Mut at Night - Sox can still bolster their bullpen, strong farm system or not 6-25-18

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Monday, June 25th
HOUR 4 - Bradford and Tomase continue to discuss the Sox options as the trade deadline gets closer. The guys also take a look at the NBA award show.

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Use these mod. I think adamant does look bad there's no getting around that but I don't think he looks worse than the NFL if there's a question. As soon. What drugs he tested positive for and it wasn't included. When they've banned substance list or whatever the case may be that it seems up and it is anything that seems up and it when it comes to the NFL is challenging to meet the path we find are always fun. And I am waiting game in the Bronx in. In cattlemen and how long. Heard it a little does some of the samples will definitely. Rob Bradford primary hoping he would be and you'd be in a deal would be in this kind of cruel some additional local radio. The cavaliers take the scheduling cost isn't so the key is you never have to say users can recommend an in depth the I remember Rodrigo. Craig gave a baseball has given me all night. Buck wells died all kinds of energy now. Here's my flight at night on Sports Radio W we. Beautiful old movie about. The probe move was not just try to go on without trying to clarify what has happened I wanted to make clear that that was such an aberration. That I almost died at that moment. I was eight. I almost died in what was interesting was after that happened you made wholesale changes in your life. It's risen Richard you have been out that was not a hard. It's. I ought to I'm rob Bradford side there you often recognized as light as every yes it benefited this title at. A rod Brad blog I don't know I don't yeah it is nothing probably we're we're gonna give some Anthony Anderson jokes from the an NBA awards show which is. Riveting is going to be great going to be awesome. I was a distract a little bit about the from the street to be perfectly honest review which is from pat over Boston. John which I guess he worked for Wilbur considering news logos and who birthing. On number one. Would you consider Michelle with the for me start of the week we did we gave her the number one the star. And I said it's under review is under investigation and Erica and out and it may be attracted going to be perfectly Aussie may be retracted because Marvin Lester demand excellence at that spot. Number two how does Major League Baseball salary were choir players on the DL he still gets paid. For example of Pedroia had been paid for anything this year yes he continues to get paid because every category odds as you could put a guy and the Giambi like oh by the way you don't get me yes does captain yes it's the cap had. Number three progress in the weight loss and thank you very much awaken one anyway laws. I can eat anywhere I want tonight buying him a little I am a little worried nine Danner. And it's going to be after ten so stock are now. And on Monday ago. Monday that's going to be an L test my will but I'll figure something else I figured out a lot tonight as Brian Garvin know that's John the mossy and rob Bradford. Try to govern nose and rich he found out early on in the evening. My mind is clicking my endorphins much everything is is on point. I saw on the screen like earlier as they keep McCain's busted for crack cocaine in my key McCain and former patriot. Mehmet and and exit former patriot first of all right you know Keith McCants one you know keep the course yet. Alabama yet linebacker. I was in your brain not mine. I'm excited I'm like this on yes they what you don't. No enemy there I don't like that attitude. So I said Keith McCants for a patriot looked it up a Wikipedia you pace referred day one day I don't what exhibition many doubts accounts right. So my point is is I'm a genius that was my point over a rarity an event and so continued to continue my hot streak of being right. We're gonna take you talk about the the MLB trade deadline I'm a genius. Via its of their ego the but the first time will be the last. So we talked about Pedroia before the bay break in could be what the Red Sox need Mike the news second baseman because of Pedroia. I think most people when they said the weather threat that's going to be targeting whether gonna need everyone's gonna jump through they need literally earlier vote early but. But then you had to think about the other day from Susan's cluster Mark Hanna from the Oakland days and Al fielder. And as a row I thought that was very notable much more notable than the actual game that was being played that night that's why I wrote about that instant game. But. I do believe Susan's lost or I do believe the Red Sox really really want them because he makes a ton of sense and what that also shows John. Is it shows today you know we can talk about Jackie Brown these exit velocity you talk about how we think he's gonna turn the corner. But we're in late June now and start figure this stuff out. And that's the type of guy where you were gonna play in center field ample to which. Yeah I mean if if you're gonna continue to have one maybe whatever is sending. That can only be viable for so long and I know Alex Cora has made the point a couple times now with the on key for about. Acts of velocity if you watch equality have been good bats this hard contact you know it's gonna come around for him. All right well at some point that needs is happening at some point needs to get some lucky it's or something because. It's not just this like you get three hits yesterday yet none that's great but I'm just saying this has been sort of the narrative now for the last. Three weeks. Or so three or four weeks so OK now it's time to start producing some results because he can't