Mut at Night - The Red Sox should not play in England - 3-19-18

Mut at Night
Monday, March 19th

Rob Bradford joins Villani and they discuss everything from March Madness to women’s hockey to the Red Sox playing in England.



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It's. Monday. Every single person doesn't feel unappreciated all of every single player doesn't feel as if he's been go to our. It's really germane to two players in particular I think this is very much Tom Brady came back in 2000. Eighteen and says seventy entered you know what was once sizable malls and start doing some more things on the way I want to a forty. And that sea change from Brady even though might have been minor and understandable was really breathtaking as far as faces the concern was my mind. Mostly exactly do you. I don't there are kind of view that. He would tell you how is instead didn't directly take you back up and drilled will be there on the double the number. And I'm really here and my planner. It is now here's my bad night on Sports Radio done. You know all the questions that I might have run through the let's rob Bradford can ask me right out of the gate here. I might have gotten abouts how I don't know 101000 in before the one that you actually ice here I can't believe that you do put this in threatening. I know did not put something maturity now that CU. What happened 34 weeks ago you didn't know the duties honestly do you know the answer in my question I did not. So my question why would it up quickly a question was the US women's hockey team won the gold medal. Question mark yes. If you looked at me with like you start blinking like you were its remorse catalogs. Like Andy you're so nervous that you do know the it's three shots and a dash means I don't know the reason I asked throughout the Bruins game tonight in Columbus Bruins read out the gold medal winning you were in women's hockey team is in the house on right. I assume that's true. I guess. You need a second source basic idea this wasn't ever really uses none of them the level miracle on nights now now now or are the US and Canada by far the two best in women's soccer and Ernie Els is to is trying to catch up congratulations to the women's US women's hockey team and the men's curling team. Oh sure we are being honored there being honored as well I'll with a guy like with the looks like Andy Reid Gary is right there guy who looks like did you read when the finest Olympian athlete of that outstanding outstanding yet so they're it to Wear off targeted. So the Bruins take it on Columbus women's hockey team is there the curling team is apparently where they were is that game or watching your ministers are always there in Minnesota and the capitol Curwood immunized it and we are out all caught up on where our American. Gold medal winning the Olympics the Olympics for fire this year worth I mean it is caught fire around here I watch all the closings are they came and this they came and they went light. Nobody paid attention dot. It was weird because there are the other side of the world to which apparently I mean it seems like East Asia is the only place the wants to host the many more sell. Get used to that but any time there's that ridiculous time difference W watches evidently you don't mind and you Arenas for years upon years upon years. But the trend in villages built solely or like collusion idiot if it and then there's assassinations. And all kinds of stuff is going on if you get the Olympics in my street maybe they had an injury heal the curling got bizarrely. A tremendous amount Iran on TV every time I look. It was curling. But I can't remember Olympics and maybe it was because I was knee deep in the excitement of spring training I can remember Olympics it got less buzz in this one. An in if you look at the gap eagle of the cup with a medal count. Economic you know US you just assume it's going to be in the top three were great I only like six or something. Norway you know usually Norway's only in the is it now I'd I'm guessing they did OK and away yards it pretty well like assuming David duke is probably gonna make it to the sweet sixteen they are in the sweet sixteen knuckle in the lead eight they will be beaten out. The 23 zone will be too much than to handle. It's like it's the perfect storm could be like looking like the Spider-Man. I mean you know one pointing at the other it's 123 zone against the other week it whether redo the teacher gets a student when it's right through three zone but that's all right great. Talk about things you think you'd be in the show wave. The Kentucky by the way easy to use of that's might. Brett locket like today yeah well beating buffalo is exactly. As juggernaut. Is and so what what's your mind Brad I don't know and I dearly would be the hockey I was on my mom I know other Nat. Well that's the top of the let her a year I heard you talked when I was driving and I always enjoy listening when I drive in and hear the tones of crystal on I'm curious what to think about European baseball. Oh you wanna start there or join start someplace else and I'll you lastly with some in my book I don't know how to lead a lot of work together on on prepping this thing clearly I wanna the first thing is on my mind was I saw Lucy is the producer yes there was is always good to see her smiling face. And as I'm driving and I'm just thinking. I asked Lucy what is the best part of me being your. Box. That's what's on my mind