Is the negative reaction to the Garoppolo trade tied in with his success?

Mut at Night
Wednesday, January 10th

Mut and Bradford are talking about former Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo, and the reaction of Patriots fans since the trade happened. Some callers think that the trade won't matter if Garoppolo struggles in his second season in San Francisco.


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Ottawa we go our free money at night Sports Radio W we got rob Bradford in the house usual Wednesday spot again hump day. He gave rob Bradford nobody better ability to run the Oreo the yes I'd like this so you mentioned before month that we hadn't been seen long. Yes it's a it's a key strategic move I believe on the company's behalf they thought we refuting a little bit. They said hey this put you both in the bubble let's create some contact let's put these two guys and a combustible Roman let's see what shakes out and as we know we're here basically week. From 9 o'clock in the morning are all throughout the day. Staring at the other you gave locked the door we can't get out it's been it's been a task or I think that we've made great strides. Since we moved in the same line Izod senior at the office yet there are three boxes of stuff. That highlighted really unbelievable. And we could during one of the breaks go do like a periscope or something. The about a crap that you guys have not thrown away yet is insane so that we Tomas and I pick three things out of their yesterday. One was a spring training guide from 2010. The the second was. Who it's one of the local authors wrote a bad baseball booking them on there and number three. Is a legit full box and I mean it's Mossad the fourth while the box. Alex the year WEP guide dot com. Content manager of the business those are three of the things that are knocking got to bring you back there during the break. It just three bags crap what you put awaited we know I don't know I I I it's a fair point. I don't know because. Number one and since you packed right. No it's just it's all I feel like though if I just keep at all is going to be something in there that is important that I'm missing now. I haven't 2008 nation status but I will anyway. 2008 I never check my voicemail ever so remember I've never check my you remember the I doubt that the globe article what it's like I left the voice mail on Kirk sales and machine. Did you get everybody out there lying under reach people. Do not call antibodies voicemail now even mess that's now we don't know how to get that that waste authority we've got a lot of reach someone. I'm not gonna say that go ahead and Sweden the OT yes direct message mud slide into is the arms. GMs not open. Hot so there's that and then I. Eat and I think it's just I don't wanna miss out fight throw everything away garbage it's garbage though that is where might I and we need to do you resign as we look at your regular don't go through what I went right I just renewed a hot stove show how does better than they talk I have like that until I pay about fully got disagreement with you because you goes well I do have a fourth of write down your throat tomorrow sponsored by boxing's go to the baseball tavern. They welcomed the Boston JD barred here podcast party because we've booked the room three months ago. It's going to be awesome and and we'll have the show wanna gamble on your show on you on agreement right rebirth is going to be here to mark wrecked patio as active for him yesterday and I'll Ari told Alec streamer. That I will have someone here deliver you. One of the one of the highlights of the party which will be the patio day. Rainstorm. The JD Martinis. You won't break it JD Martinis. Ask your show was on full alert he's done that attack on a path that aren't you very much he's not on the call Judy Markey of you have won yet that's an area I can do that yes indeed that it's going to be fun because this has not been a fun offseason so we're gonna make it. For comfort it's been awful boy can we do like hey can we explain what that is it during the hot stove show world that we for an hour where that die hard. Legit you like to a whole hour on I'll see you next hour. I told you what host rob next hour we can do that and I I all I I called you today. Wanted to guarantee that what you want because out I was gonna break down and say oh you do this on line right way that we Q and say rob it. Yeah I think we need to guest for tonight show let's talk a lot viewed if you take a lot for you to do it. Such a bad off Sewell said Africa you you've watched all this double gold that you with the football calls this hour for shock try to get a gas and maybe next hour we don't at this while we we need get through 617779. 