Mut & Reimer react to Kirk's announcement, and FiveThirtyEight are the next people to say Tom Brady is finally showing his age

Mut at Night
Thursday, January 11th

Mut and Alex Reimer begin by talking about their reaction to Kirk Minihane's announcement that he would be  leaving the radio industry for at least a year. They also discuss the influence Kirk has had on their careers and where they see the station going from here. They then get into an old favorite witha  twist by FiveThirtyEight, Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning.


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Sports Radio WEEI the news that. Shocked the world we're getting more Alex in the free nights in a row people don't know what to do they heard Alex last night on WEEI late night hearing in here tonight. And on late night then we find out tomorrow night. Bought and read or at the auto show folks who people are fired up now is not this side of the famous clip where you say you're card guy Eric how hard guy Eric Clark now and I I'll white sale like that I said it worsened analysts doubt hours a clearly it was how are now when you are I was by myself solo. One hour with Keefe was back here. And then a couple hours occur in the light nine to ten. Mean a bunch of cars and absolutely. Nobody in the entire about her fury Clark guy Horry kite. Are out. Fly like that so I don't own a higher of course. And Bucs on the same card since late 2003 so of course we are perfect choices to go to the otters. You are I think you guys are the tacky and it should be there. You guys can breakdown of the different vehicles model year numbers what's new this year but apparently got in luxury cars all of a there. It's insane I mean I again I don't know anything about cars like Bob Ryan is his famous quote where he says to me a car instantly gave a portable radio the famous quote from Bob that's my favorite I'll run quotes it not is another famous quote. Where he he said the F word on ESPN radio their bleeped out. Ronnie Lott a bummer Ronnie Lott broke his his finger came offer broke all be state game. I Thompson about Mike Jackson. It karma fate treat purchased Yeltsin suggested that you know jemaah kid deserved it and got some much. I don't I I know. Can I change my oil they'll never change the oil in my car me. Chain is a synthetic oil out so it's just a pain it's actually cheaper it to do have you changed the oil in your life. Yes I have done that well on a cynic I that it is that some 3000 miles on the change of oil that Oprah entered the shocked listeners I've never changed the oil and any law. Senator I don't believe. Out by now it's not IQ you're not the Marlins that big and the now see that T shirt degrees well oiled up try to yourself. Get this thing back running I am 100% certain I cannot change tire either. I answered the listeners a shot you have to while de icing I didn't reply which I didn't ax car and home. I don't strictly uber left. What do you expect to get a card or tonight on the radar. Oddly make enough money to afford an apartment with a parking spot. Then I'll have a policy editor in fact never I never wanted Alex live in the city I like having friends who live tears are coming to visit get the hell out here. You I. I couldn't you could do and I was single canoe I was younger I could certainly gonna do now. And 37 I'm too old for this my people and animals and leans towards the mid twenty gays are not really in the separate team that's given. Given. Like grinder does that even work that out and what should I go out I talked to people when Percy point as well weirdo look at your phone right now like. All I. What I would say when I wake up I want talked anybody's wanna OK now you like to have relations OK let's do once in awhile like an old fashioned light socialization is currently too scared to leave your home. It's good to Wear pants that don't have elastic waists like when I Wear sweatpants like five days in a row which I've done this week it is like it is time. Somewhere besides my department's. Like the stories next in my apartment or twenty history like it's time to go somewhere else so maybe like a big New England caught shown carcinoma and I'll be just the nines tomorrow night for me not for the people but for me we set the scene for you and to hire expo center full of upscale luxury car in maybe go eight delegates shows so much you'll get. The newest models I could see them doing that and act if you're promoting at the right when you get against on and say what. What's about these 2018 but camrys what's that have you changed that the horse race an issue is that nice cars that. Can't Mercer ice they have some regular family cars but others there's Porsche Ferrari Lamborghini and there are some. Bad ass cars bought it's buck will be placing it takes a picture. Would one of the cars the Carl BL spends it like it is now able where he can put his feet. Than that and it refine the feet up quite been issued because police when I was there last year your on this big platform him and sold the cars are all one level. And there are all they Europe like 56. Not quite ten PP you're above everything people can see you. In the sea of cars is so that you like performing for the people that's gotta like that and showman by nature so began to be up there senate states. You're going to be in front a lot of people who are walking around with cold averages look at it cars that. Actually probably camp four excellent that they only in fort the hosts of the entertainment for the nights they wanna give us include beverages but doesn't drink so. They can under enemy that you eight. You might be the fanatical speaking of going to be there I'm disappointed we had no GD Martinis tonight receive birds brought this to me is well before its albums shocked I mean Pat Robertson