Mut at Night - Team Brady or Team Belichick; K&C expose Kevin Cullen; Sports media click bait 4-19-18

Mut at Night
Thursday, April 19th

HOUR 2 - Chris Villani and Rob Bradford discuss Kirk and Callahan taking Kevin Cullen to task for his Marathon piece. The guys also argue the motivation of Adam Schefter's recent Tom Brady tweets and if we're all just in it for those sweet, sweet clicks.


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Have you seen from the books that strengthens your pick prod nothing tears you down after a strong start this series proved terror here. Home movies. But no we're go to go ability he's the guy who is that guy that's out born you'll hear about coordinate 25 to 96. For goodness they're in better hold it rob Bradford Chris do you feel like the team is really even started hitting yet we get in there I. Grand Slam first it's. The hands at all of its Grand Slam. Jay-Z Bart. At bats and get him better in a word magical now here's my. Night on Sports Radio W we. And he's being jockey around. It's a different time slot to time shift that's legal or rather record content that's true. Perfect perfect jockey the lawn jockeys really Chris Hauty with you as well up until Red Sox pregame at but 91 yourself. And Brad thought I'm doing great I feel like this vacation yeah act actually last night wasn't bad and laws right on college night cruise guy. Reviews I listen for awhile his went out verbal drive and up to watch the Red Sox game at a watering hole to folks who listens to Brad photos show on the way down. Great it was easy it was easy turn on the patriots nudism plugged. Ten different layers off the Adams after three I can onion. And I heard you guys talk about Serena talk about tonight by its in you're talking about is this the media driven thing the world love that we live in now about yet. Tweets and and we have to respond every little thing well the problem is is that when Adams after tweets that. Then there is something behind it and whether it's right or wrong there something behind it. Because not only Adams after the tweeting anything at 815. To. Two just for the fun of. A look at the story itself and in the story itself and this is this is an immediate thing and this again I know you've done it I've done at the Harold. You want to generate attention you wanna move the story forward even just a little bit out and he has this nugget that Brady has not. Declared whether or not he's playing. I have this coming season 2018. I don't know but he past seasons where he's made such a declaration however. You can look at and say well this is the unique golf season in a lot of ways and that is completely fair. That is a story that is designed especially to an audience they'd by and large hates the patriots the national ESPN audience. That is a story that is designed. To move this offseason drama forward just a little bit and the story itself was like six paragraphs of backfill with either. Information we already knew. Or three different anonymous sources saying they're pretty short the Brady is playing which contradicts the whole news nugget of the tweet itself that is the media driven narrow. You are correct in the substance of the story about one part you're leaving out is. What was the impetus for Ford doing this this tweet in this story just told you get it clicks can attend don't know no laws no. What what why did why did. Do you think that he just threw it out there and show after just root out there. Without anybody having any motivation. For being decided I'm assuming you're from the get that from the patriots side I would assume right okay. Do you think there was any motivation. For the patriots at 8:15 in the morning to have average after readout that story even though as vague as that lies. And that to me Corus was good meat and potatoes of why we talked about it because. With any stories and weird it come from why wasn't rated why was it treated and in this case with Adam chef there. There was a reason behind it it was and you got the part of we don't know but it could have been the patriots trying to what do you what do you think the reasons. I didn't put your finger well I think if you if you give the patriots you're talking about just for lack of a better term spoken about. Which is bizarre which is bizarre because. Why can't you this is what's bizarre on the surface about this thing. Why can't you as the New England Patriots pick up the phone Nasser quarterback of these lines like so out after tweets without your right. Yes B and runs and all day we talked about it so forth and so on. But if the first question should be asked to that story that we it is. Well why don't they just pick up the phone and either ask him directly or asked Josh McDaniels asked him. That part to me made zero sense do you think the team is really uncertain. As to whether Tom Brady's coming. Haven't you. I don't think don't always planning not letting a passing camp in the Yukon Territory without others knowing that was gonna die in Montana and I have my and a diving in diving for not when he is -- putting out under armor out earlier today on social media with him and we think Danny Amendola running on a beach ala rocky three. There are things that he is doing that point to a guy who still want to I all know is I'm apple I believe he's gonna play. By one you've come to this reporter. At that time a day. We have this information when this topic. I refuse to believe that I'm sure after a student of we need conversation. On ESPN. There is a motivation behind doing this. And the motivation is he he's doing what he does for a lot of team but the motive he's got a declaration. The motivation branch after he got the stories and our time of day is irrelevant you say where's it coming we're coming from from what patriots that that you that's the big quite junior. And we can also be as we can't just gloss over the different sort and read different parts in a knot on a seven paragraph story. He says but sources close to Brady say he's playing tier say he's playing. Yeah that given the definitive stamp that yes he absolutely is but he's never done that any. If you're either Eddie most any other reporter. And terms that Peter really any other beat. I would agree with you that this was there is a regularly against the conversation. We know that if we put this up its comedic clicked on like crazy. But we're down shaft their retreat something like that at 8:15 in the morning Faisal on the time because. I don't think Adam show afterward normally is his running around saying you know why needs some clicks today a retreat something out of a 15 in the morning twit stuff. It. Will be what