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Mut at Night
Thursday, January 11th

Mut talks about Kirk Minihane's announcement that he would be leaving WEEI. he takls about where the decision could have come from, if Kirk will possibly return or reconsider, and where the morning show and station go from here.


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Our tune Monday night Sports Radio WEEI outlets screamer in studio at 8 o'clock your calls throughout the show as always at 617779797. I'm certainly many of you was surprised by what I heard today from Kirk Callahan heard bits and piece of the show leading at 8 o'clock and was promoted. As some sort announcement on the future of Kirk men hand at 8 o'clock on that showed today in hurt in that clip there. That essentially the essence of what your Kirk said and what led to the final couple hours of talk on their showed today. Nick Kirk at least as of this morning where is set to at some point. I have an end date to is so working with WEEI Gerry Callahan and he's just Dell wants to take some time off from radio take some time off the show. Radio in general suggests he's not looking at work anywhere else and just wants to. Take the time said it was an eight financial they like that just wants to. Take the time away and I right now as far as I know I just will I'd scheduled to be in tomorrow with the guys. The first that hurt any of this was this morning and about 8 o'clock or so. With Kirk making that announcement and in on the show today I had here I had no prior warning it sounded like. Gerry Callahan and I had very similar situations with Kirk yesterday or both reached out by phone Kirk. Neither one of us got a call back off from Kirk and obviously was dealing with his own situation. And you heard the news today he's gonna take some time away from the radio station. Obviously like many young hope that's not the case. And after having a lengthy conversation with him today. I'll I'll just be honest and sag under the same answer that I gave him he said would you think I said my my first reaction was. Sadness yes I understand and that that's very similar to be set wicker Jan stored or sent wicker Sheehan writes there's a lit. Sadness. Over there Gillette Stadium and I had the same feeling. When Kirk made its announcement today because the reality is. The morning show here on WEEI the curtain Callahan show is the best show best radio show sports shorter Monica all it. In the market and Kirk is a major major major driving force in that. Speaking selfishly I don't have any more fun in radio. Don't being on that show with Kirk and Jerry when the show is good and in fact when the show is bad it doesn't matter are them plenty of that shows I'd given plenty of bad. I segments of those guys. The show still that show is the most fun that I personally have in radio I loved doing they show. But the most fun I have. It would those two idiots and Curtis in canned for four hours on a Friday morning. It's a release sort of the end of the week adding most will now know by now. The Friday show on curtain Callahan has most cases has a different field to last week as differ with the big except wicker shams stores are very new easy story. But most of the time and get to Friday. Those guys do we show that I think represents how you feel driving to work with a more loosely more goofy. I'd dummies coming in and take a trivia contests in morons. I'll play the trombone and Wear swimsuits and yes that's that's all meet. But that's sort of Friday shows become and I love love love being a part of that show and so when I heard Kirk clock today. And then talk to him off the air today the two guys that I heard on the phone and on the air sounded very similar. They sounded very content. Based out of like they'd sort of made their own decision here and they were OK with it. And it sounded the same way on the folded on the air and yes I admit the idea that showed not existing the way it does now. And he makes me sad because the show is the best show in the market. I to show drives the rest of the radio station that show is in in a good way. Change this radio station made us a better radio station. From 6 AM when those guys sign on to a 2 way am when Roemer or Mallard or Gilroy signs off. The show is better because of Kirk and calendar staged ECB's better because of curtain count. And if I was gonna boil it down yet Kirk's arrival here change a lot of things. For the better in my mind with the station. And I heard the calls of you guys today calling into that shell enables calls I I agree with I I just I don't know having talked to Kirk and listening to today. I don't idol but the point of no return or not but boy he says he socket socket on ice sounded very content. I hold out hope like many of you do. That. They find a way to. He finds a way to figure it out and he's here for a very long long long long time. Because not only the Friday show that I like be apart of but their show in general the chemistry between Kirk and Jerry. The casting couch idea I think is a great idea to other shows have already. I start