them. He seemed to that's rob does and loose. Should apple keyboard both work with rob not only did he say he was gonna bring that he products used every promise that's right guaranteed it. You are you really that naive as to what rob does Robb says things all the time that he's going to do or ride Diaz and he never ever ever ever. Follows the known rob since 2000 and they're having the party right now at the base spot I understand that people showed up like real humans and there. I did act. I don't leave that humans no mountain near the art Bradford into the arms crossed and made that plane and he said real humans that's that's this guy that was nick fry on yet that that the pitcher nick just says yes to everything rock of the Robson died instantly hosting on the podcast is heads and everything eyes Alyssa levels all right makers given yes not exist party like Bradford sitting back and arms crossed they've had two people with three the other guys. Patio they're not like recording back to the stations and more audits on some unit there I'm guessing we have to check we have to 10 o'clock to get the sound or me and I'll take differently now as well. Because it won I was qui packed into them doing a live only point eavesdrop. Now and we Bradford. A standalone guy in this endeavor. As is good exit and Alex the year explaining why the hot stove is so bad this year. Here's why rob know one thing is like JAG pursue the only big sudden. And we can listen into it really at the good solid baseball and shot the tang did not show I'd recently thanks in there is going to be tangling appearance tonight. I say is gonna be healthy or until it kills right that's right that's right. 8 o'clock actually fall asleep during that I was watching I hear. Scares us anomaly over there he said I don't ask don't fight Kirk but it's supposed to be there it now that's a guarantee. No that's Gary's tweets. Saying Kirk McCain's okay see I Packard would maybe show up as well especially is indifference to remind you like spot into Afghanistan and rob go way back. So if Kirk was a different state of mind Dickey definitely would be there any different state of mind fluffy leads. Not saying he's going to quit for at least a year. I think he would Chela tonight that bang but it seems like he's had a step on his mind I could see him doing it if he was gonna go away for years kind of a good bye to some people maybe thought it was asking these people it was in the C. Rob ABC rob Alex or. I'm Doug lane we love so much from me there's people gigabytes companion book and series is correct and mean tomorrow. Right as of right now I right now the conversation with him today he's scheduled to be in them. He's leaving early in this is planned on as a way some wedding in South Carolina is so he's getting out of this rain for a couple days. On. Who's going to be in tomorrow for some portion this year. I think right now. Might we implement itself for the body on what did you think of this one Reagan do your own take on this. After 2 o'clock get on the Internet I wanna get to it now on the I mean I'd like you did not reach out to carry today because of not. Personal friends with him like you why known as a lot in his mind hearing from lot. People but I don't people Donnie finesse that I've outside too when I heard it yeah so I was mile per. Other people were a team as a listener I I love karaoke and I'm not shy about this he brought me back the station. Either to placate stuff with Dennis and Callahan out winner. I graduated from school I was commuting into the city and I one of the kind of radio they were doing now while I think Eric is and unbelievable radio personality so as a listener first and foremost comes out and Diana. You know Jerry says aren't sold shall I think he certainly is absence will be missed and is that this is while I think it's true and we joked about it occur is kind of always lingering around American I'm doing Saturday show with Bok. When it's slow sometimes I'm like it's still G Martinez and widen and Mike we make her ex probably listening he might text you make you any crap about this let me try to bank. Something else that we try to pick something it's a little more created so. It can get on you at times and you want your phone across the studio when your equity doing it Sunday morning. Talk to your kids. But I needed at least pushes me to get better. It does and it puts a lot of people this I think he pushed the station in a way to do that the station has sounded different. Since Kirk tickle or full time Ford John and it's on that show and now is it sounded different in my opinion it's not a better and the ratings have shown that and appall Paul the bidding producer came and the dog later on really thick there and they can okay. You realize that a major portion of success has to do with the leading how mean I you guys wanna talk about on your show is key ideas. You know on our lines in the middle of it OK fine don't do it but the reality is. He's been a huge part of your success in the afternoon show success in the stations. Success it's a big deal he's not he handles it took me totally by surprise I was in their Tuesday with the guys in Kirk seems. Great seemed like he was in a really good mood in fact the entire weekend we are texting a little bit. About that quicker so Amkor saying oh we want to get set on Lebanese you know hasn't come on before it could you may be helping reach out so he was using you to get to wicker camera like that adds to it yes you the story was really into this patriot story Tuesday at etiquette shall watch the last loose atmosphere that's your thing to. I'd like to mention yet there's this idea out there that correcting Callahan is is angry. White man show and it's really not I mean if I'm you'll laugh. Several times when your most shows are. Are very