Mut & Tomase on their favorite parts of the John Dennis interview with OMF

Mut at Night
Wednesday, October 18th

John Dennis took some time out of his wildly busy schedule (he breaks down his day) to talk with OMF about how he has been after parting ways with WEEI. Mut and Tomase give their thoughts and some of their highlights from the segment.


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But it's never good day for example I have already. But not a amber watch my car in the driveway and I'm talking to eat that apple has now. When I finish here I'm going to havens here's the big decision today I have one of the block and dad hit balls were quite get all of them then have a lot. Then I finished with that you know what I thank my barbecue grill and I've got to get to that field again and welcome home I've spoken as. And on the back deck like that happen for you then. Around without all fired up the girl brought a couple of stakes on Cappy and me. What designated survivor tonight and the navy seal program some general outpouring of help them through a couple of while. Now here's my life at night on Sports Radio W we. All we have gone through full hours. Of sports we're capitalists. And all Hayward all Celtics. Well yankees in their all your calls about the injury in the impact of the young guys and routers. Now a bad guy in the bronze a cheap shot artist and Angel will do or self it's his job the bossy you're what is called today. He's walked instilled so quiet. He still crying over the Gordon Hayward injuries I'm across making the siren across but I am no longer cracked you fought through tears to sit down on the show and it's talks more sports for two more hours that I'm a professional and I don't let. Devastating injuries among the worst thing I've ever seen in history of humanity. Olympic in the damn worse the injury or the election results for. To hear words it's. Your doctor John about eight he is here till 10 o'clock he wrote today the emotions. Strike like a sandstorm Blassie everybody's got the right there are more or less strong with San its own grief guilt what is wrong with sandstorm I don't get got all my Twitter was full of people making fun sands when you don't lie because the bath England though the warning shall make fun of Abbott went what is there to make and a sandstorm it's like it hits it from every direction this and you you don't have to be held on to understand what that means I'll ask the question that we all then yeah. When the last time John to Boston and a sandstorm yet but do you really need to wolf personal Heidi you know what is sandstorm wells are saw if you like if you models and hops on it and you as a marketing pounded now OK if you say punitive beach on a stormy day like you'll get the sand blown in your face you know at bat feels like. Why is that so hard to wrap your head around so I can't make a reference to elect a tornado or earthquake happened America act. At a I have experienced a legit where his son vowed yesterday with a two point one magnitude you know I was in Anaheim for like a four point something now was legit about is that you know and did you run to doorways that we learned. Idol schools roads and to. I was on my eighteenth for believed I was late. Yeah I was very confident that flipping vehicle just I think I dwell over it comes across as a little emotional. Those are the most horror and rough action and not get usable knowledge I built a first of all I wrote that and posted within like an hour. Of the thing happen OK so listen mr. I heard you on the radio last night doing years alum like. Three game funeral voice so I don't see what the differences you felt it last night out. I thought I heard and that I ordered last night and all that they use a white injury Celtic and listening to you you felt that it was Dennis and make you sick it turned my stomach was an odd. Celtics in my team more than any of the others Negroponte Negroponte the bird era. Celtics in my teens fair there the one team I don't cover enough to you know feel like I got to be more objective about the Mona cover them that much so I was legitimately looking forward to this season has also expands work. And you see and hear that injury. And it's just like punches in the stomach I'm not gonna apologize for a single word that. Not alert you that then Elise explained the one word and this storm thing Alley mocked his warning I sort of get that. That and I think you made a good explanation for sandstorm yet. Explain to me the emotion of guilt yet I act I I thank zeroing Dale's and I explained it in the story. Using that exact word and I figured out people Smart enough to Figo talking about the guilt of this guy just broke his leg and the first thing you're thinking it's obvious seasons Bruins. It's not like op Gordon Hayward you can't. You can feel a little bit guilty his knee felt a little bit guilty sitting there being like. I should feel bad for that guy whose leg just gets snapped in half but I kind of feel bad for me and the fact that this Celtics season is not going to be. What we expected that that's. I I stand by that as well be that next that's the word out and tired Horry yes revulsion absolutely disbelief. Hell yeah I just explained to you and I does that mean I sense a set it against Hewitt does to me MCI did not feel that emotion as my ex and was he makes sense though. If you if you felt that that yes I understand you felt guilt that you felt guilty. That Europe's at the celtics' season was over. I didn't have that same emotion that's a