Mut at Night - Shaughnessy’s ‘Dear Tom Brady’ column is what people hate about the media - 6-4-18

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Monday, June 4th
Hour 3 - Villani thinks Shaughnessy’s ‘Dear Tom Brady’ column is what people hate about the media but Drellich doesn’t see a problem with it. Also, with the issues going on internally with the Patriots and former players slamming the organization does Belichick need to change the way he interacts with players?

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Use these mud at night. Yeah. I'm moods are just not okay cause I'm world. Good thing about it. It's. We got the medical on the campus which obviously this week of April so we'll look forward to it can't wait to get back to back to where and excited. Now here's much. Slug Sports Radio W. Never Monday night audience relic here Sports Radio WEEI. I've bounced all over the place in baseball and football. Torrey Smith. Is responding to trump. Evan. Moderate. You can do that if in part of the thing to do once is too right now. So apparently. And by the way and chapters also tweet in the last couple seconds here and he's gonna would source that a large group Eagles players. Had decided not to attend the White House including most if not all of the black players on the team that again according to out of chapter Torrey Smith. I reach weeded the screen shot of the president's statement which said that none of the Eagles are invited anymore. And he said so many lies number one nominee he were to go number two notre used to go because trip I trump quote insist. Folks stand for the anthem number three the president continues to spread of false narrative the players are anti military. He also this is Torrey Smith. We did there are a lot of people on the team a played different views the men and women that want it to go should have been able to go to cowardly act cancel the celebration. Because majority of players don't wanna see you to make it about the at them. Is foolish and this is. Where it and he said that the Callahan tweet something along these lines. This is where you really lose Venus why. He said the beginning I think this is that at. It's a transparent move by trump I understand why he's doing he's creating political wedge issues fine. By. It's sort of nonsensical to say. Well because a bunch people don't want golf. I'm going to say the people they didn't want to show up. And did want to you know stand there for their play the National Anthem or whatever. But it just invite those people. Battle showing on the make you feel good about the news judgment I mean if feel guilty heady and appealed again just. Just plainly transparent of what he's trying to do your fire of days. That's what we said. I said when we first saw the things that we we we kind of very quickly distilled what the issue here was going to be with whether or not. With with who made this decision. Who who cut off this visit in its entirety. I don't disagree with anything Torrey Smith says how many Eagles Neil lessons. You know the answer. Now. But how many army eagle examining players in the league were kneeling by the end of the year rubble and again and that's a doorman who would defend the rights in the that'll things but but the whole issue. But this goes back to the the point. That I'm making about the the broader political context here. The issue is for all intents and purposes dead. Then when it's resurrected by the policies put in place by the owners boom wedge issue there it is served up on a platter. And the guy who really wants to stoke up the debate the conversation is one in the Oval Office and he does that. When he. This invites. Whatever percentage of it I don't know how many there were whatever percentage of guys we're going to show a lot and wanted to be there and wanted to be part of get that son of a whole chocolate bill. He's. Lucky people approach from. That I understand I understand why that happened it certainly one of them myself. I don't know how you can support so many of these choices he's made since then and even choices you make in during the campaign. And there's no reason to create further division with something like that it's just. If all you're trying to do with anger people packed does not help the country it just doesn't. It doesn't help. Dated days interactions with people evident but 88 it helps. People who are angrier motivated. People or anger or motivated to donate money to political causes him motivated to Obama tree and actually at this point. That's part of promises about trumpet it he he makes everything about himself. We've seen that in countless countless incidents who will what was the one the other day and it. How winning 2 in what am I gonna tell you the side doesn't do the same impact in my duty a different way. But in terms of I think getting multiple level in terms of getting people fired up with. We with narratives that resides anger inside to get people to to organize to rally to support to get to the polls on Election Day. That is not something that is that is owned entirely by one party entirely but but. Don't make it solid to 5050 situation at this. It's just not what's the entire morning and in this going into. You know immediate and leverage your talents we. You can let it be governor anymore. Does this morning with that they take decision. The Supreme Court decision to the narrowly tailored decision. Both sides immediately grabbed upon different aspects of that in an attempt to use it began as a wedge issue to drive up. Interest in and anger and hopefully affirmed their perspective