light hearted. They laugh it's real especially comparison to that FAA and show that we played just like the cringe worthy with a fake laughter it so uncomfortable because it's nice easy. Conversation and it's changed a lot about you know what I was doing my podcast and stuff I would. To a lot of long rambling monologue like to put on a big show in. You know you even urine or those guys are wearing agent he has got to talk it's an economy of words with those guys right way do you have hate in you better. You better be prepared and doing that show. Make sure we'd better talk show host because you have to do as you know if you if you don't have a certain angle to it. Like 745. You feel like I've done nothing here for two hours in the and then start Mikey I backed how bad is Al expense and a boy money sucked today and you don't Heatley you have to be so. Laser focused. That if you're not you basic go by the wayside for four hours that might might. Gaullist always have a good first segments even know that might be the lowest rated segment today 6630 I think that's key get off to a good start figuring gauged or you are up on it now and I feel like. He caddies and itself from that yeah. Sat do you believe him. I don't know if they'll go away forever I think Kirk hasn't addictive personality. This is his new addiction he loves this he needs this he's listening loves it all the times now obviously he's had a really hard year. And act I don't and again personal friends you know text opt in so I don't have any insight into who's in a working I just feel like if he. You may wanna take some time there's no doubt he certainly in its policies that they like he's going you're doing a good show and leave. Is Kirk just doesn't operate like that he can't yesterday totally invested. I don't it is that's the other thing and that and it mentioned this week I talked about last hour. But I can't I can't sakes I don't work with a real to the station. Why can't say. He's the hardest working person he care lodge already but here here but the point is generally get there at 2 AM which have been there it's not that's. A public something at you you don't you don't have to do that are you in law. I don't have a computer at home but nobody. So get a chance he works the hardest org cares the most I can say there's nobody works harder. And nobody cares the most may nobody cares more. The is about that show he's constantly talking to me and Curtis encountered people in his little that circle as you know when you're in there. Talking about the show. How we do how we do here that's what you said earlier in the week here he was in a great mood. Monday he's tackling DR pierce and not just let canning Curtis beyond what segment planned for Friday got on the organs of stuff to a bear show probably. The was an insult us agents get a sniff this it'll. Well the o'clock segment this morning you all and it's totally surprised I think the last few weeks it's been candlelight party including here I feel like it's totally. Came out of left field it's a totally different show I mean obviously I had my back issues with Kirk over the summer I think the Comcast stuff was no reaction occurred is that he has certainly understandable but I. In the end he's he's been great to hear he's a big big reason why I'm here sitting next year right now from a personal standpoint those Al Roemer means more ships are you. In the short term maybe I don't know long term maybe but you know Kirk I know has my back here and has had my back in a lot of instances so. It's and I did not know did not did not enjoy hearing he's a loyal loyal guy and I you're listening to Gerri today Jerry. And you mentioned it to you. Jerry knows he can't live without it for a long appeared so I don't mean premise what show do you well it will go I mean it was still be a top. Three time you know certainly you'll have a lot of six and just that the that the plot or number eighty. Let's let's are some sort here that means we're not. Mean if it's in the EU and Jerry I think we can do a good show won't be the same we do a good show it's not SARS some sort here either Jerry if you apply hate me right now would hate me after. See that's my years here's the issue that I see I think for example on a ten point I think it's worse for you than it is for me. Kirk 00 I agree I think certainly I'm doing I indeed hang dot com a website right now paying way I think would be. Obtain agency is Gerri does not like Gary it doesn't get it really. Plays much better opt out of Gary would even want to come to students and Gary says he'll what's Carolyn Kirk's there oh corks on there and Gary's right. Polly good I would say it helps the regular helps the most are you. Signing into months. Definitely trains mossy when you well management Lotta restraint and and lots turning in particular. Jerry and trying to put it up we agreed. And what it's a roller coaster for most of us out early in the wake. Except that once shot yeah thanks to curtly I gave it to last ten minutes. It is rough where ethnic and by at least your your adding at the epic martial bock can way to collect and nothing better to close at the weak data heels again Lakeland that's helped free guys but as example today. On the air. Curtis text means they can you call. And so eight and listening to it I dropped my sop at school. And I called and I'd go back in and get some I realized and bring in a bag he needs for them and try to go back is a call back in two minutes he called me back a winner and hold. Like eight hits and Jerry's gonna call after call after call. If that was you on hold or to Moscow on hold or treading on hold. He would have gone right to you he did not wanna hear from me on my I annoy him at times and so we just let me that I finally hung up and checked the cars at this. I'm Molly Donald. You