we are the other part about it the other part about it is the ESPN obviously ring and with a they know it's good for business. But chapter to me is is driving that as well. If he wanted to say you know what it's no big deal it's it's a big he's gonna play its size won that. He did say that the Zell world I know but if you if you wanted the approved pool if you want to downplay it. That he probably were as much as you've been wants to run whether you want to have been volunteering to be on every other half hour. On that station yesterday and why the verbiage in that story in that tweet is humbly believe today. I come back to well he probably got eight different home from the person he's getting this information from. And that's where I've looked into it and that's what I will always look into it when someone does something like that you have to in your good reporter Chris. You notice when you find out where they got it from now you find out what their motivation is is. In this case you cannot ignore the motivation of him doing that is to meet without chapter is not about. Collects and it's not about having its always on the list it's all collect dolls are no words. He still works for a media company still works very for profit media company. It is dependent upon and is. More in recent years more desperate for people to consume their contents and he's the best at what he does if he can drive any sort of a leading edge even if it's just a little bit. Little tiny nudge forward the story that drives a tremendous amount of attention energy conversation traffic that network then. By the way the Bruins definitely earning up one assistance is still viewed it. I guarantee it last hour I stand by and I guarantee that Bergeron played Europe Pia through exactly show after it chapter will do that the same as anybody else I think Adams director of the Batman did you give. I don't know what they are down on a leveling off or occupying in my big keys you know whatever I I think that with him he doesn't need to do that. As much as anybody else like it doesn't need to do that and we have a history of doing this. Well he had an audio as a history of doing is a history of you'd. Getting information from a team whether it. Very pointed information where is very specific information or whether it's big information like this but it's always a message from one of his sources. And that's what he has a history of driving the conversation that people want the conversation driven. Mean that's what he had a history of much more than they I need collects let me ask you this question do you believe. That the patriots don't know whether Tom Brady's Poindexter. Yes I don't buy it but I think he would be I try to actually he did I think they would be blind sided and shocked. If Brady were to come out hypothetically tomorrow and say I'm retiring. Eighteen years nineteen years and up I think it'll be blind sided by don't think that anybody but of course but it. And show after says Dennis writes this and says the patriots don't now. You'll think that's accurate. I think that I think maybe this source he talked to does not mean I think maybe this will bring chocolate and grant we couldn't agree that the source. We have enough evidence what I'm show after storage with the patriots. At that the source that he's talking to. Speaks. For all the important people. I I do not believe that Bill Belichick act. Is under any impression other than and is approaching is he is team building in any other fashion other band. Tom Brady will be as quarterback I AZ I agree with that it's two different things. Is it you dug too big definitively know that he's playing yes indeed if it okay oh people that's been that goes right against what apps after said is going on. Where they have gotten definitive word the patriots have been definitive word was well Brady is playing they the the Heath said that they he hasn't said definitively that he is playing the isn't set it which may well be true. But I think that also may well in truth the past offseason the previous offseason the one before. Any year he has been under contract I don't know female your degree is your little regimes you created here's a little if he also said at the Super Bowl and a Mike Florio went back which after a little bit earlier today. He tweeted at the Super Bowl leaves coming back. This this year yet in this that a chapter a week you capturing Tom Brady's quote I'll say this once again of course he's. Play of course I understand it but that's not what we're talking about we're talking about to do they definitively know and Florio came. Douglas Florio I know he has a great reputation. And mom. By these dollar that grants to yeah he was saying that he was you can say that it's gonna media buyer for him three delegates that it passed for that. I'm just my job. And valued ally for Iceland to close I forgot about how when he ethic when he did like six straight hours at a hearing I'd I'd showdown I had to give Iowa. I had a my dad I was at a bar last night in Randolph the ball places went and met met some buddies in Randolph. And somebody he had to god asks me. Have you gotten your. Gift card to golds distinctive clothing was the first day I was says catching like wildfire has somebody have you gotten your gift card yet and I said Nell but I'm sure that Brad apple remember when I see him tomorrow night and you did. I showed ride that I you know I had he had like seven guards the past a tenant what did you do with them there in my other pants. The goal distinctive clothing gift cards are I don't hear again and here yesterday win. But there's anger at the day and put them in your hands and you brought them back on it and if I were usually do it I Wear my pace and is in a row I would have them here but I did decide to dress up for you Damon Brad. So chapter. Yes I totally forgot what I was saying by his lawyers are talking about that because I know the first segments he Doolittle everything. I do want us Davis chorus spoken since I apologize from the from the bowels of my car which I know is in this thing but I don't care sound familiar share. Then I will not be delivering movies stars like this was last night life well it will play in the mornings. A rule not the because I forgot that you were on you're on win the reds are scheme is later yeah out west it does game because they want the momentum of that denied hacking Red Sox leading into that we took a logical run again there's going to be having really a man of war. And view that we will be on the afternoon on Sunday so you have to shift the media stars crimes are going to be eleven or if the Steve Buckley in agony and stars panel