Mut at Night - Rob Bradford serves Alex Guerrero a heaping slice of blame pie 4-18-18

Mut at Night
Wednesday, April 18th

HOUR 2 - That nagging Patriots drama story will not go away. Bill Belichick, Rob Gronkowski, and Tom Brady have all been credited for some of the issues. Rob Bradford, however, is pointing the finger right at Alex Guerrero.


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So please Monday night. At some point is Brady failed to communicate to the patriots he's coming back enough coming that we talked about this on your show and I say this all national martyr gap right. Guess what we're now achieve generation later wherever that is a national Moammar. Cool to do it but no clarity if I'm conducting this I don't know feedback that we have our answer but we have not heard that time. Rob Bradford I understand you rob Bradford solo Brad. She. Brad she do you get on in week media stars perhaps that is a Sunday and Sunday only. Master of the people it would keep me. If you would you start our value right he can't just the right out there you have to you maintain the sanctity of the specialists the pageant pageantry that is the movie stars. Still waiting for my gift card pulled distinctive clothing now. Here's my back nine. Slug Sports Radio telling you we. Randi Rhodes. Warren's place. Or include. Hi everybody knows my locker room we're beginning to show. I have to the serenaded. By said forms of the media starts towards. You can hear the media stars of course every year Sunday at 1150. Inch or so crystal audience draw myself rob Bradford and I'm rob Bradford as I said. All the way up until Red Sox pregame show with a great John Ryder video pop on in at the end of the shift that to say hi. And a lot of people love John Ryder I know I do. And he's he's always a good time and I'm looking forward to seeing his smiling face once again. During this right side season you'll catch him on the pregame show and post game show and obviously during the game tonight. Red Sox fourteen into. Running through the entire American League without nary. Any competition. There I believe the unstoppable. May go up against the angels tonight reports LO but that's not where I want to start. Heading into about 92925. Or so. I wanna start where is the patriot situation. I listen all morning line and listen and the shaft or this new set the workers say am I I'd kinda listen to Bill Simmons moved. It did you do us a Bill Simmons. I caught the tail end of today it was long maybe it was the real Bill Simmons of bird it was long wasn't it a little bit yeah it was it was long about it. The first two literally the ones I wanted to here's or listen to them. And I know a lot of you out there haven't heard. These interviews they happened early in the morning this thing all this conversation which is really dominated the entire day. It's kicked off I think it was looking for the week OK so here it is. The tweet from Adam shaft there. Mad. Let's see what time says 7:20 AM Campion right. About it was 828 anyway. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady still has not committed to playing in 2018 even though people who know him. Believe he will be coming back league sources told ESPN are right. So there's a ton to pick through here this really been a time to pick fruit in regards to this whole situation with the patriots. As you're talking about and the first hour what is called Monday night. It's the franchise. The phrase OK so much its name gets all the Crocker road version but you know jackets army National Guard last month. God bless his soul. So as her talk about the first tower I'm intrigued by what made two after two weakness. That's what you have to ask you have to ask why did I'm show after tweet this out it's say at 8:20 AM. What did he tweet this and what was the reason Ford did he call was he calling around early in the morning and said. It ought patriots whoever my sources at the patriots have you heard from Tom Britt or you haven't heard from Tom ready. Oh you haven't whose is that things are you concerned about you're not concerned by it still think it's worth that week. That that's one plausible scenario that's out there another one is. I wanna I wanna basically find out whether or not Tom Brady is playing. Definitively he's not play IE users no commitment the patriots want me to find out if Tom Brady's playing I don't know why you can't call Tom Brady. I don't know why they can't call Don Yee. By the patriots wanna finds out where where as you said smoking amount. This is a way to do we still haven't heard from you Tom can you please tell us are you playing or not that was another scenario. Oh why did he do this why did he do this which was also because it led to conversations throughout the entire day. It was great it's after came on Kirk and cal and it was great that wicker ship was on we're gonna give you some of those cuts is like you said maybe you work. Listening in the more I'm sure you were but maybe you're driving around right that could run into workers something along those lines. And you haven't heard these because I think once again what curtain Callahan did they admitted to advance the conversation a little bit. I think that that's what happened years something happens at 8 o'clock in the morning bowl you advance the conversation. The other part of the show after thing that is intriguing to me. Is that. ESPN didn't prove prove this didn't just say well it was just a tweet no big deal all my goodness. It was the flood. It was a flood right now as we're