want to call me back just call them consider the whole white bread nervous around Gerri now I mean I I get nervous on lots of people that not I mean what's nerve wracking not the senior statesman at the show you mean at the station a guy I hate in Oakland would be technically. Cursor on Glenn Hall Jerry Jerry's not taken a mandated break in the coming Buckcherry Gary's long years draws three tight. Was sent. Mean really what he's been decried mustard in every surround them but again I wouldn't call Bucky a regular fixture Monday through Friday Jerry's been here through. But you two different shows Dennis gallon in current gala and Owhali to his big thing we all the pay respect that. That dale and Glenn. Kabul both those guys will breaks Jerry's been here throughout the entire thing you've been the rock on mornings recently on hard sold orbited in Iraq there. And you're right there are times or silicon disappointing him. He's a father figure canonize admitted this off the year I I you're you're right you're winning point that out and I need to get over that you really did especially Canadian warships there. You really do it's don't worry it's okay there about a few Beers heart to heart with Jerry's caddie guy. And look it up enough you can have a good heart to heart cherry. He'll be going more this after 10 o'clock you're gonna give your own a bit more yeah. I wanna give you achieve what I hear what you've short out and more importantly I get to the cliff notes version if you well courtesy Kenner gonna want that sell for -- show we just didn't since I'm assigning a pathetic losers all and a loss of per minute hand I think they got more than and I think it'll what you soul Geigy about bad soul take last hour you sold to be pretty good. As well at some point. We will do a lot more on a lot different stuff here tonight I am still fixated on Tom Brady is Tom does New York Times piece. Within the crisis headline it aptly love. And I know ideal balance what's talk about we'd like to ask our guests here at 8 o'clock what is on their money totally miss read this 530 articles like you're totally picking out the wrong statistical good you've got all oh you know a lot you know I picked up the wrong ones is Alex has been talking about Peyton Manning and Andre for months Eddie actress for her it's not ignoring the stop and Alice is written as citizens 617779. 7937. The phone we see your calls Tom Brady we'll talk Brady we'll talk to you as well Mott at night's Sports Radio WEEI. Monday night Sports Radio WEEI this many Brady a couple of days here at least on this show and I'll continue. Between now and 10 o'clock with your phones at 6177797937. Alex Weaver's here will be here. Are until midnight and he he's already on my case for. Apparently getting the my reading comprehension skills that what's being brought into question by one out through here tonight on take away from the article okay distort global talking about it is Tom Brady finally getting old and Mike self phenol. Of the 538 website and he goes into east is that statistical breakdown excuse me. How Tom Brady's aging. Not all get to your part here to seconds I'd been fixated on this first part. The talks about something called expected points added a stat that I have to admit Alex figure familiar with I have very little knowledge I at all about until I read this story. At a point out these final fight games of the year something you've been very critical of the what are your. A big talking points last cowboys are a year ago him. And it says in the context of his career Brady's extended sample or place surprise me not unprecedented okay. Dating back to 2007 when he turned thirty. This is Brady's sixth worst five game stretch measured by expected points added based on the quality of its play. And then it goes into this the five other worse. 65 game. EPA stretches and it's cleared that right there is number one. And it's 2000 free content the year he won the MVP and so I am looking at this and saying why should I care about a stat. That if I go back to 2010. Not 2001 excuse me. Look at the patriots. Stats from that that stretch he had. He threw two interceptions those five games the patriots have 41 and somehow it that's was to be bad five game stretch. I can't take this that seriously. If they're gonna look at that five game stretch as its worst here by the way he was the unanimous MVP in the National Football League not all that. At the garbage stat now because he's at 2010 and when he they're now I'm but now I'm annoyed that I was the MVP I'm going is that I got a Manning now as a go to your fans is that I like my ripped out of ignore it's not ignore the EPA so although he led what that we felt. You're right you're writers do you tell me go to sleep with your best stuff. Eight slope is all building he's building in which is named Mike Stifel staff and allow stiffly yes that Fuller might step toward yes. Manning Brady I've been on nests for months I now listen eyes nose so you can sense that this is that right I mean Manning's Kristol the always think about 2015 at Peyton Manning Nazi was Spencer brought crossfire. Practice carrying this year ball he retired but the real and started. The last five games it's when he fourteen and might I mean look at these numbers Manning the first eleven games one or nine point five passer rating breed this year won eleven point seven. Then Brady. Last five games 81 point six QB rating Manning 78 point seven you look at touchdowns interceptions. Yards per attempt expected points added EPA again. Very very similar rate is a little better but it's similar to Manning okay put so you can see the seeds of the decline. Being planted I understand that what the worst this hour chose Tony neck surgeries Manning ever spree is to me that is relevant in the discussion these two play