Mut at Night - Very real chance Gronk might retire - 2-20-18

Mut at Night
Tuesday, February 20th

Mut begins the second hour of the program talking about the increased chatter surrounding Patriot's tight end Rob Gronkwoski opting to walk away from football this offseason. Some very reputable people who cover the Pats seem to think its 50/50 as to whether Gronk returns to the team next year, and Mut agrees with that assessment. 


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It's. Monday night. A. Okay. He's a great guys you know and these are feasible that we have to go there and can you it was hello. When you have. First because she diocese. That's ridiculous forest or above Detroit as the visiting bold dose of rhetoric got a letter in the mail that I did. Now here's my at night on Sports Radio W. How are you Monday night John came mostly from. From Fort Myers, Florida. In the 8 o'clock hour call throughout at 6177797. ID 37 the phone numbers you Red Sox called we'll get pulled in this segment. On all things Red Sox David Price JD Martinez. Except for I wanna do is one football thing for get back to the polls. Because I don't think people are taking it seriously as they should be Rob Gronkowski. Retirement stuff if this was just. A one off Rob Gronkowski rumor that was the put out there by one wrestling dire one friend McGraw this would be. I'm nixed by now the gronkowski camp would have come out the leaked it out through their many many many media friends. Who route their look in his support Robin dead according to plan. Because they are given occasionally story now and then. Are they would have done now by now it is still sitting out here three except the Super Bowl and it is time to come to. Your sense is if you're patriot fan. This thing is real and it could have spectacular ramifications on the patriots are going for first a player for your Burton's career. NBC sports Boston Burke rear was on last night talking about Rob Gronkowski. He's won a couple different national NFL guys have talked about this story. Ian Rapoport has talked about Jeff Darlington ESP and suggested a couple of days ago that the brought retirement stuff is actually. Not just with the concussion but a couple weeks prior to that there warmer brings the crawled I was thinking about because of the of the holy bodies taken. It is time in the NFL thinking about doing something else besides football after this year. This is Burke Briere last night on the chances brought decides to retire or come back. Next year for the patriots. Gut feeling real quick percentage. You believe that Robert Cassidy is coming back oh I think it's 5050 right now really who I mean like I think it's up in the air I think this and he's legitimately thought about. We've seen the way that you can lose money. And we've seen clues over the last years the way it is how to handle. Different from the way any other patriots felt that handled. As far as you wolf information. You where you get surgery all those sorts of things so clearly something is mine for a long long time. And like Tommy parents that I think it's papers that it matters it. I'd like quick on the currents out we'll get the current era second that is Burke order a coin flip. As to whether or not Rob Gronkowski asides and Bakken play again next year. For the patriot doubles out the top I believe this story I believe that there is that something too I believe. It is part of potential ploy to get some money but also. A longer term look at for broad as to what his future is going to be one that start their future now speaking of Tommy current. He wrote about this and NBC sports He referenced the quo with crawl right after the Super Bowl. I don't know high you heard that when asked about retirement but I'm definitely gonna look at my future for shore I'm gonna sit down the next couple weeks and see where I'm at. Rob Gronkowski reading from current peace today is gone past idle musing about retirement. The bat in that smoking gun there obvious who form to something that had been going on. In a two weeks since the Super Bowl we've learned cross gotten advice from slice Lawler in the rock about published a way to make an action movies. We know that W any week off for rocky deal similar to run around sees. Onkar rights is an orchestrated attempt to create some urgency with the patriots had to give crock of bond. That makes is it makes it more worth his while the stay is in an effort to dip a toe in the entertainment pool Wallace NFL marketability. Remains near its apex a Brady esque effort to set up a post football career. While still continuing in the main vocation. Or is it simply what it is 828 year old whose bodies been through the ringer since college. Using common sense to realize that his position and style of play are going to exacting physical cost on him. For the rest of his life. Yes yes and yes. It is all the above and as Connie current rights in 2000% right here. And it's why the patriots have to take this very seriously. They need to be making overtures to Rob Gronkowski now to figure out. How old they bring him back into the fold. What it's gonna take to put off by going a wrestling and or entertainment for other year or two. And how