Mut at Night - Rob Bradford joins the show to discuss everything from his diet to Red Sox Spring Training Broadcasts 3-21-18

Mut at Night
Wednesday, March 21st

Hour 3 of Mut at Night gets going as Rob Bradford is in studio to join Mut.  Mut and Bradford open by talking about Rob's exceptional diet and how great he currently looks then they talk about Kyrie's knee injury, Red Sox spring training baseball and the up coming opening day of the regular season.  Mut also acosts Rob for allowing young children to call into the program.


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Yeah he's Monday night. At. You turn them. Bonds because what's in the dwarf much because it's okay how much he can help me tales visual detail. Could order. The church today he goes on actual big break come right and everything. She can't win. Here's my bad night on Sports Radio tell you we. Maybe Monday night portrait W. First started doing radio here on the station rob Bradford WEEI dot com big fat topic she knows. And beatings while we go but Bradford gold suites left over to pop the geno sit down. Big pompous flatter your Diet Coke talk about the show stations sucks this year Sox why are we on the whole time. What do you know ordering mustard and Johnson back. This Saturday morning can you believe people still have typewriters to type letters and complaining about our show do you think DJ being get a good job in the chat today Turkmen and he's an up and summary gave up three up three down on fancy football very good well it's never guess that show. Apparently not all will leave his good today that's confident. Well felt there was a fill Felger would feel that was later on down the road though that was not in the initial like the initial launch of what rapper just you and I know what it was DDoS and doctor Jeff was I believe it was us we had them at the primetime slide yet Felger came and gone after. We did that exiled sometime well item number and I I don't remember the Felger days at W we. Oh yeah they're dated aired very years now I've I've that this that is. I just badly wants you know where he came over with the with the dot com stars in the only Felger. Segment I remember when he's doing weekend fill in stuff the grinch was LB Mike Mussina. Was that. Some sort Manny hill clay clay buckles for over pool and days ago yet that was the yes everything else and a member did he do fill in for the show it's yes you're always I was as the date part that was his deal yet you Busey was the first Phillips about the so people who work currently still appeared did not like that all I can't imagine. Game you're first filly can't act and he had any yet it got a week game you had a regular weekend it was pardoning at the right through columns a week for a us all we ever over the right in this country do all the mail back if you help it's an annual young curtain and and was the editor of the email with Mike in Woburn a big feature in the Baghdad that is correct that yes that's so anyway yes we we come back to those times were right. The last time right at washboard abs and you know by the milk duds in there and I code equipment tablet you can either look. You then you look like you're in great shape to be fair and moving guys today I here to say this I says it's. On odd down the line and yet the not the eyes the of what's called the Opel app we have rob on as the manager. I said this down line I'll say to your face. Boarded I want you to fail I wanted you to fail I wanted to to fall on your face I want them to be like. Yugo the once heavily big commercial it's a great awakened when Haiti was the one guy didn't work for with rob Bradford rotted out I apologize on the air. All these dreams about it and of course exactly would take thirty seconds Boston for my apologies. You look at the damage good Robert and if you guys I've fuel Austin. I'm really fast in. I'm like I'm never hungry mean that's honestly. Swear I mean that's the weird and sales pitchers don't you look down on it is. You don't you've been done this spring training you were down sure have you like seven years ago long time ago I got yelled at for doing that I hate you guys put you up for free there at that WEEI dot com house. I paid my flight I told Jason I go down their to a couple shows that the guys open my flight. Each jeopardy at all bad. Did a big post on FaceBook you're setting a bad press obviously a hot off that's like the job loans are available PO. Well as terrible I we have I remember we did a push up contest it was Matt we played basketball but we also you understand that lifestyle. That all you do is you look forward to we're going out the will we go on out what was he going to be out and I going to be how spear gonna join us how to be who orders now is twin peaks the end of the place went to back to back nights at Ballou. A blue suit with a terrible nights I was that day Friday and dance yes so that's how it is by. You know it's it's it's cool man like I'd I was down there and is fine it was all good and I came back and you keep seeing it go the right way and white think. She can't keep hands off. It's crazy. But is that the goal what does that an aphrodisiac. But notice there's a little illness what are is what you blow by blow my wife's reaction. I. It would just creepy I don't wanna I delegate to behind the scenes here what you that you had a pretty bad physical breakdown right before this thing