so many things on the golf clubs is that. That was what was on my mind it is it is it's the emails with the subject line that job. Did you settle any day you never once sent me an email the subject line it's a positive out of it yet reader you now. DJ be honest to say to mock me about that the best they make my day but. That's a Ali. Also ray takes aggregate I and I Lucy is Donald I think I'll have bad days intruders took things for many things and put them in one thing such as they say great job she knowing externally perfectly. Let me tell you why she doesn't with panache. He he aggregates foot and I she writes weaponized and it did not she aggregation of ass and they do I always like embed tweets it if she doesn't all seem like a ten tool for. Here is that federal case right now about embedding tweets and images. The hope going polio anywhere right but it involves a picture Tom Brady hit it up enough all right the middlemen Tiki litigation was well there six I just think that like this saying good job if someone is such an underrated thing. Like I came in here and I could have said good job to Yugoslavia for the first tower and even though I would might not be sincere Mae and I would sincere but it would make you feel good or right. Brady every time he's interviewed he usually is just talking about how great everybody else's aid that's that's the typical Tom Brady. He had Danny just as such a great job out there in the offensive line just had a really great jobs added that he says that board any. And makes everybody feel good feel good and one thing one lesson I learned. You know you never do though when you have to win you have to say something negative never email someone first thing in the morning. Never do that fig about your newspaper guys up. The worst thing beacon happy usually worked late the worst thing that can happen you're usually working. As a waking up to an email saying you screwed up so it is the worse and it can't they happen to me recently. It's Daryl tell him tell your manager say do not email first thing in the morning well this is a reader complained again that whatever it is not a good way to start now got a good Wednesday though I knew it when I leave here today. I will say you're gonna do a good job tomorrow Chris Fulani thank you as well as you did today which was pretty pretty dim did the work from home tomorrow on the so I don't care excited not tattoo should work wherever wherever you want but you're talking about baseball in in England yes London. Red Sox yea you're gonna be flying over there. The WEEI dot com jet will be gas stop rob Bradford on it probably coach seat and seafood tower heading over to you're not a private. When out of college actually rule athlete charter symbolic at best Bosnia with a bastards in the time that charter on private jet. Yet struggle different yet but they're gonna one of the small price to go lucid Uga private jet you like besides the one that you own. Is Allentown. Now okay when you fly the horses around and so yeah I think it just hold it open and the overhead on that ankle badly. I was I had the honor first time ever this year Jerry Remy was nice enough he has a body and it was insane like when you do it. You just been in the morning guys connect accidents. All the guys went out this super wal can attest this. When you do it it's like what I I have to make enough money where can do this all the time that is by sole goal in life you understand you're never going to achieve Beckel and I know a cactus I buy it I I did sit in the jump seat just that one time bring you back down earth years to come back we're flying over there in England it's a stupid idea. Dom I hate I hate this whole thing a bow. Where expanding. Through the corners of the globe. The arts sports it didn't work in the NFL it doesn't work in the NFL you'll never work in the NFL. You can on you doesn't work in the NBA you can't put teams in the air I don't know what they're doing you can. You of one plane. I want to London. They did not there are you earth would I know six hours away. In wolf light I think it's like six with a five hour time difference most of the year but still. There are cities that are big. Big markets where they actually like baseball. Actually understand it so why would you go to will place there it is baseball not they'd never seen gamer no concept of what's going on a mighty reaction. Speaking for all of the United Kingdom really the all of that that the hold dominion everybody all of the British protectorate everybody involved in Bronx exactly. Is that they're gonna think this game is kinda kinda slow with a lot of stops and starts. It. It of their victory over the past that they're out because that's why they called a stop and start game and so etc. they have the same reaction to the Americans to baseball's best kind of slow there's a lot of stops its its. I so I went to Japan and now that obviously baseball fusion Japan. With the Japan in the Red Sox fit in 2000. And this take the interest and aside there was tons interest dice k.'s return and all that stuff. By in terms of the actual season to do this season is so dumb it is so unbelievably dumb and you can build an op days here in there. All around it it doesn't make a difference in baseball season isn't made the human body as it is and then you build in something like this. That debt red sock you remember this 2008 there with Japan. That Red Sox trip was so unbelievably dumb then you came