carry the Solio what was amazing to me. Was a look at Bradley's career he's played in parts of six seasons. And he's hit under 203 of now one of them wasn't short you know his rookie year but even still light parts of three out of his six seasons he has finished below. Two under Doug lane gave the lane near the wrestler broadcasts actually did some more yell it does work but this more in terms of looking at stats. And he gave a pretty good one which was the last World Series winner. You have a hitter under their head under 200. And it was Alfredo Griffin in the 1980 Dodgers used to go that far back in out wow yeah yes that and so the all of these averages for the lowest marriage and World Series winners they're low. But the 2013. Where is the red ties with 230 something yet meadowbrook middle broadcast yeah middle Brooks. That is always one guy but usually to catch it is atomic catchers. But not usually you're center fielder you know a guy who a lot of people thought all he could be 20/20 guys but to go back can. That acquisition. It it is it fills two roles which is number one you cover yourself for Jackie Bradley number two. Even though you've been a little bit better against lefties you still and I haven't been good against lefties in this guy's really really good against lefties. And that led me to find some other names being thrown or potentially being surface. Which Mary field as a second baseman for the royals in this gonna hands on Pedroia felt that this guy's an everyday second baseman. And he kills lefties so if you feel like you Argo and allocate resources to a second baseman that the guy's gonna happen another guy brought up. Was. The line on the shields of taxes a guy center fielder who has played a little bit at second base. Who can run a go get the ball certainly in center field and also kill lefty has. Under control for awhile so you have to give up something. But all this this is this the type of thinking that we have to start doing now it is the end of June and you can't officially say. We're gonna see what happen like Tyler Thornburg. We were at that point where we can't say I you know what telephone numbers would come back he's gonna. Solve all the jails now I think we're probably well past that that point with him yeah I mean we saw a card Karstens fifth last year. Sort of snuck his way onto the post season roster because the bullpen was imperfect. But that's not that's not really a model and we've seen cars has to come back to earth and very badly this year. I wouldn't be counted on to number especially since he hasn't when he has its it certainly hasn't been consistent at all. Knocking guys down up and down dad says he you know listen Yuri what you are with Tyler Thornburg is here at that point. If he's good thing great double bonus if he's not good then. You you made other plans same thing with the you'd came through Pomeroy is helping in the bullpen maybe. By you you there aren't they are still an arm away and it goes back to. Goes back to do the Red Sox have enough to get a guy. I think that the students conversation. Because you know why look at what they've given up to get. Brad ziglar Addison reed don't water and. You always have a nasty utterly at the end of cat you're almost there horse farm systems in baseball here year after year to year. And come the trade deadline he was always able to get. Michael land saying Horry you know gear Dina are whoever he could always go out and find somebody. You can if you have to go down to single day for prospects you can always do. That doesn't add dozens or me it up now if somebody. Massive order come on the market you know like Erik Cole a year ago when people are talking about him potentially. That's a totally different story you don't have nine people for that but in terms of finding a second baseman. Finding a reliever you can get that. It's the names and if you rattle off the name for the guys I mentioned they acquired. That you know when he of people that knowing the wrong with Saudi brother for authorizing it turns out there was no right beside and then there was that down and Jamie Callahan KGB Callahan was in the Aston retrained in. These guys who were these fringe he major leaguers. And that goes to where the report that I had the other day about JD marquee at the Red Sox. Where interest in trading for JD marquis is last year. That's interesting in two ways. Number one because I report yet that was the most interesting part of it for me that's number three. And number one because that shows you that. If they were interesting JD Martinez. Then they understand what we are going to do that we are our Arco worry too much about hurting feelings. That have been a big feelings herder for for guys you go down though there is no logical fit for JD murky is the trade deadline last year. Have your mirrors was actually having a great July by him he couldn't play first base yet. You are treated better and then New York trading bookie bats but they knew that there was a huge weakness in the team which is they can hit home runs you would have found a spot that's like where where would we put Willie McGee again nice current reference are you honestly I think that at and well Lou Gorman from about 1980 when it's the same thing here where you say hello we are weighed out Jackie Bradley. No paid I think. There history is there going to be proactive about that. And their lineup is weird I mean even though runs scored wise I think their second. It's so top heavy right now you know I had to have the staff last week has probably changed a little bit but is something like. They're basically ten hitters in the American League with a PS is over 900 the Red Sox are three of them. And then they're like ten hitters in the American League though PS is under 630. And the Red Sox have three of those as well so you had