Mut at Night - Summer Tales: The end of the road for Tom Brady; Julian Edeleman's suspension 7-5-18

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Thursday, July 5th
HOUR 2 - The summer gives us in sports radio the chance to dust off some older debates while the sports world enjoys the 4th holidays. Villani and Reimer discuss some of the pressing issues facing the Patriots as they get set to start the season in a few months.

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Sure there are high hopes for JD Martinez when used him a hundred million dollars he's better than you thought he was the. Little things that we can have commander in there they're good drive I get paid as long as hammer get a game marked as KC. Martinez Major League lead. Over time Poland's most it and just killed at baseball I'm glad he's with us with Chris Lonnie. I think they're scared and should be scared some degree apparently walked reporting. There are people in Cleveland and we'll tell you that the knicks should be considered a real threat for carrier. It seems as though company does not have its focus on longer horizons when the Celtics. It sounds to me like DA planning on being there long term I guess the good Boston Celtics so necessary of government now. Here's much at night on Sports Radio done. O'clock hour much at night Friday by New England found lost no money for his bloody hand and why. If he's now what am I looked down right now Alex dreamer someone who has very bad case of sun poisoning I think your personal life to be honest I might not be at this rates. In the few more weeks of being out there in the sun with no sun screen it without you on here I can't even seeming to UB IE. I don't look as bad as you do you down it's a thousand nosed little crispy apple Rudolph playing golf today. Outlets on quite a bit his plane fairway that's that I operate on times the fairway and behold it's running yes parallels there that I can't keep playing bot. So I played golf once and swung in masts lots. Really my swing and messed up or ground balls ever swung in ground balls down the fairway. Last I played with a group Bentley bachelor party type thing there was one do you who's so drunk are forcing me swung and missed a putt so I have seen it before I was not drunk and I played just just back to what terror when the scariest few hours in my life was last fall. We need to and you yank golf tournament and he told me oh by the way you're in a group I will it. Now now Everett and radicalize it just does not know and don't of clubs is bar. Went once in bar yes thanks I use the mini golf clubs where does my problem app probably wouldn't change the outcome all that much to be honest with you about. I was late for the week and you where I I who is visiting our neighbors to the north I want to celebrate independence days so candidate day on Sunday. Fourth of July obviously yesterday Beckham back the ban is lifted your back. Well thanks for being away exiting due out lack of bodies as he said last out early it was a big reason why it's like where it's either dead there. Are we bringing Reimer back I guess that Brad Wright and back focus group to figure out which you better be better it is the dead after. The -- with clubs it was it was a tie in and one woman likes -- impacting them back yes well welcome back and it feels great to be in this dark and see what's going on it why why conditional on the it was either pitch black super bright or this little Wiener thing that we've got here so we're gonna go like this is setting on who it romantic setting for us here like just those two in the studio is just the way it should be just the way like old times like well like old times yeah I think Harold radium. Yes absolutely some pilots and support this but it's still around it's a good thing believe it or not hopefully this mennonite parents does better than the last time I was on my nights so. Was that the last the last what now the last show I ever did prior to the suspension wise oh when the next death and it's like Buckner walking back to play for and you only has its exit on eight of our reference from rounder they should have like a moment of silence like around like 830 when I said it silence would have been better and I won't actually said yes I don't think we can do that. We started moment of silence I thought actually we start with a topic. Then it does not you know conjure up memories of your past misdeeds in the reason that you were suspended seemingly indefinitely. Tom Brady is and yes safe ground are totally safe ground wide. He is a great family did you read the article by. Was it David and Bob gagged and joining us right now is our Bob jagged. That is not his game Brad guy and yelled that it that I actually say why according to his Twitter feed yes so this guy. I don't know who he is he's again I'd national football writer I guess some Bleacher Report I got her I'd heard. I was his familiar with. Is it Bob Bratton on confuse rap queen was grabbed Agnes. Our teams earlier. I was his familiar with Brad got Leo as there was with the rose world prior to the last game I heard Tuesday -- tock not at all as fantastic. So he paid this column to Tom Brady and the upshot of the colonies they'd Brady could play till 45 and all signs point towards that you know the numbers and BP last year 505 yards in the suitable talked about it a Nazi and I have not radiators and decency multi targeted catch up to an octagon not my color pink any additional played. We cells by Donyell rates here who does have a one of those annoying videos that tells you how to pronounce things paean to the top of his Twitter page I should do one for Roemer primer. Sure people would pick up something else now so I'll Bob died in there is. You're Bob gagging and your clothes market. But he's been pretty shouldn't play at least 45 he cites his family he says that. Looking at the history of you know pounding this guy's taken all over the years the physical beating these taken back the most quarterback can't wait this long Brett Favre. Wondering whether he as CT not a guy that played into his forties had incredibly long career the tragic stories that many of us know. But he sure brings it back to Brady's family. And his loved ones and basically is essentially implying here that Brady has two choices he can either continue to play the NFL. Where you can be good family man and a good father. That's what I took away from that you say it. But it feels like he wants to pay it radiates a bad guy. If he wants to continue to play football well lines made you think that he's trying to paint Brady as the bad guy because I got from why is healing your loved ones won't fall ideally you won't force any of your loved ones to bag. Porridge is out on her knees and little kids daddy daddy please don't play football please don't go back out there tugging at T shirt please. And it makes sense m.'s Russ dollars and it's Amber's time and that's the next users and on but it does make sense right I mean you he runs. You're a little bit it weighs on a little thick here in the com I would I would never did of course now in so I I I can relate to that at all but on. And it gets points right I mean you're opening yourself to more risk the longer you play. Radiate he went to Super Bowl this year that's 651. For the thumb on the other fingers well I mean. What more it would border with their. Heard there from today so but that's the other we eat ties this into