Mut at Night - Red Sox have the makings of a puzzling 100+ win team; David Price can make or break post season hopes 7-5-18

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Thursday, July 5th
HOUR 3 - The narrative in the American League is that it's a three team race and every other team is basically a dumpster fire. Is the Red Sox dominance a little misleading? Also, Villani and Reimer discuss how pivotal David Price's performance will be in the second half of the season.

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So yeah my side. Sure there are high hopes for JD Martinez when used him a hundred million dollars he'd better than you thought he was the quote. Things that we can have to Manny Ramirez there's a drive I get paid as well as hammered get a game marked as OKC. Martinez Major League lead. On Poland's most that in just killed at baseball I'm glad he's without. Chris I think they're scared and should be scared some degree a pirate walking into when he. They're people in Cleveland and we'll tell you that the knicks should be considered a real threat for carrier. It seems as though the company does not have its focus on longer horizons when the Celtics. It sounds to me like DA planning on being there long term I get the good Boston Celtics so necessary outs of it now. Here's my life at night on Sports Radio W. Al streamers and how. Where I'm coming up by an eight was 832 something like Africa. Moment of silence we should make sugar break before then yeah just about spot for me. Instead of break out sweat. Start sweating coming union has again the noise seeping and stymie armed sweating a 24 hours today. It's brutal sour sweating shower takes me to get feedback and data content take no. And you put on notice on screen whatsoever you were outs on the cape this weekend I was yes I got this fireworks I did in the town I dead from this is very nice you in Brewster. Brewster that's usually as far as I. I see Nicky we had a cash out owning companies Yasser reading CC Allah by Iowa has that little place on our site will place on main street how cloths last MS I have Intel cluster that's disappeared and it's two more than he usually gets but. I disappear to Vermont went to law school revered nobody's heard from sense unless they all my Twitter which Casey post probably thirty times a day. Radical radical left of him yet. He makes Bernie Sanders slickly tankers are so trump Supreme Court nominee Sarah finally ad deal course which makes Bernie Sanders look like new course to. Well thanks this. Court opening when her replacement is named Al pick up toward a finding a husband that much on yours so. Because it was going it was going solo going so at this point to this point yes. But see it's like chilling I don't know what the suspension from one less thing to worry about NAFTA and it takes away the uncertainty of the process he Jerry know your skirt Jerry used to tell me that I should beating gay guy he's like anti gay marriage she's got. To be here. Guarantee you noticed. As the niche it's netbooks aren't at ease any concerns interviewed someone on my podcast a couple weeks ago whose game but the prize. Doesn't pride month that's like pride festivals. In all I read SIA yet is the guy wrote they had the column about it yes that I've probably read that different guy bad guy on the back I am. Well the wasn't part of his argument was the the hyper sexual and nation on it. Alex and Michael come on it was not. Guess but I can see where that way even if you are gay rubs somebody wrong way because it's just not your thing like it's just not your type of play but no I don't I don't like what are you aware like jock I understand that I don't let me. Straight guys don't some don't like strip clubs or don't like those. That's sort of how old I look at not that it's exactly strip club it again that. Why does it have to mean like hyper sexual life because in addition to having a lot of people had slender. Likely to be like you've been suppressed your whole I don't like I finally. Your free and can be who you wanna do I understand that but I also understand the perspective somebody who is gay saying in the suffered. And I enjoyed it but that was the column point you made it sound like he was just somebody who didn't like fine. Didn't like anybody was ashamed of being gay and I didn't get that from reading his column that I read the column did you tweet well I'd never exaggerate anything so that was right on the money you when bobcat. Some time and Bob you know what's named Brad Gagne Brad brag about this right now is our Bob I got I gagged and that's what dad's. Yet and in guidance tweet by the ways into the top his profile and actually says or radio hosts and producers so people get his name you know I think I met him lose by Martins inning he just grip is name no number I winning I was on purpose Martinez threw and exactly what he was doing its late on this radio station on these airwaves were Bob gagged and you're gonna like mark with a C is always five steps ahead of everybody that's just what he is known for sure but Bob I don't think that this is any. Albright. To economics gets health. If he can do you guys had a bad points like brackets Bratt are right it that the joke is funny for a bit at a rally wasn't. Temperature was either. In my neck now you don't it's a joke funny plot and house aka David Price and big game thank you