Mut at Night - Red Sox are basically good at everything right now; Bradfo thinks we're sleeping on J.D. Martinez' great start 4-19-18

Mut at Night
Thursday, April 19th
HOUR 3 - The Red Sox are the hottest team in baseball and it's not even close. Villani and Bradfo discuss the dominance the Sox have shown in the early parts of the season. 

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Have you seen from the books that strengthens your pick prod nothing tears you cannot strong start the series moved erosion. Movies but I know we're go to go ability yeah I mean the guy that's out born viewing your backcourt mate won five to 96. For goodness they're in better know that rob Bradford Chris do you feel like the team is really even started hitting yet we get in there are. It's landlords and it's. Grand Slam ball movement were slow. Jay-Z Bart. Yeah about to get him better in a word magical now. Here's much at night on Sports Radio W. No not flying red bullet unites for charity at WEI take your thoughts 6177797937. Guy Twitter Michael very Smart person. Agrees with me that media driven narrative. Come on you know Michael for patriots fans might use race got a brain there Jimmy you rate I don't patriots fans definitely feel this is mediator. Now that I will now rival best. I doubt that Germany are not like there's nothing to see here is there something to see these out as much to see is what the media is portray. That's how it. With fine you can there's something this as a guy your that I like before you are like one giant Phineas T Barnum. Who you're you're enhancing it exaggerating your freak show for the benefits. The EU. The gate. They are liberalized and I guess you could tell I decide British army areas yes I used both by you do dancing stressed and your right I did have a different different dance. To a column that the economy turn talent that multiple writers that I mean who. Are very well sourced very well. Inside what's going on again I think car and when he's reading about the and this goes back to winning the it would it is. Board the Indies new year because of course it is looking at a full picture yes yes I'll. Well I don't I talked about it with Tom on these are where is that right that Seacrest I. Anyway I know for a fact there was also largely apart how largely in part that was part of it yet on the about about the dysfunction or the did. The fought dysfunction compared to Howell was also always constantly looked though it when he nineteen is the year where this thing comes to an end anyway he tell me it's over in two years I think probably I'd buy that that's on the right part of have been a big part of the conversation. Starting where you wanna start with Nazis were there sham peace or whatever. The big part of the conversation was people telling him how things were different. Last year and continue to be different and they've only I think it magnified Iverson's the mountain Butler thing. So. That is. Part of this conversation part of the conversation we the people like army current has been also saying along with a what you're talking about about becoming too and and pretty soon here so when the patriots a thirteen three this year. Would ads it's again it's back this let's not get just what the outlawed all the I'll use the he's done what it's all about because you don't know how it's gonna end up in terms of Tom how is in effect on science and argue causing you know affect rock you know how many times did affect the idea Amendola you don't know how it's cool effect. I think Danny Amendola didn't resign here because oh but you don't know what you don't know that would be your date you know not playing well and are regularly took less money coming back your million different times he tick you said the patriot Kopper wasn't close at a lot more money you are in our I think as the analysts always a reason but you have to factor all that in much like when a product that David Price thing do you think that the David Price is acting at any effect on 93 win season one way and one went either way. Nobody effected how doctor. Viewing each other in that clubhouse. It affected. A lot of different things you can't just say if the wind in losses there are a lot of different things he came back from a guy who I mean to you guys to circle the wagons around John Farrell looking at wins and losses and success. Constantly is that I was barraged by criticism and and the way things are going that club cause it to I don't understand like the fact they did finally turn you guys aren't on Farrell. No I know it is it was a results driven business right of the results are you want a World Series and the Red Sox are in first place again I want ninety solid business and John Farrell when you're talking about oh. When we're talk when we were talking all last year about John Farrell I think it's pretty evident. And read public I publically said this. About the strengths and weaknesses of John Ferraro when people or rail on them about is open users I said he was doing a good job of relievers. When people were talked about the David Price situation I said. He's being caught in the middle of this that and he's not taken aside and that's MacCallum. Mean that that was a reality of that situation. And you know why it got the perfect example thanks for bring him up. Because because that David Price thing why didn't effect wins and losses it affected John Farrell getting fired down the road. Me no no is not an end I that is. If if they did a great situation never happen adding John parents still gone at the end of the year very assuming everything