Mut at Night - A possible Brady, Belichick rift wouldn't be that surprising; Phil Mickelson outrage 6-18-18

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Monday, June 18th
HOUR 4 - When you have two guys working together in a high pressure environment for almost two decades, would a little love loss be that shocking? Also, why is everyone in the golf world going after Phil Mickelson for doing something every golfer has done at least once?

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Chris how would you describe your style of leadership paternity very positive earlier shattered I can be yeah. Some guys don't like the video that some guys like to be tormented him away explain that curse me out let me run I think he's got to find the right mix and yell at this is something going on with intelligence analysts now I mean I'm an online. I mean. I love I'm and I loved him my child were complicated like everything we don't agree actually everything you know that's relationships and it's relationships. And more football postings now. Here's mine. Talk Sports Radio junkie who. Throughout Bradford. Hang out for a couple hours Crist flying that you've been. Tiger a lot of what Colin stuff over the past couple hours and the guys morning will be getting to that again tomorrow. And I eight. Strongly and in fervently urge all of you to continue with the episode plot summaries for Colin. I usually it's some of the ones you words we heard feel free to send them to. If you want actress flying 44. Just for my own entertainment because some of these are hilarious absolutely Larry so. I great job and all that and again they all have the full. Field report first of all from erstwhile gun issue Chris Curtis slash producers slashed executive producers slash Ryan gardens boss. Because he was out hitting every bodega he could find a maverick square which in an am idiom I suppose but he was out they're doing that. And they'll have about all that also be errors that we talked about last hour yet or report. About errors in fact. That were made by a reporter columnist. And in that report there was a fairly significant error of fact. Contained so. To step piling on one step to the net that to the next and when it comes to this Nass. One of the other things that we talked about earlier was Tom Brady in his interview with oh this was done. Sitting out in the middle of the woods somewhere on a pair of wicker chairs that appeared to be for him I Kia. So Brady and Oprah were talking and among the big takeaways I guess and and I say that very much. Politically and in with air quotes was this when he was asked about the I think the head coach of the patriots. As or something but only until a check. No I mean I love I'm and I love him alone you know I love that he's incredible. You know coach mentor for me. And he's pushing a lot of ways. Hand like everything we don't agree are absolutely everything you know that's sort relationships. That's relationship yeah. Aren't I learned a few things from that number one Oprah has a tendency to repeat whatever was just said to her. That's relationships. Acts relationships. The gears I guess to a couple lazy to look into the united take the comments at face value. I know when my greased weeded out you just look at the transcript of what he said it comes across pretty clearly loves his coach. As a lot of respect for his coach there are things that and agree on but as Oprah put it so eloquently seconds after Tom Brady did. That's relationship that's what relationships. That's relationship yeah. He actually got him does that get Oprah's he actually got him to agree with her agreeing with him. I need to know if he knew that is that like the opposite and a double negative tactics triple positive no. It was that that's that's just how good operation game I needed to agreed and it. I'm more inclined to take it at face value now there are others that are that are picking apart the beginning part there and play just the beginning of that Ryan. Well yes it is something going on within Belichick. No I mean I love I'm and I love him well you know I get this. Is that much of it. The hesitation. I mean. Any campy equestrian date he didn't know was coming that some version was coming of course figured asked about. The relationship between our quarterback and coach. I really do think that. We are at this point looking forward. Layers in and and com complexities that just aren't there when it comes to the Brady Belichick relationship. You've got. Two guys. That are hurt. Arguably or in arguably depending on Diaz against the best at their respective jobs and they have been together. In a position. Longer. Then. Anybody else. That is the air. I can patriot or anybody else in the same time frame quarterback coach has not come anywhere near approaching the amount of time they've been together. It is then. Not exactly an uneventful Ron from success on the field turmoil off the field. Personnel decisions crushing Super Bowl losses none more so than ten years ago against the giants and they lost out on the opportunity go nineteen and now. The the rise in and and the continued success of this patriots team has been turbulent times. And when you happy relationship that lasts that long that lasts longer than frankly relationships are supposed to last in this particular sport. You're going to have conflict you're going to have times or you don't agree. You're gonna handle and respond to that conflict. Differently. Depending upon what stage of the career you're in now Brady finds himself 41 years world. No heir apparent. Essentially untouchable. Still. Extensively at the top of his game. Or for 500 yards and Super Bowl won the freaking MVP last year. And he's in a position to comfort. And he's speaking out. OLD. Like a guy who is in a position of comfort he's at least going outside of the typical patriots mold that you've seen. Why does any and it's all worth noting but does any of that mean. That there is any