Mut at Night - Is Tom Brady a poor sport? - 2-21-18

Mut at Night
Wednesday, February 21st

Mut and Rich Keefe begin the show with a crazy letter to the editor in a North Carolina newspaper, where the author suggests Tom Brady should have an asterisk next to his name for being a bad sport after this past superbowl loss. The guys also discuss David Price and the perception that Boston is a negative sports town.


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When you're already tried it or would you go back and hold sprayed with Nace what happens now this hit me she would she should just let things you can kind of nuts I like that. Holley show off my house I could imagine he'd get a part time jobs. In replicates the clicked. Well actually did this and make a couple million maybe. Thanks for greater outlaw. Now here's a month back night on Sports Radio W we. It is. One of those nights rituals too much to get you a lot the next four Annan almost two months thankfully a four out to do and it's Monday night. Sports Radio WEEI rich keep your father's our rob rattled Jonas. I'll form 4 largest after 8 o'clock to solve rob on TV so he's making the rounds and look him. I looked excellent he's doing the weight loss program which I forget which one it is so not going to say that right now I'm not gonna gas awaken 180. Is that the what he's doing yet preacher the same one as they on Andy yeah so OK I've wanted to make sure another mall I'd bet there are he looks awesome and it is actually used a comment that I said to them off the year than in the commercial. I said to him I'd seen him a couple weeks on his face looked so scared like rob that's a big. Fat round he has been gold jolly old Santa apply face excellent it's going to be exited yes certainly you wanted to adapt to my son and draw a circle it's able to get mr. Brad brown foes fan destroy MySpace now leave the hairy than the beard out lead to terrible goatee like this kind of going Garay and his titles the sort orange order once he figured it out outs maybe loses the goatee and who's to say but maybe that's the next out I don't wanna see -- not a goatee again I don't matter very go to 8910 years now I don't wanna see them and I'd say he did it. Either last year or the year before he played needed for his wife. As a as a gift to her but now these were in the schools close she wants full song she's loves the clothes on I've heard so he doesn't need that so you'll join aside some point after 8 o'clock we'll get his thoughts on all the big topic today and there are dozens and dozens of big topic way to start in fact so big I'm gonna start with a subject that I I guarantee an -- going to tell you all gonna start with. I guarantee you get a million gases and you would not. Guess where I'm starting to show tonight. Doubles solution now own an analyst bill. Cards you're dealt talking about it at that I still can't watch I I don't post over at the I had nothing going on today I could've sat around nothing at her Connecticut my life I could watch you watch from Wendy Williams I that I could watch. Ups at five hours of Olympics on one teacher and I just couldn't which either would have and it's our. Odd this stuff from the house outside was an easy day dog recalcitrant ride it out economically it was like holy day early data cleared rod seventy degrees do stuff you're gonna wait until March or April the new story right now we'll bring it leaning watching bad pirates of the Caribbean movie the switch was awful they're all bad for the first. Yes that do not watch whatever wanna watch and and you know which won once however. Tonight we still this is. This one of these things where occasionally whether I wanna see is dating a miss for the day. Because we're we're mocking me saying it it's an awfully quiet day in the world sport global loan I don't wanna start with mark you won't get to Cuba in the our analysts are Cuban tonight. So you do the quick Twitter search on Tom Brady. And it he comes up with a letter to the editor out of Asheville, North Carolina. On Tom Brady. Headline Brady shameful moment off I'll call eight real. What does that what are the people Asheville, North Carolina will feel about Tom Brady could very couple weeks post Super Bowl. On this written by someone named Daniel Salomon of Asheville. At the conclusion a Super Bowl 52. As a celebration begun in the confetti began to drop from above I noticed something all too familiar. Something that really caught my attention. And it wasn't the first time and not I mean you you've got okay all of a great leave your letter to the editor guy that's always scares me and I doubt that as they leave I love to muscular Bradford Hannibal guys the website yet good job that is elites something caught my attention. And it wasn't the first time. There was a picture of Tom Brady. Arguably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game which would add I think the arguments pretty much all you can drop the argue with a great quarterback to ever play the game running off the field of holding a cell that it is hand wait fort. Without congratulating quarterback nick pulls the Philadelphia Eagles aren't. Let me remind you nick pulls a lot of comments here from Daniel solid okay. A guy who many of you never heard of a backup quarterback Aaron who was on the brink retirement a couple years ago and someone parentheses there. Played one of the best games that he quarterback has ever played in Super Bowl history. To which again on an add my own thing. I'd argue that Brady I'll play nick poll eating 345 in the garden so to record. Any respect I had for Tom Brady out of Super Bowl. Fifty GO. I know I half expect action packed there loser let's let's such a loser thing there's like more okay. And I I agree if you ballots you circle back to that thought. What kind of example is he setting for kids who admire. Look up to and idolize athletes such as Brady. This is what I call. Ports sports sportsmanship. Stocks. Talk of the Super Bowl this system of sportsmanship a classless act from such a popular