else he laid out the same way it is not yet still got you all and all but there. On. It was the it push it along and I'll I'll give you this might have been a bigger slice definitely what he did you slice of the pie than Danny Amendola. Signing somewhere else because of discord in the paint dry locker room I agree that had I think that I'd extant I always react that on Arizona as an example I was only example once again next you know using easy example of that that. Sort of thing can happen and go to guy for sure going back to the federal thing what happened. The date or pricing happens. He hit it doesn't take a side whether it's acts side whether it's prices side. And because of it. The view of him in that clubhouse the view of him that organization was that he was losing these guys and when they have to make the decision after a 93 win season. And winning the division for a second straight year. That factored into it how he was viewed in that club out and I can tell you that a big part of how we reviewed in that clubhouse compared the year before. With because of what happened with the game prices to John Ferrell is gone if the David Price situation never happens he was gone no matter what assuming the team did exactly what it did which is just completely fizzled out on the proceeds into her eyes just like he was this year. Then that the perception of John Ferrell in that clubhouse in an ad like that hurt last year in that in that organs if I said if he was like what he was. Is this year he was like Dennis last year he's healthy and also DNC stupid and do stupid things. Then. Then John Farrell the perception in that organization might have been different that it was at the end of the year and or obviously speculating but I still think I know I don't think I think Dave Dombrowski still would have wanted his own guy I think you'll look that a team with a massive payroll. That fizzled out in the playoffs two years in a row. And said as the Red Sox stayed over a decade ago can we even though we've done well can we do better is this guy part of the reason. That's standing between us and doing that you're you're you may be right in your problem and eighty grades you you may be right name probably are right. But here's the thing becomes back when I was saying of this whole situation. It some of this a fact what we're talking about it some of the stuff that didn't affect the wins and losses affect what you how you debuted the manager and I know for a fact. For a fact that that actually happened. So when you say wolves just about the wins and losses it's no big deal. Well how does this affect Brady down the road out is Fred rocked on the road but is the fact free agency we don't know Heidi the effect it's because again next paraded down the road well if if you go through another year. And there is this this push and pull with Guerrero or this pushing forward bella checked. Maybe he plays one last year than he normally would. So that's how it effects are real way to know that. Whether he's Abby I think he's got to know any of these over the four years old are talking about over forty years old he plays two more seasons it hangs up he plays one more seasoning takes a big step backwards where it was last year. And hangs out of the gate anyway you can definitively tie that you know what's going on between and relatively. Height he can't absolutely say this is the reason. But still that that's the narrative that's being so no no that's not married has done diesel it's it's this is that such a narrow way of viewing especially when. If you have to come right down to it all you have to know in terms of whether or not the reporter on this story is. Is this different for the most successful franchise. In NFL history certainly in this area in this era. Is this different then what it was a year ago two years ago because if that's the case anything different about it then that's news worth. It was thought of Catholics is well. Regardless thank you I'd like finally admitted it it's about me finally admitted it is a little about collects and without Merrill's departure was maybe a little bit about it. No little. I'll say this of John -- departure and a lot more to do with David Price situation and the clicks had to do with Adams after putting out the report and I get valuing on the patriots locker and had absolutely freaking nothing to do with Danny -- signing for more money someplace else if with a team that I was salary I don't know are you gotta keep coming back to that example which by the way when I sent it. I said that could have someone like that could've taken that. All of what was going on and made a judgment on free agency as an image cola. Guy who had already taken pay cuts over and over and over don't you could do what did he did he do it now I set that. But if if that's the example that you wanna latch on him and watching. I know and that's due to lose by doing not to lose by going into law passed. I'd lose lost the argument by latching on to Yemen though that is a ridiculous example I wasn't it was a ridiculous example but an example nonetheless and if you're gonna take the extreme if that's the only one you can latch on to you'll. Well I also latch on to the idea that Rob Gronkowski was supposedly unhappy all of last year yet played the entire season played well is as healthy as he's ever band and I latch onto the idea at the start everything is pointing towards Tom Brady coming back next year. Regardless of whether he has a formal declaration about it or not I think it's a story that Rob Gronkowski is actually considering retirement that