7937. The phone relate to do this now yet the hour with key follows a soul hour tonight about why was that first hour. They had a big deal holly Howard dinner what will. Hall where management when I was taking the show out to dinner that I was told a relic of the celebration of their ratings success and culture it's a welcome Jason the team and opens a this is the show going for guys with Jason and Andy and Richard dale and Holley but the it was stress stop and Keith came by its Xbox that they've got to let the pressure however I mean there's still a nice solid blacks like it's going to be electric every gram Super Bowl 3000 dollar dinner. I don't know I don't it was in a restaurant on the name but it's near the new Bruins still are actually a nice spot the -- yeah stop it out there sort of high end yeah nice item once in that the first hour because I don't want to interrupt but it's been two hours now I'm sure the dinner is over by now those guys have lives that. Move on to but their power dinner tonight we're solo the 7 o'clock hour is the the monologue hours it is. 8 o'clock we get our guests in here and as we've been doing disordered edition of the phone calls that are always there for us. We asked the gas. What what is on their mind it's over jumping off point for anything you want add to what he's been a very patriot Brady. Amazingly like prog rock hello the last half hour turn people tell me how good drop always I don't know anyone acute crop over Brady. But I got guys in the Ford and I was gonna win twelve games of knocking grapple enough credit. I let's get your two cents to get back to the phone calls here rob as you stand on all this stuff prior to patriots and titans assess. There are three things on my mind. You ready I'm I love hotel briefings on my mind first and foremost. He welcomed Abbas NG Martinis podcast part of our panel that 9 o'clock number two. Is the nude dale Arnold and tires and hockey podcasters are dropping like it hot it's hot tonight. Technology joke gag Podcastalley happening it is the deepest of deep dives. Into the Bruins and it's it's crazy Bruins fans how much of the passion about this the best dropping tonight that's number three. Number three is the Jimmy grapple thing and how far you are off base on Jimmy grapple I heard you driving in. I always tune in to you mark thank you drop. And you're saying for you you're downplaying the whole what should be uploaded first law and assuring Jimmy go drop low is not going to be it's over raided what he will be I will bet you anything to. Anything anything anything anything through through the save this aid through game eighty. That fear that's a good sample sides will know what we have there the first eight games are taking it he will be eight hot and quarterback. Top ten is that good enough. For it. Yeah thereby you if you could talk about your he would play anyone the teams are trying this and that. It is the I test my it was the same thing when he was here he is a legit good quarterback you can see it. I guess he went and he broken pro football I can see that Covert Brusett SE longer delivery and he's gonna be as good as you Judy grapple. What I question Nicaragua I don't care if he's playing against Jack Lambert. Or. Are Ronnie Lott how do you account for the five hole I missed every cent higher copper seven touchdowns and five interceptions and what. What you wanna use they metric for him the top ten quarterback. Quarterback rating. That would court escort Akron not in and out the ESP in the bull Null and on and on our yards are garbage that yeah. Our ports and a lot like you go through the for an entire season. And I take that bet I would take it for the prior year to have to prove himself out that he can play. An entire sixteen game season that's also a part of the Jay Beagle rumpled make up which is that. He wasn't tough enough to play we can do got a shoulder injury and due to credit by my point about problem was that people overeating him significant orders that you want to and number two. They're certainly already with the 49ers are gonna do. Next year aren't quite that led bigger take guys tell me that Russell Wilson's not as does the Rob Lowe helped organize the this huge jump for rent holy smokes. Quick come down with this team in general I agree with that might you must also factor in this guy was dropped on to Wiki Nina factory at a couple weeks to get used to that system. But he dropped on to a team with a completely new system. And if you wanna account for that five interceptions aren't right with saying hey you know what he threw an interception or two may be because you're the new guy. Me for what he did. We've with the time that he was a lot of it becomes that team. Pool is unbelievable is very good. Tell you take the better one of those games that Chicago the other one against the rams team that was playing for nothing in week seventeen as a matter. Those are the five games he played yes it does matter doesn't matter at Houston against the banged up defense. Hold against Tennessee who we trust me we know how bad Tennessee is against the pass and I'll give him a 1000000% credit. On 102 quarterback rating against Jacksonville weather is at San Francisco or Jacksonville or was on. The moon. That is a ridiculous ridiculous line up. So I knew I think I would do atop a quarterback rating is at top ten is it based in the top third quarterbacks he's that good. He should be the top when he 5% to nominate that's top eight quarterback guarding. At the end of the year we will do you your hand. Or do five dollars a game. Okay which will be a total of ninety dollars is being there is feeding into it but you know that and I thought we should know about I finish this subject over five bucks a game. Nine he balks at the Jimmy Fund in the name of the winner by the loser. Pulled okay ninety bucks a simple plan that we went to war anymore you want to tell you what do more I don't I would do a hundred bucks in a refund no I don't Idec and and I don't Beckham might want affordably corporate political ticker at. That we can then sold its all for charity. So will do