output that I would not put that your hands because I know Steve -- you'll end up with the media star that's right so. The act but this week this week. Bigots it's pretty much overs and after the descent and I will likely get another two or number three for keeping the conversation go on a capital case Seamus McMahon. Holy mackerel. What a story. Is called Colin third media star. Now used to use the blue booby prize would be stars. It's lovely parting gifts yes it's like they're getting fired and I I don't throw around that loosely but this is the thing in KP of people don't know. Go listen to all the audio files from the morning show goalless in the morning show tomorrow. About Kevin Collins misrepresentation. Of these stories that you wrote in whenever I hear anything like this. I just can't get it through my head when this person is they are writing it in Beattie played audio of this guy's saying it yeah. What there is something missing in your head I kid. Fathom that I cannot fathom. Doing all the things that they keep going down the list of this guy doing. It was a great job by Kirk this make no bones about it with a great job. And not in The Herald better write something about that tomorrow you used to be worked at arrow I used to work of Harrell back in the day. Front page a laugh I don't care you're chasing after someone else you better this better be you leave that you attack the globe absolutely. And this case you know I'm not into the whole I don't get into the media media thing as much as some doubt people but I'll tell you. Hope you cannot attack the global in this hockey and not attack this guy who did this. Exports it is unbelievable. So against it is sort of sum up if if people haven't. Yeah I did miss the morning show orchid didn't catch up all the audio demands posted on WB EI dot com. This is from is the five year. Anniversaries or of the marathon bombings this past marathon in five years marking that terrible day in 2013. In Kevin Collin started column with I can smell patriots day 2013 I can hear it got I can hear it. Whenever multiple fire engines are in nuances are racing to a scene he told the story. About running into Jeanne Richard when he was driving on Galvin boulevard apparently he was never there. And he was there apparently sometime after the fact that a to ban a long time. After the fact because I'd imagine that entire area was pretty well sealed a but he wasn't already in there was not getting in there very quickly. After. The police in and everybody else sort of swarm the area and according to adopt and set up a perimeter but even giving him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he was there you hours after. Painted a very different picture in that column that he wrote in made it seem as though. He was there at the finish line when the bombs on not only not only that mean there's other instances in the is also audio of him going on BBC. And and it's it's really kind of Sean. But the show on the firefighter your last name note yes but Colin going on BBC is really disgusting about like he's. The way that he's portraying it not only with the misinformation. But the tone of his voice wells is the acting it out the other fire the actual firefighter was named Matt. Was not duty firefighter who actually did carry. Jeanne Richards who would ambulance. He said he has no idea who Kevin colonizers never spoken to him in his entire life. And he Colin. Told the BBC to shine in quotes here this is no last name firefighters crawling around on the ground in the midst of chaos trying to find Jane Richards leg. Paterson who the actual firefighter said the first thing you realize when saving somebody in that situation is if they lose an extremity due to the severe. They gushing of blood and severe blood loss so it would. Strain credulity. To think they show on in quotes. We have carried somebody anybody to an ambulance and not have realized this person was missing or that the fact he wasn't there. I I now on its yes finally you have media that sums up all about it yeah I'm I'm more picking it and where are going going well I point oh yeah as usually would because that's what Kirk did that's what those guys did that continue work on it in this. It's amazing to me it's you know I don't take the whole getting fired thing lightly. By when you do something like this to me. Dirk on this guy you can you can take a couple days globe review internal investigation. The evidence seems pretty strong here and just go back and look at everything he's written yeah of course you do that if he cooked one thing immediate and this is so I'm not is not a herald globe thing whatever this so many Todd and learn a cycle thing ought to be honest with the drug for me anyway this is so many times worse than what Ron Borges didn't all bright clothes it's not even in the same I'm not defending that I care. Like this is. You know being duped me being a little bit lazy. Not seeing some obvious signs meek call lazy reporting today it's a bumper sticker that way as opposed to deal. Making something up and we know that board just didn't make up that story. He just didn't have the source that he thought he did it right in this case metadata next a source mean that that might be the part that really did him in but. The this is on a different scale a different level what Colin is is doing in these cops yeah. In and week in of the globe. Whenever you take your day or to reduce some investigation. But at least the evidence was right there Kirk did view the evidence the morning show debuted the evidence is right there. If this isn't there and it isn't any vagueness and and in this at all. It is the words that are wrong. What he said in the audio is wrong and like you said Chris now you go back in if you have that mindset. That mindset which I cannot get my head around how anyone can do that to have that. And especially when you're when you have to put that in eight the major majors the majors majors major the most major. Outlets to see the tweet by the way it was I and I guess I Ira. When you. When you have that mindset to do that you are completely off and you are absolutely right I would bet my house. That he's done this before because you don't do that without some acceptance in your old mine that's located do yet. It's kind of the it's not a Lackey believe it maxim you know he sort of sell yourself on the grand detail rather than that. And what they are a lot of people lot of journalists who weren't there that today it did happen to be there who then dating credible reporting. After the fact. Be very easily could have been one of those people who talked to the people who were there got