relationship. I error erred in there there's a aid rip in the relationship that's irreparable harm. Well I mean I love arm and I love him. I really do think these guys and I don't think it's just talked I think these guys do love each other I think they do respect each other. Later time they don't like each. I think there there's really nothing that added as far as sports but you can't air anything like this. I mean I'd just look right now Phil Jackson's over for the lakers in 2001 yeah so you have. One of the greatest coaches of all time paired up with one of the greatest players of all time of two very different kinds of egos to the best players all time. If with Shaq is out. My point is they're only together for maybe ten or eleven years and in things ended in and a very sour fashion. It's there's no comparison to what bill ballot check in and armory have been collective in the last eighteen years I mean especially in football. Eddie that it just doesn't happen in football as does I forget the longevity of of a player for any EU he'll have a coach. Who can be successful you'll have a player who can be successfully got to have both of them at the same time. Any time if I agree anytime that happens. You're going to have. Some bumps you're going to happen not to mention the fact their base who playing an act. Extra seasons worth of football every three to four years because they're always in the playoffs every four years you've got an extra month together you get an egg. And in these types of things when I say they love each other but they don't like each other that's a familial relationship and you think about your own family. There are a lot of times where you don't like each other. For what ever happens to be popping up your own family drama. You love and respect each other the end of the day because there's that bond between you and I really do believe that still exist for these guys now. The other big question bombshell I guess I really think there was anything that was particularly new or noteworthy news interviewed to be totally honest with you but. The other thing that some people took isn't a bit of a bombshell or noteworthy. Was Brady being asked the question that has been the top of mind for patriots fans down for at least the last years sell life after football. Have you thought about what happens after football. For you. I think about it more now than I would you know I used to yeah I think I think they're armed seeing. But there's definitely and coming. Sooner rather than later when what is that in look like he's at forty. Three's and 45 yeah it sounds and still love an illusion loving it you're gonna do it yes focus on some unloved in the training and preparation one and make that the commitment. But it's also on. I think what I'd alluded to a lot and and you know in the dark you series was there's other things happen in my life to. You know I do have kids that I love. And I don't wanna be the dad that's not fair. Very much is that via their games and you know I think kids you know my kids are brought agree perspective my life you know because kids just want the attention. You better be there and be available to them yeah Europe's they're gonna look back on her life and go hey dad didn't really care. Brady talking about his kids Brady. Being reflected. And it was Doug Glanville a strategy to the guy's name. Yesterday retired about that that I was tight match at baseball player wrote a book that the upshot of it was. Athletes are people too. And there was some of it they came across a little bit town that the heritage the making millions of dollars but there were parts of it they came across as. Okay. I see what you mean. Just because you have a lot of zeros in your paycheck you do something a lot of people care about you make a whole lot of money to do which. Doesn't mean that you stopped having the same types of human emotions and reflections and thought process is that the rest of the sap. Rating now at 41 years old. Two decades almost two decades in the NFL. I having achieved the absolute pinnacle of success. This time we you kind of step back and take stock knowing that he doesn't have many years lack however you want a slice of whether it's 124 work. There's a lot more of his career that is in the rear view mirror then what's in front of him right now but he understands that so do you think that there's. Any connection to. The rest of what's been happening everything that's been reported on. Over you know is basically since weeks six weeks at the end of any issues Ers this is really a guy who is comfortable now in realizes hey. I'd been missing out on the scale and realize what I was missing out until he you know even says later running as well I would I would change anything about. My to placate suspension. Because he got Q. You was honeymoon he got to be there with his kids and I am normally hasn't and so is it more of I'm very comfortable being in the guy now or. I'm ready to call this career and and yet there there might be some issues lingering and I'm not happy that at Foxboro. My opinion and and I don't know whether I guess is to ease people's how many years the Brady has left I act to pick a number gone ahead and saying to. But when he is out of the game is going to be because of what Ryan mr. sang it's going to be because. He's just done. He's accomplished everything these days they can possibly accomplish. He's won five Super Bowl he's got a reserve form a kitten all of that stuff is is written it's done it to foregone conclusion. Any has other things. It's family it's TB twelve it's just when you travel the world and have fun and do that. With the Stanley with his friends he has other things business ventures personal ventures that mean a lot to him that to me will be what drives Tom Brady from the game. Barring. A huge drop off in scale. Which I just can't invasion right now maybe it'll happen I can't picture because it's tight it's so damn good including last season. But