Mut at Night - Red Sox at the midway point - 7-16-18

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Monday, July 16th
Rich Keefe and Chris Villani break down the Red Sox season now that were offically in the all star break. They also get into some important contract details concerning some of the Red Sox star players that could impact their futures in  Boston.

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Excellent shot eight plus plus job. I rich keep he's got his cat door podcasts going on nights and feel valmont Twitter ex heat 21 risky with. Kick the ball WE yeah I rich keep courtesy. Bridges and keep him sane out right now here's. Night on Sports Radio W we. Very low it's. The reds keep show. Particular guy. McChrystal Lani at night though factors Gilani should probably have to show named out there there he's the wanted to get a beer to cannot insert a sad about that happened. Merely said it was even mentioned. Was because. There's a while ago Mott was all hot and bothered his jet didn't make it opens the jets at all make an open forum I'll make it open are open I gaga get so much shows up on average three times a month to his own show and anything it bent out of shape it is an open. Yes that's right you're you're gonna back correctly got it gave. Here who have yet it's a felon right now so I remember the days before ma was indeed abuses indecent acts yeah with Allah and that what you're was I don't know if you go back a ways that is on the morning show now yes he's a big he it's he had ever this week there's a full week of modern knights. I hadn't quotes I'm not an after tomorrow to complete his short show tomorrow. Right or until 700 elsewhere in all star game right here on WEEI Chris Sale the starter bookie bet Steve Martinez that he just was in the trending both from starting lineup as well. Don't forget Mitch Moreland and Craig Kimbrel that's good a lot of active that game starts at 7 o'clock. House and so on to some yes are you tomorrow you know. And then what what actually I don't know what you might not be doing tomorrow over our remote. Now you still do Vietnam for sure also with the illness. OK there's a lot of the whole station just picks up and move down or title tomorrow. Yet and there's other times you do remotes they're psychologically that's that's probably are you on the subject of yet thinks that. You know Flanagan at a time and even got an email just like you well we'll wait that he number there is scheduling issue and if you listen to the real Casey podcast it is discuss I didn't hear this week in depth. About the scheduling issue begins. I once was beyond yesterday schedules that I was on yesterday so I showed up yesterday but Bradford. I was at all so he changed his flight plans around it led to a series of ornery angry text from Bradford boy had to deal with all day Saturday so that was a whole speed of divas by the way so they went from double booking them not booking that was something like I don't know I showed up on knows next month of Sundays I'm off. Got it at that you'll Bradford orgy relic from a very happy for that because maybe that's been tapped it wasn't like keeping those too busy if there's a lot of times right just kind of sit back and leave the room actually heard segments of the time now to slip to an end bitch there's a lot of infighting there we have to dip dip every now and then I take column senate to break actually easy trying to get it down I think that's a good showed up about them out. So tomorrow you you figure it. I believe almonds are like the and other we get like 3 o'clock that says what the schedules for that day and ending clearance slick morning show crash at apple has been over there for hours but it's it's a bit. As an all out there written down dirt Gerri on artistic and produced it's on it's it's very it's very clear on that so this is not a baseball all star break that a week here their their way past the halfway point they haven't been played more than 81 games. They play what 98 games yet. And if they go 500 the rest of the way they still win a hundred games. Those are goes straight from a 112 win pace. They are they're the best record in all of baseball there a couple of other really really good teams in the American League in the in the Yankees in the Astros. Maybe you even wanna include the unions aisles looking up the Vegas odds as it stands right now. In the Red Sox and Astros. Have the same. Odds to win the World Series. They're the favorites the Yankees are behind them. Should the Red Sox beat the favorite to win the hoping base of their record or do you include you know Houston's been there done that at some of the issues the Red Sox have had you know. Especially their starting rotation once it's rolled around the pole. He's some big things jump out right now the starting rotation is the biggest thing and now depth is really starting to take him with Eduardo Rodriguez go to the DL yes a lot of these things been well documented but Chris sales proclivity to fade down the Strachan. Used that great in the postseason start he had last year a lot of irritation is either. Untested. Or ineffective in the post seat and David Price a big part of this too obviously. Another thing to look at is how the Red Sox fare. Against the other teams they are eventually going need to beat to win the American League pennant and when you look at the contenders