I'll take that are also eight mortified by actually is a five bucks a game. It make it even a hundred dollars us on college Jimmy Fund and of the year okay what we do lose your pace Ottawa while it is uttered by excludes him before yes hundred bucks into your pocket. What might buy a hundred bucks a you don't Redick aisle on if you might not defund I'm giving ball 200 dollars to the Jimmy Fund in your name okay are rushing at 400 at Riley's team we all right we've already we've already talked about how my wife as. Periodically controlled the purse strings yes so yes I actually could use this because she'll never ever know that this Bettis got the outside the budget so this is like running to the mailbox to get the channels that projects. It. I see you doing now not how well and I you know what. I called over there there's a problem payroll evidence they ever do direct deposit ever. At for average direct deposit gotten guys who are newly married keep separate accounts you still have a separate account Jordy you. 1000% as my wife. I found her she Unumprovident. We would we know what the bills every month in an excel spreadsheet we take care read a certain way. And it's been a 0%. Issue. Financially has been a 0% issue of the most of as long as you pay. Would you have a set amount that you have to break off. What I've I pay X amount of bills and meet equals something you guys another senate bills which equals something. Emerald K with that weeks or split the groceries funeral budget there we could be tighter with it a better setup. But it works for a would say awesome works for me which is all I care where and how about the horse racing budget. Unlimited. On the limited at flexible it's up and down depends how's the week also you're also big. Draft kings for a while our stolen yes oh you are I'd I scrapped all fantasy football this year in lieu of all the rankings really played on lights there's a buddy do. Did you did you view. Asked me after this week. Hole. So it's all about that's what's keeping an awful football floor they have liege in it's it's it it's a very cool setup there don't. Opera mobile pro hearing Mormon a huge fan drafting I played there. And I still do. So I would say separate accounts and now so I was the director was it right into your account not. To what you're talking about should be dropped lawyers they can about that like so when I from what heeded where is he gonna fall in the this goes to the gym pack it finished football our money on the sociedad Syria but seriously what could chip Jim Brock Jimmy drop below is going to be if you have a let's say ten team league he's absolutely going to be drafted the first for a no yes no. No shots no. Our quarterbacks are not taken the first round rob and fantasy football. Is not Asian countries knock you for all right we'll any immediate top five quarterback. I asked though. I have to go back and I. I ever looked at next year all Yasser got 2000 LT fancy football and I don't and furthermore the Jimmy grapple I don't know. Hope you get lucky we agree he's going to be good you are rating him and are so let's take that here's the bigger picture then for you all these drop we'll call we have up there. At 6177797937. If he gets aired on Al goody is you better back up and say they should've kept him. And got ready Tom Brady okay consider kept him in in general to convert which is never gonna I don't I was ever gonna happen and it was the wrong move okay. Let's go to Darren at Belmont on guess suit Jimmy Rockwell idea. I tell you that particular call. Back you 100% I think everybody's over react on unbelievable. I think. It drives me crazy talk fifteen quarterback may be here seems to be ready form. It would have mediocre team. Mediocre season they went seven games. And I let it get on them that also okay about Sarah and Darren in Belmont. It did Bradford the priest appreciates it. I need to get me the second thing is that this which we stopped talking about here in the article which are a patriot and what they're. Erin talk about the U up the floor you called and you waited patiently. You tell me what you wanna hear what what are you wanna say about patriots tight this weekend. We get going to be very strong pro rated PG hurtful or plucked out beat their ticket to the motivation between motivation. And on this tired of all the calls and that it is in training Belcher are doing this doing I'm tired of the whole thing we're all lucky to have a great team like the patriots. Let's focus on them what to go to the Super Bowl when bit sick in Albany that what we have such a great combination of three of the stock or in our media say. Well I always say Darren thank you for the call I would doubt respectfully disagree the biggest story this week he's been. Wicker shame story Brady ballot check rumpled Guerrero it is far more interesting to me. And at least for now my name is still on the show. Been breaking down the titans this weekend I'm sure NFL Sunday we're gonna be there for clocked at the shed Richard myself. Four hours up until game time or do planning a titans break out that's probably what they deserve their team in the 197 this year. They got lucky to come back gets Kansas City when Travis kielty got hurt and they give up passing yards in the bunch is I'm with you on that point Daryn this sets up for get revenge. On this sets up beautifully. For Brady to have a monster game against a bad pass the priest that's