starts you like my guys. He said he still if you love my guys gas my triceps in my eyes. Though those are my selling points. The cubs. If you have to tell you the truth and she yes she is she is happy. See. Because really weren't healthy route lights we joke books on the air but I thought well other year so I would be friends I would say about actual who actually interventions to all of our mutual friends. About. Actual sitting don't view for an intervention lifestyle you reliving. The late nights the early mornings a lack of sleep via what it was really getting to you. And the wait was becoming a realist. While I didn't wanna take a before and after the they asked if I wanna do that and wanna do that on my wife found one. When I came off my hospital room. When I had my own a heart attack real heart attack or pneumonia right there's you and pneumonia induced fires are an issue yes like what every Wednesday. And so I'm coming out of the hospital and I'm I'm lifting my gut that FBI pull over that I was learn for like ten straight days because it fit so nicely expect the F an uncommon now I'm like I look at that in my home Kunis. Like let's before and after for the wedding that's so that's the one yet that's the ones so. Yeah and also its its dogged in. And now I'm ready for baseball sized thing. In my eyes. I got the same exact thing for me female friend and a bomb like public got to see your eyes again yeah talking while I think that hopefully it was more my wife was like oh geez I I don't and I don't care that your fat because your eyes are some gorgeous. And and also your triceps mime but it happens you get in that your face swallows your eyes I mean is it now. Or rub some Microsoft's other things 88888 and let's break through and he's not be left out by guys everybody motivate is not to ever ever want the station is on on one of these programs looks great yeah I just say about the top of the budget cuts so we all were almost good. Indian rob I see I see Andy every day. Ice I don't see rob as much but I it's icy rob the most in my life. And what rob had any Andy didn't. Was a big fat chipmunk round facing a fat bowling ball like might we doing this to say we were shapes that my son. Last fall. And we're doing triangle and square and and I couldn't figure we could have circle. What's your picture on your Twitter accounts that that's a circle rob mister Bradford face it that's fair and so now it's it's a regular narrow regular person's face like that circle is goal. World. I don't know if it's I mean you make me feel really good about how why I walked around these falls and nobody says it all you have to be fat phase rob we settle at times we had this conversation the real estate Null or not it's a full muscle with because you Yo-Yo so much she would do this thing in and I hope this is not the case going forward and that's and they do with your health issues. But you're yo yelling so much you were you would you lose weight you'd be great for a month he'd be running again. I cut out the dye called out of other now and our nights a month later at Fenway. Andy or the big cup ice cream of the shirt the bellies out in and O'Brien's make it funny behind your back what sort of like. The fat out as OPEC or rods and for seventh inning regain OK rod is here again if it but. It wasn't healthy lifestyle this is and as I had dozens of like do you think we got this threat at life and dad because IV aids. It's you're you're awakened to many many things and we urges soccer and Andy about it. You guys are just yap. It's as well our own little was on exists Sugarman. Mean sugar that's that sugar. I know the card thing but you realize singers terrorists. And you tell us these ID cards are Brothers died shows you how much Diet Coke I drank right sure he had and that went away like that. Right back there was mean that was it that can't be good for. So I echo I'm still drinking. 23 are you really no problem so maybe that's not the biggest problem wildly that was I think he has to show her. Across the board yet I mean I'm not gonna so I don't know anyone awake palladium not gonna get into what they do you all know as you. Well OK Il as to go to people to people down there for Trey when asked about it in the view of the Tom Brady thing EC Tom Brady how he lives is lifestyle news. You hear you but you probably did yourself I wish I could be like Tom Britt I was in on audits on the stuff the bradys who the pitcher put up by the way. A Null of our agency that well IG Gisele put it up. In general are back god bless and yet the greatest reside just like us and it's a pitcher of Gisele and Tom doing this yoga pose together where she has her feet up and he's leaving overt and they want these people though it. Well I thought you're gonna say buddy did the TB twelve I was Ghana yet I bought the book conduct of one of these guys that buys all these books and things of capital learn next thing an MBA ahead of the head of the pack when it comes to this stuff. And then you start reading about night she needs an acidic foods in league and you realize it's it's poppycock play and works for him that's fine. But there is nothing the nothing bad about having a tomato but nothing is up with something. That does really really sustained about it alkaline vs a non alkaline lake that's that doesn't exist so great works for Brady. That that's fine you can you can live and in dive that I can't. I can't