the first hand accounts. Did do the digging there's also a lot of terrible reporting. On a lot from a lot of different outlets that week with the two guys that are on the front page of the New York paper that had nothing to do with that so they were there were. If there were two edges to that sort by. If you represented one thing. And you you creating these characters. That apparently don't exist that are contradicted by not anonymous sources by people with who were there who were telling you on the record full Christian name. This is actually what happened I don't know who this guy is I never talked to him. That's an issue that's a problem and that's it won the gloves got a guilty just weakened by the way. As he was going after Sean Hannity you know they unity thing with yet the connections trump on nine and he said replying to another two week it was backing Hannity a pundit is in fact a journalist there's supposed to be I'm a pundit I'm expected to tell the truth. When I get something wrong I'm accountable. He said that. Three days ago. On Twitter it now has late 75 responses to it I think most of them probably from today right by. That rewrite there'd be accountable to it if he's being held accountable to it that should be yet. Yet in so. This is the importance of having other organizations who dude it's incurred to listen I've known her for a long time and I know that he's done this. In the past where he digs aren't in on something he's he's one of the best I've seen. So he's done that here if I don't think you can refute what he did in the in terms of the evidence that he's giving. This is also the importance of having the Boston Herald right reader at the this is this is part of the deal. It that Boston Herald here's your turn to shine here's your time to go at that paper then it's. There's basically put trying to put you in the ground. Splashes across the front page reference everything that Kirk said everything the EI dated. Fought keep following this story now I think right now on the web says no it's unbelievable. It's maddening. In fact this is an immediate change and now it's back to the top of the batting order so to speak but this is the exact. Same way that website look this morning it's all yesterday's news today which is an act the death of the industry right there there should have been something out. When they luckier 10 o'clock there should have been something out on Boston Herald dot com by eleven. At the latest. And really you know of that to Harold isn't alone and where is everybody you'd because of the glow. But this is this to be this isn't even a globe think it will be a globe thing if they tried to Bay Area. This is immoral one thing this is a more erotic act by a moron. I don't think there's any he works for the globe. And if he's getting support from the globe if he's getting putting still bit put on a postal from the globe then the globe should be lumped into absolutely. But it. We can't miss the importance of having other organizations with our organization where there's the Boston Herald but somebody. Somebody understand how important this and it's because we can't disable the globe it's OK do you know what every minute mistake he's going to be suspended for a week or whatever no no you'll agree with me. That this of all the things that we've talked about along these lines including Borges this these undoubtedly the most honorable yes and especially because the subject matter and not even takes it if the rain just a dip. A level not that it would be any. You know there would be I guess less disgusting if it were a lower profile crime and you sort of take advantage of the league you were there the same kind of way. But this is something that did. Shake a lot of people. I mean thousands of people to the core that we're in and around. The finish line when that moment happen any it would it almost reminds me of is there was that that when she played out in court. Remember I was there when you put on court I was in there that the Booth at the finish line because there was she pled. To trying to scam the one fund yes essentially trying to make it seem like she was there even though she was like several blocks away. There's this desire to in her case was for monetary gain in his case it's too I guess yarn a tail here a date that is. Not one that he can yarn and a first hand away but his desire to just put themselves there when it's argue weren't there you weren't there. Doesn't any kids are good reporting on this you can't write a heartfelt column about five years after the fact. By making up characters. Telling a story that didn't happen. That is a fire able an us. I loop back to crest in I don't know if you think the same wave of this is that the top your mindset but or the other on no no no bond the same. Late I cannot fathom. How that gets about pointing somebody's head that they think that that's located do and this guy has there's no question he's been powered the awards and work on the globe and everything else. By how does that get to that level in your head where you think that that's located I gotta be honest do I. If he walked by here right now and didn't look exactly he does in his Twitter picture I'm not sure to pick and I'll buy and that but that's I think that's okay with him that's he generational thing. I mean that is a it can now you know we leave you grow up really who's here you know he's a columnist that you read this and sports TO I ask anybody under thirty. Who's your favorite columnists. Like who do you read who's monster really as Kato is Rick Reilly. I don't think there's been anybody since Rick Reilly and the back page of Sports Illustrated that's a must read for me so maybe it's yeah a broader context of the local columnist. Even in a major metropolitan newspaper a major metropolitan area. Losing that influence and trying to hold onto that influence because how many people under forty. Really know Kevin colonies. Or didn't like what's more it doesn't matter though because I don't know about our country because you're saying honey get yourself in that mindset how do you even. At an N it's not me an excuse or defense sport but in the Borges case. I thought maybe was. Let's try to get one more big scoop before the new water comes out of your blip on what I know now that I thought immediately when when the whole thing happen I think that was part of that you put the blinders on. This involves some degree of blinders to write may be moral blinders. But is it partially driven by the fact that this is not a space whether it's liberal or conservative where these people have the same type of influence that they want all. This also be honest about this you talk about generational. The checks and balances are completely different from when Kevin Cullen start. And when Kevin Cullen made his bones at the Boston Globe winning these awards so forth and so on the checks and balances of social media. We're there. It just works. Yep I whom whores who is going to check the stuff and how do you check into and out of the library lexis nexis I mean it's like that you Iowa I don't have a count when am I gonna do all I give up got a library read the paper bag with an exact Michael of the day in my speech rights though. It did its yes people have done this before. And found out these sort of things before but it wasn't as easy as it is now I figured that's what a guy like Kevin column probably took for granted. It has probably taken for granted for awhile now all of a sudden now you put it out there people are ready to call you on at a it's BS 617. 