sports figure. Such a sign of disrespect for your opponent. That's wasn't that wasn't what I expected from a veteran who is played in the league for seventeen years now and counting. It. Tom Brady is a future hall of Famer there is no denying him that I. Again I would hackers are not figured out ways Solomon is uh huh I don't know if she. There are some of the stuff however their needs to be an. Don't know own thing it has to do that. C'mon. This guy. As usual there. Tom Brady's a future hall of Famer ray there is no denying him that could however there. There should once. Don't say well I think you'd. I respect the rule book and you know figured out what needs to happen. However there needs to be an asterisk near his name. And ask that these acts. The asterisk symbolizing. Ports are. All high. On him. I don't know beyond you like it quick it was you know what. I think it's an ad job by may I now espionage and I have I have recently got worse towards that horse or give me a break now or sport I have been up in the Reese in the recent. It past. I had messed up Tom Brady story I remember were quantities are want. From being hit by law after practice. This week so far today. I thought you shouldn't. It again. Go ahead patio a dummy so this guy incident he's been an asterisk because everybody else mall there has been a great sport. That led to the 200 argument again I don't know that audio good job jet that it's illegal what a great. I hate I hate I hate that holds and you gotta finish to it feels like it is done but don't have. Did it it is an asterisk however there needs to be asked is near his name an asterisk mice and that right asterisk asterisk. Asterisk answer symbolizing poor sportsmanship. After. It's hard it's a hard is it very difficult or you're not wrong. A athletes should not only be defined by his great ability and leadership on the field. But also his true character in times of defeat. This early on both of these qualities of rare commodity in this Katie should sign Dana Solomon of ash by believing that you know I can double check yours about the letter to the editor in a second. I mean this is how I I yet I monthly on a day or I need something to laugh that sort of start the show and I I I. There are people out there folks in 2008 team. Who put players like Tom Brady athletes under that much of a microscope we're disguise it suggests in a letter to the editor. That Tom Brady. Who is a future hall of Famer there's no denying about outside there should be an asterisk. Near his name I just to please Albert had to say and ask you symbolizing ports were just so. Not that consistency resonate the oh please please this might be I think you could respond this mine owner Mya my hottest take that I that I have edit but. It's not a hot take to meet the others might think this though I think sportsmanship. Is the most overrated thing in the world I can't stance portrait I don't think I don't give anybody extra points for sportsmanship and get flame at the pro level. If you are outside about. Teaching your kids in Little League to slapped five with the opponent after they win or lose fine McEntire had a razor kids but the at the NFL level. After the Super Bowl. He isn't shake hands with the opposing quarterback now that I think now it's the dumbest thing in the world like. Always a bad sport that you call a time when players in the NBA. They lose and they walk off the court if you don't like our bad sport where every they'll tell my kid and help raise your kid the way do you wanna raise them don't have them look up to these athletes about. Out for all his life lessons. It that you guys are paid athletes they don't need to be good sports and for him to take it this far say Tom Brady went eighteen year career of I don't know what what. What does he got a bad sport like I don't know how often he goes and congratulate the other quarterback probably when he knows them. I don't know if he doesn't after every game or what his thing is. That he'd knock on the podium after the game that he duck all the questions that it was he was it a sour post after the game that he did you not give Eagles and credit. No he did a full press conference after the game. So but that's not mentioned in the guy's stupid. Letter to the editor siding with sportsmanship is is wildly overrated. Jet your eyes you got your Michael Foley trees jet our producers of console pocket on introduce introduce Jeff before has a chance you. I was I had. Yes I did it already did two hours and Harold radiates and it sounds from primary that Angel plug plug wells a political stuff right here I'll just curious if fellows the name of the author. Daniel Solomon is name and I'm getting at people or requesting that we got this letter I'm not gonna try to re final Larry I'd get a copy in case Solomon on Internet and out here hold from from North Carolina I think it's Asheville north Carroll study adding Carey is same thing when the hometown quarterback Cam Newton got the all of his. Press conference responsibilities after the Super Bowl I don't know I did not do a deep guy he thinks avatar. Paper. In a solemn and it was just beat the pure absurdity that in this day and age to Rich's point. There is a I'm not gonna destroy sportsmanship but I think it is and an ad the pro level. It is insanely insanely overrated that that's an notes at eight at eight it's. It for for example I'll give you one and an effort dale much in the swat. How great hockey line is after game you guys I know you sort of how come the guys the line in football and a lot in baseball afterwards. I don't need that they split a hard fought game yet this went out there and especially football. Like you that that came down the final couple seconds your frustrated what possibly. Is Tom Brady supposed to say nick with a nick pulls in that spot and it is our man all the red that. And a cup before your neck and in knots and I have reform I think he can be critical some late let's say for example Brady had it. A long history of this and Tom Brady was a guy who. It just didn't did