Mut at Night - Tom Brady still a no show at camp, no need to worry...right? 5-21-18

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Monday, May 21st
HOUR 3 - Tom Brady still hasn't made his Patriots OTA debut. Chris Villani and Rob Bradford explore the genesis of these Brady/Belichick/Guerrero rifts.

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It's. Monday night. What we all the thinking that we open the cabin is gonna lose game three now we already in the capital and why did I. OK okay what their Boston on the road how they've done on the road in these playoffs mean do you remember what you. You know commands you know he's not well Chris Lonnie Brock Bradford hill Rob Gronkowski you know Tom Brady when will we act. We've seen them up. We still don't know nickel because I'm British not going to be here for the start of phase three of the patriots offseason program patriots start they lose three of their offseason program that. He's not there I think it's fair to wonder why she's not there I've got the answers the test now that he's not there that speaks in on the shelf and make its own statement. I plead the fifth suspect that her. Here's my flight at night on Sports Radio W we. The show. Any ground below it you know Sports Radio WB EI here till 10 o'clock 6177797937. Phone number rob I know it's you were. Heading up I 95. And into Boston win no traffic right on the opposite that track that offers on. When you're locked in a WEEI analyst LSU I was actually I started with the the Providence station WVU guys. Now I actually am I morphed into. To the ball machines yes very nice. And that as you're doing that you heard me talk about game four here much collars doctor back in fort what do you expect. I heard I heard eyes so after I get back to my car after eating my my wings. And I heard Ewing key say the that is well you said that the spread or seven right. I had I was sad yeah yes that known I'm not I'm not questioning your you're dimly action. So but I do think that sort of a bar right arriving I was agreement both of view where they're gonna lose but it's going to be close. I kind of get that 5 PM. And to me that's enough latitude to win back competence than I have been sort out all moment when it comes to this here is a close loss is enough. I mean in any post season where the Celtics have been bad on the road in a sport where home teams and to win. In the playoffs and in just sort of the waived his series the way this matchup. I take it play out it wouldn't really bother me at all. In terms of the celtics' chances of winning this app so to win this thing so I don't think he goes. I'd buy it but this place it's 42 win Wednesday right Wednesday will be the next game correct. Either way either way this is going to be an insane night at the garden on Wednesday insane because I was thinking as you were talking and thinking like OK if they win he said it's over. OK but still is going to be insane because think about the energy in the anticipation. Of that crowd being able to go to an NBA finals. Yet that's going to be awesome. But if they lose still you got the all right everybody. Due to. Parents crowd TD garden. You're gonna have to be the difference maker here you're gonna have to carry this over and not send this team back to Cleveland down 32. Either way Wednesday night is going to be one of the best sports nights of the year year policy a Red Sox rays. Wednesday night at the garden it's gonna be the best sports states of the year it ever crisis and everyone's gonna have there headphones on listening to Joseph entail. It's a promise and dynamic second fourth set that it scoreboard vehicles. You know so he did on a document could vote you are gonna Tampa in and so you know you've got to be hundred try to justify everything we do right at the bus he's doing a great job in Cleveland did for you John the mossy. Getting as it sounds Torre's problem. So as you know I'm not gonna Tampa liar you going here's the reasons Celtics are playing this week. If the patriots OT. You have the Red Sox playing a crappy team in one city trip. So and actually if you look across knowing cares about this may be just that you start thing but nobody sending anybody camp. I think this is the light is traveling party we've seen. In Boston history Harrell not cinematic. Herald if Paul won only got globe says health club yes that was only one out well that's having a half now which would be free now those setting wanting still means knowing. You have the globe inexplicably sitting tale. And then you have you brown gore for that it. But today so and for good reason I mean Wednesday night I don't know fight made this clear it's going to be insane can be. Awesome it is going to be awesome and I'm what do you write them looking forward to either way. If it's a chance to close out. I mean that they would be that the sweetest about this would be the opportunity is at his last hour the opportunity to you. So angle Brian packing from Cleveland twice. And I still think there is. Upon an outside chance I think there's a decent chance of these days. Enclave that they connecting this is a guy who cares by championships a lot and that's his biggest priority sure. By 01 and one day I really do think he cares about the perception of him I think he cares about being lights I think he cares about. The backlash that he took. When he went to Miami county he embraced that villain role in baby away that he should be brought to should I Don the dark patent and and way with it. I don't think he ever really felt comfortable and