my you don't strikes me about this playoffs the quarterback it's probably the worst group of playoff quarterback posts and quarterbacks. And we've seen in a long long while no doubt Roger's not vault Russell Wilson did not get in it. And Carson once got okay so very good rating you have Roethlisberger. Exe keep him we now holds about oh if we went back and forth you'd tig I take Brady one you go breeze to license. He's the second guy irritate act yeah I think so Matt Ryan three Arctic Roethlisberger I Roethlisberger three Matt Ryan fall away we know those four. Okay they those four when a Super Bowl. The other four. In Mary Oda. Keen him. Nick foals and who's the guy forget. Bad job by me or team is. Science is bad area go to yes you have portal I forgot or support us all who cares of LeBron James today. Those four guys can win a Super Bowl now now and I attic vikings are good they could be and it's a bowl in their home building. But that would in case keep Brees is the one. And in if you faced him I'm gonna jump all the way to the Super Bowl. If you based breeze endorse. We've seen what he has done and I know they beat him before this year but a week we seem light breeze is done against Patriots defense is indoors before. It gets Dicey is scary economy. Yes I'd agree to throw the ball around him offensively if you're gonna if one team's gonna match points for the patriots it would be then I think after that be the falcons who looked really good. And LA on Saturn outlined them. Sole user buy in to Nolan. Not on I'd I'm buying it as Ben Roethlisberger is good to see is due bet on him to win in New England. AFC power lines and date he possibly could but I'm I'm saying that clever team comes out of that I'm not scared of these other team to not scared of I'd still muscular New Orleans because they're New Orleans and I think their flawed team. The Philadelphia absolutely would be scared of if they were the team they were in the middle a year. You know what you I tell you what mine beat Jacksonville beats Pittsburgh in the patriots win. That's going to be built with the patriots win that game but it's going to be some uncomfortable moments. Because that is you have good corners you have a the why and can get after braid that is going to be on comfortable game that we'll say good undertaking but they have great. Cord yeah we have the best quarter dual India and isn't how you beat sales probably bored yet I don't playing into it's still a Sunday afternoon you're against the muralitharan then the super we've lived through those games would doing them with Brady. Where your feel real uncomfortable for that half because they're getting pressure on them he's not doing movies usual thing. And and something happens the second half he pull away one point if it is started to wait Jimmy garrote all Wednesday we have full always you guys still wanna talk about Jimmy G 617779793. Several get to your calls with Brad phonics. And you're gonna hear things like you know this day. This thing was a smooth sailing luxury liner and Alex Guerrero came in it was nothing but trouble I knew from the beginning. Alex Guerrero was the issue I mean it's pretty good physical therapy and stuff he divided the locker room. Alex Guerrero is the guy that the more we gave him the glory tough that blew the whole thing. Wes Welker my husband can't throw and catch it. The stars don't get fired folks. This is skate golf month in the NFL. The patriots are not going to win the suitable they simply do not have a pass rush when they lost Donta hightower. They don't make other quarterbacks uncomfortable. Even though the AFC's never been this week and I'm a patriot homer right they're not win the Super Bowl they're not may get to it now when he hit. Guerrero mark my words we'll take it. I called cowards on the record patriots will win the Super Bowl. Partially their defense the other parts of drama. In a vault balance Cabrera with money at night Sports Radio WE yeah I rob referenced here rob you buy any of that. That the off the field distraction is going to affect the patriots on the field between now and February 4 in Minnesota now. Our own interests does the exact opposites. The only think yes I I've we Lois to start the show tonight are cowards out of his mind there is zero track record. A the patriots letting major distractions bother them Tim Tebow Aaron Hernandez to flaky Brady suspension. All that is galvanized and spiky they've won those years they they got hit with a plate gate an eleven to twelve football's third weeks later they want the Super Bowl. The two years later Brady got suspended because it deflate gate. The won the Super Bowl back here and today they they do it's it's spell checks. Biggest strength that nobody talks about is under rated for bill the ability to not let the stuff creep on the. You know what is so what does it take ways of this is at a fascinating to meet immediate reaction local media reaction but. That these Talking Heads these national guys how I heard you urge him sharp. It's low hanging fruit for them and they're not skilled enough like Howard is as come up with some of the most. Asinine theories. And there are so last night the the best guys are doing this makes you think I'll maybe that's a possibility. He is not committed that he goes so far the other way it may be subject smokes actually think it some what he comes out of his mouth is it reality. But it is not. He's not could