energy tended to get people to vote or get people to give money. Gerry Callahan says someone help me out here and Mueller's. Were coming anyway which players that were there. So present nice if justice invited the players who were going to stand in over carpeting and and shake his hand at his jokes he told all caps those guys to stay home. What sense does that make him and I agree Adam Schechter now says large group of Eagles players to decide not to attend including most if not all of the black players if source told. Yes can you can't blame them. While yet that it said the documents don't yet that's. That big surprise again this is this is going to continue to happen nobody is a war if you warriors are gonna win not only white people showing up. If literally every black there wasn't known. Maybe that has become untenable for me well perspective well yak is don't forget this is a photo op at all it is. This is they photo op and a lot of time hand wringing over some some silly conflict zone. Yeah Abbott images matter symbols matter photo lots matter of these are the types of things people remember. You when it comes to presents people remember the these speeches in the moments more so than the policies in the the deep down in the muck nitty gritty legislation that those types and George Bush's first pitch. Great first pitch we'll get it pupil you wanna talk about symbolism. Unity that we probably we can barely imagine at this point. But that was not deliver strike and that's the greatest person that's ahead on our bulletproof vest on. Any splits the played a solid withdrawal of all the new Yankee Stadium mound and and our viewers got. It was erupts. 2011 news the Yankees reflect in the game I lost my control subsequently. Suffered from yet so it's been very tough. It happens that that is an athletic. That your dad goes so and the good athlete and college or currently popular paper that Yale now our. To evolving to Steve Buckley terror exactly did he ever tell you about I was a Grover Cleveland in a hotel a pup I used to working in in in Maine in Portland Maine. As well as the Nazi he's mentioned before what. This column by the way by. 6177797937. But this column to me is. Analysts say everything people hate about the media that somewhat hyperbolic but it's a lot of what people hate about the media so it's a dear Tom letter. And it asks Mike to reread the or read the whole thing to hear but. At what point precisely did you decide you like the world's Thurston Howell the third place modern reference there's good more than a world Fuzzy Thurston. Now there. What did you make the leap from stopwatch at the TAG Heuer watches how can you possibly feel. Under appreciated when you work your New England every sport citizen wants to throw rose petals and your app and wash your feet and is your five championship ranks. And he goes through this whole thing about you know. Are you that it. Brady is it about the TB twelve method is about outs were arrow yadda yadda. But any signs off with. You don't want to win employee of the month parking spot in more year old about the brand you're all about Alex and since you work it work Foxborough we're treating candor enemies of the state we can only guess what happened. That's it Tom just wanted to know were. They can about TCU the AFC championship sincerely support the state and this is. It feels like it's just so far off from what fans are thinking late to do page in maybe or Iraq but to patriots fans really get. Worked up about the idea. Today Tom Brady has a lavish lifestyle because that's new or where you fall pushing me he's been pushing the Aston Martin's tag Hoyer. The things that 98%. Of page probably more than that. Patriots fans or any fans frankly can't afford to bot he's been pushing these types of products in this type lifestyle for years now he's won a couple of Super Bowls. In the process while all of that has been happen. So is this something that the patriots fans are really fired up. Out of the fired up and you know reading the reading it quickly here. These questions don't seem illegitimate. A lot of a lot of this debate could be settled if there was some forthright discussions that you have a lot of basically passive aggressive commentary. Coming out either through sources are directly from people themselves. And like the patriots could settle this today. If this ongoing discussion that we've had now for for months against maybe it predate the bwic portions story but those certainly a jumping off point. I don't read this piece from Shaughnessy. And go what what is the apartment here if there are people who look at him and say on the Bill Belichick shouldn't change all of them doesn't it become. It was on Brady knows where where is Brady's had a that's a new. Either of these guys have to change the just have to work together which they've shown no inability to be able to do what there's there's what is is greater Peters they've you know there's been no it's not about to appear to me it's a 100%. But like everywhere you look like one result Brady can't change the Bill Belichick got. Some change first draft you first of all bill tectonic shall attack constantly talks about. Improving and everybody improving in the coaching staff imperfect it I say. You might say it's platitudes but he says it after every practice after every game I think he probably means to. You have to identify though before you you they say the first step to solving any problems identifying right. Identify the problem here. And that's it and if I don't know and they've done I don't know the dates that you have been