live well my guess who remember when he went on that spot when curtain Callahan and extended forty minute vegetables Kirk patched well you know in this stuff that he was saying is poison all while others sugar sugar sugar sugar right exactly so. Yeah us jagr that part yet especially agree that there is in and then there is nothing. Into a sports here in the segment Sobel well Tom Brady are always a pleasure at some point riveted right there are broadly that that that particular deal. Is don't I don't build the the best. The the the best marketed in worse for you meal of bar in our lifetime generations now the current breakfast. Betrayal where it's OK to have these big sugary cereals for breakfast and it's not just that it's the in the a goat they that did the B amount of sugar the kids eat for breakfast. Is really really significant and that that's what I'd be concerned that's why I grew Brady some extent but the other stuff about. Eggplant tonight got to do this and that and I just. Will too much so I'm prepared I'm review your job amid a pivot right to what you're talking about I'm done and between now and tan I've had a rough week shows via. I lived on the same show three nights in rats and I was so I was in Gilani on Sunday at a lot of patriots that's been I've never had that we we had a good show Monday iPhone continues through the round vote Sunday with such a tractor pull. And I am I came back that was when the first phase I came back and like. As that was and yet be like after about a month but you get some ground reaction today. I don't some of are of a good host and so like I kind of idea what it's the by the united deed and the guys in the morning with just in the worst host ever which he added Guillen yes on because they can't. They got to worry about me it's an aura about their show which is fine. But it's been like that and I just feel like it's been patriots crawled Brady. I'll assassinate I just don't know what else well and I would even do that signaling what are we not talking about. That people wanna hear more books I don't think it's Red Sox I'm sorry. I the Celtics and the Celtics and Bruins a ball these weird spots. Where we're just waiting for the post she's like I'm looking at now the Celtics are six up one Cleveland. For the number two seed to lose that it would carrier ring out for a while and I kick it worked in hot and bothered about his carrier ring gonna miss. The busier than a second opinion yet. So I don't know what I'm missing but I do know it's been the one of the longest stretches Robin in my Sports Radio lifetime. Or there's not been that big big big story. Since Malcolm Butler. Because Strickland wrong and braid a couple of things but the big story is not in their local. Well and I don't know usually we know the cycle how this works part of the problem was that he when this approval when you win the Super Bowl you usually get a little bit more buzz. Past the Malcolm Butler story line which you would agree lasted for about a week right. We may be too. The Malcolm Boller stuff but it was into the following Monday or Tuesday oh yeah yes yes yes I put them recalled that we don't want to deal with it oval apples as we were I was still taking calls Bob Butler these last two nights. It's an easy one it's still exists is like going back to 2008 we JD sure that's that's fair nom low hanging for yes and we'll hanging by him then you then you get to NFL free agency in that usually drive the conversation. But. What we've said it before patriots fans usually don't wanna deal with the negative. And so when they're losing these guys it's not a big talker and then when they do sign to shock and off Friday night of signing. Three guys if Friday night. And he signed these guys and okay your place these other guys now we have to default back to Tom Brady now we have the fall back to ground. And the one take listening to you before about grind and I've talked about this and I've thought about this. I'll come back to als Guerrero not because he is this indicted side. Alex Guerrero we can't let Alex Cora are off the hook here there was a reason why. Tom Brady well Bill Belichick said Dallas real go up and Tom briefs week cracked. In the middle of season there was a reason for office and to me the reason wasn't because Bill Belichick was getting sick of it it was because it was. Alice Guerrero propagating the evil or mentality. Hey guys come over here don't listen to all those people of all those master's degrees who worked for the team the bill bell at second nick its aerial hired. Mean that's that's my problem in this whole thing the Al's Guerrero was sort of leading people down this road when he couldn't say no no no listen the other guys too I'm just here to help will see. Now we're getting into trying to play in Belichick's mind here and I understand why did do a broadcast right next door to Bill Belichick. The spring so we are very tight okay Michelle may or may not talk. You're in the Bill Belichick circles from ER UU. Stephen bella check out Brantley is these doughnuts that you guys are neck or foot out Al Al groh is a camera that as well. On. I agree that if he was whispering to people. That his guys were getting hurt because of the training staff I'd say that that's a bad book and save as if hurt if all he was doing was giving guys another opportunity to another way to look at work outs. And then point to Brady gronkowski is