not want to ever have any sort of good sportsmanship. And I don't know what other things you could possibly do. Exhibit similar our budget Schwarzenegger the browser and pats on the back really are or what oh let's say that they keep you your run out to the your run out to the fifty yard line he put it was into the. They are killed when I always say me OT. Stuff that's the best kind of stuff in the world. When baker mayfield wins in Ohio State and takes Oklahoma flag and sticks it in the fifty yard line that is amazing that's the great stuff and sports. Not Paula go out their shake the guy's hands that you did a great job to an ocean both cuddle on unfortunately all of my team could win. Like here with that even the college level and sportsmanship who needs it. They got the little kids five whatever wherever wanna do but when it went back competitive. I don't care these guys are are too pissed off to go and talk to a team or talk to me on opponent following the game yeah I guess I just never. Trying to think of any instance where really cared about like I think that. Especially at the pro level when you're actually getting a paycheck. For one out their dew which are doing to me that sort of ends the hey you've got you have to go talk to its people got hot bath after game jet mentioned Cam Newton after the Super Bowl the Broncos. And he was doing his press conference. In the same Roma's one of the Broncos didn't put in a bad spot they if they did I'd be out loud for him and now Eden. Himself any favors any team across. Almost more of a babies there's a difference between you know being immature and then also just being a bad sport I think there's a different and some people think it's all the same thing. I thought he can I was in a bad spot but he also he came across kinda. Childish there but every result would there are all crazy about him being a Porsche sport so. I just. Ryan Campbell listing thank you Ryan he found a letter. It is from something called the citizen times of growth which I think is in I think it's an eye and even a word national scene I'm guessing it's Asheville, North Carolina it is in fact Asheville, North Carolina. And it's from a couple of days ago but I just three tweet if you want this is not. I did not get bang them fake news. This is oftentimes asked for this is not a draw folks Tom Brady did not get bit by a dog Molly radiated out recently. There's not a scholar speaking passionately fought with security of hot that Nora prince the body did not report that Ben bullet did not retreated I this is directly. The headline is the railroading Brady's stable well shameful moment in between. Misguided Henry which is about congressman Patrick Henry. And about the countries that mess. Which talks about Obama turn the country has some agreed that now in serious trouble trump wants dead zone as they were this is a as far as I can tell not the onion. This is not you made up story this is Daniel Solomon Asheville, North Carolina and he understood saying his name not that I'd just yet this opinion. And he put as they do it it's a letter to the editor there are people out there than 2018. Have not seen enough for Tom Brady's work. To think that he is a good sport and they would suggest is this author does. Their needs to be an asterisk near his name the Astros will symbolizing. Port sports. If you imagine things and that it. I'll payment Astros dump not it's what does an army it was a great sport why what was it what's your what's your demeanor examples that will allow me to give you one. He didn't. Shaking hands and it falls after the super hall old baby and know that if fact I remember I was so pissed off I am playing it it I could watch all that I think there was some scuttlebutt in the day app that he's saying that he never you know reached out who cares at that. That's what I mean and I think all I mean I guess we know who cares if Geithner if it's it's here's why I think it's it becomes an issue. What is a repeated offender of this like I had for example I think Ndamukong Suh. As a player over and over again with cheap shots on the field in particular kick in some land in the not I lots dirt that that's also different he called that bad sportsmanship right now I've falls under the umbrella rules and all of the actual edited it what did. What the the nature of the game so it is okay and so that's I guess technically bad sportsmanship but to be bad sportsmanship. And what sort of meet its labeled as is are you lose the game and you. Leave the court where the field and you bolts of the law Roman maybe you you'd like to punch something there. But that's fine let's remarks party get hurt that's that's fine how about leaving the field dirty that I would I will put that in your parent your teammates I know you don't care to give Brady lost it it got criticized umbrella loss Randy Moss walked off the field part of his team lose he blamed on the sidelines. None another that. That one does bug me I know I Eleanor or picket their sportsmanship even at the NFL level edit or in the NBA. Were guy ulcers are walking off the court from the bench. When he games Carty over a donated that won that one does get that's all this other nice guy kicking somebody blew all the best that's just straight dirty like there's no room for that I it gets it's warm dirty play get that from sports and I just think with in this case. This is just. I think this is more Brady's. I think this is the speaks to the illnesses through some of the Super Bowl. This week that you rating in the spotlight like any other quarterback for example Cam Newton. Does this and I don't think people are up in arms or some of not writing a letter to the editors suggest that should be asterisk. Next to Tom Brady's name proportion sportsmanship how many players in the patriots shook hands of anybody on the Eagles this on them for some maybe a college team made are you know former teammate whatever some may have. But I bet I'd be willing to bet more than half the team just went right along. Not get any kind of story knows what's