a copy help we do aversion here at night now. Look at our nights here on the station. It's freaky for an hour so all our nine guests who comes in your comes to monsignor comes Reamer here comes Bradford. Because that idea works I like having different different different voice I liked that show has a different voice I went always agree with. The what's being said by whoever it's Kirk Jerry your 3% but it goes different voices. Are you speak a lot of people I like that. And maybe that would exist any post Kirk show six to ten here but it would not be the same. It just what. It's a lot I am hopeful. That there will figure it out but having a lengthy conversation with with Kirk today. I don't know I don't know and again I I sound like a loser. And the people assailed a Kirk sucked up and alma a meeting Kirk all that stuff. That then I I'm just sucking up I I felt. Except wicker sham sadness today. What I heard that. Because right now on Curtis said this on the this warning. The show is as good as any show in I've listened to in this market ever. Having lived here now for my entire life of a grown up here. Better than any radio show any sports show. And I'm hopeful that we're able to get something done we shall see. I guess or in my oddly excited and getting something done it's it's Kirk figured out to see what he wants to do. Going forward. I'd be lying if I said that. I didn't agree with Jerry when Jerry went into his rip this warning about. Your Kirk is not going to be able to deal with not being with the show I'm sure for some short period tied he will be fine via walks away from the show. He will find other things to do would this time he's a great father. To his. Son and daughter. He is a doting father going to Jerry mock somebody goes to swim meets and he's always with his kids his kids and his family are supremely important and so we want plenty of family time. But he likes he likes bitching about. Other stuff here at the station. I know he does he complains about it but it's also a big part of him I think he would miss. That part. I think he would miss a lot of the dated eight aspects of this thing. And having an outlet and having that release he talks about in the B therapy aspect of I can hear is voice. He's beaten up on dummies like me are Roemer to mossy or. Trendy or Gary. He likes that and he would. So when we miss that. So the year thing just seems so arbitrary he would meet me look like a lot more tomorrow. Weis saying the year but I've that's the part where. You know. Jerry had that big this war. Is it you'll miss it. Well why suggested that to him today off the air a lengthy phone conversation. He was not fine. He was not buying it. The guy talked to today for over half an hour sound like the guy that we all heard today on the radio. So he's scheduled to be in tomorrow as far as I know. I will be there Gerri will be there are Kirk in candidate cantankerous old that the crew will be either the usual Friday Kirk and cal and crew. And we'll see you work goes from there. I think most people would agree the station is much much much better off if Kirk sticks around. But if you Greer don't agree I'll take those phone calls here in the sour. Because he's a polarizing figure. I want the guys day I think many of you do too. And so we can mix those calls as well and is blocking off the air to somebody today who wondered. Who was gonna be here longer is it done many hander is it Brady. Not sure at this point. But we can mixing your calls don't the bullets and they're happy about this I heard the calls. When Dina was in for a week ended the I'll repeat a great idea packet John's words doctor blob out out out. Elect crap where John was at half mast all all week. But the station is a better station is had a large one a success here over the last year. And you are lying. If you don't suggest that a large portion that comes from Kirk and that morning show. In addition to that show and that's why yes I'm not crying on the air tonight in B position is that on Chris replays that that is tomorrow morning. There was could you are none now. But a big sad door to come up with and hopefully. Have some fun tomorrow. And start convince them that this is the place he should be long term. For the listeners. And by the way for me crap what what's what had bad guys to work on the resume here. The way you folks put your cart goes on gone too. So screwed. 