Mut at Night - Is Trump’s Eagles move smart politics? - 6-4-18

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Monday, June 4th
Hour 4 - Villani flies solo for the final hour and talks about the Eagles players starting to respond to Trump disinviting the team from the White House. He also gets into the Red Sox and the internal issues with the Patriots.

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We use these mud at night. At. You. Moods are just not close. Every girl. I think about it. Yeah it's true recruited him. We got the mandatory minicamp this week so obviously this group of people golf so looking forward to it can't wait to get back to back to work. We're excited now Theres much. Talk Sports Radio W we. Sports hernia WEEI. Two relic is so I have to be on TV for the rest of the night baloney with you till 10 o'clock then Mallard taking over their late night. Some the techsters I Chiming in now with some some good examples and one obvious one we missed. It's a local of sort of in the locker room murder intra team. Fighting your feuding or operas I soap operas as a work. Doc Rivers Ray Allen rise on around that's a good one. And I mean Allen or Rondo general. That is England. Does Bobby Valentine Colin Dennis is I was unsure of Alex parameters for than. It seemed like he parameters were fluid they each no matter what anything I said didn't quite fit in. I don't think DD Billy Martin and Reggie Jackson. I yankees battle with Steinbrenner that'll equations pretty good pulled out before our time but. Bobby Valentine with everybody. I mean Bobby Valentine in the media certainly for that year eight I was players middle Brooks. Yeah I need to get back to two that season. It was such a surreal time. To be a Red Sox fan those three years. As you add 2011. Width one of the most dominant teams that the Red Sox have had in recent memory for five months completely and utterly implode in epic fashion. And you think he can't get more memorable in this. Then 2012 comes line and it's train wreck from start to finish. Driven by good Bobby Valentine conductor hat on and everything just riding the train right into the side of the mountain and then. The next year when the world here's. I mean it it's just mind boggling that played out that way you really think about it. Roller coaster that Bob was a disaster from the start he CS that this is going to and that. And and did anyone they wanna deal swinging right you he used the top of the list back then. John Farrell. Was in the mix as well at point Odyssey toward Lavelle might have gotten interview to his Red Sox. It deals when was their guy but they interviewed like four or five guys after that and then hired none of them. It ended up going with Bobby Valentine Gene Lamont he was also lie in the mix at that point. If thumb and I'm remembering correctly was a roller coaster they ended up making on the worst possible choice they could. And the next year John Farrow comes in below the Red Sox world hears champs about that so we did talk a bit of baseball I kind of intermittently there it's on the Pope all time. The big story against the denied in the sports world is at Donald Trump this inviting the Philadelphia Eagles. Just eight. I again I I understand from a political perspective what trump is doing here in creating wedge issues that's all politicians do out to eat all you want. I I do a lot of time for sure but it's certainly a reality. That we face now. And the guys that we're going to show up for the Eagles reportedly it it was a minority but a certain contingent of Eagles were planning on showing up. Those are the guys that. Were going to you may be excited to attitude meet Donald Trump maybe some supporters there Weber was those guys that he dis invite. So it comes across to me at least as petulant and petty but is it Smart politics problem. Because it's the kind of thing that fires up your base it's kind of thing he gets people. Riled up excited and too. You to polling places that's it and it's an election so again and again it seems like when is it not election year. So that story certainly out there and some Eagles have been starting to push back on social media including Torrey Smith. Saying that. There were people of different views and their men and women that wanted to go and he should be able to go. That's how I feel if I were invited to the White House I would go. And an eighteen Q it's he comes across the small. To say while not everybody's going and screw you guys out I don't want anybody. And it's gotten to the point now where I'm fine with his punting on all of the White House visits not just for this administration but for as many as it takes until we can get this back to being the glorified. Followed a lot symbolic photo op that one's. Just punt on any Tomas he tweeted out a little while ago that you nasal dis invite every NBA team. Between now and the end of his term whenever that is point 1820 Ford as a matter none of them are golf. The warriors are going if the cavaliers somehow come back they're led by a player that called the president a bomb so they're certainly not going. So you want to get into that we certainly can talk a lot about Belichick Brady dynamic. I do think that getting