for getting us back on track might be why. We don't feel so good about the Red Sox and how thirty I thought it. Put out 59 wins which is a pre all star break record baby could be barely a 500 team the rest of the way and still win a hundred games. It's also. If they're couple things working here that that make me say why I feel good about as the Red Sox team by. Checked you better for a team it's thirty freaking games over 500. Number 18. Top of the list for me is David Price. I had zero comments. That he is going to be able to perform. Willing then changed her mind and prove me wrong but I have zero confidence whatsoever easing of reported big game in and out of him you're done. Eluded the Yankees lead the Astra is with price pitching at a high level high in what we've seen in Boston. You go toe to toe with Houston's rotated bill question about it out that they cannot well we saw last year Nissan against Cleveland two years ago. You get bad starting pitching you have no chance to win Chris Sale was bad news after last tournaments accident changed when Nick Price was awful two years ago against Cleveland. Red Sox and a chance to win that game and price has not been good here. In any begins I mean eight point 43 ERA in nine starts against the Yankees or the Red Sox. Not a single that there was only one even if you go to his post season game by game on the the ornate but you say maybe there's some bad luck. There's been no bad luck for David Price he's not precisely one. Good postseason start when he fourteen Detroit he went eight innings in an LDS video I don't know that I blue jays where it kind of got away from a lady yells error on dive right out in the end yes so one and a half. But I mean even the playoffs. Nine starts a winning 86 point 13 you're right his teams are winless in the playoffs when David Price takes and I had a little bit of confidence based upon what he did last. Last post season I know it's gonna start. And people say the psychology of it is different when you know the day before that it's your game as opposed to. I in the bullpen but I think in that situation became generally could use any room 6070 pitches or whatever was. I think you're pretty good idea that there was a very good chance he's going to be pitching meaningful innings in that game and he excel he was fantastic he pitched really really well. I wanted him to build off of that in and watch spring training I ever wanted. Tool like this guy I wanted to back this guy I've wanted to laugh it off. When he blatantly trolls people asking questions out not to be able to go. Sunday night for night way to export act I want to be about one half that stuff off. But when he is that bad. Literally a guy had not gotten hit. In his Major League career ever. I sing nary a hit and play games last year true. They play a lot but he played last year too old for 25 or something like that part of the park five and that's thing so. As our Tomas this weekend and my point was price has been so good as last nine starts what he has been healthy here he had some good in the regular season largely so I said. You're gonna keep on Roland you know five moments not maybe. And and that may need change everything. About David Price because not guaranteed this guy. It's a definition of a paper tiger that mean you cannot know competence whatsoever that he will step admitted big game if he can't handle the pressure. A they July 1 start at Yankee Stadium. To get to get never minds in October and how much artist. How much September this guy wouldn't is not pitched well on any big games for parents and I just not act that the conversation is as come out of well do you try to engineered down the stretch so that. David Price at which the Yankees this is where we are a guy joining 1739. Billion dollars a year exactly equity 31 million dollars a year. Who should be your second best pitcher tides is your second best pitcher. You get thrown. Against the other good team in the in and you would you skip on board drew Palmer answering Stephen writes rapist points. I feel better it's even right on the mound against the Yankees and I didn't hit it right how you how could you not at eight point four decorating you media argument the other way and that's the biggest re and there are others why again for a team it's thirty games over 500 that has got I think he's the best hitter in baseball. Another guy that is top five hitters in baseball has Chris freaking sale. I still get a little squeamish with this team part of its bullpen which has been a talking point sometimes unfairly if they've had. On balance they've been good the bad stretches where they've been great. And lately it's been a little bit more of although bumpy ride for apple and and also Tommy use when you see Matt Barnes entering a big spot in the eighth inning on the road. I'm not very confident. I'm not I'm just not to maybe that's that's probably need to alum not a not aren't from the has pitched well for the most part but I'm just not as if the numbers may not bear it out as much he wants. But I can understand the trepidation. At an another big part of in this part doesn't necessarily. Concerned the Red Sox in the same way. They're on pace for a hundred wins pitches the way that baseball is sort of built this year with the number of teams all the good teams from last year just got better. All the bad teams from last year just got worse