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Friday, September 8th

A special Thursday night Patriots kickoff edition of NFL Sunday with Mut and Keefe. The guys preview the game, Roger Goodell coming to Foxboro, and look ahead at the Patriots chances this season. Christian Fauria joins the show to talk about the game, and Mut and Keefe give you the Patriots hater of the week


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Lines every week about which running backs are going to be feature which cuts could be all and how does Brady. And up distributing all those targets. All those catches that settlement had a year ago the guys their idol people board different things to me. That's that that that's the best story line to start the year. Who picks up the offense does the ultimate struggle. Out of the gate because there's a little wet and now know about the Mitchell that trying to figure out where where were the guys that Bert how Brady doesn't help the Eagles does it. The offense is where I think what a lot of people's will not be tonight outraged at the element that targeted ten times the accuracy got to figure now. That's going to be one guy's identity to gut yeah it could well be five guys getting two more balls are underway whether it's you know Chris Hogan whether it's wrong. Whether it Birkhead. Cooke's immediate battle but this year cooks finally get thrown him five times and you know that's palatable owner darkly that the right. But all those guys are gonna be weaned on a little bit more. Albert obviously that loss Mitchell really test the app. Or this team but I still feel like they have enough guys think about it for which it or running backs. You feel comfortable throwing to these four receivers it too tight. We can spot those guys on the field at a time so they're gonna have what your room to still maneuvers Griffey probably allotted to receiver. Two running back one tight endure through receiver to tight at one running backs that some things like that. It filter or that please guide notes it run down field you you probably won't be on her. A bit on her. Fifteenth now loves snap count I don't usually divided by what he goes playbook exactly thought yours vehement on by a week you'll obviously. It's a chance for Rob Gronkowski to revert your that it position as well talk about this patriot offense. On. In his contract is set up where he wants to play the more snaps he plays the better chance to use to actually double is salaries and make 575. Million dollars this year. If he gets up that 90% playing time and gets sort of receptions all pro right you'd make it easy. If he's an all pro he's gonna double salary of the over ten million dollars and given out this news. That you're not gonna have Malcolm Mitchell to start the year. And you're down to call three and a half yeah piracy rate after stark will have a Dole's good receiver but he's at receiver. That bodes well for rock of your team rocket you're back at it yourself. The ball should come your way early in the year. Does it does lean mean rocker tells you stay healthy. It was out the third if your all of them glory through a few wartime game that normally would. It usually gets hurt any way like that more concerned with how many. At least now the team really negative surprises you play in the pre season. Visa which fronts of the view of the elements at this afternoon that Bob but he looked a lot better. Right up but the press yes press coverage during the week he looks doubtful that my Brady's always look a little bit skewed edit those who don't run all out yet so I thought he did a little bit extra care to draw but he's still you know. Pretty jacked but I think he's got he's the Brady plant in the Florida. If so how does how does that play in the season does that mean it's going to be healthier but maybe not as dominant orally more dominantly. It's still a bit of an unknown how about it affect him yeah I think he's got a lot to prove opera productions if the guy that we we know how good he has. Leg there it is now candy cane. If these if these leader if he's meter any stays healthy. Does that part is Eric yet but don't count has talked about he wanted to play a little bit if you want brought to avoid those naked she want him to. You know. Avoid. Make contact week. Duck out of bounds go to the ground you know that's that's not raw though is that I'm not wrong so don't that some of its support its. It's a weird situation because I want what you wanna be that same guy. What if his goal is he's playing time incentives and a B it'll roll. It's better for him if he's out there on the field it will be noticeable writes that it talked about it can't rule that. Okay we're gonna play differently the issue we are not express is what we're used to advance word trick or eat the avocado ice cream and finally on the field. Not a lower your shoulder try to pull over every single event. Will that mean noticeable that I'm dying to see. On the field for rod counts also get the sense that obviously they want this horrible last year without wrong. This year settlement goes down and a lot of concern about that you still say there's still the Super Bowl favorite but if you take away element in wrong from the is that how you feel good few best product that very even with the depth at a ago accurate books. Has the potential to be really in all world receivers and awesome in the league the last couple years. But sort of on delicate outlook you can lose both those guys and so. But you also go released you feel you can bet that roughly sixteen that you fear he he's similar to him go in the sense that. The -- half but they lifted her all the time that the board to different types of injuries that there was