they get that done now it is not how the patriots do things I fully understand that. It is un patriot like to go to a player and say. Can't we put into your contract like we did last year these escalators where if you are making the all pro team. Yet X about a catches or touchdowns or yards or percentage you can make more money. They don't do this necessarily normally when you bitch about your contract Wes Welker you get benched. Woody bitch about your contract Deion Branch hey you're Tom Brady's best friend wouldn't trade to Seattle. We talked about money Richard Seymour you end up in Oakland. You don't you lightened Annika aside your long term Jamie Collins you're going to Cleveland. This is how they normally handled these things except that you're Tom Brady. Right would Brady it's always different and it should be that way because he's the quarterback he's the franchise without Brady none of the stuff happens. They should treat crawled the exact. Same way this offseason and they should start with let's talk about the escalators let's talk about. Those. Bonus levels you can reach. Like we did last year. Eight million bucks big salary next year nine million dollars the year after this guy's comically underpaid at that position they still treat tight end. Like it's as some sort of I'm just. It is not paid. Not since it's not paid like he should be. That position and we all hold regular old schools Alex and I blocker big. Kick your you know crappy you eighties tight end. That was playing for your team does get he's been coats and coaches differ Ben Coates would block needles and excellent receiver for Bledsoe to Ben Coates by would have paid a lot more money. If you came along right now but there are plenty of tight ends you can think of went from bad NFC teams. In a the eighties and early ninety's there was there's there is an ex droplets of linemen who are not there to help move the offense we did NAFTA game plan for. Crawled is not that guy is a breed it tight and whether it's Rob Gronkowski or Travis Cal's senior Jimmy Graham to an extent. Where these guys are essentially. Number one wide receivers. Who can help you in the blocking game. They are underpaid and brought some top of that list if he retires right now. And goes on to be some tag team champion of the world he walks in the hall of fame first ballot. Walks into the hall of fame Beatles the Leno can't pull for him fast enough. The patriots have to pay him that way. Slope paying Rob Gronkowski it's out rob sorry that's the deal he signed. They cannot treat that player that way to solve the and eight I way I guess they can't I'm sorry they should not treat the player that way. In this offseason he means too much of them and you're getting to a point now where if he seriously considering retirement. The patriots forget Saudi to a deal or getting a new contract on what's gonna take rob Vick kinda need to know. Because the drop off from Rob Gronkowski did Dwayne Allen. Or Rob Gronkowski to Jacob Hollister. Is comical they would happen while address the position right away. Whether it's through this potential trade partner with Seattle. We're Jimmy Graham might be available here at some point whether it's through the draft or we already know they need a quarterback in the issues trap out rebuild the position. But it also now need a tight end penalty there. Comfortable and they should not be comfortable. Going to the next year or Dwayne Allen Jake pollster as the top two tight end threats for Tom Brady. The last first for last 234 years or it's going to be in the NFL. And that the racing I changed the offense. Right that he he'd sets up somebody think you're the double team Rob Gronkowski. Other guys on your offense and Omid Ammann dole James White and Dion Lewis out of the backfield Rex Burkhead. Those guys get single coverage on a linebacker. Guizhou apparel linebacker safety. And you worry about Rob Gronkowski if he is not there that whole thing changes the light for Tom Brady becomes a lot more difficult. And so we did a little bit this yesterday I talked a little girl last week is I believe. You folks think I'm nuts I believe this stuff. And it's based I believe it's about making shore that he Ingram cows he gets their guy paid this year. At the patriots come forward and offered beat the escalator part of a contract again. Where like this past year all pro touchdowns yard playing time you get paid more rob that's fine. I think that's probably what they're looking for. First. But the other part of that they'd be post gronkowski playing career for the wrestling for a second. He wants to be entertainment he wants to be. Eight. CA list action star and there's a market for that a market that pays not rape pretty good. It doesn't have all you get your head knocked out by Earl Thomas. Other Seattle Seahawks. Organ walking around. Seen stars for week. It involves you working out lifting weights reading some lines and cashing your checks. For Marines six. Or some other bad entertainment pick or franchised big be apart of even if early on EST user rustling. As direct as is way to get into entertainment he can do that. He can be a part time wrestler make million dollars for a couple of years and get