winning in other words you've got nothing left to accomplish nothing left to prove so it's okay to. Raise your life risk your health spend time away from your family or your family for large lots of time during the season. Is like get won anything yet. Well but he's not all great guys this commitment but that's the argument he's making just about Brady this is it about your. Atypical football player just any player acts so to have won the pretty bad debt that's okay that's your watch. It's different for pretty I mean Brady house one bites her voice accomplish more than any other player and a history you can it's and a lot of respect so it's different for Brady his point is what more is there for Tom rated view. And the longer the market he plays he just opening itself up to more rest. Moore had trauma more concussions X Saturday references to sell cock does l.s comments last year but Brady suffered concussions in his career and Brady interestingly enough never really denied. Which is all sat so. His point is the one do you play the more risk you open yourself to and I think that's a totally. Reasonable argument at three I Bard I mean that you could make it Bob gagging could've paid Bob I don't think that this is. A brat brat. I think that he could have made about Rob Gronkowski. Rob Gronkowski is gonna room reserved for me can't he's won Super Bowl great he as in he's actually we know. Demonstrative prove has suffered a concussion I believe the Brady probably is too. We know and nine surgeries as well within the amount of trauma that he has taken sued to his body just through that surgery after the injuries have nothing to do. With head injuries nothing to do with concussions he can write about gronkowski he didn't write about anybody else he wrote about Brady which is why the screen to me. As a look at me. Click bait town article. They eat you kind of copied pasted almost any other player that's accomplished in said the same thing continue to let you open yourself a it was still life definitely wanted to just get this tag and Bob Dutton is getting some air time here lovers running our stations it's a good move by him on. But let's break it down stepped iced short and let's ignore the over the top and make a friendly bag step by step. The locker Brady plays patty please don't go quickly go. Ways with bears in Montana apparently the longer Brady plays the more risky opening himself up to write in terms of injuries head trauma troop saudis aren't through pretty bright. Not every player has accomplished reprieve has accomplished and his point again is what more is there for Tom Brady play this hearing what he does when super. And that's sex and what do you stick around it but that argument still falls flat for me and you could say that in terms of legacy I I agree in Brady's best ever I don't think there is anything left that he realistically needs to accomplish. But there are people look at it and say well. He's band aid Super Bowls but he's lost three of them and that takes away from his legacy I think that points ridiculous and bones as Abbott there they're out his cell. I think that points ridiculous but the idea to win a sixth the first. You know further cement him as a and the winner is a great winner not to daddy got there a lot more but it guys got their 12 more than Monty and having the lead a little bit here there's still more for him to accomplish it can still do what. It's the nobody ever said this column to retired this year never once stood out Bob gagged and write those words pretty should retire today. He's saying after next year what more is there to play part preacher 434445. Old your body get even Tom Brady if you don't want to add value to try to do it. This I think part partly for me born out of CDs taste for. Other people telling athletes when they should retire there a couple of exceptions to that. If a guy is clearly can't do it anymore yummy it beats the and a certain age remember Willie Mays you limping at the end there just just complaining words couldn't do Larry Byrd body just broke down at the anywhere in the same players couldn't do anymore. Or Steve yup that was the one that I I remember with a guy was clearly just. There he was putting himself in a tremendous amount apparently that injury he already suffered those types of things I understand a little bit more by. I have the a hard time wrapping my mind around the home of Bob gagging ins I just can't help column that now it's better if he is. Article here because it feels like. All he wants to do is. Piggyback on Brady to get what is now happening to happen to get people talking about it and you'll say that's our job our columnist that's fine. I don't this is my problem with hot take column that the lazy it's Lee and this is the third round three of truly insightful. Then maybe could've talked about a player. That wasn't Brady maybe could have talked about somebody who. We haven't you know I've had haven't learned something about particular player with a family situation. That has had some health issues that he's had is putting himself at risk. The story about. Act I know you wanna put radio guy plot why do you get top -- I get it and I felt freaking lazy you delegate and you're one of them and should've been suspended but that's. We've now that of all the things you've seen here on a daily basis that this is the third rail for you I don't sing a lot Tom Brady I could drag on our lot. Imagine the cloud at the most part it's not outweigh seeing. This is the third rail for you that Ian saves tells Brad Garrett yelled tell to anyone. Let's actually hire who with anybody telling them to hire a dad is a guy who covers the team this is the big guys are what it was in the lock Dorman wrote this car I would have our I would have more respect for it I bet it would be more insightful in this pop crap he's thrown together up Scott I'm on the air today Bob dad and we don't know his name or topic mine and now he did his job it's all right -- yes it's July 5. Slowest average here in the NF ballots one at a slower times a year in sports. He wrote this comment number I would actually have in our program I would actually have more respect or if there is an agenda into his column that essentially said that. Why it's. I'm gonna throw this together and get the desired load time again and Alec let's say Brady suffers a concussion this year. And let's say he plays again next and suffers another concussion he starts in the head from arm and he would look back and say you know what. Called the courts had 4040 what was like it was a really planned next year acts are suitable for. His point is just there is more risk than reward for Tom Brady right now to keep playing football I don't that's true of third or I don't think report more as the award because. Again to win a sixth. To go I mean you talk about numbers you're talking about running up the score to the level that would have been on. The mobile before Brady existed end. That matters that that that means something is never too many championships it's never enough. And Brady the Brady feels great for anyone five he's on more than any other quarterback in history of the I get back so he's guarding the score. Beat either one of the more in the run up the stories ahead but you could. If he couldn't do it anymore and understand. If there was any. Any sign of a precipitous drop off. Can understand it and say OK big disguise that little bit of pop behind these patches are