lost in in all this football news a little bit as the Red Sox in a really good weekend. Me getting a split. Against that team. On the road no milky that's just lost Dustin Pedroia I mean that is he a less than enviable SATA circumstances. For the Red Sox they're going up against in the last two games after dropping the first. Yet Lance in the collars in game one which other than cycle is the guy you want a face that after his irritation so yet lands in the college game one lose that. I'll lose game two in the Derek Cole matchup. And in with Chris Sale. And then you guys Verlander best pitcher in the American League I think this year and Charlie Morton a guy that lost. And the Red Sox were able to get to me there are certain things individual things we'd be in big games themselves. That stood out that I think were. Positive signs but also. The kinds of things you can grab onto if you're looking at this Red Sox team and saying well. After the hot start and then maybe sputtering a little bit. Are they rejecting you really buy into him are they. Capable of going on. Another run in and holding off this yankees team has the division race plays out through the course of the summer. Among them. And maybe at the top of the list for me coming out of the weekend was David Price. And you wanna talk about soap operas by the way here in price can. Certainly fall into that category at least his relationship with the media last year seems to be well liked within that clubhouse by. Price has been a guy he's been so polarizing since he's gotten here. But one way or another Red Sox fans will have to learn to accept because he's going to be a part of their success if they're going to be successful I mean. When you look at the rotation. That the asterisk in trot out there. Pearl Lander Morton Cole the collars. To counteract that. You need Salem course LO is well you need some some depth there with whether it's Rodriguez to pop branch Stephen Wright is gonna make a start tomorrow. But you can certainly need David Price. And I'm not gonna tell you price was. Lights out Jack Moore is out doing John Smoltz in 91. But he was impressive to me on Saturday night a big spot. You're going up against a good lineup. Going up against a great. Pitcher who's having a fantastic season and Verlander. I think he answered the bell. At eighty certainly did enough they are when you look at. He is last handful starts and the consistency that he shown this is the David Price that the Red Sox got for a good chunk of the first season he was in Boston. This is the David Price that any relief role the Red Sox got last year. And I was very curious to see. How he was going to respond in that spot on Saturday night because if you lose that game to Verlander. All of a sudden you're staring down the possibility of this week on Sunday baseball going up against a starting pitcher that's on the feet. And he can't tell me that. Even though it's two games are four games of the entire series on 162. You wouldn't have come out of that weekend. Feeling a little bit disheartened at a little bit shaky about how the Red Sox match up with the iron to the American League if they went out of Houston got swept. So that's a big spot for price. And as much as he deserves. Much of the criticism that has been heaped upon and I don't think anybody I would argue otherwise he is a pitcher who has. On the whole on balance I would say. Delivered the kind of top of the rotation stuff that you expect. If you look at about two thirds the latter two thirds of the season his first you're the Red Sox duplicate what he was able to do any relief role. As they tried to stretch him out into be able to throw starters sitting by the end of the year never quite got there coming up the injury last season. And what he's been able to do especially over his last five starts or so since the carpal tunnel diagnosis. This is the kind of pitcher that the Red Sox were thinking about the big body into when he paid top dollar bringing me. It's still may not be enough given the contract for a lot of Red Sox fans understand that you seek 3031 million dollars and you expect. A level of dominance that's equivalent to Pedro circuit 992000. Or Chris sailed the beginning of last year it's just not realistic. You want a guy who. Can take the ball a big spot like he did Saturday night deliver performance is good not to get to win a bit. And it really came down to both both teams were able to get into each other's bullpen by the seventh inning. And the Red Sox were Havoc on the row. Against the Houston bullpen which has been shaky and that's another reason by the way. To light where the Red Sox are coming out this weekend series it's really two points. Number one is the bullpen comparison and to meet there isn't one. In a Red Sox had a far way better bullpen in Houston right now and that astros' bullpen you look at their record in one run games especially. In air four and twelve team. After their loss on Saturday night for a twelve team in one run games. They lost even when they roll. And won thirteen out of sixty it was a two out of the three or maybe all three losses were one run losses. And they opted out. Leads in the Yankees series and they played that game. On