doing well as you know we talked about this team I have I've gone all in on the running backs as a group. Having to Austria went back and looked at. The running backs a year ago the running backs in my mind would be James White. The L Lewis would Garrett wants. I included Devlin. These are handfuls after the end but Devlin. Random bolt and the date Foster had to catch it goes in the three months among those guys you were talking about eight to hole. My hat that's correct them not always is but it was lot now from the fly I believe with ninety catches. Between the running backs. Animal Lewis. Two thirds bodily yet sixty. Texas legacy be cheap white if it's sixty catches Lashley went fourteen in the Super Bowl ads. Of eight and in. That was only the only four starts watch your back leaflet all sixteen games right the bullet longevity was there at the dirt really was there. It was like 551 yards only 34 per game but he was a big reception in exactly the team targets like 86 dark. And I said on Sunday talk you. That my big prediction was diabetes or running backs gonna have. A combined overall hundred receptions this year sure I do I William Purcell that it's probably want one you know we thought well white. Lewis. You're jealously and Rex Burkhead. I think those were guys in the 500 when he catches combined this year and that's where a majority of the soft it's gonna come from now right yeah. Jeff Powell was very good the stuff thinks that you guys that are going to be featured. Are going to be Merck had a first and second down he went on third down it was it with a groin injury there trying to go would get back into the state. Was the L Lewis he appears healthy abortive like out here deal Lewis was the guy we're talking about right evolves so we'll see with the numbers like tonight Michael's work guys 120 catches and just. We every week it week out we're saying it's like it in the baton. Where Brady used to those receivers the running backs the pick apart the pencil. What about the running game go to do you think they'll be able to. Duplicate I think violently ill to duplicate the care what that Lester that that the better I get them the hope you won I would point touchdowns eighteen or however many in year 11100 yards last year. Levitt 61 of the four of those guys will smash. I think the smash that. And they're gonna do it better than it three point eater three point nine yards for carry clip there at all those guys are ridiculously last year. The six yards a carrier of the insanity that the league so. All those guys that projected do little but better rocket put it all on one problem. Maybe one will merge maybe Birkhead will emerge as the goal like god or some Super Bowl teams like can probably actually get what you don't really considerate that. But it view it click here what's gone and you're singer who's the best sure handed short yardage back. That's why you bought those insane numbers than somebody else could do that easily this year yeah I don't think this guilt that we care what had. Was up that you can't place I did the patriots surely battle that has these guilt really big and it replaced right now we'll hear one give give that. She's Devlin how can hear it and anybody around position but. I don't think that's a particular place so for me when looking at the offense. I am team running back these these four guys should they stay healthier wanna put up. Month's average figures for you when you're playing daily fancy innocent because we get a week I reckon it was it'll bird but as a group. I'm they're talented they can essentially all catch the ball. And are going to have a major impact. On Brady's office 61777979. B 37 is the former NFL Sunday we do. They called the German appeals and right up where the rule of rich keep what's in a car. On it dealt tonight at Mike. Mike. I might pop up just jet jet I'd like Ella here. I hate aria I hear the call what's all right might it. Might argue here you are doubtless other car. Great great guy guy's great great job hey I want to talk about your daughter is begins right about much but I. I didn't quite frankly embarrassed you need it span it's. You know when we start here it's been it all out but it is now. People walking around saying we want Lott I'd you don't do it. If Peter what is purple and it has nothing to do it. Race expect one it was the other. You know I don't like they well they they're the patriots. That those are patriots but you don't you know like. I'm not opposed dug out all that suddenly it you know you don't I don't know who you're 31 other thing we killed. The patriots out all of apple and are concerned about it if it did and how. Ali is an idiot if he never you never posted July yet an opportunity to the pool to a bear some a little bit about what you wanna do that. He took a personal take away he's mean Benadryl or Pete talk like one battle to court any type of way for gay straight or nothing. Are you you guys are both terrific you're you're you're well thought out but but it on here well I didn't gonna want. All abroad for the rest of my life will this ever I've but I think as the season goes on like you'll be into the games and the match ups the games mean more this is. The opportunity after we know he yelled out upset. That this teacher was ward. My coach is one more chance or by a rocket built that in spite of the suspension. In spite of the over reach by apple Apple's lead in it elements case if the owners dealers apart. I should should match like and I don't think it's about to tell you what you kid who. Clark Hunt you can't lunar Gerri great get the job out there other owners you can't boot those guys. You can move it LP yellow represents the other owners of those owners want