Never too early for Celtics trade rumors, Celtics v 76ers the future of the Eastern Conference, Why I.T. sold out the Celtics in the Player’s Tribune

Friday, December 1st
Michael Holley and Rich Keefe recap a win over the 76ers, and how this is the start of the future rivalry for the Eastern Conference between the 2 teams. The importance of Marcus Smart. Are the Celtics involved in Anthony Davis trade rumor, and what would your 2018-19 starting 5 look like. The Cavs are riding a 10 game winning streak are they the best in the East? How will Cleveland handle the rest of this season, knowing LeBron James is leaving. What was Isaiah Thomas trying to prove in his latest ‘Book of Isaiah’ Players tribune video? Is Carmelo Anthony an anchor in to Oklahoma City Thunder?

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Michael holly and Ritchie. He's mostly seen some post links podcast the podcast about the Celtics from red to Russell brown took bird. Parish to pierce everything seemed. Mostly seeks the most least he's podcasting's presented by GP LB officials sound of Jason teed up the Boston Celtics and the NBA let's get to Michael holly and Ritchie and most weeks she's podcast. That is mostly fees podcast brought you by JP LB officials sound of the Celtics Michael would you like to start sees war. Around the India you know I think we should start seeing assert that he saw. Mine is still well and beat Bob Knight hero now I know but. Just have to imagine you love Covington 2019. Through 2002 point three. Every single year or you can conference. It's like you conference finals will be the thing that's good cattle as he's the Celtics. Blow Celtics felt like and 7630 sixers your written off the box box that you don't like about that not enough they elect Greek frigate I love him who doesn't allow them by won't he be the best player in the congress the bucks celtics' old school. You can opera semi final ethnic well back in the days of about Marcus Johnson Paul progressing I feel like he did the mime group. Although at the very I go I would've guessed that the best player in the conference streak freak. Would probably gets in the conference finals once or twice while in the next five years they don't think so much interesting. Is going to be the best player like opera ball Leo are you will because LeBron James will be gone whether LeBron James is in Philadelphia stopped. You know apple now that you don't really believe that. You can LeBron go to Philly I think he's leaving Cleveland not ultra right again leave it he's leaving Cleveland you'll be going to Los Angeles Iraqis pick a squad out the lakers. At the Clinton probably the Laker art. Right as you know probably dark Buick you're fired. Coach McBride actually let me get by the broad number one on the docket my member of the war I know either. It's the guys are gonna start fast yes. We're gonna get fired because when you bring the product and your and your roster like lots of good things happen in the broader laughter yeah. But the bad things are. He's in control in the right now gone back to last night last night affair I saw you walking in the building today yeah firstly he's atlas. Marcus mark. Great game Marcus I have to say Marcus you're. He had five points last night. It five point eight is that's what if it doesn't show up in the box ignore it it really you know last house that we have like I've been I've been brainwashed that these people they just have me. And act and act they'll leave the room until I say Marcus Morris has gone to the market's smartest guy I've met title strong legged up. Really I think I really brought in last night. That whole Marcus Martin mumbo Jumbo that most people come up with. Jumbo by moto had dismissed if I want to buy into it and hired ought to memorial but it's not my dismissive the last part of that great game to me defensively got called for a follow. That that shouldn't have been wearing a great position I've been Simmons Simmons. On knees up knees in the groin knees and it's just a you know these in play you know I don't want me don't know. Good controlling the pace of a pace of play a couple of times yet we got high re going carries like here yes you'll start the offense type electors growth. Because Karrie early in the season was like com on these guys give me the ball. Give me the ball let me start you off the but he trusts market does get going mice passes that the carry the brewers past the Tate Illinois that terrific terrific game last I've from market even though couple times and beautiful ball moves regular routes around on a lower that's why outlook for markets mark. Not even close Blake you have everything. Brought in an eye and out how old habit that he is an important player I want him on the floor. There I want you would follow all the stats about you know the lineups up there on the floor and what the efficiency is an all the best lives of Smart they'll they every single one of Africa. I don't think that there is them out by the way we can get that. That would probably won't but Marcus Smart. God I think this is going to be. The best year for him in the sense that he is still. Underpaid. Next year over me you know no matter what areas are gonna be overpaid