against the contenders so if you look at the Yankees Astros Mariner's. Red Sox athletics Indians. Okay you ought to tender the sixteenth will go sixty Democrats a Red Sox are one of those games. Red Sox twelve and fourteen against all of those teams combine the Indians and played not as weird but again the teams they played. Yankee disastrous marriage athletics the twelve and fourteen yankees are 29. Again spec for the Astros a two when he won sixteen against that group the Mariners 1616. Against that group Indians and athletics and the teams have done worse the Red Sox so. There's a little bit head to head struggle there against the Yankees they're four and five they split a four game series with the Astros. There's enough to make me feel like yes the gonna win a ton of games because so much the American League is so terrible but. I think year here kept kidding yourself if you saying well this team is just. Are concerned including in the month of September when they play the Yankees six times they play the Astros three times in the Indian through town yet so the whole secret whether or not they got the play in the wild card game or not. Could really just come down to. September and I think you hit on it too would some of the pitching issues where. Hard to put together another 8910 game winning streak if Brian Johnson's in the rotation or a few art of Kosuke as were jail and beat some of those guys have to be you know used more than they were in the first half. Relatively. Stephen right at her editor pom rants got hurt. As far as sale price for solo Rodriguez until now they've had those got dealt a double digit wins at those guys. But few teams are able to have that luxury all season long Geathers has been making every single start which is obviously important and now. If you would ask going into the trade deadline he meant to the Mike was dockets rumored there during turning now but. What's the Red Sox big need. It is it's starting people off and running I that I that I thought it was a reliever for awhile but now I'm mighty B started chain and I still think. They could use another guy if he can't rely on Joseph Kelly that we'll utilize talent or virtual holy early age always use another guy every single contender may only serve in the Yankees could usable whenever that didn't take one child and is like any too much money it doesn't exist more money have good yeah I caught him enough or highlighting. But they think they can even if they traded for a second baseman and a great third down about a third baseman but you know I don't know how long devers they think he's going to be output. Bit of fear spots and that a starter. It's a huge need but it again it goes back to Rodriguez like when you think you're going to be able to get him back if it's worse. Then then you know just trip on the DL for 1015. Days then yeah maybe need to get some bills their body also is Heidi you know prices can pitch well post season. I don't think you'll patrol on the post you know that you are you have nothing to base that I don't we all right we. Their argument with somebody last week to say and like well he's got to find these price on you but what what do you that's why he'd be badly that I hear it's wiser to that. I think he'll be. Find in the regular season and he might be able to help you. When the division for the once you get into the playoffs I'm absolutely terrified boy he's gonna have to make you start against the Yankees in post season brightly. Probably a Red Sox lose before they get to that point yankees lose before they get to that point. Off the Red Sox. Continue with the best record and who knows that they will get they got to face the Indians and Angela teams are in the second half of them opposite number as of tough schedule open if they have the best record. In the Yankees have a wildcard team. There's a division around right there divisional series threats like the Yankees so you can put a 115. Games. And then go up against Severino and sabathia in the openings you know of the DS and you're done. Another thing since the about this playoff run to Hewitt think a team where that he's earned while beating us you know the teams that pays a 112 wins you'd think. Would be a position for basically the entire month of September. You get healthy you have guys skip star lineup lineup finishers starting rotation exactly Ali you're on. Yankees right now or what Warner halfback in the moment. Forming an eight spotted a little bit these last couple days the Red Sox built habitable lead three in the loss column yet so I would play an actor she palatable but after a the Yankees catching up though at least in terms of number games played which is which is it is yet know finally bite the the Yankees you would think are going to be especially the plates in the sixth on September. They're gonna be pressing for the division obviously to avoid that one game play outsell. It's still on usual and in that gets you look back in the annals of baseball but certainly in the wild card era I can't remember. A team on pace for a hundred wins. That anything to worry about really in September William bit missing out in the wild card early in 1946. When one team made it from each day than five but. You're going to win a hundred games it's basically a foregone conclusion. And you still. Are gonna be playing probably all high leverage gains through September I think it