sick doesn't remotely can bail we felt sick I think is they actually sick was six of property where he felt sick watching the market. Or get it to this I I've done it's for two hours and you guys wanna do it. Although yet to this point now where I feel like if you're a Celtic fan and you wanna talk about Gordon Hayward. You're probably watching the Celtics play right now against the Milwaukee Bucks in the market Smart start a fight it's perfect game to its much as will be or get into all this I wanna I wanna go through John's piece of what happens now to wrote a second ball piece today which is just as worthy. A conversation that's a little less emotional yet you you to calm down you you to deep breath. And what happens now and we that was the big topic today is how the Celtics look different now what changes. What goes for will do all that here at 6177797937. Is the phone ever bought I have. Bitter. I bit of avoiding this in a way to do this until you got here that affect and that as a return of John Dennis to Sports Radio W John Dennis left thirteen months ago left the morning show. I think you admitted today he quit and you know he's he decided he wanted to out. And he appeared on WRKO. Bottom of the Gilani on a money or a retirement show. Where he was a feeling good and today he returned to order way Maloney and Fauria. And the big thing he wanted to us know. Is that he's very happy in retirement I have a small penis he's not listening station yet and he does not. Feel any need to talk to Kirk or Jerry. Ever again those are my Big Three takeaways from the penal return to Sports Radio WBE. Yes so I believe that he doesn't want time to certainly Kirk. And he never sees Kuerten yeah assured me I think the only. The only scenario in which he would wanna see Kirk is at Kirk's funeral he would show up and I don't act. All right I glow. Is it's disrespectful to your name on a corpse is I think that's. That would probably be his first choice I is it one of those rules seeking dad and I tiger I don't know you know trump is just sort day every anything goes now so I don't know if that's acceptable. So that that be the only scenario in which he would wanna cross pass Kirk moving forward. I got a call BS on the whole I don't listen to the station haven't listened at all. This is when he admitted that he heard five minutes aboard way. He was like I got in the car and hit the wrong button and it's legal weight you have EI and a preset but you know listen to it. Or did you. I mean that's like Internet radio and how do you get the Agassi could have been here a insanity get it in Florida he could have been out here but either way. You must you must be a preset well I just don't ever hit bad but. I don't believe me either I tune that out I got a lot of negative response Mitch has twittered 2017 very negative plays just suggested that. The way. That. You know Korea was the voice of the finance money commercials how aggressively he knew that gap was literally he's listening to a lot online was it all lined a commercial plays. All the time on the late consistently frequently. Find mass money it plays much on the air I'm when I'm at home now what you. I said the outgoing on my phone just easier that way at the Bluetooth speed and it is easier fight here a lot of Fauria is wacky finance money spots I heard that and player in the current era marry OK John you are listening and I also I there are other nothing wrong with listening and I don't want a global IA that was his. He was trying to you almost bragging about the fact. You listen anymore eight was Gilles went too far or that. That he was saying it was a DOS protest too much is that the line yes will be made you feel like okay he's definitely listening I also think if you ask. Other casting couch members are on the casting couch who have gotten. Some communication Dino he's communicating about things that happened on the shell has you know that because it happened. On the show so we agree about that view do you think that he does not want to. At any point in the rest of his life speak to Jerry Kelly. Going for example the Aggies it didn't sound while I don't know I I believed in my take him at his word on what having a senate. And we had a great around ninety and really like each other by the end but it was wasn't magical could columnist should write war. He could edit certain he could say that to him in person this was Dino today on the loyalty issues with Jerry counter by one of the big takeaways tomorrow when. Soccer and Jerry pick through the deal experience and Elena. The fact Callahan did sort of move on from you because you saw the shiny new tool that that I mean all the years that you guys had together at the (%expletive) you off. Well you get disappointed me you know I thought I write it and I'll clear it hitched his wagon the other guy that's automatic I would do that to give the of you're former cold sleeping in a year. And you know the other guy's going to be here a long term three or five years what are the he's be obviously you know I would I would say this is who my future where the people. I just think there was some element of disloyalty that's all I did listen up now it is just appointed meet. It adds I'm sure pissed off at how easy putt over now it's been thirteen months and you you get over things I'm sure at the time if if he believes that first part the Jerry after nineteen years literal as was disloyal. So issue off. Oh yeah and and also you know. You know he's probably enlist and I was not involved in any of this