irrelevant. Peyton Manning was a player that is not doing we know was not doing the same things that career return right now and had a warmer and injury history then Brady did that would speak to aid decline. In the case of Peyton Manning. He's had eight this huge surgery background neck surgery 2010. Heather injuries along the way. And so you can point to that say OK there was the quality entries found a comfortable with Brady. That we he's got one real piece of injuries or misty with the ACL. That's it and so to me that would explain a lot more like Manning's drop off ass why be partly to complain he's compare these two players excuse me. Yeah I can't look at Brady's injury history go okay. Those are the same the same way I'm Manny wasn't 2014. Years are the Manning neck argument falls apart he had his two best years ever. In Denver after the next surgery to when he thirteen he led the league in yards and touchdowns 55 touchdowns pretty good number so the next did not bother meant when he talked when he thirteen to his best seasons ever. To not bothered to the first eleven games when he fourteen so. I'm not sure how much of a factor out ones at the end between fourteen and Tony if you don't think it's any part of the comparison Gymboree and man to comparison but then tell me how Manning was able to put together two and a half freely to count. Erstad Tony fourteen of its best years ever pose next surgery how injured himself I would suggest that there's planes there's at least some salads and add evidence. That his wife's name and Lori H TH that he was taking an eight CHC stopped taking it in the last five games when he fourteen. Its target question I'm a timetable on his HEH that's very fair it is very similar you look at those numbers in five games it's not the largest sample size in the world but there's a lot of similarities between the beginning of the end for Peyton Manning. In the beginning Indian for Brady as we saw what Manning can and suddenly you're right I certainly not yet the next surgery in 2011 that's it will probably never seen the same guy again. We saw a better Peyton Manning hits when he talked when he thirteen an early on and when he fourteenth so it can end real suddenly it's not over for Brady. I think your Brees is playing better than him right now but I pre number two quarterbacks in the league. By. You know next year what is she is so what's your argument for Brees playing right now what would get the exact I I heard Howard say today. And his arguments Sox 98 may be right and maybe can convince me but right now his argument was he won a big game on Sunday. Course she was six app went favorite at home against Caroline rate and it is that it is August sure and I IISID was it was excellent Mac game. Where you're okay great the rose by Brady is not make great throws he has the breeze was fun most of our you know if my great stretch at Pittsburgh gets out greatly great Thursday. He suggests that Katrina was a reason why breeze a better player right now Katrina yes he suggested that he can watch as he leads in nine different categories. There's a career expo in the NFL with her Q why is hurting Katrina a part of this I've I'd say I'm not gonna play for because he sucked in his arguments all I'm gonna ask you this year sort of freezing PageSix Hurricane Katrina like was that I passing yards and he was Katrina just he was a kid he was giving breeze credit. For helping New Orleans deal with the national natural disaster that was hurt in 2005 yes Tony I oh to twenty vision he suggested what he showed up in a war woods the organization sucks we just gotta give Brees credit for this year for some reason that's not I didn't hear. I'm asking you what did you see from Brees this year. Aside the last five game whether that's what it's all right the last five they said right now today. January 11 Drew Brees is playing a little bit better than Tom Brady right now today today saying forever not saying all time. Next week and your race are not final what do we what what's the number games won all right now five games not the last five games of the year right now your performance last week so you're including. Is playoff game. It's just. Are you factoring in. Any of the injuries that Tom Brady's had her switcher re just isn't the injuries affect your play. OK of course yes so don't you don't look at the healthy skill position with Camaro and Ingram and Michael comedy got nothing from those guys against the Panthers. So it's America had a touchdown. He was final go round and they were they think they threw all of what Michael Thomas and Ted Ginn junior Ingram was an odd during the same Manning that there is some good big in during the same stretch. Operating in Biscayne with Rob Gronkowski. He had no Chris Hogan. He's had no Rex Berkett and we know album went down to start the year. That has to factor ran. During that hold on hold on let's say let's named her breezes weapons are second to Michael Thomas I can't seem okay gloss on Alvin Camaro was always gonna win the rookies last year. Josh tell nobody tackle before you know Willie steal nearly nine Josh Davis had a good game Josh I think it just chill in the game Manning because Drew Brees I'm getting confused like Drew Brees because he was sitting there with a ball and a huge wide open on the rack Rodgers Brees throws the bought the receive little behind him get to use to it. Yeah a great article was will be storm cat I understand in a great throw was it and so having these last five games like a playoff game to. How many of those were inside against playoff opponents this argument of course. It matters to play free of difficulty for a quarterback factors and where you're playing I you're playing the opponents are playing. The patriots play the Steelers down the stretch they played a very top ball