to force BD four game suspension. Part of what it'll Brady. That night about I. I would like it might show up a lot of weapons acknowledged my son at the rate a school like it was preschool birthdays on Monday eloquent of Rick Beckett they'll clown Al wave let that work with to violate its that we are. Georgia picture it was circle it's kinda record it's polite hello. All rights that would commit the green and feel like maybe your color blind that whatever that that might actually elect Indiana needy blew me off I mean I think it's more apt yeah. Jet at Wimbledon that they've color blindness candy color well yes I actually am hundred him two to apply my side then died there are. It's got to be earthquakes the white powder. Fault lines lit up welcome back it's your ball Arturs blue 6777979837. Before you act here at this. A bank of the stupid except box with the headsets don't work doubly aware that light at the headsets don't work all fired up it's a football Thursday you apple calls. These these are special edition of the NFL Sunday recipient by complaints key insurance on Sports Radio. OW EEI. Stadium clock and he. NFL Sunday evening ball hit him. The league gets under way so I'll be here till 830 we'll take your call 617779. 79837. Reads as well a month at UT WE EIT 21. Odds of it Beverly all the Patriots offense they get that kick this thing off tonight I chip. They might keep what's going on guys Clinton. They did but we just got off wicked now. I'm probably been number one animal Packard number two which got gotten wants so I would think that that was my arm. What I'm looking forward who with her liking these how Josh McDaniels schemed up this offense. And you know people talk about what's Brady and it would use weapons which we angels gonna do I think he's gonna scheme up some stuff. I'd seen important support on the board but I wouldn't have liked it in the in the third. I'm not gonna be there especially at home idol it's the first weaken the question is the only public it's. Public doesn't take this off that's the figure itself well that settlement but this team when they're home especially these early season games. They scored the thirties seemingly well not going to be shocked if radius of 325350. Somewhere in there with some big. Put Coke gives it seemed that it's or keep it under wraps up received news that the cooks. Not to herder in Austin it's not there a eureka. We've got a book coming off treatment she went receive outplayed coax I think you get that he could do it I also it's funny to think of this team how good they were last year when the Super Bowl but now we want to. Your offense. Doesn't have a care what Martellus Bennett and Julian element obviously to injury to a three guys which you know you throw in the what Hogan and rocket that was that was earlier often clashed and are you mix and other guys obviously elected white but. You're missing it's gonna look different not be worse that's just it'll look a lot different yeah a couple of deep threats now. Chris Hogan who was your deep threat last year. May be asked to do some other things that might be doing some more short yardage passes here tonight. Some of the tolerance that he's going to be the Ottoman replaced that's is that often it's I don't think he's a really don't and so we'll see. So I agree with the caller on you know what's Josh if you do with sort of these new faces here we. More or to let your credit who wrote the story today rich about cook's saying that this is gonna I think it might have been Tommy current Pakistani colonel Mike Reese wrote that. Fox cooks and Brady all training camp. That unbelievable. On field report like that they had been on the same page it's an explosive it came to camp. But in the games they've not utilized it all right all bulls. Purposely waited with there waiting to unveil tonight so you'll look at for a big game out of print books if you believe that. To see whether it is granny ball that kept me check that apple opening night. Their plate people around the team that you the exact same way and Brady wants to reward coaches with the agency part of this team. Brit went when a new guy comes aboard the gets it. Brady wants a war that guy apparently cooks falls in the back so. Makes a lot of that's not the guy I've ever you know is yet wanna be writers would tweet out a video. Of him torch and some birds are joint practices which is absolutely smoke somebody at that you see that video let's just want one that's not at you know. A team or anything like that but you could see those two because they've paid it with the skills that that yes it's all of those things that. Makes defense looked silly but whether he does torches guys streak have a field or or he makes the miss kind of on the poster something like that he he's the guy. A lot lot of highlights I feel like from Auburn coach Jason Zale at 6177797937. Hijacked. Hey guys so my first thought. We're in we're we're this whole towel thing you do it if I were dealt situation. I would show up tonight where that she's sure. Because when we got we've got so you know people are gonna try to hold over your head if you try to owed it to whoever the power away right up so I was happy actually dollars. Take it away from. You know but if that person really am fat. You know column about it more I don't accurate talking about but he'd like those people that that the humors that Rodrigo doesn't grow I'm not wrong I just don't. With the case insensitive about. About this that you forget the teacher never use that. Have a ticket that there was a patriot fans with the towels or the T shirts it's a bit of a great great to see surpassed it I don't think he's got. The the self deprecating approach field which is due back nights. They've been there is its biggest problem that he just can't expect. When he the bad guy or even you know that the negative aspects people are supposed to like and respect him even when he's. You know maybe screwed over their franchise or Brian Bateman. Of architecture that he had aids not gonna do it and if you missed that news today but folks over and then QB the expectation is Roger Goodell. It was your town yesterday for charity event except for months you'd be here at the game tonight. Keith is desperate team up on a Jumbotron don't want to see him there at a lot of feature fans and I agree with you there on the way it wrong. Apparently you know the before the game kicks off somewhere around 745. 