one is because broadcast of expired yet that he why is that why is that because his own agency's automated decision yet why is that even a conversation his own agents that he had made a decision on what little blank what do you think it's accurate that he was considering retirement. Again I go back to what his own agents say yes or not he has thinking yeah so OK okay so why is that because of things that you said had no effect. On anything in this whole conversation throughout the year that Rob Gronkowski was feeling a little uneasy about the situation. He did not have an impact on this past season now right but that's my point press. Is that it didn't it can not have an impact on the immediate win July since. But it can't have an impact on this but guys were you and I differs I don't believe that anything that is happening now is going to have an impact at all on this coming season on the 2018. Season which side away will open up Sunday September 9 1 PM against the Houston Texans at Gillette Stadium it makes it may makes Tom Brady all the stuff makes Tom Brady retire. A year earlier all lot of this discomfort. There were talking about makes him retire after next yeah I do not believe we'll OK but if it does if it makes him retire after next year. Then instead of through years down the road. And we still said owes no big deal because you know heeded you don't have effect I cannot believe that will happen and wheels idea wagons and in whatever we don't care. Oh where giving him very very tangible reasons why this is a story. It drives me not these people and I'm not really saying that your say it's absolutely not. Anything to talk about a year but it drives me nuts to think that. That all this stuff is wholly different in totally new to the patriots organization. The top rate to Bill Belichick. Who has been by the way you leap across the board from people inside that building that it is different that we should beat that we're just doing this for collects. It's as the enemy. Is abuzz and it's been so it does. You don't want to the schedule on its schedule. We too at first our 125 we'll ask you this on the road when you see the schedule what is the first thing you look at when you see page scandal. I guess the bye week that the stands I look at where the plane in Miami. It's the old Boston's holiday. Earlier that December night to get a late in the season record for it right which is you don't want to burn them my Amy trip and so now now announces that burst that cut. The way that the patriots put out the actual press release the of games bull that it naturally I think the ball games are home but closer primetime games. They have the Miami game is at home Sunday September 30 to play on the road. Miami December 9 UB cover and I want. Sure yes I mean it's a few that's right on the winter meetings bad timing patriots now. It Adonal batter while Obama front runner David Ortiz golf tournament so apologies now have a tough winter ahead. That's always a good week in Africa is gonna deciding exactly where you're gonna be going where you'd be flying opt him. Don't don't. Bumper sticker warning is Brady back next year in your opinion spring back next yes it's Belichick back yes page it's going to be in the Super Bowl next now. Wanna because I don't under different beaten. In the AFC beats. Let me look it let me look at an athletic talked via the draft the draft can be. The drafts it's going to be an IV and I've been waiting to give them predict every windows have been waiting to use them prediction and by the way Damien Woody and this goes back to you know the the end days prophecies what he says if they trade up to get a quarterback it's the end of an errant doing. Yeah heard. Those this I'm talking about though about media driven narrative that's a veteran desktop media that's like Volquez and now we're separating Modano or maybe a bit okay well you know I can separate a guy like army Curran on some of these other people in the know in the root cause of the page and never there to talk to I. A awful awful the awful the awful show error has raised as they say hey debuted. We got here get out here the talking points get up. To hear the talking points and we need your opinion on this. It in jail in Britain Jalen Rose June. Jim Woodruff let you better us also have an opinion on this. You know how these national shows and of America is so awful it's kind of way he's now a little graphical web sites where it could reach an aggregated emblem ego ego six what 777979837. Brad those here till 9 o'clock am with you it's just a little bit longer and that's a Red Sox pregame. Sports hernia WB yeah. That's a more much that night on Sports Radio WEEI. I'm during his game never really got to see. His personality that air and it's hot and it's like yeah. Closer pop. Any words or thought he'd like to say let him. Okay. A lot of mom I. That's a tragedy. No my best wishes gold outfits the problem is remembered. That's devastating November. Barrasso try to do the show before the show. Now is LeBron James value force last night following Cleveland's game two win over Indiana Pacers that series up one. I was. Very shocked by this they use it closely guarded secret I guess they're popping the two feet thick but I passed away. The way for the spurs head coach Gregg Popovich Alley will force took a lot of heat. On social media after that in your view saying that she blind side of LeBron James LeBron then went on the undisputed. And told to get this by the way Brian. Oh yeah social media right now but I was put I was made aware of some friends who takes better question