Mut at Night - So about these Kyrie/Knicks rumors...;Super teams are good for basketball 7-5-18

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Thursday, July 5th
HOUR 4 - Villani and Reimer discuss Kyrie Irving and these sudden rumors of a possible desire to play in New York. Could there be something to the rumors or does Kyrie just like messing with people? Also, "super teams" might hurt competition in the NBA but they stand to be very good for the ratings this upcoming season.

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So yeah much tonight. Sure there are high hopes for JD Martinez when used him a hundred million dollars he'd better than you can thought he was the. Those things that we can have so many Revere her good drive I get Davis won't hammered get a game marked as KC. Martinez Major League lead. Poland's most that in just killed at baseball I'm glad he is without with Chris Lonnie. I think they're scared and should be scared some degree of hiring walking into when he. There are people in Cleveland we'll tell you that the knicks should be considered a real threat for carrier. It seems as though company does not have his focus on longer horizons when the Celtics. It sounds to me like he ain't planning on being there long term I get the good Boston Celtics so that's the Terry a sudden now here's my. Talk Sports Radio don't you. Gilani and Reamer particularly happy Patrick Gilroy you admit you had your name in them and at night open. I did either of I was responding nice I'm here. I've done well that's been the case for awhile but that's good to be my. Fourth show back I have no more production I used to have openings like I do now go out have branding now I think I I sundown is this we were just WEEI. I and you know here's a guy is a guy talk on the radio the sports yeah let's. In jets win. That's an old one. Pats jets but it's a catalyst for this past Christmas that's souls we didn't know we've got to get stock that. That was mostly in going after you original while are you going after him and attorney catch up on emails and she'd as Sadia. As on its exits are we eating whatever it was Shaquille show doesn't have to say yes it was a stranger shows the first hour is just so and it's you guys may die there's three jets that was Warren onto our. And okay athletes. Fairness Doctrine out the window I was I actually wise in Myanmar Alex a few months ago Dina is on how what's. It's pooled lake not to like not a Florida again. Yeah that's real far and that's what it is to and I'm design golf wears people go to die has been more sadly del Boca Vista feast to you why does that not my thing. But it's an economic thing but. It was get these geeky get placed and I mean. Not to be gay community camera lakes and a shocking but it almost hard to believe Abu. We've got a lot of value and got in the NBA. Really also part of nine imaginary heard rather in the the open there that talked about carrier ring. Rumor that he wants to go to New York played with the knicks is to be after his contract is up after the coming season. And the super team to get get a birth super team is just be one guy it added even though they RD of a superstar. But the Jimmy Butler. Carrier Irving Chris that's poor Zynga is troika that they want to form. In New York to try to make knicks basketball relevant for the first time more than two decades which would do. You put those 3 gathered a weak Eastern Conference even with the fact the Celtics would still be very very good. It would be competitive evil against the knicks. Sixers and the Celtics and those essentially be your three teams assuming entity composed staying in Milwaukee and and you know nothing else really shakes and shakes out are likely you are coming as Israel naming your degree creek he went. I got down to compile. I'm sure that's not what I say it was close enough is enough. Bob you Hagman do you buy into the idea that carrier ring is not long for Boston in other words beyond this year. I think just plain and all of us any carrier ring enjoys this he likes. He likes being circuitous and he likes being deep green light seen talking in circles and that's what Easter present when talking about the world than being circuitous and hockey circles is not his parents but I mean Rick Perry Irving any goalies. Out beats to an extent you integrating front this offseason hints like pre tells Oprah retirements coming. Sooner. Than later and you watch is boring interview on Oprah is you know obscure cable network and it's mostly meditation TB twelve so you go to guy and are in the same thing he knows it's good for the carrier ring brand if we have a straight calendar year. Of where is carrier and going in free agency. Right gas and so I don't so to answer your question I don't buy into any of us I don't find any of these reports were a year realistically and and the DeMarcus Cousins signing an O meter birdie lose their mind I don't really think it changed things all that much frankly Golden State was an overwhelming favorite. They continue