both ends of the spectrum. And you do need a little more consistency. Out of the bottom third hour old and I mean you just do like this idea. Well you know monkey sitting so well and and Bogart's have been intending to Angie Martinez knew that on the list. You can carry Jackie Bradley you can carry Vasquez belliard Kerry and Eduardo Nunez is well and at times you've been carrying Raphael devers so you need more consistency because. This year is not about. You know are we better than the semen that's units they know you have to be focused on the Yankees in the Astros in those two teams. Art airing it yeah and they also have very very logical pass. To get guys yeah like they know what there's no mystery what argument there. The Yankees are gonna get Cole Hamels or. Because a lefty in the aggregate net and then the Astros you get a bullpen on you have this unbelievable Astros team has been red hot with a rotation that's insane. It all you need is that one more bullpen arm and they can certainly get that. The Red Sox okay cause this whole maybe we needed maybe we don't I think the brought he's got to get caught and now he's I mean is he's nothing else if not aggressive I mean that's out. He approaches the offseason it's how he's always approach to trade deadline I don't doubt for a second. That he'll make multiple moves the the second part of the Judy Markey is conversation about them try to trade from last year. Was what Arizona ended up giving up four and this is a reminder where you're talking about. Which is at don't give me the of it on the farm system. Arizona gave up three guys three and low level minor league infielders. Or currently hitting through seventy with no PS is of 600 something. You know and low late in May be they'll be decent these are a bunch of Marines you do bonds. Put that on the teacher to. Right back side that's I agree I mean they will bid I'm not worried about them. Missing out on somebody because. They don't have the answer that this is stupid conversation as easily say it's something you would hear on the on the clubhouse observers. Anyway 617779. 7937. You wanna weigh in on what the Red Sox need we're going to continue that conversation. Along with reflects. Reflect on John's possible awesome trade. No NBA draft you know it was awesome and we will this is a station to listen to to keep updated on all the awards. From the from the NBA draft the wars which we already broke the news. That and cements. As one rookie year dodge Jason Tatum and once the coach of the year is announced by whose previous announcement announced that flavor of play if Sheryl though with Milli Vanilli. Yeah I call you half of them are alive so familiar Minnelli and can never remember and he's Robin fast he didn't have gone. I think he is two high profile in the union awards I think there's a better chance of the and yet easily now programming that we we hire the right Pete ice Leo we'll talk about all that right after this. Back to more mocked at night on Sports Radio telling you we. I drive through. We do care thank your. He was your question how much we cared. Lives if he answered. I don't think we had this publicize it. That you care a lot I think that's assumed they did that to export the odds with Alex care -- Which is what is he started out you know I wanted to fly. Why why do that and the only reason to use the tax board. Is if you're doing a show by yourself you know called enough in the top. Right even men and even that I that I give Phil you know unless they're not gonna talk at all I. I'm not gonna get this for a I don't get what I attacked. That's the problem that's the issue. Anyway I guess not happening texting me. The guys who. Let's at an early since it did I say we did that you're you're playing character. You were. Performing. Iowa is that something that that. Has not I'm surprised that it has not come up I could be key question is why I have no recollection of saying that at all. What was it was that I want to contact he's texting me. Who context. Yeah though that could be that could be anything what is it that's UN might. Reading the infamous mark. Teams it's. Kim today. As well reliable plans. I was wonder why I had that the performers voice gap there that is very yes I want is a vague plenty in Iraq for good. Locked in life. As I was axle. Right and him OG. And nobody verbalize view mode he's like me your blocked. A pursuing you as if you were the Heisman Trophy trophy in my OT the fact that a. I like the year blocked. That should be that should be used more via. Okay. So where were oh we were talking a low. The MLB trade deadline. Well he actually wanted to attack basketball may be able. Yeah we we a little bit of time before atomic clock towers in the real glossy. What you wanna talk. I think he's he's he's not out of our I don't feel like I don't feel like it's. You have quite at the passion for the the MLB trade deadline like that you made in a couple weeks yeah I need to get there also I had a weekends where I didn't do any work and I just like to rank him had people over and so on just out of work and back up must have been nice if there must have been nice if but we'll go first before we go pivot this you know there is some way do you know that there are people out there who had no idea about the song round and round. By Iraq. He gathered around gas and I do their people have never heard that side. Yeah we're playing rock band and nobody do you know that signed Ryan he's now listen I can play at least clay yes he's trying to find nice. He adds that bitter and not through assigned to find another digital sales don't know I don't know round and round like. A step back ready now. My bushels. Brilliant Stephen Pierson. You were being actually raised on the morning show for your voice. I was yet have you seen their Christmas song. I think