779793. Sevens the phone number Blondie and Brad spoke. And now with you on a Thursday night will keep you updated on the Beason maple leaf that was tied at one analyst period. On one. You damning dad is that noise knives like those my sympathetic to the Bruins William group Hulu. He's going that'll be by this group who look forward to that is why sports are huge WB yak it's. So much that night on Sports Radio. I've heard. Rob Bradford that you spoke to a very good stores. Close to that occurred Callahan show and it may be more and it's one has more comfortable. Against the relentless in other words completely separate from. This particular store yeah adding this. It's what we talked about before which is something like this happens you probably think it happened somewhere along lines for you be naive to think he did and if that's the case and you dig in even more. And the accessibility of doing so is is there much more there than when them the might goofy Sarah I think. It I believe one would think it's it's just really go back and forth as to whether heralds an apology back. I know I go back and fort Reno I really should go like oh no no I know what they should do with the will to. I really have no idea I don't I don't know how that plays I'm out of the loop now I don't know how that place is run well I think. You know they're scrambling a little bit obviously with the new owners and I don't know if the new owners that we don't want a causeway I thought that after. They were get a little heat. Mainly by me on alternate grant a full credit this but there are critics of Brad vote either get a lot of you for me about Blakey two with a movement if you execute. But this is a straight ball right on the make up by. Of going bad what will happen to like the front pages the front pages and splashes we've talked about this before work. Alls and became three trials June it was nothing when you're in earlier fight for your life. And why are you doing wire you terribly you know up even more. And then lesson there should go heart rate right will they were hit they were going they were doing the exact opposite it was. Were very everything with pampered I get the sense over the last few months. But maybe they'd been doing a little bit more. Other new editorial guy. If I Shelly Cohen used to run the and editorial page she's more of a Charlie Baker tech Republican there and you guys just try try try. So the there are doling out how are not talking boat political leanings on talk Colombo but I think that influences. The the direction. The overall arc of the paper not necessarily the reporting by. Are you a feisty right wing tabloid yeah and and I think they if they are they get a shot to survive. I think if they are they've got a chance right there are you gonna go there are oil and those version of the globe now which is exactly what they were trying to be for a while it was bizarre car. And and I remember back in the day. 2007. And you would write a story in your life. Whether you're doing this yet you know it's kind of like when he wrote a story here in the Miller what do you do is live this in the morning to correct all the grammatical errors he had no knowledge that's not true since. But it what do you do with the slave power they get a splash how is it going to be misrepresented days are going to be. Is it going to be one of these things where I'm Matthew explain myself the subjects it was seem like I would. Generic story about a poem when I first weeks there is a a key press release that was sent out by mayor Walsh about a story that I wrote it was fun. On page one and we splashed a hell lot of I was an old school Harold why not right Aaron there was the one of my favorites was. When the glow screwed up with Diaw had left. In the gorilla suit got a whole pac member and and I think that through globe reported that he was coming he signed a new deal. The Herald talked like as screens or whatever you call it like a like a cut out of that globe like the actually looked like they took a picture of that piece of the globe depth and put it on their front page. But that's what I'm talking about yeah and and to go back to this situation. You have something right in your wheel house you have a gift thank you Kirk minute hand for this gift Boston held should be saying this. Because it not only allows you to do some things that you can splashed but it allows you to do something that says. This paper this trying to put asunder and doing a pretty good job of it. Here you go we're fighting back Henry love Kurt many this is them this is look this is to me this is their moment. This is their moment where either you push back or you go down a tube which you know from the back. Yeah and and I'm a fear making the latter it depends too on whose call the shots I mean he said his new owner not wanna caused waves. The new owner at the highest level the new owner only cares about using newspapers to funnel money to his own crappy in Seattle into a fight but he's are also calling the shots on the paper now it used to be mean the I think the oh who was the owner now don't know before his peppers up herself right pat Purcell would have more of a say in one. A situation like this. And to your point the new owner I don't think these guys out there there this is an editorial decision more. Then maybe yes it's mainly this it's the same people. In charge. I mean the the editors there they. They region eager some positions and changed and I mean so many of them laughed half the editors are gone. Between December and now most of the people on the task they're gone but the ones that are lapped the sort of just rearrange the deck chairs that. And I don't have the same people Colin and I don't even wanna see the like I think it was