Mut at Night - The Tom Brady update was good, the Gronk update was not so good 4-23-18

Mut at Night
Monday, April 23rd

HOUR 1 - Never Mut at Night, Rich Keefe is joined by Chris Villani as the guys discuss Rob Gronkowski's eventful weekend. Could Gronk's strange press conference spell the end of the Rob Gronkowski era in Foxboro? And through agent Don Yee, we get an update on what Tom Brady's mindset has been this offseason.


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This cease mud site. At night with Chris a lot of rap with your fat part of the ball he. And you plant nutrient yeah that's yeah integrated right enterprise that trained. Oh really good when I love apple a lot. Plus you know into coaching football league wild break. We're doing. Yeah I confirmed that. Now here's much at night on Sports Radio W. And everybody tonight. Sports Radio WEEI average gave crystal Lonnie a miracle seven Gilani all the way until 10 o'clock you'll be joined at eight by Andy Hartmann was. We believe. Hey he he he laughing. The route the Rob Gronkowski. I guess press conference that yet that it was more money is the follow question or he does laughing because that's what they do. But anytime it's an easy crowd there yet and ever and Belichick makes one of his oh you guys know about my phased in your face and snaps phase out. Yeah. Longer. I can't even count up you got up. Nothing wrong said it was funny or even now on the line of funny. Now there's just Altera was making noises and he's been funny in the past he's not incapable of being legitimately thought he had said some funny things that I can't think of any of the government have ensure that I'm sure they've we dug we will investigate I'm sure that is happens before baits that actually one of the funniest things was he ever said I thought is. Now all on its non emergency its its ground. As strong I thought that was funny that I was up there unintentional comedy may be that the has pretty that's pretty sells more is this a big what are you doing was used trying to be funny that doesn't radio inner. No one's. We'll have with a guy that you sort here. Does that sound like nick right that wasn't a great model out there routes my I think I'll I'll probably accounts my college classmate and a great. Really graduate in your neck and nick and I are buddies back then we really. Yes were at the over decision other WAR. Lonnie and right. Right on an island an of the talk radio step back and video much like video we started to talk radio people videos show a ditty called the right way. I was what's his what's right. What's right and bad idea nick right now getting together Eagles yes Friday. Then get each other's numbers about a nice three demo on the air or Sharia that was in a radio interview with Michael hall. Ethnic right. That's thicker there's a couple of the people there for that interview was now well on Ollie and Belichick now and I'm about blown this out of proportion like I think this was pretty damning for grown up and I think. The patriots might have or had their mind made up my favorite thing just. The fans look at that there will be one like this is finally were usually kind of we try to be in on the joke with you like a lake sixty nines funny great we got that putt. This yesterday or or Saturday we like what the hell. Like that what is the schedule why can't he just say he's playing when he asked point but I'm not that he has to take to. Twitter or it's or grammar hold his own press conference Billick I'm back. But when you're there in front of people may ask you why do you have to get so weird about it cannery. Is toned. Two nowadays fans wanna hear to what his fans eyes and it doesn't Emmys and won here at the he's coming back and playing the patriots but. Even just some sense of direction. Is the second best thing right I mean he can't get the yes independently coming back. Well I I don't think I'm coming back or wanna play somebody else at play somewhere else having some sort of idea of where this thing is going in what it's ending up with is. The the ideal situation patriots fans this point he is passing interest in providing it because he had numerous opportunities are euros announced that opportunities. And the political by the boards every single time and that's why I I sort of on the the side of the fence of people who. Look at. Some of the patriots related reporting in the off season and say it's media driven to an extent. I think this Brady thing with chapter is a great example of that and I think it is our yet got it from somebody and Jolie conspiracy theory I guess you could make is that was the patriots weird way of worsening Tom Brady's hand into. Definitively having somebody say Don Yee on record. We know we. The real Don you write brochures the re publishers aren't at Canada. But that that that oil is you know these are to come back which which is the report today. That narrative though it was sort of media Jordan to meet everything the Brady said done. Indicated into donated has suggested he's coming back without a front 'cause media legit that this is 100% different. Andy with a rating does not also show you that you know what how much tension that there really is and how much how many issues there really are. If you have to use data show after till late smoke out a response yeah quarterback woody can't talk to own or are you said the agent he can't figure that out. He had to do that. So that was very bizarre and it's still remains one of its been a crazy offseason