fake thing is Brady gets a Soviet strip sacked there or the Annie. That in some ways cost is Tina wield the defense obviously was the issue there. What's the city nick pulls hey man is there any text messages right you don't actually get a physical phone and call him. If you watch this of the nick pulls afterwards he can text and we have radeon a curtain Cali album Christmas break. And Brady suggested how much he tax like former guys you played with an AB can withdraw apple like that it right what who's to say that he didn't reach out that yes to go to mid field. It shake his hand the way the coaches shake hands I don't buy into that and I guess I would speculate that if this wasn't Tom Brady. On this guy who says any respect I had for Tom Brady part it's your ball 52 I no longer have. I would not feel that all that is insane of also guessing this is the hottest day ever at the very hot one I'm guessing he didn't. Really like Brady before they figure if that is gonna change your opinion on on the need it like before and no matter what he says year. A if something like that some fairness away you than you never really respect and so as I told you this has no nobody's talking about this today I found a hole I found as I had I had to read it to the audience off the top and reap the rich felony Richard spots penalties in one of these. New wage millennial sports fans were as no issue with four I. I guess I look at it a little bit more critically than you do but in this case specifically different. Just Brady being on the field and not wanna congratulate nick pulls like to fall as a writer for them at all wrote to another six letter to the outlet that the newspaper letter to the editor like I can write to them the Boston Herald. Instead of Red Sox or unlikable or they publish I publish it the publisher of the Harrell out for sure a I but if you can this is these people still exist. Where we'll take the time to maybe it's an email Nigel letter form but he was sold as she ate about Brady and this is published February 15. So again it's a couple weeks after the actual being with yeah come on Buddy Guy get over at this point unless he just submitted it every day until they finally posted at the Kirby that. I mean that says that a week and a half later like Russell bowers an athlete you know not only be defined by his great ability leadership on the field. But also buys true character and time to defeat a trip of the display on both of these qualities is a rare commodity in this day and age. Tom Brady's Daniels or sport and you know what out except for Q model frame while talking a first ballot guy but it warrants salute nick pulls their. That's (%expletive) idea of the game IR Ohio halftime and of the game or vote baby vote and it happened that day. As a great half with a couple more great half this is not a who wins this is not made a dog bites Brady moment the story exists you can check out on Twitter but a loss and you feed WEEI I elbowed out just it that it's the point out that in 2018 aren't. There are still people who think this way their people that may be your average Euro as as Jerry calls it. Patriots or Brady do arrangements syndrome yet they're still affected about Brady did to let's assume he's a Carolina panther fan. Well Brady to the Panthers and the Super Bowl way back at today. He's so affected by dad. He suggests that needs to be asterisk next Tuesday. Those people still exist say go we all he'll laugh and dale like today it's at seven degrees but it's Minnesota moral. And that's what gave you start the ship 617779. 7937. Is the phone number all I come back and up the H one of the two bigger story today that is JD Martinez. Who was scheduled at a press conference but did not have a press conference and O'Keefe is awfully concerned about that ends thanks Dan Shaughnessy went right back to the well. Old school Dan Shaughnessy mail letting column he guessed suggestions for JD Martinez. On what to do you guys remember the Red Sox and it's the show on C hits you read these over and over again. On new create discovered a boss and he doesn't again would get that it in Iraq she might have to alluded to in Carolina. Who suggest Tom Brady's announced yesterday 61777979837. But at night he tees it's Montag. Which which keeps on Sports Radio WEEI. And I Sports Radio WEEI rob Bradford from Fort Myers after 8 o'clock your calls all night long here at 617779. 7937. The phone several gets you calls in this segment JD Martinez was scheduled to be. I introduced today to the assembled media at Fort Myers they told people noon and they said 2 o'clock and around 43445. Or so they said thanks but no thanks ran a punt on this and say play gonna punt. And we are not when a press conference today. They are suggesting the reporters that follow this team including Evan draw on top of that list that is just a formality that this is they couldn't get the the exact work up done physical back from Boston this had been in Boston it would be done I have zero concerns about this listening to you and dale. Sound like you're buying into the conspiracy that is something wrong Radio Marti. Something's there should be finished a foul. They might you know I would not say how come they can't just fire out suite at Red Sox and they were pleased to welcome JD Martinez. He's now a member of the Red Sox press conference tomorrow. We want to cross their t.s and dot their lives so they've there's a hold up for the physical them. Would that people live within a bit and got the actual paperwork back from the left bottom of the final come from from their doctors in Boston white. Well they don't know let's look at it just had a day of doctors in Boston so why did it land that Israel I think it is why does the press conference today scheduled. They thought it was going to be ready to go they did I was not and it's not rating go live at the missing here there's something inferior that that is something with the. There's there's nothing to say that this is a just out at this and I also I think there is some good little Maloney