happened once before a could be. Completely wrong about a team. Was a wild card 100 games it was late the Braves may be late in the in the early two thousands there might have been like 200 when teams in the division but it is very rare. As the same thing for the Yankees and they may. Cruised to a hundred wins. And then they got to go play in the you know. James Paxson in the Seattle Mariners for one game plan and an and then go from there pill there with the Yankees it seems much more likely that they are gonna add somebody. Over the next two weeks. Doubt good news there's a report today that made him a shot though it seems like will be treated to the Philadelphia Phillies right happened yet but that's the case. Perfect Bonita going there. Put him in that lineup with Stanton and judge everybody else. But they'll probably be a player forma stock is still probably be a player for a starting pitcher. If they needed upgrade Oksana grace stinks like they need to upgrade that. But they're going to be in the mix they actually have a farm systems though. They have they are paying as much money as the Red Sox are. So that's the other I'm not gonna freak out about especially if it's not much shot but shot it would be worth freak out about anybody else OK got to kind of anticipate and getting a little bit better. And from the Red Sox perspective is there aren't any data started again Gallic missed dockets in stocks has got a hold of pop it out. He's at 240 to fifty meter this season not 77 Ethiopia as I. Voters say two for one season not long term but for the rest of the season he's better than diverse. When I didn't wash board where he'd give up again. That's the thing now. President of more than one team is interested they can probably give up more nasty toward brother cohort there is more than one teammate right braves yankees at least three teams to hit it can offer more than the Red Sox and that's what matters I don't know. What they can do I think they can only get Steve Pearce type of players like Steve Pearce reliever. Our Brothers Steve your starter Roy somebody like that that's the again I don't know if they get the stock was nineteen home run outs top. The rays make outs Cobb available is an ad of the Al for a Arian three years. It is so are you better up ruled that the question becomes. Do you have is pom rants or right ready these guys coming back at answers no. And it's outs Cobb vs Brian Johnson or Jalen peaks that image you do away. But if you're gonna have some the other guys that you Gordy I'd start this year than maybe you won't need to do. It's a tough market though it had to do with you would think it wouldn't be that tough given the fact that there should be. I don't see nearly two thirds of the league that are sellers at this point. There's a lot of bad teams that there but there's just not a lot of players pieces that. That anybody's willing to make available and there's only a few suitors going for the same small crop of players minutes but shot shows the name. That's the guy. That that is a game changing type play or where ever he goes he makes substantial impact its in its New York. The Red Sox are Canadian at that arrow thing that's the worst seven internationally Philadelphia area fire Milwaukee whatever it is convertible into guilt over the World Series yeah cross a bridge when he gets that's five and then while done by whoever is able to get what you're looking at our at this Kazakh parade. He might be better than what you've got. But what are you willing to part width. In order to make it happen because they don't buy into their seems the school of thought that will go all in at the trade deadline this year BK is. Campbell's and a lot year in and sales coming out and Judy Martinez a watch your next year in any pain would keep bats and everything else. Fine so what does all in the look like woo hoo I don't even know what that's what got them say it in the Denver devers and that's that's what it is you really wanna go down that road I'm not very endeavors for three months of Russia. And I'm not even they it's gonna be Machado and they're going to be asked for devers for three months of my stock and that's when I and that's where they're gonna start in the past you laugh that out of that are terrible they're gonna say let's go through your farm system with huge guy compared to Atlanta that they don't have much now they the futures game was last night or yesterday the Red Sox have one player that one player in the futures game is Brian Matta. Who's in nineteen year old right handed pitchers like Salem right now. That's sort of speaks of the system and one guy and the features game. Most of their young players in the early in mid twenties are the Major League level the rest of armor traded away for Kimbrel or sale or whoever else and and you know that's fine if you got really good players. In the meantime but. I don't yeah I don't know what all in even looks like. And I don't know what outside of the Major League roster they can even give up to get anybody a guy go back to you Addison reed and Brad Ziegler and move like that. That's the equivalent but Steve Pearce is already example of that yet that's who you can get and maybe. There's somebody you think can at advocate special skills that. David is a guy available that just gets lefties out back out there is Alan Embry Americans feel that base is going to steal a base