back you would one off day in LA. I or work out at Dodger Stadium Hewitt two exhibition games at the LA coliseum. And these guys are never seeing guys are tired in my life and then and that was the start of the season it was our first two gay played so they played two exhibition games in Japan and I think beat two regular season regular season games. That equates to real games in Oakland. And then then they decide to go to trial. So they go to Toronto. And they decide to go there today all about the big league baseball's latest have Jonathan Papelbon was on record is not decided if I don't think it's a YouTube there. Advice I've never seen. It though a board dad asked the in my life and it was just as your getting used to time zones now you switch again and it was such an ill conceived idea and that's why they don't do it anymore. But now you get a force something in in London and who cares who cares. I mean I honestly worry about it too Angeli affecting the team look at the Celtic melody strip. And I don't like it's not her on the all star break seeking even building time there and if it's gonna be in June. Yet what are what are the impacts them for a week let's say a week. So you with a couple off days built in that's four or five games the division may come down to two games they come down one game. I'm not ready to give anyway potentially in June to put on an exhibition. For people that are in many cases might be. They like this is the 63 hours long and I'm not here it's in the seven that Maryland. I would I would you're pretty when Chris I don't care for and which shows up at one I don't care if they like the game in London people show up well it you're you're that the curiosity factor if you want. So what is the reason behind what would you say is the reason beyond because usually what they say as we're truck trying to expand the interest worldwide. For the game well the trust for baseball is worldwide again. Japan and Central America Central America South America at any parts of Europe in the Netherlands and Italy there are places that law baseball right is okay we got a crack climbed in well. Playing a couple games there isn't gonna do that it's just not it's that's what drove me nuts about the NFL thing the NFL Europe going back to that. The idea that you were ultimately going to get a franchise there and maybe you're still thinking that if humble legally ridiculous. Like well what why I want you to your point why would you in Europe a season. By having someone goes there what is the payoff what it could you talk about the ID BA. A quick that you know winds. To be honest you winds sportswriters. A good thing if you're terrific ones shipped salesman and is the relationship salesman in the stands wind is well beggars and match like I I would consider don't. Those types of people and that would then have the the ability to time resource is whatever to make a trip over to London let's turn this into a vacationing go watch couple Red Sox yankees game the way the people the way ahead on TV I don't colliding like it was. I'm never gonna go to Tokyo again the security one non dominant again dot dot dot again. But I got a chance to go I get a chance to go for freer as of the Boston Herald that time. And so I feel privileged to do that but it was like OK is this worth it. Everybody every player in the air with dragon but the entire time and then just when you're getting used to it you lead. And with this but why London one guy. It's an I think that you're focused on the whole like it's going to be aboard the American pay attention I care about the plight of the British people page it's. You obviously don't activities that at times sucked so what else forget it I mean honestly. About watch a soccer game well yeah hours and nearly drowned. That's fair mean you can probably get drunk after this baseball game as well and it's you know it's okay it's a three hour game if they do and I'll total ago. Lots logo you hear about the patients aren't thought as you heard about the patience of the English people yes. Don't have the utmost patience when you watch you know watching a soccer game is about why soccer isn't a thing of the United States Atlanta's Auburn two hours. If it's still look like he forgets the veterans as well as gates as well. Per per score. Per minute. The spread it out and a good number but that it's still constant motion. And for people you're what Simpson's episode respective zones was abducted it's bad they are constantly moving. But for people who truly appreciate soccer the beautiful game I'll like crap just. They seed. I gave it a different way that you and I do in the same with UC baseball and a different way some of it doesn't you'd you'd be done some million times round somebody doesn't like baseball Watson says nothing is happening. You sit up and nothing's happening or current they're getting ready for it to what curveball here at least he's taken to secondary lead in the outfield is moving over because this guy tends to go opposite field in the ball's gonna tilt toward a lie you're a big game I was a big day out. Like word for word of the seventh inning idea I didn't I needed just a week ago yes he's almost exactly word for word is guys split time between Gainesville and Salem last year fifty and Everett's out of the broadcast yesterday I really oh yeah I think though. Treatment. Now answered a phone to recognize it. So you are on record and against this laughs as him I I think it