being his prized pupils and looking out working for them. That's not career possible because what he's doing for them. May change the way people train going forward Tom Brady's doing things at forty now 41 that nobody's done so look at that and say it's. Why is it a bad thing rob. For the guy was work when Brady the one at the same result other major players it is not by its chief basically just said. No no one right by the what you're missing here is it typically I think this happens a lot in the and an entire season and personal trainers and lawyers. It's paid my way is the right way. And you'd dig in on your way. And when you have another way another group who were saying no this weighs a right way instead of going together and air this all get along this exchange ideas. That's typically not how we're works in that community in that environment that's fair and I think that that might gases that that's exactly what happened because. I don't think this was his randomly hey you know go to the Sweden's reducing human sideline I think. That Bill Belichick hired these people what a lot of education to beat their training staff. And knowing what I know about sort of how proprietor or prime. How they want to have their way be the right way. And it probably dug in on each side including South Korea and that's not a healthy thing has. I it's not it's not healthy but to that point. I think they're that. And you're probably right on not agreeing with few but going forward I that the fix you can't let what's lingering right gals. Going to next year yes and I would not put that strictly on Guerrero haven't changed BS to deal or bella check. This is now on the crafts the Grasso to step in and and they have to be ones their front senator fixing this if somebody egos involved here rob. That somebody who's above the fray. Passenger IK. This is stupid we're not gonna have another year or the quarterback that sex got a will to the that the Booth and I and I I may eyes where disagree. I do put it more on Belichick. Because Belichick forever allowed Guerrero in this window he around this team he sought work for Brady he was OK with that it worked for wrong. And then at some point just decided no not anymore. During the year yeah they don't have here is an outlet that I think I might account occurred during the season my gas and and this may or may not come from intimate conversations I would Bill Belichick okay. My guess is that. The the patriots training staff. Sort sort of saw instances like aidid in the New Orleans game at halftime when als Guerrero was walking off the field. Shoulder by shoulder with Chris Hogan who got hurt in the first half pocket now. In the training staff is like way second when Hillary you can hang out. But what are you doing doing that. And my guess is it just reached the tipping point. With that whole dynamic. And I think that's probably pretty educated guesses that so and so you bring your green though that next year. Deloatch exit acquiesced back to allowing grow or be closer than he was by the Asia they I think in a perfect world and this is going to be very difficult to do you get the two sides together and I'm not talking about two sides about. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. I'm talking about the people who work for the patriots. And the people who'll work for Tom Brady yeah. And today and by the rate way Rob Gronkowski and other players they can't we find some common ground here. Please don't overstep the bounds when it comes to. The James Harrison worked out James Harrison wants to do it don't be yelling across romance and they've known though. The band squat instead do the might Komansky band's live right what is it what he Credo. It's all about the bands or something that's the gronkowski yes like exactly birdsaw about the ban was could mean money could mean strippers could mean yeah. The club could mean actually elastic bands and I don't know kudos Bradford is serious suggests we'll talk about what everyone between now and 10 o'clock and this is how very the call board is right now. A Red Sox call a Celtics call any general sports landscape in Boston collection admin as the most inched we have to open lines orient. Whatever you got including. As I said I feel like I've done a lot of these patriots shows that are very similar. What is it we're not talking about that as a Sports Radio listener. You wanna hear more about type I don't know what it's been the last couple weeks beside the patriots 617779. 7937. Is the phone number get your calls Bradford is here. I'll we'll do it until ten would then Mallory on Sports Radio WE yeah. Lot of nice Sports Radio WEEI rob Bradford is here for a next couple hours that he's back to Florida for. Spring training game or two of them right in to rate this is based always for tomorrow I am back on Saturday him. Going to the game knows that it had been electric and you've been listening at a recent why had been almost too much I would suggest if it's I mean I I don't want to work on relations Heidi Moore will Fleming paralyzed comes as no big round yak. The listens around Radford is seventh in spring training game everyone knows that. Are you kidding me it is who. I they did play that clip would mean Jim hold belts Tibet's let's let's wait 23 minutes or so is in Ohio knows a thing as a so you cannot abide an open at 9 o'clock hour a couple of things I want to play with you. Oh I thought about it one needs something ridiculous he said on my show. On Monday and then. The gym cop he got excited. Because I was when I heard of for the first time on Kirk Callahan last week Thursday or Friday. I'll save at nine you were you worried about me yes because again witnesses. Some medical condition that would suggest what you would be son Mike Vogel set up by like you wanna hear we will we really get to Ras medical issues again. A 22 minutes now really what big cheese night Chris we teased Freddie and Gary doing poetry and now run it. On street traders ultimate lone killer is if you wanna hear what it's so obvious stroke juggernaut viewing an eighty year old man then that's what analysts and we'll get that 4 at 9 o'clock here tonight and I tanner so I as promised your phone calls 617779. 