stuck out there in order to generate quick today after the where I'm waiting muted just like usually the eighth time you mentioned that of course he's just throwing stuff out there and it cracks on the day after the you can die and it I think you're. As it's called honest as a columnist you should expect better you should want your fellow columnist your comrades all the bought gag in the world. Elevate your profession to be more like a Tom Carr and where there's opinion. But there's also insights topple its analysis it doesn't have to be hot icky doesn't have you. Target these imaginary heart strings at. The I think the job a calmness and generate conversation. Announcer Bob gagging and instant he's generating conversation and gotten us to talk about it as to the cropping is interesting I wrote a couple years and back Rogge should retire from football after he went through I think his ninth operation that are decorative lancet a knack for months. Every interest and my columns have Roemer cult hot take out back and got it. Green rod should hang it up at putting some some delta air bill legislator yeah accidentally you annuity that you buy dot. But I mean so what what's this about rock which he then pay more to say it has more credence and spry and has all the operations we do know about his impressions every couple years ago. I would say there's more evidence behind I take more evidence based. I don't see the evidence for Brady it's just what the evidence for pre there isn't it's a book yes and it's another isn't it there's it's a red line argument is Jim McMahon you on ordering radar for Tom the quarterback who played full on suffered serious head trauma but they're also not this quarterback and what are you might think and his methods what he does the way he approaches the game. He has had a durability yes that has been on match through the course in his career that you cannot say the same thing about those other two quarterback the Brett Favre was very durable. And you certainly can't say the same about Rob Gronkowski. Would you say it is now once greats retire if you said Gisele. Want to retire keep. Only choose one moment she's. Retire to watch us as much yeah that he does have concussion right. Health issues of wanting her husband of Europe right but the health issues there's more risk than reward for Tom your. Every game is out there is chances ACL gets blown the chance he Summers a concussion is a chance he gets hurt. The risk is greater reward for eyes and I I just don't see it that way out and look at the ability to. Achieve even more rarefied air then then what he's done and I don't dismiss that wholeheartedly just because he's accomplished more than anybody else. Doesn't mean he can still accomplish more and yes there is probably some of the fan in me that wants to see. Brady ballot check squeeze every last drop every last morsel. Out of this incredible run because you don't know what the next two guys are gonna look like. And how good this franchise is going to be going for a bit as a media person I mean nothing is more interesting especially out drop load and who is the heir apparent to Brady mean nothing is marching story now Brian where Stan it's not that Smith expect. It's its latest I was enthusiast from LSU. Actually wears like number India and what's his number he wears like a single digit number for quarterback. Quarterbacks Ron Amadon were single digit number yes I mean he's just like to hear the Brad Johnson's wreck our first single digit jump right. Would auto and sailing I think as fifties. In the wind and thank you glad to have an iPad two that certain restrictions over at our quarterbacks only be won the nineteen not thinking as he is a weird number and that means you cut in spring training Paris and training at best he's going to be a non roster Brady a sixth India. Danny get out there by but I didn't get any runs during the comment just his point again is. Do you rate has been lucky so far dvds rice suffered what TVs right in breach hang up after the here. I think it got us swine. Why it would be a reason is that why not because again. I tell what more is there for him to prove it Tom I'm Selena yard as more suitable as anybody else he's the best quarterback of all time. Do you better you know it's been in the pot suitable sex is that sick ace nine brag a letter at one point you caught quits. At one point you can't quit usually you can't put Brady is said this offseason he's hinted at retirement closer. Then you know closer than it used to be caught quit talking about spending more time with the spam so brace hinted at this a little bit you call Quincy came to the job. He's not at that point he's not happily physically based on a talk and tell he's not quite football players they honor is his level of injury while Calvin Johnson retired you still want the best receivers in the Brady is consistently said he will retire when he socks I mean that is I think magazines a little bit the soft C I think approach to the game has change does the way that he prepares and and the way he played and he is approached or insular parts of the game. Has changed and that's apparently he's enjoying. The comfort of the guidance accomplished an incredible amount in football for twenty years and now. Unlike prior to meet Steve last year no longer has the heir apparent pushing that comfortable spot to be taking advantage of that. I really don't have an issue with the likely recognize earned it but Brady is set in Tom first time he said it would it would Jim lay out Los Angeles he says it with Oprah's while he now views football a little bit differently I used as a way to compete with me. Something changed that's no longer race so I mean I think. I think Brady's gonna retire and within the next two or three years I mean don't you when he could still be at the top of his game I think great to a retired that's for sure yes but he but he's not but do you think he'll retire to I think can't do it anymore when he earlier or retire restart the top his game to this offseason yes hinted. Retirement he's being mad now more than after the 2019 season has been the one that date. I think about what it's like myself included circled here. The contract in the back that he hasn't. Extended the contract to this point because it's the the approach has been two years before his shields up. That's when they terror up or don't tear up a re do Witten stretch out to cap money and convert bonuses and do what they have to do to make sure race it's a whole lot of money. And it doesn't impact the salary cap as much a potentially cut. They haven't done that which makes me they saw you guys seem like people ligament W just said he don't see a reason for any updates retire until camp must they can't play anymore right. And a series for Brady to retire what do you think Brady yet you know Tony nineteen won't be able to play anymore. No idea what he's done here. I think they'll be dropped off by how big but he'll still be a topped by ten quarterback annaly. Okay when they can still play at a really high level that's also partially reflection in the back is like crappy quarterback Iraq but he can still that means he'll still be playing at a very high level aren't and that's pretty gut. So by your -- your logic he quit after 2019 yeah that's pretty easily could have my problem when its previous spot Haggans decision I am patiently laying out the risk he's laying out the argument to me he says in the peace