unless that happens. What drives him from the game will be that. It'll be at some point. Guys just Wear out at some point every athlete realizes you know what I've just played my last game and I don't believe. It's going to be. The coach or via I don't believe it's going to be. I just can't take this guy anymore. And it's a rift between the greatest coach of all time of the greatest quarterback of all time I don't think that's what it I don't see. And and I'm taking Brady his word you're taking it somewhat based value and understanding. What we all do together is a rift that the relationship isn't quite what it was. Five years ago that the relationship baby is it what was a year ago. I still think this guy wants to compete wants to wind you hear the difference in the when he says what he's what's going to drive him from the gains and when it's not. When it's not on any more regarding joint competing anymore. When when he's just done just mentally done as opposed to it was going to be when he socked right that was the only thing we can take him out of the game. Ten years ago he was talking about this Waltz a lot easier to make that kind of statement when your further away from the and then he is now that there's definitely and coming. Sooner rather than later. And at the end of the day I really think that outside of LeBron. And he just sort of focusing on the new England sports bubble here. We scrutinize. Every thing this guy says and as I understand why he's the iconic sports argue right now. He is. He he he is tied. And certainly to the patriots success when he goes unless somebody steps in until that boy quarterback. Then there's going to be a substantial. Institutional void to fill in a bed pretty big step back even if Bill Belichick still as the coach that point. They're in for dropping Brady's gotta be worth to me at least 45 wins a year. Thirtieth for big drop op on Sunday at sees the fight so I get why we care so much when we break down and analyze and over analyze. Everything this guy says he does. But at the end I still feel like he's just a professional athlete it's played longer with the same coach than anybody realistically should. And played in a league high level longer than anybody realistically should end. At some point you're just dumb would. And monthly I'd like LeBron. It's ends on Nancy this is a bad Tom Brady is more than willing willing to put himself out there. On a pedestal he is going to do that Tony Robbins. Seminars he's gonna sit down with Oprah that he beats trying to sell books. He's going to put himself out there appear lately on the how could I guess he's gonna put it out there to be scrutinized. The question I have is shocked that this is. Happening as fast as it feels like it's happening. It fast. See I was really. Feel confident that Eddie you want in BP write a 505 noticeable great turns the 41 years old but he never. He never looked like a guy that was playing like 41 year old guy he say what it's good tennis so it looks and I thought at the top of the game is pages done but. It doesn't meet at my quarters million dollar decode take it slammed the door and his face and everything else it's just. I'm gonna move on other stuff to wolf for a lot of guys they always say you know. It's half it's it's physically I want it immensely wanted to go on the physically my body won't let me wears out and got Paul Pierce who just walk up once are like man I don't feel like that edges and anymore it in for a long time I got Uri was the former world would either for that physically his body would be tray and he wouldn't doubt it seems like. Episode six of commerce this time you know you gotta have conviction to answer these questions and I don't know if I'm feeling conviction needle whoa whoa wait a minute what happened 45 a month or until it's. You think we're watching Tom Brady's midlife crisis play out before us instead of by a sports car he's getting nutrition company I Egypt Fraser like I think the guy who's very comfortable with where his wife is which is why I I. In the door going. How does he get that they're saying that all I I don't like what people say and the greatest of all right and that I there's still more that I got to do like one. That's that light that passes that's all humility that that's fake humility at archaeologist and that IE I agree with the he's comfortable where he is right now. I Tiki understands the end is close I think there's a lot of reasons for it. Where I draw the line is and I believe that there at the the relationship is constrained somewhat between. I he and Belichick. I don't think dollar check is driving him out. IIA I don't automatically white both of these guys understand. What the other has meant to his legacy and what the this combination is meant. For the year place in the the he had the on of what they do Waltz in and each one would be foolish to try to discredit the other one as far as what it meant of course to the career days near their success is linked for ever. It gives it feels like this is all kind of like Bradford and mini. I'm proud of course I mean he's under go what he said gave me and is on the Bradford radiant tree yes and in my client. And every one. Mark Tony yes saltwater down. Collie now on our colleague Kelly Collins entry. In his own tree were one. It won't he needs playing time to water those trees and write all of man 61777979837. Georgia Medford I had. Is that they yeah okay I didn't hear the main arm. I wanna save you give me like a minute and a half commute. Comment and all this it's it's it's kind of weird that. Everyone's talking about resolving you know kind of content to Brady to retire and everything. And he's not saying my what should retire my wife should be doing for the ocean and some might like should be home with the kids Ian. Crandall it to know you Marriott called the men and the women pennies into law animal geek com home tonight I wanna double sums gave them scheme. Why isn't Brady actually