the Tuesday before the Red Sox series started before that against the Indians they coughed up a leader to including one that led to loss though. This is something that you know we look at the Red Sox in the at a reliever. Says it's a sort of supplement what they already have Houston needs more than that. And the right now they've got a closer who's ten for ten or eleven for eleven in save chances but he's also. Got opponents hitting 275 or so against. He's also got an ERA north of four that's not the caliber of close are you expecting a World Series contending team. That bullpen is a flop for Houston a potential fatal flaw and when you look at the way Matt Barnes pitched. Joseph Kelly even though I he struggled. In. A couple of bats early on in that series and they in the Friday night game. Able take get out of a jam on Saturday night help preserve that lead and get it to Craig Kimbrel and then compared Kimbrel to. Really anybody else net Houston bullpen it's just not close so that's a reason for optimism if you look at the way they won the game Saturday and to. Get some production. Out of the bottom part of the order in the same thing happened last night. To get the production on the bottom that party orders encouraging for the Red Sox because even when they were rolling early in the year that was happening anywhere near the level. That I think Alex Cora envisioned when he put motif that's the top line. I he was thinking that's as Mike springer. Comedy get the the same link out of my lineup in Boston that I had as the bench coach in Houston. And their four rookie bats and a lot of chance to drive in runs and X wasn't happening. Does not happen at all a consistent basis because. You weren't getting that kind of depth out of the bottom of the you were you working that kind of link bottom line while you got it in this year. And he got it from. Weather is Christian Vasquez it is first homer of the year he can he beat Penn to tip I mean he. He crushed it and he watched it and loved every part of it I don't beside Lucy you see that's Astros account that was a little. The all triggered. They gather he's yelling it is TV. And see that I would tell you bring it up and get that the audio of it but it by the time he believed everything out. Now her show would be over it would be. It was I think it's Astros rants on Twitter something like that and it's salvaged a kid in the south and bike hit on me a little kid did. Maybe in his early twenties or something and he was so angry. About the fact that Mitch Moreland or Christian Vasquez and Vasquez did he he stood there watching a little bit. I arguments always been hit ball long way you've earned the right stand there watch it but he was so triggered by a what the Red Sox were doing in watching their home runs of one and the Astros to throw out retaliatory bean balls and everything else with Larry it's it's precious it's really crafts. Here on Twitter find it look at it. And feel free to laugh again so. The beauty get some production from the bottom app you or you get Jackie Bradley on base. I'm Fred an attendee for the two run homer in the in this seventh inning on Saturday night. And then again you Brock called delivering three hits and helping to extend that lead. Last night in build up a pretty comfortable went it's still two games out of 162 again. But to win the games the way they did to see more life out of the bottom of the lineup especially monkey that's out right now. To see. Just tangent lead the difference in the quality of bullpen between the Red Sox in the asterisk I come out of that feeling pretty carts. Now he's still a good deal the Yankees obviously a lot more games against Andy do against Houston we understand that but. Yet essentially three team race the American League. I'm not completely counting out the Indians right now monopoly body to Seattle this. So you get a three team race in the American League and make the Red Sox are is well equipped to compete. With. Either one of those teams and I feel more strongly about it. After watching the way they performed over the course this four game series and the way they're able to come back windows games on Saturday and Sunday. 6177797937. All that on the table forty about a half hour ago before we give way too late knighted and valor Blondie with its old and Sports Radio WE yeah. But she'll never stops on Twitter follow along. Had much WEEI. On Sports Radio WEEI. So I'll Lucille badness. You mentioned. The Bobby Valentine Saget as. People in this did when drought is here awhile ago he is talking about whether the Brady Guerrero pellets Shaq dynamic. I used their craft in there as well. Is one of the great sports soap operas that we've seen as you mentioned body downtown I thought that was example. Relic texted me and he said that Valentine wasn't here long enough. No umbrage she just did. I say is wrong to him. You are not close to the concert. That was like. Danny Quinn the level are gonna take headphones because the sound is just meeting might rain. You were close and at the concert. Of course our firm to see you now I don't know how partly it now how far away were you from from mr. Mathers is pretty. Pretty far is number number the number ER I did not