Brady to this point also has been lucky if we've Brady does suffer concussion that changed the equation is that my thoughts on your house. If if he has it as situationally gronkowski let's let's make it clear. Gives an out I can chancellor George Summitt along those lines that changed the equation are absolutely cut but as we sit here right now. I don't see Brady walking away after the season I eight see at least two were icy when he nineteen might be I've circled acted as well 2090 is that he shall retire after this year. Yes that's meets not Tom Brady I'd I'd circle when he nineteen for Tom got a guy like a little bit more credence than I give you what. One Ayman if there's definitely an attack I'm enjoying my take on that sooner. Being lazy or rather late to raise thirty I don't like this accident only this tax lining Roemer besides it was on eggs exactly alike is not the first person besides. People said that all the time about you Nina that's wants to stick with me I usually don't care of people saying the tax climate that's one's gonna divorce architectural higher than hang around a little higher telling us fired a little higher. I was told how to hire voice and Trent. Amateur who that's more insulting towards me track currently turning it. Time and galloped yesterday yes exactly. Six what 777 died 7937. Rout the grants he's been hanging in wants to weigh in on Tom radial Ralph. I can of course talk shows that exodus out of this article. I could certainly won't see this in the last sheared pretty. Peace in this town because like he can't. Look at Brady compared to any other book it is like look at how much work. I'd look at this guy also. Or. Also. Like to go now. I think he knows when to build a culture where credit squeeze one more tree preacher well it's all grapple. If they have that that's. Also went in its outlook kitrey Q you won a retired. At least because everywhere boom that he was gonna turn to grapple. It inevitable that I think it was because of low level of follow up solid football title don't we just. Rim has watched that competitive they never have lost. Route they don't want Alex is lost its competitive edge. It wants answered probably but that that want what I'm trying to say it was only at this guy right now. I think he's upset I won't look the culture the surgical. He might have wanted to get written in the actual finished its mind a little bit in my country. But not the card that let you sound like a mobile football player. Could possibly this year is that it past the article shall. We can't put it past that but I think it's terrible could be its last especially. In delinquent because I know. Belichick went well it could build another front with any. It's certainly sounds more plausible now they have. Yeah I Brady's been talking about several months. Well great point you know look at Berkeley shell could be your own this one. Thought it would be beautiful all that. Unless she's a global global order that. Which could you can't please all I should read it without you know you gotta love the web more on it. No shock. What do by the that's why it's so predictable what they quickly. Directly talk like this I think this group will be the last year we it. You're you're sitting here in your racing Chris Brady's during the pull away a little bit from the team only showing up to mandatory OTAs on Letzing is not working as hard and he's trying rerelease element in on Montana. But he's already played himself away a little bit his language is changed his approach to change a little bit I think he's a young and is chillier air the end. And I is that our year old. I it's obvious that it is more the bucks in the left in the right to me no matter what whether it's 41234. I have played in more than what is going on that but at the beginning of the commerce times series on the earlier episodes he talked his retirement in he said he still feels like he's got. In the beginning his career. Earnings in the front nine suffered its exact word choice spots. Brady as recently several months ago. Said that never sad the end is closer and I agree he's forty years old an obvious statement brat he never talked like apple for personal words that are gone were the warrior spirit guy. Was saying his feels like he has many more years. And that's still the front in his career. Ice everything I surprisingly I think he's a guy once that he still does feel like you as many more of many Mori's relative term here but I think he does feel like he has multiple seasons. Doesn't set it recently. Do we need that we need that reassurance to we need that. Can take about it we're or back to that point where Brady has definitively say. Yes I'm coming back next year we'll look into play Portland and report them as securities report and has been. Told the patriots that he is not not playing but things happen to come back right. And if the the that was see your classic example of let's get the headline out there there however about real quick items I did on chapter when that was said because it said three different times in the report. That they expected to come back all sources they'll come back everybody says he's coming back to that of the tot he may come. Yeah I have to report right here please let's hear the reports lazy is very strict like I've paragraphs. Yeah eyes and I've yet to commit has not committed to playing even though people know him believe that we back for the coming season exorcist the espionage on Wednesday next topic. Okay shaft OK but he hasn't planets that. But again we already seeing his approach change her seeing his language change and went and what Bob Agnes and is he saying Tom look at Brett Favre looked at Brad Johnson now says he's in pain but it's look at all these quarterbacks who have been hurt head trauma you would agree. Whether it's to be told not than anything else Brady has been lucky so far in terms of injuries in his career the only major injury with the AC LT or 2008 that's yet. That's it he doesn't even with this dot on injured reports questionable. National always questionable not doubtful enemy engines out spilled the beans last year he severed concussions even though he's never been listed with concussion is an apple career ended as Tom Brady. Never explicitly we putted which is also. If I had to guess I would say that Brady's probably suffered at least 12 weeks. At least I simply like all these guys at its owner rights and no laundry in many ways the war risk you open yourself up to known each sold this year as well the inside masters will be common and every time you stuff on that field it is a rescue. Indian siege and under siege against wanted to see him retire than for his own good. I'm humanitarian once in a step aside or even have not really what he wants. He doesn't know what's best for him to Zelda you we can't Gisele and I've gagged and yes are the three that know what is best for Tom Brady is there any sense that was honored assets at this time always meet me at development softer side of god intended what's important ought to self reflection why does not reflect to a yoga retreat out western side and until I can't now again I'll apply that's awfully young back atomic twice in like can't keep up with the hoses and I'm looking at where else is doing him. That's what Akron when as a that's Tokyo now I did and it just regular corn chowder now did the surgery is a real as a thirty to thirty podcast is quicker. Go to yoga. Let's go delegates