sitting here. NFL lodges on my TV. You won the knicks when he's great used to work in Comcast years ads after it was the other guy I ain't it Louis Riddick the problem okay yes. There's still talking about this David talking about it all day long. This holes in it it was kicked off by Adams after. And a lot of times you'll see it all our employees he is the one between this out we want to show support. And even if it's not really story we're gonna push it out there is plenty of examples around these parts of organizations doing. By we show up there they don't need to do that would them bit the draft they can default today. Making putts on it but they don't have the rail on it the entire day which is what they've been doing so to me that's telling. Everybody did show after telling ESPN this is a big deal. Right Motorola. I agree with you because otherwise he wouldn't be doing this. Media car wash. Kind of thing he he set up in his own home office of the guy get two months of the that he's left and he should and now SP NT now he did this came out. Yes in in really his report was. Since then. It's been like now all Nazis nod and I think he is in. And then we have other reports going down the road of all these. Tom Brady's invited all these guys to Montana. For this passing camp so clearly their plan they would throw footballs around Montana if they were plaque planning on playing. Of course it all makes sense what we've there's nothing nothing to see here. And what are those jitters who's going out the Montana which is a bizarre situation you have four wheelers and you have all this. You're jumping off cliffs and a lot so gonna die on like little boy some guy in Montana. Right so it's gonna dive and in one of those people they got anxious when they saw a clip I hit like that side. Nazis in all I did anxious when my kids cliff I don't get anxious with the Albright because that's healthy attitude I just thank you invited people get. People people anxious about Tom Brady one going down a water slide. The home don't use your hair and talk to get you're shoulder to lose at home mail every chlorine or chlorine is bad for you anyway some. As I said breaking someone's gonna die Montana. And it is a weird situation but one of the things that have come out today was not always having to passing camp McGraw gets signed up. He didn't assignment sheet he didn't like what I do with the why would I wanna do spinning class and then blowing off in the future gets mad at me. Right so. Rob Gronkowski signed up for the month and it experience with poverty so if Tom Brady is having his passing camp in Montana. And Rob Gronkowski is gonna be there then that means that their Augen employed now listen. I think they're gonna play anyway I think all of this they are gonna play I think this is the ultimate. Peeing contest whatever you wanna say between Tom Brady Rob Gronkowski and most importantly. Big guy at the senator Dennis and people can say that Alice Guerrero is just the red Herring for the did bigger issue. But what ever he is he's in the middle of this he is in the middle of this. Because this is this is the guy who you're saying either Tom Brady's happy about it or he's not happy about it. Tom Brady wants to be free want to be himself Tom Brady wants to have his endorsements he wants to get his brand out there I believe at all. Well what is the biggest part of that. If Alex Guerrero. If Alex Cabrera that as the thing I think that Bill Belichick is saying you know Tom. I think you're doing too many bugs commercials and I I think that you should stop doing that. When. I think you're at now I think it's it's taking away now this is Alex Guerrero. And then you have the ground staff and I don't know how much of the grunts stuff as leverage for a new contract. Which I think probably in reality is the biggest part of this. But Alex Guerrero these guys are defaulting whether it's im in goal weather is wrong whether it's Brady. There's probably a lot of issues going on by their what's the role one connection with the mall it's Alex Guerrero. And so they are. They have every right to go to map for their guided every right to go to Belichick so you know I think you take the wrong pact would this. And that you should let this guy have his own office should have to do it up and Brady sweet. They have every right to do that issue of every right to say Bill Belichick you're handling this the wrong way. But at the same time. I've said this all along Guerrero deserve some responsibility here. Don't Guerrero is the one who argues is example million times but I saw what my own guys. Him walking off the field with Chris Hogan at halftime of the saints game. Located in banged up not walking off the field with a member of the patriots training stiff staff people walking off with Alex Guerrero. That's who he's walking off and to meet that was the perfect microcosm of the problem. That Bill Belichick probably said you know this is get a lot of control with Guerrero being on the side it's okay you can be on the sidelines there tons of people on the sidelines. But would you are doing that would you're walking off guys are training staff for aid who went for years and years and years of education. Our training staff and our strength staff or saying that you know they had to be vetted it worked their way up. Dejected there to get to the ought to have the right through to work under Bill Belichick. And you're walking up the field with Alex Guerrero the guy who just let on the sideline I don't like what you did does during