his foot in the door of bad action movie. Bad both funny guy an action movie like saw fifteen. Jack. All neat produces its own as they are all crappy we went there and Ulster eighties wrestling dorks like Keith and dale mobile I don't know them. Though I've heard of is the marine John scene and that's it. But apparently is like four or five of these where they've now put other wrestlers in these bad Marie movies if he's worked on WA. Also make these bad movies he can get paid doing that. And might not be eight million bucks a year but it might be three or four maybe five if you back to the movies in that thing is out there. And for the patriots you cannot sit idly by as your guy sits around a dive to decide okay what what's best for me. Eight million dollars work my ass off. And we'll call three and a half for four halfback guaranteed money and made I got different lifestyle now. They are not as committed to football. Bigger doing other things and I enjoy doing maybe is that the step towards. You know expendable eight featuring Rob Gronkowski. As token bad debt to meet that exists. And every time or bring it up folks get mad all this is so stupid this is so dumb it's been three weeks you tell me. You dig what I heard something different from team gronkowski in this didn't exist or sources close to Rob Gronkowski say he's committed to playing football. Three weeks south of the Super Bowl nothing now Tony Koren is writing about it our prayers called it 5050. This thing exists. And it's up to the patriots now balls in their court. They got to go to rock and say what it's gonna take and it he's beyond. The what's gonna take thing and he's gonna retire they need to Nolan Ryan handle rights is WEEI dot com pretty Cinemark is the new league years gonna start. Free agency draft prepping right now tight ends not anywhere near. Odd their top priorities they are a bunch of other bigger priorities offensive line backup quarterback except for they got neat tight end is not one of them. If raucous gonna be. You know clothes line in the undertaker. He's the wrestled that even now and I'm sure your wrestling. I'm not okay go to select I used to. I was in middle school pitcher we agri so I've just ask you buy signal the undertaker that I still exists anymore I don't know so pick your car wrestler John scene I guess. He's gonna close hunting John Sina and April's wrestle mania they need to know. But every tire bring it up you folks tell me I'm crazy you explain to me why the lack in three weeks now. Three weeks of the Super Bowl why this has not been rebutted. Why somebody in wrong circle or the NFL media has not come back and volley instead not Ron's gonna play next year you know why. Because it's true patriot fans don't want to acknowledge it but it is true it should be a major concern. If you're the patriots and certainly if your patriots Spain 617779. 7937. Is the phone can be your thoughts and you tell me you're buying in the way that I am this thing existing Italian crazy when even guys like Tommy car. It was a as level headed as they come he's a lunatic. When it comes govern the patriot he is all the level headed he's not a hot take our east. Out there trying to create headlines and stories which takes as a believing he is now riding an NBC sports That's what a paycheck the take is very seriously talking about brought in retirement. I'm buying and I bought it for a week you guys buy it 6177797937. As the former shall mix that in with your phone calls here coming up. Our Tom in Boston are responding to by David Price thoughts to start the show like top. Hey what's up till I am director you know pay. A child the very first thing I hear you either recount. Okay of the date first so yes apple. Well just some greater traumatic car I spoke to Bob nightingale the USA today those quotes I was reading were directly from love Bob nightingale story USA today David Price sitting down with him 10 AM this war. Am or what what happily. An optical the entire thing again Donnelly if you are met or we could general Eric secretary anymore. InBoxer quote. Oh yes he'll get booed price said I told JD you'll love the guys in the clubhouse but I also told he's gonna get booed. He's a quiet soft spoken guy but we'll handle it besides everyone gets booed I heard Big Papi David Ortiz get booed many times at Fenway Park that was a quote. Author David Price is he's recruiting JD Martinez and the boss. Wouldn't it be that a part of that he. Let's that's not in any part of that he's accurate. I would say that the did David Ortiz got booed a lot here and that's overstated don't you. I mean. The number of grouper or not a gravel truck. I think it to a I think it's good that he was being transparently them. I mean your teammate right let while we care if want if that's what you hit like an about turn leadership on this country. On my mother should return I felt this way for a couple years on David Price EEM. At our ports are what it is going back for example. To make an argument you pass for years. What's the latest it's the the it's the most recent in AAH friend Alan David Price saying he doesn't like the fans the areas too negative. And I can't be counseled for me because people are to meet