don't you do yoga we goats are really think tax cap they re go to a cafe and he had that Irvin. Now. My good friend how cost you now from Boston magazine did write the new deal for story once OK yes was that mixed gender mixed gender. Colette I told a bit more warm elements overwhelmingly warm out and -- now it's I know it's hard to imagine a number of those guys when it's either I they got exactly they're expecting or are they expecting something very different last dollars and is what it sounds like you're out kind of embarrassed Russia realized I had to bunch of you here yes speak for yourself in Paris but out of our last three days in. Whatever no problem warrior to let's do it. Allentown I've got a bit of like looking at everyone else on my youngest was very relaxing it's supposed to be breathing out right relaxing about that about to write about looking what it was at when doing my doing it right now the clothing optional thing too is really setting cut both ways Larry is in. Iceland there is this slate natural hot spring hurting go diving and and Europeans are a lot less. Modest than we are against us that they're proud of their bot shore and again culture can cut balls always the twenty something year old frenchwoman. Our debts of the donor the sixty year old German guy out cash. Play ever been any particular Bakalar the other or if you ever watched her nude beach and there is a selection bias like the people who want to go to nude beach are not easily to people he'd like to see you. You know I haven't been allowed to have a nude beaches in my life. There's the vineyard that I watched the once or twice AC on Dershowitz there announced on guys that Al differs got no place to buy breakfast or whatever word yet you social social circle a shunt him from the vineyard. He beat 30. Tell us that's against such realistic globe by the way. You're media critic now is that part of your job I am yes even they enact critical Bob gag at all you think this guy's pretty obvious as opposed to conversation going into the matter out. How are talking about his opinion might be ear how I'm gonna come or not he's not you don't learn how lazy is you can lazy it's lazy it's not a diet opinion it's not lazy. We're talking and I thought about it I that lazy. I mean that they can raise easily get her to that is it lazy today compared to what. All of you play football laundry could get hurt like Eric there's shocking acts did take wow these rights is he rightly line is he right Iran. He's writes of course he's right we say you want us to be releasing her you think we should journalism or investor and hey journalism professor at Syracuse who write an ass at the top of that was that. Know leap. He circus people are so I don't think that this is any Albright. Matt fraction that's my favorite part of what I haven't played a single putt from him that doesn't matter the beat the introduction doesn't that are no matter what he had to say now that parts irrelevant. How was Dershowitz going to get so much basement club that's a great story I mean it's like simulate it now about half IE I hate and they shall I answer arrogant by the way. Are ya he had to and ending his own is of what I and that's eighties and I think he's not very bright and accomplished as he is and yeah their frequent legal scholars like that venture I ain't I used to go to on probable be able to anymore. Is I'll be cut out of his social circle. But yet talked about how to get eyes was very very sure it's not what somebody's trying too hard at her character is trying to do now trying a little too hard. You mean military and he's Smart has been a cocktail parties to take all these studies because he's taking this approach from stance. I just. Regards that rush and there and I'm sure they're people who can relate to that part of it by. Highlights I like journalism does we'll victims of the term presence right some supporters or shines on their social circles and markers. That Martha's Vineyard part but there are people I know people think they can't talk to. Relatives they have to avoid certain neighbors and people because there on one side of the fence and and others. That part people can relate to him but the part where I can't go to all the cocktail parties on Martha's Vineyard I used to. I like journalism that people can relate to that you get something out of this affects me. In sledge we peerless war passer what does it what does this Atlanta fired journalism journalism wanna launching an offensive line and adjunct role at Syracuse this all gone and you relate to not getting into all the big cocktail parties on Martha's been. I guess that part I don't know invited to a cocktail party at Martha's Vineyard and and analysts have been to mark on the uneven air conditioning in my apartment over central area they must remain on an Everyman you booty central air potential air. And I am not cheering I'll washer dryer with anybody and I don't coin op. So picture is held happening off street parking absolute must I responding here nimble and a great wealth minimum two bath every. Minimum heated back and in your apartment that you don't too little on. Yes button every now and then got to spread out all that. Spread all I use that one's morning is this one this afternoon I don't see that's a misconception about me people think you know rich and spoiled now Ayman every. On the of one little AC units in my bedroom this time a year like all you guys and later crocodiles like mostly priced at all textbooks onto textbooks may be that it TB twelve book. Yes like this he jammed in there and the TB twelve bucket displayed prominently in my room and I've read all I read all at 350 awful pages. And an expert in the TB twelve method which had a ties into Bob guidance column about the concussions because Brady. Says several times not buck that he believes in brain to users in these brain exercises to the department of it is well Tom Brady people wheat this a lot of people that buy into that stuff that they get exercise the mind is like yet exercised muscles. Right if you don't today in the titles upper adverse to what he's being eager journalists last summer wrote about the TV talk met its focus and nutrition and getting on the story teller show a great job honestly I'll start differently to pretty beaten general has an Iraqi when I guess I would pay for this market but I'm. But you know I supporter I wanted to retire they're pretty starting fresh on the new quarterback if you cornerback Kenny Utley and B I will own a but I am. But the Brady believes that you get meaning he endorse that phony baloney concussion prevention use about Eric created years ago pretty believes that his training makes them. More adverse to concussions and head trauma than others yes. That appears to be the case what is your point though does that relate about gag what I. I think Brady would look at Bob diamond's argument and say Brett Favre Jim McMahon you'll not happening to me. I I think there is why don't think anybody invincible I don't think anybody is immune to and the enmities invincible. This goes back to the point of Brady is different. Brady's do we eat you can't look at the old mold because he has made his own he is meeting different mold a lot of different ways in his approach to the game. In his her ability in his health and certainly what he's accomplished an appeal he is a different animal then. Brett Favre was an idol quarterback Kyle fame quarterback no doubt in Jim