so the result is the Yankees in 100 games. Yeah after a zero when a hundred harassment enclose it in her critics to be comfortably in the nineties it at that pay. So you've just got so many good teams in baseball this year and the Red Sox are certainly among them. There's no doubt about it. If there are one game play with price on the mound how can you pick you picked them all god I there's no way put pressure amount that one game by coast the other thing the one game left in general to crap she needs its sale. And it goes beyond and it goes beyond price increase sale was not good. In his one playoff start Lester now that's obviously a very small sample size but. Chris Allen from the class reports cell. Five point 47 career ER rain the playoffs he only went to a three innings last year. Is plastered against Houston so it's not just David Price at this Red Sox rotation as a whole. They have no postseason track record whatsoever and frankly this lineup. As no postseason track record either IBC Jeter Martinez changes a lot of things but he couldn't score against him two years ago. That one big gaming they scored ten against Houston this year but we're held to. You know two runs the other the other three games not series I mean so. Even the sockets two keep that intensity Bogart's old and I have not they have not done in October odd ball and and that's the tightly whether it's October or any month that he stretched. Anybody's been baseball longtime plays sometimes that's just a dead for few games on those three games tapped to be an October. Then and familiar I'm not worried about kooky I'm not I'm not act that that is I think it's mosque like business or orders of one doctor point and kind of bring it back to price. This is where it's incumbent upon your pitching staff to be that being that delivers and his team was built around. Delete starting pitching with two of the best in baseball at the head of the rotation. One of the best young pitchers in baseball and Eduardo Rodriguez had a fantastic to another guy du. The the the the depth the quality depth that they built up with guys like Palmer and is even right sector so. They were built around that that needs to be what produces more than in the post season on the odd chance that. Those three games or held out one and Chipper Jones career was ended. I had bad infield fly call a one game playoff I mean that's the the crap she could potentially running to sell. Big picture at the Democrats shall be thirty games over 500 there at worst one rolling for best team when they all of the three S weekend in Texas I mean. They they're going to blow when it comes time to match them against the iron. Match them against the Yankees and the asterisk that's the I mean Houston's bullpen is shaky there's no doubt about that I'd feel good about that but. From the Red Sox respectable looking at the of them against the Yankees in prices and ability perform against the Yankees. Yikes and usually my children and usually I'm one of these guys he does all of this pressure stop them like David Price is once Cy Young he's pitched in playoffs World Series I mean this guy. Can't handle the pressure of July 1 start that's what I was saying five days ago but then you what got him. The rock on themselves and eight yankees that spot from runs off them again how could you be confident in David Price and a big game you can't in a David Price pitches like this in big games the Red Sox aren't going. I've never not you are buying into that that there's no such thing as pressure situation things that had stratus I urge I won. Virgil I won start tonight's ad come mean if David Price can't to buy here. I still think that easy getting aides give in. The narrative behind he understands what the with a narrative is for him he understands what he's done hasn't done against the Yankees as they show me started the show me opportunity. You'll own your Ernie eat different spotlight that are big spotlight battered. That does pressure start for him and the idea that there's no such thing as a pressure situation Gilligan narrative concocted by people would never played sports at any level ever. I like what what that I could say you know I did poorly when the pressure was on the pressure was off the constant doubt apple eats. They you're good athletes eventually become their outs Rodriguez can when in the playoffs and tell you want in the playoffs so my mites and always it's if you're good player. You you you you will perform which you get enough cracks like rookie back soon as last I eventually got cream rises to the right but David Price I'm not buying that argument on nine units sitting at about this that he was a great. Nine starts before that Jake start he was excellent. Any fell on his face by the way on rang Garmin. As needed to mention it's and I know this is very Butch Stearns did go through the schedule it's too old is very quietly it actually adds to what you are talking die. You're right an angry it's just this feels like something which Stearns would do but. The Red Sox schedule the rest of the way candidacy for three this weekend you mentioned Texas Rangers after that. Then the vaunted Toronto Blue Jays are or gamer now we have Paul Pierce for unions that takes you. Every team the American League east appears in the big summer for us so courts say this and David Ortiz retirement right now as pets. Steve Pearce has returned