Mut at Night - Peyton Manning is out of the pizza franchise game - 3-8-18\

Mut at Night
Thursday, March 8th

Peyton Manning sold his Papa John’s franchises days before the chain’s split with the NFL and Villani and Drellich discuss the differences between securities fraud and insider trading. Also, they discuss MLB player salaries and the OJ Simpson Fox special.


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One Sports Radio got a few weeks. We eEye yeah. Believe eating grin. If you watch this. He can't got the blocker thing. Either way. TV and radio TV and the quality. I struggle with these that four letter easy column block if it's a more structured our show that the what the four letter Wheeler network. ESPN. You were it to her yes there will not at this very second and here are Prius V and radio. And that is to say if it's a more structure no double the course you know and and watch while. Our committee that are trading hold the Wimbledon which you paid man in town a few carrots and New Hampshire now we're four funny some trumped up charges put him in June 8. Get a Mac get off our Airways at a map of the pizza game if it is a structured show we got blocked in blocked. BCD. Of course but it opened talk format usually six and I've no idea why a school broadcaster I did. Who you are talking about part one of the worst schools in the ACC it's a big week for the par old implored Boston Herald in its. Who view the rolling note it's like rolling admissions over there where they're just displayed that. There's a two week window that started on Monday were people are finding out whether getting offered a job or not. And I don't know exactly why a beard doing it that way. But I would imagine it's creating a hearing from sources so to speak. It's Cree is creating a weird dynamic in the new measurements are people are mad at each other it's nobody's fault memories going through the same thing. By if big guy in the cubicle next to you knows that he's got a job offered his pocket and you don't. 34. Are now going on five days in and you know imaginative tensions were gonna build there otherwise can tell liberty wants. What and when I told you which I think it's answers that if you specific needs of the people want these people don't want wolf from the people you want and we don't know. Or maybe we do to win over offered the same rate they are making before. I think they tell yet I think back to say somebody doesn't wanna come back all of then you told the guys that you would have hired in its place. The body for the specific person so you need to see who accepts her offer. And then what she gets the people say you know what. I'm done with this joint I'm not here then you go to your so your quote unquote second year that you're waiting for an opera just to turn down. You'd think everybody is guess and offers gonna stay. I think the vast majority you'll probably right the vast majority. Some people got mats doubt change teams he went over to the Boston Globe. You still know that they collapse of either it is sort keep her options open after all I don't I want to agree with that. By aid agency feels like you're gonna get better witness in this rolling situation of the course two weeks yummy do you tell everybody. One day and EU don't necessarily make it known to. You know make it like a public list that's posted later but he tried out a Little League team or something get an idea it was gonna accept your offer and you move forward from there if you are. For lack of a better for our work cut. You're telling me that person if they then operative job a week later like it turns out we do have a spot for you what do you go pound sand and he said no the first one job to job. Yeah but if you tell tell them so are your goal in excess satin Sheen. Set into motion so many events and end. Let's face it pain or difficult person you don't wanna tell some of your definitely gone that I could still happen I mean you could still have somebody on the final couple days of your rolling thing hearsay. Thanks to the offerman good. Yeah but at that point hopefully you know yes you're right sure that there could be on the last day summit could decline in U Rory told. He's always sort of quality informing people that they actually dismissed her recently and informing the people they've received an offer I think he's telling the people that they've received enough. So it's like everybody's. You know resigned so to speak that's the wrong word play you know clearly and then you're hired or not or fire and as both the fire has seen a Major League or your particular looks in the locker red tag for that that's what it feels like. Feels like spring training red tag cut down Willie Mays Hayes. And it sucks because there is you know actual people and families attached to. And these these positions but people don't in the bean counters that all the plays that we know cutbacks and fires that another industry that you think sometimes little bit. Media enabled anything we can get to vote self focus but this is you know you're talking about. A major newspaper in Boston going through a fair significant change right now one of the few industries