embrace that role and a big way to shot a lot of the critics up. We do is staying clean. What can I tell you I think that if they if he wins a series and goes in the finals I do think he stays and here's a reason why. Because. He understands that he can he's good enough that he can take. Even a mediocre team to the finals and that so he knows how good years. And if he makes it to the NBA even with the improved Celtics team next year. They're probably Cleveland could probably do something with somebody and getting what we get the APEC ain't back yet apex of the to get that and so he's got to understand that I am good enough and we're going to be slightly better where these guys coming back that. I can still do this all over again why not being a pariah in my home city right. So I think that is the big thing him winning this series is that he doesn't with a series and then this this whole thing starts unraveling. You know what you can even beat the Celtics team good luck with next year. Celtics team the flip side of the argument and is admittedly is outside my own argument of him staying. Is they do not at the mall only have a lot of roster flexibility. It's not like they're a great position to make. Big wholesale changes to this team so old and you can always trade he'd try to try to think they Allegheny got that top ten pick as you pointed out. But there's not a lot of wiggle room. To make sort of the big sweeping changes I think he'd have to make that they were always be an hunt. They'll be atop 14 in the Eastern Conference the matter what even they brought the sinker back because he's that good. But it to be the kind of team that would be there will be more likely to hold team in Cleveland. Very they've got to add a PC significant. I don't they have the ability so be too because it's very important and we flats Ford passed today's game and Wednesday's game which is going to be a night when it is yeah I don't know if you know this is going to be very intense. Buy it you look at next year let's say O'Brien does come back to Cleveland as they get the eighth pick in the draft they keep all these promotes whatever. Still the Celtics the Celtics are going to be the like the head and shoulders favorite gets closer the article it they are not the only other yeah I've talked about so okay cavaliers whatever. Toronto. Now the other day there this fire the coach yet and they're going the other way. Milwaukee. Whatever you just gotta new coach you don't know how that's gonna work now my guess is going to be along the same lines. Who woman missing all of the socially said the sixers right yeah in Indiana are right. It really we've seen the sixers Elisa sixers change to market a mark health full height player. Then they're going to be sort of expose to what they were in the play offs wizards' great backcourt. Housing gonna get better. They were great organizer practice is a lot of suffer a bit with a bit of Mike can throw a they're not gonna statements each other social media and other self what's what's Wesley with the adult actress whose. Via Khalifa. Starr handles he had knowledge to me Khalifa is like her number the number one fan honestly adult actress right yeah that's in that when when you stick when she's your number one fan some sort of discourse is gonna happen is that an enormous opportunity now that I'm not for you. Do not porn stars and avoid fish and everyone knows that. Activists of the the Celtics you know whatever the spends a lot of advice lately what they were being the lakers when they're being the lakers back in the sixties would. It. Others AG Dickinson but she was not a points. She's get in the middle everything anyway what advice I'm. You just spent a lot of advice you were dispensing advice yesterday morning. And now you're new pizza by homage journalist at a championship team. Don't have a ports are at which really can apply journals I've got I think I've of mine my ten pennants a life but how rob. Yes idea I think I've gone through three of them for the last two days not that there up about it but the Celtics will be the head and shoulders favorites they don't need to make a ton of changes to this team. I wanted to bring markets Smart back and that that's the biggest ops easy question going in is. Market smart's contract status but this also sort of solidifies another point. A disagreement the UN Arab yesterday. About the whole house money conversation so be speaking to second but Steve Buckley out here a column like. About exactly what I said yes. Good for him I don't know if you wrote I don't care if you wrote after listening to us I don't care to great concrete idea because he did my site I've yet and yet again it's his prerogative to be wrong but if I don't I was glad to billion dollars in tip of the shaft votes he thought about five. But the the fact is it's sort of what we talked about the last five minutes sort of encapsulates I think the way most Celtics fans the it's a lot of fun right now no matter what game five Wednesday night will be us. Either chance to close out abroad and maybe say give Cleveland for the second time in the run of seven straight finals. Or the pivotal game five maybe everything on the line you're worried about coming back to Boston if you with the matter what it's gonna be great. By the conversation so quickly shifts to. What's this team what's the Eastern Conference gonna look like next year because that's where the real focuses pictures it's okay. So well as you said we had our our. Our confrontation about this yesterday. I all I can say is is two