is among I'm missing it I'm against that any of these trips it's done such its as good as it may be a hypocrite that if this happens I will definitely go. Well of course White House I'll take a week not do week in London Phil vacation and see a couple of red Solio followed with an accurate because that way. But you're you're a guy you let's go to vacations. Doesn't like to what I always go to vacation place in trusting place is weird guy that lake's sudden shift your quick hits they got Christmas yeah sounds we gently crazy Slater my son becomes so instead data it got really good it naps and Colin yeah exactly yes it. At least he's learned something yet you 60000 dollars yeah go in good places absurd sleep is important I would definitely. I don't I would grade I bet it wouldn't be that expensive. Of course the flight to England. The Tom had had no I do get Lucy this this with the stretcher. Well producer. Acumen while Lucy doing that all takes a I was gonna ask reduce. Now g.s and she gonna look at the cost of power plates and we can do that. It's a few days after you do that. Can we get someone from England on. This talk about baseball tour that if we don't we listen we're just call earlier it's the middle of the night live action if the middle it's 130 you know you print it I know that you and I have not been there. But I can't hosting the royal wedding party at my please this year from my friend that is like going to be who wish wade didn't did pair you against a RTR thirty married. Royal unpleasant. Now the other ones solid the mark he younger one marquee post evidence at every became who cares. I struck the marquee post I know I don't buy your eye on Florida or. Yeah her memorable Shannon we have been his pitcher out there Chara back and a guide his security detail which is like Paul Sheehan was freaking flight to London one. Nonstop when he 300. Rule that that's round Turco right. We advise bright do about it that I assume what you I have doubt I'm leaving tomorrow right if I hear average ended April. Go to it so we'll do it when it's it's supposed to be in July July July 15 June. I was on June June June is that going to be on the weekend period doesn't say that assumes yeah this through like June 15. Mr. June 15 coming back but it's a June night when he second. I don't know it's only a couple of games for an. I wanna go through some sites you come into it I if I know it's a challenge is it what time listening right now a one and 34 hours. And 81230. They must have sports stations it all night if god dollar on their soon. Now well I'm what are. Like oh I don't I don't like rob Gould argued no reaction at that malice and let's go. I got 397 route trip where you look at 2300. As I got those. Listen apparently prepared for this one ends with the private to okay. I mean nonstop even as like 500. F or sixty is for those states I got 397 while airlines becoming Iceland just wow there are good while. So is there anyone we can get on or some maybe some and you call and who is from England and Telus that I did anybody Ford to see anybody listening in England you go straight to the top of the Q 6177797937. At that doesn't icu. I have no idea what will Tom in Boston though he's not from England from New England. He's been hanging tight wanted to weigh in on this guy Tom. It. Won't. So. It. Fortunately here in your phone is these kind of terribly you try to call back if you want 6177797937. We had a break anyway were planning a trip to London next week or next year rather go out next week to. All we have to do preemptive strike. Bogeyed scout it's gonna head you know patty why have to show in the great game I'm like the ambassador. Right talk about the secondary lead into an all details towards the line when he goes opposite field that had thanked me and Billy. Shore see that we're going over the ambassador segment seven missed out their form and in vasser are as far as where Bradford out who was then who said that someone sent to lose now Everett. Now now for general was that have been narrow it falls Charlie day all right they were at at the point of the program roster is saying things that popular front of his eyes say it's this we're we go to break 61777979837. Bloody Brad those Sports Radio WB yeah. The show never stops on Twitter follow along. Had much WEEI. On Sports Radio WEEI. I really need them to announce the date of this thing's a book my flights. The scalp being here doing the hard target search of this yeah I didn't think about the wild flight isn't there's a stop. Aware while we think that Icelandic air airline. Walter maybe you'll notice yes and Clinton. The public will video and it's. So. We're running out of we're running outward Google points erode global currency border with studio guys Lucy extremely how to call on him both. But the best slide out rightward try to call London. There were trying to figure out how. To sky after Google out of all. Out call on Google the number plus an INS and how it works yes. We could probably call like the BBC there they have an American location. I'm happy embassy to the trip. If that's Seeking Asylum we just need to know it elevates your its legs on point they could do Adam don't call the American you recall that Americans in. London wanna talk to to apple British T get married yet British embassy you think it's open at 830. Some. I did somebody had to be there. Are we can always default the Cornwall stunning ten more square ad networks I go to all the British beer company data to fit. It's. Oh the British bulldogs you'll wrestling tag team all of the British people ask often about your fantastic. 