though where John and Jane public sometimes celebrated. Because you don't like the editorials wintry don't like how we car. Therefore I love the fact that they Harold is going down and of people are getting fired its standards setter it's it's that doesn't tend to happen with you know. Tim's franchise business in New Hampshire he wants me to cots. Tim Tim's deathly. Typically been involved in some sort of at some point we should ask Somalia. He knew way too much about that. I like news or anything guidelines are ready to what would you go that much about how to get around white collar crime in your column to advise us on Manning means. It's those would be what's the what what franchises. Steaks you're sold legally and perhaps a BC you could say there's the navel gazing there by the has it that way where you know we were where are our world. Is somehow the only world sometimes but I but that's what I would the broader up but in that it was worth talking about. And of interest of people slots on this ballot Harold could have. You know. Let's hope that the food names that we read could be different some of the arrogantly and MD I don't know there's a lot of people behind. Just the names that you re you know news desk copy editors desk who save our ass every single day. In one former another and there are so many times our wish today for the sake of expediency or just post a story in just boom get it out there but. That you look at it's like wow now I didn't Ambien and evolve network that would be spelled right and all you see a much copy editors in the line and in Sadie. People don't really you know look we know what happened with the gorgeous story. But The Herald desk was wonderful to work with you got to understand that most places right now. You might have won an editor. Gives something to reap a fork over other places. You're just posted that directly via and at barrels. There are multiple lies and your stories in these are people will be doing a long time and know what to look for that. Even at with a company like the Atlantic which is now expanding everywhere there's sort of the day that. He's got twenty million dollars more venture capitals look it's a subscription sports news web site are planning to come to Boston at some point. It's a tougher market to break into so I understand why yeah why they're waiting. I don't get the sense that they'd beef up their editing and that's because well how do you get the pizza that's the subscribers. You want the name writers yeah now they're great editor yeah you know why it. If you want to do it right it sounds like he does you got to London. Bottoms Port Charlotte editors. Yeah I don't know the structure no Sean McCadam wrote a fantastic story I'm Brian Johnson read them yet that was good pairing we know had depression anxiety issues that. Had not been detailed in this way and something I want to talk to about some points on the into the punch. And he just really got the full story in the recommend that Boston sports. If you're into labor law stuff on over to NBC sports often because it worked really hard. On a story about life free agency is like the way it is and how. The strongest union in sports certainly showed some crack and open interest anybody except me. But I worked really mark ups or is that Marty posted it is posting about Tony Clark how the union baseball union needs a they needed new lawyer. Legal presence they need they need simple we need somebody like the old days Marvin Miller and Don Fehr now runs it the NHL players' association. Because the the players are losing in every round of bargaining everything you see right now. Is a function of the legal firepower that the union to net Weis free agency this way. The lawyers the answer is lawyers at the end. And used to be pretty hard the other way and an app pendulum has swung dramatic tremendously. And he did they even. They never lost a a collective bargaining agreement they never even make concessions. By the but when you came away from it. Even after the strike. I mean you would look back on it and say other players too well and the money grew in the game and argue owners didn't you do well also. But the amount of money the players were making. The totality of the contracts and what became. This is of the new ten million dollar player this is the new twenty million dollar player that he thirty million dollar player became the thing. Now. I mean what if if the right guy hits the market he's still gonna get his money but JD Martina is a great example of the starting price there was what to ten. And the final price of one to. The problem is baseball's marketplace has been reduced you have teams that are tanking wire the tanking because or incentives built into the CPA. To make it worthwhile and you and to accept it if you save a ton of money and if you put in some restrictions in place. To make it less appealing to teams what they need a more teams competing when competing teams do they sign players and it's. Very basic economics up on my circle of life yet. But your point is correct the the union. Used to be eight to win every time and Andy had the same set of people negotiating for years