and god bless them he each that you're going to be year your free agent at the end of this year somebody's in overpay form. Summit team with a front office that is super into the advanced stats and maybe it's Houston it's not that it's going to be somebody like that that says what what this guy does care about points per game I don't care about shooting percentage. Which seems. Maybe counter to what I know what ever crazy but somebody assign him do crazy deal and so. If markets markets five points six or seven assists draws three or four charges saves the ball from going out of bounds three or four times. That's great. When you make him for five million bucks or over the holidays right now right moment or record to 1450 million dollars a year that's divorced parents are to get on them and that may not even happen here because I think. The publisher of so many high priced guys they won't deal before too to keep him so I guess. Enjoy it while lastly if you go market Smart this is the year for you and if you hate them just know you might miss them. What he's got to pay the perfect spot for markets Smart of Boston. Tea buffed up pick up I box you know because. Week. Outside of me but leave for the most part in this city yeah accept him for what is we're watching this is a tribute market Smart and it's a tribute to Celtics fans yeah. In their basketball knowledge. You you you see all the positive things he does on the court. And most Celtics fans will say yeah. I know I know he's not a great shooter to care what he's doing other things so is entering the market. You just can't. A lot of a lot of places it is there's Elliott got great player can he scores about guys not a great player because is okay is averaging seven point game at second and but here look at markets mark don't really care about his point per game average. All the things he does them. But it's only it's only good on a good team. Yeah right got to have suitor yesterday oil out like Zenyatta wins soon because I do it I'll look at the new wants in his game the Catholic ten games under 500 I don't care I didn't score more right below when he he's on the right team. Where when he's on the floor now there are times the second unit. He is the first or second option offensively that's not ideal but the one the lineups that dominate. He's always the fifth sometimes before the navy paints is out there weatherman he's probably now the fourth option offensively boat he's up there with. Tyreke one or two of the young guys and Horford. Those are great economy is cycled through video itself will wanna Rick that's gonna take charge a guy who's gonna guard the best. Opposing guard and sometimes even Ford on the other team a course that guy. And I anybody else I would say it's because I don't wanna do this whole pun thing the last thing anybody else I'd say he's Smart defensively on him but he clever. He's a clever just get it is clever if it's accurate you know on it into a just don't wanna do it selflessness Smart things that you have a draft how they want young and Smart. Young and Smart. Well. Dogs are now they're Smart they still got Smart though so that's that's pretty good but yet it was good game last night calories in the Calgary. Kind of game because it it took awhile for them to giggle at the lakers' greats like in the second quarter even or third quarter. The can be up by twenty points. If a little closer to their 1013. I don't notice. Oh here's a run coverage knocked down a three error or Redick had a job or they go all the way. Jalen brown at times am last. Some really bad decisions in. So bad decisions and and markets had a couple of two. One where he's trying to make a crosscourt pass and gets picked often and yeah going the other way until it was. Brown if you love Jalen brown there's funny games where you can point to and then tell people don't like to see this game easy that's Italy's gonna be the greatest thing ever. And then there are a handful games like last night that if you're anti Jalen brown a lot about balance. He writes it is every second year player I'm expected to be consistent every single night but he was for the guys that. They need to rely on more when Gordon Hayward went down but lo and behold they might have another scorer on the team. Marcus Morris Marcus Morris. Last night off the pitch seventeen. About a good shooter. He is he's a good shooter he creates some does better than a body that I did not expect to get a great move last rusty bad missed the layup though could scribbled below low pump fake went into the lane got in there on I was nice. Let up off. But policy but many out there we got a point out the only reason I bring it about him and you missed layups but because you're look at Japan but it's also. That the creative you know making creating your own shot and and you can get you get a guy who can do that. And shoot from 1718. Reporters. Reported -- good addition certain team so item. I like him a lot now you can have a podcasts without. Wilde's trade rumors almost as in golf this Beck topic of conversation on the interwebs it's also been brought on the radio at times. The FD Davis strait rumors they are real and they are spectacular Michael yes they are what would