juice that's where he suggests there ratio. That they're gonna wait the extra day for Scott sports and they were going to the data and now try to find a way. To drag it out I edit the press coverage tomorrow five minutes I've been officially yet that is on the team. Maybe they wanna save that for when they're gonna who had to do that especially there within an hour from now why don't you for the press release out and that really hype up that that press conferences or runs in the senate into the electric JD Martinez speak tomorrow. There's a lot of pressure on JD Marti is not a show up then you know tock give you something to. Well he is going to higher policies a quiet guy isn't reserved guy. Yes and and as is speaking of Dan Shaughnessy waiting here today is common appear tomorrow against the Boston Globe. I he brought talks about Martinez getting here gives the price pulled that you and I talked about for awhile last night. And he says advice from David Price of playing in Boston perfect athlete getting a seminar on stealing bases are Pablo Sandoval. Or tips from Warren Beatty on how to announce best picture at the Oscars that's huge in this the year I hereby submit my own humble advice to JD Martinez. Clip and save here the do's and don'ts of playing embossed. I can't say I feel like short break it down for us has written this about a thousand times probably right there number one remove all radios from your home and automobile. No sports talk radio for you ever from now on its Kenny G Katy Perry in beyoncé. Stick this is classic. Boston columnist that it's not the columnist. Now that are the issue it is Boston sports talk radio which I would suggest again. Odd to anyone who wants to listen. Has been a lot easier on David Price then he is. Promoting David Price of the word negative about seven times. In that Bob nightingale story and I urge relics say today he's right that. If it was an eye roll piggyback on it in nightingale rope that. With a certain. Angle he wanted to get read the way that it did yeah we got prices say we want to say and he took those quotes are built into a story. The may price look like he's looked the last couple years here in Boston you wanna focus on the negative yet and I would say that there's a player here David Price wants folks in the negative. And so Shaughnessy immediately goes to turn off your radios it was Dan Shaughnessy I should point out. That broke the news on David Price. Yelling at Dennis separate a year ago we read his article on the radio for what today ready to slow you broke the story this story had been circling around something happened Chauncey was credit got the story a great job but that's repaired price or anything else. He says he goes on and boy somebody's using yours. I don't ask the clubby cake and I Wear number nine. Something that was going to be on his to do this evening don't complain about having to travel after sunny day games. I like that missiles shot agent Gonzales. Blame yourself when things go wrong be harder on yourself than any wiseguy columnist or radio shock jock. She organic nauert now it's not sports talk radio it's it's radio shock but I do agree that part make and it was on Sports Radio least once a week do a couple of right. That during the Chris Sale part of that is true Purcell. Blames himself for for everything and now lots of light of self forming it was a great playoffs but. They're in the Yuri was awesome and anytime you screw up he would take complete blame and Edward loves herself let's that it iced it's OK to smile when you go about your work saying hello to strangers not it is not a commitment. Like maybe it's the the whistle while you work. The not so friendly nature of the Red Sox currently which are being talked about premature every day activities and put a smile on does like the thing we're should be nice the 63 year old guy that TV Booth. His name is Dennis Becker's slowly so again reference and I like that story you're go through delete your Twitter and FaceBook accounts immediately Willie didn't do that to fall Bartel sports. So how tough like this afternoon program. In smoky that steals home why Europe back congratulate him after he crosses home plate to not step back in the batter's box the bat on your shoulder like a cigar store Indian. Shows some emotion referencing J. D. Drew. Who watch and it was Ellsbury steal home just want to do it it's a right back in the box or less than we saw a cigar store Indian. When it went in fact I TV took one in 2013. With the team on the road trip pago and Jake Jake Peavy who lost the bulk of the money got divorced and notes on him he's that collects starts there are Indians their reasoning chubby we say that. I'm not gonna I should watch I did that it does change on your announcing Wikipedia southern articles. None on politics haven't and then go out and back and he may try to play baseball he is down rough go. Never talk about having to carry on luggage a very very timely reference to Roger Clemens with this I am thirty years ago now. Is it thirty years eighty gag got a thirty years ago I don't barge into the manager's office demanding get a credit for RBIs. Spent a lot of time at Harvard Square Nolan any idea who you war. And adjusting to a cheap shot in the here insulting Martinez no this is where dance starts it starts to fade out and he must go visit her apple watchers while their parents say he knew that I had twenty reasons are there's a holistic and I'm not style I do know recognizing Manny Machado before after Oriole games I don't mind now won the tip of the good one. Don't complain about anything offensive you might hear from the Fenway stands a lecture of audiotape witnesses. If you don't approve be prepared for Curt Schilling or some radio tough guys. The call you'll like Africa the porch it's just it's just anti Sports Radio hate Gerri are there is a part of sports area this one we all can agree with visited Jimmy Fund clinic preferably uniform as often as possible civil. The hear bond like god this is. What it kissed. The baseball beat