and years and years. And it's turned it that way now you have your ex player a non trained lawyer. Leading negotiations vs. A Harvard law labor lawyer commissioner. And a Harvard law labor lawyer. Lead negotiate yet at the mismatch. That's what I'm really interested in these days folks you can tell me about your lineups. But I was really into the state of baseball. Big picture in new monster Ella is what they Kolb is speaking of the whole legal world. I don't know if you have any interest in this whatsoever. Orbit something big even grab your attention and you were kid. When this happens so as I. If you heard about the fox special that's coming up regarding OJ Simpson. Vaguely it's detailed a little bit so this is the never before seen. Video of OJ Simpson's. Era the admission the yeah the whole thing with the book if I did it. And it's a hypothetical quote unquote on Hal. Nicole Brown Simpson the ex wife OJ Simpson of course Ron Goldman heard boyfriend at the time were murdered in June of 1994. And I I don't know why he it's airing now they're probably that's been put out there there's some reason. I don't have they a good idea why after twelve years. This is now surfacing but apparently it's gonna aired this week. And he's going to talk about you get TV interview from a decade or so ago twelve years I think it's banned. About he is quote unquote confection fox is finally going to air it. Are you gonna watch that Tony has any interest to air Hernandez actually has there's a special related to that it's coming up I think on oxygen. Right after. These rising interest you know I've watched the news. Who's is 3230 right that did that the that. Series the war harder on OJ it was a yeah and then there was an FX series too with a fictionalized version with Cuba Gooding junior playing OJ edit watch it to what the third the third leg buckled to really get the 33 was excellent because I was just young enough to not. Really remembered back to remember happening the vague memory of and everybody stopping when the verdict in memory directing me out NBA finals for the bronco chase. Now now now armament would have been seven young man for. Miriam and I that I guess there's two years mailed just a little too young Bernard at that time just little too young for OJ outside of what actually happened read that the file Burt. I don't have this I'm not one of these true crime people. I don't like one of the reasons I don't think I can go back and hard news or at least happily ably capable of it as a reporter them little apple corps paper I heard apple court papers and you see that gave you any guy. But I I dreaming about it with Kirk I have such you know like to be a cop reporter to deal with. Misery basically it and the kind of things yet to deal with that you have dealt with your time. You'd reverse its specifically cops reporters quartz. Cops and courts is there one incident now it's it's just can't do it somewhere along the way it became this sensitive. It still shelled off and get a little. I I don't like deal at all. I don't like gory movies unless the kid I played a lot of violent video games Grand Theft Auto just stuff for its it. But some hours I've gotten older and wiser now I just don't have an interest in the past has more of any sports guy myself the OJ thing. I do think the fascination with him and ended 3030 steps are pretty well there is that there is a little bit of a race element there I just. I don't know what what it would take a little and there was a lot of resell intuit. Read that story especially at the time in Los Angeles. I was in July after Rodney King corrects I don't know why settled that. My point being that he just doesn't grab me and I don't know what it can get out I don't wanna watch it for the reason. That a lot of people were so fascinated to begin its its. Was people the people live through people lived through it have you mean this is the story of the nineties I get that maybe outside of sun. You know Dylan and Monica later in the decade but it's the first part of the nineties into the middle this was it in ninety for the two years later is acquitted and then. The civil trial respond liable after that Alan. Cameras are in the courtrooms he had a person running to the window to let people know. In tweeting in the quorum at the time either obviously it'll let people know what the verdict was what the images were at all that. I am when I walked I believe that there's he's wary about aspect to it. Yeah and and I think it would with the Hernandez won two and I don't know what will. I think we can learn more. Premier Hernandez situation I think everybody has a good sense of what happened. With. All aspects of bulge right yeah I mean are there any is going to be holding on to the idea that he didn't do it. And that there's somebody out there there's some fringe. Group that these. Believing of that. But the second Stanford there was a second day you believe you have you be believed that he did it. You believe that the first jury what ever you believe about the trial and you could say that you stick Gil Garcetti and and that'd that'd. Gift attorney's office opposite Los Angeles did terrible