you ever got on when you go and artery to tell you what it was Ouattara who threw this out into the Bleacher Report edit. 11 of these sites 55 rumors that it did. Now this would make the money match legacy get a look at from both sides are books would you doubts speaking from the Celtics point of view. Would you trade Al Horford. Jason Tatum. And a first round. Pick. For Anthony Davis though is let's just go to the easiest parts of the trade. And then they get worker which the toughest part to go first round pick you have a problem with the papers tropic are fine but they got a one of a lot of first rounder edges of all right okay so that that remains on the table thank you very much. Al Horford gonna give Anthony Davis. You gonna have to give up a fixed salary. An Al Horford is a big sellers don't wanna hold out warlord are are now one of them Al Horford is a perfect fit for the Celtics but. You're able to get a younger better. Al Horford and Anthony Davis I mean I'm an understatement right yes and Davis is so much better. And Al Horford and I like out or for pre days are finally say this is a super wrestlers are so Al Horford remains at a table the first round pick. You're gonna do now this is the difficult part. Jason Tatum. You give up Jason Tatum. As part of this deal I would fight a little bit I think that. Jalen brown. Is going to be a lesser player than Tatum so I would say are. Let's meet the middle. How about ground. Instead of Tatum and we got to deal. And if they say no I still make this. Yeah I guess I don't know how they feel that now would you I would download from it now once which just like when the the aviators talking Mikhail about the Garnett trade in McHale wanted to Rondo is like about welfare and public art fund which obviously dom but that Booth as they did because they have a lot of on the point guards maybe you can hagel on the on the young guy. I think it was Jalen brown it's a no brainer it's Jason Tatum. It's a harder decision but you're still doing it because Eddie Davis now next year you're starting lineup would be carrier ring. Gordon Hayward. Jalen brown. Anthony Davis. And anywhere else I want literally every doesn't want you wanna go big dude how Baines again if you wanna go small and have more as well at the matter. Does not matter at them today even if even if you go. Somebody from a second round pick from saint Bonaventure love that got out of Sony's yeah I got it out and we know we say about him that doesn't need to score I do this let's say let's mix as he needs a good teammate. Put the locker room and Holler Marcus Carter there on the on the roster not all of sudden your big ovaries and the Davis. Courtney were carrier ring that's about two top ten players. And what three top 25 I guess the thing where you put Gordon Hayward the Gordon you're up to blame. That's 55. In order to type of players like David David Hayward now it was now no I was not sure every Irving's but my top 103 rounds years. Though the top ten player last night that they would both make that deal there question is are the cavaliers gonna make a deal they've just won ten in a row what timer recordings podcast area and it looks like they've figured things out and it also sounds like Isiah Thomas will be back. Maybe a week and a half percent two weeks. Are they gonna be involved in one of these crazy rumors there's been a whole bunch of home whether it's the Andre Jordan or Marcus all holders bottle fire is still. All of these grew up what are those trades well now that the archery Jordan really how much is he can now what's yours this. I got here got great Jordan tourism tee so a guy you're you're trying to you get to the next level. Was under Jordan gonna do against Golden State. I don't know what you can help you against gold and make its value pretend OK fine what she does defensively. He'd play mansion where he's a cigar taller. More active Tristan Thompson who you got married a way to get them to you improved slightly on your big man rebounder. All right all under duress does Isaac can actually have. Those guys can actually do and little comic unless you're not gonna say the interest to lock down Klay Thompson appointments now primetime about. Just showing up here if he goes out there he's not getting sucked up alias I am 22 feet away from the basket. Because now he's in those situations that a swift. He's really not that big he looks bigger than he has against the Celtics. Kristiansen via an animal right as well at least he was last year in laws but against Golden State. For a while they start up game one. I gained two point. Now Leo really need a big now all right I don't know really what our problems are meant to our problems lie and does not mean Elena. Matt that was some of these quick guys ago stating so the cavs back to being the favorite in the Eastern Conference alone not make them that yet a man though. I I totally missed I have to say. Because I thought they were struggling at the beginning of the season simply because Isiah Thomas was married trading carrier Irving made it replaced him really. That slot with anybody because I T was out. Or a lack of growth they went over to her room. Eric wrote this guy I think we should make fun