saying all you want me to retire the wool bowl retire and will stop doing everything we have to do all the companies all the for the ocean everything one. Why does he have to retire or not her. Is is too is Els job taking her away at the same amount of time the Brady's is and it seems like she she lives in a world where she controls her schedule 100%. She does the photo she when she wants to and doesn't when she wants to I mean that's that's the nature aren't out of that you're making an apples to apples comparison. I. I don't believe that because I'm in the city of flight. You know Sports Illustrated calls and says we don't want a full motion this month in Jamaica. She needs to be there she doesn't she Chia would be easier if she's under contract or whatever but. Why it is why is it always him having to retire or not hurt and again in the comparison the police and firemen. She married him knowing that he wanted to play. Those thirty you've got his elves up waterway here George that's your opinion all you're all you're you you've got a pretty good line here on Brady's marriage and you feel Gisele is not fallen our way. But you know why you're saying as George you know liars are is George. You're saying there is not because of any thing about Gisele p.s you don't care. Whether Gisele is working or not you do care whether Brady's working and that's where is coming for a. And and I also feel as again like if you man. Pages outright and forget about that that example that that's a ridiculous example beat you you keep talking about Gisele. Because she can give up her career because her career doesn't impact George from Medford happiness. Right. Actual we've got an. Honest. Honest about it and it doesn't impact me repeat that street didn't go somewhere else that's not gonna impact the trees if you leave and he goes someone. Brady's job here. IE I hear more organized but I think if people want to give up everything and they should yeah yeah others. Officials and yeah. I think they should make that decision without Jordan is that more obvious point. One job. I what are the prerequisites is there's a chance you're getting your ears rang pulverized in the other way and eat you walk out walk in and you'll nice and you travel the world. Which one has more of an inherent risk bulk of them on is this really a point. Results got to give it up both of them have. I guess he gets a shelf life. Says some degree right although let me be a model later and later in life and yet she she still bring it I mean there's still. Nothing wrong with anything it's happening sure I I don't I don't qualities yeah I don't I don't know what the additional what is for a model I think she's she's not much older than me she's 37. And she still looks great and chances are she obviously he's burger error herself. As a pop shall we go for a long time if she wants you I just think that's delegates and shortsighted to go why doesn't his argument. Fleischer sacked Q. I can understand her like rock. I wanna have my husband being that he said it himself a what ever serve walked the beach I don't wanna be pushed around in the wheelchair dad coming I spent one year to one point licked his size and influence here as any white as influence with their husband and as any husband has influenced the wife and I don't discount that whatsoever. But it also feels like this is what Brady wants. Right and it feels like it's what he wants and does it feel like she's in. More than willing to let a lot of this stuff army should that weird moment throw bureau's effort he has brought passion thing yet but other than that I don't feel like we're constantly hearing from Giselle about how. In football as dangerous in net then he needs to retire and stay home I feel like she's and more than giving an apartment yet and I think the first point those days the best 11 job between those two. Makes a potentially less likely to recognize your kids in fifteen years yet it in just knowing what I know about Tom Brady told Lee seems like the guy who's gonna tell the little misses did stay home and you know prepare hot meal as yet cold meal for wanting it's ridiculous files like that Neil does any tomatoes and I'll be fine but it would would have wished George just be honest and say yeah I really don't give a rat's ass whether Gisele models again but I like the patriots they're better with Brady so I want him to stay right says. Yeah at least is his man up and be honest about that at all. All right we got actually a couple days ago normally hear the curtain counter and counter clock playing here but. Then Alec come anyway at the top the hour Blondie with excellence portrait UWB yeah. That's a more much at night on Sports Radio WEEI. That that's stunning the last time myself something like that was it John Daly in 99 open that's basically his way home. Saying yeah that's that was. Got to color this is a guy that just snapped. I was on the B audio from box and the broadcast the US open. I try to bring this up yesterday and Bradford made. Pretty clear that he had no interest in discussing anything having do with golf so he's gone and I knoller apples and amid talk about it now a year at the listened to him yesterday didn't but it wasn't we're. So Phil Mickelson and I'm sure most of seen it by now he was having a time of it on the greens check docket US open. And after sending wine is spreading pretty quickly past the hole. He ran after the ball and re directed it as it was still moving towards the hole. He tried to played op as strategy. In other words it was going to roll all the way down to probably off the green and back down into the fairway so instead of having that happen. His strategy was to redirect the ball towards the hole take the two shot penalty and still be in better shape. Van if the ball went all the way down any active re hit the same shot the dirty hit put himself above the hole to begin. There is. Really some conflict conflicting thoughts to all of that begins he