to Tampa tent and get America rocking chair service or would he get absolutely that we get the man that has everything Steve. You do to the man who has everything. In a word more are. If that takes us into the all star break. Detroit Tigers on the road. To lack commodity all star break Baltimore Orioles for three they won twenty games yet again these few. To report on how the impasse and the things really rise of the top. Minnesota Twins for four and then the least eighteen in the month at and T really pilot the only team over 500 unit and utterly if you look at where they're like 45 games and not much or 500 they. They are now 4737. OPEC and a half 500 and I did and I did these number apologies to give capital are in the capitalist and great job. I've had to these numbers a couple of days ago so it's a little off but it it's points to close and thank us for not doing Dan the average winning percentage and and the American League discounting that Red Sox yankees and Astros 454. That is. Off the gap and that's kind Seattle but the Red Sox complaining that he is losing to the national lately everybody has to come out 500 rightly has to be 500. What he got beat take a yankees actors it's like a cat react or make sense as he did it for right now are way over fight again that's counting Seattle with a red text on plain Dorsey talked about litmus test is a good team. This is acts I mean this is it yankees are masters he's the rest there where the only real big games for the Red Sox 6177797937. Let's go to bill in Norwich next on WEEI LaBelle. No. Threat to a long time. Realize you got a little disagreement with you one shopped at fort. Democrats agree with you at where I'm sure nobody else I'll wait we'll have split your game which are usually in his next. Britain proud about or be against the bill as we settle be against Kansas City. Access to Munich I can't do it in big spots they'll beat the Rangers short. Count on and a big publishing you got. Check out personal and Rodriguez right now. Purcell who's been batted an eye out as career. But big bill none of these guys have done and in big big spots in their careers even Chris sells one I think is great and I really got to get shelled in game one against the Astros. Rodriguez young. If you want to ask you wish of course you can edit the Friday night and sent millions of heavy yankees have a positive China. I ask you went away when it was a good. Teams some on the project. In. Order. Thanks. It's it's Alex has done the best hope it's yankees lights at not a good matchup for the Red Sox either this or right handed heavy line up. Against lefthanded starter against all lefties import sell and and I don't take any away from the Yankees to help lineup there's no question about it I just don't have any faith in David Price ability to beat. How could you. How could pursue Muster pause for moment sound to hear about. The ill fated time. We can't pause to want eventually yet thank you. Think. One of my network some networking Keene, New Hampshire affiliate out early in phone calls here at the last act as a rock the hair in in Maine and Sacco. The minority where Dale's listening on vacation I'm sure attorneys doing right now is to go to main idea of what's that hot who's ponder I wasn't on the spot isn't in its main. I don't spend a lot of time either by abducting her into Portland Maine he believes that I've been a Portland heaven for remain in my way to Canada and its other dad's name and or an Al. Morality is still employment plans and games up in Maine Menendez now what we do edgy toaster does aspiring journalism LaSalle just wanted to know how to make in this business just have no life. Work like ten jobs I used to be me I'm more me. When you're big big big legal report some like that big legal star the castle like that. I sell my question to Red Sox fans thirty games over 559. Wins again the most before that they've ever had for the all star game but he had the same level of trepidation. When it grating this team on the only scale the matter they're built to win a World Series yet some guys who watched years to get some guys is arbitration years are coming out so. I don't want it it's kind of an overuse. Hackneyed phrase does aid he's giving way to get it to me is a winner Els and yes this championship window into tock. Out oh huge when it hit here this team was not built in and gave the press he came in battle with a mandate which was to what you need to do. Spend the ill make the splash moves do what you did in. In Florida do you did in Detroit beat the big splash move to try to get this team to a position to win immediately and he's done it. Can this team win now while in I have to because it starts this offseason Campbell's cam that's a huge and Curacao contracts not the guy that. Just can't imagine the back into the bullpen without him. The domino and you have to replace him somewhere I don't have in front with the close of markets in the off season but. And that right there completely changes how you look at the entire pitching staff well and it ties and the price to where you need him to opt out because if he stays on board and I would be helpful. The Red Sox Renee or opt to wait in terms of payroll and they have to playing hooky and Bogart's in Eduardo Rodriguez TJ all these guys in arbitration it's what you look at the reds' psyche think. And he got years and ten east 22 devers