obviously that it's been so soap opera driven but the Brady. Report from show after his right there at the top for being strange so is this weekend with Rob Gronkowski. I thought that and we had some reports backing this up that he wants to play for Brady said he would if he isn't wild. About. You know how they're making him train or not train with Guerrero or how much access he can have two or even if that's bothering him a little bit. He just wants to play Brady is he knows how great it is to be when did the best quarterback ever. Recently announced in the may be he just wants to get paid the most possible and to see that this is a weird way to go about wanting more money. Usually you hear players very clearly say I want more body here or like I'm gonna hold out are only able money not this this is sort of the very strange. After these days it feels like he wants more money someplace else at the yeah it does he want to contract extension and wants to go someplace else and maybe he is that the message for whatever reason from Bill Belichick has gotten stale in Bryant's mind the way that he goes about his business does not something that he wants to be apart of any war. By the B patriots and their other some. Even look at the tax line here there sang of and his out of proportions and non story how do you make that argument. In relation to gronkowski at this point how do you make the argument when he can't even fix his mouth to say to. Quote the great Dale Arnold yes but he's played the patriots this year. And it went what do you think he's doing at this point right why would he answer it that way why would he be approaching the off season this way you think is a non story. Give me the reasonable explanation given the logical explanation don't tell these he's trolling the media he's troll in the that's ridiculous it's trauma team what are what he had to its English he's trolling the band -- if he everybody first and the media is just sort of the the important elected tea. Did the Condit would of that message that's what it seems like this. Point now it does and then so this week also and you have the NFL draft and that could add another layer to it and again if they draft a tight end of their first pick. That doesn't automatically mean that Rob Gronkowski is on the way out and even par you know what I think it is already an idea of preferred prompt not for Brady. I don't know Don he'd today said that he expects him to be back that we all expected to pack. But who is in to throw it to you but that's where three gonna get it it's on the existing discussion is it. You know Danny Amendola burning cook sorority go on to Rob Gronkowski be joining amid is it just going to be. Radian cattlemen like what his trip to Montana and coming up those reports about next month be just him and cattlemen. An element that's a run every route coming off of his knee injury and he is nobody else out there. But it's very strange to have. Yet Alvin Logan Mitchell Paterson. Matthews yeah operate doors that. And Britain's or set those here wide receivers right now how many are going to Montana. All of settlement get a lot its ascent it's a big stage you'd better get that that's true it's big sky country a threat wealthy should he should now on all routes he can run with the remote there. That's the point I mean for everybody that this thing that this is a a non story that based off of what his heart just raucous concern but it just gets is isolate that. Because the then more argument Buick well you know had they won the Super Bowl though this were to happen. Which I. Would say is false because you saw that the potential retirement story began. Leaked out. Before the Super Bowls even play correct in his first asked about it after the Super Bowl and then that led to all its other discussions and that's where. His weird kind of non answers began. You know there how'd you how'd you find out about that I don't wanna talk about it. It announcement maybe it would have been resolved quicker they were in the Super Bowl and winning is sort of count all for a lot of fans I think a great Brady's mood may be a lot different had they won although you can even say may be just retires. If they win. I don't think he wants to end on these Super Bowl loss that just aren't the. If this is just about money this is done a month ago. I need it it's just purely money everybody's on the same page at gronkowski he wants it back in a patriots uniform the patriots want him back to tie him with Brady throwing to him. This is done a month ago. These guys have done this before they've worked out contracts before they figure out a way. Extend them you're given more money upfront role money from bonuses to whatever the date they make it work with Brady. And ending made it work with gronkowski in the past and other players in the past it's purely a money thing. What is taking them so long it speaks to weight problem on either one side or the other or both. Yeah I read I don't get it let's go to the phones we ralphie Cranston on dog wrong what's going on Ralph. Big guys. You know it's the perfect time to get rid of it and get rid of he's becoming the quality you want to say this is not that it's constantly battle. So now I do not want to see Belichick say it looked to route equipment I just get out of the seat that it would argue. In it let's face eroding what type what their last title without. But the thing about it it's a bit of deceit is bright esque it's cool at the triple visual and you know