8 o'clock it's on fuel duties that you work your that you would be to the stadium will try to keep you updated on what's going on. With the commissioner over there when he leaves what's he up to. But he has both the lead before most fans even arrive because the other night and as soft as the IR. Surprised that I thought they would give Micah quick little shot Buick he's there need to do an interview with Al Michaels. Experts called were just sort of real puppies and then move on there are also part of story was you know he was not gonna sit. Would Robert Kraft that that he is there are or not there then where would he. We're gonna go with good guys Premier League operator that's there that's absolutely got your I don't know. You're out there you work I'd ever printed in the league operations and where we're credible effort whose rights bill that different cast I'd love to go with do you have now. Don't want there like that now. There are Wear the shirts on well I don't. Crap I Kraft can't say he does but. I idol. Perky and at Portland went back and forth in this and your right to what extent it in the people look at who crafted it obviously you know but. The one of the reasons why the commission to accident is because Bob Kraft. Bob Kraft wants to be. At the big boys table wants to make those decisions and so craft department plans on the boot. Next week will be called vaults of the key thing law that is down and Robert and he said he inner circle yes nobody's. It's gotten criticized or maybe not as Wright affair if I'm also. A bit and it carries that you want to play if if they don't yet penalty last year. And based in Boston what it looked witnessing one of the reasons they lost was because the suspension orders traffic in a split that Kraft would be. A lot more under wire issue but they want and don't end there Orlando's depth. Later tonight for crisis could have organized after avenue grab the trophy beneath it and if went extra sweeter really key that are all Alla I can't do craft out for a lot of reasons with what you said. All wanna take our friends wise snacks for setting us up with a new tail gate bridges classic like the eighth. We'll talk the buffalo wings and the drive rob ribs flavored potato chips that perfect case with a football season get the ovals or if you're. Why are shed about an hour ago riches given about the lights some people they're very nice there tailgating with the station so thank you whys Macs in their new detail the rate he's ticked about a year local. Shop mr. Robert. It was just drizzle a fluid 61777979370. Is the vote now we're talking about this game tonight talking about the health. And it's not all that defense yet. They think this team might trip this team up it's up it was going to. I hold them back during the year won't get it that will get an expert opinion at 730. On this game as well but keep NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEP. These these are special edition of NFL Sunday getting easier for opening night tonight and Gillette Stadium. With Mike my next he had reached cheeks. Ultimate pre game show getting UCF for patriots chiefs NFL Sunday is brought to you by. Complex do you insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified check out cups Lansky dot com. By Anderson but Quaid architectural molding us. And by your New England come voted tractor dealers. Broadcasting live from the big. Yet she had directly across the street from Gillette Stadium it's NFL Sunday with money and keep. On Sports Radio WEEI. An hour to hear from Gillette Stadium but if he NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI counting down to NFL kick off counting down to banner number five counting down to. Clout shirt I'll tell you and say we'll do it until 83617779. 793 savvy get in that way can also jump in on Twitter at mutt and UTW we yankees' twenty want to. Patriots are suggesting that if you work in and around the stadium you're listening during tell you right now you were in your car market they like at the time that. Delegate for a little bit. Get your but the stadium early tonight security bit of that the last 45 months you know by now. Our security is much different than it was a year ago two years ago certainly ten years ago. There are going to be checked he was the command. Soviet always lining wanna get it to the game on time I would say go earlier than he normally would. The catalog that may all and all the stuff there to do it scared him because they're trying to kick it off at 8:30 AM your amidst all content collected meteors in the banner raising also mother saw the pictures you we now. Inside stadium I did not know the scoreboard. Read. It later at 28 New England that let me ask you tell the play of the third quarter that was that was on all the scoreboard in there. It's so they gotta have something planned. But it don't duplicate you know I've ever been there a couple of years ago when they when they raised the fourth banners and all the trophies out there