also was caught. On one of the microphones for fox sorted. Seeming to not exactly and a handle on what the penalty was talking to a rules official right then and there are cell. That sort of blows a bit of a hole into the side of that theory they'd it was all you exactly what he's doing the whole times strategy. That's that. There's been a colossal. Overreaction. To this from the company. Sickening at times golf world I love golf while playing golf. I AM actually playing one of the course over the country club next month very excited about the first time over the. So now I'm not being a call I guess you call me anti golf. Yeah why is so much attention being paid to I obviously Phil Mickelson is is a chronic offer why so much attention. Team paid to a guy who probably. Didn't have a shot of winning a unit you must have an end in the first play you could take probably out of that he had no shot let's elect so why he did something that I've seen by. He has children doing a mini golf course if I can. Because it was an affront to all people. All humans year Phil Mickelson you. The yes you to act act dear Phil Mickelson have lost all respect for me should be. Phil Mickelson. Or they can consult this is bankrolling golf they consults this rule that choose to frame it one way or another they'll Nicholson cheated today. Each she take off your meant to be disqualified some would say you're meant to be banned he won't. But he be wise to withdraw Scion rob Bradford golf is a sort of similar to baseball and steroids in this regard that they. Will react and overreact to a comical degree. And yet he cheated he deserved to be penalized two shots is more than sufficient Brad loved about it is I can relate to I've been here. I have been at the point where I'm just so tired of this green. And I would Donald the different Mickelson instead of running up the ball and sort of tapping back towards the hole I was smashed god damn thing right off the green back into the route. And then picked it up but. He can't do that I guess in a professional tournament yet to keep some semblance of the quorum if that's even possible doing that with what he did. It was. He moment where he probably lost his mind I don't believe the argument that this was all strategy I think he was just. Incredibly frustrated it turns out that Phil Mickelson is human a guy that's one. Multiple masters multiple major championships maybe the second best golfer of his generation of his era. It turns out he's human and that's okay. The golf world can accept that and understand that he should face some sort of sanctions and sort of penalty two shots. And not making it into something that's going to impact. Nicholson's legacy or this horrible thing that children had to witness. That was the shark. It was funny jarring. It was funny noticed jarring is what emcee I'm on at an intersection the stop. They are reiterated that don't get behind me the guys all added chart actually happened on. Toll would carry on that. That is on jar that that was a head scratch your shore but again I feel like they're being too much time invested in guy. That. I obviously was not gonna win in the first place in in never had a chance. Yeah I can only gives her himself so to me that says as somebody who is golf and that the rest of the US open. Was that on watchable is that point here it is in pretty all the attention is being focused line. Phil Mickelson and it was pretty bad mean Burks captain is and exactly. Eight personality that you won a glom on to in terms of now rising golf stars he has won this turn it back to back years archives announcing he's not he's no John Daly now. Gaining in India and what golf these personality in this is the kind of thing is again the again on baseball for all of baseball to. By their can be in he's working group leaders and it's much worse ago. But is in group a leader used fuel to date comes out when something like this happens. You can laugh at this it's OK to laugh and it's OK to say that yes he cheated and it's a penalty should be penalized for it he was. And still get a chalk a lot of it because you can relate as a weekend hack is probably done it before where you're getting all those old act and from from he has all. Journalists and everything so why does every. Golf featuring nude people that pain in go to this or what they'll remind me of bills mafia. Every time they got to play. Yeah out of 641 yard par sort of sit in in in wet ourselves over Phil Mickelson woods on the dom and every one of them is probably done something worse now golf every guy is is loaded off of IPA's in the vineyard ninths. You mean after every every time they hit the ball don't forget their salmon colored shorts that there inevitably where it's my favor one by the way this is for my home of the New York Post he covers the Mets. At the US open today Phil Mickelson did something the Mets can't hit a moving ball. See it's funny. You can have a little pond you can have you have some fun or wrap things up on the ice. I handed out to Ben Allen next. That's a more much at night on Sports Radio WEP guys. He's got late night of the till 1 o'clock Brian Garvin fantastic job as always thanks rich keep rob Bradford. And special thoughts to his Ed air in him yes. Yet it's eighties he had Vick this this weekend I can't believe I'm saying that if Michael Vick and it really couldn't care less what happens to him let. There's just something about that dynamic that leaves me decidedly annie's thoughts on that he's hurt people like it. Now what what to go there can hammer Michael lynch. Yes. Pretty reading about something involving you do much yet the desert. At some point I look forward to hearing and I'd probably one actually hear it talk to listen after. But Sunday morning TV actually calls in with Big Ten AM as he prompt a color me excited I can't wait for at that you guys can handle all that all right Mallard comes your way next on crystal Lonnie have a great night everybody see if.