to be overwhelming favorite it's such a unique situation with cousins BK's. He does come it's an extra baggage and know that can be completely ignored. I also coming up an injury it's kind of approved the deal I don't think it's very high risk frankly for Golden State the great move for. But that said. It's sort gives the Celtics and other balky right up next season. Why it's still important valuation year for Danny Ainge and it's weird to say that given the fact that you thought this would be the year that they'd really be going for it. They should be in the NBA finals I don't think he's any reason they shouldn't be priced at Golden State and Boston in the NBA finals. I won't go as far as to say seven times like Mark James did book your hotel rooms now just nodded Oakland. He's right about now are only going to go Sam discount. Ego self Palo Alto if you don't mind a little bit drive up the coast a little over an hour one. Oakland is worth a cool you jets is gender five is that what's happening getting into Friday and check outside coffee shops now. Push in the folks out like San Jose where people in and out Santa Clara Pacific. Pete's and get a shipment of the question of dress marvelous art fair got a Condo realistic tests that said they asks not a lot of space you definitely sharing about her. So. The the idea that they're gonna be they respond but it's still at a valuation years the first camera to see this entire group together for one and also carrier Irving's injury. They are you coming back off that. It's I do believe overall that the the top priority will be signing carrier been long term I'm looking past mark Smart or things could be back in those cans that. Smaller deals this off season. But having. The fact the Golden State's overwhelming favorite you're not expected to win a championship next year. I think will give Danny Ainge an opportunity to say okay we can take a step back. See how this whole thing meshes together and most importantly see work carrier because health wise well that's so important aide who's to say that does anyone bothered next. Need first thirteenth when he fifteen injury or three years later still dealing with the repercussions of that so yeah I think carrier ring is a question. By. You know as far as again what's the next step out you. I I love carrier ring means a great player Tom and I would rather have him here on technical Hartford's. Yet quietly president there just in case because. Got a question how much this guy wants to win. Right I mean he didn't seem serious errors yes. Williamson wanna be played Pittsburgh the latest report today the head when they went to find them Mike in New York last yeah Eric went. It's just there there's something odd their because it feels like if you can't get on board of what they're doing in San Antonio. And using Phoenix. And just miserable we've seen that before fine. But if he can't get on board the dude in San Antonio do you wanna win you wanna just goes and plays get paid big money be the man. Right that some guys take that approach in their more comfortable no upon the spurs now look at it and say we weaknesses in the about carrier ring but he won I think has more about LeBron. But how much you really wanna win if you don't wanna be Cleveland anymore their favorite get the final wanted to be is on dot. But is that wake island or does he wanna be his own man does he want to BK is. These these super team as people get frustrated people hate them but they're sort of grounded in the principle if these guys all want to win what would it what are the Celtics but if he wants to lead this team go to new York and start something new. With Jimmy Butler praising mrs. there. That's about winning right yeah that's about winning if those guys are they aired for awhile Leonard if he were to come too late if he if he's not on board coming to Boston reportedly he's not now. Does he want her fourteen I remembered at a big eat or play any but again it's while these mixed signals like apparently he's not even hot on the lakers that report came out yesterday pink and it's not mister Inglis at the lakers in free agency. It's edging situation but the spurs now. Why did you have to trade in this offseason like at the spears say listen either get gas for branding ground and palca is a from the lakers and the Celtics we want one of Irving Hayward or corporate. Wes Brown are Tatum plus packs. I mean the spurs don't have to trade Leonard the Sox now they well did you retire and he biggie. But he might have any doubt the league in general I'm not ruling out at this point the guy seems like he's. They're there's something missing there there's something it's wears a different piece of the puzzle whether it's something in his life whether it's on the news personality. Whether it's statement that uncle whoever it is that's giving him advice that's weighing in on things. There's something inherently off. In quiet Leonard an entire situation right now and I've been from the start heart pass from the Celtics perspective