what do what you Brady. In fact I want to rebuild anyway at all honestly I never thought yes I think that. You know you do his personality greeting Leo we know hopefully in here but you know what we did a I don't have acquired it in now the way he's acting you'll be able to take football serious I'd say. Get critical buckets here that you let's that we built to keep parts right now with this draft. Aaron thanks for the call Ralph that they got eight years album placed there 78 year and that's the that's the next question where I don't know what that answer is already know where you begin. And that's that guys so he's he's 28 years old. Right now. I think you'll be 29 for firms serve next season and practiced point nine next month. So. I doubt all the injuries that he's had all the back surgeries that concussions the you know everything else in between. And a guy who's flirted with retirement and you don't know that is she just a ploy to get more money or what that what that even really is gonna have to at least be on your list. If your team try to acquire him. And then if your bad team. I don't think it's point nine rural gronkowski makes a lot of sense now. But would you give a polite if you're the browns which of shirt. The patriots would love to send it to a bad team or to a bad team in the NFC got to deal they're afraid to send you the problem of the browns would they be afraid to send high around broadcast is rounds I'm probably would not wanna send him. To a team in the in the AFC are certainly knew he had -- -- I could Teddy Teddy T gadgets and Cleveland heart yet people like to make a difference like the Texans with all those pictures down there they would problem battle or am titans all the patriots that they have there jaguars jaguars made teammates quarterbacks better if he does certainly could even make a mediocre quarterback let's go looked serviceable. But then you go back to the I think this this started like a month ago or so too was is O'Dell Beckham we had on last hour but that's the kind of trade that might make the most sense on because. You take another super talented player. That may not be the right fit for his current team and Kashmir reason why. And with a O'Dell Beckham I mean that's a bad team right now maybe it's our move on from there at the pay him a zillion dollars to keep on. So the other dealer looking added that just going based off what their what the current contracts are could be won your vote go back home or two years of Robert cows and. I go back to on the giants why would I do that if I'm thinking. We're probably not gonna be good next year we're definitely not going to were don't want to sign O'Dell Beckham. That's screens trade him for some long term acid a AK draft picks. Or APEC and I am kind of on the same thing with weave back and I don't really know how to define his value other than. Saying at the high end he's clearly a first rounder that you start talking the and you factor in the contract situation and some of the of their extra maladies that changes a bit is a little. If he's reliable upon that on the giants I want a guy that I can draft. And haven't in my control for four years as potentially part of a rebuilding process I guess them playing the Ralph in Cranston side of the fence now. On the giants' perspective what do makes it Robert koskie and that's. Oh it's true and then. Ralph's other point about Dez Bryant I lights Dez Bryant a lot. I think he's I think he's passed from these done I don't now I know you make an argument that when he had Tony Romo guy to throw the ball down field. He was really really good. I always had deck press got war match job or whoever else is out there and I've been nearly as good so maybe some of that's on the quarterback. I think you'd be better with the Brady. But I'll take my chances with Jordan Matthews for now when in your acquittal it's an Art Bell on as primary in an office is yet watched is that gonna concert bronco when them. About I I just don't want AV is coming over for for fifty bucks and right from the airport and I want you know on right now I don't I don't think he would have valued your foot to track it if he wasn't very nice player lounges all pro that's great at some point. Let's go to Steve in Springfield upstate. Courtney you. I. Don't. I take it all art yeah hunters can. As Bryant I don't want you here and you're talking about back. I'd be out why aren't out you lit built. He didn't I don't understand why you're not quite. Eat in here. Well like I'm. So we really know it takes the phone call Steve we really know what the patriots stances on this cigar they drawing a line and saying we're not gonna pay you more than they're getting paid right now we don't really know we have even heard rumors of that which is also. Weird about this past season we haven't gotten either the patriots side or the wrong slash rosenhaus side that say. Paid wrong would be willing to pay you this will crop wants or this is what the pacers we will at a pace we're just kind of speculating on on that stuff. In which they did wanna figured out the one way or another before Thursday yeah I mean this draft is fascinating for a lot of reasons but it did the main reason is. With the patriots having a bunch of picks the ability to move out of that they wanna do but one way or another drafting work guys potentially the first two rounds. And balancing. Sort of the the long term lens with which ballot check looks at the draft to building a team. With the desire to let's