61777979837. Is the phone number are look just what is I'm sure I'm sure Alex Roemer. Has thoughts and as I've got to exit ballots today I've not talked to Alex today I talked to the mossy. I'm for obit today. Liking for it was definitely shell shocked to an extent. What happened this morning. And so a couple of casting couch guys sell Reamer get to hear will discuss. Kirk's statement today and the acknowledgment at least as of this morning. You wanna take some time off which I hope again is not the case. I'd David Manchester waiting patiently excuse me he's next up on Monday night's Sports Radio WE yeah I was gone it. In what date for taking my call you got that call during that baseball player also. Because I told you I was quoted Hewitt became years ago problem's been my house put out. But I gotta be honest I'm kind of happy look bad news because. I know he's bringing great ratings and everything but I don't like the fact that. Yeah almost blowing makes a lot of people talking sports which a lot of people that nobody actually tried and tried and tried for months and I I finally turned it up. In doubt that night I was in the evenly you and Brett are you guys are funny what you would you incorporate sport a lot and I like that it's Sports Radio. And I don't like the the fact that what people call what sport but then he picks one of them it's like. I don't know why I love how people want to be unto god I'm not happy. It is bad for him but I'm happy for the radio Sports Radio. You think the show is better without Kirk from six to ten days. I sanguine saying you're happy about I would suggest the best of the best radio is the show that's going on right now. You're probably right I care what that volatile ratings ratings ratings but what I what I want to hear. You know try to Sports Radio station on your sport and seems like he doubles against that. People colony makes fun of people talking baseball in this inadequate. It tells before I mean at it day by you were to say and I'm sure not rebuke everyone's entitled to their opinion thank you for waiting on this tonight. I'm sure I eat berries may for talking sports too much. And and might be a boring sports conversation. I think part of what. That that energy that's sarcasm I like there's a different pace to that show there's a great pace to that show. It always seems like something is going on they've created this thing where you know YouTube you feel like you're missing out. If you missed portions of the show. And that's that they've cracked wood that's a Kirk as created on match ago. We don't wanna miss bits and pieces I. An ounce and as early on that show. I feel that way. How much he can recreate that I still I don't I don't think you can. Mike is a New Hampshire Mike you're on Monday night. Yeah. Boy. I don't care Mike I want to talk about my friend and all these days like I don't care does. I will be there tomorrow you wanna kick the crap out of me tomorrow I will be there I don't know I listen every second of this golf course you do. Be in CNET. They. It can't be beat and it did he he have to now at the point our dot come back and he kind of a because he is it until RT. That's our third year so it's key worked at all I'll. Look like. And what do you think there are a partner at our governor. Well I mean would you do I think you would take as a listener if you want Kirk Bakke that highlighted your morning you would beat him you beat him for a couple days I. And now I I I I am. I feel like I am now more aware of what happened last couple days split that that is forward Kirk to talk about that is for sheer. I'm like is it Chicago Mike you're on Monday night. When I feel sorry what's I'm like instrumental in two. How much just like street vehicle Chicago lies all the excellent. Yeah I 2.0 wanna make one. Then hand it is a derisive. Character in my opinion who has continuously. Rip the format of the Howard Stern Show. Contrived anger that he'd bring about the show what you it's all maggot and I'm candidly be very happy to see him walk. Second play it like to make it to somebody. 15100 miles away yeah. Wanted to get their bought these ports six. It's just a shame that the the format of the show has gone so far away from four and it's frustrate itself. I for one would be happy to see him go early which the format would return to or sports talk format I thought. I don't know I mean it earlier if Kirk does leave the show. And Jerry still going to be there are Kirk and Ken are still there those guys like do your show or certain way I'll make. I don't think the theme of the show is going anywhere you're not gonna tune in and get a tray when I go and my goal. On that show. Now I Celek and crime Jesus. You're not doubt that formats gonna change that much and again the people that that that are happy Kirk is going I would just point out again. Scoreboard is the highest rated show in the market. They are extremely extremely popular what they have done ray what date what that showed did in the fall ratings book. Against a station that had a white hot Celtics team and the patriots. As nighttime lead inside the next morning. It's not it's not being written about enough. It's just not and and and it's and it's not a knock on the other. Shows in the station to station in general had an excellent fall stretch our mornings middays afternoon's us that night up against the Celtics did pretty good. Oh wannabe we can be better but it was pretty good. So the station as a whole. Did a tremendous job up against eight station and had the built in patriots and the built in Bruins and the built in Celtics. And I think the stations in a position of having another humongous. Year. And that's why there is a lingering sadness. For me and I'll mocking myself with this crap. Because stations and excellent spot