that's for players out there. The cool times you're gonna wanna hit that abide by at least eight and probably your only chance to get any glimpse at Roger Goodell I don't think you can see he's going to be gone by now. On the patriots are also pointing out that they're gonna start their banner night celebration. Promptly at 815. The unveiling of the banter they or street we now live on patriots dot com or sort of streak to restrict I want will figure out the front pages not. I. Have. Probably I'm next on a very good at this thing we do things but again we can't keep it we should know the next what a couple of minutes or so the inactives are in this game tonight the patriots yet the committee Gillis will be the years ago. Educated I know I'm not to have the care that your morning out here the fact is right now you're. Can't flooding if plumbing inactive call cross that. Austin inactive for eight at their at bats later couple that special teams guys and edited special teams and I'm not sure how those guys forget it RB lanky. The linebacker it's now time expected and it's. Jacob Hollister. The tight ends of the line have a third night ends we'll have the wrong and Dwayne Allen combination at tight end. Flooding with the extra offensive lineman posted at their Slater lanky Valentine and a Jacob ulcer the active though that's did I change your line up and ago lot Gilles who play. But without Hollister but it achieves it you know like Jews don't like that decision. But for the four running backs are all act all all the guys are out there that would describe it certainly the sets would the two minute time what it that it's there if Gillis the with a groin tonight they can they have it they can get back in which to do. Yeah if they goalie as a base an extra ten days now blitzing scheme after some analysis now from Miami for him filled source that we imagine it's on some kind of about snapped out. Not because of you know injury in more pleased at how comfortable would. Property will be needed warmup throw for the first time I exit means more about who's active here yes it means Philip or sat. Just acquired as active. Cast these marsh just acquire Seattle active yet that a bossi. Yes. That most ignorant so they either active all the guys just went wire are you all those guys they went required. Are active here tonight so. Well it talks about the end of the roster or maybe not feel like those guys are. Don't feel comfortable turns out all the guys it would not rated four. There active ready to go we want solved with very limited preparation centers which acquired Saturday I would take a lot of those guys but it's a good for our neighbors see them more on special teams than anything else but they're throwing hard and it's not a sit back a week. And you know take your footing have you those extra practices investigators could go from week to write the fire here in week one. Two days ago. It's it's the the interactive guys I would say not a big issue. It's more about who's active all the running backs. The newly acquired guys they are all their tonight. Or get your phone calls and second the blockbuster the first hour talking about the offense. Defensively. It's a hobby current how concerned are you about this team that terrible question. It is to meet defense it's the middle the defense but night like tonight. What the chiefs last year scored I think was working at seventeen points the first two road games a year ago. They did nothing in their their playoff game against Pittsburg. Their play the first game of the year there on the road to let. I don't enjoy this tonight with a defense could be exposed now next Sunday at the saints in a track we Orleans may be against Kansas City. I don't think tonight we'll look back it's a for the defense sucks the off that's gonna put up 303540 points and that's me what he gets kids. Ought to out of Texas thirteenth and scoring you're a retired vote you know working and you guys for the patriots chiefs are doing the same thing the team on is going to be the start running back if so what for them so that's going to be something new. Alex Smith just. That scared you know I mean maybe he made zero mistakes maybe they buy it put points on the board. But it's not like he's gonna blow you away with a with the passes for anything elaborate so I think it defense will be fine tonight. I would I think. That is once borrowers they. Not super what you thought the depth when it was tourniquet game that's pretty across the board. Nicole Rob Ninkovich retire when he is a can be good the other it was some other moves along the way that I'll look at. Front seven maybe not as strong hightower obviously great cities all pro title linebacker Malcolm brown Alan branch at the bit about. Trey flowers that open evidence full season when them in and you know probably we the team at Saks or Ralph the other guys. The confidence necessarily and those guys I think some of the linebackers that I could about that at some tuchman here's the don't think that noted doctor hightower said. After that David Harris advanced stage you're like me you don't write you not like committed he's going to be there only that Roberts was good the super boy for the playoffs but yeah you know who knows bit noisy thing so that there's no means. After that there's and it if I how would go down eleven David error signal to that's a really Shalit that yet and I think. Ago there are brought a lot of three safety stuff it is accuracy. Quart each on empowerment all the feel the same time the navy over the linebacker depth being great. Four of them fueled violence but it's usually one problem out there on the field with some of these different. Sub packages that they use so I think there. They're