float team. It made the playoffs they played. Three playoff teams in the final by game's its ads ads on this footage you're really talking about reality. I can only talk about what I see out but I know is breeze statistically. It's been better the last five days a time great right now he's playing better than what are these numbers the last five games is quarterback rating is one of three. It's a Brady's is lower than that 81 and a touchdown or Casey and how many touchdowns the I clicked off and don't want to go back when second. But see. A six touchdowns for four picks for breaking it down five games seven touchdowns three picks her breeze a case about a 3.4 rate that is awfully. So while these three point six completion percentage completed nearly 74% of his passes Brady's is definitely lower than. Much there's no doubt about it it's okay. It's OK but he agrees has been a little better than Brady I last month and now he's all right I I I would disagree with that premise because of who they played and a degree difficult that Brady's played and I also. I guess if you're saying this. You're gonna also allow that you can you're gonna say it played Carolina and win a white is Carol in their last at Carol F five if care isn't a patients at three left on it's that great one of those guys who those on the road. If Brazil Brees doesn't play well this week you wanna play the Eagles. And Brady plays well it just like oh yeah okay now Brady's playing better stance yes. It's dated date where it's like a who's better right now it state today. I think that is less important than who had a better year I think brought it up. I can't Howard was in her disagreeing what it's for right now to date January 11 Drew Brees has been playing better than Tom Ray Ozzie deals right about you your patriot. I've had that I have lots and wire two of my articles cited on the walls are important context. Two out streamer pieces cited as evidence against the NFL blog that ballgame to indeed dot com and update that resonate to stories right there boom thank you very much. Congratulations I called legacy yelled text from my job and say Alex thanks for the help here he's a good friend. Alex is in Natick once talk about Tom Brady at 6177797937. Palestinian. Hey guys what's up bounce. So I got two quick things for and it backed over you guys got awesome by the way thanks to shell out bursting. And apps Travis. With absolute circuit slash dumpster fire all the media. That it comes on the future everytime it play out every year edit it out particular packet right at the about statistics. Armories. And. I think you're just making it up Alex like the sentiment seems the world but every year in Saint Louis story last year. And it won't play you know last year was not last year is oh. Whatever it its Kindle can. For the bonds are we are at the end of the year or operate so that's why secondly. Brady. It's normal correct about technicality anymore it really hit it he has one of the greats like Mayweather like Larry Bird it's a numbers game and become an every game to achieve. How many touchdown how many yards whatever and you know it. That yet if the work and once in a look at one pixel apart sport or in reality. Long stretch get the job at your like you regret it. Yeah before you go yes sir my name is Johnson from nick as well. Or not. The bond's cool dude it's you guys know each other I don't think so no doubt I am sure we don't I just looked at your airliner dark arts and number. They go couple outs is talking on the Alex in Natick Alex innate thank you for your call. I'm with you on the the the ESPN part of this and we've taken a million these calls and ESPN is out to get the patriots Alex they are. They are anti patriot the writing things on purpose. I don't believe that and you have been front center are defending set wicker sham. I am right there behind you dude I I I think that his story there's more truth. Then there is. Fake news in that story. I wicker sham got a very good story and their people there jealousy got that story broadly they're things that maybe he got wrong in their two I think that Goodell met with Belichick know. I don't think they're too many people now saying that those two I didn't meet but the crux of it is there that's not an ESPN thing. They write about the patriots and and re wreaking split is better than I can because they know that's a Dick clicks gets what's grass it's most written about team talked about team. In the country spore is the patriots not just ESP answer. Answer real story I mean yeah essential tents that article are the rift with ballot second radio Red Sox Guerrero which is beyond confirmed pretty much every local reporter at this point even the Jeff powers of the world have sad. You know Guerrero and ballots had to Nazi I'd die so that's a big deal. And you know I did Jimmy G adding Belichick was forced to trade a meeting try to get the most in return and I'm not even listening. The set quicker salmon and listening to Adam chapters has only called when teamster I mean Cleveland plain dealer who says that the browns were willing to opt for the number four overall pick I'm reading Gregg retired the we'd never do tablets these sports guy yeah I got Donnie downs while Portland he says Belichick did not seek the highest night burger ever droplet said that last week's out. Forget he is Pia I'm talking about other guys who backed it up as well I sets up in Maine on Tom Brady on mud at night hi Seth. You were right about what you said earlier about. Tom Brady and not being too old I think it's just because people are really just them that he's been given the same thing for almost twenty years. And I'm pretty sure he's had a breeding ground for future quarterbacks got Carson once the Sean walked in and pictures. They've always wanted to be a future Tom