stuff whatsoever it was never on the show rather than Colin in a few times yeah. With Dino I don't think I may be out as an adamant studio once. So I wasn't really. A superbly in any event. But the idea of like oh it's has lagged the other guy once he found out I was leaving. They're good timing may may have started a little sooner and as you know it's weird now hearing Dino talk because you've heard we heard other think you've heard in different things happen in the way it was portrayed maybe today and we'll all. That the guys I'm sure we'll get into that tomorrow but Dino has I would say Dino as his version of how things went. A pretty confident that the rest of the show including the producer of the show have a different version. Of how things. And I'm sure they will talk about that tomorrow on their shell foray with the good ball excellent job I'll say a lot excellent job Christian Fauria. About whether or not DO spoken to Gerri at this point. Now do you talk or have you talked to Callahan since you left. Now it is or is it because you are not resent and he's averaged out to you do you feel like there can be ever there could ever be some sort of reconciliation you guys didn't get it together and talk about your times. I don't think there needs to be I'd muddy shifted in that I don't think he's interest that we get up we get what we did. Our our nineteen and a half year run stands on its own. That's why I'm I've now moved onto another portion of my life. The word used there was he talked to Gerri and maybe have not talked I wish Christian had said. Have you we try to reach out via any other forms of communication say text and accidents on that show I I think you'll again you hear a lot what is tomorrow but I get the impression that the guys reached at times. The different people on that show help Chris Curtis. Debunk one of the theories right away today Dino was asked has he been asked to come on the show. He said no. And T said it is perfectly Dino text message way no thank you just the letters yet no thank you and with a letter U so. He's the outside world for every reason. Beatles got his version how things went. It is different then the way the morning show guys believe land and Kirk and challenge and and deals rebel one thing it is certainly worked out for apparently. Everyone involved if you take you know what his work and he's happy it worked out for him he's going back and forth of Florida. Johnny's got Boston at the Jeff Steele campaign things are good deal ink right now things are good. And things obviously good for the morning show thanks to much and too mossy who have been part of the casting couch those led them to monster monster ratings so. Everyone seems to be happy about it. I would say again the version of dean knows first what happened a different a morning show and while be listening tomorrow outside I think they'll have a different. Timeline and or version of events that talk about. Yang and hears weird Dina can't win. In terms of whose version is. Real one right and true and whenever they're gonna get the last word it's their show are still on me yeah let's Jon wants to call in and and and even nowadays and it's the hangs up they get the last words they're always gonna get the last words and that's. An unwinnable one. For him that's weird let me and got tonight. Goal it's your fair park that I think is are you ride your show everybody is ward way. We all know Glenn Glenn you know he would narrowness and anything about any line when they weren't in the room we know that about him totally above board. And the way and and nobody knows that better than Dino. And though he Glenn tries to be like. Well wait wait wait so hold on hold so what you're saying is. They would doing this behind your back he's acting all shocked behind your back and listened order is a great interview he's trying to get. He's trying to get you know make that emotional connections he'll get the answer but it's like when you're talking to John Dennis keywords you for twenty years he knows how this game works. Maybe you thought that maybe this I am I wish you had me because they are which cut I would wanna hear that cut directly now this was this is the else saying what he was to hold. There at the end about everyone else pushing him out it is that the cut do you talk about the last a few months whatever it is I'll along. Do you think you backe might leave you feel like it was there are pushing you around that they behind your back that they were pushing for this. I think so yeah yeah I believe. Oh it's on this error when I was out all read it they went in and also on the U lost in insulin you. So you thought that they were working behind the scenes to turn behind yeah work I don't know well I think I was told they could. Told by management. Felt so somebody in management told you that they were trying to push your luck until they are conspiring. To Iraq. Patio can we just hear behind the scenes again. And that's and even the manager all the ways the way Glenn's voice pitches up like Glenn does it with. Hey breaking news Glenn knows all this stuff up Glenn knows what happened more than you and I do of course. Cleanser you thought that they were working behind the scenes to try to kindness we love. Behind the sneeze I love it love it. Because that's just that the whole kind it's inconceivable. So Glenn orbit at someone would do that. Would go to management or tock behind someone's back about something inconceivable in this. In this bill and this building I imagine of you talking