reporters the ones who actually caught. To the clubhouse every day. Are not your enemies their professional and we'll treat you professionally. Now. Shaughnessy is really into the do this country that beat writers nice story they'll be nice to you can't possibly easy houses a team or know anything about the team of listener do dot referred Alex Cora is manager Alex. Good you know a lot of price for opening here mostly it's mostly price. It's orchard and Adrian Gonzales after execution laws don't say it was God's will you know talent when he voice in the Yankees. That patriots joke anytime you interact with the fans are the conversation and I can't believe knuckleballer opens super ball. And finally run out your ground balls toss your helmet now and then if you make a big out play hard and show the fans you care they will love you Ford. You'll decide it's not such a hard place the penalties that you need to run out of scrambles an honest mayor bears didn't. He loved it's not that hard of a place to play and I'll see ends with that and and I know it's been discussed over and over again. Is a tough place to play when a couple of things happen you don't perform well. Or you don't take accountability perform well back could Biggio too little tidbits the other stuff is bad. Bad one liner joke the Shaughnessy recite all the terror about a thousand times in the newspaper OK don't return it if you're terrible senator terrible. I think you can get away with being terrible in Boston maybe if you would admit that you're a terrible if you're terrible and you say things like. The ball came out of my hand well. Or yet it was look at and ray it would do Wilbert wet out there when it could make that play or with God's will reference the injuring its all of one thing I'd agree with there or he said he Nikes are killing me. The fans are gonna get on your ass that seems pretty simple and my guess is whether it's New York Philly Chicago. Boston. Big passionate sports cities these things are all the same. It's not it's not rocket signed jump the come here be some different person show up do your job you don't do well. Just say you're not doing well it's pretty simple what why are we treating this like at this impossible place to play. And Al guys come here and it's that the boogie man a Boston pellets so impossible player which I just don't believe that and Shaughnessy plays in this myth. With some these dumb one liners today. Right price plays and no bite imaging negativity eight times in a story with Bob might. You'll be asked what do you think David Ortiz would say is the most negative person and he's come across in Boston media. Probably shot a shot yeah it asked about steroids more geared for Dan Shaughnessy. Your hair cross disaster for a solid as I said it is that remember it eat bad price pulled delicate side. And ripped him last year Russ Ortiz as well Ortiz Victor Ortiz is tiny music radio and loved by everybody but but he probably had the most top the most difficult time. With the it would Shaughnessy so. I just think it's not nearly as negative as people make it out to be an edit the Red Sox due in until I talk but the sort of this afternoon. The Red Sox maybe it's the nature of baseball. There is probably a little bit more negative event that is the other three teams but even still. As long as you arts. Terrible or making excuses all the time you're gonna be fine David Price was both early on that end up in Beverly is her final loss season last year. Clay Buchholz was the guy that was would welcome to complain about everything make excuses. And a complaint you make excuses and it was a very good so he got the bad and that soda Lackey and J. D. Drew and Adrian Gonzales but. For the most part everybody else and there has has done just fine an aunt there are guys who have struggled early. And like you said it sort of found their way I don't think you know at the reinvent yourself in fact they'll give Mikey we'll give credit. The beyond a little bit but rob Bradford did this Brad folk shall podcast and he does yes I had report cell lawn and personal I mean. It's pretty simple fossils in a report so. That's artsy pleasure playing in Boston and yet there's there's tough times throughout plant Gloria if you hear about it but that's. Who what what's wrong with that we'll move. Who doesn't wanna hear about this when you are playing well you got physically get the entire world behind. And that's weak ask his players is that's that's there. I mean pervert that's also all lines or Chris Young listen to Chris Sale curtain Callahan the other day. And now reports cell. Some of these guys getting other guys want to use the negativity. As the excuse out now are point and didn't really think about the yesterday's we did a bunch of time and David Price. I think David Price is now he's negativity that he's X and that he is projecting here Boston. As an excuse I think his way of of saying why he had a bad year last year Whiting through twelve at down the stretch in 2016. I think is now saying it. In and not so many words rich it's the negativity in this town and I'm gonna fight through what I'm gonna be different person coming at ya I'm gonna do things differently this year. But the Corbett what are you suggesting is this count as new technique to negative for him excuse me. And that's one the reason why he's not being himself not that it is best and eight to meet that is excuse making one of one of the guys get paid thirty million dollars a year should be able to block out. And not promote this boogie man that I don't think it's on the you'll pinky. Are now exists the level that David Price would have easily but he also hasn't been good over the long enough stretch to see the other side of it that's fiber while reports fellow said is those markets he's been ball he's been terrible. Eighties in the Cy Young winner. And so because the fan base is so passionate. That would your bad they're watching you had to get to hide and be bad for the same time when you're really good you're gonna be celebrated but he said he