squeeze every last drop out of Tom Brady Ara. And where does he know where is that sort of the pendulum swing. One way or the other are you thinking about replacing Rob Gronkowski thinking about replacing Tom Brady with a quarterback. Or is it more about immediate needs this year though Belichick says he isn't draft for needs it is and understand at all. And in this hour again that conspiracy book on key spears even though I'm saying it yes Don solvent trademarks and whatnot pat by handing. The Adam chapter as the go between yeah. I mean the timing of it is perfect right. BK is. Think about it and maintain a believe this but it's key spears and and after their you don't if fact it's better you know better get out. The idea that the patriots can package their two first round picks and move up into the top ten are the top and a fifth pick it's available Broncos they'll be at least one or two of those quarterbacks available then is that a move that you make. If you can't flush out Brady. As they did through chapter to come out and say that he will come back and play next year. If they move ball into the stay out all that and yeah our right there with you and they turned up at the top five fertility integrated area in that top ten pick cents. Well what mail list handed Richard Seymour was six thanks that it has two top ten picks. Under bill Belichick's that they did that and that they did that to draft a quarterback. I mean. Dollars a year your guy but you're your take in the 2018 season and using some in your top assets for a backup and really prepared for nineteen and beyond yet. Which I think would really upset a lot of fans via honestly that's two months what it. I mean there would you let me it's you and I think for the fans if you want this team. See my my thing is I don't wanna go full circle back to you. How was when I started becoming a patriots fan I feel like that these all are working for fans that that are thinking that. I forget that the franchise existed prior to 2001. And I don't wanna go back to relevance if you wanna stay relevant and if you believe in the patriots ability that when they. When they decide they're gonna target guy and draft a guy that positioning quarterback lady did with grapple occupant that they're going to hit. No I don't know the quarterback class is going to be next I had prods great. Fantastic I just write our run on the Internet that is even better than nothing that I last year but if you want this team to 2 PM dot successfully. Quarterback to coach. And and in both of those spots. You've got to be thinking about getting aggressive potentially finding a star caliber quarterback rather then yeah hoping you you find that guy in the third or fourth round it's possible. But typically as the those horrible kind of guys they come out of the first rats mossy and bring down that likely during the last season it eaten those more than half of those guys. Have been first round picks the kind of guys you go up and get. Rather than sit back and and hope you get lucky with a Russell Wilson type in the third round. It's a big week for the patriots the draft starts on Thursday I think Rob Gronkowski is going to be traded Arnold that's going to be during the four hours or after the draft I don't know if you can't pin me down on that I want all of our allies to do that easier wrong opposite way happens during your round how would I ever be wrong. Understanding and then he'll say the spots it will actually eight hours a yeah and acting on line. Jody Williams month. I think he should eaten the hundred dollars and wrong a hundred dollars if they don't trade ground yes Heidi Thursday for but I Thursday at is that what I did if they different I yards 800 dollars that's actually pretty good deal rate. Yeah and I would do it that had fewer units that deal. And look at your phone calls are coming up 61777. I 7937. It is Keith envoy on a sports rated W yeah it's much at night on Sports Radio. He. Never thought. Auburn's defense but Lonnie Sports Radio WE EO gets your phone calls here in just a moment NFL draft starts on Thursday patriots we've. 21 round picks 22 round next. And NFL draft expert Mike may op. And if Miller than Christian at McMahon are familiar there's work yes NFL network when he was on pardon might take. And he was asked about the patriot strap a Bilbao checked everything for foreigners. In whose sound great successor and he got a big cracked plate for bill. And I think he's the best. Football coach in history to gain any evil more people ever met in the other thing is he's a contrarian. He's way outside the box team happened to pick in the first round and dangerous. I know what we're active and move up. If he's not drop well he rarely stays in place but the two most. Obviously on the face of the patriots franchise is a big doled out at left tackle. And coo Tom great successor and he got to figure out a way to get both of those done in the near future. So you're sex. This brutal. Look I think this as complete a low key Walt Jackson EE bill on pay a little while one little to gut it and outlaw malt but I don't like it won't happen. I'm on the record I'm a Lamar Jackson guys well I know I was in on the Mark Jackson the first round I don't wanna trade up form because I think. As good as the patriots are they have other needs they have left tackles Maalox and having linebackers a pretty big need for them I think Warner. Is even a need for them. But if Jackson is sitting there 23 or 31 I would be on board. But