adequately done that pub when you're hanging on. Whether. Ex employees basically. And contradicted. By overwhelming Terkel evidence that this team figures out a way to get it done pretty damn well. But it it. You're complaining and hear the ability to figure riding get it done if not speaking to the issues these guys are speaking to the matter how they go out. Getting it done but the majority of people call up and and one man operation have to change Elton should have to change. Bill Belichick we'll just all over and crumble or melt if you make an adjustment you make that just went all the time. But when it comes to some sort of both optical element how he handles players he can do that. It just like to step back but it it again picabo we're talking about no I think become Pete Carroll. This is the problem with people in this and the patriots world is everything gift pick into the and agree. You think it did something wrong with. The cameras well then that he didn't actually think the patriots are the worst returns in history. And every bring should be revoked now no middle ground. Little bit of new wants little at a reasonable and Automask I'm still asking to identify the problem do you think the Bill Belichick needs to change. The waiting Iraq's players I think if pop I think he could probably take some of these guys sing and again we don't know what you're saying behind the scenes would that mean because the cash is march. It means that marketing excuse me the weighted that I wanted to use feel you on or off march line is that's one that's when it's dark but dismissing march doesn't dismiss the topic on the whole. He pointing at the technical I was going to baton. When you say let's take a call rather than pointing out what can your critics learned a wealth gets defensive when the lights are Bradford Bradford don't have approach sounds about right. Brad from way back from Houston. Oh he. That one you know. As important as it takes forty why do you know that. So you get constant updates on where he asked me slack channel for the website update. He tells if you can keep it close the White House Soria. Whose post in the White House. Hannibal is not to dinner so you can do it in 45 minutes. Everything for the art are you don't lose. At just knock out to grass from 8 PM Charlotte and boom and popping up there and click EDT doesn't want. You want me to write a while most of the shot no please happily no problem. Or is it bird in pioneer valley of next celeb. Yes I. Do. Know that I guess. Well I invite basic US court that most successful coach in the NFL last twenty years. And what's his philosophy. If the path doesn't matter so what the god that the changes that we're going with us. No I'm not going to pass out and say what has worked in what has worked president and what about. Year and here. Pete Carroll. Getting I don't feel well heck the Lundberg a one. So Bill Belichick as I won't last forty years. And you're expecting him to change his philosophy that has worked three year in and year. I'm not saying yes to make this like. That like just to wake up tomorrow becomes sort of some sort of like hippie who all the side in. Does football this drastically different way but that the idea that he can rejoice if he Belichick actually. Right well this same like. I've been a manager and many different avenues in different businesses. And our philosophy that has worked for me is I work with strong management and weak management. Did you get about a cookie is gonna ask for a glass of milk. This working. Stone cold for you why would you change it why would you give it a little bit is just gonna keep making giving it more and more. Appeasement the sort of system prevented World War II world aura. Well one never know Chamberlain or Alter their p.s appeasement and help now that now he's been so I I don't think. Look is there some truth that possibility that you could you could get too much of her Belichick yet. But why couldn't this be some sort of middle ground here. That that may be isn't it at all like where a middle ground as I'm sure it's not that interest. A short while technically and we would go like whoa that is nuts you know it would be we're talking small little changes that might make these guys a little bit happier. And I don't and I just I believe. That you could do that without disrupting your whole system without breaking the patriots. If there word. Fifty employees here at WEEI who were happy. And this is obviously a hypothetical because god knows yet all I was gonna say if there were fifty they were happy and three that we're not. Would you assume the problem is with management at WEEI. Or at the extreme minority employees without work. Because you want to. 55 employees are unhappy it's I think it's a bad example for this particular play all right let's look around the other would it is it who's who's happier if is is that Kirk. Jerry and who's who's who's more you know whatever you're ordering of important people that's optional blu Brad Berk Lou certainly. You know if if you have this kind of over and over again. Is if it's a bad example through it because everybody here's miserable. I don't think it's idle people Celtics doing its job throughout the ignores its people like like you listen to fuel the ticket be back using manager of people but again you don't know that that's not how. Happening I think it is happening it's a 1000% happening the Bill Belichick the what the hell I'll probably if we'll talk about it the break or maybe we'll move on to more Eminem talks 6177797937. Sports hernia WB yeah it's always see. We