7937. Dave on the cape as most in choosing interesting subject lines will start there but it's all your phone calls here. In this segment ID. We want our bought brought an end here. I mean I'm old school of a baseball I am yet it seems like and a belt and seal out the the bull great deal. It's being called everything you don't really care about Red Sox got what we now. I start next Thursday a week from tomorrow at 4 o'clock they played game one of blue and let's. And they go red labels right right. Do you knew what he just lives. Can say I'm old school they would come like that one don't care what anybody. Day to day forget forget everybody for a second yeah so you've got a do you care do you care as much now about baseball spring training needed if let's say 1015 years ago. Well I mean I'm old school I just turned 51 to back that day would you. Hey I've got old though Dave so let's say take your 41 years old. You care a lot about baseball that do you feel the same way today 2018. Well again. Not as much obviously he would like it said in a phthalates in their will also now and it's springtime and it felt Macon Geithner gave up when the unit got falcon. Killed near Coker got guaranteed money campaign importantly date all the bowl committee targeted picked up. So it till I think it's killed record in baseball I yards in LA. Yeah I am I'm with you David so where were different I am I'm by late thirties your 51. But but I there was a time right cared about spring training baseball what these guys being I'm just at a point now where it's. Probably haven't been. I guess wasn't a TV Internet threats like three hitter like I've let you know you care about a guy I was hitting in spring training and cared about your fantasy team we get a draft and that sort of thing but. Like now I and I'd I'd look at but I didn't have looked at three box score maybe all spring because. I think now I realize it's spring training results. Very rarely. Lead to some sort of regular season. Projection at least in my mind seeing guys go crazy with home runs than struggle early Mike Napoli. Was a big project was of our recent example that I told rush last week of the rationale last week and and in all run for weeks he'll to start the year now. On. So I don't think it's just football I think it's a sustained a baseball it's an ally I big. There might be something to it but it's also with the Red Sox with this team and it's. Everybody's back so other than JD Martinez. There wasn't anybody saline noise that the team has turned over this new pictures. There's a bunch in new haters I wanna see who that does a big part of it too that's why Sports Illustrated when they do their preview. They always have the picture of the new guy. You wanna see the new guys there's one new guy on this team and cheating Martinez. And for whatever reason you know you see him play a couple times all right finds Judy Martinez. But the biggest part of this whole equation is the story lines. There's none I go back to 2013. You had it Jackie Bradley gonna make the Timorese can be able to get twenty days in the minor leagues if Allen Webster's blow in 99 who is this guy came out of nowhere. There is no storyline we're talking about the utility infielder between Deborah Marrero and Brock COLT or at the reds are gonna keep a lefty reliever. Mean there's no story lines now and even the new manager. Is not a story line was a Gaspar wrote about it on people or try and it's just there's not. And it as somebody is gonna be doing the pregame show on a week. I know I should be more fired up for. Maybe it'll be Mort just once the games start but even then rob. They're going up against Celtics in brew two teams that are in east are suggested to make significant. Playoff runs their respective stab month that first month you have West Coast trip via a bunch of camping games you Miami. Kate Toronto and Baltimore. You have yet you have a Yankee series in the middle they can block. You had the red source review for Mike Komansky. He's going to be playoff sports is going to be okay Red Sox did this let's go to the Bruins spurs wrapped up they want to wanna they lost here's the Celtics that's going to be. The entire month of April a lot he came up would be great great poll question which way is that. What number will be higher JD Mark Hughes playing in the field. Or. Can way irons pregame postgame shows. For this season. All I've seen the schedule kennel aaron's. We are reluctant base for Sunday trite so yeah I wonder what if I affirm for me as well and I additional day that well yeah I guess I think they were happy. Oh which she taking. Rate