jobs and prove the case Lance Ito did terrible job the judge the jury was duped. Greek legal defense team that he had some combination of all of the above the pricing a lot of the same things about the there and in this case specially the the defense team. That last angle that I don't think it in the district attorney in Boston did anything bad person in case but it is just you'd care of course lawyers. You're the best defense money can buy and that's on both these guys had. With Hernandez fears that other element of can you get any insight into why he killed so. And that's the one who engaged in this store is sort of mysterious to people here this thing doesn't feel like new information just it feels. On TMC rate voyeuristic he's the only word yet these disc that's exactly right that that's where I'd I'd become like not a reality show. I don't enjoy you didn't see the bachelor finale this note so everybody tweeted about you watch Lucy did you what you much about her. I do not know that I mean stereotype there you're the only other person in the conversation so. 11 episode of the bat so it was not until. This was a thing though this week right where the guy a at this can't be unprecedented right where the guy picks one and inside the pick the other. I don't have happened before really what I understand it's called divorce my friends are talking about it yet I don't okay. Well that I its unique chance to latch onto my house I thank you per it's a great. I don't love I'd a dream job was good job back today that was fun real vicious cyber reality shows to game show the gap to my buddies are on that from us Syracuse a lot of these you know Rafa and adjacent or like kind of taking such joy in the misery of others but these shows come down to. This is the reason is real life this is obviously correct thing that I like those violate the the stuff that's a real I don't to reality TV cadets air quotes reality. I like for example you start watching went out and Netflix. Which is about the and it's not about the water crisis but it's happening in the backdrop of that it's more about the fact they went from. Eight police force of like 300 officers to less than a hundred. And the challenges of you know growing crime in poverty in the city is that he's trying to get a hold it to ten part three part documentary that it's totally different but I feel like yeah exactly this is not reality TV. They're pretty and as thing as much as it is the OJ it's pure borders. Which crosses over into my objection to. That feels more like reality T. I don't yes I'll still that's no I don't I don't know that's an offer you about why the the enjoyment of the suffering of others which is what comes down to it's a small way. I don't particularly like. That's the news now. I mean so much of it is that's the news you know you're in the news when you change when you or port happy and felt a puppies and trees. I wrote two stories today on a father one involved misery. So Cameron what they wore them so long ago. Hours ago until remember what you wrote one of them is about the number of long going ongoing Wilbur class action suit for the drivers say they should be. Classified is not independent contractors they can make tips. So that span listening right now I'm not sure exactly. The other one was actually it was more fun it was a company in Massachusetts that apparently was. Selling these medical devices and it would take these doctors had dinner and get a malt liquor out. So then they can sell there Smart in get him on their securities fraud. Actually not that securities fraud itself false claims act but one of them if they these these fake names make it seem like they're more people at dinner. So one of the fake names like Mikey anesthesia. The medical products. However it's if that's what you thought their first show be like this bluesy I'm listening through the plot point which is flat she's behind the last knowing you were talking are we get a half hour ago we got more coming up lying in drone exports radiant WB yeah. Recapping that day in sports with Mike Mudd nasty it's muddy ignite our Sports Radio tell. We yeah. Bet that the eating grin Mukasey entire time what are you laughing at them. We've got an American girl it was at you don't see nothing. Your Porsche has gone back to review international women's day Lucy Burge is celebrating by producing her first ever show solo. That's right solo so yes in unison on iris. I was very nervous for his that you guys are being very nice knee is very easy did you think we're gonna ask you formula drops. I was hoping maybe. I would be what it should has told us. It's it's it's been it's been great we asked for one thing actually was the breaking news I don't wanna guy that's finally I mean I did. Yes that his life that's mr. OK let's pretty it's when's your next solo was shipped after this next theirs. Who. Next there's Inman and I will be here for that. We'll understand so I don't know you did on the air before. You also rightly puts what what do you. You want to be producing what you wanna be doing. Well I want to rights. But I also like producing so now here and doing at all weird dude being the