agree ET and refused 500 yards away how far are we talking. Probably 500 OK so Europe par five. But they had big screens steam moving honestly how much I am all along you. Net at sea in your case this is a general admission sort of thing how much I'm willing to pay for tickets depends solely upon how much I've seen set artist before. Like Kenny Chesney eighteen million times I can sit. Far away 500 yards away I feel like though if it were Eminem. And especially for use kind of a bucket list thing. I would have been their early in gone for Barry. So I am inclined you grew drunkenness. It was coal and it was raining you were already outside Europe and you're you do it's only you were inside. Our warm and toasty all day you would already banned. Outside nice plan Helen at all inside and be warm. Like us again. And Nicole you'll David Price makes sense RA now. She just stay outside your acclimated to it needs to stay there. No can go to myself I would've been just walking around by myself I think you into the account for the front yeah haven't they met me I. They got there at 830 why so late. Because they didn't Davis was there for 383030. The whole thing sounds like as a whole situation as a whole I'm guessing you don't wanna talk about it I don't actually know what. Is really close friends and. Well Null but yeah app. I just like it not only are did defund the OK she's not been injured as he graduated. So now. We're at preference is probably more information that occurred after a fair enough that's the story right. That was great is great I can't wait for the prix. Saw him give me some more. Oh man. So yet but the Genesis of of this in Genesis camera words fanatic yes but the the beginning of this conversation was. The Brady ballot checked crafts Guerrero dynamic whatever and I feel like the beginning of putting all of this freaking thing to bed. The patriots thing not Lucy at the concert is going to be Amare mini camp. Finally it's mandatory finally the band is back together finally to use the same words the globe used over the weekend. All is right in the world that side of the words they used whatever it is the the ship is is rated everything is sort of back to normal. That is going to begin to mar now it may get briefly fired up again. If Tom Brady's not at OTAs next week a proper 'cause he's not an OTAs next week I think that's possible. Having everybody at the mandatory workouts no wing that even last year when there was tension even last year when. According to the reports right from the beginning right from training camp there was unhappiness and discontent on the part Rob Gronkowski. You still had eighteen and you still had a group of professionals. That once they step between the white lines was able to perform at the level that you expect. They got to the Super Bowl and I don't think anybody would reasonably make the argument. Any off field issues. Other than what ever apparently happened with Malcolm Butler. Was responsible for losing nineteen other words nothing that involved Brady nothing that involved the Brady Belichick Guerrero relationship. Nothing along those lines. Are the reason at all why this. These these teen came up a few plays short against the Philadelphia Eagles and by the way. It would be really interesting to see how this story line would have been treated. And how the conversation would have been different had they won the game. I feel like so much of it weighs just driven from the fact that the patriots lost the Super Bowl so immediately. And I do mean immediately within thirty seconds after the game. The conversation begins like to lose. Who's the scapegoat who know how do you carve up a blamed high. And a big part of it was obviously the Butler decision but then in a broader architectural sense it's like people want it to you. And I'm not tying the patriots being specifically I think this is war. Outside doing and bubble was at work. But people wanted to make this the wicker sham peace coming to fruition people wanted to make this. The the VE SPN. I narrative. There's this issue and then their port means the end the beginning of the end for the patriots dynasty they wanted to make this true. And that's where I think this. A lot of this offseason narrative was driven at the patriots won the Super Bowl and a lot harder to make that case. Because it's coming up yet another championship I still think it's hard to make their case and I I said the day the wicker chair piece came out. I was on this. These particular airwaves Tommy turn was here he was here as well and a I'm the entire thing. The the upshot of the wicker Sheehan story I praise is true but misleading. I think the general premise of why. ESPN was talking about what workers share was talking about is with generally true I think there's some validity to it certainly people as they did after the fact. Ported to to certain facts and when conversations happened and were able to it to pick out certain things and admittedly. If you can find actual inaccuracies it can go to Ding the credibility of the whole piece at a meter races. The credibility of the whole piece there's some truth there's something to. I said the beginning of the show I said at once which relic and I'll