question. JD Martinez games aidid's. I I built off the sales increased borrowings 47 years Malcolm in Manchester speaking of those Red Sox say Malcolm. Any minute now heard about yet there are heard about how concerned. I think you're great guy one of the good guys blocked ports all right wish you well. Thank you my friend I assume your talking to me. Yes I am sorry yes. You're very kind of my grandson he called you back in December he made a comment about how the Sox needed a dinner. Sorry. I remember the bigger and better yeah I said what's. Right it's going to be and this young man called it was it was in December said they needed dignity gonna come out and said they need a power hitter. But this kid knew that this game need a little notch is that they needed dinner. We played a clip over and over thank you please pass along my thanks to thanks to him Malcolm. I will get treated very kindly he loves sports. I think you'll probably end up that business you know ironically outlet the high school on Long Island where the kid named Wayne Coffey. He ended up writing for the New York Daily News and co wrote Mariano Rivera's. Biography. And I went to college in Ohio. I fraternity friends without a right for the act where they can surely with a guy name popped higher. And she co wrote Omar Vizquel. But you also. It is possible hurt anybody ticket at the sports like. You just look at us in just slid into our site that's your that's your bio that your your cure but kids to Brad for what your Red Sox point. My actual question is a president like they would a big fan pointed out that made it got floor lefty starters. How are usually back then what does that mean as sudden negative in any sense. I don't I don't care about that. The guy is if you're good you're good I don't care about that that's. It known that this did this past abuse this kid was awesome he says it. Me dinner I mean is there a better way to put it there we needed bigger was it weekend's show now it was the it was the show. It might have been this now. Rule out a guy child's phone call to the show was that you the other here's a young man. Young man who's always with just turn it back Malcolm justice and there was a line of callers the caller suggested bases kid and you know I mean. Is correct is grandson. Might my dad could have called up. And my son could have called up and he's nineteen years old yellow air. Yeah that's it's genetic. Or low yes he sounds like a young man rock he sounds nine years old he's a jockey. Okay play a more time. Chris how does that person sound on the same nine Chris. I'm gonna go with probably about ten Andy is still here illustrate any kind of emanates from you please. Call eight. You let kids on the shares up twelve to say digger hit on the show it. Andy Jesus Mary Joseph and he gave us the clip right at my instincts are sharp. I know I don't care what age you are if you can bring something they show if you can make the intercom stock price go up. That I am going to let you do it this is not exactly what decade this is not kids say the darnedest things it's an adult at. To have the talk show madurese dial the call Adam Jones called nick panels we don't want kids calling the shale. That's who we don't dated eighteen years unless the cute it's really funny I want to say something that's very negative towards rob. Then I'll take each child phone call or making fun of glad it. I would take kids call to that or dale if it hit cultivate funny dale I would take five full of kids mocking dale and look a lot. And yeah. It themselves look up. Everybody's well your desire to moderate dale and glad and might Nancy is saying and wiry six Jerry and jail in the last 61777979. Threes you're kidding aren't you calling and make fun of one of those dinosaurs. Let's talk to John a name for the break I job. Eight. Like you historic art well yeah. Editor Rick flair rule. Doctors cleared O'Brien Iraq or hole. John irons out on those who Daniel O'Brien is dog again the cauldron launched a little careful here and let it eat it. Hairy on the morning short break our art. Exactly do you say that my god son can't come on these airwaves yeah I'm saying yes he cannot come on this soil unless again I told journalists who wants to make fun of Jerry. Dale or I would take a full hour phone calls from kids mocking or really any host the station how great would that be. Kids just calling. Go out I don't know why Lou makes fun of the child. No I didn't but I want I don't know libel and had those kids colon makes the deepest avid Johnny knows the quote yeah. I Daniel Bryan John Johnson called a gimme a break big news really. Was that's the wrestler wrestler I'd Levy's arrest in penalties and grabbed 6177797937. As your phone number it's much Brad for more your phone calls and after 9 o'clock will play a couple things we need to address. With robs things you said on these Airways recently on WEEI that is after nine do not go our. That's tilted athlete of the Drake. If it's the most random sort of it happens that I've heard other big court clover. You know Corey Cooper lives. Winchester. Some nice voice is a message I know I guess this is the place to be for major league baseball players now up close at Nashville. Nashville and ports anywhere form portray today's notice the national match Massachusetts. I don't robs golf for their audit sites portrait UW we or try to get through it now it's ironic