right now. Tim is in Beckett Tim what's going on. Yeah I was as I sit. I don't go out this with our other caller set I was right up by. To let the guys start first of all I ever heard in my life I mean sports committees and form. Well it's more than this week he's a column on I don't I don't buy that are powered all the time it's contract with. It was a couple of and eat every time. He's just out in the open market a little roll call artist while it's justice. A spokesman. Yeah I thought you did this morning. He does see he and yeah I think he hates baseball fan eighty deathly hate threats such review. That it and he hates. Hates my callers I love my baseball call love thicken up the when taken up the calls I'm Diana would pick what does Dick not to think about Elvis. I love my baseball callers he hates them I I. I heard it today and as a listener and as a friend of Kirk's I wondered okay what is. Puck until today I think it's it's unlike any sort is their. This. ESATA pretty confident in where he is right now he sounded. If you sound like he did on the air he got hurt the 8 o'clock hour he sounded dot com cool and collected that's. How I found a multi year. Stephen Franklin I Steve. Oh I'm doing good Stephen argument. The outlook I don't know what the big. Listen armpit you all had a good fortune listen to detail and there. And handle men and women there early. Yeah and he'd like look at. He's a talk show well it's not that it would do. Why are you going quietly have a new show right now that sent him on quiet and open them again he could good guys go to radio back. It's like because my name's on the show and it's what I wanna talk about right now not door they talk for hours but we just and now on Brady. At opposite big news today for the radio station that they need the signature voice on the station. And LT guy taking your Roth for radio it's kind of a big deal to my audience thank. I I I don't think it I think it would element. I don't. Downplay the fact that he's made great money for your vision of what adequate and look where that wave of London that we're down by 22 point they won by thirteen like. Why don't you have. I watch the game what are you what what you wanna talk about from the the celtics' comeback win excellent comeback on. All of your your your ripping on me for not talking Celtics and ask you give me 18. From Celtic 76ers besides it was a good comeback win at all. I don't marketed in you're playing well you like what they're they're looking all who want to review who like. Who may never get that second machine at what they have to rate for a little while not come back when rent them the kind of ridiculous. I think Steve and I it to your plight who knows if you know he'll get a second chance who I don't know old you admitted. The league of galway for a year he comes back can be different. Right I mean that's. That is significant portion of this and I in you if you don't care. That I understand that I think my audience cares. I do look at the numbers the audience cares about this. They have a massive massive audience. And looking call we all you want for the topics and talking about but it does suggest that you'll be talking Celtics and sectors six in the big comeback win. On the final day when I ask you give me one take off back in that Avis eyed boy what an excellent comeback for the Celtics. And you shrug it off like Al want to. I would suggest that you it's called the boss balls at that point David New Hampshire hi David. They know what it meant. We are committed that think you missed in the forces the treatment. That take on the Celtics it was a Marcus Morris kind of took control with their important and problematic. Like that scene will take on mark Hubble market hours in a fight at the end of that game. Yet the good though that they got you know he's been acting. And healthy and then there's you know some of the host country can take them. You know it can take them home by look tonight you know eight it I'm conflicted on this called welcome the Taylor I'd love. To listen the minute hand but it also. I think what you're hearing is. People. You know that triggered a little bit I mean. I think. That card actually light. Nick drama where there is no drama and and pit people against people I think that's gonna work for the short term that's very year. They can work. When I ate I left the other stage in the coast. I started this week the personalities. I think and they weren't the story. And I think he's actually very well let's slippery slope. You guys are not restoring the sport so the story you guys. I know you all get along it and rip each other but that's that's level sports stories and bought him enough. And and I understand that David but when you say that if the fate drama as somebody's been part of that show I am being a 100% honest with you. I I don't see things made out the Alex three Merck Chris Curtis stuff was a 100% real betray any Kirk stuff has been real bad stuff. That people think is made up. It's just that they will talk about other shows in the market had their problems with the producers and hosts