edit and he's not a loan Kellerman in sharpened in him. It is just so easy because mutt what else is going on in their world. Nothing they have to talk about football not the else in the playoffs are intractable the page nothing our baseball talking about Athens awards yeah. Sure it's like. It's like win Tebow was rolling YDESPN. Find something to report on Tim Tebow for a year and a half because it was good for business the same thing there every every national site sees it. When you write about Boston when you write about the New England Patriots you get more reaction. That's why the deliberate. It's gonna do it do with a little more new wants to with a little more and you know why it. If it's this isn't so easy to pick apart both Kellerman it's just out out trolling I I think I think all across the war and I. When Kellerman with a cut patio that the fans thing like he did he truly does not believe Hispanic Howard might think the Patriots defense at least right now. Is not good enough for that Guerrero is doing a scapegoat I disagree they lose. And it's it's somebody gets Kapler IA's view Bob Kraft if that's if they lose along the way here. But in Kellerman says some like this just believe that he saying it just to get people to respond dared. The reality to me seems pretty obviously true now patriots fans have been tweeting at me a lot. You know it really. First heard aren't as they can edit this Anbar has an end to an organization that the smartest in football they have some of the darkness stands in sports like these are the kind of yeah. Tom. Don't Donna I'm a good bit ticketed. Belichick and Brady and grab all that guided them to know why you keep ahead of already. Gonna do it new house bill did you. Gonna deny it the question is do you find it credible. How yeah I'd find it credible and went IC writing like Belichick's thinking like this quote. Reasonable to conclude that Belichick may be the source. When you say patriots fans of the dumb issued doing that to get them yes of course he that's why you do of course and you know news that new Foxboro. My question is so Michael Holley responded to a and from what I heard I don't think that he was I don't try to get the sense he was certainly agree with him at all. And we don't make me remember remember those guys did a show together right. Mean Harley and tell me and ash yes I mask so do we know the relationship I mean we I should know this but. Is it. It begins in a week. If you ever Michael's going to be friends for them he's probably you'll find a way to. OK you know I see what he's saying but by half. And had a pretty good it's I don't know if there's still that relation I don't know how that ended when said it was gonna use in day to get on here. Yeah okay there ego so big was he wasn't on today was no. Oh Ali no no no no no not account he suggests he was gonna get cal and I hope there's no doubt it's all right we're in or fry Darrell maybe they're good friends I don't know I just. I remember that show in this when he started talking and thinking. No this is weird match Arab that Max Kellerman. And then what it was and it wasn't Michael fall open wasn't entered show. But and then they had this Kellerman is doing the thing now. And I guess he's doing his job right yeah this is John's he's trolling patriot games he's better than he's better than Shannon Sharpe attic that that's another guy who would you. Says things to yes the state things Rex Ryan when you set on Sunday morning bill Belichick's not gonna coach next year just sadly he has no insight no clue. He just said it and people are doing these segments. Not because they are out to get the patriots because they know you're gonna get our response from patriot fans because of the passion here and ointment. I timid fits very waited a long time his phone socked. But he called back O had him. But I love your program. And some don't some students. Well since you don't have to. So I quit quit I don't understand that I just think. He had sources lover so I really don't care all of it in to make at that just hours at what interest and yet except that. Maybe they're contention but also not a big deal welcome back. And we're gonna keep on ball so that's my only point cushion if you keep doing your job actually throwing a little bit what that article. And he's gotten it and apply. From the article so they give them that their career. But more importantly. Wouldn't divulge energy. Haven't heard talk about but that was. You know last year we were sitting position live Jimmy gee not well sir oh and then it happens to you out there what value. Welcome Butler. Actually as loaded as a potential. Part of the trade Kirk Cox would suggest that yet well first bout. And now you know we went out to be he had immediately insurance. And what we thought about we're gonna get rid of middle is that we want to check on students a starter let it yeah. We have to don't wanna get value now you know we found out about losing the franchise potentially. And then maybe move and that we have another you know low per cent value that we got him. And we're never gonna get right to vote so I don't letters I've heard it talked about a lot but. You know why is this such a bat what we have Brady and the one of the best quarterback at the waiting game is continued by a high level and we did what made most sense in this year. That got called on the rebels want a government trade deadlines starter that