the week but you're walking off the field with them. I can sense that Alex Guerrero. Isn't really a guy who isn't at fault here. And you know what it won this one be anything new. Training staff medical people they liked duke being their their way they don't like people stepping on their toes this isn't just a rare row. It's a lot of people people think that they have the right way to do it. Athletes by intuit. Now would become sort of this butting of heads were admitted team training staff maybe it was another doctor we've seen a billion times. We I'd I'll go back to an example as we mentioned Schilling. The last hour. Remember. Schilling Curt Schilling had his doctor had his guy doctor Morgan who wanted to do this biceps tendon niece's surgery which is sort of ignites bear. Mental buddies certainly wasn't on the line in the Red Sox a no we don't we don't we're not we don't want you to do that now. And there was this back and forth between his doctor and their doctors this happens. But what you have to have his you have to have a meeting in you have the conflict to a commonplace. And Romero has to be part of that. Guerrero knowing that he is he's probably the cause of at least some of the conflict. Path to get in there Tuesday. I will work with these guys are the week I understand if you don't want me of a sudden this come to some resolution but instead from what we know. It's become these sorts of this frustration between. Brady and Ron in ballots checked. And what the other part of this was a month thinking today in writing Hannibal is gonna join us later in the show can talk about this who wrote a column about it. Robbie craft. Robbie craft were easy. It islet called rob because I think he's ignited by a big he's a nice guy and I refuse call mr. Kraft I mean I. Gerry Ford was on here once those on here with the new couple mister Kraft is a what are you doing. Really what he's done a lot for me I have a lot for a year. After sport was very awestruck up to what it was like what do you mister and mister Kraft he will do a lot for a you know let your pet people done a lot for you eat you don't know what to call mister Kraft. Will camaraderie. Jersey Greg Robby as answer Robbie out there Ryan as a rod I can tell you that is a set that is a term of endearment. Specially if you thought the idea on like I did in my days Essex all. Yeah they're Nikko that the guy wanna hang out. Robbie craft mister Kraft. Whatever you wanna column. He's caught in this this world. College he was content to placate. There's a very isn't this a parallel to be drawn where he tried to make all these sides happy. He was trying to make the NFL happy news tried to make his cornerback Campion the patriots now. You try to make that fan base that he had caught in the middle and in more than a few times when I say cot he got caught. Coming out of it's been Jules that meetings with the owners and saying and it's gonna let the NFL take care of that. Act like a week after putting up the B wells are important contact. Me he's trying to make everyone happy. You can't do that you cannot do that and that's what's going on here. That's what's going on with the with the Brady in the grumpy in the Belichick that's short seems how it's going they were gonna have this meeting happen this meeting we're all the same page. This show after a report does not come out by accident if they are all on the same page this does not come out. This isn't just there isn't a rule there is an absolute method. The madness of this report happening would Adam shaft the absolutely it's 6177797937. So orient to blame here please people are to blame does that get that out of the way. This is dumb this whole thing is dumb and we're gonna play the clips from chapter and ricochet him from hurting Callahan. This whole thing you've done and he should have got to this point. It just weren't so who is to blame if it crap for not big U on taken asides that you guys and headed out. Is it. Brady for saying hey I wanna get my rules war. Even though you know this how what is the saudis would ballots checked so it's always been a but I want you to change noticed. Is it ballots checked for not being more lenient when it comes to braiding grunt. Like all of you who is to blame that our people to blame you should not have got to this point you can I guess you can spin around and say oh well you know who is that at. Who's doing it in the right way who was in the right you can fade out if you want but look at it who's to blame. Because it should not have gotten to this point if they showed net and what it comes to admiral also play some Rob Ninkovich from. Dylan Keefe. But he summed it up can we play this clip broker Brian. The clip that we played earlier I got in my car I listened to the core interview I did some work and go back in my car and I heard this I'm thinking. Nick evade some this whole thing up to me and like this minute I don't know if I miss something else. But in this little clip right here this is all I need to hear from all those people out there who were it were saying well you know. Don't the Belichick way doesn't work anymore Blaine johnsons of the world. Ron should have more fun Brady should have more fun this what it's all about they have to have more fun this is what Rob Ninkovich said on dale and Keith. And that's it right so is it ever fun. Yeah in the second the quarterback guy that's fun when you go through all of us the way up at the bit in this is another thing hours and just go crazy with people like you know I just wanna have