must act now on Sports Radio. The guy. Major League Baseball draft after it. As Zack and Cody Clemens and draft. I'd probably felt I believe that I have been following this. I used to when I cover the Astros in the years they had and that sent to convert Barry. Intently but. They really moves the needle him all the hype that some people. This could get trade picks right stupid question but you can trade limited pixie into it compensatory. Pick so there has been there has been a little bit of draft pick treaty that's that's changed a little that you just saw the pine trees. And the twins apologies essentially bought a draft increased. We're getting the draft Mikki Moore and receive it I think you need legitimate trading up. Maybe a lot more interesting especially think about where the Red Sox are right now. If you assume their buyers this year which I think most would on the on the trade market heading into its August 1. They're not a position of strength when it comes to dealing from their minor league system because a lot of that has already been ransacked to bring in. You know some of the moves that gave them browse he's already made. They have some upper level guys that for various reasons I mean grooms hurt she does get suspended. And neither one of those guys is moving anyway so maybe they can do I can't throw to first round pick for reliever something like that if problem. Lee has not been implemented to some degree because. Lack of faith in teams to. Maintain parity if you let teams trailing draft picks you know if like. The Red Sox to pay for new. And it's that appears to access limited that it a because the term for the world epic work seventy million. Which is which tells you how bout a seven million dollars in value to the team or seventy million dollars in. For that player now. To submit that that is the value the value of having a heck out of your cell of an open market at the David Price number I am hoping you might be higher than that now. Because you're getting somebody. At such a low cost control for years and years. Anyway if you could find big market teams to spot you'd fall back into the old old system where. The big market teams are outspending everybody in the draft but that that could be a possibility because. The way it works now is. The amount of money you can spend tied to how many picture absent because by about two picks well and he could spend more once you have the text so. The system is not designed well to handle that for the ambitious big market gentlemen it's already not designed well though forward. Incorporating international players. Well. That it's better look. These are these are nitty gritty details of probably known to most people but it's yet you lobby of the last free market that exists that it's impossible to an international draft. You're dealing with all these different sovereignty. How can you tell them they have to handle it and all the way to the players union had been Smart they would have said to the two. Believe the last go around sure we'll give an international draft. Go implemented good luck. It would be very difficult to actually pull Laughner national. To Vannatter right effort alive it's still good sound as good as it was for the was it an Nippon upon. And the letters. The about professional and yes yes and PB well he used to be an out twenty million Wright is the that's year that you stocking horse number posting for you putting twenty million and you were get a seat at the table and you figured out player after that there was like that before. We know is how much of which I'll pay you go back to be 28 guys hazy camp liberty around here knows 51 point one million. If it's amazing the waves of change in and you you have. They've put caps on everything that that the beleaguered baseball as as an organization that teams are winning because the used to be that. You you can spend whatever you want in the draft and all you'd get with the scolding from the commissioner's office and now they're real punishment attached to spending. And it's not worked up with the players' want to and riveting it's. Scolding a bigger by the way they'll Guidant in May be people heard this comment the Cody Clemens or Roger Clemens. Dad. I did say you love his son to be drafted by the with volatile. He says it's you don't you. Grateful to you. That didn't keep you were on the yesterday you said to me that this is your interview. I did not I said that I tweeted. Gracious about art art. Yeah talk the talk that we were there and see out there he's let's go to you John must not an excellent job. Are you guys. The question earlier on Islam you know people thought that they'll charge you change your system. Arm. You know there's. You know sort of adapt to what's going on. I think we'll let you know this whole. You know everybody talking about. The only happiness and you know what the patriots are being. You don't. Worked too hard I think that's something that's being created from outside. Team. You know when when gronkowski each you know tweet out something like you know. Positively or someone that I I think we're grasping at straws to return that. You know what Eagles are saying Obama is starting to affect us. But I think there is you know as far as Belichick you know. What he's created. As successful. I think is something that's form Brady is now having a problem with because he's got a point in his career where. You know he's trying to market it is she each blow method around his success. As an older player. The end. You know not being able to talk about all. How you know how he is hoping that success in