Brady the ball in his foot steps. Here's what he's doing Seth he ears and it and thanks for your call tonight. What people writing about why. 538 writing abound today with a New York Times writing about today what. Gotham shall pock wanna do a documentary. Like TB twelve is a polarizing thing. Is because he isn't an unknown charted waters as a quarterback in the NFL he's at forty and he still the top his game. And so he's going to be written about and talked about you and I'm sure all the quarterbacks wanna emulate him but the bigger stories he's forty years old. And dog wanted to. All of these last five games OK that he's not been at his best but overall the body work was an MVP quarterback the issue losses. I'm not his best for his most important. Most reliable receiver Donald support most reliable receiver for the season started and went on an MVP year at the age of forty that's the story with them. Now some people absolutely and he is pushing it TB told brand more than ever TB to a method was in New York Times best seller number one. That's basement videos summing more than ever is that near times. Eleven my two favorite liberal publications I have an eight year times weighing in on Tom Brady tonight. But any he's never pushed the TV twelve brand more. He has now so that's newsworthy to have its huge and the other part of it for people say once Haiti on the patriots it's because they have a pet issues like this it's it's remarkable they've gone this long. But having this but in fighting is still in the in fight in separate action gets the story. It is a story board your thoughts on this I wanna get. Alex is take on the New York Times old weighing on this in the mid life crisis headline they put today. All four Tom ready which I love and your phone's 61777979837. Roemer is here we tease and Alex we talked to Alex in Natick. Things are going crazy. Moderate nights orchard. Now we're getting some love sources weighing in here about it knights were pretty WEEI. Folks are right out of the Judy Martinez podcast party JD martini party kids some calls sign Tex about how that went. Place is jammed actually jammed it was shoulder to shoulder you couldn't move. Can Laird had seventeen corona seventeen. Rock tenuous at Drake and rob had at least two of those side JD Martinis now those Ers expressed some tees judging by the pictures are you I I would not know that I don't know I don't know he would not known and it's time on pars as you I don't like the mark Google I I'm not a martini guy. Putting espresso martini. That is yet since first martini has caffeine and its distressed alcoholic okay it will cost it's got Kathie Lee again I'm. Older than you while for adults to do two things one I'm not drinking as much as I was and alas that's not that's number one. Number two you're in an age where you can deal with the did the heavy combination of caffeine and alcohol you'll get to an age where those two things at once. You've become so old that your heart. Starts to pound a little bit too much ego I need to get out of this game might be a heart attack. Or hurt our heart palpitations or something that combination becomes too much Red Bull and vodka is not for you. It was at a time there again there was a time fifteen years ago where that was a good idea start the night with a couple those cup now now now now there's no thinking I'd I'd I stay away from combining ones it's a great morning trying to express a martini. Haven't had before curtain Callahan times off the walls and remember that oh and I said that he that great ever let out so I say when the two years ago automatic pan. Blaming and I'll call them and you espresso Martinis yes and express Martinis clay a martini glass full of greedy. Oh come on awesome. Coffee milk shake out how the picture of Radford without it looks like he's just sitting there with great looks hi Clarice it was easier than it looks like Cingular the milk shake and MIT class desecration let me see now I gotta go looks great out it wasn't from the oh by the lame what was your reaction and it's now the Jerry talents on Twitter. Oh geez care are language showed up at this policy. I ate at the Smart move against commuted Jerry challenge on fundamental change and of course Kurt I love Kurt how he takes out all of his Twitter profile stuff. Few plays hardball is not a grass Ari does that. Patio for my the way I'm looking at this picture Bradford. On it doesn't look like gravy it looks like naught right but it looks like he had drug committee to help you drink it what's the patio I'll give you that one. Equity as a visit is attempting to buy them on looks like him looks to that. Well I'd brought up was like you martini guy. That's an express my team is totally different sort of one and a half years in front pocket on the near what's the difference what what why is that you want an espresso with alcohol and it's an ornament tedious. Vodka. Yes straight hard liquor MIT does of dollars okay so. Daisy you might at some I mean I'm not naive spent a lot of time in bars in your life in and out over the last six months but the fifteen years prior. Never saw Martina and I and it and I had them but I thought at and you're right there's a desert field that this is some sort of coffee right. OK so that is saying it's different it's still Martina it's still the Martinez family it. It's if I'm it has caffeine in the same exact key ingredients that would be an irregular martini with the addition of espresso. Correct yes I'm looking to move off I think my gin and tonics had been threatening get off jeans he's a look at the new drink that's why I'm up on this but he can't have too many of those that now you know you're not bounce off the same thing for you price a week and you actually know you work here. Sunday morning sometimes. Now I know your favorite chef