took the whole world's behind you. So what you're doing well when the team is doing well if there's not a better place to play. But what your playing when you're when you're out there and year not perform at a level that you should be Afghans are gonna get upset because they care so much. Are you guys explain to me whether or not you buy its of this negative Boston market racket that no Shaughnessy is watching today to some extent with his goofy column. Recycle called the newspaper. Or the way David Price talked about yesterday if you do think it that way you gotta explain to me why Kazaa I think it's pretty simple. Perform and if you don't perform just to be in our performance after that. Everything else take care of itself in this town 61777979837. Is the phone number appreciate your patience on the phones we'll get your calls if you're waiting. Couple lines as well where you can explain to me. Is this a negative town that upright and Shaughnessy and others suggest it is Monday night with rich keep Sports Radio WE. Yeah follow along on Twitter with my tax money. EI and rich fat she's 21 now more money cheap plug Sports Radio WEEI. And all this negativity that's in this town sucks. I've been around and and and when Jim Rice was booted it around which should be booed and it states makes the greatest had greatest city in the world. Blouse. Are uploading is Richard CLX 2013 title no longer exists sorry Donna Mitchell sorry never wanna little teammates. Yeah he started this whole thing and egged David negativity in this downside Scion not to. Here to argue there's not pressure in Boston that we don't have high expectations for teams but I think the negativity part of it. Has become now a crutch for David Price and has become. Some that does not exist the level that he believes it does but we'll find out TV guys agree 617779. 7937. Is the phone number Dave's on the cape waiting patiently he's next up blood at night's Sports Radio WEEI Heidi. It would suck out with a little while you're at some negativity. I mean OPEC it will belt back in the day aren't we get played like this but I look at this. They're bigger professional player anyplace you worked in the negativity with another employee or walks slumps and I mean quite know what ketchup quite. Either bought into all the white noise just quote etched and not care what this Shaughnessy tribunal if you'd like. And I that the red dead that's just the normal pressure of a a highly charged worked on the right me what that. David Price what what did I hit it my question for you gave. What is the excess negatively the price has gotten given what it last first couple years for a thirty million dollar a year contract given the hackers leaked. Issue last year. I think any criticism he's gotten in my opinion has been deserve I don't think people had been a I'm just bang on to dig to be mad at him I think he is. They admitted his own doing caused this. Exactly right around saint Utah type of guy on wouldn't risk idea because the other stations across the street that like. Negativity spring training salt if you listen Internet site stock that's what he's gonna get one ball game he pitched good warrior out played regain. Then that's what the these guys have to do it and I guess the concern would be David thanks for the call. So this guy David Price who use the word negativity six or seven times in nightingale story yesterday. He's considered a leader on this Red Sox team that's scary that's not great. Or it's us against them all you do they hold out I don't have to do you do all that and right away when they first arrived there are some good quotes coming out from Okie bats and Zander Bogart's. Who. Maybe it took too long but regardless they're they're young guys and they've now played a full year without David Ortiz so maybe they'll be able to shoulder more of that leadership and you hope that. Yet a better manager yet to god that. At least somebody that the players respect more Oregon that he can send a different message I'll mics in Philly on the negativity different sports town say Mike. And had great cougar ace I grew a revelation knowingly and a big new England sports fans are looking to move down here to Philadelphia for work. And New England you know different so here's a great example. Nicole's toward the end of this heat in Israel on the couldn't throw it in the ocean and and the culture eventually led him here he lead but you know what cool was a man. He said I'm not performing EP. He buckled down and and we she would have been great you know it is an example of the town than any different here in response to. That may need to be neat to be watchful and it seems like what's that Porsche get that is well so. Yeah you're right yeah crisis. The wrong guy to be yeah. So it is crazy because like these so your professional athlete Mike thanks for your call. You wanna get paid the big money well you wanna get paid the big money you go to a big market team New York Chicago. Philly Boston. Those are the cities with a pressure is most to win now David Price wanted to. Goal one's entire career here rich and not deal with any push back and and make. 101215. Million dollars a year he could stay in Tampa where almost for the Saint Louis U got to got a lot of money not as much as here and Eric B Richard everything needed him and that could be it in that town. You know that. The world's. World's best fans there in Saint Louis are allies they they treat things definitely maybe that is the rare place where he Oki king. Had your cake EDT to pay a lot of money can be Albert pools and still you know not fuel any criticism but every other spot that is not Tampa Bay. I was six Roberts from pretty negative otherwise after the price complain about the fans up there in Toronto with half the blue jays fans about John Ferrell. How they hate uphill noble so. Additional 81 plant small market and not get paid what you're worth. They complain about negativity but if you sign up for days. And you wanna get paid at the top your profession it part of it is it's the pressure