you know. I just think that being quelled like that is start cause friction and that or. We're looking for other things where that's really the issue I think on. There's gonna be looking for more. Guild localization. Coming out of you know his side where Belichick wants in the fish we keep it small shops. It other regions of the ads from Neitzel the players Tribune for types at all themselves he would fit the way they do with the violent player when. Obviously there's some sort of middle what player spots right digits massage yes its roots pressure if but but a lot of really interest and Paul can be a tough environment very business like at times can be cold everything in New England was predicated on performance as a place for people sometimes treat you differently based on a practice prepare and answer questions. In a meeting Wendy could walk around the facility feeling like a pro bowler. The next flickered out ticket pot right so then. You hear that need all of that so wage that's. That's works nor would argue that what Neitzel has gone through and and all these guys aren't there has worked. And even he says I don't mean to sound harsh or negative Apple's incredible place to play and and that's what most people think the question is. The negative element is full of point 22 they have to just waiting to NAFTA exists to do agree that can you have them. Immediate left in them a little bit and it doesn't have to be this this world earthshaking. Transformation that could go. Potentially long wait maybe not maybe answer really is Bill Belichick should not change Jack Tom Brady has gotten Nabil whiny. Fancy luxury car pushing baby I don't pick if told literally and it Brady has some validity what he's saying yeah you can look at and they Brady's entered whole world than the common man. But he picked him degrees quarterback of all time. Well it isn't easy to see both sides of this and you're in you wants kind of guy I mean he's an easy to see where bella check would say. Hey this is the way I do things at a certain way that did I go about it it's been successful period and Brady would say. On the best ever to do this to. And I have been eighty successful you know I'm. I'm a big part of the reason bill like you've gotten where you've got just as your big part of the reason more I've got more I've gotten. But I Bernal sought an extra over the course twenty years and by the way it would exactly be. I precedent setting for a coach or player to be treated differently would Jimmie Johnson. I used to say they have treated at a backup quarterback falls asleep in a meeting he's got whose blood is Troy Aikman balls sleep in a meeting you'd nudged awake. He's still a little Nazi where at the stadium implement. Now that's correct and he's he's already getting special treatment that is there airport for someone in the the camp bill. Camp and might I'm more in the Brady camp I guess but I would say that he's earned it that's fine. Why did you get special treatment as he special. And I know that does fly in the face of of a lot of the deep quote unquote patriot way Montrose and next man up and all that kind of thing people have we know it's different whimpering you understand that. Wait months for people have. Which got to realize your pitchers did you or imagining. Part of Petrie who you don't fully understand what it means in every situation you don't know fully what it means when it comes to how Bill Belichick makes his players feel appreciated. Or not pershing you have it right you you you kind of coordinate an idea and you run with that does all of this alternative fuel now. I think I'm I'm not on off these networks are dressing you up burning the armed a genuinely curious who's your football league it's I really don't know. I grew up rooting yeah I grew up in New York Jets. Off starting here that I but now that. Realistically I got in house for. I was not hateful all of my second sport was baseball number one way all the way out and then second to that was football player. I'd be lying if I select the toll much about anything about the jets in recent years there's not and must tell David in the car next Le David. And they call it hit my area that's all changing. On the business owner in an early call ball is no why change it into work you'd. To be willing to change this book is called who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson. Cheap to buy very small book and it's about change it's about it doesn't matter how well things are working for you. Let's look at it this way yet Belichick. And I'm agent and buyout. That's questionable guess what should eight wide open yes because to me and he could make changes have been made. And that's why the bed Yates should be acknowledged there's no reason why he's not in consumables. It follows. People didn't see it that's why 100 other quality manager because if he's not going to change. That's why I don't watch my team I want to my company because. The hot looking at college and how successful he block you. Always pat did change. You have to be able to make change and talk about it that's the problem. You get to a certain point the page in word 2002000. Sought changes need to be made. I made some could still make simple Jack has to make some changes. At that spot that that this that's one thing that the argument saying an and the thing I keep going back to I shall firmly believe. We'll check in dumb folks you know that I know that. He knows that to Bill Belichick knows there's a time and a place to change a full time place and draw the line in the sand. It's pretty clear he's drawn a line