McMahon that any of these other great quarterback to longevity this guy is different I agree. But on saying is let's say Brady suffers a concussion this year suffers a couple more concussions in his career in east. You know kind of staggered around 101520. Years from now if you look back and say you know what should listen to Bob gagged. Bob Gannon hung out and it got Bob we read you are bought and Todd is not that Bob does not saying. It. Effective today they're great and he rang you've listened to most of the unity they get his name right at any point rather they are Bob we read your. Well as at thirteen and hit with Brad and I think towards the end it finally Dickerson seemed like he got it right yet. Yeah I'm with you Milford I got it right offered I irate yes but I mean the Brady he would say you know should of. Separately hung up while I was headed again Brad dot dot I had NC is named Brad got you know Brad Don yes yes Brad got there was not seeing Greece should retire today your tomorrow he's just saying. How to put it to your 45 and I think Tom Brady greets them to be studio is Brady again has hinted. He's not completely split 56 or examined it 779793. Auto guide on number. 37937. Attacks divers get rolling here for three full hours a Lonnie Alex Roemer was back in the money at night spot for the first time since. Well you know Sports Radio WB yeah it's much. At night on sports. Don't need you again I don't wanna. He is professional athlete that finishes playing and I can't walk I want a beautiful they wanna be able to ski on that was sort of I want to do. I like to be active elected you know that's what I enjoyed. But that I'm gagged and he must have nothing to me bobbed and that's not what I was saying last segment. He wants to serve once you don't walk went have a clear mind. The wind you play in a more risk of yourself up to. So it bit by that argument though he should retire today. It nothing more to accomplish as you said after this year yet nothing more to accomplish. Right at east only can we all understand that greatest quarterback of all time many outside of New England will. Vigorously disagree with that. I think the wrong wrong and no leg to stand on. Volume that system quarterback to play gate are really spy gate. Spike which had nothing to do it doesn't matter they all cattlemen. The d.s soccer rare out TB twelve are out of it that in a PD TD pedaling fact all else back on Foxborough but by that argument heat we should be having a press conference tomorrow Brady announces retirement and the idea when gets ready beats starting quarterback. And had no problem parachuting right over. To you via the IOS yes your rights by. There comes a point for everybody and again there's no there's no denying the fact the priest tone and tenor around his career has changed his knees realized you want to do it he realized he wants to spend more time span. Again he's already moving south a little bit from that he's at things these things can apply Robert has it. Morse. Russert or so because you are especially injury Bart gets much more so a lot more Caracol empirical evidence. That this is a guy who may deal with the repercussions the consequences of of football in his life after football more so than break even though he's played happen. Half of the career at the wedding parading cracker package deal. Out in front stays around when pre aids imagine so cross contract is also up after next Iran Brady's contract's up after next year. The two of them go. And a woman's guide. So watch your front runners in easy next year to hook up again and he might get connects you to lose all three of those guys is much I love the old next man up philosophy to patriots looked very very different. I can get when he won 319 last year when he nineteenth year jewel last year for Julianne what attracted you sock receiver this year simply bury us right. All gonna see a button on the rack price scenarios that were to see bunch from the first four weeks of the season. We Julian elements suspension quickly for John backed the call 6177797937. If you're Andelman. You let it go. Are we going to rule. It that day is it that. If federal court New York the southern district and you go to John Berman again. Mary suggested to catch brimming you got we judge shop we're gonna judge shop let's get this going to the Supreme Court which are deathly rule in favor of we will wait until on the side and I got out of no we actually in the ninth and I just saw in front of your final 44 decisions and finally dates but it is enough legal fees he checked her so as of a couple of years ago there. Why not. But. I don't what have the gap with that he think he's been on it so yeah why not like this as hard as you can why when I see a lot of people. In real world things done sports who don't fight things because it comes down to. Making the decision about it goes back to get your argument Brady about. Risk vs reward or eighty risk is the wrong word because it's either no risk brattle many he's trying to get more games worries here. It there comes a point where the the cost of litigation. And not the financial hostages the outweighs the the benefit of which again Brady got to that point out he went through on it pretty much went hard these southern gets a New York in the second Circuit Court of Appeals before he got to that point. Act is being a commander covers a lot I do it legal expert now but I'm telling you there are a lot of people who sort of make and for adult men it almost feels like. I think patriots fans want and just to take his medicine but there's kind of this oh well approach to order it cares he'll be back by week five I don't rank him blood column like all week five's gonna be interest earning a night. Yet there tonight but that's who cares to it or another player or Braxton burials. Maybe but it's gentleman who has gotten better chemistry and a better understanding of the patriot topic or can mr. Brady. The net on. So yeah it's a short week breeze coming back there might be some new stuff that was put in he might be 100% up to speed on to really think that cattlemen's. I can be able to sort of hit the ground running here are the good understanding the patriots up until week five and long term it's not a bad thing from and coming off Benicio Terry missed four games same argument with an eight about Brady on his eyes why people he -- -- they go to our daughter best procedure for a month a letter. God it's exactly a good thing. They made the Super Bowl without their slot receiver here and that's definitely and the four from a lot neater and there's no won the Super Bowl title and autism and until this year it's different. The depth though they have a deposition and I know a lot of that are our guys like areas a lot of unknowns there. But the depth they have a deposition. Makes it seem as though they'll be well equipped to handle. Four weeks and a couple good teams they typically used the weekly Jacksonville those may be too with a in two with a three iron eight at least two of the Bible say best teams the AFC they put some good teams there. Three and one that's right through into the worst. Which is what they would that it would operate and seen it before 6177797937. Time in the car next load time. Tough. Elude you guys ever heard this substance called character case. Who share their place as the day. PPP AFC it's died at that time they write this from your application armed and dissolve scar tissue. Okay