is 21 McKee helped this is this a three to four year window and also at most and also. Even to really for tot mom when Chris sells only him and also mean yankees owning a better from here. They're gonna sign bright sharp this offseason or match Otto or somebody I don't is yet they're only getting better about parallel conversation. Do you think Bryce Harper's again. His power to his power numbers are there usually works is it to twenty hitter doesn't matter anymore maybe but he's becoming currencies Adam Dunn. But he's sort of ease of getting into that mold a little bit where he gets on base a lot EU member Adam Dunn is a quirky hitter. They're good on base percentage guy would strike out a lot good power numbers. Is Bryce Harper sort of falling into that kind of mold this is this is certainly not what you expected from Bryce Harper this right that's fairness. You reason nationally and experts Arthur I'd stay c'mon. And I got the acting going on baseball reference by Saturday talking to each and I don't mean to interrupt your conversation sits inside radio are able like. The producer talks the host's immune response to him back this week and look at us we pulled it regarding attorney yeah elegant are just talks on the air Ito just to stay holed loads are right back and actually I'll. Sounds some points I mean Bryce Harper last year and a PS over a thousand and right now he's at 840 so I wouldn't quite a big trap off it is. It is but he'll get you into. In a contract year note ten years 300 now. Thirty Milton. In Obama's painting on was like trying to sign freeagent what's what's next you're gonna look like the army people are taking a guess for this free agent class to an extent by. I don't know away you can expand 300 notably the idea they just somebody will do it somebody will Paul we only money five. I get it but the idea that somebody will pony up the money to meet that narrative took a little bit of a hit with JD Martin and that's say it's completely gone. By well somebody paying somebody you'll throw that money Adam Eaton Martinez sat there with realistically no suitors until finally the Red Sox like all right let's. And up this dance let's do it well we need to mention Jeter Martinez can opt out after Tony nineteen which sheets are down the aisle that think about that. It's well but he got that adds to do that out that is a plate the rats that's five years. That adds more to the window argument right I don't know what in nineteen you have Sal who's up and Martinez who will be Kimberlin may be gone already Terrell maybe on our. And it pushing the luxury tax thresholds they are already. Mean you could say that's already. Hampered them to a degree wouldn't respect cast he'll have gotten shot. At some point. I think clean up and Pataki put up good numbers with. A bottom half the order that's been dreadful that it's it's been the dregs the American league for long stretches of the UJBJ gives you a chance hundreds and even if he's hovered around Mendoza line. We don't. It's exactly the Majorly artillery years dvds war it was zero when he was like 191 a fun experience by the way sitting at dinner in that. Now our export. Probably our report. With my uncle my dad are sitting at the bar having dinner talking war and it's who would have asked me explain on war. I and my dad's big. I'd Alex batting average all runs RBIs and how old school mean -- is he is very much by locals a little bit more willing to embrace some of the newer things but war is a hard statistic to explain. But how do you know Beirut's war would have ban or what is different war than the wins above replacement it will whose replacement. The -- I blew Gary well a Wally Pitts Warrick compared to Lou Gehrig is does quite well we got a right that's all sorts of league average player but that's where the league average we'll hear. It's I don't know who's Chad Pennington you know as heavily armed quarterback to make. It's tennis and Chad Pennington Chad Pennington just got a right in the middle McCain to quarterback like one of the better rates Easter photos that Brady is out. Since this is not it's not exactly murderer's row there. 6177797937. But that was a good chunk of the dinners trying to explain it then the politics stock talks start. I mean there's a lot out of there Metrix and a lot of numbers you know that the whole war stat the other. It's. A guard Jonny. Gomes like a month ago come up with some new stat on NASA and I'll I wrote about this on non. Aren't you look through that work well think quick break he gets 3833 without it without incidents that's a good thing. Bloody eerie ring out with you on C it's Thursday night after the fourth it's like Sports Radio WB yeah this. Outs were loud and come loud outs. It's much that night on Sports Radio. Bloody Roemer Sports Radio WEEI it's and this is the son of the summer couple Summers ago we'll Daft Punk. This they are very slow. Version Harrington and they threw up all night yes. Evidence out of this this Obama it sounds delusional dance account grow I do so I Nissan and from computers it's. 83 year old navy. More when relatives of the whole get lucky might get lucky got flatly that is. It. What's your son of the summer the line. And some country. And country out some way this yanks had phones out there I am mom I'm easily way behind on music. Notes keep up on the music trends now now area at files back. The current