was next to me bulls game. And a lot of people thought like double blind sided. That is absolutely pulls out in the floors. Told me that she was gonna ask me the question and if there was OK and once I started talking about it mostly rural air. Actually my emotions just kind of took over. Hey endeavors is my emotions chemistry or from or about deleting earned no problem rich guys please. Get off. Oh in the fourth bag because she followed the proper protocol and she warmed me so. Get off our bread man she's very professional. And does she does a great job. So LeBron James coming to the defense of Allah will force it was your awful take away from us. I fighter jets talking about this I find it very difficult to believe that that wasn't the first time. That LeBron hurt I think. Maybe didn't catch it interaction with her though prior you have for the interview as the which limits on the off camera yeah out there may be made I would like to think that in. Does Debbie great possess the right way to do it. By. But the reverse route the way that LeBron acted in that and I am very if it's hard that it to read between the lines of all the stuff in both but also I think at all with fewer rich talking about the when LeBron the way he acted acted like he too would T elect someone who just found out well he had just found out about it that's how we get a big heads up he might have gotten a 152 or 32 heads up prior to. The question actually being asked on air yet and there's. Sort of processing unit tonight's biz that reaction but it just a single and three Aussie generally feel comfortable speculating because. It is how what is the react he obviously he's close to popular image. And men and I would like to think the value of forest she did the right thing which he did you know argument if she did and I know have an enormous from one year ago. With the question being asked debt and general asked yet be announcing today I think it's got it doesn't have to be ouster in that spot or you'll browns had to be asked about it we run a few minutes I heard you say at Hosea restaurant in press conference is going to be cast. And if you have the opportunity given their hands up give me a heads up for something like that few on the opportunity to probably still gonna ask him. Because of the relationship he has with Popovich there was that if it was just LeBron speaking for the NBA on a coach again and now. I as the defense story yet but he's tied with them in so he's close the situation I tell LeBron handled it perfectly. On a sleigh and thought they heat and used given the option to not speak in that spot I guess according to what he said. He said that he was comfortable with their that he was okay commenting on eight. And then coming today and any kind of let this thing alive yeah I have to come to her defense he could have let it lie until the I'm assuming they probably have an off day media avail. Baby tomorrow they're coming back to the going back to Indiana now for game three so at some point whenever that next opting media avail once. He could talked about it then and defended her but he immediately came to herd depends which I thought was a good look for him. He had its app so I totally agree absolutely and if she is stupid issues taking heat in the first place students at seam and the social media so that only take in for everything but that and that always happens to. You know we'd be eat we in the news media get heat a lot of times. After somebody dies in and year Colin numbers to get a camera in their face or stick a microphone in their face and I think most. Reporters and I've worked with great did not all have any reasonable. Decorum about them sort of like what Alley before sat with LeBron james' words okay yes you got to the viewers who is fine yeah I mean. But I'll go oh you wanna come across in a professional way there are some people that don't remember one. TV reporter after a bus accident where some kids are on the bus nobody was hurt but they're what he's killed a couple of more hurt. Injured a car with a dedicated it was try to drive out of the parking lot of the hospital. And this woman this reporter is literally in the backseat. Like her head through the window trying to get an interview that is a crossing a line and I think being human and professional decorum by. In most cases they're responsibly trying to get some sort of reaction. Human emotion something about this story and think that's led. Alley the force was doing in that spot but no matter what he's gonna be the social media mob comes back and says. It's disrespectful. Not the time and place not that people are big on not the time and place. That's like a big thing. It's okay to do that it asked that it's not the time and place of fifteen minutes later at the podium what about the time and place I mean it's it's a little ridiculous she respond at all and so. For me when people are Democrat and Ramon. Because that would be another thing if I would think there's he she could easily have come out said hey you know we talked about it before I interviewed that would in L think that would have been out of the realm of sensitivity. Last week was 22 hours ago about Kevin Love. Apparently is X rays on his thumb came back in Ohio thank goodness you can that's interest Kevin comes a catalyst Kevin. But like Kevin downs of look at of this after retreat this is also one was not on. The fifteen more we all know that the best weeks commodities fifteen. There was this one about the edge here and concerts. DC this oh I didn't. So retreats out that teams though. Sunday home game because