and yet so. We're Brady says yes probably answer to that task I would be surprised that this is one of those answers because. Any kind of angry dad has scar tissue buildup would pick it up resolved it within within days. How do you what what I think Brady is is taking us Tom. Well I know I got my own personal experience with a concussion as a race car driver. And I hit the wall hard I got knocked out cold in. When that happened nearly thirty years ago I sergeant headaches you'll get worse were recently in the. And mare to keep racing or did you stop to hang up the recent years after. Carbohydrates a little bit longer after that I think. Got worse afterwards congress and I was taking it or something outlet to Teixeira gives us something else and then I realized oh my god. The headaches of stopped the game from a concussion. Well it was dark. Bedell told her what. Let me. Knee injury play out but try to portray started taking the -- be playing again within a week that's a good time he does well all I can be argued largely Dustin Pedroia and even a write back if they both are taken this stuff they'd be back you to look at YouTube video is. Illegal. No we are not just I just then try to told me anything get a out some help would charging get and the Internet could scuttle a bottle compelled anything. Yeah that's all I don't and get started now from distilled water. And it just dissolved scar tissue like that. The brain does need to take any of this stuff now Casilla he uses Guerrero is concussion prevention views Jose hard sell firsts are kept case. I think scanning page 'cause now ordered staff to recall I've paid Albert I would Woodson sponsored content contact holly phone call on the fifth of July. It's sponsored content or around like brand placements. I workstation product placed product placement like he'd seen house of cards. Urging any of the Netflix shows they have commercials are there to bring a lot of commercials that back to get dates and they would do that they were cutting edge you may want of that real quickly back to Adam and Dexter violates his players never win PD appeals Iraq amended which German. You're only shot of trying to say no I didn't do is probably I get you very far because at the bird a persecuted beyond Ewing this isn't by the way. It I think most noticed proposed you don't this is one of those situations were Roger Goodell comes in and just dispenses his geek Al justice and sprays at all about now. This is great games for sexual assault independent Horford deflated them exactly sixteen for week. This is an independent arbitrator this is collectively bargain this is somebody who is picked by both sides. And is not a toady where the NFL coach Sherman won its appeal because on what now. Errors this is a court from the scanner errors in the chain of custody of his urine sample which I like to know an epic. You wanna know what that means in the Gary's in the chain of custody and later he's using this in rye rye Iran where I took this specimen home with them all but yet he was in the right Ryan run through the day the urine collector under the bus. You remember right. But Sherman won his appeal based on but didn't run when his appeal to. The brown one its appeal because they get to the your home with them. I think you stand here and I think the hearing I was in the right behind prime case defending bottomed out and theater and got my people yet that ought troll calmness in the air and but Ellman believes that to beat answer to your Twitter bio about a way to Karl columnist and a year and Al extreme enough mean the second one but that's. Adam believes hear that number one that substance tested positive for was not recognized by the league's drug testers that you know reportedly is is number one argument is number two ways. Eight mishandling of the documentation and deliver a missed test results query to ESP ans that's like Sherman writes mishandling. And testing people kind of group without argument like odd technicality. That that matters and the only way in your virtue of a crime by the whales and will start to matter to you help a lot but. You only way to ensure that test or evidence collection of any kind is on levels that uniform process for doing you break that process. Yeah the guy goes free and that's the way it works in the criminal justice system that's the way it works in in indeed much less serious world of performance enhancing drug testing so let's say I don't and truly believes that there was an error he. There is an error in the way this test was conducted and or handled. Why wouldn't you fight it's a proof your reticence I know the argument is all it's only four games as a matter anyway not a senior reputation. Rejoice now that is because that was a PD guy and I don't folk ought doesn't matter does it doesn't that help but if you didn't anybody will Amy remember I would have brought bronze won his appeal. And that's baseball and we still weren't sure. So I think for adamantly around here people remember. All people really but it five years from now and entitlements right now hall fame type player but. 510 years from now people look back at the patriots error in Julian Edelman. Where do you think these are accorded this number so far so far buried. People think not Graham heard about is correct but it's up there is forever cards you know now suspended four games are PD's and if he. Truly believes that he did nothing wrong but why not here's the other thing though these types of processes not about what you believe what can you proof. Do you think you can prove it TD he could win. And that's three bring in an advisor attorney would ever date. Teddy gives you the honest truth is they let you may have a case here it is going to be a really uphill slide and now your he could talk to Brady about this ensure they probably have. Now you're dealing with OK we got to meet with the lawyer we've got court hearings you have to be actively involved in a process it it is something to they can do is mentally. Weigh on your mind that I'm sure yet Brady didn't he should be suspended and nobody body should be suspended. But we fought it for like a year he spotted. And maybe he would admit to this. But I bet there was some sense of relief when Denzel getting that four game suspension sucked in need and want. But having the clarity. Having the surety knowing. OK this is what I'm dealing with four games and come back for week five and this is over. And now I can go on trying to win a Super Bowl. There is there's a valued at that so for settlement. Even if you truly believe date you'd didn't do it or that you could prove that there was a problem at the collections that whatever. Having answering opt out for games and then. I can just move on it'd be like a lot of patriots fans are doing anyway I think that's better that he didn't do. Why not do you think you can whine try to clear name I like those who fights. When you've been besmirched. Reputations then again I know that it's not a big deal to us but element is now going to PDs be truly thinks he did nothing wrong. Why not why you feel you are dealing here five months of tonight's now. To anonymous valuing work hard and rolled over rolled though I no choice to role play free and columnist yeah. I JR and they did it. Did it again it depends I did it and I look at it I don't mean may have not done it. They didn't realize DOJ but if I did it it's. I did it that's it period yes he's out dreamer and Chris a lot