uncle Leonard. At a high end depending on the price right now again emperor package senator rounds. Terry rosier. Celtics' first round pick next year plus that Memphis peck under the lakers peck what do icons Mars where it becomes in and just rock heroes this locker room. Not out of the realm of possibility Europeans like justices such you know begin our strategy you know these distraction of the spurs last year to not playing and that's not a player that's not just any. That's a really good team they're gonna make the playoffs but without him and that's not just any coach. That's Gregg Popovich that's a guy who's got so many good assistance that the end of the year they all get interviewed for head coaching jobs sell of either gender so. If he could have an impact in negative impact on at locker room as much trust that happened Brad Stevens in the system that they put in place in Boston. I just don't want any way to figure does no matter what side like that no matter why. You're gonna be talking about peak heavy deal unity talking about the future I don't want them mortgaging part of that future when the next year. Maybe for all intents and purposes were not as a championship for Golden State for cousins goes elsewhere end you're not sure carrier and help is going to be like so. You may need those picks well ordered today to replay nation built around a new superstar a couple of years staged Jason Taylor. But give money stop back kings which is the big you know they recognized Dick is. It'd be that at the center of any deal. Vertical islander Celtics say it's on the table. They said players were up by top are players out throughout the topic Libyan leader decrees or you re a big second router would lead a long war we'll just wallets errors here Marcus Morris Williams. Plus the Celtics on pick in the Memphis or LA tech the only reason why the spurs are trim packages because his. IU is tanked and they would want an out of Western Conference and take a chance he would like in Abbas in stat but the more I look at this quiet Leonard situation assuming he does one play next year. I still don't see how the lakers don't test it's so desperate religious offer the moon and stars. To Santa well here is it that these are awaiting your son. But they tried to Paula Georgian. It worked out and in Oklahoma City I guess depends on what report you believe something he wants to be an LA something he has a wanna be in LA so maybe they're thinking. Right we show what this team can look like with LeBron at the centerpiece of some of these young guys. Yucca wait anyway school stages better find adding cool while Leonard a year just wait and sigh and went bogey cousins is gone acting gown. Is Thompson up this year to yeah. So there ranting and when you do on an option right I don't know probably scaled back I would imagine he would stay budget or go to LA player bride is what held the point me to be honest I am shocked so LeBron Sunday. Signs that the lakers terrier Thursday almost Friday and the biggest additions have been Rajon Rondo JaVale McGee. Idea was for himself when Stevenson it is strange that will Bryan Evans right Pat McBride did not come. With quite Leonard at that for sure that wasn't one to deal which begs the question and apprentices. About winning from LeBron going to gal and the more you read about how we lead the partnership but magic really intrigued dominates it's about. I think playing for a legacy Francesca. It is a big part of it for him and that's one thing he'd have to run. He won a Miami wanna Cleveland but not one of them are franchise you look at and say. You know there their quarters don't franchise the NBA lakers are different now regard because this lakers team right now. As currently constructed. I'm not even sure if they're battered in Cleveland past. On Ingram. Cleo roster so. Who's better Kevin Love would be that cast iron the lakers right now by a mile. And it's not great I haven't watched a lot of palca who's not brand inning ground Josh hard you also you're also inclined to get. You'd think a little more growth from guys that app point your career then the collection had saccharine. Direct he has a good way to put it that Cleveland at a trade deadline has passed the one thing that LeBron needed at your team with somebody else who consistently create. There on disease and a bunch of computers now the lakers. Every single player he is in essentially create their own shot values no jump shooters right let's wait hours to his saying ninety SP and yet their date that the real playing here is like you said because LeBron doesn't want to facilitate everything he wants to. You know that I was the patron and have guys who can create errant shots handled the law take a little more easy by need on the Philadelphia that was it he really wanted yeah right. It has its about the platform and ally and that's a better version of what you just described what I wedding he would have signed to Philadelphia. Sharp who met with the representatives who we know we're interested