fun. It's like okay what's fun there's winning that winning is fun losing sucks. Dirt if third as he doesn't does this Friday anyone else nuts that that would has become part of this conversation. That the people are saying the patriots wade can't work anymore. Beat despite all the waiting. Because guys are having enough fun losing sucks licking what in Amendola said look at what these guys are insinuating. That can't be possible Ninkovich summed it up right there what is what is the common thread. A most of the guys who have insinuated this what is the common thread of airman dole out of grow on a Brady. Alex Guerrero. Right. This is this is down sitting around that place are getting their massages in Montana. Talking about this saying you know what it would be nice and I think we've said this on the record in a dole kinda did. By. This is what's insinuated. That Belichick have to change. Because. The way that the athlete is now they're more like gras they wanna have fun it more like. How Pete Carroll even though that's terrible example of they wanna use it to look at what's happening there. Where's the reality. In this what I'd been telling people over and over and over again the reality is this professional athletes. Ultimately. The thing that they're striving for the most is not the fund may be in the moment and I haven't followed it's what Ninkovich who sent. It's winning games because you know what's not fund the worst thing about being a professional athlete. If losing. Losing when you're port in putting everything out on the line there for your team. Four for yourself. You are not getting results right after that tightening go after he said losing sucks you talk to a former patriot about what it might be like on the other side. You know like I was talking Michelle Jones do them like they Manny had a great years and yet but you know how terrible it is a lose I don't know I don't know what it's like to lose a lot because all I do because a 2000. Seven now's with the Miami Dolphins Els won fifteen and I didn't play imagine how being found out being on that team would be miserable. Not playing and you know you go into the head coach's office and it's Cam Cameron he's like hey gas but you know we're gonna do the thing we're gonna keep working we're gonna get better. And you're like a really open Cameron and right now I. It it goes on on the that's the point only Joseph we have he's been on yet don't we have what Taylor Joan it's right now it rise it's bizarre that people are bringing this up. That as an excuse for this is reason is happening is is bizarre to me. Because we have so many examples so many examples one examples. Sits right here every day from penitent Christian Fauria. How many times have we heard person talked about. Going for the patriots and playing for the guy he calls the worst coach in Iraq had Joseph Gibbs in Washington. It's awful it's it's awful so this whole idea of having fun they'll listen if you are Brady. And you want your the godfather your kids. To have your office and you value Guerrero and brazen a different example list. That goes to the Guerrero conversation. But when it comes to the grunts stuff about new vision loosen up have more fun and then you people try to back up down argument with the aim and goal sound. Or. Or Dwayne Johnson stuff. Come on really. Really. 6177797937. I see all lined up the eighty Crist Tom arrested you. So tell me I asked him before who is really rile you up in this whole thing because somebody out this is dom isn't stupid dumb. Is that he's got to this point in and for those people said there's nothing there that's dumb too because there is something there you have that shaft their two week. You have what she after set on curtain Callahan today your workers sham. Obviously that story looks better and better and better all the time. This up to prove it's like it's no big deal it is a big deal but how dumb is it it has gotten to this point. 6177797937. Be back right after its. Must at night on Sports Radio. WEEI. A game I don't know there's an actual. Process write something like that OK it's not like they say okay it's obvious since it won't go out and yes or Turkish papers. I think this fiscal. It's just the kind of thing you know. He hadn't shown up there yet and told me when he's playing. It deliberately not playing and I think there's a feeling a sense that he's going to play. What they don't know that he's gonna play a clip of people and it around into sort people inside and outside organization. They think he's gonna play what they don't. Like. As someone who tries this. Just because you say with a different voice inflection doesn't mean it's true. Thank you here's after. Like I'm not saying that you not but I'm not saying Didier again. That's after all it's advocate different. Her Jerry if he knows he's he's on the edge of the seat he knows. You know that's Adam shaft during curtain Callahan this morning after he gave his three. Regarding Tom Brady and the patriots don't know if he's gonna play so listening to that again Brian do you listen to it you say. Where did this come from why did he do it. And it also brings back the question. Clearly he's getting this from the patriots. Write. Me if I would date set up a no brainer. Soul. Of the pitchers don't know. Could they have asked Tom Brady why aren't they asking Tom Brady. Why are they asking his agent. And if they did ask him then. Why wasn't there an answer. And is it just because Brady said I'm not talking those guys until I have to do because of the way they're treating Alex Guerrero. That's what you have to look into like why average after weakness because there was something beyond it when Sheppard does it there is a reason behind it. And it in knowing it Polycom for the patriots was that reason 6177. 