in the sand with Alex rare does that mean that gets to draw a line in the sand with a every other element that these guys. Might be speaking to now if you'd maybe there's some small adaptation picked and I just again. I'm I'm starting to marvel at this comes down to people to be like no. You should not change a damn thing. You're not paying attention to the patriots. It's all about adapting and change. And as art your caller just pointed out. That's the reality outside of football as well keeping Bill Belichick who do the same thing that today took over the patriots URWRONG. Wrong. I can't spelling since then hammer. On the point out globally that he made lays the idea patriot should be now in the super let's go to I mean that's that's all the players on the on the on the other teams too I mean it it. Go back and Pete Carroll not running the ball from the two yard line I mean. They are you look at all of their Super Bowls and there are couple plays either way from their results from the result waiting Pete Carroll and comfortable to pencil call based on. The packed it in a bite out there with the patriots. Name somebody typically added yet what you you couldn't. People still talk themselves and Butler being the right thing I mean you can you can talk yourself into it and by eventually. If you working really hard to make itself the smartest person in the room you're trying to the pay to the the Seahawks play caller it is. Yes I would say with what we deal easier to defend but I think they're both wrong. Adding they were they were both mistakes and potentially mind psychologically of course it. Although old. With the Butler won in this kind of speaking Europe Europe's out of the coined that it was a much more egregious thing I was an entirely hindsight. I mean that was from the second offensive series of the game people like what the hell's going on. That was as it was happening as well might in Boston next hello Mike. They get paid on two what are chime in on this kind of discussion on just opens and on Brady now not the other players and you know. The plane and what not what would you would you say that. If you were to gas obvious you don't know you talk Tom Brady spoke would you say a large percentage of his heartburn is is over the railroad. If you would say at least sixty to 75%. That's my that's my guess he had maybe even more than that I think that's the that's the beginning of all of us. I I agree and in if you read also where Christians story not not that big bombshell on December the one before that he predicted all this he said installment grown in. Unspeakable Belichick can change in Iraq Bill Belichick toady like security draw upon. And in and I used to not when he threw the ball in my career away and they were proper guidelines and rules second place. And it's safe to say keep it locations up to 90% of it come to fruition has come true would have could have should make the argument that bill aren't at all for Tom. And they'll get let that guy in the building and if you if you read the stories it was that Guerrero in place article in the Guerrero. And and all the sudden the line between gray and it. You know. Biden and to do things that the patriot pizza wouldn't let invited. By the men do secret make the argument that culture they don't perform and you know this girl you know it's it is that you let -- Thomas Bonin and things don't find for awhile and then. Indicating to see him in the top courses time in the hole that little exchange where. You know they were trying to joke and often element singly and bust my my chops for for years because I left and right in England. They were trying to laugh about you could totally see how. I can totally see that dynamic in the building where guys going to Guerrero where Guerrero who's it by none too media or war. You know. Do certain things in in my whole point is that people don't throw the ball. And let them in the building and taught in Guerrero that take some other sports ability and now I could see bill's point. Our duty to keep them being very bad to not pick on him. And I'm sure they'll guidelines and rules in place and what do you now made out to welcome back in again and says so you know he does. You know ignore my case itself can grow as you know talk to the guy told they want and train them and and in Madeleine in the picture extreme because. So so here's where it goes with Guerrero from me. If what he's peddling it's not heard. Then bell Bill Belichick has every right to shoot if you put the bears and players in place that he has quit. In but it hadn't if an athlete says this is the way I want a treatment body. His body to his career. And if you wanna say OK you what does it I can't come into the stadium and I'm gonna go then why but I'd get no issue with Rob Gronkowski going to. TB twelve and and going through the whether it's the very intense very rigorous massage or. And work outs or whatever he wants to do. When eighties his body in his career I will reliably side with the player on matters that discussion okay it will prepared but there's something. It's always know what's good for them and that's that's something that they'll go he coaches don't always know what's good. That's correct and and and that's where comes down to a discussion of what is out there doing it should be accepted. And even separate that you're right if a player has given go to Alex Guerrero no matter what. Is there a gain. From having this wall put up between the patriots. And career you know if if if rockets are gonna go there could you make chronic slightly easier. I'm not sure what to gain