different things in and you might disagree that but it's through different things because you're right. When it's over people are gonna move on zero K if you lower right by it but still this team that we are watching right now. Is basically it entirely separate situation than what you're going to have next year. And all I'm saying and I think maybe we'll baucus thing as well is that the what everyone is looking at now whatever the though money in the bag what is it again out on house money. The house money is. That's what we're talking about we're talking about how. More and more and more more people have bought into this team what we are seeing right here which is. What was that final whistles blown of that season and it becomes an entirely different team in my eyes will change the color of the uniform. It buys we think they'll ship rocks often put and erect a shamrock on their shoulder that went at it like willow trees I don't know so yes. But it's an entirely different conversation because. That's why people are buying in that's why people feel so good about this is because. It is not like anything that we've seen in the long one down the team being this superstar next year it becomes the superstars beating the superstar. The conversations though Arlington unique he would have no without the other night hey. I have one thing I. Other. Hi how quickly can we immediately pitted two big picture next year Eastern Conference even acknowledging. How on this series can be a great game five to aid its. Where maybe reduce won't find common ground is but it is two different conversations because. What you see now is going to be completely different from what you're talking about down the road every feel good about what happens down the road but these. Feeling if they lose to the cavaliers. It's going to be tenfold for what it felt like. If they lost to the box and what they lost the sixers unity in that is because people bought the plot. They pay the money they've bought it the emotionally paid the ransom. You know what they did buy it and they did put a lot of money and B don't loan them money. Both the house. Anonymous money my friend that's like he would put all us should as he's done little on the table and someone's basement you know it's like. Do you view the iridium poker night he's had a thing you god now I've never demise hitter and we used to. Laid back in the thing Chris moneymaker Texas all the day's night I was in high school. We used to play and I remember the first time we ever got together is a group of mean like in other idiots for Milford and playing poker playing Texas hold them. And where a little uncertain on the rules. And I remember replaying in my house in my father came home. And their Denny does this agreement right before when a body Stevie DeVito is running out into the driveway and says mr. Gilani. Does a full house be a fly ash and all my dad and his deal Meehan really as I it if you guys don't know what beats like that yet. You mean really that's pocket by your father a wise man gets a very wise and does he do there are some easy money to be had and it was weird that he pulled out of visor and sunglasses you like he's done this before headphones and had to completely block that they got its funny that that the money Chris moneymaker thing that was sort of I remember that happening now hole like this guy out of nowhere on line poker guy right heat's sandy far right you. The first at an online on lied what is online what is this Internet in this Internet guy. Beat these poker players in that was a win beat everyone beat it became like. The peace shepherds of the world I could do this Betsy go between sports flashes in the room in my lap. The next Chris Buddy Baker is four and then you realize that online is that thing in WEEI dot com as the united different vision when all that bad yes yeah I says if it. All you want me to work go from the Boston Herald to WEEI dot com sure what what what sort of poker. But thing are we gonna use that's and you're welcome to do resist the pull your dvd anyway here is the funny thing while besides people and poker which I'll never forget to include the sports flash is backed into it if you go back to those sports flashes that was like. You have whatever whatever what objectives that that's what's left flat if you're back on line poker. And I rivers so many hand was. I was at the Gloucester times. And made his language letting right for the Gloucester Tomlinson while the big height. There was a guy who I let him cover summer league baseball this is how long ago I let him cover summer league based ice ethics. And some guy courted him instead you know what you really the column you really gonna do you do it blackjack now. There ahead with this close to a good flax like what's the take I don't know but the guy I Rick act you can ask this late this guy actually wanted by headquartered every time he saw occurred minutes late. You're the guy to do the blackjack now. That's what his reaction media that they go to bed fantastic by the way so the starting lineup is how the it is. We dryly yeah I don't doubt that it. A lot of along along the. Betty three a two. Juan. Note that in a lot of thought we track. It seems starting lineup that they used in game all of victory that's kind of a shocker. There it is I tire this year I Jim Brown Jason Kmart is Morse Al. That's a line one through five I like I didn't want them to go big. Guy acting clogging the lane is part of was part of the problem in game three the entire probably a lot of problems that was