collusion. And they try to keep got a legal icon. That have been out of imperfect. It's yes. Oh man I'll play one more thing 01 opponent Dino did you said he Twitter run with Trent Twitter run in with him recently that's true I did we just found out they did find out today with the interview that John is has no interest in doing morning show work but. He did not close the door on a return WEEI patio would you ever consider coming on the morning show for like return a one time engagement have a deal. Now they asked him. No it party though would do we really would still love to just go at it on the air and confront both of them. Now I would consider field and work with you guys in the summer oral Christmas. Why does he wanna worker Chris leaks and there's a change exactly. He gets and a Christmas list or Christmas it's never gonna happen if it would happen by now it Dunn's mother Finland shows what a down weekend shift or two we isn't exit. It's at that part I believe these sort of done with. I wouldn't close the door that aspect of II would I would love that believe that he's gonna come back indecent should I look the American and for a couple hours of the subordinate. Once football season's over Mondays and Thursdays or why don't illegal people. I'll think John for a couple hours get a nice the end down there in Florida eight to ten on Monday night's eight it cannot off Pontiac think Rashid Monday nights be perfect because. The whole weekend to talk about this whole milk had a stuff from the weekend be great I think like me you're tainted by association and the morning show so well he guy I did I mention is he the last that are tonight he. It's a some random spot. He all of a sudden out of nowhere is it they'd he had blocked ever on the morning show I'd still be on the watch him on Twitter at I loved I loved John Twitter John is a great Twitter. Follow it just so random and just so out of control. I'm he blocked me all the sudden on followed me so I have been persona non Grata with him for a long time actually now I think about it it might have been because. He reached out to me. I'll ride my dish issues over the summer and I did not text back. I just realized now I'll be ever responded John that might have offended him. Is he reached out and certainly a very and I it was a nice tax but it was going to be so it was so quickly after it happened a vexing anyone back in our circle back I said. The bullet and never were funded back to you and Giles while so John I apologize bad job by me. If that's why you block B please I wanted to backing your Twitter world. Osce right improbably tainted by association I'm not blocked by him just check to you to see just caddie can he follows you could he. He went after you for something on air or on Twitter recent months where we'll never on there so it's okay so now and that's it and the attack you for something new stuff out of Lebanon and I'm saying I'll never say it's never anything on the air it's only suck my tweets that maybe dozens who knows or doesn't listen on Tuesday and yes he was about me it was something of refugees or something and and and so you know I went back and forth through them a little bit and it was back to school night you know it's like the first week of school how old are your kids. We're going to be five it's going to be two we got in school but quite like teacher emerged they were back to school yes so back to school my first week of school there. The teachers have you and we have some kids on the rules so yes of a teacher gives elect a half hour payments is my class is what we're gonna exceeds this is how we do this is that we do that. In it did that for two the second greater and the support doubled up via doubled up the full hour I come out. I have turned off. I'm notification that my Twitter does jobs I don't see and I as to every like idiot in response to me no offense idiots. I don't I don't see them off. I don't really see and it from a site searching for them. But in this particular case because I followed Dennis. Anyone I follow I get their stuff so normally if I club my phone might see two or three like. Twitter updates from people like you warm morning show our Bradford in the morning show crew yeah morning show crew day either parity counselor at least excellence Andrea yet. I have like forty mists Twitter things like hell what I opened them up and their all Dina calling my towel. Like all of the you know colony cowardice and what he had asked me was like. Do you know how much refugees. Constant. As it yeah I don't care about it and it's. And when I didn't answer immediately is waiting and waiting Howard empowered you know do right wingers Howard is a favorite word of their Schilling. Has dropped that on on that as well I'm right wing on a bad guy not like some elements of the not a hard and right we are not hired out in that sense of just in the jam. So am. You're you know do you know how many how much money and is like of course like who the hell knows but but. I was in this things I didn't respond. Yeah I explodes and I ask you think licking around closing fawning groveling funky lacking sixth man. Floods are basically had a bat treatment. And then was like your Google thing I can tell from the delay that you're Google Ainsley non. And so I came out. And honestly guided Arkin and believe me and I don't know if it honestly would have changed my response to drive a code are not gonna I don't think I got there yet I had this idea this is beyond none what I'm gonna say it's the on statute so. I come out