that comes of playing in Boston I just don't. I think he's now using as a crutch and convince them that having read that article today. That this is just that and the fact that he thought it was so important that he pulled Bob nightingale. Now that he told JD Martina is gonna get booed. The thinks Illinois head in Europe for three it is still an SS officer. Let's go to Jonathan Wald and hey John. John while. You get the start of czar Donald says John everybody glad. Yeah I got a kick out of that yet not CNET Brady you know of their current. Sports and all that they donate I go back to an attitude fourteen years old and that ten millions less in my colleagues went through people's awful lot. And the crowd was on him a little bit about coming out in a blog on my end the command. I look at my blood to the gratitude and great attacks in net well let it Sakamoto munch edged up. All they want to kick this happened in the in the crowd and everything. As you well. Well let it it is set to the crowd. Because at least at Williams. And that's and that's it I can't vote on great dilemma because he's Tom Brady that's what. Stay and die here's the issue of thanks to the calls like I I tweeted out the of the story in mud and you TW Riyadh the story it's a letter to the editor. I'm that was written to the citizen times and Asheville, North Carolina where it is a guess about football fan. Senate should be asterisk next Tom Brady's name going four for ports for a jerk for not seeking out nick falls. Part of a post Super Bowl congratulating him. It's insane on its face now getting patriot fans. Sending me pictures of Brady celebrating with Fletcher Cox any stories about how Brady. Saudi Eagles players in the tunnel afterwards yes mr. Berkett silly this this is where. When it comes to Brady. He gets more criticism a centrally pollen negativity. That any other athlete right now not in LeBron James and you know you think a lot of it is more to Darryl abroad most of that is what you can turn on first take. Three out of five days a week. And it any random time to do a segment on LeBron James during the NB CIA because they know they talk LeBron. They're going to get reaction from people because he'd be able lovable or they hate him so some of it is overly critical. But deal that these are two guys that if they look at something the wrong way. It is then brought into question LeBron break. You're back tomorrow or two whistle dale hollow is off course of the week yes just aren't that average he's back tomorrow to Randy is in Chicago. Taken more your calls here at 6177797937. Hi Randy. They were on a moderate on good buddy argued. Good for a solid day one theory your personality WEEI carpet you know thanks but. Of course and I mean it is thought that what it's it's pretty simple I mean I think one dated right obviously. He's he used at the crowd saying he handle the pressure of playing a big mark idiot incredible racer. When you when you play well you have the best and in the nation and you played that it it's only Atmel. Were and that we're gonna lose you're out at some of the Chicago where you're now in the fact that. The bears back along is there's going to be a promise it made it flat you know we're back for tenure stretch that he would be in right not a negative. But the fact of the matter is when you have you seen the desert and at noon it's only at all that you know plant while. And yet I'm happy that. Yes and so the unhappy fans or any company not playing well that happens in a Boston Chicago wherever it where you compound that. Is when you start making excuses for it's it's that simple for us here in Boston if you're not performing well. People wanna hear you say it's that's it if you do would trust me it's a lot. It's a lot easier for whatever reason people are okay if you acknowledge. Your own issues first is making excuse about the other team or something you did they don't wanna hear that they just wanna hear. Am a professional athlete but I mean but. Given the choice I'd much rather play in a city like bought New York Chicago where where you're playing well late or sold that yet yet the world buyer and credit plan. In a place where like an old man U2 stadium and yet you know at odds that yet you know I am you know. Not knowledge that Randy but you're talking about it a place in Boston where you're if you're at the top your profession. And you come to Boston as a free agent you're gonna get paid more than any other player adding real prim prices case the highest paid pitcher in history baseball. Right UConn to Boston knowing you public the pressure being David Price. Being labeled as the ace and here's number three being the highest paid pitcher in baseball. There are different things that come with that that that is just the reality of the way that works and that attitude to continued to hammer that home the negativity of Boston and dotting knowledge that. You know it may mistakes all the way instill almost a year after the fact. Say wouldn't change anything with the incident with Dennis Decker sleep. That's on David Price and until he is willing to. Free himself with the crotch that is negativity. He's going to be stuck in the same spot that he is 6177797937. DeForest the patron calls in the board. On the Tom Brady a letter to the editor we lift up the top of the show. Where they suggesting. One at a reader of the citizen times in North Carolina says Brady. Is a Porsche sport and he's lost all respect after what he did the post Super Bowl lid on that we also being on the big story nationally of the day. Here this next hour that is now Mark Cuban the Dallas Mavericks. What a disaster and Al leagues at the sell his team. But it is a bad that I look for Mark Cuban some of the stories coming out of that organization women who Rask. And and is that the misconduct section that went along for years after year after year there'd be organization wide Mark Cuban essentially. The way I read it did nothing will get to that and your phone calls what a night continues rob Bradford after eight here on WE yeah.