for me who that is very very very little. Comedy timing. But I do not a sell and I the reason I do well that morning shows that lap they've done well all full so I sell the jokes. Tim's got to sell when you called Drake it Massachusetts. Which I spent a lot of time and the one resemblance that that it did the did Drake at Nashville have. Is able to a lot of bars trait it has Drake it has a lot of random weird Bartz the guy I. I actually cinema I said in my life that I wanted to chided. Try to make an essential mats is a restaurant guide because some of these places that still restaurants and places especially Drake are crazy. Nashville of course anywhere for a break it is noted in Nashville mass Massachusetts. The policy right away told AB Stoddard on yeah rate method masters delivery was not great on your part by but it has got to salvage reiki I mean think about you said it would trade traits impossible to get to the mideast. Yes by for a major or eight on almost Major League Baseball player to spend the off season we know from California. Stay in the off season and that's worth at least two innings conversation. Slice of question did you and Tim addresses why does he spend the time entry is I am there I eyes you don't know but I after that information he misses just an elite. Could be Tripoli pitcher. He has wife his country which is seen reasoned court who relived Winchester wife is from when jones' wife Tina. Some crew from Drake on who's his wife. White and I have friends and Drake and I might be indebted to them at a social certainly these Justin immediately the next part of the stories that they've moved to Newbury port. Well reports. And Drake university in Nashville right water no reports awesome. I loved Ebert and that's why he's getting close to the major leagues he's moving to new report that for him there. That it since you what you learn as you're not far from breaking the twenty minutes half an hour viewed saving them when they're you know perfect but I mean that mean. That's sort of the vibe you get these spring training games the guys have done so far this year line. They'll selling an idea that I try to tell a joke you laughs all pay Celgene jokes is will forming. Mean that I could sell joke acute you sets of things that aren't that funny easily like tackling. At them the little oversell what can tell you of all the broadcast that have been done so far I've listened to every single men participated in a lot of them. The act two innings. Nodded and close the highlight the act two innings act X good and I prefer to think about this can act pretty to a regular thing here that'll. Yes like good about now OK let me take that back. Visit nests and hurtled to get past NASA is very particular Remy used to do while their talent going on. W media by bots bots in fact might ask other NASA personalized and lawn and they've unlike if I might call on car. Punk art comes right on why I also heard talk next time OKL Nicholson. It. Michael C Dave Dave O'Brien yes they will say I love to. Let me check with NASA and I think there's two people who don't have to go through that filter process I don't think you're right the gullet Ramey. And act in an immense change million why I think that in July because I race at the grammys you wanted to podcast meted a half hour podcast as spring training. Yeah where Heidi billion. Jackson does I want right now like I walked with them from the time I asked to the picnic table and and he talked about not watching the games in the price dynamic and act and everything else. So I am what it would everything else I'm with you would most of these people and act. Another example in the podcast with me last year talked about David Price clearly did and ask anyone's I don't think they would want that to happen. And then when he came on this the other day news comes on. I think active gonna do whatever actor's gonna there. I think that that be awesome I that you would be a good guys and yet I wondered now how gunshot I act is going to be with the price stuff. We I just read talked about it on the that we talked about a for the two of its comfortable with you there certainties we he trusts you. But overall are out on the on air product. Is it gonna affect his view these price games going for I'll I'll I'll look portal watching that part of a key act again on the spot or not watching a lot of these games cuddyer in the Booth. The sound is an obelisk in adults the tones of jokes that Leona I'm Tim never rob Bradford and and John Tomas who for the most part. But how all the a year removed from all that drama. How old the he'd call crazy call big teams he called some pricey did act I've I've met them a 99.9. Percent sure there be no difference. But be that one flat price I wonder. You know all it will ever be careful what he says that he stayed at the best part about it is that you know of all the nasty guys they rotate. Well all the employee is the general reaction to things even doing that spring training game someone hits a home run. You know that that whole thing so I don't think that if price does something. Dom or does something that is bad they don't have the same reaction maybe maybe even more so this year than last year last year. If you're going to be careful there was coming off back. Whole thing would run your probably right. You talk right and I Al sold only interest is young David Price reacts to him on the when he