and Dave Roberts steal then they didn't do that. Joey Gathright and added some speed guy but a few years ago and I are fine you wanna fill your roster you're looking for somebody like that the Soviet. If you trade Blake's wife hearken back getting anybody to value back but that's just that's just the way that it is. But I redneck gun nuts and other thing to look at your jobs mossy brought this up right handed starter. And yeah it is goes back to looking at a head to head match it could. You can't just look at it through the lens while the Red Sox when a 107 gain so they're fine. They're 107 games is mostly because they're really good of course they're nobody can take that away from Bosnia's most the league's stinks. But the Yankees are 23. And six. Against left handed pitching here. Other a lot of his particular monitoring all the right handed out 62 OPS against lefthanded starters so throw three out of four lefties against them. Got you where they ever answer every pitcher you have accept or cell phones or Steven Wright is a left and get right back. Gotta get myself as yet I hear this whole thing I've that's pretty editor and look at these numbers say they've offered to Nazis peace but labour Tory as a rookie yeah seven home runs 11450. PS stand eleven home runs in Ethiopia has. Gary Sanchez six and just barely over a thousand OPS. Erin freaking hicks in great editing both it's against David Price yeah probably seven home runs. And sixteen OP ads aired judge sixteen home runs yeah 950 please thought he had to go yeah slightly marred by the lowest three picks is blowing. Always dominate lefties got good news is you give you governor you could have a vacation with four lefties out of five. That's what the Red Sox could be trotting out there Miguel and do our reach when he won seven homers 9960. Yes against you know agencies flak you're gonna get over how I admitted he. 61777. I seven I hit reset of the number two job abort Sar with a Red Sox years they hit the all star break in first place but certainly some mom moves that could be made here. Over the next couple weeks. It is it never mud at night Chris Farley virtue Sports Radio W media. That's a more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Cecil to roll him out because we recruit him this good. Bombing of the team that we have. Quote to sell other guys are some units. Both of those who knows what we'll continue. A debt of over our fire but the Red Sox their first half. They have a Major League best 68 and thirty record. Florida half games up on the Yankees. 39 and a half games up on the Baltimore Orioles. Yikes. Orioles mathematically eliminated you. They've got to be a magazine not a look at the standings there's no like little asterisk by Emery couldn't win out I guess they could. But they're still if they want out they would reach a hundred Red Sox lose out paid bell would have to happen even manages just ridiculous but. Now what other stories that came out today it's proud Foley and tweeting about it was JD Martinez isn't tweeting about his travel was not getting to leave as early as he wanted to knighted yesterday morning now that may have been pared their someone on the timeline a Nazi dad here but Judy Martinez signs of five your 110 million dollar deal he's got opt outs in year 23. And four. With a means of clearly the guy I was very happy with this contract is they does does this to be fine. Silly as all those opt outs it has brought up to whom would you be willing to you know add more money in years to the contract this off season. And get wrote those opt outs and he said absolutely. Is that something that would make sense for the Red Sox have been so that way and I didn't see breakfast tweet. Take my word I blocked him that life and I went. When he says that easy talking about oh. Yes extending his contract in other words. Tearing up the opt out years or forward he tightened about adding a Cassini V I think our toes for Marti is to do. You have to tack on year or years and you probably have the bump up the money I did my best sell it but that's another way of acting like that question is another way of asking. Well would you be willing to stay with the Red Sox if they're willing to pay you more over a longer period of time. Which the answer of course would be absolutely yes yes yes the Red Sox to give Martinez he's relatively happy here. More or the same as to what he's gonna make on the open market and sure he's gonna be happy staying here. For the Red Sox perspective I think it makes sense to at least explore may be in the middle of next year yeah assuming he's still doing something along these lines that. That works against you the longer you wait if he has a lot of success. The open market simulator or more attractive bright red bite it at the same time. You feel like as the incumbent. You might have a little bit of an advantage of playing for good team again he seems to be very happy here is so big egos that kind of things can work. In a Red Sox favor but no matter why. In marketing hometown discount you know I'm yeah I don't know bargain on this guy now if you're going to keeping beyond these two years it's gonna be at a premium. Immunity paying guy into his thirties. Big money I think they need each. Other but I think the Red Sox definitely need him more and a sigh what they saw what a year was like without David Ortiz and without that other power