me. I didn't nine years old he should not a problem much at all. Like really. Not a problem so geeky you are okay you're okay with a a year afterwards. Him saying he stills I apologize today it's accuracy when a diving differently. Lucent and the record we're saying is the most overblown thing. I have ever encountered in all my years of problems or is it really slick in this day Barkley shot seek to. What's not it was a Red Sox fans think fans called in Tom thanks for the call fans called in for weeks on that about eight Buckley Shaughnessy thing. No it's a do what's right thing. Is what it New York in Busch a guy he got an issue were dead at a sec or sleet for culled out at what our Regan if you believe that's the reason. Then you don't you do you pulled aside the same way David Price would expect somebody the media to pull guys' side they have an issue is at just don't yet but I playing pretty simple. Gets on a plane any any goes about his business the wrong way what do you David Price or Eduardo Nunez pick your players on a price thing. It's a situation or thing regular with this kid right the golden rule. Treat others as you wanna be treated Jett yes that's what you you you do when a kid and I think. On Mike in north Providence on like. Ahmad. And column because he. Because. Warmed my heart rate in the Thursday when he sees animals won't you want to get it I. I know you love it batting leadoff guy like combatant third I guess that this lineup though but we JD Martinez I can't really bag on. That's batting lead off at this point. Well. Honestly. And you look more last year. He actually got one more one or Kuerten are more home runs per game are important or more on our. So that's why I mean that you can take it into actual numbers 1011 scored 24 home runs and a hundred to one runs batted and but if you are like just the total number of games you play. At the leadoff rates it was score 121 runs with 3106. Ardea. So cores basically saying you know what he's actually that lead at getting more we're getting much from him settings for now. So what I just happened that as well as George springer World Series MVP. Was putting up big numbers at the top and they didn't stop them from winning. Yeah and I would say this year I Mikey if it data Dave Martinez I would still argue with you on this at this point. Not unwillingness to reliable it's like would bets. You know let's say let's say its bets that intend the Hanley JD Martinez. You know pick your fifth guided out that that looks pretty damn good to me yes. What my mentality is is that it will keep sometimes it's a home run but he always fast. And I think that's a correspondent from two he was I at least at least in the seat and I was reading an article he was a great piece former baseball. So just moving him down and losing back. And any basic root when he runs away by not by not having them bat lead off and they got nothing out of it all just one more quick yeah I think. I'm happy dating yet. Stanton who horrible parks. I don't know the cot to cup the contract and the prospects before the park that but I guess you. Well I mean either got to hit. Assembling a home run that would bounce twenties he's a bomb on the monster bounced back out to shortstop and any new specific on these things were. Martinez as a player it's been better here and its contractors. Are superior sort banks. Mike thanks one open line for you were talking David Price in this Hilliard wrong calls will react. My ground thought to the guys at 6177797937. The phone number we'll get back pew poll calls next here Monday night's portray unity we. Recapping that day in sports with Mike my nasty it's Monday night Sports Radio talk. Yeah. Gut feeling real quick good percentage. You believe that Robert has he is coming back. Well I think it's 5050 right now really yeah I mean I like I think it's up here I think this and you legitimately thought about. We've seen the way that you can lose money. And we've seen clues over the last few years the way that is health handled. Different from the way any other patriots held the handled. As far as future flow of information. You know where he's getting surgery all those sorts of things so clearly if something's been on his mind for a long long time. I like Tommy parents that I think if patriots after eight years. Firfer last night on NBC sports Boston Monday night's Sports Radio WEEI I'm fine and I am buying in. All of it to grow on wanting more money to brawl looking at. The long term entertainment role for himself in Hollywood the rock John scene. Action movie hero role and in the process of what gets them there while it's wrestling for couple Beers. It's a means to an end it's it's the way to get in to build that fan base in Munich couple bad movies their WB week. But he gets you there faster than just gold Durham played football for a couple more years. And then jumping in and he still big enough name where the wrestling part of it. He would have a following there might have been most popular wrestler. But he would have a follow when they're now we can make couple million bucks 234 million bucks. And and nap do. And be able to start looking ahead to post wrestling which begin to even par but I am by