but it does that much going wrong and get him on a mostly c.'s podcast. He let. I think I'll be available very soon. Think the cavaliers were capable of winning ten in a row without eyes is not aware there are planned but the bronze or bronze. Pretty motivated guard anybody else. Not a can't. And I think we're early last year. The tyrannical great defense team later in the regular season they did in the post season but you know I think this is a this is accurate of what what their limitations are what we're seeing right now in in the regular season. The change in the post season Jeff green's goes to lock it down. Dwyane Wade. It's no. Kevin Love down I mean it's it's LeBron and I'm not riddler Tom Rupert about it beer that I'm doing weight rule meeting will be out march yet he's not finished I can't. The question is arid the trade deadlines unfurl a while. But LeBron James has given Cleveland no assurance that he tennis stayed there they have the Brooklyn tech which is. Good knock greatly Google would propose doing right now so are very good team but look at the polls look at the mavericks economic team for worse than them. It's nearly nowhere that picks gonna fall it's not as good as last year Brooklyn tech for example right so do you say. Hey LeBron sorry we don't know if her comebacks we're gonna hang on to this pick is worse yards franchise now sail like cover gonna go to appease LeBron one last time. Wanted to franchise because even though Brooklyn is not as bad as that thought they were being. You can win the lottery and UN human and that it becomes number one overall. And you traded Marvin I believe a third move. Four or probably three months yet a couple of Dottie yeah and then look out cost maybe cousins runs out and so is back we have murdered. Yeah going to another team. But he's the number one he's in the game if they're on the no legal question. And so that pick if it does wind up number one you start thinking about it a name negotiate something else but the cavaliers why they have put that would end it and I reiterated the candidate that something that eleven dying. Looking guard to fire hazard and Duncan already Duncan David Robinson's it promises that it plays on and on do well. David Robinson's it is on the team via okay yes let go though I do it Jeff Goodman put it in his article. A seldom you'll seldom used reserve I mean SK yeah they did fly a seven play every admiral's son when it. All supplier Al did play right now that good so to date but David Robinson said he reminds him of Dunkin'. I'm away. And he is. He's it's that you you knew how crazy good he was land. Forget how many months ago he was actually aid junior here's a that the class a year younger. The Billick now he's decided so it reclassified as a senior and he's still the best for their country other than a everybody we're crazy like he has all the jump to have a whole grain of Volvo is a -- better than all these. The guy that there's a power forward on the team. So nobody's talking about what the precautions are nobody's talking about him but he's not gives him a shout yeah not getting as much attention and that's window Carter junior. And he is a top ten he's a top ten recruit and when he he's got to be a one and done he's got to be a lottery pick. So. Yeah that's it if Cleveland is is intelligent you'll hold on put them. Now if you hold onto a lottery pick you don't make a trade. Archie just assuring. That LeBron leaves sorority it's done you've got to the got to be Smart he's leaving he's gone. OK so let that go out big big east on. But he got our secretary of NASA's it would be insane would have to say wait to notre. Cast their no trade clause that one but two players wanna forget there are rare it's our hockey of the entire bruins' roster isn't a trolley would have to say is. This is my home town you know here won a championship here. These streets that the recite the letter. I've bled for these streets it is the best I don't you know you don't hear that anybody go to forgive him no matter what you really dental forget Martha they will. So all you would have to say is I'm not going anywhere but he hasn't a word that it either you're being always gonna do he's gonna leave. And that he's gonna blame them for not helping the team they had a chance he's gonna say they had a chance to help us out the deadline. They chose to look ahead or whatever he's got makes Italy's reported on the promise they hate the foreign office again. Even have to say anything he's got he can work. And you were back or panels with the widow says the if the dad still have thing. Now sources tell me that owner 10-Q. Had them is use your dollar Cleveland people that know. All over that is great news for the Celtics though that is just. Could not two years ago I did not see this as a possibility. That even if LeBron. Left I wasn't shocked about the idea that LeBron could leave again these are gonna twice that way -- leave again any with the way he did his contracts over the cultures because both intimate part they are the CB MI alone and he's gonna make a lot of money regardless you can at least commit product names he could stay there a little bit longer. But where the Celtics were fears go to where