is there if if you believe that would Al square is doing is not really helpful and is counterproductive to what you're. Trainers. Strength and conditioning coaches are licensed people more maybe more traditional methodology people are telling you. And it's kind of protocol and I think that thing right if it's hurting the football team and then they shouldn't be on. It at all any comment in this in between of you go to just not our property well if what he's doing isn't good. Then why they love to see him at all and and it does go back to that question of what is outs where if you gripping her back in because. If it in some way the exact same discussion. Tom Brady's had success. Erica Tom Brady should not change. Tickets that success Argo Bill Belichick should change well. Just because they've had success does that mean that Bill Belichick could that be better could Tom Brady if he was listening to other methodologies. Could you also not be better if I'll square truly what is optimize Tom Brady you know that. Tom Williams knows that Tom Brady thinks that he feels that it's estimated certainly seems to believe it it might very well be true but the reality is you don't know. You've had no idea Tom Brady could be you'd better with somebody else may so. Maybe you don't could gronkowski B Patterson we. You advocate then an all or nothing approach when it comes to Guerrero because it does seem like in this this goes to my point that I do think Bill Belichick is constantly. Changing and trying to do things better course this was the compromise right this is the compromised. Solution. A ticket because they shot at adding would be and possibly be impractical it that's the issue I can't build an and I would be against it. In principle for what I just said I'd I'd believe in players. Having the sort of final say over. Their body in the way that they train and having had a tremendous not input. For that when it when they have a very very short window certainly much shorter than bill Belichick's coaching window is and talking about guys other than Brady now that might only play for a few years. I'm gonna defer to them. Prices so then he comes back to it. If you believe in where what he's doing and you know your guys believe in it what do you achieving the putting up this barrier. What do what is the actual wind for Belichick there. What does he gain. Animosity. Right it's hard to see the answer to a right away maybe that's what they were over you know you do have to make your own employees feel valued but guess what. What are the football game is more important than making your training staff feel are important so it yet if there really is something that grows doing with these guys that is. You know off color just is not really beneficial. You're you're better it's a little bit I watched that this kind of partial ban the defense. 617779793. Settling at more your phone calls coming up a lot the edge relic with you money is still raining on Ella pill called a rainy Monday night sports hernia WEEI. Recapping that day in sports with my my nasty it's Monday night on Sports Radio talk. Yeah. Units let your grip zig about a drought. Which will be sad. What this but he won't get through it. Those that. Twilight speed ball user hip hop Luke Hebert go beyond. And in a little bit. It's just a wee bit so we bet. And what's wheel house you have populace. Big V fan. Dignity and let the ninety's. That Arab Eminem. Like early on Yang. Took it mostly mainstream. Ninety's. I feel like you're his late did the late nineties early two thousands of meters of brief window there and then it just fell off a cliff liking college it all became about country and rocket that point for me and catchers in might available living in Texas you certainly get exposed to a man morbid. I donated a minority youth of the town. And Austin November NH up for ideas you know Austin's it's Disco. It's odd and and go in the that's my plan then and then the other is what that's what wondering that picked an artisan with Henman I'm not this guy who like tells people where it on the road. It's the beard coming out on the road the wind restaurant adieu to people who go to is in office. So when vehicles are our mind up and sounds on the outlook toward that you said he wanted to answer attacks. Yeah once next thirty years since have we ever heard from Belichick craft Spurrier Crocker career that this is an issue that's causing intentional so much based on anecdotal evidence and quote we have heard from Kraft what we've heard from everybody to some degree. Kraft flat out now. It. Tried to play. Tension into being a good thing it's that organization but we know that tension. It's this year we know that something changed with Guerrero so took the idea that this is some sort of absurd inference. Again what white lies that your instinct with the patriots fan to dispute like oh nothing's going on here. They go in on something going on does not mean that they're in trouble. That right and in this column we don't know that Chris you keep going back to what you don't know what the outcome will be here. I'm pretty modest public. Competence on what. Based on the past track record of this team including the very recent track record this team last year not this guy and what I know outlook. What I I don't know if you know you're getting every copy and it was appreciated even though I have to he again. And I'm gonna be up until 2 o'clock in the morning the likely network news that's part by. Well you're getting copy the first point that I was making to start the shell after we talked about Lucy's encounter