they just pretend it doesn't exist what I like about that show. Is it they talk about the stop the other shows. Won't talk about. On the air makes it real it is not 97%. Fake is yes some people are purported to be I'm telling you his only sits on that show at least once a week. And then again on the back to my first come of that I think if so to see the forest for the trees and I think that could be. The blow up and all this is that that's great. And that you guys are into that because. You guys work with the each other and you guys you know. Well workplace drama is workplace drama we all deal look at you know meaning. And it's not newsworthy. What's newsworthy as what this court. What that I exhibit date Davis do you think is I guess we look at it definitely thank you for your call you want. And trust me I'd done the shows like this. And a last couple years on my. The realities change in this business and is this is not a news based business. Sports talk radio WEEI is not here to bring you the news okay I we give you news in the updates. We give your breaking news this happens. Our job as opinions and entertainment. And sometimes that entertainment and content is derived from things like a host going across the street and pick any other host. Or a whole planet trombone. Or tribute combats that's did it's it's different I understand that but if you're looking for news I suggest WEEI generals not the spot it's as about opinion. And entertainment. But there are some analysts want that was I I get that and there are shows out there that'll fill that void for you not to speak for their shell but I I would. I would argue that's not what that show is therefore. It's not a new show. It's an entertainment an opinion show and they do that better than any show. Maybe the history of Boston's Sports Radio. At least in my mind. Op full fall lines when it's your calls on this and on Brady. But now ought to give you a chance to win so that's we do on the show we cry about host with him to leave the station we give you hot baseball takes and we give UA chance to win. This hour's Cold War that it send you to the night before Dave Matthews Band. In Minneapolis is in fact the word snow as an OW. Tax no to 72881. Right now for your chance to win message and data rates may apply. For rules visit WEEI dot com slash contest or answer online visit Entercom contest. Dot com. One randomly selected nationwide entered is gonna win a trip to Minneapolis for the night before text the word snow to 72881617779. Seven ID 370 is the phone number one at night your calls on this end. I'm not only is Tom Brady under attack tonight nationally. College Howard says Drew Brees is a better quarterback today that Brady gets all that and your phones Roemer in at eight Sports Radio WE yeah. And her. And. I'll talk continues to be Brady ballot check and craft the patriots heading into their game this weekend with the titans it's what it nights portrayed UW week yeah I'll give back your phone calls in this segment at 617. 77979. B 37 the stories today. Are certainly about the age of Tom Brady it was 538 these physically based ESPN's site. Couple hours ago now what three hours ago with the headline is Tom Brady finally getting old. You have Tom Brady's midlife crisis today in the New York Times with a book with a website and a new documentary series and all business all pro. Ccb pivoting to weigh. Post football life that by Joseph Patrick blog that story later on with Alex streamer many college Howard. Who said last night we played a lot of on the show. That Alice Guerrero would it be the scapegoat. That Alice Ferreira was going to be the reason why the patriots when they don't quit and he suggested their defense to be the main reason when they do not win a they'll use Allen's career as a scapegoat. He's also gone on the record. And suggested that right now Drew Brees is a better quarterback than Tom Brady and I just I I feel like we are now trying to do things. And say things just to save them. Because if you're gonna talk about the best quarterback today in the NFL. I begins and ends with Tom Brady and we'll get the cowards cut here and a second but you're seeing this more and more now with Brady whether it's the age whether it's the the play whether it's just the patriots feel to it. Questioning of tong and where he is suites is almost like the people want to ignore what happened former Jordy of this season. Where Tom Brady went out there would no joint settlement a banged up Chris Hogan he lost his best receiver late in the season for game. He missed Rex Burkhead for a large chunk of time though that offensive line. That was inconsistent at best for large portions of the year. And I mentioned this he's best reliever Julian Edelman receiver to a settlement. Also had no Malcolm Mitchell all year the big outside the numbers wide receiver that was supposed to help now. And always did was quell their man MVP season. And we are now trying to come up with reasons. Why he's not the best quarterback in the NFL. We are now doing this thing. Or taking a five game stretch. And saying that