there are rightly you don't know the patriots are gonna do hooker big doled out well are all. They could use a big big old fellow over there left tackles what they need. Now they don't they don't trade up often but they've done that before they trade down a lot to these to be either Tony Jackson. Ye after a yes I think so. In the Cincinnati takes them and now I think there's going to be four quarterbacks taken in having him. Well enjoy it ever goes exactly the way to a backache I I agree it that I think there's gonna be the for the we've talked about there also that hired Alan Arnold. Rosen and and may feel baker field trials and in the end what really not a big mayfield act is a bit of a loose cannon small like his attitude is too small small Russell Wilson says yes well. Yeah it was a horrible with air and give him until it hit the you know you give a bigger mayfield the legion of both a jaguar yet and that will talk less than wanted to limit at the legion of boom first got my draft baker may feel perfect you don't hear that he wears like that headband thing like that. Yeah he's got more moxie than the other guys these elect cash and Arnold seems like a loser and see these kinds comments as of I don't watch sports on television I don't wanna listen to fifteen minutes between picks and a dude being like. You know it's ticket moxie Alec is head band crystal on eight of the Eddie does like to watch sports on television know people talk about you said some shorts on tells you know what I meant now I thought people talk about what I'm out of Dave and talking about I do not watch people talk about sports until do you listen to people talk about sports or not I'm not tethered to I've watched the game here and I think you'll or like your yards that are glad. Yeah I'd go for Iran and listen to a humble brag to deal with Egypt the only key podcast thank you. That's probably fair yeah I've seen and I think that's a fair to actually you know it was you know you want us at the school news show don't get up allegation wants that again your will on its own interest in the waking up in the morning and looking at people talk about sports they yap about sports with that sudden attention it's got to be any doubt aides built on setup and some pop culture. Opposed SP EC west world in the west wrote god I guess that scene did you watch the episode last night season two premiere now and dads it's. Apparently have up their attitude built it up I got on a spoiler for anybody right family he'd like yourself a lane is in the Phil what's going on lane. It. Partner and I wanna say it and I think that. The book that capacity to make it straight Brady and art in. The round at the part that obviously import it comes. Back and drove it. With an opposite bondage in Egypt and it got. And then I'll bet that not without it. Gerri great through the Broncos always sucked back checked OK okay I'll leave it all and obviously editor's rules out. So you are serious and other slain you know register and houses are hot taken a big you don't think they should move on from Brady it's not there it's hot it's got to say and it decided he brutally. It is bill shelled a bill show I think we all would have to admit is a lot better when you have the best quarterback Italy yet. The star bills show is Brady you still have so you have a conversation. If Rob Lowe still on the teams and now. You have more you'd have more of a leg to stand on I think I also again go over and play this ridiculous thing to see out they click cellular perspective where are they from the legal perspective. Would you rather Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski or CN dongle and Bradley chuck. Morally sick on Barkley and one of those whatever yeah that I'd rather have the rookies and try to build some rough unless I mean buying a championship I don't know it's quite that easy you just plug completes these guys aren't anywhere that's the first roster in football and win it I it's a fun game. If you could take a break like run at the fight game we only do fun games here on the show right if you could say Brady and rock. It used in the lots for the sake of argument they're both healthy for a full season back. Could you put them on any AFC team and have them go to the Super Bowl. Now I don't think so now there. As important as quarterback is now a quarterback can make up a lot of a lot of them yet right but that's also you're taking to star offensive players. So at the browns would still lose a lot with those guys I think that you put him on Jacksonville. Are they might want to use yep I think that that team Gifford and lag yeah you put my Cleveland. They're probably worth about they get up there a plan worth about eight games I bring you what maybe better it could make the playoffs and maybe they win to just throw as most is there were the more the lieutenant six yet I've had yet but I don't think there's suitable to now there they would and he. So I don't that's why about the evil on hypothetical a little game of there fund I'd rather have weathered Barkley chug on whatever U combination it won a college debt sooners by the hour. Yet this fast track trade Brady hot guy his age desert he sold that takes other people in. Sewing workshop that another place I think's out and brought here exactly he presented a fine. Mighty the first in the fourth pick for breeding ground are not doing that deal. Now it's more your phone calls are coming up 61777. On sevens he's gonna seven texture creep its. I agree the