part of it. I'm fine them stick with this both the reason why they went to game three with this isn't. And I don't know if I rule of relive that down that moment which is has he ever explain like his. So between game running game to. When is it well we looked up the analytics in and Thompson is to some Thompson. Is much better against Al Horford. This is but this after game one. Do you go about there yeah I did one. Did he explain this not that I had not saying he didn't hiding your next but by. So for them to for the Celtics to switch Salina ups I would I think they were pretty confident what they put out there. In game three it this is everything lined up. It just didn't perform so I'm with the good for them out like it Brad Stevens was coolly about it about an hour ago. I'll when he is asked by the media he said will be starting five guys that there was laughter there's laughter abound these. That's what happens when a coach makes a bad joke is that relapse like it's the funniest thing you've ever. So much laughter periodic Ivan he's gonna start the same. Which is where which was worse and I heard you talk a little bit about this LeBron laughter India today with a clap and notice I. Yeah nasal. Carried out. The Belichick won I'm sorry patriots writers you do a great job by. It is unbelievable it is like that guy can stated the most. This the UV hit a hint of anything. Off the rails. At. I get back at you know amounts not that it. It's about an observer but are happy about it and there are times or is funny. And I'm sure not only not in person I've never heard him funny he can be done well at that this weekend eat none now I think he can I don't think he can be. Eight and he waved from the might know owns a wave from the press coverage is being a guy out of his boat in no budget and I think the bar is so low. That people like oh you should know if you saw the real Bill Belichick. It's like when that is the same people say if you listen really closely Bill Belichick the president you can take away morsels. Now you can't. No you can't. And I don't think bill Belichick's funny that you you know are really pissed me off what's been like what a week maybe two weeks since daylight savings time and I can't. A kick out of can't change the clock in my car. All. Would they have elicited that from two bills. Get that stuff funny I don't know where Allen came from now like informant is not. Was he funny into bills like you remember being well now I've never. Correct me if I'm wrong he's never said anything publicly and I mean publicly like wired opera anything it's funny. Late in and win when you have those moments. Of of these people saying on the bill real Bill Belichick little funny than they do some behind this do you think you all aren't funny. I've ever heard it before any debt load the bronze thing was funny year. Even comparing an either or I guess that would aid that was really you thought you know it was chuckle but the clapping the clapping as well not yet especially since they do you think he's reading off the play by play and you know it's the right video right it is owned turnover. Right those are two and now yours all you did you go back and look at the video of that of him looking down reading of the play by play I think he lives yeah I think US too by the way you know it's not funny. It's never funny. Skipping OT case. Yet as efforts he's sick of lucky collecting funny tomorrow is not going to be funny look at that coming up six foot 777979837. Lonnie Brad those ports are idiot W yet. It's my. At night on sportswear. You've been playing forever like Tom Brady you know what the formula is. If you feel like you don't disagree with you don't agree with how things are handled in do we live in how they want their players to prepare. On what to do it myself one guarantee is this Tom Brady's gonna be ready to play. He's going to prepare himself he's gonna work out what Alex Guerrero and his team that's what he believes in. However. Not thrown to a lot of young receivers that have that need that type of chemistry not being around the team but getting on page with some of these receivers that you have no relationship with. That's what you're missing out. Kenny Bernstein diet about Tom Brady missing the first day of OTA's today Rob Gronkowski missed it is well Grady Little bit more the focus. Rob Bradford is the big deal. Air off all of this is a big deal with all everything that we've talked about regarding Brady being drawn to the big deal because. It's a microcosm of the of the problem which is the outs if I've I keep coming back the Al Guerrero thing. Alice Guerrero you've heard it right there Teddy Bruschi is insinuating that Tom Brady is going to be you rather work out on a zone with his own people. With his other group. Then do with the patriots way he'll be ready you'll be ready. But he's gonna get ready on his term. Oh what's wrong that of course is something wrong with it. If some is this about being a teammate. And he said it Tedy Bruschi said it you can part of this equation is working out with the young receivers part of it also is getting in that room and say I'm here. I'm here this is as we have noted as majority pulled up from 2012. He said it yeah importance of this no getting ready not only getting prepared. Just good T eight are touting the foundation. Of what it takes to be a good teammate and yet he has every right to work out wherever whatever else he wants this fine. But that there are certain times where you have to say you know what Alex. I'll be right back undated be over