ya ya know espresso Martinis and sunny mornings nine nope black stuff Daniel is in Maine let's talk patriots tight and get a caller earlier Alex who had had that comment line was. We are overlooking the titans I thought finally someone's gonna make case for the titans they hung up. So still Wear a date for this and Nolan the two titans can win and nobody here and it's from things they can Daniel remain can the titans when this game. Absolutely and I I think I don't think that I think the patriots are not. In any way cheaper we're overlooking the titans I think it. Don't doubt it is your Turkey day every opponent seriously. That anyone not then gonna have to answer that that meant that the game. They don't get me like a real reason why the titans can win it don't matter and I can't say any given Saturday arguments like like a real activity exes come on your writing for the Boston sports journal you're there on the scene give me axes. I'm from Nashville I looked up he had heard a lot. If you target back in matters as. The curtain now on the patriot baton while I'm eat at the side of the ball is one of the beat Pitt defense and I've ever seen especially when it comes to stopping her arms. They are indeed or at worst in yards allowed her any added argued that it bend don't break there also leave it patently get our point. There's air top five scoring defense so to call them the worst one of them the worst Stephen your receipt is that. Help the swallows a top five defense. Changes Derrek helped Damascus and they're as I think they're both very well he did very well but I think they don't match up very loud and their candidate you match it and clocked at the Y. Think they're gonna get pushed around and I think that it aid to nearly ended a market area as smooth cut and. He's terrible he threw more picks than touchdowns series it terrible court. Performance last week when you get that will ultimately get out of people are reluctant to I'm being inducted. Any place. But honest and wouldn't let you create a lot of problems especially freaking out like act. Especially if you look at it out and order and their ads and if you don't put a buyout and that. In the options area had to run every single time that your pork thing to not double on Delanie Walker aren't a big part because like Eric Beckett. And to say that you guys are incapable of that idea you secondary side. But I think that you got an actor's actor and I'm not especially in the red zone. With that deck every night. You know open up the game enough or someone like Rashard Matthews. Or or did it make a big place. Guys who struck I mean it and those are guys you'd minute struggle to make big plays all year. Add to me that and Daniel that that means the issue of really talking about the game for a minute or two year. I could see a scenario where Derrick Henry bossy big runner too we saw opening night patriots play Kansas City. And Kareem hunt meets and it's a big plays on that defense they can allow big plays in the ground. They can't Tennessee cannot score enough. To stay where they arrested authored by patriots team they healthy ground Ani Chris Hogan and Rex Burkhead. All back in the game they will not be able to defensively slowdown a Patriots offense and up it'll be two touchdown game heading into the second half. Pines a lot to throw. Page of the get their turn over and it will be all downhill from there act and am having doom and gloom with Brady a little bit in the first hour but he eats Dick LeBeau defense is alive we on the other's numbers and at no reason to believe. This tends to be any different in your right mark is they're titans again after the route they're not going to be able to hand the ball the Derrick Henry 35 times announced that the row. In March scenario and a socks he's awful I watched him all year he toured almost a rate of interception last week in my 21 yard line. Right there in the red zone I mean just. Not god so not get the day's news articles about Ontario and it is is the in New England is I agree with you a 1000%. He's better were running these throwing the football now we've got in it it would be even in the more fear in him talking and trying to make big plays in this feet. There with the on the ball I agree with it patriots defense and how much he struggled against the run statistically they're not gonna lose because markets Mary noted there are ten or you're just running down the field in hell you got to row. To win. And the titans can't and they are not gonna stop Brady in this game defensively the titans very very good run defense the problem is they allow big plays in the passing game. And eight bit. When Travis Kelsey was healthy rats week you to turn the game off because they could. Not covenant not to say how to deal with crop in this game on Saturday can they couldn't defend Kelsey so icy ground team as our rights of patriots win big danger patriots titans talk but we have a national got a call on the scoot into more titans in those two minutes I think have been uttered all week on he's definitely that is deathly titans fan I give credit for 617779. 7937. Is the phone number. We are us and I think couple weeks away from Tom vs time. We are couple weeks away from FaceBook watch Brady the kids Gisele flop liability. Guerrero. And I'm gonna watch every. Second of this thing when it comes out. What if he didn't have to you for your job. I would watch every second of all explain why are coming up we'll get people's thoughts on that and we'll talk about the New York Times writing about golf I love that these Brady midlife crisis and his documentary. And his affection for TB twelve in his post playing career Alex Roemer is here. He has a lot of thoughts about a lot of things and he's going to be here until midnight to call now at 6177797937. Mott at night's portrait.