means more than the eleven games prior. Or. The season prior. Or the season in its totality. I've football. All of its own right. Is built on extremely small sample sizes. You're playing sixteen games. Throw the ball 3035. Maybe forty times a game. And we judge of the guys on that over the course of four months. So now you're saying OK that's that sixteen games you played. You know what we're gonna take that down that to last five. Because somehow that is boast about a more than a sixteen. And because Drew Brees. Had won fewer interception. Down the stretch Christine at a similar record. And I guess because he beat Carolina at home something he was favored to do. Drew Brees was a six and a half point favorite this weekend. Against the Carolina Panthers the saints were supposed to win that game so because he won the most recent game. We're supposed to say they Drew Brees is a better quarterback in Tom Brady I don't believe and I am not. Forget the five games look at the season's. Look at the numbers that Brady has. Outside and away from Gillette Stadium vs juror breeze outside of a dull. And away from his building their New Orleans. They don't compare. It's on Al in the rush to be right about rate and calorie and started this with the cliff's comment a couple of years ago. With the rush to be right about rate. We are now saying things like after an MVP year. Vet Drew Brees is a better quarterback than robbery. That that ten the is not much trolling. But you are you are trying to plant the flag in eight take that doesn't exist right now. This was Cowherd in his breakdown of breeze and a bella check a brave priest and a break glass coupled. I'm not sure why he's under Aaron Rodgers let me just add this and I think this matters. Nobody could deny you economic Brady homer. That he's had an edge heading the bills dysfunctional jets and dolphins in his division certainly made it easier. Drew Brees has been in a tougher division. In the last twenty years the bears lions and browns are the NFL's reigning masses. Two of those teams lions and bears are and Aaron Rodgers division. And the vikings good as they are now can never get the quarterback figured out close friend targeted. Aaron Rodgers is an all timer I am not in any way denying this. If Drew Brees wins another Super Bowl I find it really hard to put him below Aaron Rodgers. I'm gonna put something up on the screen here that is remarkable and I didn't know this this morning. Drew Brees leads the NFL. In nine stacks. All time. All. High name. I'm not gonna read every one. My radio audience I'll give you a couple. Career completion percentage and 300 yard games 400 yard games. Passing yardage per game consecutive games and a TD pass consecutive 4000 yard seasons consecutive 5000 yard seasons. Regional. Although. Rarely with a good defense. Catastrophic in the season disasters. And inherited a laughingstock. And this dude you saw on Sunday is getting old. And this moment this morning. He's a better quarterback and Tom Brady he has not all time today this morning January what eight. You put them up against each other outing Brees. Is better what what's the date today. January. Tenth my dad yesterday we just gotta haul is still holding their ego count that's so so his is taking it sits at think about that. That is from the nick right hall famed sports talk argument. Were you present something. All back it up then percent and again. We got its fate I agree Mike princess. Diet Coke is the greatest beverage on earth. The Red Sox should do something here in the offseason mr. really signed JD Martinez have been very slow to get something done I wish they would do. And in conclusion that's why dike 02 of the best beverage in the plan. That's what he's listed he used Drew Brees is all tied numbers. And natural disasters. And crappy franchise inherited. He used that to present that her breezed to day today. Is it better quarterback in Tom Brady that right there again key element of this yesterday and out cowards doing again. That's why I had each been given any any credence at all. I'm seen as anti Brady. It's slant everywhere today or the Brady's getting old slant. Everywhere today. He used. Full season. Season based staff to say that right now. Brees has better makes zero freaking cents. None whatsoever and that's what coward Dick and yet a geek because if you did it try to make the point. That reason Brady this year and compare them you called liberating. Every day of the week. And he comes up with stats like completions and bop a pop up knocking your wanna read a couple right now. How is that relevant to what they did this year. How is Drew Brees when he won playoff game of riskier by over touchdown how is that relevant to where these two guards and guys are right now. That is what I saw that last it's and you see last recent C bias perfect big explanation. By coward right there perfect example of that. But that's are getting right now whether it's been knocked power. Knocked in Brady doubt for zero reason other Drew Brees played a game. Whether it's. 538. Looking Getty's EPA stat which nobody