here where my team for a couple days. The bigger indictment for me is less risky and more what you just alluded to there it's Brady's own comments. You eat anything you heard time and place foundation you guys think that it. Then the big job that's. Yeah he talks about you know you think out as just notes in the springtime it does not that important and you know all those things have probably could enter your mind it. The truth is this this lays the foundation for the start of training camp and if you have a good training camp usually means it could start the season and did season you know good start this season. Leads to you know good position entering the second half of the season which leads to good play everything ends up having some. Significance to it you just not how you're running plays and you know going through different things that are here meaning where you're trying to get a lot of things accomplished. So let me ask is that you doesn't thirteen. You have thirteen. Our exit. Let me ask you what is the impetus for him not to him what is what do you think is the impetus for him not being. It's probably the Guerrero. So that we can't get the dude not the contract not the Guerrero. I mean the actor acting to me is still interest just because. Kind of took it as a matter of course that there be something that would Brady's contract this year unless. He is dead set. Against playing beyond this current contract through the end of 2019. So this year plus one more. Just because looking at history this is typically what they've done two years left on the contract is when adjustments have been made so that is a little bit surprising. Now given his age it's not a shock and mean it even though he's playing at a very high level just won the MVP. Can you really bank on four more years of Brady and can you risk cap implications down the line if he can't play it turns out beyond. These heat coming year or the year after so I think it's more the Guerrero thing I think it's more. May be that frustration going back the last episode it's commerce is time not being fully appreciated. And I'll say this. I I do fully expect. That Tom Brady will be ready to go for mandatory workouts that he will be playing. Week one I defy anybody to date 6177797937. Or really any phone number two. Do you try to argue the opposite point I can't imagine there is anybody that truly believes in their heart of arts that Brady is gonna hold out. Anything it is mandatory. Or not be ready to play by the time they're playing pre season games have been ramping up to the regular season that set. Multiple things can return once the around. Multiple things and our vital data much like the money in the banker with so how smile I not remember that house money argument sellable thing multiple things can be true once the other side of that is I don't care how big patriots toady you are. You can't have it both ways you can't completely dismiss this. As nothing. And then fully embrace lock stock and sound bite. Exactly what Tom Brady says that everything the patriots do is by design that everything they do is part of the bigger picture that everything they do. Is about taking those little incremental step to the ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl you can't fully embraced that. And then today. Not a story media creation no big deal when brazen show for a team that can't do both. That's audio is very gaming right course I'm very errors in me in and because when the first time they get a chance to interview Tom Brady. That has to be brought up you said this and I wouldn't mind if someone said took a sheet of paper. And read it verbatim just to make it clear this is what you said. Now respond this leaves no room for interpretation at all. I'll come back to what you said about you OK I agree to contract probably isn't the main thing the main thing is probably Guerrero. And so does all of this interest me yes why I think all of this is important yes because all of it to me it's always been rooted in Alex Guerrero. All of it and that seems bizarre to say that you're saying that about a trainer. A guy who is you know your life coach or whatever but the the Yoko Ono analogy here is an area. It is this is big guy who is pulling apart this this organization. And I I think this sides right or that side right all I know is that I do know that this the guy who's doing that I don't think a lot of his intentions are good. But at the end of the day. How can you say that this organization this patriots organization. If you cannot. Have a little bit whether you're Tom Brady or Alice Guerrero. El or whether you're bill bell check of giving him one officer something. There's something wrong. There is something wrong and all I know is that he is at the heart of this no matter whose side you take you would agree he's at the heart of this. And that is bizarre wood or talk about this page you started seek. It can be brought down. Brought down and I don't know who's good translate to wins or losses I don't know. But to be brought down by a guy name Alex Cora I don't believe it will turn. It's late two wins and losses but again if I'm taking graded his word from 2013. In light if everything is is just a domino effect of one thing leading to the next and then. 2017 or say okay he's played so many years and only had we had the 2007 team this is only a year ago. Was just so consistent at the key you know such approaching record and urgency to his coaching him. You know how he gets the whole staff prepared and the players and you know everything's