fine obviously good you've been and other bodies of the got your confidence. To put things on the top I'd like their quarters vote. You know most teams are horror. Would love to have one quarterly bought curriculum teacher majors have to. But it it in the slot Eric wrote you know we commit the penalty every single time they don't always college so he's able to make some plays there. And Jonathan Jones I think I think there okay. The better the market and they're very strong. Corner and safety plays so that the second or make up for some others chilly out via their eyes Nick Harris is activated today teacher mr. Malcolm Mitchell goes to the IR he won't return to these that after week gates that carries up to the active roster. And away we go he will be their tonight. It's that she's 6177797937. With old number back to your phone calls. As we count data patriots and chiefs opening night here from Gillette Stadium Kevin. Is its August hike camp. Good evening guys very concerned about these Tokyo opening night bring it. Yeah but they're so are one way that it now they're released into the patriots stands. Would have been to call Walgreens and say what's that you have that Rick does campaign. Raises money to children charities. Or education. And I think it's food and water he could or should. You know on an announced. In. That he was joining Walgreens raising money for children's charities. Really took what would have been a real negative and turned into a big positive they would read the time and money from the rest of the league all the other stands. He also would have stuck it to us expands so I'm glad it wasn't Smart enough to do that but it would would've been a great way for him to term real negative huge all of its the other bell and everybody else. Cavities don't definitely make much sense to do that they would never do which is that you wood short tonight one of these shirts I don't think you would shall we Hollywood took that picture. You so I don't know a whole game. To recoup the whole game and the laws were let him if I'm trying to with some people back. Trying to I don't think you personally liked it to about the about slow leak. Yeah one in the stadium that youth. Wear the shirt it's easier to waive the towel. Over locker room. I'd where to click OK come back commercial and BC yeah it may be out there they're walking on. Battle it that so it doesn't Felix that I beat Hewitt but. On that idea we can pass that you genius idea of there at an airport but they have the owls are not be able to note here the noses everywhere are rock to gathered there that we weren't there what that it's wherein it's remarkable that case. Enough time here. I can happen though let's have a twenty she's leaving here any minute and ice keepsake that's the politics that it tonight and that is. The operative this. Why NBC by year's the end because. And Roger talked about the the clown T shirts and the clone. Powell's. The local coverage has been emea. We talked about it now for a week I TV's bill every TV station there sent their cute reporter out to do a live shot with the towel or teacher on. What Jumbo screen or are you a billboard that drop lateral one it was bombs of motorcycles they replace it with a motorcycle place that had that the right next with their I didn't do it. Locally. He is definitely. Made whatever money that he's made marketing standpoint he has gotten all sorts of here locally. How much National League. Will this be a story like of what it is at BC a focus in on it which show the owls. People look at it what are those typical look up one of these it turquoise Powell's meet. How waved around quite how does that play Ashley Adams and BC and I think if you work two ways either they don't show all. But they still show or nor the media picks up on camera but there's shorter ball. Or they spend all of 3040 seconds. IIQ do you think do you think the words morsels sports are reference on the notion. Not because NBC get to call the next Allan yeah the NC. The next day probably about how they involve the NFL network is it that others that there they are the detail clowns shirts. I'd be harder to explain it and locally were so used to seeing it for awhile. And you probably had the shirt for years. Patricia Wear the shirt off the idea but nationally. And if you called Freddie yours that was different city but what you think that cloud shirts but what's. I don't think it might not there are reader horse but. Outside of that they may not know that what you wanna start it's that audience that you know most of them happens or know why you're right NBC's. I think. Al Michaels makes them joke about it the passionate man yeah yeah yeah politically because I think if the the actual picture itself. We'll shall but it BC's. Colin Powell. How. Al these these fans are there lately and out of a second day in and that. Move on and an old sort of joke about it I don't think he'll explain it. On I think it means you'll probably a lot of weight not to try to throw to many of them probably got to get BC. While the crowd start to talk for a couple days they're sets like if baseball was box back in the day cry with those crowd shots excited fans get pulled the horse down at the rate that the stance that flute player and all what the hall that you had at times not that surprised me if their people right now executives or upper upper producers EPA's. Saying let's not a couple of spots. Where there are those T shirts or else and let's go back to those people along ought to be basically same crowd group. Who were three times and I think they'll try to avoid it there later evidently there adding your partner you try to support that partner and anti CD and a belt they're constantly