techsters rank. Of textures techsters now number one and definitely. You prefer producing to being out here. I mean I liking honey but I am also pretty things over at me. Whatever the team. People who can't be on their plate yeah it's like hearts really you know he's thrilled to have utility player fish like the broccoli and other WV and Ollie fifties really. That's what I taker work. I don't but that how he can shift that they have to keep please the company pleased the bosses. And that you know that's the right thing to do. We want our athletes to say the right thing we don't want. Honestly we don't want the truth in these big issue when Richard Sherman with her response does that it would have been well what does that mean to be Richard sure to be honest taking the best personally you Trier the star producer like any Masso again you know be sorry some like that. Where'd Matty go. You know that you wanna be a distraction. Which is. The burgers it's a promise prequel or. Yes apparently. Was what I was up and yeah so what what's this going to be about it both then. So apparently it's going to be. His childhood and has parents will be and it and it's obviously not dean's you know Fini. But it's going to be Tony as a child I think. Okay so set some decades back and then how we became eventually a monster. Doing so Israel is gonna play Tony. Idea now probably can't raise. The HI builders like taking risks thank you over there it's a good question what now farther down. It is only a one off movie credits I wanted to do and a new series where he can grow during its week order and movie guest spending on how big of a stand there covering here certainly air of the Newark riots in the sixties a cat cornered deadline letdown hit. On knows that David cases involved and if he isn't all that I'm a fair enough. There the original. Here's my connection to the super. OK give a soprano. Cash agent. A did you watch the show yes. The it would. Hash the the guy who owns the horses with the music industry guy Red Hat trick in on the show. Kevin recurring character when when the show was originally created. I I've David Chase for the which is tyra show. He is IQ what's crucial about him and the guy that he was based on. Was technically my great uncle he married. My my my grade on merit and without blood relation or hash wrapped in his you're Graham yes I never met him he was a monster who got sued by John Lannan. Music mogul. I think my mother in my direction lived with him briefly at one point. Had a poor horse farm in upstate New York. A cyclist gets an okay. Horse farm and two hours you own horses yes I have a horse than that many dollars. Embassy shut me down which we have horses came out for some reason on Mikey show once and I mention that I own a horse initiative. Where the GO two horses I didn't expect to be one up to my worst word you were to keep the course. I backyard. We have a barn and two styles of two is about a half an acre property. Yes a cactus. If you rob do me a duplex actually I Easter. No no longer no longer now a start off a horse won the attorney for them if you haven't you literally have not been able to get back and say you know it's saving get a drop of course. Don that's what I did and I crisis angry about it. And that doesn't sound right. Everybody why would you grow out if you are you fearful now to divorced none at all but I just kind of get into other things and and stopped writing of course is we have now we can't write a tool. Like writing and producing shouldn't other things. That are the deeper story here. Affiliate of the areas are to be really you know Lucy finally getting back on the on the on the horse would be a knife. Part of that girl I heard mirrored that pretty good for the WEEI Easter Graham. Account can story of this mean there isn't any significant I think they're trying to get it going right archer in charge of ballistic I am. Unofficially trying to start to get behind the scenes footage in and things on the instant Anthony get. More. And Lincecum now did you post a picture view producing the first and so I did not and I can't. He can't picture myself that's enough to each of matching that picture of you produce that is something at all yet. It really. Adding quite like myself from this angle over the microphones a nose and letting the very get in here and now. Well Chris Curtis and shortly for you look like glowing feature bunkers and and layer right does that mean I I also because I was thinking about. Every so that was something else might play with that was that if someone else had done it. They would have been kill them that the morning show guys would have been like on such a puff piece I thought either a fine job with it. But they would have been unhappy. With another outlet doing. They get all in a Tizzy. When Chad instance anything nice about anybody. And they too were drawing a delineation well she works the station again. That was one of second time I the first time something barrier is a throw line yet about operated by. Isn't about me I'm not easily finance bothered I don't get irritated by much. Of its excellent protection says his sister is 23 horses 23 