bat and it's he won a bunch of games but it was not a real World Series contender right they are now Arab Judy Martinez is going to be. Forty and 130 for every year on the contract. But there is something about him having just silly numbers at Fenway Park but that's not gonna change and I know he's in his thirties now but. He's not a starting pitcher so I think he can still hit. For numbered years and he can DH more but he he DH is most the time now anyway but he likes to play the outfield but last few years the deal. You can just being DH in just his head of pointed fingers at three years that's an assignment was right handed to may wanna think about pitching in but. The the the biggest point they made there's the first one and that's why. We've week. Tickets Ronald yesterday in time by the MVP and my track and looking bad seem to be used the leaders of the clubhouse and these are pointing this out there aren't many wars is Jeffrey it is Martinez and this is become a war award it all out war. And package great poll question you ask your name or do you go for the and grabs war or the baseball reference war and how someone there Rick. Dozens of hers I doubt that split down the middle. The nerdy is poll question imaginable so. Putting that. That issue aside I know is torn apart families are yes. The fact is beyond the stats and be on the back gate and play the outfield and in doesn't have the defensive prowess than five tool player like bats and Trout. The impact if we're taking value. That that part of the war that part of the award. And in in really highlighting that the impact he's had on this line at the way to change things for guys like movie bats he's interval are sitting behind him. The way that he's infused. Power in in energy excitement to the top half the disorder. It's not just Martinez pitched can't tell me did that's bounce back is and at least in part do you. To the fact that he's got that our broader Iranian malign out of them definitely helping out Bogart's as well I mean this is the war. Tenth that's soccer icon. Not as good any pitchers ahead and it goes Trout all know these are just batting war Arafat batting wars Trout. Jose Ramirez moved you debts Francisco indoor air and judges should top five and Judy Martinez ten. Sorry digests are dead hours thirteen. Who's the better for their team Judy Martinez a gentle why I really don't if you look at war is a factor fine yeah I don't know and how it becomes such a be all and end all for. So many people know it shouldn't be like idiots. Snyder I notice that no wall based laws some so argue that nerds take over the game minute rule in the game you're saying evidently beating gritting your face did you like that but part of his character as a fellow nerd that there are all the dork dorks that they're dorks don't clergy different hardware it's a third nerds get really high SAT scores. Dorsey just passionate about kind of dumb subjects the biggest nerd argument all of baseball with somewhat tangential but the idea that clutch doesn't exist. To me that is the biggest nerd argument are Daniels I don't watch the games you literally just see the scores and you see bright plug in a volunteer your query series there this is worked out you know element whatsoever that feels like the tempers in makes that argument is the type of person for about never having played sports a high level. The guy who doesn't even play golf has never been standing over a four foot putt to break he'd rather try them on eighteen now that's same as any other four foot putt is without. Is in as it or late David Price pitching and Tropicana Field or Fenway Park since thanked him out sixty feet six inches at Saturday should candid yards mound is sick on with the extensions should be the same like now some of those things matter GAAP guys struggle in the playoffs why is that just the regulars as another game. To the game say pitches it is the size of pages but as far as Marti is concerned yeah I I think. It would make sense if they at least at bats he's considerate now but that in the off season. Parent 'cause you can definitely see them or him and another year saying RM free agent now. Ed teams religious bump in the of the value of which you could save some money if you go to him and find a deal and find some sort of agreement next offseason. I woke up and be able vote voted is so he's making 22 minute 22 year now it's five for one ticket well yeah but it's higher contract and so forever reservists when he 375. The first three years and it's nineteen point 35 the final two years just for some anti that is our heads. So but you can opt out and you would make forty something for the first two years 47. In and half so what are you looking at making it in and the year deal at the same. AD equity two million. I'm not sure you do I think he's leaving money on the table outbreaks that I would I would tag on what another two years because that'd be like if he opts out after next year. That's like giving them a five year deal from there on saying yeah but you give a five year deal so that you exciting originally a seven year deal with the Red Sox. And then you bump that up to over 25 those last couple years Iran get anymore but he price of seven year deal on the open market. But he also has the play out the rest of that year they get the play out all next year some really good that some of those guys just want to