law. Heck of a lot about the legal turns out that's what I do. Some anything to do you know and it's going to be hard nosed hard scrabble journalist. Collins got out there cult. You missed that entire how to manage a topic for you missed entire knowing missed reading but it but it was not now. We today given that 32 take on the call on that yeah. He's very lucky that he's NA. Revered position at the Boston Globe because he would have his name I don't think buddhists or less the US about some like that. Whitney being who I am right now yet I can't apps and does he direct answer not only answered before you know I get scolded by somebody who and I said the same thing as the guys for Cedeno got worse and when you set gets scolded for that nobody gets it first guess where the person who work to school. The glow. That it gloat a little saints this happened one late in April or on the marathon so way out tonight here in a loser column knows what triggered severe suspended in April when he went back and be back right loss of vacation call that occasion. And the business. You know what that's like now I was on pay read it tires are now for a couple weeks out. X is that you writing stuff they've both been paid yes I was rom running Roxy. And there. Taipei from extravagant vacations and not maybe made it an extra bathroom. That's enough rocks together that's what you need to battered city or easy units you can use like a Tony anchor I mean how can you how did you read any time and on com now in. And believe it's our believe any sourcing you know it's not at first name last name Social Security number and it is so. Despicable like it's it's like stolen valor like being tune in with with with with the disease and I like I've seen people that are hard like I remember I can't remember name nothing particularly want to but I was at the and the guilty plea and sentencing. For the woman who. She tried to scam the one fine and she did. Andy she essentially wanted the same level of compensation. For either that the amount of people spam with up to those who were killed. Or people lost multiple wins is like the highest levels to tier level of compensation depending injures she won that same level of compensation. And she was acting further waiting column what it would blocks away from this thing. I don't know what goes through. Each person's mind that drives them to two dude who want to wind I mean yeah. Yeah the the gang bangers are on the streets and either living that sort of lifestyle. I nineteen don't get by any stretch the imagination it's horrible in its own way. By I guess I have at maybe an easier time seeing how people end up going down that path. Then the different type of depravity that leads somebody to say at least scanner charity and try to make myself into a victim when I was once -- she's not the only one but that's just an example lies and and that Dick Donnie his wife was on canes a couple weeks ago when she said that they would ditch they've encountered people in the past to add. Who have done Colin like things you're pertaining Darren weren't. You know she said there's one woman who was kind of story. About her marathon about her maritime experience in the news that she wasn't a survivor but she kept lying about it people just have this weird thing and they were colonies he wants to be the guy on the story the man on the street so I'm very old school that I hate who he wasn't there and he's he is a perfect tortures he not. Perfect character tactic that. Tommy donny's con these types of war of covered terrorism and I think now and aren't. But people people do he thinks it is on the troubles is going to be like I was home record audience that. It is the amazing pop sponsoring its stores geez it's tough. Again trial yet unbelievable Tommy Donahue captains are Obama I know a lot of these first responders I mean I've known in the theaters are this too was there any stretch during your year period of silence where there was a particular topic happening and you were. Just chomping at the big distance that demonstrate I've been suspended while that's been apparel but I meant suspended from this particular radio station. And. Sometimes you know the outlet. Like that's the most frustrating partly don't necessarily just money or anything like averaged is let's aren't as the eye like an hour insists we need now ranks yeah. People need to know what I think about this guy did it quite real quite a lesson that the united the super patriots played the super ball is bad spree ballots checked and the world goes on and on the opining on it and etiquette lesson you're right in Spain beat. On the court it would without the thing it was the thing you didn't wanna tool you missed I'm Matt Matt the point or am I listening keynesian I am. Arguing with Jerry like from my bad. What are you talking about arming teachers are crazy. Can you defend separating you know families that the Boyer to entering America well thought out there and it is Gerri it's in about. I'm so it's the political stuff it's an opportunist and a more. Articles than I am. I and our political argument my uncle and after that it was fun as exhausted I don't know if it's not everyday it's exhausting. I do on the answer to do it in real life but you eat at you fighter suddenly going up to people in and wanting to. Just tell them what you think of this particular getting if you haven't had