image hearings constantly gaining full. 12345679. Ninths and the patriots won. Yes the patients are one room yes these 2 I am going to that concert that if this is just this is the big win for me bring this up. Go to straight to Ticketmaster. Boom boom boom crystal on me we too. What it what a daily double. Yeah I am albeit that says September 15 Saturday night. It is there you go before they go off actually just got my tickets in the mail. And this is really stressful for me because there are some shows usually it's still out actually where. You'd need to get the tickets like actual ticket like the country fast they can I don't think they want to in the parking lots and you don't have tickets have. Back up the reason why you're they market is sometimes. Tom Florian and hoot nanny will ensue but. In this case. I've got tickets to you won the Chatzky show it to the actually have to hold on to these tickets and not lose them and then remember the safe place in which I put them fall between now and that's like how normally is my phone it's easy it's just like having to get off the couch and change the channel who TV. Before the remotes are made. You remember that I do my friends remember those wants. Tiger of the Chilean miners going through their hardships they get you actually the move that it removed the channel a member of the first collector that we had the first clip here. I remember calling it quicker I I still call a collector. Where is the click here I here's one of the clippers the MIA Internet went down briefly. Yesterday at home worker from home and it worries. AE briefed addiction until I realized at a hot spot I can just plug that and and your phone to be another high and I did that does say that I learned the hard way. To look at your phone bill coming up now not an unlimited data now. In the hot spot I get from work now on the phone actually have from worked and speaking of hot the Bruins up 21 that's right through 45 and counting to play period number 20. Dynamite drop in Brad Feld a quick break we'll get back to some your calls we get so little Red Sox tock we did against squeeze that in before Red Sox pregame I've been told it's dynamic clubhouse insider tonight. On the noticed shots ar market going we've got Red Sox radio coming gas field to get worried rehab I really do too and count all right John riders that pregame shows that's all ahead keeping here WEEI. That's a more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. By the way around and easy to confirm something to detect and said okay that they use to actually click. The quicker. Yeah really. While there was like it was. Well well over whoever it was it was like if joystick I was it was what it was like who for lack of a better example it was like garage to world. I realize this was. You could hit just hit see for the sporting events now not an option. You have the garage door opener and I think actually. Didn't have they have the ones that were garage door openers and TV remote really I think that was the thing. The clot thing was the clapping like that was the no huddle while seats to watch the class. Yeah it's that bond. Font. That flap. It it's like. It's such an angry clap he's it was it is like the birds to hear it at its. If you know clap when the proper amount and under the lights won't go off. Yeah you eat do you sort of the the cloud Blake again I'd be under Rudy yeah it does like the firm. Yes flat as the three firm collapsed while we're yes. We'll. We'll all be okay. Our collective. And all those things all those things you like you'd be made it seem like you had to order room. Well on in on the phone. You could just go down the wall bar and now Wal-Mart CVS and at the as seen on as you know I mean via video the whole I've seen on TV dial and you know it. I would say this I think the as seen on TV I'll might be the best time. Not better than the melatonin denial. I think that's a solid out there to get on to happier we attempted flight all I do not expect to see guys that are pleasant guy the clapper your famous clapper a senior and he really know that they. The other thing is happy and maybe a little bit unexpected as the Red Sox how tough it heated to start. Professional Segway don't try to at home that's not. With the Red Sox evaluated 11130 this morning. Red Sox have gotten the point now where there I'd. Taking a pity on their East Coast bands that don't wanna stay up too late they're just putting the angels away by the third inning is not yet I do you could just column tonight yet I TO IIA was planning on is that the last few days I was able to work from home so as planned stay up nice only. Watch the game. But when it's nine nothing in the fourth. And especially game one because I spent way more time. Tongue baiting showing a tiny. Then he actually spent in the game ties to big night that for an 88 sitting sixth yes exciting is is blisters have recovered you imagine by the way speaking of narratives and what not the guy and the other side if he had done that if David Price of thrown two outstanding. Outings against the eighties and then the first time he faces a real team. He would sit around a little bit he's out in two innings with a blister the reaction would have been around period ended two days later he's Yates thing. I mean I can't imagine that would take it to a different level Asia. I'll try to paint although it's like you like the wave that Alex Cora is managing right now I mean watching the game and I thought I miss something I immediately thought yeah. There is one out. It's the first inning so obvious there's nobody on base