guarantee. It's it you know it is targeted. Actor and it depends upon what he's. Priorities are you want is guaranteed cash in in fine. Most athletes mean BJ Martinez but most athletes tend to bet on themselves throws guys don't approach it a mark we had our exactly but with. I'm gonna get hurt or. I'm not have as much about this team as they think or on the go into big slump don't think like that especially elite athletes they don't and to be in that kind of mindset so. Maybe he would go for that. I do think it beat but that deal it would be pretty team friendly and down be leaving some money on the table even if in the form of another year to that he could get on the open market. Six was 777 on 7937. To your phone calls here coming up it is Keith and Gilani Sports Radio WEEI you too much at night on Sports Radio. Yeah. Thad buzz out there Chris is the home run derby which is tonight. Washington DC home run derby fever baby catch people are fired up at the TARP on the field earlier so hopefully knock on wood things go as planned and rarely get this thing through but. The name there is talking about you know the hype in the sub limits because of Bryce Harper and it's his home field so he's ease. Don't be participating really the only name that everybody knows which are based off as a Freddie free minutes on the other guys and but as. Just casual fans press harper to only one of the eight that you will have heard of but Bryce Harper is in a contract year he's only 25 years old. Of course his rookie areas nineteen news you know rookie of the year's great also studies have all started in the year. He is hitting 214. He doesn't when he three home runs and 54 RBIs a PS 833 which is fine. But is he still I assume because 125. Gonna get the biggest contract in baseball history at the end of this year then that's that's the likely knows what he's doing I think it's still possible for sure. A mean would you hold. It I know it's different a contract your bullets in the years or flip to McKee that's had a season he's having this year last year at sea and yet last year this year. Would you hold out one bad season against him. His realistically that's what it is for harper is still has the power numbers that even right I think getting part of me getting on base yeah only been with the reload batting average. These silly walks he's still getting on base he still has again dopey as he still has the power he's still a big way they can change your lineup he could still get. The guy behind him in the guy in front of him more pitch it to hip is it. They get about harper fell in at 277. Career. Hitter now he at 243. Two years ago last year in Harlem into 319. Has MVP season here at 330. Seems a little bit about wires this year is a career low average wise but he's gonna hit over thirty home runs in the Andy's got some of those power numbers you mention the on base. I just you look at look at the numbers by a month for harper. I wonder if these if it's in his head you know values and a contract year. It to 41 and April and our council star and he at 221 and day. He hit 188. In June a hit east currently hitting 184 July. Is a Jackie Bradley junior average wise now again the farmers there. But I I wonder. But is forty million a year like is that something that he gave he could see and for Wikipedia 400 million dollar player. It's that crazy that age but adage it's possible that's an easy young and that's why and sort a couple of years and we'll keep pets in my trial if he's on a hundred home runs for your franchise. It got over the life of the contract that's not that's not at all unreasonable numbers forty home runs a year for ten years he's gone the Yankees that was. If 400 home runs the gates at Yankee Stadium he might even if I can get vertical crack. So I have my guess is rod worth of that grass I guess that's what kind of doing but I just. I'll look at him conflict in all the fanfare that that goes with him in order is sabotaging himself. In the contract year because I think a lot of those other guys had to be looking at them and saying artist heat. Sets the new standard for that high water mark is remember wasn't that long ago worked twenty million a year that's what being Ramirez makes that's at the big guys may. That also thirty million became the new appointed David prices of thirty million dollar guys rank he's at thirty Millon dollar guy. The A-Rod they're literate thirty millimeter or silicon player dollars and 45 million Alex Stanton noted that six or seven now okay thank you what it was like thirteen your dealer deliveries is sometimes. But so harper AM but shot a much out of the other one part of this offseason. Everybody's going to be looking at them saying artists they changed things where you make in the mid thirties maybe even forty million annually. Which is knots so for all this talk about you know. Baseball's dead at baseball's Arco anywhere when these guys are gonna cash in at just need an alarming yet but they're cashing in why. As the guys that pay them a cashing in those very early estimate on Daria when Manny signed that contract he referenced when he million dollars a year which was all my dot disguise it a 160 million dollars a huge -- and I was right report Iraq came in the eclipse that after he fanned ten for 250 with the Rangers that first it was it was an effort to 52. Didn't they wanna they wanted to double up Kevin Garnett