Ian. Sami folks seem to agree many of you don't 6177797937. Sat in Maine on broad case at. Hate. On. I had a couple things to talk about your president wander I want to talk about retirement part of gronkowski but I honestly think is he's too sweet time. Because they had just lost a suitable. I think part of it each he's considering retiring because he's still suffering the side effects of this. Plus. You should be asking questions and so rookie due to improved health so that way he didn't separate any more problems. It be replaced in the NFL again. And. Look at that there might be a slim chance although it's night impossible. Other NFL teams could Tacoma. This is this is just my. What you mean mammy is under contract at the patriots Seth. He plays the play for the pats next year. Yeah but. Anything can happen they can make in the offered let's say. The Seahawks make in the locker where he gets more money looks like fifteen million dollar. Having is under but I hear you set be under contract to the patriots right now for the next two years so we. Oh. That's the issue as for the health cart. Concern Barbara set and thanks for your call. The help is a big one I I I think global goal look at last year what happened. He woke up from surgery and encourage tells a story where you know brawl can gain ground kinks that we want what we do differently next year. And the answer was let's go TB twelve Alex Guerrero method and it worked. Yes he got can cost but he stayed relatively healthy this year he's all those contract escalators. Had a very good offensive year for the patriots. And can say look what I did the liability the stretching. Less heavyweight work. More the other stuff the bands in the Allen's Guerrero method that part worked for me. So he was already could sort of does help last year's like given credit for making that change. The question is now is is he looking around and saying I have aspirations both football. I wanna do XY and Z for Brady's pretty simply wants a new TB twelve for wrong. It feels like he wants to be in Hollywood. Am I gonna do damage long term to data by keep playing football at IA did you feel like he's accomplished. What he wanted to accomplish a football I don't know that's already been sitting up there now for three weeks if they want to volley back there would've done it by now. They like the story being out there. And that part of it is true. Which lie or not rating back the other way. Donna New Hampshire on ground to WE it 6177797937. Dollar check. Oh yeah Mike it's just so easy display just do a couple of years that WWE it's not like if any it is required and yet criticism whatsoever. Just click up. Here at deathly doesn't let it EC is pretty athletic Cindy. Doesn't date don't you think Saddam now. Mike that is one of the most physically demanding sports and I don't care what you call it it is a sport if you're gonna have some some jackal like little Maloney. From from from tended to talk to me about how great it became a baseball is. Don't tell me that that wrestling is not a sport I'd wrestling Madonna I did that did you have some sort of the athletics is in the baseball does you're gonna sit here on the airwaves Al. And talk about how. Baseball that you should. That would be like saying you know he's just gonna lie you know just just paid out of football and you know to play professional baseball for a couple years are a lot of. I and you are you learning Latin logical Lou and had this argument I've not seen anything about baseball last hour or so what it let me take my my argue if you rates okay. You are sitting here acting like. In just getting out of football and going into professional wrestling for a couple years just to build a time just something to do what might. Like I grandmother work and Wal-Mart. Are you kidding. You know thirty dates a year as a part time guy now Dominik is he is a part time guy thirty dates a year. It would be less taxing on him in football would be art and less less of an issue Crist helped long term. The way that wrestling is now person was twenty years ago absolutely dominant. What do that in this tight. Watch what which went Rob Gronkowski was it that debt that event a few weeks ago. What do you think he is saying what does that mean compared to some of these other guys. They're calling each other full force through each other and return buckles to went out pipeline moves. Artsy you're telling me Dominic and who have you don't think Rob Gronkowski be put the effort and it worked hard at it he could not be 88 WW he rests not big enough that's missing tonight Mike you're just said that on an urgent we all -- you dominant model compared baseball you're can be a great baseball football which I never did any ousting the raucous too small to wrestle giving. You're one you're one quarter and up and together we have the audience all around this judging it right now I'm taking you all want I want to know we challenge you wanna you can't wait I'm doing right. You're doing awesome job done in order now you're you're you're you're are going to be able to reloading and basically saying X and picked up strong today saying you are saying that you just. Just to. Basically occupied 23 years of his