the outlets here in yellows Jerry crow about I go around my guess might Coolidge corner aids stop people on the streets ran to trade amnesty please like enough commute back on the air this guy. When I work with and that's of the letter writing campaign that happened to get you back you know I mean we know what I'm talking to us. I sit as of last week and I mean year. It's it's narcissistic it's a narcissistic disorder really when those liking eleven on Friday at a fourth of July weekend and amendments act of economic I'm happy here like there's something wrong he says. It's arranged your deranged individual anybody today especially if you're here full time this is your world there's going to be something inherently wrong with. Sting is no question about it I was taking all last week and axle and anybody this year apple they in the little ol' we're winning we giggle out a little different they came and and why are playing Nat sound did anything to do it that I don't think so I agree Harrison. Right here. I attribute them to Kirk. Kirk's answer I'd get the better in the crater I agree to an attorney argument that there's a anxiety directly due to a totally with our but I like it. But lightning that's different accuse me gallon he's refueled anything he's smiling morial messed up. Very real weird and I entered here very messed up and become even more it's almost hard to believe. I'd 6177797937. Hope for a good frequently said. President was weighing in on the play that's on coming back over a it ends on Twitter professional radio announcer here Donald Trump has some new thoughts in the NFL protests and I know you've been itching to get to your thoughts in on his thoughts he noticed Alex you weren't in as accurate reference doesn't really make sense but it is needed take it out of there right. So that's the returns that tick existing base via bat that's great resignation. Is present awful. That was dragged its acreage that veteran DA's stock bloody injury or sports rated WB yeah. Back to more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Right now at three. That we. Every shoe worn it much talk about the administration into tonight's show to mandate well you're warming up for the mortgage. Yet just which is there inventive ways the last thing was your favorite Pruitt corruption story it's been a lot of good ones. Mine is like where his aides like burst into his hotel room banning this dynamic mapping. Now it's our top well there's also a 41000 dollar. Soundproof. Phone Booth that he has and as I was on the phone Booth and thinks. I get the impression was like when the old gets Markota silenced as soon stands and there are always images for private hauling. Which sees it sounds very phone Booth there. I I picture though. You don't remember get Smart get Smart before my time but there's a show get Smart Don Adams agent 86 and the data the cone of silence and these two plastic things we just descend from the ceiling and covered them. The joke was they could never hear each other when they were talking on the phone south. Yeah this is the open. Get Smart. Steve Carell did they did a movie about. I didn't actually see the movie but I was told it was made him was in focus and I've got to check into. Donald Trump within a Montana tonight with Tom do you think he's hung out with Bree. Well that is a interest in conspiracy theory shouldn't ago anyway they pay for my final page views are WEEI dot com EM. We got out there for her for a headline does he matter what you right after according to collect slats and as saying too though it's a mossy right now here's that I would tell the journals and students I had the pleasure to speak with them checked all the the headline. At this point in the game just all about the headline your career is defined by those ten words ten words or fewer and that's that's. That's demonstrated that he us and the plot characters are 425 pixels is let's say how much teeny TNT Google news we had it out on for a search engine optimize patient as they say eighty. Some. All right this is Donald Trump who apparently again talking about NFL players internationally at the protest. Hey how about the NFL locker. Lot of 'cause I don't. Know you read USA is right. Lot of drugs got yours but how about the fitness and stupid that you don't have to. Do this anymore if you don't respect the flag if you don't like the country or whatever it is just go. The locker room. Get in many respects that's worse. Just got worse and not stand. I think that's worse so they take what. Locker room so okay good and them getting ready to play they run into the locker room that they come back out you know what. I doesn't. Actually think in many ways it's worse I heard this thing that that was a lap. The owners skipped Michigan where this guy comes from I have not dependent. Forty million dollars a year. How their ratings are down 20% but you know why there ratings are down yes the flag. But you also down because people finds. Politics. And the words hitting trump. Incorrectly but hitting job they find that to be much tougher meaner and more interesting than watching a football game I actually. Watching cable networks several aren't football trump has brought to you and then why does she loses hope things started with the flag and we have them. Washington tried to change yes. And nine. This is great that was and is awesome the NFL owners can do