apparently I don't. I find that hard to believe. I IE add a nice one horse tale. And Lucy trumped me with a two horse tale wanted to shut up for the rest of the night that was pretty much that I've I've never really I thought the kid like last time on horseback riding was January in Jamaica. Growth track. Sergio I've never done sir it's a much had never been prouder of me when I told the Saratoga to label on my children yet that he does not yet heard about the drop. Cool. I like model we'll soon I like east that's harsh like you wouldn't would know what's. But they've its territory yet nation rhythm he's been out of the paddock and believe they collar and you see the horses and as usually somebody glee. Akin to mutt who'll say you see the way he's holding his. Hind quarters there clearly he's gonna lose here on they'd pick their horse. Beanie go get your bet neither Richard Gere eagle watch the race whole process takes half hour by the time to get back the top of the batting forty ready for another beer it's perfect. Is this initiative yes absolutely is very cruelty amble. Off of the horses that. Was. It's fine they've they like their competition. As I'm told I told you that I've asked about that imbalance in how they don't really encompass those are I mean yeah every now and then obviously if one of them breaks a leg or something they've got to do you have an eyes on the track so. Easy don't shoot them put that coach that would be dramatic. Click the incident Libya back in the day it's a little bit more who was there there is a Philly this is some years ago in the Kentucky Derby and was. Around one of the Triple Crown races that she'd be put down the track that was that can happen. But for the most part they seem to live good lives on the run fast. Matters yeah it is cumulative usually do in life you should do serotonin you have. I think you'd heard and dozens of good things handful of buddies the other at any time on a concert weekend indoors back. And those the performing arts center it's their version of great woods or Tweeter center where small dog racing. No green ever seen diners at a great upsets of the used to do that here. Which when you figure wooden. At its and on my god placed a Revere blanking on now. It's silly it it's that is illegal some places yes. These are all of a boxing horse racing things are all gone by the way such at least recover like to be part of this job Iran Borges writes great boxing writer. Up fifty years ago I yield three your three big sports were baseball boxing and torturous right the mean did in goal MacKey today at 67 he's before that. As it taken out and you're the heavyweight champion of the world. And it shot at the Triple Crown or word Mickey Mantle. You're the big star Democrat does it matter now we know that solo wins above replacement of the other triple RBIs. That took the RBIs. They still matter horse racing Patrick Gilroy is in the house we'll find out what he's got on tap for you for late night coming up next he's too much at night on Sports Radio. Yeah. Don't actually music very child that right there on the dude it's. Here is gone circa 2002 herself. Three illegal programs you have. That's accuses the although losing biggest hit it probably slide right. Yeah lower around iris. The gimbal that was in their song name in the name names. Yet the descending on my. That's there now I have a client of wow and that was our Ben pounced on like that by three think you know it's a good intents. Audio response about snort drugs. For the map yes. They're on high and there's a line and it. Say it's very overt. All the song black balloon to that's about arrow we should note that the voice people are here right now is that we have a new third AF Patrick doors yes I'm here. Are on tap from went to went out ten to two. When it but the really talented people. Well yeah the only candidate on us right now you've got the two of us doctoring a Bruins get the Bruins are playing. The Celtics are playing you at least get after the game. Were people watch the game one talk about the game and all you would talk about the games they just saw that it's selling games that is there but the games are even on -- basket ball we'd Evan had a bad on Miami UNC so we had watched that we've also got showtime at the Apollo. On under shock the wanna watch yet the debut of a Derrick Rose would be Campbell's that's. You know it's hard to believe. Aren't going well from what I saw Celtics are about when he knows that's emerald cut that lead. Tremendously in it we were talking earlier time about hash racquet so you little little twelve to run to start the third and direct and so we are coming up first we're gonna talk about this whole Kevin Garnet Anderson Al Horford mistake that I made it and I. I went on the air and I compared their stats and their stats are very similar then kgo sell the fuel uniform vs Al Horford. What it isn't all that alcohol for the looking beyond the number yeah everything I've heard that yes but the whole party argument that got lost because the crafty editing of our producers here is something else. Was the hold this the whole point about. Beyond the numbers right and how