ultimately it probably lose welcome back here he's happy that you want to posture. Narrates the return him on a big thank you call back I think it's the return in the second round pick this does set up. If you want to now the franchise tag for Malcolm Boller. I don't wanna pay both Gilmore and ball next year but Tim's point. You could do that you can you can trade a potentially for something first round related this year our guide me how does it give you that option is it's not. Or are paying on average ironically compared Gilmore if I had a good twelve Gilmore had the year they thought he was gonna have where they do what they would probably AC elated Boller walk it and yet officially Gilmore is played you'd be shocked when they franchise tag knuckleballer picture. People don't guys around for one more year just in case no because it's you target the what's the second most probably valuable spot on the field. Hardest thing he hit Joe's indict Joseph what's going on it. So we're allies GO all of which show you. Our live report that is what I got towards that target might they're gonna go out or why he rejects. Are acquainted. It jettisoned Glock or because organs if Wyoming Joshua Allen. Let all the tools are out like that we'd say yeah he's been rated I Bioshock and Elkhart are over Rosie O'Donnell right. My son did. It Newt had to write his condition are yours a quarter while it is better at least we saw war is played these should be don't Wear it imported what is it called. I he's got all help me out help me out they drafted a draft throughout his teammates they drag the twin brother also played a Wyoming get all that. Hi how are they getting it's the top ten a draft Josh Allen. That dimensional can go public so as national debating. What was this. It what we've learned if you think that you've got the guy if you got the quarterback. Than you do whatever you take to get a new overpay doesn't make a difference in you might be wrong it might blow up your franchise but. As if it ever been a year guys that the patriots have had didn't draft for need in this one it usually never draft for need. But they have to they have to get a quarterback. They have to do. Yes should know Robert actually correct. That's why I called it didn't this kid has all the tools they've had a lot of war quite political quite a while. And yeah our ability to rate him very guys because it is all the reasons. You're trying to make all the world's. I didn't damage you know that's would go to small. I guess tall strong guard Joseph and if you're right we'll give you all the credit in the world my issue is that I just looked at and this is this why it's way too early to do this crap. Three different mock drafts while he was talking about Josh Allen the one looking at right now hasn't going fifth overall. Right around the time they have baker mayfield going somewhere in the top of the first round draft the next what has angle on number ten the Owens got and 126. So nobody quite knows right now but I am again suggesting eighties mid first round picking you're sitting at 32. How do you get robbed. From 32 up to ten right now. Without giving up another first round where you guys sell unveil a checking it is comical that it would trade up. 21 round picks to go get a quarterback instead of sitting back and say taking all the next Jimmy drop below somewhere. Do you feel like the the the next level guys is the key for Memphis I think there's a cute from obviously Lamar Jackson if he comes out. If you think that you have big guys and find like that year. They they are Smart they knew that they had the guy. A lot of people didn't think to be grappled ready and if he played for Notre Dame you probably would've gone in the top ten. But it's so it is say they'd so you have Arnold you have rose and you have Alan. They can midfield sitting there at the fourth best quarterback. Taught me say has him as the 27 ranked player in the draft if we're the draft of 31. Yet when there yet and yet when the symbol was 31 OK it's warm if he's there you this is the one guy and I'm sure the UC imply. This might Komansky draft baker made field. Not a fight it is there a 32 yes I take bakery OK I'm not investing draft camp I'd that if I hear he's going thirteen. And the team that wants to go from thirty to thirteen again and wants another first round pick plus. The no. If you tell me they take that the best available quarterback and number 32. I would be surprised but I understand it I it's much more likely take a quarterback at 43. You know on nine picks after that someone a second round the best of the best of what's left out of whatever your quarterbacks I don't know where they drop low ranked. But they nailed that one in the second trailer 2000. Fourteen the the one thing this this guy coming in the count on salary should be a prime example this. Is that just because you draft a quarterback. Just because you have a high pick doesn't mean that you're gonna he's going to be get. And if you do have that guy this is why Jimmy grapples sold org if he's as good as I think uses no better evaluate her quarterbacks in me. And if you if he is as good thing you do what every you take to get on and for Cleveland that would be if traded the first round pick for the Jimmy drop below we saw with a forty niners. Absolutely. Absolutely. Because because you you you might end up with although we get a draft a quarterback so we're gonna draft