today like you they split the page now halfway down the middle immediately at the Bob now I want this the entire thing. The entire thing because what else is going I'd that's what I was just couldn't say what other story could possibly be as splash him out of paying again a model loops don't they have any special reports or anything that they get this good should be their special rope yeah and he. Beyond race. Nothing jumps to mind. There's no. And if it's something like Rudy Giuliani. You know with joining the trump team in the Muller probe I mean that's. Splashed with that is in any sign in as the gift the other gift that Kirk has given them. Is that. You'll part of the reason I think the big big old gun shy about lawsuits and things like that right you work there it's much more so than when Rupert Murdoch who is sure on the shots and now you see when Rupert Murdoch owns the paper like in New York there really care about getting sued the Russian they're good at reading that that was part we talked about going away whatever they loss and he lost it right exactly as I think that was sort of part of the impetus behind going away from. The heralding use up a little bit and certain words especially to write down how stories are written for short right so here's the gift that corrected them. You're deciding Somalia all quotes. Yeah it's this is this is the equivalent of what we're told you cannot take the if photo off Twitter video off Twitter and put on your website and you have to take that tweet of somebody. And embedded which is the exact same things and those are the toll that the federal case involving Tom Brady it's picture Tom Brady that is setting that law. There you go why Brady's always involved right here to that law on a daily basis Fiat sold something that's the other part of this big they don't even have the right after. Aberdeen. That's six. Then send them Lucy is low the death case. Ireland refused to do to get aggregates aggregate form my guess is that is now. They're not gonna go big with this all the agencies it got a website yeah website by now. Right I mean it happened at 10 o'clock before 10 o'clock this morning at like 8:30 this morning. It should have been on the website at 10 o'clock and even alleged that by elevenths out there and it was weird because they were that Harold is very quick search union side tracked his role in. EI to be yeah I was good for business for sure they've got that's. Even when they start going away from the splashes WEEI if they had that opportunity. There were splash and I is fine we're good for business everybody knows that WEI. Is good for business to ram it down economy. There ego. Well here ego. This is this is going to be good for business too and it allows you to do something that you can't normally do. Go after that places trying to bury you look at the website right now. There is a nice story and here's story on the I see thoughts and iced him. Rose to discuss guys the immigration and customs enforcement I prefer to say I see everybody knows you color any SNC was the original Red Sox everybody knows that I can listen to one we I let me finish that would have let me finish this awful headlines though. I saw entered the team rape victim be 44. Yet that that's neat that's herald story at the very girls story. That's fine that's it that's fine that's that's the bread and butter buds are a lot of stories say yes or buy it. You know this is this as well but where we're talking about survival are weak yet late. Professional survival. And what you do for with professional survival situations like this you have those stories you have stories that you report on that's great. That's great. But you also have to understand where the bread is buttered and in this case the bread is buttered with Kevin told face smeared across. The front of the Boston Herald water and there via some generals later tonight and down the inner. Six what 77797937. Gilani and Brad following analogy Sports Radio WB yeah. That's a more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Claudia Brad first torture is WEEI 61777979837. Phone number I'd be sure you catch curtain Callahan tomorrow forest for the latest. On the Kevin Collins. Situation that's unfolding and yes he's in any response to push back from the globe. A different note. Adam chapters two week. John Smyth he's column on WEEI dot com roundtree read it assured that's right read all of you read everything that goes and WEEI dot com your eyes the everything that's why I say you buy it yes. Sometimes it doesn't make out the letters but yes and then they're looking at them I'm looking I'm looking at every I know everything is posted very proud of you product that reproduce well in why. Eight of the it's a mosque he's called the sort of paints it like that captain America's civil war type thing where years of affair you're either on one side or the other here either in the I guess apple will make Tom Brady Chris Evans and his son in this scenario he's Captain America on the other side Tony Stark. Iron Man is Bill Belichick Greta the the guy we could be Robert craft fairs around that carries on a puppy yeah I guess that works. It don't altered it like crap for poppy I I want human crap for why because you don't bring a poppy dual cross. At the garden are very and I knew not everyone will agree with me I either bring my dog to you T Gaines was the only one shark is different. I couldn't carry in these 150 pounds. This is carrying a dog through an event is basically the equivalent putting a dog and a purse. Which is now now now hers is a rush to do it again have a person who's gonna carry the dock human unions pre. Don't bring our outside. Kudos to be used to Matt Doherty. Is good but is very good photo. But aside from that. Battle lines are drawn people are digging in one side or the other rob Bradford RUT Brady or team Belichick. In this appearance divisions apparent civil war between the I find myself. More I think the ball to blame by our myself more on team Belichick great. You're welcome you're welcome bill after ripped you for your Gartner. But I fired myself more and keep Belichick and and really for me comes back to like I talked to about like last night for two and a half hours the Alex. Guerrero situation. The Alex. Guerrero situation. Which is spearheaded by Tom Brady I don't think this is the be all end all of this argument by it. At this what we know all of this is the foundation of it and I do think that Brady is sold in lockstep with Guerrero. That may be used blinded about the reality of how football team is run. And would Bill Belichick. You win this is the way you deal with things this is the