Herman port today. Plenty of people are now looking at Brady as an issue for the patriots heading into the post season I don't see and I certainly don't think at this point. That awful one game in one season I would say breezy better quarterback in Brady. Kevin in Natick on the patriots where it's the break Alex stream will join us here at 8 o'clock I kept. It meant what's on the you know on our. That just goes to show you how he doesn't know all this in your kids think and then he told you about Drew Brees gets free. About this year I won't say that if you watch read she wrote in our our tech. He's excited Burton cornerback it more exciting or property peak operate so particulate. As. Call and to our right to Scott I mean you want a quintessential. Example. Watch what Chris Carter and Eric Mangini shut down and write a couple days ago about how Wright made an argument that the Steelers. Are. Our ticket the picture extra motivation I am I. Colin Howard always starts who's in it takes with stupid analogy they don't relate. By going back to back. Oh I I would crack it come out and I'm here because Brady in the they just turn our and a lot I agree I agree Kevin I reckon. I think this is going to do do you agree it's gonna help them. I I think the bill wicker shams story ends up like this is going to. Help them going into the post. What in the intermediate cut are domestic tried as an expert in your around that time year. Because they want to get this organization rabble. I think a lot of the people in the press are upset that they were without adequately there are all pretty actually NBC and we never thought he even used. They don't want that that's that's the park evidence in the good call thanks for the that they don't want Brady medium VP they're sick of the patriots they're sick of Tom Brady. The big nation is secure team patriot fans. They want to be done with the patriots they want the patriots won the be all over they want Belichick and Brady and craft and patriot fans. Out of their life. They want Carson whence and they want war Russell Wilson they want that press count they want Andrew Luck they want Jimmy eagle rock below people are sick of your team. There's a patriot backlash nationally in the media and nationally among football fans they would be as great story. When they want it became a Gaza team against the rams in a war on the one that's Super Bowl in 2002 and since then you're one too much football fans. You've won so much they are sick of you they want you out of their lives. And that goes for some of the media to they want a new story as part that's 617779. 79370. Is your phone number more thoughts on bray we gotta get this New York Times piece. The talks about Brady's midlife crisis will be Dow balanced humor and wait come back you guys know me I am a gamble or. I am for gambling I think we should be able to gamble as as adults consenting adults in this country we should be able to wager. Have a tax and do every little public every little hot corner store in this country. We might be closer to that here in a state of Massachusetts. Will get to that in your calls mud at night Sports Radio WE yeah. It's funny tonight Sports Radio WEEI Alley street race in the building you'll join us on next hour your phone calls until 10 o'clock at 617. 7797937. If you within the show for any period of time you know that I am a big fan of gambling in general on sports gambling sports wagering. Handicapping. That's not spot not gambling but I at a B draft kings fan as well. And I definitely not a fan of the government tell me what I can and cannot do. I've a bold enough to walk into a local convenience store and buy a 2530. In Texas a fifty dollar scratch off lottery ticket. I should be able Walken of that same store and and at 152 win. One a forty. On the Red Sox winning that game that night I should go walking in on a Sunday afternoon. To my local come b.s against three team tease or five team par lay or get a parlay card if rolled enough to buy these expensive lottery tickets and everything else. We should be able to wager on sports in this country the way you can't in London I'd never been a but I what I ever like talk to has been their paints this picture. For example of say the British Open over across the pond and these little lad Brooks. Betting set ups ever on the course and walk up and that the golf for you want you do it bet. Whenever soccer match you wanna bet that day because they're grown up adults and analysts knock it off beat. Cheating the system they're not worried about scamming the National Football League. And they know it makes that country money she league of these same same exact thing here in our country there's a huge. Huge battle right now heading to the Supreme Court. I'm New Jersey and New Jersey Chris Christie is fighting. Four days they're fighting the NCAA they're fighting other leagues they want legalize sports wagering there is a there's at least some what do they murmur. When you do the reading on this like I do involve the guys who flawlessly David part of and others that they're gonna get a eighth a