important to walk throughs. OT days. Mini camps training camp out that you notice many ties between OT eight day you know Super Bowl week. The way that he approaches the preparations. So when we talk about oh that's that's damaged him of course it is of course it into so when we talk about oh. The the wins and losses will this translate to wins loss because the people the naysayers for my argument would be like. All well. He's got to come back he's got to play well he's got to be ready the not to don't lose games because of this. But here's how we could affect sick way could affect wrong. Is that you could be cutting Tom Brady's career short a year right because he's like I don't wanna put up this. I don't or maybe gets it in bill we he would Bill Belichick with really really good players and this is the ultimate good player. Move on from them may be get to that point where you know I'll figure it out without Tom Brady witches. Probably isn't announce hard to do without problem but the biggest thing is my biggest thing Chris is that it just could end. A year if that ends a year earlier. Then. That all of what we're talking about is tremendously important. I don't think it's gonna end up at like oh you lost three games incident to. But it but what talking about is may be more important than that a year less of Tom Brady yeah. And and that's the big thing in the back candidate may be. You know for whatever reason Brady's rethinking the played all 45 and he placed a high level or two when he nineteen he's 43 years old. He's proven his method apple right I mean if you want to be the poster child for his method is there a huge difference between. Playing at a high level until 43 and maybe hanging on until 45 and playing a lesser level I don't think so I think one way or another he's proven the point. That what he does leads to longevity. If he's tired of it and moves on that's the impact that's the potential impact does that impact this season not. Win the division and only twelve games minimum. Minimum twelve victories. Already a position to compete for Super Bowl I just. And what was not impact this. We don't have the behind is all the behind the scenes. Intrigue and inflow of of this whole Guerrero dynamic but we do know a good amount we know that. Yet that the office anymore it's now happening in the middle of season. We we have a pretty good idea that that was a product though off the sidelines do enough to sideline and the without the all of that was a product of the of the patriots probably there at their training staff saying listen this is. We're trying to do our job this guy's doing this and and were conflicting here. So how does he get to this point. Does the does the bizarre thing to me. Where else Guerrero he can he can say this is how you do it how these two sides not come to the middle of the field. Hypothetically. Or literally literally on the battlefield. And just say all right you know what what you're doing. Holes of this works well we're doing some this works some boundaries. And I've said this a million times I apologize I do keep coming back that image that I have. Of Alex Guerrero walking off the field at halftime of the same scheme with Chris Hogan. And why I keep coming back to that is that. If you have any sense of your place. On the sidelines in your place in the organization. You know that the guy who just got hurt you should not be walking off the field when this. That's it. And it it to be. I am taking that example of that this guy is overstepping his boundaries and he's getting he's getting a deal allowed to do that. Because Tom Brady's empower them to do. My Ron so you're more team Belichick and if you had a lean well or the other or more could you ask it what are the reasons is because like I I defer to. There are certain foundational things with Belichick's system that think he's important the whole TO TAs is one of team. And being reliant on the people who are part of the team and these people who are part of that team. Go through many many many many many levels of education. And vetting to get to where they are. So. You have to rely on them if your life somewhat on this outside guy at the appropriate time that's fine. But I am I'm probably gonna defer to bell is Jack when it comes to that part. Well aren't you. I cannot lean towards the player reliably when it's everything gadgets that great. It's Chris Hogan now get in line. I mean not but that's the problem 99 and a half times out of out of a hundred that's the at all about a ten but not you and a half times out of nine times out of ten. I will agree many times out of nine I was slow I will side with. The coach especially in that sport but when it's that level that caliber of player. I defer to him that's well now. That is the problem now you just said it when it's Chris Hogan now that's the problem is that he is if if it was just Tom Brady okay. But it's not just Tom ready that's the compromise did that Belichick was trying he's out by arriving at the fifty yard line I think that's what they tried to do maybe it was done and ham handed way of doing in the middle of the season but he got to the tried to do by saying okay. You can treat Brady only at the stadium. Right and each treating brain differently which I don't know probably put out of the the players do ladder they Chris Hogan understands but Brady's more important don't you get the sense though that. This is. It. And the U Guerrero is drawing more and more and more and more we hear more players all the time we're going to do the Al scorer away. And it so