Kevin Garnett when he was a fourteen and seven guy at fifteen and eight guy here in Boston he never got killed for that because of everything that he did. Beyond the numbers the differences he was very demonstrative in the way that he did it. So people noticed it it his energy was infectious and everything else that came along with the Kevin Garnett packaged and where Al Horford does a lot of the same things. They Kevin Garnett did that you don't see. It in the numbers right so what he does it make a big statements are demonstrably squeeze the quiet unassuming leader guys on a charge at the point. Clear here is an obvious his new wants to this we you're saying is Al Horford is a better player can get. Yet exactly what I guess the so bottom up in kilometers every and the numbers saying that is tired that's exactly milieu and early show that up for the last 48 hours. Because BI and listening to the station you do but they you know they usually you're. In all we know the average helping him lose and how loud and Angela Simmons went out and about that right. Bill says. Four letter words but c'mon now screwed ESPN I'm scared yeah screw him he's happened where whatever he's doing that don't thing. If you try to you do something for awhile. And after sports talk radio here and look their time to go after it. Is he trying to establish is all relevant to LA with a healthy now in the basketball guy that's on Monday that that fine. But it will be searched chime in and I just. I can't piety and it's not authentic anymore you're here this Hollywood. Nothing now what will look at its. Most of the podcast. And it's the other way used you know I greatly when it was east immigrant and an idol I listen all the time and I can't remember the lie down you'll never be as pleased it was that was. Q what was pissing me off his game apropos to nothing that we just said but I wanted to just get off my chest for united and open. Of all the pet peeves I have unlikely in real life belts and it's got to be it right after Bill Simmons the in built and it probably does this the people who don't. Clear the snow off the recent cars. I clear my office I despise those people if you are so lazy that she can not be bothered. To clean the snow stayed home to Steve if you got lazy to stay home stay near your house don't shall we yourself bout wheat this economic. He's he depending on the type of snow can be very hazardous depending on the type of if it's just powder it's a small dusting like angry words just you know. Kind of flying off the little little sprinkles of fairy dust likely David Price is unique elbow he will national snowflake some of the line and the snow that's one thing. But when they're huge clumps of snow that are falling out the back your car pull over. Queen the car off or just go back home and stayed here until it is do you have any grievance usually I just had to get up I just. Body will air your grievances tonight I'm mainly gonna bitch in the first hour about what I went through and sore and hurting at eighteen into the snow we of trees down to Europe no electricity it is a war zone in my neighborhood and yet here I am. A minute entertainment it's an eyesore was also lowers a week we have yet huge the biggest trees you can ever imagine they're down power lines are down it's disgusting the awful in my neighborhood right now. You can't you can barely get out. Arts that but you made it here I did make it here and a dedicated employees traction you're bringing forth in the next. Garnett and your retracting nope not rejecting an on going to further X reported double down science. Because again I think I and Al Horford being better than Kevin Garnett and make any better than Kevin Garnett if I had to start a team tomorrow. I would start an outlet including IDA Garnett or anybody in the NBA before LeBron before Kevin Doran Al Horford okay Al Horford. And then there's our guns that number OBI and the raptors Sunday and don't number Al Horford and he's going to be treated next year for quite late. He's a Celtics. Blogging and media sphere getting too much crap for for for being too soft on corporate. No because the people that paid attention when the Celtics signed Horford. Had watched corporate for years in in in Atlanta uniform we knew exactly what the Celtics forgetting he has been wildly disappointing for the hawks for years as well he's been incapacitated and hawks as well like I. I don't know exactly what about the best defense is not a surprise people around your acting like you're surprised because Al Horford got paid. A 113 million dollars there offended that he's not a one in ten guy but this is exactly who we always dead so I'm OK with it. I think Lucie is planning how did you notice that these programs for. Due to do is and is also a third outlined. At this this is company. Let me nice kid. The seabirds fantastic job here millennial tension. An upper echelons in the months. That's to an ideal guy in the room by far. Patrick Gilroy is coming your way next Lucy birds fantastic job at the marine or well not exactly sure you did for Rachel madcow crystal lining have a great night everybody see it. It's as soon as that.