foundation of the way you do things like he went. No YUN yeah well in large part to the Tom Brady I mean that's that's a huge part of it is the biggest part and I are led by far. Of course but you can't just let Tom Brady does have is body walk off the field with Chris Hogan. And hey you know Chris I know the medical staff was over there I know the training staff of over items freight coaches staffers over there the people who've gone to school. At multiple multiple multiple layers. And also were vetted by the New England Patriots. Forget about them let me walk off with the injured players to hear Tom Brady's body what does Chris Hogan wants until block out the field with him that's fine you know what. There should be an understanding that Chris all things that you bring it up are things it yet. There is you can possibly do that. But you have to have some semblance of discipline some semblance of order some semblance of of this is how things are done and an organization and to me. That would be paid Alex Guerrero against him on the sidelines can treat these guys during the week. But dole overstepped your bounds and that's would you ask me about Brady ballot check. I don't blame Belichick at all for valuable tech way Belichick went further and that used to get the hell out so I wanted to launch why do you think he did that why not have that conversation then after the Chris Hogan situation to talk to him and try to defuse it without going to. More of a nuclear option here in thing you just can't be on the sidelines and all see the the idea of ever and you're not exactly saying this but I've heard a lot of news this week of well you know the team concept is why they win it's all about the team and nobody bigger in the team it's crap yeah Brady's big in the team. Brady is bigger in the game to add to an extent too late to a very large extent to the extent that. The woes of Clark would look according set workers in peace Tom Watson what am I supposed to do we're that is exactly right Guerrero was on the sidelines to begin right. Barrett and to be he should still be there. And if if that's what Brady wants it that's no yes you all want yes there are no because the rules are different when it comes to the guy who. Bildt's you were dynasty you who is the reason was pulling you do it with him the rules are different for timer this is this is why this is why he was kicked off because. And this is the problem with that way of thinking you can't just say Tom Brady can do anything you want now you you wanted a little further you wanted a little further you want to go a little further. That yes you the quarterback is important it's like this is an unprecedented line thinking that was an Jimmie Johnson that's at the third string quarterback falls asleep at a meeting gets cut of Troy Aikman falls asleep you nudge him away once again Chris is why Guerrero was on silence to begin. But you can't have the guy. Where he's overstepping the bounds of the in this this organization. Of trainers and strength coaches who've gone as I said before we'll have gone three lot more education. And a lot of bigger vetting process to get to where they are there's a reason there there because if if if you're just gonna say. All right Tom Brady red rose the guy go get them. That you're going to be fired five guys off their training staff. Because those guys that you asked why do to get to that point. Well clearly for many it was because those guys were saying what this guy doing cumin and and walking off the field with Crespo is an incumbent upon though on bella checked to try to come in broker a better solution would think that that would have happened but my sense of this whole thing. Is that Guerrero was getting more and more guys there was more more of a push from Guerrero side of things Guerrero way of doing things this though Chris you've been around. Strength coaches and doctors and lawyers like this to. And I think all flown by. But is there way of thinking. I admire the way that I do is be if not the best way is the better way and that is I that seems to be prevalent a lot chair. And I get the sense nobody is more like that and Alex Guerrero. And when you have that situation resolved it's sad and then he had the right and you're empowered by more more more guys going there. Then they're in debt the other guys who are employed by the team yep going to be pissed off yes. Council that's when it comes down to to the again the coach at the Yankees it's on him. To Canadian try to diffuse that situation right out I thought we want it and by the way I reliably will defer to players whether it's Brady whether it's Chris Hogan. Rob Gronkowski Hanley Ramirez anybody else that wants to espouse the how's Guerrero methods. It is their body their lives their careers. If that's the way they wanna go with that I've got no problem they'll know reliably come down on the players Qaeda and hear what the patriots are doing that exact same thing I don't think that. I don't think they the patriots said no we don't want perera at all in Europe they they could of rolled their eyes about some of the stuff they do shore. Wait there have to be a reason these other guys are here. And there have to be some merit in what those other guys are doing and my sense is that when you have the empowerment pink red arrow head. And that was pushed along by Brady clearly. The that's gonna make these guys over here who are employed by the team whose job it is to organize. A lot of this effort and about. It's gonna make them uncomfortable my guess is that that went to Belichick Belichick saw how this side with the organization was getting uncomfortable because. Alex Guerrero wasn't the Alice Guerrero that when they agreed to put him on the sideline to begin with. It was a different guy is a different empowerment. So let me ask you this before it gets uses the question that I've been asking throughout this entire game. With the end game an August they win. Game exactly eight. Any game they and this is where. The legitimate issue that should be talked out and media driven narrative and I'm not driven narrative none out. You wanna get clicks on WEEI dot com Adam chapter once again clicks and attention to ESPN. And you take any little bit of no story and try to run with it in such a way that makes it seem like it's in in days scenario for the patriots. When really even though there is virtually everybody's acknowledged that. It is not known early that. I'm glad that says it's that's that's a small way of looking that is largely unknown because it is not who beat beat beat him because. If something's for specially for an organization as popular as successful