7979837. Of AAA. With the blades pointing fingers all over I want to. People like this guys write this guy's right instead of what was the book because you'll agree would be this is dumb. Is so dumb. It the old thing like this is this is gonna stop them from going fourteen to the Padres playing on waits to eat dog race playing number one. Number two. It's not them this report isn't gonna make him. This whole thing isn't gonna make you not plan he wants to play if he did pot or use Smart enough. That if he came back from Goddard. Rotting on his camel in and walking on the beach and doing whatever else studio filming mission possible sequels I don't know. What he comes back. And think I'm not comply. He asked also now. There as much street cred as he's built up which is more than any athlete in history of this. Great great area sports area of ours. That he asked him though there. He is gonna be taking an enormous it people will say Tom you do a lot for you are sorry mister Brady did a lot for us. But wryly. You cannot do this you told them that you were gonna keep playing that's why Jimmy drop lowest rated now we are gonna have to suffer. Do these. Four in twelve seasons. Give us what they would do. Brady has the know that. This is an enormous hit to his record this isn't getting traded to the Kansas City Chiefs isn't Joseph Monty is different. Even Elway at the end it was like okay you you're gonna retire early with. Usually he's in decent player. But it wasn't the fortunes of a franchise. With Montana with Elway with a lot of these other places. Warren directly linked like they are with Tom Brady the patriots Tom Brady leaves they are bad team Tom Brady stays there one of the best teams. And if you leaves now. With Jimmy grapple gun. Then I'm sorry that you can tell me if I'm wrong but I am sorry if Tom Brady decides. This 5% to 5% they were talking about that he actually might leave it that becomes a 100%. And he leads. Did tell me abroad that he would take an enormous hit because. You have to be an assumption number one these told Robert Kraft that he's gonna stick around and it believes is it because. He wants to hang out with Alice Guerrero and get his brand and get the TB twelve thing going in in the patriots weren't letting Al Guerrero on the sideline well. I don't think. I think that we as the New England they and them is Smart enough to say that's not a good enough reason. That's not a good enough reason that it just appalled applaud from from all of what you built up here and not give some sort runway in terms of how the pacers gonna survive without Tom Brady. 6177797937. This go to the calls to any stone of it Danny or you. Yet. I'm not just. I mean if the pitch you can look trouble without a little all the time. I mean it successfully brought ingredient. They just by Guerrero himself. Of the well it's a good it's a good question here is the reason why they don't is why I think. It's because. You have their built in strength staff you have their built in medical staff. And all these people have gone through years and years and years of education. The had to work their way out to the point where bill bell attack who ever I'll als the stereo says. You are accepted you are the guy that we want to lead this department. And they they so they have their guys. This guy doesn't completely different from the guys I'm just talking about. So I if you break in post Guerrero into that equation on the full time basis which is this is the conflict anyway Danny. This is the conflict anyway tonight to bring in that I had a full time basis good luck with that dynamic. You can shake that you got the greatest quarterback of all time putting his trust in the guy. Agrees quarterback at this like Asian. I just I don't need that much. OK okay take take Tom Brady aside. You I don't know if you heard me earlier about that scenario which I which I laid out there the New Orleans Saints games halftime walking off the field with Chris Hogan would just got injured. He's walking off the field the guy who just got injured with Alex Guerrero not the medical staff not the training staff. Alex Guerrero. If you're happy that if you trig Diddy once again if you're in training staff if you play the coaching staff if your part of belt check if your belt checked. Aren't upset over that that this guy overstepped his bounds. Who what when I went out. Acting like you like. As people are hired to do with that and they're not named Alex Cabrera. Who who has completely different views of how things are done than the people you are paying to do the job. My question why not give Guerrero that chance to get the latest court after all tying. At that so much. And you see all these teammates stepping aren't like them. I guess I've. Got to champ. It did I hear data here's the thing thanks for the call here's the thing. They did given the chance. You'll think they gave Alex Guerrero the opportunity to. To have a presence that almost no other person outside the organization would have. He had an office. Angel Stadium. He was on the sidelines for games. They what these guys who work with him during the week didn't say no you should work this guy we are allowing you to work in this. Where they're probably concerns about the way these doing things may be. They were letting