obviously ease the league's second. And that seemed odd but that you batters later Mitch Moreland is get a first of its three hits and try to get a run. Missed more obviously I spot if I let this up today the the first base position for the Red Sox it's like a 99 UPS. It's not it's so. Yes it is it is that it's crazy it's crazy about the lineup for me today he talked about core is moves. Well. He's played the outfield now eight games and he's played. The 89 games early core heard about the Ken layer we. His run of I'm sure he's gonna have a good run he's gonna make a push when mutt takes more and more more more more more more time off. They can't is going to do. As many teams in the pregame Booth as Judy Martinez is playing up in which was our over under right but Jane Martina is already eight teams. The way they're going he's blown through. 4550. Games. Yeah yeah an easy question about that and I wonder with the and so today Jackie Bradley says it's. And Jackie Bradley at three games through 93 hits through nights ago including a home run he of one Haiti rated double last night. And you kind of getting going he says now scored talked about they wind map this out and days in advance new Taka. You talk about another thing which can you imagine if that the other guy did it instead of the guy sitting in the seat now yeah holy mackerel. Where ya doing I mean who is killing out. John Farrell he's doing this for. Killing him Jackie Bradley is just started fighting and swinging your sit him down. On his birthday. Are you kidding me others say they haven't Eduardo Nunez and a home run next day out lineup that's kind of it doesn't distract him. And as kind of the trend but that's also the advantage yet and everybody's. Hitting right now I mean every guys in the lineup despite in the barrel the one criticism I guess. I don't agree with this one but it's the one that popped up about outscored in the lineup is smokey bats leadoff people want and in the middle you order to drive in runs but. He is the exactly I think what you want at the top of the order guy that's gonna get on base drive the ball a media. Lee put pressure is starting pitcher with your best hitters coming up yet I guess my question will be who do you want leading off that's Vietnam him yet and and pray at the you know when he comes back maybe it's easy bookie that's doubles that's a pretty good way to start things kept. If if you have your point in here that's it's a home run that's also been witness to that you have guys you have to I sitting near JD. Another thing that people sleeping on May be literally. Is Judy Martinez. Kitty Martinis is having a really really good start if Wright's career after that first week is that first weekend at Fenway retake some really good swings at his first home run as I've props sized. Since then swatted I mean since then I looked down its he's been one of the best at its hair baseball and he's great competition do about the guys and is on line I think that he has more hard hit you wanna call barreled up balls hard hit balls than anybody in baseball. The DC I know it's late it's O but I did treated out the screen shot of it. This home run last night. It was insane we know that. He took this off the ground on the outside corner and put it over the fence and it's. This guy is he's not disappoint now I don't know what's happened after April who knows maybe owed her something. But we're we're getting a chance to at least to see what they saw him on what we heard about him. For months upon months and all month I and I do think to be bush sleep in on him because everyone's doing the McKee best thing. Everyone doings in a Bogart stumbled keep bad Hanley too because he was Pelé ride yet turn around from last you know that he sells eighty Martinez's right there at smokey. In terms Lou being the most important guys and these are but the feeling at this lineup before grand slams already there they're proclivity for the big inning has been well documented so far this season which he didn't have. Last year you know we're the same way now they can have that worded. By this season I mean period there is an ad I tweeted this out when it was as good as your tweet but islets wasn't one doesn't tweet out there. The Red Sox are literally did everything right now other person the majors and winning percentage and run differential. First it runs per game second in ERA second fielding percentage is nothing they are not doing well at the moment the only thing they aren't doing well is we don't know why this case there aren't doing. This well because they haven't had been on a high leverage alzheimer's open markets Walden leaves them leads them in innings for relief we could mop up guy that's the most important thing at you'd joke about it but it's true will be meeting got a committed. Fill in the slop of three innings clear through April and last night on top nine nothing easy dean needs some work he's gonna pitch well Joseph Joseph Kelly's got a hearing tomorrow so I guarantee you pitched tonight. Because it prob be suspended one game and before you get suspension. Weaving its Indy what's the what's the prediction. Pretty brief. Now now maybe five he's immune knocked on March. Six B six games like three games. I thought he got five yet sex it's sex it's piracy gets fixed because he said c'mon. In which I actually come on extra game if you get a chance I doubt this so shameless promotion but I'm about to do podcasts Jim Kelly's wife. It's used bizarre but they're doing great terrible worker also more and but more importantly just importance. And I was viewed and