in him it was about the winning is not the six series. This is not about the winning about the platform I think the sixers fell by the way the brine meets with the represented us in are you in there actually. LeBron wants all to meet with the sixers it is either George announce key. Add and edit addendum to that tweak. When he said LeBron and his people are gonna be owed a way it it's just a bronze people. Meeting with the sixers in LA and it hours later but runs on a plane to Europe I'd away when this is right on hours later he's a Laker. I mean they were Dead Man Walking in the meat when they wedding sabbatical and English is doing the due diligence of the meeting was already on the books and Izod get a free dinner out of this I'm here to palm needs free meals with the way out laid out more disrespectful and humiliating to the sixers and if they just said lucky sign in with LA where we're done here. Right it's it's very throw me ordered and make you go through the the you're delivering of this the co owner Josh pull outs to LA for this meeting with the wraps. Very strange situation if 76ers doesn't all across the process narrative it blown out on LeBron James I mean they've only been socking for years and years and all these here are looking. In your all actually the process of winning yet because I'm the best but sixers but the sixers process and getting really good player to win RIC. But the sixers with the thought process would have been favored over the Celtics in Vegas aipac. Yes so. Yes it's an impetus to do it although I do the salt expands it to my cousins real quick Q I can't believe the warriors and rooting MBA. The Celtics have signs more all stars in the warriors I mean curry Thompson. These guys are you know I don't buy into earning the NBA thing at its all its draft history repeating the NBA and all of Arty since it started you've got a handful of these blue blood franchise is that dominates stretches and that's when not what it is I think idea parity in the NBA's wildly overrated I really do what's a superstar. Week these guys and it's and the mega teams unlike the let's dig it let's take the knicks a horrible franchise but they still have. Eight superstar that will make you watch if that team is playing in you or see or it happens to be on TV playing your team and you're watching them. Baseball doesn't have that same type of when the White Sox come to town to play the Red Sox. They're bad team just the knicks are bad team they commit depleted Celtics but there is nothing. That you can hang your hat on and say well at least we'll get to see. You on my product doesn't do it for you. My union teller he did make a big error one of the game sounds interest. Hundreds if you're indicate a ground ball at second base he. Did that in a Democrat out yeah the other thing about baseball aids you know even the idea of paying to see you start as early work as much have you heard this. Even a good players spell seven out of ten times yes seek it seemed like Trout last week comes to and why. Best player in the world egos like two for ten in the series. Basketball. You keep pace LeBron James. You're gonna see LeBron is meant a triple double. But he will be a big factor in the game days or doesn't work Red Sox fan and you travel to DC to go Bryce Harper you that was that are without were not needed taken. Now down year there's the Eduardo Rodrigue aren't as it might have been a little little better for you by. NBA so the idea that this is. Horrible for basketball it's terrible to death now. Now because I'm still gonna watch Milwaukee because I wanna see it that complies still wanna see Corzine is in New York. Everybody is that we watching LeBron out in LA West Coast ratings next year. Our prior to be through the roof big for the 1030 start time for even as late as they are because of LeBron because how good it. The warriors are going to be people are gonna wanna see that so happening. Dynasties having these these haves and have nots and the western conference on our Western Conference playoffs next year. Are gonna be must see TV in the Eastern Conference gonna be compelling tubes will be this feeling. Even though the Celtics are the best team it's wide open because there's no one player that has the ability to change a series like LeBron could as a cavalier. Although I think the thing is though the disparity between east and west has been for so odd minutes. Never been greater right the last six MVP winners going to the decorous and 2010. Now play in the Western Conference. Derrick Rose yeah LeBron Dirk and the Lister yep they'll sell out there that's out yet Eric Allen got so late curry obviously Westbrook hearted than. In the last seven MVP winners. Mean rose I gases kind of doesn't count size around rule named buddy rice and read the rose or cameras and that's your doubts it it was all this legal background you have now none now I now. By the MBA on the other girls rules rose role as obscure when Chris Mann act is on with alana and I had no idea with the rose