him do and then it got to the point for whatever reason I can pick a pretty educated gas. About why this happened. To get to the point where is that guy you know what we're gonna have a little bit of separation. My guess is that Guerrero. Sort of pushed and pushed and pushed or maybe it was Brady. Who pushed and pushed and pushed got more and more guys in god bless them all they found the way they like to work out that's fine. But you cannot take out the other part of the equation. Which is the people who are employed there who bill bella tackle wherever the stereo whoever has that have chosen to be part of representing the New England Patriots medical straight staff. You cannot take out of the equation. Market New Hampshire with going on March. And it. Check it old school being humiliated. Here in college coaching. But it detailed. Look all right because Tom Brady. Op patient statement. They tried to handle it kinda get ourselves. Activity to players. Would use. The corner. People. Our. Issue. Here. And how accurate. But I mean I like we can't. Pick an area and you don't eat. Cock. Is it possible. Don't you surely don't pension. And just had done that and because now that it would. The they can go out and play. Him a break it first I think Belichick was okay because you know. It was pretty and it. Mark at peak technology I don't have. Okay you're anyway until the player Kurt thank. You get out. Click. Policy issues. All of this only is. It check it out. And yeah. That. Does it get a guy articulate it. All right mark one asked you these questions. Is that did a year pop reason why for each of these players for Tom Brady Enron why they are upset right now. You're tough one just. Once. I caught it. Right I agree I agree with that and what OK I agree with that sort of taught what Alec Tom Brady. But don't get back at all and finally I finally got the power. All over I'll reject. And go. Pitcher you don't. Just because you've given me the ability to edit them but it Belichick heard that. Any wind. At your docket is the only player to have Joseph are. It might fit you know I'll be more gaunt. I'll look at it that car. I think it guard police had gotten it. Yet you act out what about the situation. Nokia thanks for the call mark I mean. I guess. I you know certainly Brady has more cash aid more power than any player Belichick is ever coached but Belichick cast you know that. He just does an in if Belichick is being that inflexible on it. On on everything when it comes to Tom Brady and he wants to treat him like Brandon Bolden. Then that's not the reality here is just not. But I think Belichick has been it's pretty flexible already the example I have to keep coming back to Guerrero. It's a let this guy on the sidelines to let him do what he was doing. I just think knowing what we've seen knowing what we've heard. The power of Guerrero or the it is the boldest of Guerrero to sort of implement his way of doing things on more and more and more and more players. Was making bella checked and the people we hired uncomfortable. And a five bella checked. I think that's within his rights to drop back a little bit on that. And if that's gonna make Tom Brady retire. The nets went about who to blame the Brady just to. There you go 617779797. I'm rob brat will play more. Sound from south wicker sham Adam chapter right after this. That's a more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. You know the issue Alex I've built and as the globe detailed you know have to do with this credentials and hip. As much as they view has methodologies maybe more. And so. Again I don't know if that should have failed or not I mean I think that like the problem. And it's unique problem and there's no good guy or bad but it's sort of interesting because this is what happens when. You have this unprecedented situation marina. Read future hall of famers in that organization in all of which. I've earned the right. Be successful in their terms. That is south quicker should have used the end zone. On the Kirk Callahan show earlier this morning. Good time to have on the whole show after tweet stuff happened about 8158 when he saw the light that. And he was careless little thing here is very do I value better this time mini actually was when his story came out the story would you agree with a I would let the same time a lot of people ready. He had people W really died it was created a lot of that time in case people remember what Christian came out with a huge story saying there was. Discontent and the patriots world and after the drop flowed trade in and it was that was more yet to be more on defense of the entire aren't a lot of practice jokes dean made after that you're yes he has had breakfast of the players. 