met Marcus Barry go to your drafting as Winston those guys are never winning Super Bowls. To drop. Hello my. He might you can put him in that category double the quarterbacks this year the two win. He would be in that group appears in the post season 6177797937. Loaded patriot calls we get along with rob Bradford and you hear on Mott at night's. He. Lot of nights we're pretty WEEI Bradford is here Oval Office based now on the back bullpen here at WEEI rob with is. Fast food takeout containers and Diet Coke chaos. Departing in the office located you wanted to like put the line right down the middle of the room of the girl on Nomar there is only. I ten feet wide right it's at so who's going to be using it besides you. Everybody. Once that is another room for more than two people that I know sweet it's hey I can't control how they're managing things here okay. I have let's see we have meet Tomas he Roemer Hannibal. In Thai and Lucy OK all of list. We're all there. You got that's fine I a to understand we're all there as they all at once as ever beatings as an idea yeah. As an idea how many times is there more than one. WEEI dot com person actually wants to be the alt well I was told that the essentially. Can occasionally hear a couple times navy's Laura from wall cable for the show mimic. Everyone I talk to that part of the WE and I don't believe that doesn't sell any they always have higher energy they also like we never go on the office the board. Well that's what coastal oil that was Robby uses the office the most as opposed. To reach. I doors normally that they issue in the past I would say that information is probably accurate. But you know since we the we have a new new corporation year we have as stated big big gigantic MD. Then I think the risk first things up I am mandating that at least four people come in the office like that all the time a player wrote that exact promotions is back to now like that's largely on it takes away from the stopping a civil suits that back there's a basketball who backed it up people false ID and if people candy at their desk it's a real live office again. If Bradford well classmate I with his back a baseball stop at that where do something with it. During the hot stove show people are gonna stick around to talk baseball that's between 9 and 10 o'clock which are recognized. Is a stretch given what the Red Sox have done or not done here recently. Are we gonna make it worth your while right rob would you say it's where Murray act make it worth their while I'm very basic idea by you could do job pride get in trouble for what actually. What happened to our boy today Kirk man. Why yeah I heard I only caught the tail on it it just parody of the got the entire thing like not heard this in its entirety by saw the Twitter reaction to. The 102 clip that was posted on social media today it's apparently. Something or wade did to set off to keep the ball WEEI Kirk Manning and today on Kirk can count. I. Think. You. You can help. Oh. Did you. Reject a I why I got hot topic I want Bob what I did not. If you thought I would like China or don't. Six what. I'm ecstatic I have got shut out the likes of Paul Harvey. Like Portland if you hit it all right that fact puke you call it right now but if I am I why it was my son was born. My daughter or not one number 28. The close was I thought. Brett let our way it will happen again my I've called out to get him out of this building and though it up. I Soledad back cap that's the video they posted at the curtain talent Twitter account. What Glen Day who. The whatever's. I listen afterward they never set would they would know it's a one tweet me your pat what what did Glenn dude you know I do. But a lot to say I'd non are not allowed to say I if you take aways from that though number one I legit swear on my two kids I have no idea. Number one if you take aways. He Kirk identifies his daughter being what I know she's adopted by the dollar big board as number two port Kate. But just say it will all says they're tied with you said that's number two Ford Cate. It is making a list. I though when they're caught up in a rain tomorrow you come back and in reverse and everywhere but it appears to be said one and one day when that have been okay yet applaud this one we'll keep you tied for which when he's the godfather of the yes the other okay. The excellent at it whatever Kirk in a movie by his hair it. Ed boy every Kirk male. That every you know as wells idea we all do that we allow that he would I've had that conversation that on the air act all the line noting missing was the urban tree her what to topple. The the hit. The hot couple longer. All plug DeKalb what my. What I hear what I hear. When I'm here guys guys so I guess everybody knows where the you know this when you when you do that to as many people. Ultimately one person is from the tell another person and the gets little dice tell thrown help edit this lands it lands in the wrong spot and that's where it went today. So I had to not sound for a flag on it now why they were talking about oh so they were talking about right after the crossover at the beginning of the old maps show. That it was very tents we've had some tense talk crossovers is there and I do believe that this was not a made up this wasn't a Glenn how you do and I thought this was little and he he can address this tomorrow about I think this of Lebanon to carry you over. To the crossover. And