collar trade Brady. Trade broad. Believe it. Trade the whole crew I mean Donald that is essentially has rarely jags are that's like Belichick and drug gonna handle captain and he likes grow it trade vault at the time are all out. Capable lot of sports rated WEEI. That's a more mocked at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Never bought five rolls on received crystallized force radio WEEI. We have game six Bruins may have beliefs. Lines. News. Relies a lot. Why should it fly crutches. I got messed around that top line but here's what you have right now Tommy wing angles and your favorite mine Tommy what goes up on the second line with preaching to Ross. Rick Nash was at one point in the series. He was out there was Riley Nash and Backus and then you have book trolley each dollar and Sharif so law. Know Ryan the non he's not going to be in there and Dan Tynan is going to be. It just watched this game so game six Bruins have a chance to move on to the next round here with a win tonight you worried about the Sears now. Isolated and are doing tonight. Yeah I'm not not worried about it and him that and I said not to place that makes solid yesterday doing double negative there but those who is your humble not worried about I'm not I'm not worried about it Canada's. They are the better team they've shown it they beat this team without Patrice Bergeron I acting so many things have had to go right. Big games that the Maple Leafs won even as ad is Tuukka Rask was the starting game five. They stored in a position to at least tie the game and it was largely through. The maple leaves just handing them opportunities this is not a great hockey game our hockey team rather area around as the Toronto and I I do feel like there. The Bruins are just better and will very likely dispatch and tonight that the bros. Did get the benefit of NASA from Calgary. Being an idiot get himself suspended for three games they were able to withstand that he comes back he is one of their five best players probably so he returns so. That obviously helps them but even still there would would the rosters that are out there the Bruins are the better teams though. I think it once I added to grass has a monster game and he bounces back and shows you that I was more of a fluke what happened he better is he gets pulled again. Oh boy oh boy you guys have a uninteresting. Conversation tomorrow for two to six it was Sergio John is in the car he joins us next what's up John. Hey Perry made the cards on our Larry and or try to be. This is jars on a day a year earlier. So I'm on the expressway or militarized look great either traffic or the conversation about packaging. First round draft choices to move well get it real risky quarter. It just depends what kind of day you're on the restless sort of contract at nick balls just signed. It. Just tell me. Are you can opt out next year right. Signed a twenty year yeah I feel that you. Went. It think about. All the quarterbacks that change change you worked with the patriots roll dice Brady maybe block one more year. And then look at the quarterbacks that are going to be coming freed that are already. So Marty proven NFL tracked. Guys think they're great for the great. The really truly great quarterbacks don't change teams that often and you are you're talking about whom nick foals and by Kirk cousins like those guys are RE. W pick a first round draft choice this year is going to be better than those guys. Yeah that's the chip DA yes yes. Yes a thousand times yeah yeah. Hey they let you amend expressway it's nothing to be trifle with this now it could be it could be a tough time I saw its overall point was. With some the bad comedic timing irritant to brag about really working out I've let myself like watching your grunt like serenity press conference currently there's guys that I had done that even personally aren't out of a turn in the any heart fake laugh you can that would help of Hillary dealt bill without there. As we have that as well. The idea of. Eight does a quarterback have to come out of the draft for the answers know that there are other ways to get a quarterback but. How many truly great quarterbacks are just signed as a free agent portrayed again it can happen. But look at these franchise type quarterback like Brady and Rogers and Roethlisberger. Peyton Manning is a very weird circumstance like you have to be late your career have neck surgery have your team deal to get the number one pick in a year where there is a quarterback all all of that Kara frank factored in but most of the guys. They stay on their team so even if next year let's say 2018. Will Kirk cousins beat better than Josh Rosen Josh Allen and Sam Arnold yet I would say so next year. But TV is everybody really sold on that's the other guy Jimmy Garrett Steve at least for a year. But after that those guys have a better chance because you already know Kirk cousins is your though Alex Smith is gallery or those guys are. This is still the unknowns so maybe you you're able to get the next you know top five quarterback. Let's go to bill in Malden what's up bill. Yet no one falls a big thank you. But I mean. Yeah red white blue team and the united I would never say anything bad about boosting the clock is starting to one point. So it's Saturday wore that day word you know I mean like Chris was saying earlier. You know I was going along with this media creation and now it's all kinds of but I mean look want to act like he's acted. I mean comic. He couldn't couldn't