they are now to what kind of project going forward. That they're going to be the team to beat in the east and that that are gonna come back to. Will carrier ring sign an extension and at what point should that become a topic of conversation don't we need to figure out win with easy eligible to sign the extension good point we're getting side now it's something. I don't know all the super Max rules and all that stuff I wonder if they've they've tie that in with all NBA stuff so I wonder if you makes all NBA first second third team this year I would have done automatically boosts that aura. Because he's already been an all NBA player maybe it's already kicked in a Montero surely we should look that up at some point. Yeah I think we are checking out is interesting because one guy was all NBA last year second team all NBA I think it was. We have Celtics guard it was second team all NBA is brought on Toronto they have their thirteen of product guys who have taken things up Paul Pierce is all four of them have I think was ninety. All of bright idea of a threat. You like him throng the this standard the Celtics who could bust the drinks that whether they were up about my what's what's the end game. What's his problem. I think he just needs you I would say just from my own experience a little older than Isiah Thomas I would just tell him. You know based on my experiences in life just saying what's bothering you yes MB liberated from Japan. It out there that who is she protecting. Who is showed why he's at this org go hat suitors who want saying let's elect sciatica is him Matt Barnes sit back and talk to Danny and again. That's right it's Antarctica and back into today and we've probably won't aren't so you don't think ever. Never never you know any about Clark is younger and pocket you are thought to abide fried. I thought you were fired. Demonstrated being well that's right. Limit your general but there it is her other job a little bit better than it and it otters that it has emerged native people out of you with real. Should get treatment protocol authors. Yeah try to rob. That's actually agree we're looking at the this team traded Paul Pierce they try to call here are having gone down they're gonna trade you two guys that are of the numbers retired. And I know it's the most receives podcast it most clearly based in the great city of Boston Massachusetts. And and Tom Brady said this beautifully and we'll talk about it on the show I'm sure many times. Number it was just like Eli Manning and he took that opportunity you know praising Eli hey unionized I mean maybe that's supposed to super balls. And oh by the way. Joseph Montana yes was traded Ronnie Lott played for somebody else Michael Jordan was a Washington wizard is gonna it a pro sports as Brady. Age you're Isaiah having guided you're texting where I've been the guy in training camp come on you got to understand as I know he's hurt and I and I get the the anger. If he thought it was going to be a part of the turnaround in Bosnia but not at a played hurt for the team in the and they took it and I got to stand back and today our it was subic pictures but pictures and Isiah Thomas and I'm really good player. I'm a lot of self confidence. But I'm not the first one to be in this position. No not at all in fact if you look at all four major sports if you look at the greatest players of all time. It's a very short list of guys that played on one team. Tom Brady is obvious example right right now. I've done now I know you beat him and years and it is very well could. But what Tim Duncan Kobe Bryant or two really good examples in the in the eagerly Sergio are a magic. But if you put a different era in the dramatic and that a different era of a pro sport there right now original but right now couldn't cope he wanted to be treated the date the for a while I was there was that could run out Turk Turks an example where it. But it was like Dirk Duncan Colby and that it was pierce and weighed in a couple other guys that halo is they've all events are jumbled around Garnett around a terrain and to me in the middle sort of jumped to Peyton Manning played for another team yeah. Absolutely so big a flannel and all in all sports is very rare thing to say hey I'm going to be here for a long time. Last thing for you that here what is going on. With the Oklahoma City Thunder Philip the last time to the podcast ready to episodes ago brought the bop others on the wash it look at these guys three guys scored 1 AM. They could they could they challenge the warriors. Other team in the playoffs for our Carmelo. For Carmelo you know I think that if he's the profits from the had his third after Brad. As the head of the real loser and a team always a always. I don't know what it is I'm always root for Carmelo. Am deflect a promise of defending Carmelo lot. He's bettered that riveted on I'm sure the whole thing he's a good score. The issue is he's got to save himself. I don't need to start. And need to start I think I'll help is more becoming not that that's the problem. You can't you can't think about working in your Russell Westbrook. You know he's a triple double machine can't think about working and Paul George and Carmelo Anthony to your