's why back backwards placements is that it's round knockout means nothing. Let's take another long before it breaks go to Jerry in a car who says. Wants to know where you play Willie McGee. Jill Dougherty is I think Jerry is you DH I think you spent repudiates yes it's all automated equipment TH I think that's the answer. Oh okay. If you permit at the age where airport and train them. Well what okay Hanley becomes the part of the tune in again this is on a blackboard right now adept at or up playing the home version of the game right. So right now I got moral and Moreland gets most of the playing time at first base in his right back losing its lefty pitchers that's the way to right now. OK but I wouldn't say there's your training camp and we'll look at that side trading Bradley. Well bella and here. Story from the Dodgers. On the Dodgers and just yet I'm gonna give you Cody Alan don't throw young player under control. Or both don't they ask. Aren't Jerry OK okay stop I don't know it's got no it's gonna take him late for the money he's making them one. Number still if you focused on what what. If you focused on here in the news right now and of this in the big victory here. Which is that they went out and got a I'm 45 months last year but the plot that little line you're worried about in the Ramirez. Yeah okay electrical or BM that possibility would be. Were brought over from chipped it. It's got the highest on base percentage is seventy years in baseball. Is that it's at today the redneck is an aquarium thanks for the crop waited take a break we get another hour to go to talk about JD Martinez to the Red Sox east Dean Barkley. I'm what Stearns you know are out there. Jerry Williams used to say give us a call at 61777979837.