outburst at some point this year as he learned a lesson and we don't know that we do as for the team itself that to wrap up this and oh come back and like couple clips of rob Bradford is reaction to not just him talking on Drake at Nashville. You get any sense at all the Red Sox. Are concerned about what you just said that that month of April is going to be with the West Coast trip and two teams in the post season both expected to do. Big things in the playoffs. That they're worried about how this things starts from not to say ratings perspective. Because they're gonna be what they are. But an actual buzz and interest perspective it does feel like it's more than a media creation. That there is a lack of fan interest in the team and that a cures the people you talk to you get the sense that they recognize that or they outward Willis a. Me that we entered but break it up into the business side and the players and the players don't care now I am I'm I meant the business and I sat right and I think the answer that is it they're probably resigned this. They're proud resigned to mention the schedule before you open up with. Two crappy teams on the road. You then you have Tampa home. Okay now you're the three games against the Yankees but Orioles in our can be decorated team that you have a West Coast trip which is death in the middle a month. And so I think they intemperate and in Kansas City not a great schedule and how many how many Christian baskets no nights you have in the middle of that. Is it you have to look at defective it they understand what's coming. That's why you have all these Bobble head nights right you saw last year you are what locket around with your act way guinier Hanley chains and every time someone says they are must have some free stuff. That was Red Sox for view and I took it get every just do that for half has there he does this does this. Bobble head look like the player yes another rookie that's Bobble head really 617775793. And out and run out of players and how when he goes to you haven't because they already saw that coming there were coming off of this has been how it's been for the last few years. So they know where it's come and if this is going to be we've talked about this but it's gonna be like other years 2013. It took for ever for people buy into that team. Same thing here because if for no other reason. You have the Bruins and Celtics are good teams. And and something's gonna come up with a pages he's still a Brady gras like lingering there. And in 2013 or Hernandez. Kill somebody like Dudley and as you've talked about that did the draft part of it when it comes to. Quarterbacks if they have taken a quarterback that will take up some time yeah they'll be seen as the next whether it's real or not to be seen at the next Jimmy grapple the next heir apparent to. Tom Brady. So I guess you could insulate yourself from a promotional standpoint. That helps. But all they saw what all they care about is do are we going to go back to 2000. When after opening day and as cold people games you're gonna see tons and tons and tons of seats empty rob. For being honest we saw that last year we were well Lisa I saw that isn't gonna get worse ice. I'm not sure how it gets worse lap I mean there were nights even into July and August last year. Where are especially September 18 with a team is in first place in September. Where we were common in the Booth. How they're not sold the seats mean there was there was little interest went fourteen it was in first place. At 193 games so. To I did about I don't know what 2000 was like I can't compare my head. To what the tenets wasn't like there are just how bad it was but I know the last couple years or in succession. It's felt like the the tennis numbers whenever they are they what they are but there or more nights they've they've gone up each year ignites when we look around in the Booth and say. Well I can't believe all of right fueled. Is that it looked on the left field base line. It's the third inning in the seats that not filled up yet that wouldn't surprise my guess is it April 30 and they'll vote on the confidence that they're going to be able so my game out. As Christian vest is no night on Monday against Kansas City. I think that nobody to bring him on one of those two teams the Celtics or Bruins polyps I began on a Monday morning. 6177797937. As the phone number rob Bradford this year. We openly shows suggesting. We'll uncle every law between now and 10 o'clock specifically. These last couple nights I admits come become very patriots centric here what. And the whole station that is because I think the biggest story towns to a lot of the story lines of the same boat what. What are what are he'd been looking for on WEEI you know again what what what is that what what are we missing out on that rob Bible thought about. These last couple weeks that lack of a big stories we're taking those phone calls as well. At 6177797937. A lot of us here that are friends of Bradford the station had some major major concerns a couple of months ago Robin health scare he lost the way he looks cute. Another major scare last week in the Booth with Jim cot and joke is that real people wondering. Has rob heading other health scare or play this out for him he can explain it that's next Monday night's Sports Radio did you see George home what down there with the red like I storage as of all time I got to sides.