office just to the law it is and also if you're thirty and just start the game that way of Carmelo comes up the bridge like he's currently seventeen minutes a game don't Neitzel finished the game everything else and I think he needs to be the anchor in a positive since the anchor they have for the second unit not the anchor negative cents for the first you. Today trade Georgia's electric from all. Beat short of that ought to pull up at the end of this year George George's the Carmel might be. Yeah I think is it well there are here for colonel Brady either one of those guys who think on political grounds he would be wise girls on the ground ball both sort LeBron played like karma. Carmelo and LeBron and Dwyane ways. Chris ball like. Whether I think Al I would think about moving -- months or what you give for him in return. Yeah I wanna hold on applaud viewers to them taken maybe have a shot. George what he's gone he's gone yeah that's the where the NBA goes. Are there are very another another successful addition of the vulnerabilities podcast and I'm still hold the operatives in BA legend. We're Celtics I should we have a missile over us on it Celtics Celtics legend here we are comforting to get on the podcast problems several of my have a mind if you guys have some reminder of 032. Tweeters Addis status. Keep when he ones that we are yes 221 on Twitter at Michael is probably yes well let's not a month birdies as this big to be very transparent a short guys. I'm on Twitter with things are going well in my life and my predictions are successful and now when things are not going well now on I give Miami program that are. Aren't well are you still too weak both of us if you like right now today yeah he's gone pretty well here checking for them to put him pretty good. Shameless plug you can check out my other podcast hash tag dork also in the WEEI family of podcaster mostly door partners it's just have to act or are now mostly or not it's all dork that the fact that it's mostly natives honor percent. We did the punish her from Netflix last week next week we have a we have ongoing hole right now. What we're gonna take a certain actor you know go through all of his or her films and right now the options are Brad Pitt. Denzel Washington. And Will Ferrell wall and then we say can write in another choice and we got a bunch of people saying Tom Hanks Christian Bale smugglers but. I'm anxious to loan. Yet not yet. A great actor a great actor Tommy threw it to somebody hit it just shows that you've even forgotten about the time I think that Rico call it like ours is too much. Denzel while Denzel will you come on an episode I see Roman Israel. Higher probably. Don't know movies has he been in wears them down the act nova the his name is the title that. It that it did go retroactive clearly Al Davis home as somebody Denzel movies that are but yet I deserved what they are they are incredible I think you should do Brad Pitt. I want to do Brad Pitt right now I think Will Ferrell is leading Denzel neck and neck Brad Pitt lag behind that was my choice he's like most of my favorite movies he is because she's. Am here yet has yet to talk right now because he's so handsome. Believe rom. Arguably had overshadows. What a great actor who's credible I just watching with Brad Pitt and my club. I was like seven. Sleeper as a set of them can be snatched now no one knows what Brad Pitt movie. Connect twelve monkeys now because a number ever Tony award twelve monkeys. Really ocean's eleven ocean's twelve or oceans thirteen. Remember our progresses interviewer empire but I thought I had that no no. And Thelma and Louise oh wow how about I guess old school back what early ninety's I 81 yeah yeah. California spelled with a K. He's and that that too young to die too young to deal. Oh was part of two young daughters into dark guy you're too young to tell mr. and mrs. Smith. Not a big fan of that about it was okay yeah yeah it was fine with just I didn't it was a novelty of doing it with his wife. Well that's it I was not a lot of us that there was an admiral I was very Jennifer thank. And started a new mayor which is now also been you know half a lot happening there is this guy on on an hour meet Joe Black now. Man this all broke and noisy they go whoop well noisy now. Jason money ball recently married guy in all it was a muddy ball but I don't buying. In Italy game now c'mon Billy bean pot no way you should visit now. Brad pit and there we have Brad Pitt play UI I can't have Brad Pitt play because you meet Billy being you're like hey I really don't know anything about baseball to get it now. Like to meet this Billy being here. It. Being eaten them up to that extra talent that I got nice to meet your parents should be different stars. At that put your so here so where's the woodlands billions Billy that available earlier I am doing all you you know I am bill that bit of money okay appeared on base percentage is important there. All right let's get there are from the playoffs get bounced back today with the I'll figure out what it has been an actor I think it's. So I hope so we'll see both or podcasting business. Right now that'll do Lothian is most sees roughly GPL is just found. Of the self.