then they played it off. Leading in the next alive I heard it it's got to be right I heard the beginning of a think you would get some sort reaction from those guys. And for racism like at picked the wrong sides essentially saying he wished he had not backed. Ward and does agree with that ever Kirk's point laws. It just sounded real that we came out of no lol Israel. And you know we can't say I am Israel. Israel. That was good and the price of followed tomorrow tomorrow sees in with the boys tomorrow 6 AM for us tag way anyway. Quick thinking Gary and way with a video. Do you want it to that video. Oh good job by Gary having excellent I saw on the court and Callahan account right. That I thought he took its came from Kirk I have heard look at that video I thought I think yeah metal people love that stuff I was talon Kirk did today that human you know we're here. I took that shot that picture those two guys sitting cross yeah that was good it was one of the law it was you guys you the front page the web site that way with all credit for me idol AFC west might. Got a good WEI your part of the team that was along the lines of the was that Prince Harry in meg in Markel or whatever name is. No that woman who took the photo you made millions off of that photo month. You'll probably not what my greatest regrets that watermark what met Rick W we've ethics. When my greatest regrets the month of December. Was we movie Tito would come I that he regrets in December. Cookies at Christmas a gas by. So wind deal would come in for the crossover the day after he walked down. He would come and for the cross over so long waiting forum in the hallway because I'm not just gonna run out the back door waiting for. Amid an idea man's man I'm a man fronting the Ria and how I did not have my camera like rated ago with him walking down wielded that golf club. I mean that the bad job I'd be I apologize that would have been awesome and asked people about that since then no one can confirm yet his golf club with them. I'd be out confirmed I swear you're literally locking lug elsewhere are hard I'll move by John yeah I I have I have a texted your retort I. Of all the lies that were being spewed that day. The bill all the attacks to Gerry Ford about from the backroom there was can you please find out why he has the golf club. And Jerry are found he said something like oh yeah at the office well fine go back in the office and get it. Why is he bringing it within to the studio it's a hard a move by by Dina bills in Malden he's pumped for Saturday night bill get us fired up for Saturday my. Have no doubt about it. Go out and made them go at some immoral you know because not everybody's talking about how the future roots grew. You know I talked about thirteen minutes in all I don't care. I want one now I'm ready for this one I'd well number six. Everybody wants third you know. To mop up all of you don't want action. She knew him at the end of the need for saint. All of we'll see you don't you don't believe anything that story the only ones with monopoly money turn nasty little bill. I'm happy you'll believe anything he reported. Mean. I. I don't believe no I don't really odd that this tension between what you eat the dollar check it exists at all. Instant and they're wanna keep cotton there. History it's what. Like a lot of people said recently that was the threat of war on a couple of months ago about a rare one not this guy brings out. Now behold now behold I have now that I'm. On my. I I do not a monopoly that has been tension between Brady and Belichick and I don't believe the crap out. Well and wondered why shouldn't we popped out. You wanted to pumped up I'm on a good. Sao Miguel you sat in Sao pumped up call and Saturday afternoon NFL Sunday mutt and keep special edition from the shed special guest Glenn order way. Special less Gerry Callahan. A loaded show on Saturday noon to four bill you call in and get us pumped we will do planning a titans. On Saturday afternoon. The problem I have is another big story now. I don't page by the way so I took the course yeah Rico called the history of being with flag yes it's told you why your last name was your last name yes it was bill that whose village mall bought bill Malden. Let me down on the path of of rekindling my education so wicker sham. Wicker according to. A slender plight quick. Okay. And he is correct in sham a thing that is not what is purported to be. I believe slender right and I believe some people think he is reporting not the what he's or problem that any debate bill mulled sniffed it out. He's a fake twig I speak Arabic god is real babe I just didn't. We got a breaking news slices the Vinci code. Good job by Bill Walton aren't or take a break we'll take your phone calls here if you there will get to at 617779. 7937. I have some updated news on now Patricia. Where he's been ago. I have beat tweet of all tweets that it's going to sum up. This suck gas baseball. Hot stove season it just came out it is the perfect tweet one week. I symbolizes this entire slow season and if you wanna talk baseball until hours of time to do it. And we are gonna make it worth your while all callers tonight rob the hot stove show all. The they get something we did not fair to say we all right we have forward Eric or get something okay we'll do that coming up hot stove show and your phone calls mud at night with Bradford hot still I don't know just keeping year.