with Julian Edelman today. Was that. Many things multiple things can be true simultaneous. Trouble so that law a lot of agreed I couldn't agree more. And among the things that are true here is that there's tension. That there has been frustration. That there has been. Issues that are tied back to Alex Guerrero and the relationship. Between the quarterback and coach before and none of it. May matter. In my opinion none of that will matter. When this team actually takes the field wins thirteen games twelve games what ever. And once again it. Actors superb article had an impact is that is that significant part of the story of the of the page like in terms of sod and if it. You're the sports. There's a buried high chance to appreciate. Drama and in the theater of sport that's kind of why are all in this to some of its. What is the Compaq Computer that's that's it in depth and what I've seen before which you elect totally dismissed and then went into the page at the Eagles. To the White House statement eagle I I didn't dismiss that I was distracted because they really think alt hi. This is one that we we are living through an experience in watching it's not just looking great quarterback greatest coach of all time to this point. One of the great. Peter performances and it's certainly not like they're they're trying to sort out what else are the Dodgers in sports what else is beat up. There wells to be close and I'm trying to think in my lifetime what is what is being in that Ralph I'd like Shaq stood out to me for summaries. It's on it's none your lifetime what about like as late seventy's the Yankees team Billy Martin George time I mean and Reggie Jackson and they were certainly Ager and they were incredibly successful that I think I think you can put that there are probably very obvious ones were missing and it's because I've thought about it. Much good at that showed good preparation. For command whose radio station today but maybe if Obey all the kids. Would disagree. Are not as hard again on the top of my head. I mean tiger. Off the course battle saga that was the other ball that would multiple people vote you know one franchise dynamite interactions between eighteen sports and and he's great opera's biggest outsider would I guess tiger which would call by. While it just a that was one of those that transcended now it's yeah get it would get people like that that if I'm talking about courts supplement talk about OJ. I'm talking about OJ is it dying in realign behind the scenes. All of the power players involved there is that time that Plaxico Burress shot himself and I can torpedo the whole giant is that C. Your your cross emblem apartment comes from a talked about I'm more or kind of you know some sort of very unexpected off the field incident only Italy seven how our guys are allowed to him about. All the late seventies yankees is the one that teen sports wise pops up to me and it certainly capped an eighty pound it's not a small. It's not it's not when he left in the girl's and a I mean and and you talked about that era of the Red Sox and how much they meant to the world. Maybe what about it and the year 2012 and then the dismissal subsequent dismissal Terry Francona and vilification and John Lackey who he's the alpha and the club there is broad teams storyline I'd I'd guess and being a little too ambiguous guy is I guess I don't know what criteria it has kind of because I'm the failure the major. Saga between a few people. Powered Iranian so would you say then I sort of seen George Steinbrenner Billy moral issues yet that it Rachel Jackson that fits well. Or I mean how many times he fired Billy Martin for. Yeah whatever time all of a sudden on many many you know is a George amber territory. At the end of that. I Saget 2000 like eater so it was last year after I Steinbrenner in management judges have a library are down two you see sense and common denominator and he comes to hunt Peter with some of these Yankee once. It was there was sort of behind it here these people who who. And you know what we were better off with the shorts are better off with these kind of characters and theatrics. And peoples who won the afflicted with the group David Price for a quick shop and pitched on the you know all of you here with all the guys and I never people who shop. If you want now I never want that either proposal Laura Ingraham shut up and terrible thing I never won on. I understand that I I never. I never want that and I don't care whether Steve Kerr or Kirch on your feet and why do you why do not care issues while why do you want to hear from the not. The truth what what is your interest in the the makings textures that mean Texan that he would be an ass about it but he says Parcells Kraft Jerry Jones Johnson. Georgia look good now does do some homework yes thank you put on staying in Assam and we're talking undercutting I think we mentioned shagged me that's a good one now. Speaking of great I think Peter grave wraps an all time the Kobe how my ass taste in Kobe couldn't do without me that was one of the great wraps ball time right. That's one thing that side I was up there with anything and then every day and in the media predict. Lucy. And it easy to see if are right 61777979837. You have to be on television I think they'll be on television I would recommend turning on Boston sports tonight well. Also listened to WEI for the rest excellent sounds good drug thanks for coming in but pleasure is always got a little always go up until 10 o'clock late I would and Mallard. Just a lot of you Lucy the rest of the way sports hernia WB yet.