contract which at the time was the biggest union watch they wanted to be out exactly twice as much it's kind of the weirdest dumb waiter approached contract a since you think they ever 51 point one million for Dice-K yeah I guess is some details of the fifties will be 51 at some and also think that. Really is the wheels turn and thoughtfully stroke future and mountain fun so when that happened was that gross revenue baseball like three billion dollars. I'll probably is now 1011. Now at least three times that growing. It's grown local TV deals are through the roof relative to what they were at the turns amber cardinals 21 years yeah it's it's only happened yesterday ET years since many signed that deal. So the fact is in this year point. For all the talking he tends to pop up this time of the year when we go to the Midsummer Classic and you see the average Egypt people watching it is the theme is that goes to an Evans relic book signing at its very public library but a lot of overlap there there's still in. Credible my money flowing into the game and we don't see the owner's bottom line necessarily. But it's reflected in the money it's an aide to the stars the league stars of the game which I'm all for them getting all the money in order to Chris sales and again in another year. With yet now 1213 and a half on such attends our next year team options so he's under their control for next season at thirteen and half that's it. But he starting Austria for the third straight maybe flip those two digits yet. Eighteen and 31 start with the David Price deal you look at that they are allies want that please and then get the money dollar dollar bill. In both by the host of this show the biggest contribution to make the show that's been thought it could have his voice stuff for people to an end to that now it does this note other Julio. But I did it take a look at it right now they're paying one guy over thirty million but between the bats and sail again might not be too long within a couple of guys make enough money assuming they resign and I know I still I still. Did not convinced that will keep that's gonna sign his next contract here he's not shown any and nor should he be attorney willingness to take. Any sort hometown discount is already making good money in arbitration. So look for the rest of the fight over like a million bucks from him now like some will remember that and some guys will use that against able to beat out a lot and a navy. Maybe they've built such a good team here he's the face of the team and wants to be here and also stuff but. There's going to be a toddler teams and or edit its years on the road there's a B every team in baseball and wobbled to bouts of easier revealed that you pick and choose where everyone's ago. Yeah and every teammates also want Chris Sale that's also throw so it there and in what you have right now to he really feels like this is a relatively short term thing Reid got half league league. Essentially tanking in just clearing. Money off their books they're clearing it in many cases they can they turn around. And try to add a marquee free agent is the build up their arms systems so that all goes back David Price hopefully outside. Rather about it though is that every day's a politician goes back to even got tired of the rights that I expected it to about their credit nationally central Cincinnati make around. So the course here the question but I'll define it. Al streamers gonna be joining you -- guys that come up with them he wrote a column opining on WEEI dot com which is available free of charge on while that for about the of the great business model for we're going on now the Red Sox in the trade deadlines hold doubly getting to that. I can't imagine a lot of all star game tock if that's emirates. I'm probably know already fill them quickly and you got a tight field on All Star Games you watched he'd get excited baseball's the best long probably. But there's this there is that you said he very low Bart if you only once on a mutant version of the sport I dip into the basketball in the baseball. Need amount comparable than the hockey when I feel like there's either Olympics are strikes than lose enough client yesterday they do well to avoid that. If they word to abolish all star game some sort of a project on administrative Fiat from whatever imaginary imaginary governing body of pro sports that I am I'm coming up with here a front if on no issue with what's about ten year old me would be very upset would have thrown a whole fit Canada look forward all the Austrians most and ten year old me would throw a fit if I don't get high screen now let's now until a thirty year old you would probably be similar every down I thirty and I decide whether I get I Scruggs and -- out of our most of Michael got -- internationally renowned civil -- we're out -- gestured for the the next three hours are there at -- the big golf outing tomorrow are you planning. Yet it like or I don't think I'm going to be able play only two holes because that by the time we start about and we had to do our show from there but anyway I'm a little. Lamb little cool sanity slap in the face our. I'll be on tomorrow too though after probably terrible round of golf so play golf on Saturday area Saturday. Right near the home of a certain quarterback. About the and got the lack exactly synagogue. All right I'll talk tomorrow too sick.