one mind you have on your. Well I think it was I think it was relative from the one doing press doing their way. It's. Our base. And missed an eight hour days. Go to Mike it probably is Mike was going on. You guys yet call on the arts stocks fall after the long leaders. I think it's this kind of flying under the radar global message. And you know absorbing a lot of punishment. That otherwise would have been spread around and the rest leaders are our starters he admitted it made it easier according ink starters shortly. And even the one case where he's really got the starting beaten up right the other day. Johnson went out there and pitched three quality innings and helped allow them get back in the heat instead of just yet let me. Blue and gold opened this. You know Latin you know the Mariners I think just completely run away. Ball and this is why by you might be able making case is Steven writes it's okay in his next start. Andrew Palmer is coming back Steven Wright was a legitimate like weapon in the ball a guy a guy. Who could shut down a team for two certainly three innings. And that's death. Right what you're talking about bike. I think that there's a value in today's game part particularly when you're talking about is starting staff which they're desperately trying to reel in terms of endings. Exactly I mean I yeah I look at the only of the date book and pitches and 99 under. And I look at you know early season starts and even later on where it. You know you can see coral watch the game is decided. Or want to have him while he yanks yeah you know what. Bare shoulders and elbows don't know. The meaningless innings or don't know when they're you know they're they're they're getting beaten up by the end of the seat and it just got that I look at it there's only so many bullets and I'm gone yeah sand. And every time they're they're growing they're using some of that stamina. And I think they're looking fresh and leave their guards are right. I think right is especially affect about that and because. When he starts the game they're taking batting practice and they're thinking about MP all of the key when he comes then followed take somebody like Chris Sale. You know it's like meaning that apple airport that knuckleball is confusing and you only get one. Mostly tied and then it's right back to another guys or I ninety. Now and and they expect the call and it goes to. I don't know if you saw it soared due story today about you know bed basically pretty strong comments from venal and T yet. A blow. Big Apple planned about reeling in guy really in starters because last year. And I'll I'll all read this quote real quick because I I was a pretty pointed quo. That kind of felt that way at the last few years being part of the stuff I've brought it up before we have to protect these guys. Sometimes you might hear few backlight well we have to get their first. Willie men were good team we're gonna get there if you do this thing right you're going to get there in the right way I just felt like last year. We got there and we were limping and we riding our guys on this stretch. We were playing a playoff team we were getting ready to face. And you were using all our horses in showing our guns we already made it. Well what are we worried about we made the playoffs the goal is we're getting there so we're not going to panic over one loss or one week. He had a Manny actually sort of went back and look he's obviously. Rusting the last four games with Houston really only one regular pitcher pitched in that game of that series was troop armor as. But the overall point is. I tried telling you them nets and they weren't listening. And that narrative came back which we've been hearing ever since John Ferrell left wheel well over that of chasing the wins chasing the wins loses or wins. Chasing the winds. But how many times have we heard that were not currencies the wind dad I mean corps has been beating that drum since practically day one. I don't have the numbers in front of me to see him. I'm assuming and losing your story like where sale in all I get the number yes so life refresh my memory will shoe on the eighties. So intense though this is over fall. For the for sale it's okay you have. The numbers though the ERA in batting average against and all that relatively the same after seventeen starts. Last year a 120 in two thirds innings 1853. Pitches. This year it's about eleven fewer innings and a bowel. Top hundred in forty fewer pitches so that it feels are that's more than a star but for the starter for the starting staff. Through this many games through 79 games as the one that jumped out to me. Obviously fewer pitches about 300 fewer pitches overall. Bought in last year at this time 51 games of starters throwing a hundred or more pitches. This year. 33 yet you don't really see core let pay and certainly for the first month of the season it was a moment anybody goes there. You know hardly at all and there have been a number of games where. Seven innings the guys grade sale the other night and then done well that's where he's talking about moving to goes on the say about. He turned core a court turn Hammond says does he care about a complete game in moving and you say now because he's bought it. And he said you we are asking these guys anymore. We're just telling him your done. Which is. Tommy Thompson we hear that last year asking him. Yeah it's it's a tough one it to talk about sort of where baseball is going be the only team out there. It's averaging a hundred pitches per game for starters it's Houston. But that speaks to how you can say you're drawing back on guys. But it's hard when you have really good veteran starters. Who are expecting to go deep in games yeah I don't wanna go too far in the other direction like you people could jump on this and BO Fowler and these guys in the ground ball. Farrell also you could make the case treated them like men and if they said you know they had it in and they wanted to keep going. Yeah that's good he's you know he's he's Latin and take control of the game so it does kind of go both ways but certainly. The way we saw them we are down the last two years and into the post season. I don't think there's anything wrong track and our magical. They took the and here's hasn't seen Stan which they dugout or are stumbled across. Well I was doing a story. So we know what Tampa Bay's doing right now of the of the bullpen game whatever yeah. There their relievers are averaging only two fewer innings in their stars per per game that's it's. So there there starters. Are right now averaging. 