Roloson. No clue whatsoever. No collect it seems completely arbitrary and I don't understand it whatsoever in America trying to on the bird rule that's my fair game roll that's at a bird exception err exception you can pay your guy more ranked tennis what they didn't do though and it is Yahoo! Sports article about this that. Really hit into the down current SI article rather yeah actually sent me earlier today. They they added the super Max contract but then even though they have all of these exceptions mid level bird exception they're Roh's rule exception whenever. They didn't put in a super Max exception so now you can pay a ton of money for one player to retain him. All of that cast your salary cap. Preventing you from then signing other players to complain that they have the thunder who lost to the jazz in the first round now the most expensive roster and Andy history. And the luxury tax bill and what's glee what chances do you give them to win the Western Conference X. Stay in canceling mean you and I think it's a Celtics out when the lights go out to the E Street at this super Max it's supposed to 30% of your salary cap John Walters got signed to expand up yet on wall is going to be making forty million dollars in in two years in and what chances do you give the Washington was not making an effort but no better chance which Amman anonymous -- that now they are here ear that team your point. In between Iraq Hartley after retained John Wall. Not in the same way if you're the under out of Italy was Russell desperate to get him a ton of money which would be okay. If you then we're given more flexibility sign somebody else to play with him. To build your own super team to have multiple superstars and say okay we're gonna build around John Wall at these pieces in the kids do. Oklahoma's and that's why there's no market for markets Smart. Some of these guys that are going to be on getting proper sheet to restricted free agent they don't have a great market these teams are chewing up cap space. Just retaining some of the guys dirty yeah that was a mistake you know I think that Erica mentioned is they did not gradually increase the cap they did it all in one fell suppan Tony sixteen. The rent sign in all these crazy contracts given to lousy players. And now teams are up against your rights in and you can have a situation or Golden State can build this team in. It's it's a salary cap is is is messed up right now dad's it's ugly Hampshire Patrick gill wrote talked about it quite a bit and half hours so. IA wanted to talk about what your favorite people in all of sports media center sports media critic now I am one calmed down next sequel another big one. What's going to be about a day I am I wanted to surprise the people okay like they give you some fodder for an if you lessen potter world do that coming up next three or rather half hour till Gilroy Sports Radio WB yeah it's. Too much at night on Sports Radio. Yeah. That's about the places. I recall whether it's we could not disagree more fantastic golf. I don't ID five degrees series he altering just sweating you're fearful of I'll say that's Ladd played the way did not manage rapid. I don't mind the fact that I on EC is not great but other than I hope that you were hacked this weekend. I didn't Wear what you want me where has this weekend that you did where. At this weekend or Bandana or something I did this aligned directly across your forehead where it goes from regular skin colored red. I did have a bit on August weekend we'll look now lots of people in. Like a dog boy that's that's the look. But then again again. Not you should I think. Now we'll circuit that was being an idea parents and students parents so you're Provincetown for with to lap I was in Brewster neither one of us cot the Nathan's hot dog eating extravaganza. Now Joey jaws chest we play ago will do it today in a day here at around got to the intro. Bird Jolie Josh stressed out because it's fantastic so he won he eats every four high tides. Derek Allen your big fan how can you not huge fan Darren Revell I hadn't. He apparently covered. The hot dog eating contest back to 2002 he started only national reporter in the air back in 2002. This is baby. He is very much into it and I was just scrolling through Twitter on the golf course quickly is like and it's been a triple bogey Simon as well look who else is happening in the world and to think about this. And I see a string of tweets for Revell about the hot dog eating contests and apparently controversy. Because they initially counted chestnut for 64 hot dogs they missed a tray of putts I'd actually 874. And it's brought up this debate I think goalie Gehrig Al cares about me Darren and cares about about whether they should use electronic. How owners. To measure how many hot dogs are sweetening competitive eating and we're looking out the article looking Arie now as the tweets and batted so he was tweeting about this minute by minute. It's like noon 1 o'clock on July 4 it's men might get away from the Twitter for