as the patriots are if there's something out of the norm. Then it is going to be reported on. That is a fact and who has spent and it has been right at an end when something is not like he was enough. All the stuff deflate gay you know. Other than the four game suspension. He knows. All of this anything that happens you disable that doesn't affect the winning and losing David Price when that stuff was going on last year did that affect them winning or losing now and but I also think that became a mediator to narrative that a lot of course but this is how the world works script and thought about clicks it's about the likely does not because bullet part of it for the meat inside of it yeah you're judged your business model built on it. But when you talk to when you go in there and you're insulated in that community of the clubhouse to the locker room. They're talking about it though so if they're talking about it that it becomes a story that's. This and that and that's why to me just as simple as what is it that's widening loss and welcome Butler. Thing was a eight continue to be a valid topic because those guys were talking about it the players themselves were talking about it. There were conflicting reports and an explanation as to exactly what happened who was told what when the and why it happened back continue to be not media driven by actual reporting of news this it's. There's just you know discord among the patriots that's acknowledged. Any little bit that we can get to move this story forward to try to move the story forward even if it didn't go back porch after naming else. Even if your your your premise of your tweet is then contradicted three separate times in the story you post after said tweet it's fine because it gets a lot of. Luncheon and tried to conversely low that as they said part of the conversation is only with the media is only with the public it's amongst the players and we saw that would Danny Amendola. We saw this in some respects for the wrong if grunt as both sides he doesn't want to play anymore than what are we going to be talking about we're going to be talking about all the things he said that was that the media driven thing. If I gonna items dapper grunt I think rock is the one that stoked his own OK so it result in a pretty cuts is his career short a year because he's like. I just I don't like the way they're handling all this stuff then it doesn't become a media driven thing that's a charity year way that he's gonna play this coming season beyond that I mean. Once you get the ball what is what are the forty it's always a year you know what what what have we go through what if he comes back this year he goes through next year is still that animosity. Where there's still that discomfort about the situation. And he said you know what. I'm just not in Chris this is. I can't believe you're saying this is just a click driven thing. Mean this really party and our short parts of it means by it. Apart the morning which after the physically I know it was yesterday as they as I told you click your reason the reason was it was because Adams after when he usually reports something. This some semblance of motivation behind her well it is owner report throw different times in the in the rugby is he didn't present it the way he presented it wasn't like he wasn't so he's gonna play and he's kind of like I guess instead regularly are focusing on your focus and yeah. I really just. And on the wrong thing you have to focus on why did in the first place. It wasn't because the collects. It was because like almost every atom chapters story there's the motivation behind. That these sorts giving him the information whoever that source isn't really commands that. No doubt he's gonna play but Elliott. And tell how many unique badly do you guys get during the late game. Off the flaky stealing money gift he kept on Amazon everybody's calm because that's the thing is like. I hear people talk about media on media stuff and it the example I was give. What do you think every outlet wrote about the Marcelo for a month and because every outlet it's the if you write anything about the fellow who was getting clinic. Right but I'm not saying that you think you can just move the story for just a little bit. William finally got out of chapter ending writings or the same way but you're not taking into account you can write 95% of the story the same Wainscott or. Does that just look your argument because I'm telling you on I'm helping you they still attacked my friend helping you tell. That it is not you should look at the content of the three of the stories in the motivation behind pushing it out. There yes clicks. This yes yes it would take up before the break it would take a break and get to call. When you aren't gonna pollen Braintree that'll pop. I don't gentlemen how are you at all. You know he left what the end game is yeah there's a bit scared but as far as we know they're all coming back which means they're going to have to work together come July training camps. Now on this Brady. The original instructions on Belcher through it. And you know it's got to work on on the job at a quite differently and scenes months and all the sudden you're bombing and the next thing you know you sit down and straighten things out solving a slightly under that. I think it's people making a real big give about mistakes as far as we know that ball coming back. They're going to have to work together in the probably gonna make some kind of compromise worked so there and he just I think it's getting a little overblown I always have. I think doesn't the state to say that. You can you can say whether it's gonna affect them when you start to affect them winning or losing that's fine. But I don't think any of this going back the workers gym thing going back to the current reports all of that this is an overblown this is completely different. From how we know the pitchers to be years prior. I understand that. But but but still you know. They're gonna have to. Come July and training camp it probably can sit down and warn. Some things out anyway I began each other cuts in her knee so you know it is huge priority no disagreement that probably workable. I absolutely think it's workable. In Nepal work rest easy. Rusty pitchers will be all right we have good. How all of this we've gone through the first hour of the part that and insomnia no scheduled stock scheduled out schedules schedules out as the out. A table give the scheduled Conan as efforts to see that doesn't keep elicited through the break out well 617779798370. Gets our number two or three and a lost track this point. Body of Brad both sports are UWB yeah.