every Thursday Sunday night. Every Thursday with some nights they ovals wants things all the week on TV and it in year 2017. Where you every watch whether it's. Oh Jack works but not Netflix whether it. On Amazon prime whether anything on the manual. Option you're battling. Battling those services with your put a live sporting that's why you're paying a premium for the NFL and it's like ESPN play makers like a kick off the air what you level if you're at BC. I understand you got Medicare with a partner and you're gonna be real careful that I absolutely accurate real but should there real if you were worried about the backlash that record company now. What you probably Q would you explain you have a time line on shelves here. He hasn't been here before here's why you the still image of Matt Patricia you know coming off the plane beat like yours that they could still. Bothering patriots be most patriots bids we've heard from some today that are rated move on and they they think it's a little silly but most of them. Just sit here in the shed last five hours watching people walk up and down with towels with shirts with the noses on. Harden their defined in section without. Without it drop out this way they are going to try richt is Alia we're gonna talk about all the four leading it's it's much of those as we expected. A lot of folks see this team guy and girl over and over and over and employees like in Boston Roger Goodell like go that. I think the I. No way I think it's be like the all time in Paris or the rest of the nation doesn't really it's not. What we've become. Mike what's it what's embarrassing about like help me out. I don't think it's embarrassing so I watch athletics for athletic performance it took me this is something I was gonna room. I would expect a bunch of girls wanted to say it all what truck itself and the guy say. About what try to watch the game. Well it's and it's not eager. It back oh well let's make Michael was the park avenue or park who's the patriot news who's the patriots biggest rival right now via. I'm talking about what you had to do when you don't lose the major I I would only watch it yeah the commissioners the patriots biggest rival right now. That's pathetic if you think that. Yeah it's always a client who is like don't. Ask who. Ballots is that right now so yeah house. Not a football coach you know what I what I would expect a coach to see that we're talking about Belichick you know I owed my coat that. So. It what's it like maybe our art but not worrying all bets you make my point that aren't ridiculous you are. What team it's hurt the patriots is much good now as a plus years. Guy. Or. Don't. Are they took 21 round exit at war games big splurge arbitrary and upgrade the courts. A huge ruckus notes they keep mentioning it will even out over the cowboys proxy for robberies name outbreak I would draft I'll call it a lot about craft accidentally what it's simple to hoist that trophy up. Why did you make reference to in the Super Bowl game art box reads all while on the back. You guys now are don't we. She's at most talk I've not sound like. We talked about ourselves at all and we talked ourselves at all sir are. Our active search honestly a little out of right now are so our. Sir I disagree we have not talked about ourselves all we're saying rival are so far the biggest rival I. Sequels that actually steeper when I'm on it and we are saying that it now it's okay to hold it runs. Not everybody has to hold a grudge that I do I'd. Have been part no doubt you know what we're talking about. What people are interested in an art to roll up our our our. You know the sex with an honest. I don't think there's laid off and Arnold are I've seen a lot of new orders in chips. Sir. What are what are your final point Mike Jack what your final point. My point is when you shut out at two. Jobs out People's Bank by the two fronts better about it screen credit market doubts your real men watching the game that would like to mark real football. Real men and released showing a bad soccer I do I there's a very sexist tone of like this girl talk won't call real men want to put law raw. Talk frankly announced that. Languages that they feel they're females will moderate that he and a lot of women and there are a lot of young girls there watching the game when the work. He gets into some were three groups the report to us and more technique I got some fliers own thoughts fires and I do chemical fire zone I like a wake up on all GAAP. With a shape or X ever gonna convenience. Oh we will continue to talk all happening and that's what the pro you don't want them and Mike. Just what you don't know where Mike. Well the big east that the thing might go nowhere like got a real maybe you got a real Madonna brought it not after you know now we got a bigger what ball. I'd put the pads on every day goes to work any that. He knows football this guy craps football our blood is locked in a real football expert from like in the car. You'll join us next year NFL Sunday the kick off the dish might might nasty and Richie. You are patriots fought. All these these NFL Sunday. You might come Lansky insurance aren't Sports Radio tell. NFL Sunday kicked off the vision but at least we're ready OW EEI picked up that filter pack. It seems we are cross street. Rob Gillette Stadium in its tablets get your quick update. For what's going on right now at Gillette Stadium. Roger Goodell on the field as we speak for pregame activities. According to Ryan Hannibal W we got dot com and many others he's being booed and heckled nice on the field at Gillette Stadium so us. They're now Torre for not there yet like micro suggests like about 30% full. Right now so that the story of