modified out if you ever got to fight defending her honor. So but she I was looking air tweets are predicted his yes we'll see off I'd die you know he's pretty I know that I don't I don't know yet if I did like cross examination but it's. The senator trees and she retreat retreat somewhere with a video of kids imitating. Joseph Kelly's fight. So this little girl. Throes of a football had a brother. Brother throw the bat down a little girl turns the camera says come I can't get a look at their credit that ruffled around out of it however got a bag. How is this an advantage in the Joseph Kelly and incredible all right you know go to eight yes Brad post show what numbers this. It's will be number 77 amber 1747. And that includes. The make up let's also be this'll be two out of three weeks four times like a promise we get that. Yeah consistent not even a desperation of the liberal Loney podcast he couldn't hear I'm waiting for gas may that'll be real desperate this comment. Not a part of the Red Sox broadcasting away did this to something that fortuitous that I predicting home run since George stuff all the entire way I think I write words legal distinctive clothing card. That's coming out now when when when I see you on Sunday be your hand believe that when I see it all right rob Bradford thanks very much I he's optic podcast medal awarded to go them for Red Sox pregame we'll talk some more baseball's more Red Sox. Between now and John writers pre game that's next in sports right UWB yet here's my. At night on Sports Radio W we. Flew into the fifth hour. And iron mantech performance by me only to throw the word here or around some of them don't Wear a cape some of them have wind screens. And so when I have my microphone are here. People call them I saw the sounds stupid and when screens and better alluded to hear a thing was so windy here so you might Sox might be. It's like sakes if the afternoon coast here. Going back to. The two thousands. But yes I Chris Hauty with you Ford not a full fifth hour just about another ten minutes or so until Red Sox. Regain takes over third period by the way has just begun at Air Canada Centre Bruins are front 21 Brad marsh and and to recruit. At the goals the bees I accrued scored seconds into the first period and a marsh and got one in the second period itself. Beazer try to take each one or 31 party series lead. On the Maple Leafs are guaranteed a victory. Back in the 5 o'clock hour this who is saddened and I eight also guaranteed it after. Op trees Bergeron is injury was announced that obviously something to keep an eye on. Although the Bruins did say that he dated date so hopefully knock would be. Any kind of a long term thing with Bergeron the Bruins can absolutely. Oh win. The series even at Bergeron doesn't play the rest of the way however. If they. Wanna look at themselves as Stanley Cup contenders while they should make the best team in the Eastern Conference they're gonna need Bergeron playing and playing well and he did in game three. Yet a lot of time on ice that line has band that was their worst game of the read that line has been dominant. So far it with Riley Nash there that wind seems to be playing pretty well tonight at keeping one eye on it as. And navigating through the show here pot. It looks like they are I don't wanna see not missing a beat because that's unfair they they do miss having Bergeron out there they are least able to. I'll hold their own and then some against the Maple Leafs and they come away with a win. Even with not in Calgary coming back in game five does things they'll wrap it up. On Saturday at TD garden gentlemen sweep Hockey Night in Canada and the bees a winning fives there. One less thing to worry about we started touching up on the Red Sox just before we get to the break there at top of the hour and right now you're Boston Red Sox are quite literally good at everything everything. The lead the majors and winning percentage. They lead the majors in run differential they lead the majors in runs per game they're second in the majors and ERA. In the second in fielding percentage and the latter is probably the biggest surprise given the fact that Eduardo Nunez is ads be pressed into service at second base with. Dustin Pedroia out of a lineup even more so at the end of Bogart's out of a lineup. They have put jiggy Martinez in the outfield eight times this season which is a pace they. I was not comfortable with coming into this season and and there have been some spots including you think back to that Tampa game at Fenway. Weekend before last where he has struggled in left field then and the products. As suffered because of it in the Red Sox had come back in that game. And in Gwinnett but. By and large this is the team it's clicking on every conceivable cylinder right now and that the biggest thing that stood out. Over the course these last several games including these first two in Anaheim. Is the fact that they're just tracking teams it's one thing to win games wanting to get off to a hot start. It doesn't even look like it's clubs. Between the Red Sox and everybody else they played including. The other team in the American League got off to the hottest. In the Yankees and yet they beat up on the Florida teams but. When you look at what this team isn't what this league is most of the competition they will play is a hell of a lot closer to Tampa and Miami and Baltimore. Then it is Q. We think the Yankees will be at the end of the year with the angels are now we think the Astros will be. By the end of the season so I saw on one of the ESPN shows we get on in here