this policy where they had no reason to do it no one was even dealing anymore in our mind talking about it. They make this policy in stay in the locker room the sole purpose of appeasing trump. Becomes the day after and says well they're gonna stay in the locker mate didn't just leave the country. And now it invalid I think it's in upper tier. Crews from out of town and a it is is that Allah and now it's the kneeling in there from Bozeman. I'll talk slower and now it's staying in the locker room it's even worst in the kneeling. Looked heat from a political standpoint he shady you know he's criticizing to Dell send him in their ST NFL owners and thank you card by re stoking. You don't want. In this is the sad part about politics too laughing you know on issues solved what the issue. The issue matters more than solving the issue was told everything else is a wedge issue. They he will use to fire crowds like that to get people to polls heading into an incredibly important mid term election. This is a huge win. Gig for trop getting this. Issue. In the news toppled mind we're he can be brought up constantly. And they arise as an attack on and on the flag and American values. It's east playing he is playing a perfectly presence played perfectly Yemeni political state court. Should witness accounts I have not yet. We're different. Or until these importing into Dell like boys before. All eyes darted at partly although he does I tried against in a solitude they wouldn't let him by the bills says it all goes back Brad I remember. And does the early days of the campaign remember interviewing trumpet and talking to him about. Brady any said that he told Brady to sue the NFL for 500 million dollars. Which The Herald wrote about some reason buried that putt that was great. And it was on free and Harold very soon they'd be buried it and and then and lots of content talking about. You know how we actually like really likes Roger Goodell many makes it sound L you've never heard it before. And it's it's it's great it's appeasing the the on appease a ball. Trump is never as you said this the greatest GeForce the F lawyers gave him a gift on a silver platter and each is its policy nobody was asking for nobody was talking about and I hope the never. I helped dispose of their faces even. The owners may I think this policy for the sole purpose of appeasing right meanwhile would you do yeah and it's. I do think is at least a little bit an element of wanting to establish some control. Over the players sort of the the body hair off the inmates he mean. You look at the relationship between the players in the NBA and Adam silver and they have the more stringent nationally at the policy NBA if you in the NFL why. There is an inherent trust built in there it seems between the front office and the players that they will have ways to express themselves that they so choose or not. United do attorney and then you'd you're limited as to what you can do the stadium. It they're OK with it. Because they think the trust. And ownership they trust the people who are rightly they weren't actually brought a couple years got more than I did at the answer it does exist in the NF. It means to get me a great example is the sterling brown is right the bucks issued statements test. And based in Milwaukee police departments know NFL team is used to now not say that those are right there but it's it's an end. Think the other thing too is the ratings thing. I'll pick it up owners wanna look themselves in here and say ratings are down. Not because the anthem protest something that we can control don't do it anymore but because of just the climate. Of television oddly enough happy you're happy the NFL would be if the anthem protests were the decrease was causing fans collectible. It's easy yet fixable completely within your control they would be incredibly happy if that case it's not it's much more complex than that. Allen's always simple people are watching TV differently people are consuming content differently you'd try to stay ahead of that curve. And it's difficult to win for networks even more so. Whether it's ESPN or fox or whoever when you've got multi billion dollar television rights deals and they're counting on you selling to contact the old. And relatively speaking now NFL ratings are still massive NFL games were 37. Of the top fifty most watches past. Mean it's still on the other thirteen. And a I don't know people watch like Netflix and Hulu but events mean it's let's talk about now is sports is the last thing that you have to watch live others that. Not a single thing that I watched live I can't worry I have cable is because for god knows more or reason. You well for sports even that I can get through the ESPN app or whatever we had. You don't need to. Cable we don't need. But you need Internet for the other stuff and actually cost less to get a basic cable package and Internet. So I've got a basic cable package and other now I tried to cut the cord I tried to. But it is abnormally and 25 and it is I would say abnormal that I paid for a full cable package that's going on that second after. That's why or central air I choose MSNBC over the second Nazi is a horrible decision and there's a lot of monologues as a horrible decision and somebody wants it really should be shame on her about my final hour the show comes your way next Gilani and Alex Roemer Sports Radio W yeah.