help sell movie he was out yet he doesn't want these 21 when he's trying to be funny. Yeah it's awkward is that it is wood so I mean and and again it's irritating me now that he's acting like there's. Is this season ticket holder I made a commitment. Are ready I'd put my money up and now these guys and I helped apple wow what lessons. Partly gains I'm not I'm not you know I'm not like him that would I'm. With the clock and I don't like what they haven't all read. And in his big out he should have kept his mug shots. Well he's up to the ordinary lives who is talking about this as such this declined to know. Undercut pitched. Dynasty and what Belichick has built in their lobbyists. Are sitting in the away is that it talks. You know you got that lean Johnson make in comment special song not know and an effort to try to win this down so little minutes. It then it's gonna come down you know I I don't like it. I don't I don't I don't like to build a reverence for the call let's get passion right there on the guys that can express and actually. Now lame Johnson meanwhile may be very right it seems like a lot of guys might be. Rather have fun and win a championship and win 45. And be miserable and hear why these guys are miserable honoring your separately it. It's also I think just a question of shifting priorities of life and this is something people can relate to does that make things that people can relate to professional athletes but I think this is one that you can. When it. You accomplish. Certain. Goal or a certain set of goals professionally and all of a sudden different interests in different aspects of your life. Start to grab work your attention and a bigger share of your time in your energy and effort and for gronkowski. He's room is a reserve to cannon and he's all set it up ever played against her. Got the Super Bowl ring. He was he part of the Super Bowl champion not just was all along for the ride injured as is it his team won a Super Bowl so he's done that. He's got nothing left to prove in the game maybe now he wants to continue to play it on his terms which don't include. Whatever is happening in Foxborough right now that he's not world now Rob Gronkowski to waited about fifteen minutes uh oh he said. It's unfortunate gronkowski the horse will not be able to race in the upcoming Kentucky Derby due to an illness. I fully support what is best for the horse. I know you'll come back strong and healthy and I'm excited to see him race again very soon let's his horse or you need he's a part owner of vote rock. He owned the horse rock and yields peace divorce. Yes we don't which piece that is that he does on a piece of the horror that we are supposed to be in Kentucky Derby you know you don't even rhetoric you know by specific piece of the force spread like back lag. Now Frontline. I I owned under orders but he does know the whole thing. It. You'll works well what do you do it you'll will of the horse little horse and like you know equestrian Belgian warm blood what do you do that. Of course you write a worse of course do you don't worst I have ridden horses street. If I'd what you do what so why would you Ono were not doing one right now that race. I know she is undersized horse. Was that like course he'd answered. What ever seen any Olympics they do good I. You dance Paris well she's retired her size horse she okay. Majesty get older your tirade today at the end up. Why. You don't you you all of our biggest source Philly get flummoxed you who has just before this what are. Did you start this at five you've been over two hours and we could that we get a really flush the thing I didn't seem like something your really wanted to get into it well you're wrong now you're absolutely wrong. Let's talk about our source. Grind source faster than my horse I don't know that I could pride not the same old stuff I horse bigger. Bigger and I were I would think so yeah that is a Belgian warm blood like almost clients deal size and cheat sheet date to be there on earth. That is an Arab and also watching this right now it looks like all of really easy part size against no jumps. No doubt I like China media is for the space the most liberals she she's done that suited jumps I don't do that you ever fed horse carrots jerk. What's that like. Will sloppy he had battles sloppy they're really like parents and their teeth are enormous sum always worried you know little anxious there in your finger looks like he carried his thing I know it. Now you wrote a big glove. Now you just can't hold down upon in this and she hasn't. All right well woody opponent is going to be it's going to be the gates of time to recover from the that you're trying to animated story rather call that back some work you have probably tomorrow somebody was on Twitter they wanted to hear more off or stock on the radio I think that person being sarcastic but I like it or not out I gave T anyway good. Good I'll review the gras itself go a little bit here maybe mix in some Red Sox and obviously the Bruins are about to drop pots old price steer clear that give you. Some other cavities to talk sports tonight is the the bees are playing in the background. Also I Johnson Ernie this exit Dojo draft guru he's going to be joined me at 730 what might patriots do. Indicate learn self eighty Hart yeah joins about 8 o'clock so will try to you. Investigate the the laugh the mysterious lap in the eighty aren't very good daily key back out tomorrow at two Mark James will join us at 3 o'clock in them.