61777. Died said the daddy 37 John at Seattle works for Boeing apparently may be as little bit inside on. England and how they might react to this proposed baseball series being played over their next year low John. Yeah any hate catch up and that kind of time I heard you talking about this and that the world about it electrocution so they're breathing aircraft and and it goes something like 2000 miles an hour. So glad when that time 20/20 plot against you didn't notice that on a plane in Los Angeles. And it'll and in less than four hours so. I changed the dynamics of the sports. Ever but it's done with all due respect that I I like that idea. Other all the teams gonna jump aboard these planes every single time they have to go on a road trip. They cute at that rate as I've been I've been on those planes they aren't they don't have that they don't have the nitro. Is in the back and. Yeah it is it's a little changed trotman that this is much different on the concorde jet that whole industries change. So I think your 2025. On the calendar. I aptly in the next decade I think to be seen others shouldn't let their flights. Buttons I think so get on the. How how John as the as an airline aficionado. How it was the quickest flight the get from the it's a New York the London. Right now or six hours. I have at its. That's what we thought what happened to the ruling passed late. Eddie he's on sanity to the calls on its idiot to go and keep meant much sodium time and much more fun not just pretty much to learn he's got to build that plaintiff would have been a giant step on up by Tony 25 he I think going to London where you know play the Phoenix and London's answer Los Angeles in like four hours. Mean that's quick. No I I've heard that as well I I've heard I've I've heard you've heard I heard that yeah but my airline monthly. This is now I actually have heard that they're making these planes that are gonna go really really tested everyone's going to be like ours can be so easy to go on it while. I hate that might be the case. But there's still it's media interest this is where this is why you should care about the the plate of the British people and how they feel about it because that's where there has to be in trees to supported team just getting people there. Is not enough to get people to Tampa pretty quickly. They don't have the people about eagerly to support franchise the people of Miami pretty quickly there and add people to come out regularly do you support a franchise to get people to Montreal. Very quickly from here. And they did have the people to support and they get torpedoed by the strike everything else but still. There are American cities in North American cities were they struggled to support franchises you gonna support one overseas even if he can get their quickly. Now. All right but I guess my bigger problem is logistics for the players. It's never pass through this win is saying is the logistics the players may now he. Easier problem to solve now with the air travel going and in a pastor direction by the way. Can you name who won the English baseball league last year. Taught them close the London Mets as the team got the London Matt yeah. They've won two of the last three years only to be interrupted by the the upset. Over the London Mets of the South Hampton mustangs who the hell no that the New York Mets are not even the most successful Mets they're even being trumped by their London counterparts iso having grown up in the kind of ethics in Massachusetts easy. I've always been huge fan of the Essex Arabs. That's Atheros champions of 2014. A pack of video love but a couple years though when they need back to the top top of the heap we'll get there. We'll get well Chris we'll get there we do lock back there was quick yeah happened I didn't lose. So Paula call it with like a British accent or something and then I can as that is now. Al Davis Paul could use your best British accent. This is Paul I'm from England. So. Sounds a lot like Paul from America cry now I cannot do an accent I'll try one embarrass myself there readers get some this default so that the British pound down tomorrow square okay. We have the front with a fine but he weighs in this witness at a time somebody China and yes important I can say I always I've never been a London. Closest place ever and London is the Canary Islands which I know Spain but there's a lot of British ex pats there and so I didn't see single baseball fields or any apparent interest in the sport whatsoever that's fair. Like golf. Now there's no like all this though it would win that if you're not if you're not enough. You give me crap about like this pop I'd like to office that's the deal paid off today I let all tube. The when you are a whole tiger when you are they I would be in the WBZ qualifier bite. I don't know idea and appealing earlier teens and stay I don't think they were let it go from Google and a lot of these teams even if they were in it. They're made up of Americans. Who have some sort of tie even if it's sort of load. You know rough tile we see ancestry that Australian baseball team those in the Olympics. I does without all American. And I heard oh well no it was like 03 Australians and a bunch of guys it is not actually announced that out there not all. They were there are a bunch of marriage seed. Bloom and me yes they were that's false because I know the manager that teamed John people used to be Lowell spinners manager and I know Bennett he got. Probably. ADE 590%. Australians. What's your roster yes I disagree. We're running out of Google or can it. A many tabs you have open occasionally. Let's say okay so all they work 2016 WBZ. Okay ready. Read without Great Britain did act tough to. Tufts five to two lost Israel. Jack but they've bounced back with a fourteen to nothing drubbing. A Pakistan. Pakistan never sock on they'd beat Brazil that honestly surprised me Ford what is Amber's. Seems like they should be. Why and then they got the crowds they get balanced. 