good. Result. From the Supreme Court and that they're going to legalize. Sports wagering at some way shape or form. Taxable in the state New Jersey that is gonna open up other states do the same in fact Indiana. Just this week. Has their own sports betting bill. It's you're gonna try to get through. Headlines from WBZ. CBS here in Boston Massachusetts. Could introduce sports betting bill this year. Others in your report out from the buyers and cred slick gaming committee which tracks gambling legislation nationwide. Says that at the minimum. Eighteen states get introduced bills to regulate sports betting this year with a less than having a good chance of passing that legislation. They want to say that thirty states. Maximum might introduce betting bills this season. Supreme Court and decided a case brought by New Jersey besieged overturn a ban on sports betting in all but four states Delaware Montana Nevada and Oregon. A favorable ruling there in that case. Could open the floodgates. Four other states to adopt a new form of gambling they are expected India gate expected to. Get some sort ruling and is by June 2 were still a couple of months away. But the states listed as likely to introduce sports betting are led by Massachusetts. Right there front and center. And this is a state. That could desperately use it forget. I do we choose to be able to do this now as feasible adults in 2018 the idea that in the mafia is gonna pull up in essence are effect on. NFL games this guy get broken leg at it is it doesn't exist the studies that show you. That gambling in Las Vegas helps keep these games clean because they see a weird betting pattern crack. Of things that are happening that could be. Under. Not above the board's OK so if it's nationwide. Same sort of thing what happened Uga the track these across the country yet to be taxed on them. I yes yet the pay a fee to do it. But the states would get a lot of money in say Massachusetts needs it because we have a major deficit here and we're gonna keep seeing our tax rise in this state. We have a million different things a state wants to do you. They want these fix every single wrote as you folks know the traffic is an absolute disaster in and around the city of Boston. These are things that need to be fixed education could use the influx of money. And were so hell bent on the lottery lottery tickets aground on the money there that we're ignoring what's right there are former face legalized sports betting. And because Massachusetts. I'll be honest I'm not holding my breath on this central finally to screw this up leadership in this state. But my hope is that. It's some level. That there is such a 88 in the states and such a bad spot. Right financial standpoint and a a budgetary standpoint that they look at this as. A way to get out of that. And they look at the millions if not billions of dollars that would be created. From taxable. Legalized. Sports betting. Like a weed that for a word that far behind Europe as a society. You can bet any local pub. In Europe get down horse race get down on a baseball game any basketball game ate a cricket match. A soccer match you're walking and you place your bet because they treat like adults there. No one can ever explain to me what the differences between being able to bet legally on sports in this country. And how that so bad but that you can cash your paycheck if you're about eighteen. Take all the money you have walking a convenience store and buy scratch ticket after scratch ticket after scratch ticket. How does that make any sense to anybody so we won't know until later on this year I understand that but I am cautiously optimistic. That not only is the the Supreme Court. Gonna get a fair rule ruling to this and give New Jersey the go ahead but the states like Massachusetts as listed the year. Will be states they are right front and center and wanting to get this thing done because of mass doesn't guess is going to. Rhode Island and new York and New Hampshire. In a Vermont but main. And lay up people again leaving the states. To go spend money. As a state of Massachusetts you'd be missing out. So it would not quite at the point yet of call your local congressman. Paul your senator. Call your post and whoever did it get this trust that we are I'll be tweeting incessantly. About that to get it done. It would be about time. It's 2018. Lets all grow up and acknowledge this is not in a row and sports. It's gonna enhance sports league should want to be Mort the league. The state should wanna be more revenue for the states. It just make too much sense. Which means. It's death and a lot to happen but. A good step in the right direction 6177797937. Is the phone number I'll widget thoughts on that we've talked a lot of Tom Brady tonight. We still there and gotten this New York Times piece this evening Tom Brady's midlife crisis with a book a website and documentary series the all business all pro. Seem to be activity towards a post football life would get to that with your phone calls Alex Roemer will join us here as well it's Monday night our three don't go anywhere.