and I see all these in this messages and so unlike the house I say something about I was that back to school night. And then I'd say. If I'll answer your questions if you can below below point 19 which you know Dino has had his struggles and all that sure. I told you I was not in that world when he was leaving and I just forgot for guys. Forgot he was in recast so I mean it's I've made that an and he was seriously he was ranting like the draw members. And so that was my only. That's all I was getting Sam dropped. Well he took great offense to that because Brazil especially not to do you know special and listen I and I will say. Guy when you are overcoming something like that I know that's a big deal. Doesn't mean I'm not still gonna make fun of that I might it shows in my words it'll definitely I don't know I I honestly I don't know if I would ever not. Doesn't matter if it's Carty out you forgot UN were to get to the shop forgotten island for. And that then he got so mad and I was like you know what this is driving nimbly and courtesy I'm just gonna that's going to be might not cross the line again and just walk away. And so I mean night. The next day 5060. Messages of outrage from the now and part of me is like. Okay calm down you spent Lenny years ripping people for all of their foibles and all their mistakes don't get sanctimonious. On me now like. You know. Not to be insensitive and it's like you were an alcoholic in the first place though. You know and did what I exit fifty ovals all pub sack I think you'd block the at this point that's why I needed to help on what how would you guys that was those all 5060. Public mass yet they're just all too ready Erekat not another weren't directly or in my feed -- antsy to Nazi whenever in. Do you think and what's great about this still does film and I you're angry some hope maybe and I know. Probably push in the clock here Odyssey very quickly. As somebody who grew up. Here. Like John Dennis it was low bell Dennis Michael lynch and these guys were all like. The class the U respectable. Voice of the fan clutch goalie all day every night and then UCD. Then other Dino on here. Very different or do you know change completely from the dean owed them in the John Dennis who soul. So polished and so good on channel seven he was still polished here I mean got a code on that but he just he is is. I think a real part of personality came out like that other side where he's never gonna let you win he's he's gonna dig in. There's a ruthless side to John. They came out because I now believe Jerry to crediting Jerry brought that out of him Jerry said shall people that side and he was different than like you said the guidance soup with that slip there. Doing these in sell tickets Lebanese Red Sox it's an easy of that terrible rap songs. Back in 1985 I think it's on stage seventeen or so years ago the long ago when. Make Thomas started out like 1510. Minutes they surely raise the bar being raised the Byron actress I denies that the trojans entered the united big huge story it's probably the best story or Bristol brings I'm tutoring man on Mars right investor Everett about this race. And it was about five. I went looking for a Beagle Serbian took down its archives which is annoying. I can probably find it some internal computer but anyway. I interviewed everybody. Interviewed Callahan bunch of people lord way we are fine Donna I'll finally got to find and Callahan was like talking about raising Barneys and John Dennis came in here he wanted to raise the bar he wanted to. Up the level of discourse he wanted you know they're attracted more erudite intelligent. Level of listener and collar and I'm Callahan won in my favor Coates is like listen. I want all the Smart listeners but I want all the dumb ones to get up and that's how you may get angry words the left. We'll find back home at some point is that that. Is much and mossy on the state of John Dennis here on WEEI if you missed it we played a bunch of the clips could job a patio. Our producer to to get these all organized that all segments on demand if you it will. One also tweeted out here at some point. It's worth listening to if you were a listener John during his days or whether it was during the at the beginning of the the his days when it was the remembered for started and the new owner. And at a mansion the morning show and in the final BO piece of the puzzle which was. Kirk and John and Jerry you know Wallace and on demand it WEEI dot com we could play all that for you but. On John's they're part is the did your way thing. My fair pars that lists the patio is play the open every single time John goes through his whole list that was in no way shape performer now I don't believe that job now he wouldn't. Write that out in had a list rails up top as head. I'm Alice my favorite party to listen on demand to that right now. At WEEI dot com or wait till 10 o'clock or midnight or one or two. Or sometimes 1001 we'll get it to one of the show thing up I later next hour for uniting your tunnel to get mossy spots in the return. A Alex dreamers of the casting couch on Dunkirk and Callahan tomorrow will get back into. Opts. Sports 6177797937. The phone number our favorite topic on the show what John is here is the president. And did Joseph I'll have to that we can back the president has a W on his scorecard when it comes to the president and the NFL president and the players. Trump Wanda. NFL and players nothing will get to that next. So you thought that they were working behind the scenes to try to.