919. And one by Israel. So Israel bounce back. Known Israel people. Okay that is realistic and it didn't match up well when Israel. That's there via. Used to compete so yes so there ego so there is that we do know there is baseball mainland. That's a start and where those British people or those Americans. Or people of other country having ties to the UK some. I'm going through the late night making. You know my childhood friend Chris column belt he was on the I know Internet is being Lenny DiNardo was the wedding and aren't always yes starter yes. I'm looking at truth not recognize any of these names and Basra this is the most cooling that has been you don't lose their guy their coach. Well we have Carol was a manager of course for. Coach Trevor Hoffman really so yeah if there its hall of Famer Trevor up an anti have a connection to the UK. Yes the ancestors who were from England now about that it helped me to Bhutto. Six what 777 died 7937. Bloodied Brad bowing out at you on Monday night's Sports Radio WB yet. It's much at night on sports. Oh. Portrait here W. Guy Chris baloney robbed Brad. I'm rob my putter at Bradford and finally Chris Maloney forty war. Lucy that Lucille bird she's taking your calls tonight at 6177797937. Distinguish right. Feels English yeah she's not listening to as a matter but she's calling Ingle rob idea English and it's. I understand you get checked out some that Aaron Hernandez. Two part documentary an oxygen when it's out of coverage much more fun talking about England but yes. Yes Kress it stuck in my craw peca is. One of the mighty. My least favorite things I love documentaries I'd love them have been somebody could easily meets all the lottery for a rarity to have Erik yeah I've love thirty for thirty's usually. Mon my favorites of all time go look at air guitar nation the air guitar world championships classic yet. Anyway I just love documentary Seoul when you have a bad one. It's so this is much more disappointing and going to a regular move much more disappointing. Because you're investing your time getting worked up over and god is is a lot of time. Have more hours yes yes for our money grab those like Scrooge mean doc money bags of dropping. Mean it's what's a public how much I really Baez made all I'm sure they meet some some point out don't get me wrong by. The last for any television bias had was. The should very short lived. I use the jury show and that was on fox you know deal he's got on fox okay I don't. A McCord cutter basically so I don't really know the hierarchy of what television stations are good. But oxygen feels like you went through a lot of others before you are all budgeted no question about it but I'm surely still. Aid oxygen has money. And so would whose pictures showed that before and really and I oxygen has muddied what it take the Brad OSHA to television it's. If baby it's hard look at I'm in several cast podcasts are you know it's a lot of you know it's a lot well. Kind of felt that if it churches to forty camera ideally I don't like body I had somebody America name who was on the net in the brain Boca. Summaries say that I expect that matter contacts. And it podcasts. Really yeah. I somebody's than impossible is not possible that's my point. It is is and it's not possible Oca Saudi way. Oxygen. Is there legitimate network one which I have no idea. Exist until they came out I did neither and thankfully they posted it online because I don't think I get it I'm not sure where to find it. So I just that watching on line. Bottoms tedious long biggest competitors oxygen dot com probe heard hidden. Speaking clicks away if they're taking unique so way to WEEI doc out to crowbar in all the references to Aaron Hernandez sexuality. Just to get a headline out of it which I guess they kind of the qualities that TMZ in the post jumped on it and while you're at W yeah I don't and feet. You of these posts it's. Embody your right at a good they sort of they weekly we need something juicy read you something you'd want to make a blog entry out of and that's what they did it but it's it's forced him there who cares. It's just it was just poorly done is just poorly done and it was a monogram. I don't care what you seek to look bothers you more the fact that it was a poorly done money grab the fact that they tried to. Portray Hernandez who many believed to be essentially serial killer. As somebody who should garner some sympathy it bothers me more than it wasted my time so the fact it was poorly done yeah I mean. It was thought is done he's dead by its bid jury said what they had to say we know all the particulars. It's it would be interesting to find out things that we didn't know about this is the whole point of these documentaries I can't think of one fact. All I guess I do know