of six led 777979837. Its sports hernia WB yeah. That's a more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Thanks to years says you guys sound very much like reminiscent. We're Loney and plot. Lou first hit the airwaves plus. Those two guys I've ever thought sound alike now not ruin Spock. People have said before that mean you sound. I as early adapters are not the first which is very insulting to the more I think about it it's. Not great and someone on ballot goad or a bit at Syracuse EDT to get rid screeching yes of that deep radio voice I heard the bottleneck Syracuse you out of Boston accents little bit more than I do now yet out only comes out after. A few few Beers public cocktails cocktails. Few Martinis Beers last few days Capel do that tea. Here in lobster tend to be that two things. Go for an ops there Watson Watson tired as let's fees as well. And of course the out eighty town when I was out in. London Ontario. Celebrate Canada day commute go there again and appeared at various worthless scum and our country basically they're treating it's a very unfairly Crist. Well I gonna go there there must be in in in ink in and give them money in in India help their economy they really did the the tariff on some of the Beers BK is the only beer choices I had at this to date country music festival. Where by the Bud Light nick culture and corona. At a Canadian. It so the third S three American Beers in one for Mexico. You're not that I went in country music house and I like country music cast. It's over there London late to western us near Detroit. Yes it is yes I keep earlier saying like hitting on Bud Light what's up with paths. I'm not a fan but I don't have a corona out of those it's colds and it's cheap. Yes see the difference between you and me I don't mind spending a little bit more for quality product like that second batter. At every now and then you need. I now log iPad many low points I would two other people one doctor I've had times right click on to the gym to go to the bathroom in late morning. And I just happy to work out while you were there. As its facilities the quick lock down the street when I do is back in impaired assembled at Nina when I was in my twenties did that same thing I widen. Just to save money would ever minute save money save money saved money lived a house with four other people one point. It was a nasty kitchen is disgusting and now don't know I'm very neat cannot LCD and neat and clean now lives living with were not need now. Again and need central air. Off street parking. As item they are how would you like to I could afford it posted on twelve dollars an hour oh my god pillow ad not Al do you need need a pool hot hot. You know for a hot. I didn't willing to live without lights stop through over here concierge and yet you concierge. I get packages sometimes and you need somebody there to. In my clothing delivered by data he's dropping off like in my apartment like and hope for the best for the Bastia Alec and now in the front the front to eradicate the package which is unappetizing as possible so these leagues since this is still here we're actually an issue right initially people were stealing packages it was a as a whole to do an apartment building that happens quite a bit. By the way as a wedding. Recently not couple weeks ago. And that voice and big fancy pair I was the plus ones I know a lot of people so. My eight dates in the wedding party so I just took it upon myself to. Help out in only I don't know anybody leaving town about well it turned out the ushers were word conservative drinking Beers than actually like showing people where they're supposed to go with the union stepped in stepped in at one of the things they did and went to U. Make sure that the police officer was up in a parked cars yells at the meaning. Yeah I'm gonna put cars down and outlawed the air there are there guys know and also talked to one Obama water slowly I think they actually. The officer was ops are Roemer. Of the amount of voice that police station at my knowledge no you no relation blast him as a and he was very friendly very nicely said any relation to us Alex. And his jovial man I'll send a very serious is I can and narrowed I. He reached. I don't always reaching for a bit of something on the belted. I thought I was about to taken into custody right there he clearly knew who you were there a nation of character and I do not think he is somebody was. I was idea I was at a party last week and in their someone there is a big WEEI listener. And and did. The people what do you wanna talk EI at a social event what is howling do entertainment and conversation and while on the rights and counts and that happened a lot of the wedding to Alex what's Carrick light. When that very night the question that'd mean he is current as big edit I can't say that where I need. As he is and I think the Kurds nice guys do. But they always thought he kept done yet not been banned from the came easily to get that economic and he sent Zain and you made things different sports talk WEEI here in Boston or New England affiliates in this oddly these experts usually sport it somewhere on. But this guy can tell like. Doesn't like me but he was still talking to meet prefaced. Almost every single sentence and let's and I think yelled lewd acts in it's like anything to your lunatic but America. After awhile that that Kenny it's all I talk about my legal reporting job. It landmark but landmark not on the year but I mean like in those does cocktail party situations. Atlanta partly it's clear there's litigation happening right now in in Massachusetts federal courts and Ollie north's talked about is your suspect. I had to go to speak add Curry College. And I are not Curry College. A different college where the hell it doesn't matter lets out a that was cell college now I think are eager nowhere near each other. Was cell in Newton spoke to a class of young journal wanna see other journalists people wanna get like sports information sports related careers. You know told about might what I do and everything else opened up for questions the only two topics were you and Ron Borges that was it. They can attempt to say about yours truly. Big fans. Of the big guy you know a cell. Now I'm Olympic with a college track that's why I'm here I think you're in the millennial I think there's a sharp divide about thirty people around a third Reid who knew you were in 27 you're like you know we are as clueless as it has gone on Borges probably had similar numbers to be honest I don't think the rely herald readers and I'm shocked that big surprise Italy sack but now I mean. What this is your opening mean they need a legal expert at the vineyard cocktail party filters which has been sounds like your is your opening. The stepped in and they're era this share right in there and say eight. Fitting with the Obama is. Can't quite as right I think that they got a harder case sent big our case going to trial always. Seem teammates and you began the -- a partisan vineyard and let me go to a vineyard occupied topic I'll end up Alan of getting banned the Armenian Dershowitz and it. We get a beer at the end of the bar remembering when we had friends. That's a pretty it does six what's at its edits of the died 7937. It's a Red Sox aren't we do that was a Red Sox coming up BK is. The Red Sox at thirty games over 500 by. Also omits an level delve into that next Lonnie and Reamer mud at night sports hernia WB yeah.