we said if justice Tom Brady then that's fine and maybe I don't disagree with that. But when your actively recruiting. These other guys and saying you know what what they're doing over there is wrong. And what I'm doing is right so everyone squeeze into the Brady three and this through the band's. If that's the problem. That's the problem and I do feel as we're talking through this and Arab we have talked through it. There have to be some compromise and probably Belichick's being hard headed about it too. Brady's being hard headed about that is bizarre that we're sitting here and you say what is the impetus for all of this and is because this one guy. This one guy he has a lot more power there is error in the one guy he has a lot more power in this equation that he should Johnny Connecticut wants to win a John. So from an hour each and do well. I think everybody's all over Guerrero which I understand our. You have a forty cluster all men who tried all. In the NFL forget any other sport. I think that the over backwards for this guy who kept my quarterback gets healthy as well or site immediately looked at a cheap shot or. And then now Belichick pulled another start by basically well for their. Posthumous purple ball because they're fair game for the front to back. All players came with an Brady came right out of the support him in court there at the border between them and leadership because you're not welcome. Brady award went out boat check for that happening in the west. Yeah I hate I think it's much less likely to happen the other way for sure you know wasn't trusting he brings up the Malcolm Butler thing and suitable. I do think that. That's a big part of this scenario I think that in powered. A lot of the stuff that happens more so than than years past. Don't you pay do you feel that way. Yeah because. Belichick assorted dean missed a title of their right yet but the yeah and the players didn't feel emboldened like certainly didn't seem that way they felt much more emboldened after that to. Criticize whether it's players moving on or whether it's the players you liking the instant grams. In the tweets of the players who have had moved on yet we never saw that before. And I do think if this is where ballots could be cussing when Belichick. He does. I think he does owe them somewhat of an explanation yet and oh the fans an explanation EOs say this is what we were thinking here's the film. Here is what it is I know that somebody you are happy about it but sometimes you are gonna do decisions there are are gonna make you happy this is what it was where now we're moving off. By the way good news bad news for the Celtics a good news is. They are taking the ball in the hoop aggressively and JR Smith issued a lot of threes. Bad news some of the shots are going in for Smith and the Celtics admits to dunks and on how many lamps. A rag you gotta close around the Wii U yet that first Al Horford Don what they called foul which case the locals and rolled to a our guys in my early highway baker mayfield be when locals in the stands tonight no kidding he was not happy pairing him he's got a getting into the winning culture that is Cleveland sports that's right for fifty received. Draft that. It is a draft as a draft that was the road it was like you know cable did you pay the ending of that though about six minutes and although he was gonna come out like you don't senate although as I thought I was gonna end. Where he gave up 31 three seconds and get fired yes I exactly that was me what you do is gonna work out Allen now it's it was. It's like Davies who is like money Bausley I don't think that I don't think that Billy Bean's. Flying to Cleveland to make a trade denial that that's happening there was some definite reaches there. Liked it there Jacksonville GM. This poll I got this. It's sort. Of the rookies like a rookie basically lights himself on fire now and it's. John subtle way to have I. They're definitely parts of that the where and its strained credulity but is it gave the model for of all Cleveland Browns draft pick up where you you were the drafted you lose the game Irina was last screening of that and draft day in a a burst out laughing and they. We're gonna make trains that are. Who's the most desperate franchise in the league. Cut Cleveland Stadium. I thought that was yes thought that was funded by the way it's techsters say that the Mona Lisa veto line Nobel attack that was on I know wasn't funny at those. What about Eddie I'm kind of I mean if if I said that you would realize we kept abreast of the situation Janet Jackson thing I'd do that has gone maybe that's the whole deal that was like fifteen years ago. Would not say that I'm. Mona Lisa veto both. The football world as she was in the car expert I. Even explain that I like. This is like abroad all that was missing with LeBron James sunglasses staring down at the piece of paper like he's reading it. By how long do you bigots like you demand rockets at. I have been hearing this played out again. Would not say that I'm. Mona Lisa veto vote. The football world as she was in the car expertise. I did that or others missing is him leaving back like LeBron. Very down there any doubt it. I'd six point 77797937. I'll keep you update on the Celtics they're down six in the first quarter we'll get back Samir calls some of your thoughts on Brady skipping OTA's coming up a Lonnie brown bowl with you sports hernia WB yeah. Sox get the chaos before traveling to. Sox and rays street team. And at 645. Brewers could get seven. Small Sports Radio WEEI. From all over new England's you've called written and even treated for us and we heard you loud and clear. Are famous colossal lobster roll is finally back at the Ninety Nine restaurants it's overflowing with a sweet and tender lobster. So whether you like a lobster hot or cold water we're tough to Mayo. You get huge flavor piled high and a grilled for usual and it always comes with crispy Fries and fresh coleslaw. So don't just go page getting here and go colossal. 