life yes as a way to so I I think he can do what Dominic Dominic I think you'd do it national IDD do it I you know Donna do you think you do yes or no. It's not a matter that he's athletic and are you think he can do way to say yes or no Dominik yes or no immediately. I'm saying it that bearing thereby. If you can't answer yes or no question you can call a different show it's a pretty simple exercise. I believe Rob Gronkowski. If you put the time and effort in and could do it I believe Rob Gronkowski believes Dominic but he can do it. Doesn't matter. Well what dvd physically quality of football vs wrestling if he decides this is safer for him. If he decides it is safer for him he had that option in addressing can pay him 34 million bucks. Yes he would go do that. I'm not trying to tell you he's going to huge walking into it no one has said that. Want exit be the champion whatever the championship belt hole I didn't know what they held things called now but the dual for a couple years if he worked edit. Only could the guy is is trained himself to be a professional football player Andy hall of fame tight end. I think he can go put the time and effort in and go wrestle. In the WW week. I'm saying yes Dominick he'd want answered go blue about baseball the call my show about what loosen up if I don't care. Colby shall we dumped four hours a day for Christ sakes called him. Cody on the cape like Cody. Income the thanks rather than Flickr account all my colleague. Dominique. I can't I can't desperate. Or I don't care about wrestling I don't like it whatever huge and it makes what money must be doing something right. I look at the current situation in that I was in men and you really wanted to exit Alec and who better cut at. You did you know. They get started reading problem. I think that might be talking rock and he and pay upwards in a couple crappy movies or two years after all are going to be our. We think about that you think that could be a possibility. No I I'd we Bibby called yesterday we talked about this I. The ex FL are not buying into 'cause there's a related timetable with the ex FL they said it wanna start in two years Cody they have no idea. The ex FL I'm not going to be shocked that they never gets off the ground. The ex FL never sees a lighted Dave this is. A they think it's a man and measuring contests. For Vince McMahon at this point I think Vince McMahon watch that thirty for thirty new ex FL. And that terrible last sequence with him when that NBC executive I can't think of his name right now ever saw Vick ever so I think. Any steak and blow we could have made it work if would've done 234 things differently. We could've made it work the reality gonna sit in year. On the country doesn't want at this point more football the race for the be the best football world in the NFL kind of big deal. Those rates are trending in the wrong direction TV ratings are trending in the wrong direction. So I I don't think. The league's ever gonna see letting day so I can't buy into. I can't buy in the U ground being a big part of the ex FL as part is the bad Debbie WE movies. I agree the ex FL now and I'm with Tony's point I am sick sick sick of talking about wrestling talking about it because that's what crawl my goatee was curling a talk about curling. If it was. On golf like talk about golf this is the avenue crawled is using as leverage or as a way out of football whatever you wanna call it. It's all talking about wrestling I am sick of talking about. Wrestling how much money's gonna make all the added that decked out and watch wrestling anymore and the winters and I don't care about them talking about because as it relates to Rob Gronkowski. I gyms at New Hampshire hi Jim. Yes it it is a gym. Where it may mean yes I want to want premarket rock. Legal I don't know it's true that everything I've read it and papers. About him holding all this money. But he signed forward the patriots. Never cashing a check on that I don't know how true or not that it's. But I want to believe it is true. Yeah I myriad said they set it a million ever guys this edit that he only spends his marketing money's never cash NFL checks so he's in pretty good financial shape if that's true. I think it is if that's just stated that. Complete professional played it yet he'd be back at 801. I don't know. Good question I don't know why you hear a lot. Here a lot Giorgio about guys like Antoine Walker who go broken and and lose all the money the guys who say while there. But it looks silly is that you don't it come out early what are the sake. She's trying to he's been a perfect gentleman. All the resort city is here and out have a guy like that. And it appears what he says the years and speaking of that money that he can do what ever makes him. So don't it gets to choose its let it. Yeah on the patriots I wanna choose football Jim banks of the call live on the patriot I neat and I thought I wondered if useful ball. I need him to choose football. If Rob Gronkowski is not here next year I am bringing Dwayne Allen back in his what people whatever salary is I take a policy the next now draft the guy. And now look at a free agency now try to talk to Jimmy Graham as their trade there was