6177797937. Am rob Bradford that you all the way up the Red Sox pregame. Quick aside. The first low one day contract what is the deal the warranty contracts. What is the deal with a one month throws neither feel good story every passer in Devin Hester and Matt Forte are now saying Wendy contract with the bears. What do you do for that Wednesday. Maybe according to what would you do with your Wendy injuries I don't know to a PA announcements of the silly that it now and how low would you buy with your Wednesday contract. I'd buy a I want make contact. And union sent it to irons perfect on is about one day contract ties at least two or something tangible. Your job to job by you not materialistic. And also as those on twit army pack just fighting in what's going on. This. Media pack you know at the 9950. Leading threats like treated this go back to the cause Mike Newbury port they might. It Liu it. He you know what you're the first one and it. That would certainly want to talk about this. Isn't there something about allowing some of it's not even an employee. Terrero to command and I'll call Europe I mean British technically an employee's rights forever of an outside source. So that kind of a liability is. I don't ball liabilities happens you know this happens and I think that Guerrero is presents. The most for the most part last couple years was above and beyond what you give to you've been. The the random guy do you putting on the sideline or the consulted and think about it. There is there is a lot of players would no matter what sport you're in there is a lot of players who have their consultants have their own guys. That. Did not let in the clubhouse or not let they don't have an office in outlet on the sidelines. So for those people or civil Belichick threw hard line in the sand and absolutely there was none of that he's inflexible on it. He was pretty flexible Mike on it I think. You are absolutely. Or that that type of guy to the absolutely put. That I mean that's weird it. I mean wasn't a rare allowed in the locker room. Yeah yeah I'd probably yes. He had era and I'd correct reformer on rise yet an office in July up until the needs of priests we yes. You'd office in July and so yes in in would Brady. So I keep using the example walking off the field with Hogan at halftime of the saints game and Mike thanks for the call appreciate it. If if he's walking off the field of Brady that's almost like OK that's the reason he's there. It doesn't shock me is as much but when you are starting to do with other players and I know there's a lot of players now we're going with Guerrero. Then. It's all human to have that red flag raised for ballot check in the rest of the guys. About it if you're a guy on that medical or training staff. And you did what you needed to do to be hired by Bill Belichick you had to go through that vetting process which it. Did have that amount education you go to the yet the school would now defunct. That Guerrero went through and I say the ground doesn't know what he's doing but. You have to look at through the prism of these other guys. And these other guys whose job is to do that who. If there are doing this they have to be on the same page with each other they ought to be on the same page and if they're not getting in a room and if figure it out. That is part of the patriots organization. And that all of sudden you see this guy walking off the field. Where is. Somebody and what the players just got hurt. I'm not upset about that somebody needs to reach first years ago okay. Can step back and see how you guys are feeling about this. What is the medical staff of less than what he's doing are going to medical staff already did that really out does not mean not even a question of every death is why. A league ballots checked it'd just because. He's it's on the other corner why guys you know on the building. What white or not because they could do medical tightly guarded I think the medical staff and by away rightfully so I would imagine. Complained. The audit act logo and all the more. More and more and board morgue guys we have the long list of guys have gone with Guerrero are going with Guerrero is a lot of things Guerrero does which is very helpful live. We look at grunts situation he. There was a lot of results there after working with Alex Guerrero. But. There has to be and I don't know maybe there was this meeting if there wasn't in shame and everybody in this meeting of we have to find a way to all get along and mice and when he got kicked upstairs to kick I've had to let my sense was. That he was overstepping or it can be perceived to be overstepping his bounds a lot more then ever before. And that's probably because more guys or go to them and why were they going Wear them because. Much like Willie mcinnis told palm Brady about a Tom Brady was telling these other guys about them and they were all seeing results. We saw the palm vs time clip about what Andelman. A division crap about I like the bench I like the bench and Julian likes his edit right in in and Guerrero saying. People get it wrong it's not like I dole white people bench press thing. In that. We talked about the column vs time and not being a whole informer to well with kind of an infomercial because what that allowed Alice Guerrero to do was. So wait a narrative. That I'm not just about the bands I can get along with these other guys who like jeans Harrison who likes it too dead liquid manhole covers. I get along those guys. That the car with going on now. Although much. On that particular call you. I just want you to say that I just don't understand where all the support. Comes off because we're talking about a guy who. Has called on him the benefit of the doubt it limited medical knowledge. Classical medical long that's going to be an iron entire team of professional to a higher source who that job. Yes we're talking about pat activity that conversations and raised enough to be perfectly on of these. And the plan and I think that the people that are supporting them all and end users show are also looking at it as simple as that you have to. Literal truth could enter or. No don't want her location of this important. Now how they lax and believed him. Generally how the agency performance on the was. No I I hear you and I think that once again thanks for the call that. Once again if