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Went to express their legal reasons stipulating how off the reports were alive in America yes because. We get to play about. Oh yes no legal reasons is that if if you want to watch the game I mean. There's probably other ways to do it there might be. I think the best way to be a listen I listen to get an update like every five minutes gas wells where we're generally just told you all you need to know Marcus Morris shooting on that's not good for the Celtics Texas they're returned the Celtics. Op at least by bad calls already I'm understanding here Ryan that we got a call accuse against him was I think was from an attorney slandering audio out all of our. Wholly legitimate attorneys they caller 7 o'clock at night. Right to slander he's got ugly you don't you don't think it tarnished the so called 7 o'clock in the right now waited ages college I don't feel like I'll call and complain about something you would have a better idea of Wallace. Which is not the case of this call. EU. Easy bad ref for his and he's got he's not hour now he's not great and I don't think it's slander. And anybody thinks it is slander is an idiot. But he's welcome to sue me I have an office in the federal courthouse I'd be more than happy to walk upstairs and all those missing are you doing this. As me is like saying to the five away who say you know slandering them. This is the OK it's who cares. I as very high pitched if you know all of the non imitate him mute imitating dale one but it's that it's. He liked all right distracted by this the guys morons have into the 617 is rod bet on sports. In sports now. Now and again it was your idea well AA credentials and does that sound educated me I would bet might be the W day so it's okay for the players Kurds look at the writers to bet on sports but at the players do than their band forever in their it's like guys they have received fears he baseball and the players do you fancy baseball. But the rights gained nearly a day out is the beauty of the game it's out we follow the game. By betting you ever heard the rumors about. And prosper and we call the game is impacted by how he bent on. The rumors yes rumors there there's it's got under the T well I today allegedly allegedly. I Alley gets you high powered offenses I don't think I hold you over I don't know that view is that's like a betting guy rampant that'll. I think this spring when I heard him on the stern of stern interview. I doubt this those are common it is common knowledge right it is. What now obviously is to be worked for like he gambling right that for us. He was abused doubling down runner. Out at that whole thing was. In getting in in trouble for players produce I had thought that was a serious Cason ridiculously over that's one of these things in five years or a look back nor can news do you believe outnumbered that was account yeah exactly at all. So. When that oil is something that weighs that was controversial. I know they texture here Alice Guerrero is in quote Yoko ought to stop that crap he's nefarious con man who opera dot dying cancer patients that we have millions. The try to do to get a caution suffers that was Conning Brady are pertaining to the only person capable of trading him would bands are trading with bands. In deep tissue massaged oral con job that shameful. That the media has given both quote doctor Alex in you can't ignore all game you can't ignore all that stuff from his these past. And and I'll come back to it which is. This guy is he's not clearly isn't backing off. Of of overstepping its bounds right now I mean this is he he's in Brett from what we know. He's embracing this and by the way it's only Brady's the only professional athlete. Even in this city but professional I think general that buys into. What. Al square Sal and there Ramirez is doing it this year Rob Gronkowski I mean there are and these guys are elite athletes. That. Are trusting bared their future their financial future their body. Two days is there something to it I don't know I haven't actually work to the mass Tommy Carney as he has worked with him you cannot. Just completely gloss over the the snake oil salesman they did he got in cahoots with then that he was in part on that one out he can't do that. I don't think it's fair to say that Brady's is being duped here. Can I tell you also that. Besides Ellis Guerrero they're there is other people there are other trainers and other coaches and and on the side who helped these guys who are not affiliated with the team this isn't anything new at. It just happens to be dead. Brady is the most important player Brady is the most high profile player and because he's sacked. Alex Guerrero is the most hall high profile guy and and as I said before he's not backing off of this opportunity. If not now into it and that to me is a little unsettling. Three files by the way for Marcus Morris cavaliers are on top by nine. In the first quarter two point 617. Well it's more your phone calls coming up the final hours 61777979837. Its full body and Brad those Sports Radio W yeah.