Seattle. There's so much other stuff to do if Broncos to back that's a roster standpoint to sit on the field stamp like how good the football team can beat. Knock it down operate without Rob Gronkowski. He does too much for this team. Sold the patriots are as one of backed they need him back the need to be talking to Rob Gronkowski about what he wants to do 14. What can they do as a team from a contract standpoint to make charities here. 6177797. ID 37 is your phone number back to your calls next but at night Sports Radio WEEI. That's a more much at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Lot of nice Sports Radio WE yeah we'll check in now just after 8 o'clock with our guy John commodities and foreign buyers thought about braunfels thoughts Red Sox. No it's not he is well also take all your calls 6177797937. Start of the night talking about David Price. Do month moved to some ground stuff as wells toward taking calls on both your on the showed Johnson a car driving around Rajon. Decade. John. What's out there I hear you John John in the cargo that body sound good. Eight yeah or a couple quick things. Certain I'd let that be on the morning show the guys that yeah smiley pretty but it did these. The other it. Did that take on David Price that is a little release being all day because I think you're right I think that. Judy Martinez. Will be able get booted feet goat on the same path that bright dot net is not warming up beat. Yeah mid June batting third Batman know how or strike out on. You gotta get so. I think there's just held expect. That would meet him later they're gonna they're gonna orbiting at what they don't. They're there crowd in the L. And they're gonna they're gonna show it when when that you book form and show that you don't really. All it LL LP. Flat out agree that part I I just was surprised like he did make in his big point about nightingale. You know in breeze recording JD Martinez and talking about an end. Oh yeah you'll get booed here and it was Ivan part was I told JD you love the guys here in the clubhouse. But told they'll get booed I read that you John coming from reading too much I read that as you like the team. You're not collect the fans I I was a second or third time where he is sort of made reference to. Not liking the fans here in Boston when he says I told JD you'll love the guys here in this clubhouse but also totaled we'll get booed that that's why I was taken aback by that. Yeah I think it you know I feel that hurt over it spirit unfortunate for him. What degree are you. He's shown improvement I think that. I think then you come doubt you'd pitching you wait nine ERA. Got. By way you know in L meet you and yet that's where he and you know we're going to be their current use bill. I don't think anybody in this town in a hole as they brush. On all the I'll go up much at Yale who they are talking. I would agree at the at the end Jon and again John Lackey is the perfect example this John Lackey a tread in this town for a couple years. Righted himself helped the team win a World Series and as last year your fans are mad this team go. John Lackey got it worse than really any Red Sox player I can think of you know working living in this economy grew up in such mass Jews have lived here now for thirty some odd years. I think pride pre World Series. In Glenn talks about the it's it was tough on guys like mobile on John balance that we failed then was a different there was a different anger there. I Red Sox fans and it is still angry as evidenced by you know their response to you when ownership says and does certain things in the manager with the Red Sox fans there's inherent. It's our banks there even post three different World Series and its ownership group. Before that first World Series was different but in this current climate let's say post 2004. Nobody has gotten worse. Then John Lackey does and he pitched well by the end fans were mad that he was gone there were Matta ownership because they have bull bald. Jon Lester that bothered John Lackey Lackey wanted to out. And so this guy they destroyed. They were now said he left because he pitched well. That's is all about this town David Price spiked balls that same thing but to me. I just don't like the tone of the comments to get out of the gates he has not started yet this is the Bob polarized along here. This would be in Bob nightingale got like that the lake the team here about all these fans. Brent dedicate on Robert cal ski hybrid. You know but I gotta tell you something. Dominique isn't it and it. Dumb old Dominic Dominic called earlier yet. Yeah it is particular equate. To the WWE two Olympic. College or even high school rationally. And not realize that it's all stations and he has tendered old man. You know it's not used after the athletic. But you don't have to be. Athletic. Your virtual Allstate's. Yeah I Dominick either didn't wanna recognize that or send it no interest spread in just I just give help we and so you wanna be critical of me you wanna tell me admiralty. So you tell me can I think wrong can be a recipe really tried to no I don't sell and sell what he would not answer the question. That that's and he speaks to he's just a wrestling guy I guess