a little bit and lets go outside of town on the plate they're now saying savvy or is official protest that which is the all time record. A Sheen became this way. Yeah right I'm real shame even though 847. Favorites on the one eating goes out a tweet as they sent electronic counters need to be brought into competitive eating. I love the sport. But today was a massive black tie black guy for the Nathan's hot tired eating contests and a sad daddy. But then. What the morning after on the hot dog eating content you still tweeting about it this morning he's my guy ease ease tweeted since they started talking about this little one came up in parentheses it's probably about outside eating contest. So this guy Justine Karp. NBC sports social media director he put out a tweet. That I thought was very. It said dad and he can touch I guess 24 card Joey chest that he said he for hot dogs. Eating 1776. Cards and 74 hot dogs on 74. Is the most Americans that history at 30000 read tweets. 1101000. Lights. Rebel replies to. I'm sorry but this is wrong. Natural casing hot dogs are what they eat close bonds directly out Dayton's website is 1850. Cards. But whatever fits your narrative for re tweets. Okay thanks for now. Scolding people on Twitter for each week if only stop there just a replies all the info directly out there website as well you've got more and bother me about exactly which type ID eight if the food. Had one extra car I'm glad to correct myself. Derek bell then tweets a screen shot of the nutrition facts showing 130 calories per serving no cholesterol which sounds very strange to me. And the total carbohydrates which was 25 pop. Just to carp that are applied to that this is my ad for Nathan's web site. It includes some cholesterol which again seems right to ordered eighty calories per serving which seems much more accurate we're talking about died. Ended the 24 grams of cards that would give him the 1276. Cards then curve our reply again. Is that a natural casing plus bunt or skid with possible. This guy as his eight year old by the way do you hate. I treated for now on the fourth of July as a holiday were celebrating the birth of this Twitter direct yes hate Kate on as the best job in the world he gets hit like a million bucks here to do a podcast you despise Keating Holland you excoriated her monitor off gray hair on fire when the best that I take Alan I didn't get suspended for that. Is that she's a Framingham Dauman neat. In Natick Framingham total was as you know lazy and didn't Lyon yup he played a lot of those now nope nope I team like going to as a parallel with Mike Williams. Can I can not be less on them leagues that's a great way to put it cannot be less fun again this happens. All day on the fourth tweeting about it again this morning to use screen shots nutrition facts to people you are. A total loser of I mean what what what is that. Talked at the definition of an exercise in futility Dade arguing about people on Twitter about the high cards are not tiger I mean what are we doing man. Eight makes a lot of money right in main goal weight how those live for -- to help but understand this is so there was also a guy weeded out today you know what advice sports media people what advice would you give tick that's been kicked around for a few days past her you references so Jerry outwards to. That's that replied to execute journalists his advice was your ability to succeed in this business these days is directly correlated. How many times you put yourself in a position to be the only reporter in the room seek out stories that people care about an arranged to tell them exclusively. To somebody they control him instead like hot dog eating contest. He said yes. Back in 2002 I was the only national reporter covering the hot dog eating contest this is his baby this matters to him. He has played against right 2002 sets when he eighteen. Todd who have on. My advice would be your success is dependent on your willingness to work for free. Or very little. I hate you for saying that. And I think Iran's thank you for saying that the outstrip. Availability goes a long and elderly be available availability is asks yeah availability is probably one of these things. But now there is time where I was willing to work for nothing that time has long since passed. Yes and now it's a question I'm not being paid enough public more pollutants into about the MDC. You know parking spots on bathrooms are gonna pay a free throw me c'mon let's reads that's my wants more money. Well you're two and a half to add to that app that's. He entertained. In for the for the big acts and how I never entertain and never people longer as the patio like a patio report due out I like I had like a pseudo roof top that I stand on end and I'm not allowed to stand on like that and when you are not and a city like wait a couple of the weeds it's like it's not it's not needed sounds like yeah a year place out by Haiti need to use the bathroom just got the front door walk for blocks to the right and go into the