73 point four pitches per game which is. Just like lower than any team since they started Charlie despise eleven pitches they like it is crazy. And but they get results now I asked about it and I arriving from them today which was since they started doing this. Since they started out of them while with the what they called the opener yet so the closer. If the closed or open the game yet they have the lowest CRA in the American League insane and speaking of insane. Knowing Casey just one rotisserie and east's. I'm 46 is nice and get a little break out over nothing to entice the listener. A line. I O load let me try to regroup. He's real Beckett when a crowd that he can drop it can drop I decided to outs where do you need me to swear than you can drop it to say to drop it. I actively. Double rob what's coming up for the final segment of of after the break after the break. We will tell you who finished second in the NBA coach of the year is Brad Stevens and it's. Much at night on Sports Radio. They're gonna sound you when he got a pedicure. And you pulled out that size 22 point oh yeah Wimbledon that would have been affected who. What that experience for her she is her when did you move him. About it to rest mind. I was okay. That was funny how many Anthony Anderson fan but may be had to be there. We. Why go figure if you just collateral. Jackets large feet I got that is if the Anderson from the NBA awards. The NBA award sponsored by via evidently he. Yeah. You know. Any I have looked directly into the camp re not. Good shot. He then I'll stop these milestone. I've gotta love it's what is the other. Once. You and one shot with renowned manner mr. that's not not great choice words going on yet. I and one Brad Stevens to windows award. Anyway yeah zone. I write ruined UT's yet know that no okay we'll Brad Stevens and not win the NBA coach of year doing TC did did he got hired right gas he got fathered a man. It fires Boston's the pistons right now. Okay. So they'd do the Celtics got shut out. By even those sources get shut out in the NBA awards tonight John. And even though they got a guy who they couldn't find the next day after drafting him for conference call them. The winner was the great in a basket well there was a great game of basketball you still feel good about the Celtics do you feel good after the draft. It's sort of sort of looks like you know they got they have the Bobby Wanamaker whatever his name is today with with the name. Brad will add that Wanamaker. Which seems like just another one of the the many many many many many many many he'll be an upgrade on barrack it's like that's got that's exactly and again giving so. Yeah although Hawkins kid is is gone what he has no idea how are you actually he scouted Brad in warm. I've I laugh I did actually watch video on his name popped OK and I a I initially got excited as I thought it was like some crazy Euro guy that we had never heard of and it's an now it's just an American who was playing yeah so but oh so that's really two guys who can fill in the gaps a year and Shane Larkin on Brad Wanamaker and Bobbie Williams and potentially Erin Baines now who knows maybe you'll come back yeah I mean you have more guys than. Planes that and then spots on the roster. And I think if markets mark comes back. And it pains or combat he'd be at fourteen already and the union get rid of anger Shania bestselling Ian guys like that but it. They have they have the minutes crunch looming which is good I've never watched Boston sports tonight this long my life. That is this up on wives and better the sound side and how critically can be Irish. Okay. I'm just sad well being really really want them to do cartwheels at the pro. Watching. I I like almost almost all of them very very much. I'm almost like ninth congress of the people I've seen on that show and I I like. But thousands opener of their another group of guys great guys. I don't care anything's commit these these two guys sitting around before it was three people sitting around. This goes from topic to topic the top what do we do one or two guys that are right on its operating out of sub yeah but we Wear away more and it's clear whether or not. So many people in this building were salt sensitive. Yeah. Yeah I did see I didn't know Michael Holley was still around but I saw on TV tonight that that's too good to see Mike and yet you will see it looks relaxed and retirements it's. Super lax. As the show lets it go forever I'm plot all tell the tell then now we go on for another it's like that in mind. That is always honor and a half hour on our very way it right Garber an excellent job and by the way you did an excellent job yesterday I didn't tell you went on the air that so excellent job on Alec. It's OK rich keep before excellence. John Tomas thank you so I wanted to coming in. Thank you so so much for coming and I mean that thirteen that is so so much. For coming in I'm rob Bradford spend dollars coming up. I don't know who's on tomorrow but stay tuned tomorrow morning Kirk in Callahan free breaking down you need to break. Selig.