doesn't wanna does wanna go down that road and usher. It would be safe for them to take that career path yes yes because she would avoid more concussions. Doing that. Knowing what ships come in as opposed to not knowing when it's coming. Yet apart that I keep talking about is the these guys Brett like a Casey by kicking custom wrestling you know you don't have somebody else the helmet on using as a weapon trying to knock a hacker and India and maybe you've fallen to. The ropes the wrong way you fall on your neck Gainey did their egg I get it again sick of talking about the wrestling aspect of this is just the avenue. That crawled might choose instead of playing football. But to sit here and think that if he didn't put the time Manning go to over camps they have their work out they have an act that guy. He's not athletic enough that to put the time and effort into being. Whatever baseline you have to beat that it would be having. They just gave Ron drowsy how much. I Jason settles like two and a three million bucks to be a part time wrestler. Okay well that I'm pretty confident that rob you're cows communities actually think that's the point. That's not the belittled they did whatever he's calling the sport of wrestling. But it is definitely less intense when it comes to the concussion part of it justice I'm Garrett Northampton high gear. And I don't believe it's. Much thought at one of piggy backed up a lack all actually. That Dominic whatever his name is he is an absolute moron OK I I'm with you 100%. An and need to compare. WWE. Purple and it fell in love alone even MLE I think it absolutely ridiculous. It doesn't even come in the same comparison to those or I mean. How oneness and one is scripted and fake and the other is Rio that's for example. It in that's exactly it and you know I had to think about that Eliot there Eaton put a category. So I you know that the first thing I definitely support you on that one and that the other thing that was the talk about obviously it dropped. First of all the things in the end I think 100% he hit the ball well I know you know we have all that year but. Triple helping you did best friend Tom Brady and you need be that great at football team you know the last eighteen to twenty years. You know if I really don't even think it's an argument I mean even if he does play out last two year contract which I eat very. I really think he will I don't see it having any impact on his entertainment career and you can order yet alone on with it. I mean now with that WW Donovan Welker. You know what could that is 'cause of the health part of a pair your 1000% right that he if he's 3031 years old and a couple years if Christ like that avenue but if he. If he's presented with the option here OK he's gonna make eight million dollars next Llosa the patriots say Al where integrated 89 dollars rocket man anymore. In a gate this year not next year if these old and a part time contract you make. Path that's a four million dollars doing thirty wrestling dates a year that it comes down to. You know lifestyle and you know putting my body harm can honor make less money but I'm gonna be. I'm gonna be healthier after these couple years I would be probably playing football that's. Right now and I completely agree that you and you know the laughing opposite icky you know it yet much action in the locker he. Game you know they eat and playing out on I think that he gonna stick it out in you know. It'll any help that you that the economy you know girl Erica you know hopefully they're aware that that's the situation now where let's call it the Patriot Act trichet had me on. Garrett thanks man I'll go back to a Ber per cent per pair called it a coin flip I I know I won't take that to your way offense route and say F 5050. I had only one way I'd leave the did the did the easy way and that's that he will become back but football. Right and I add a gig of gun to my head. Easy playing football next year yes. What do I think this is a real deal. Where he is trying to see who can get some more money out of the patriots and weighs options long term and if in a certain things don't go his way that he will walk away I I truly do believe that. I say yes I'll come back complacent the patriots recognize how important Robert count skews. And they'll be willing to put those escalators back in his contract. Because that means he's performed well and still get paid more. And so they're happy is to get the performance he's happy is he gets paid more than nominal eight million bucks. Or recently get paid this year. I think eventually does play I distill these community is easy is taken back on the contract he's at right now. 6177797937. Price early grunt that our calls on bulls. With you guys up until 10 o'clock. Very good couple hours you'll try to keep the gulf we'll talk to John the mossy woodlands of Fort Myers will get his take what he saw down and up front and center. As we await the official word on JD Martinez he's not there yet. But we are awaiting a rival and potentially could be the next day or so they finally make this thing official. We'll talk the mosque about that and everything else but at night with you guys you're on Sports Radio to be we yeah.