anybody's college girlfriend. That would be the one thing I know anyway about his collar or ours not yours what you gave away from like it she wasn't that exciting of a character means she again brought in the the questions about the sexuality and everything in relationship to dispose -- college towards the end of the the second it's. The fourth interminable hours second interminable episode of this thing. But other than that now there there was nothing new about the guy James. The author who wrote the book. About Aaron Hernandez hears on Kirk's podcast. The famous authors world's had a billion dollars. You guys now taking Iran now seems odd man anyway of the spotters and track bearing activities Paterson. Are listening to use on with millions listening podcast and he was also did I think something for. For sixty minutes or something like that. And so he wrote this book is promote the sport he wrote this whole thing about your Hernandez trial and he had tons of researchers. Any more researchers then I'm sure if it. That by F had even though he was in the middle of an oxygen yeah yeah that oxygen had. And it was it was OK but is still coming away from all right we we get it if if you have an Iowa and you work following it. He you kinda Wear you out and that's that they can live. Yeah and maybe it maybe that's the difference right you may be some other parts of the country's wired reason the reason why people watch sitcoms and are saying this is stupid yet middle America loves them. Madam secretary are you kidding me this what would watch the late madame secretary had thought that I'd never ever seen in they have promotions for in pro both pro most of the Coleman says yes. And production from auction for it. And I think in this still are like who watches these things. Who watches them like in my madame secretary I'm a few seasons behind I think at that point. Did you watch designated survivor got a ticket places the president related series that was watching it Kevin can wait. That one feels like he's at queen's is remake it it does this affect our. At that then I'm not I'm not agreed keeps on delegate is renewed in so it's the same deal which makes Jose Baez first failed attempt television knew the jury even that much worse he only got two episodes in with a concept that seemed fairly novel compared to some of the other things you see it out there. And. I will be interest to see how this stated we don't know get some publicity can't imagine the numbers were good number one year to bad times YE UK cannot Saturday at 7 o'clock. Mean that's maybe they did for the and it's not exactly what you look good for cash I'd. I don't know which we found out the ratings are ratings quest from yesterday. No we did. I read that dad will get to that Nextel could this that I talk radio is putting con two we could at least he's what we're talking about not only to be his biggest possible the row of the ratings the written to blow them the doors off the ratings. A question everyone's been talking about all there that is Ben now moving the needle. Maybe more so than either one of these things move the needle and then we'll call someone from the English embassy in Africa comment we've got lots to do here 617779793. Seven's good DeQuincy though before gets the top of the hour on MLB in England hello Dan. Hey Reagan you know we learn. So I pulled debuted to rescue of about England but I did play the equity in Spain Sweden and Australia after continents. And after the play against an English baseball team has terminal in Belgium. Which would probably go to your point Chris because of the English team Almeida to ask you it's always interesting. But the other countries were. So the rules when I've played I played blues Maggie. 2001. Summers ago. Was your last time runways. I don't actually write it. Or you can just tell me your last name's Matt got okay. We're running got a Google points today about where the middle of the other you are your wit and that's sorry you want the British music conductor we know I'm not it was dead in 93 on our nation. Where you messed up baseball this. Don't know I've played some couple a lead in congress tonight what are my code displayed in the medical and yet connections so terrible word remote terrain to. The league exist everywhere they're not big although I must tell Australians play and they were. Most most not most but there was probably you'd. Since Google what are we there'd be like sixteen year old suicide mutually contracts are wearing. We'll keep ball would play in the winter and then there are guys who wrote a graduate got triple Larry's. This is back 2002000. We you'll former Red Sox ball boy. I worked so. I know and I now have to play overseas but he. It's good it's good you'd quit the Google serves good job appreciate it. You guys are two people wouldn't hurt knows it's good add context. Appreciated that thanks for the phone call glad we're able to learn as much about it as possible we like to hear that would lead I'll just be a new thing every time somebody calls and you give your full name is leaking Google you. And see evading existing pops up RE let's try to next one we'll see how much he had suiting your college on time but it's 61777. Died seven that he 37 gets warrior calls coming up next towel into the ratings question. That is then. Beef following. All of streets in America are just new englanders the world's released me rob Bradford that's all the matters Sports Radio W yeah.