local lines you go to the gym at the member rates and saris takes launch is so he got a where your bathrooms located Cumberland farms down streets rates. Stray got into that's a right across Cleveland certainly can't miss it no problem at all now as those on low points for sure before we get ready handing out Patrick or did you hear the introduction that just just not got before he 874 hot dogs dominating the field and missed it this is something that would make Vince McMahon ground. What caused the world's languages. Are more into a single goal. The word recognizable. To all we'll be bringing you. Leave our children. We're small. Burton. I always. Three. Stuff love who is champion. Oh yeah. Exact wow. Some thoughts. Champion of the hair. She'll teach us. The greatest in production I've ever heard history if it ever yes Chevy to the air of north that's. He's gonna fight bird something out nobody can do it. Joseph it's just stuff and hot it's. A man that is fantastic art we have Patrick Gilroy we'll see what he's up to next sports rated W yeah. Back to more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Alex dreamer has been in all my Patrick Gilroy is join us as well get ready to go for late night doom but. You know another in paradise. Iowa is that thing about it. Really on Monday so many questions and done Friday as well twice because that while it is very scary it was a to a pro situation Milan Alex you don't ever think of me. On a Friday or Monday though Friday night tragic announced that it. It's an gill right running around in the ideal not in the I. Now it is. I went to London Ontario as the ultimate destination that flew to Toronto yes on your favorite airline in my Porter Porter incredible right in order. What is now. Pounds free free booze on the flight battle that is excellent yes is does not back into the ticket price them must know it's very reasonably priced but you have to be comfortable at the caps. Prop planes that go about 101000 feet there it is. The cats so on the way back. There are some storms in Western New York. And you can't go ball and no no you're going through on the NA may nosing about turbulence knows you fly for over storms heat rising short console out of bonds it Liz as violence is turbulence that ever felt I think and all the free alcoholic unfortunately LE 88 I got red wine rich that was spilled everywhere registered to a woman next the mean. It is it's a 2930 attractive young woman. Grabs my arms she did not let it go until the plane was part of the gate did you get a number. We think it's a grim look at. That's what all the cool kids that sit there he had any and stuff that's me that's the getting the number OK Generation Y. feel so old. But other and that those fair test but I thought you because there is taking Porter or I fly when I go to Montreal I go through Toronto to get to Montreal jockey apply border she was up in Montreal and flew back for I think she was regretting extension. A if it lasted like ten minutes but when it's ten it feels like an hour well the ground is very close people like yes yeah it. Let's let's see the ground again it's all right those storms so it should be Atlanta's find the rest of the way there was one other bump in she'd. And as Larry the winning gears coming down it's okay we're really need that. Those Fisher ruin the parents ruins. A very tiny little spot on the shorts the price can't notice a guy spilled all over her tray table. But it was a combination of them bumpy flight in her pulling on my left arm awesome. But now not all heroes working ate some of them are trying to balance the glass and rely on a bumpy not to order airline Alex beer and married him like ten dollars. New sit there needs seats don't recline and that's that's my gadget standing means it's time to turbulence just go. Security is bigger better planes than I don't think they experienced turbulence quickest and we have properly yet gulp of the club sat Spears' which is helpful yes Patrick what do you come up. Oh we are going to begin to crush carrier and I I I love I reread but this whole thing with the Nixon was one thing when it was floated out last week but now it's come out to three I said Douglas you know people with knowledge of the situation it's his people and he can very easily. Shut it down there's no reason for ivory to sign an extension right now not one of those guys take three million dollars and it he wants to shop himself next year that is fine. But right now he is the centerpiece of the Boston Celtics there is zero reason for a guy who's a top twenty player that the build a market. For itself look at this Patrick Gilroy going back and Israeli Lebanese I'm on team prior year. Yet out and now come on you know he's not stand meets the eye right Garvin fantastic job Alex Roemer. Could see it but glad your back incident free that's that we clear another another hurdle no turbulence I. I don't know the last three hours at least on principle wanna have a fantastic that everybody stick rally and Patrick over the next.