you're at that position if you're in the position of this is all you are is how you were professionally defined. As a strength coach as a trainer. And you it takes years and years to get to that point. And then now you have this guy and you could have ideas and you can have is like a hitting coach. I hitting coach can have there out their guy who pieces of a different way to swing and have their ideas that's fine. But it's not like he would solve the problem about how it is to hit a baseball. He has his ideas he buys it maybe it works. You have your ideas get it together. Do what's right for the player. That's what we thought was going on with the Alice Guerrero but would Alice Guerrero is taking guys more and more and more. And guys are going there and and really. The the medical training staff is feeling more and more and more devalued. How do you feel if you're that step. If these guys don't know what they're talking a vote. So I think why we're bringing all this up. Because this is the impetus for the pushed back from Belichick. As though because beat Belichick says. And bad of a kind of ice cream bad. I'd like to do it the way that my father taught me how to coach football at bills. Brought Medicaid Hampshire yes absolute monster that's yet I don't like these bands in the building. You know. Crocker and a terrorist he never had bands. To be a break. Ten in Los Angeles they can. It's a different. In the kind of look at it from the temple I don't. Continue to speak out and view. What went to people in the courtroom privately held company really think about it what they shouldn't be doing at this point. Got to look at from the standpoint I got through to at the highest level that this organization which the crap. He a couple of the succession plan not just quarterback coach. Because. Yeah the situation that actually and two plots conditioning diametrically opposed. I want to impeach about a quarter back who the guy who got closer look at actual. And it could be from you know who couldn't employee I interpreted as mildly in support. Are not there yet so we gonna do everything out of respect to property and you know yeah. General. Pick a one term you're just not a lot lows got an eight bit maybe Iraqi temporarily. But you know looking at your are your Wednesday going to be coaching acumen whose going to be quarterback in and character who is now. On both counts. And I do they took our craft and we don't you know. Inject an adult and that is gushan. They actually do. Picks tonight why terms that you Olympic spotlight. And implement those decisions why they and everybody has some of the cause we wanted. On the should adequately. Deploy this organization and carry out this drama I creepy employee. There are hired by the predate voluntarily barely but nonetheless they have to listen with coming up at your best. Right and that's why it could crack them late which take more active interest in that did not Burnett throw it. The lower levels all of delegating responsibility. And I think it's been done by this organization here. I want to make sure it suck that Iraq. Again that was as good at this point and I walked it you know. I have to be discussion about it look at the situation basically if we can't. Wait. Yang can then take it thanks for the call. As a good call because it brought up the craft side of this. And Kraft is the one we think. The house to be the one step Benson react to get these two sides together we got the figure out we have the weather's training staff meeting with Guerrero. With the Brady meeting would Belichick but we have to figure this out. And for those people sent all the got to figure out it's no big deal well that's after three doesn't come out today if it is figured out that's just the reality. Of the situation. And with Kraft you've mentioned it. Like utility. You delegate to a point but there comes a time where the highest guy has to come and and make the big decisions I'd mentioned earlier and I talked the same candy about this on the podcast and a drop tonight. Going back to Theo Epstein and Larry Lucchino in 2005. Those two guys. There were two guys who were valued by ownership. Tremendously valued by ownership. But they were not going to be able to co exist. Until finally they got to the point where John Henry figured something out with them to the death of so it worked out to you know to a point but it got him back to Saturday at the unit comeback. And that's what crap just to do it goes beyond this. Kraus track record in terms of negative and saying you're right you're wrong isn't greats. Good that the eyebrow of the placate issue. Here is all over the place he deferred the other fell one minute. And that was a week after he had the wealth report contacts instead I think I am supporting the patriots fans and that is how it's going to be. Yeah okay he made some mistakes and email it to make it some mistakes. But that was the past. That was attest to save we are right I normally catch heat from the owners the owners are raw and I'm gonna take the side of the patriots phantom. You pass that test initially. This is there is and disappointing to lose. Yes Ali you know always talking about he could have been talk about the owners of dialogue of the patriots fan I don't know I was wrong then there. And he made mistakes that I now regret now we regrets I could've told you that you gonna regret it when you walked out of that role in Sevilla the NFL handle. 6177797937. ICL lineup that is Paul might hang on we'll continue this conversation right after this.