say it again can bring it full circle here many things can be true with the same time. So there can be truth to what set worker Sheehan was writing their can be truth to you. The idea that there is some frustration. Or some. And anger might even be too strong that they gears there's clashing personalities are clashing egos when it comes to beat the patriots biggest stars the pillars. Of the patriots dynasty. And then also not have that lead to the ultimate demise of the pats and I think that's the narrative that was sort of driven by the national media that's the narrative that people body into more when they came up just short in the Super Bowl. And that's the narrative and I think will be dispelled. Beginning tomorrow beginning when mini camp begins and everybody is there and you've got. Entire team but most importantly. Those stars those pillars of the dynasty. Once again working towards getting back to super I fully expect the beat. I mean that's just looking landscape the AFC the talent they have on this team. The level at which Tom Brady still playing fully expect we'll be back there again next. So it's been fun it's been deride. And the narrative not going the way the the I conversations about Guerrero and it's not going to end entirely is as I'm sure some patriots fans have wanted to nor should it. If you're gonna talk about the team talk about every aspect the good the bad to stop you wanna hear about stuff don't wanna hear about bite then. Taking that conversation. Any knowledge in that not all as well in paradise dolls perpich to paradise and moving that TU. Well the you know the time is nine for the end of the patriots dynasty I think that part. Will be slowly but surely dismantled. In small ways this week but much more so when. The patriots are playing in September start winning games and it looks very much like business as usual on fox. Our wrap things up on the other side you're ready to handed off to ban that Moehler Benjamin. As. It is mother somebody calls and bloody with the told and sports hernia WB yeah. But she'll never stops on Twitter follow along. At much WEEI. On Sports Radio WEEI. So we are breaking Red Sox draft news here. Involved and excited waiting actually see the Red Sox take the 26. Pick. The 2018. Annual player's selection meeting Major League Baseball sides Christian. Cases cassis and we say losing. Is it ice taken socks okay this donated totally different there. One that's about tryst and act the Sox will go without any cases but what a cop shore. Spun back about him I used born in the year 2000 he is one of two draft picks already. That's been born in the year that was born in the year two packs just in case you wanted to feel old. Purity got a whole season and Jason Tatum or were you doing and Jason Tatum was born in that 1998. Well now you're going to get ready for professional athletes in North American team sports not gymnastics were their like eleven. But in a North American team sports that were born in the two thousands that is happening it'll start first baseball. Eventually basketball once the one in Dunn's are are making their way to the NBA in a year so and you know before one unit on the other sports is. So Chris how old are you one can sauce was born to south's office. I was fifteen. You were like 9009 yet. That's awful bill. You do you Eckhardt a lot for somebody who's the its 2000 somebody's 27 years old 26 years old York point six. Pena with the fact that it's 2008. And different. Dad is different is a little bit different. I he's six foot four power hitting lefty complete quarter in fields either corner infield. He's supposed to go to Miami if he does not sign slot value for in 2.5 five million dollars. I need. Guys make our decisions for whatever reason I do is no way I wouldn't take money beat her first round pick you get two and a half million bucks I would take it. See what happens and hope for the best as opposed to go to college but. I'll see what happen I guess he didn't accelerated home schooling program. So he was able to graduate in three years rather than foreign high school so I congratulations to because Sox gambling because tosses. Gates's whenever I Tony it's the major leagues will not say. To figure out losing cases it is case such rhetoric odd nothing out there at that what are you looking at their look like you're looking something. And it does add his name just gone past class I thought. I mean you're trying to finally to video or something or his name is said you just trying to decipher it by looking at the words themselves. It's general idea highly scientific. And means you've got there he looks like he's born in 2000. 2000 also. So lie yet actress done like the socks your first round Red Sox pick according to lose Hebert. Our embody your Ben Mallard comes your way next he'll take thirty eating your WEEI late night. By Lucy I Twitter at Lucille birds you can find me Chris Maloney 44. And Evan drought at Evan draft. He was here. Thanks the colors textures great stuff tonight we'll talk to you soon. I was at the tiger for a for a bumper as like eleven seconds. Now. A tight tees Sunday morning or maybe Friday a Friday night Red Sox baseball in the meantime stick around and now I see it.