earlier. Asking the question is it too soon. To call the Red Sox the best team in baseball with a policy to pick. It's it's did too soon its stock close. You're almost ready to the way through the season. And they are head and shoulders above everybody else in the American League right now on anybody else in baseball frankly of course this is the best team. And maybe the scariest part from the perspective of everybody else in baseball is there are only getting healthy. Standard Bogart's on the DL Dustin Pedroia is running the bases he's working his way back to pom rants is back up in the majors they're looking to get Steven Wright back. It's as soon as possible he's got to deal with Antioch field issues as well be getting him back healthy Eduardo Rodriguez gets the start tonight. And he took a big step forward in his second start relative to his first start so. Right now just beat the infectious. Nature of the way the Red Sox are playing where it seems like success is just. In domino fashion going from one facet of the game to the other in right field Evers is among the league leaders in runs aid to third base with health back. Reid who looked at Raphael devers and said this is a guy who is going to be defensive type from a hot corner by. He's been a mainstay and that's the one position frankly where they've been able to roll essentially the same guy out every night. As the injuries and Pedroia not be in the lineup but they've got a lot of us away win at the bottom of the order he'd gotten a lot out of Jackie Bradley junior. Who has been really for the past week take some good swings in barrel in the ball Bruins to score again by the way 31 thing's over. Maple Leafs are a need beaten team. They've been beaten ever since the series started they were lucky to steal a game and they'll be fortunate. Maybe it's it's poetic justice thousand caddie should have to face the TD garden crowd one more time. And that'll happen now because they're gonna have to go brutal turnover. By Toronto looks like it was a creature he's setting up the goal that couldn't quite see ranks eulogy scored. Eight wanna seed David creaky. Treaty set it up crates had be assessed. Was taken it did he illegally carried out the back Aaron ross' Jake Nebraska. On a 21 line I set up by a brutal Toronto turn over in its own zone so it's 31 now. And that thing is done it is over we can now we can officially say goodnight to about his r.s fifteen minutes left this post don't play the breaking news out that was it. Source of frustration earlier. Miss that by the way that was. India they laughed about it that is a serious thing and dale and Holley keep they played on a Hollywood daily key. They played the breaking news sounder. And ways. Somebody tweeted out the patriots game played a week seventeen game against the jets. Not worthy of a breaking news sounder especially when you've got all of patriots nation here on pins and needles waiting for. What what's gonna happen is ready to retire. Spell checker to retire Kraft sold the franchise what is it is it and it's a pile on that point wheat. Actually kind of broke news. In the 6 o'clock hour gap sound at that Patrice Bergeron would not plane in this game yet just a couple of seconds after the the Bruins to weeded out there that he would not be playing we've. Gave that passed on that information to you. That's what the breaking news founders for not to give everybody a heart attack when you're breaking news is the patriots playing the jets they do that every year they do it twice a year. And you know you've got a one in three chance that the jets are gonna be the team they played week's seventeen to get to play division games last couple weeks cell. Operating news or use of breaking news I back rich keep on that 110%. Red Sox however to circle back there bruins' goal kind of got me off track. Red Sox Rolen and every cylinder right now and the best part about this is. They have is seemingly a I'll call this a rob Bradford tip of the shop 02. There fans on the East Coast. That are trying to stay up late but you gotta work you'd get kids to school get stepped through the next morning. Put the angels away in the first three innings and then people go to bed to nine nothing in the fourth. That's what the Red Sox had died just just tracking teams just running routines right now end. It'll even out we now understand the cliches a marathon not desperate everything else but. When you are racking up wins. The way that this team has been able to do I mean they can be won 500 baseball team the rest of the way. And still win more than ninety games mean that's the position they put themselves in now on out the community of 500 baseball team the rest of the way. But that's the position they put themselves in. We had this incredible start they've got knocked him so Eduardo Rodriguez would get the ball. Tonight. I've done my best not to. Lavish anymore praise on showing a tiny the last time I did that he is gone into winning so it was a huge let down big disappointment he did not yet nothing. Absolutely nothing and act in two nights ago but. We'll see show at tank hit tonight the first time he's a lap in sixth. John Ryder is standing by ready to go. With the pregame show on the WEI Red Sox radio network rank garnered great job as always follow my Twitter carbon WB yeah I. Brad though it's somewhere taping a podcast but well. Mention our appreciation for him as well I'm Chris body I'll be back. We back Sunday morning with Steve Buckley. Nancy bucket while Billick. All Harold three you'd be a lot of fun outside Red Sox baseball next to ground that.