the dealt getting in and out early. Might that be the case we heard you know leap right after these on the field issue some 45 or so. But he is getting eight the Roger. The rock juror out. Eric Goodell getting it over there to let stadium. You'll get two up or that leading up to kick off your phone calls in. Every week on the show we do exactly helical patriot haters and your belt ill. I believe it's going after each week means that all of that audience via a hat that of more guys coming up. It just will be you don't want to miss that joining us out right now on the ATP prompts the football expert at week's that eats sleeps. Football opt for a living. Ice Christian Fauria the on the program WEEI Christian happy kick on how are you. It all went but come on what kind. You you know you are you gonna hurt their football expert wrapped it all all you aren't. There on character. There are partners of whoever is it now we don't want you series is what lets you that the work with that. What do you know your. To bell hill classic nature thinks it might get over time to get over the he tells the yeah you know what. Agree with her a little bit for me like it hit it a little much active tonight at eight I think we should done but because is that. But so you're done or I don't let the people breaks the blues well. You know what it was. But I could be great yet have bitten the puppet like I think we're gonna like it quite yet you know there really haven't like this that are greater fame. But like I could kind of like is particularly in Luke you tell me no we never you know like get that we would say you know like apple I want everybody. Outlook herb page. But little roller waiting on the you have doubles or lie. Typically buckled down double runaway balloon without. Wait are you ought to blame for this is the Carolina Panthers coaching staff because they mix it all last year they lost the Super Bowl. They had to play in the opening night team and they complain saying they had to re live it and it was to watch them only does now they don't make you. Replay if you play the falcons on your schedule as they were all played a falcons so. It said the falcons tonight the game will be much more talk about the falcons that ride a Super Bowl. It's that you Christian and I'm sorry I can't get all jacked him pulp 488 HT scheme that you know get it get any read Alex Smith that. Vehicle patriots 52 when he gets the AFC here to a great. Yes well look what we have. Above and you're you would like if it became a starter Garrett and readers are pretty darn grandma older. The is that accurate it's like they're barrel are. Yet you know that the it. Corey I get you don't really know you don't kill Patrick Malone that the got to get out of our technical he cannot take the rainy that they you're gonna see more of the same. They're just all control. You know played pretty don't make it really like. A lesser version of the pitcher like their mentality is the same. I could special team. Particularly football you know win with defense. You know there's so much less explosive now they've they they're at against ivory kills explosive but I. None I think it hurt all I'll be dog they're like they're a lot like they're like what they're currently don't have nearly an hour. I mean they're healthy and I have are still active but. There's all our lives or I don't think they have they have the good enough skill to beat the speaker like this isn't. Protect Candace she's Urquhart and like no role for a unit PE teacher after everything they all eat it and it. At any you know computer level that Detroit like Iran speaking specifically of the offense salt well yeah. Possession where. It was good seeing what they were people don't just beat it but it turned mutual quick work couples series and it looked like you know you down you have it ought to elevate her. But it's there such a machine. It's a remarkable. Owl species they are now on point everybody you know we've we've achieved print ready cooks you know. So to me that it at a critical on how the red coax how quickly it is court Russia. Yet after wanna go as the with the receivers now Malcolm Mitchell this afternoon placed on IR agreements at a Libyan doubt that your full source edited just acquired. Is active tonight what do you expect. Out of the receiving corps which I doubt it just fort odds are now. Yeah I think it all that are there yeah I include the tight ends and receiving corps soul. It's strictly that offered where you know a lot of positions like you know depending on what formation of a personnel would like caulking EX. Dwayne Allen could you eat out. And dole could be at you know neurologists spot on Q that's really the wave your pocket trying to. Speak about them like don't just to enjoy yourself and only don't go wide position which is certainly limited you know it really really look at what the other the other the other guys to run so you really. China and that was and that's pretty cool like you are talking to him Durham decrease in light and and I don't public utility it is like his goal he felt like Lakewood when he was do what he was like I had a series going. Seat belt light. Yet the key that personnel that specific person allow their light yet we keep. But all wide receivers that were out there and I couldn't. You know. Inject a new player because the red it would be jacked up well we're really protect the arc put to think like yeah so. Keep lucky the point where. It is that you never thought that art solar certain import court so all they want bring it to you like look it's going to be doctor Louis. In our opinion but don't we don't hypocrite hole. So. I think at this point I'm the only gotten a stationary player that only point one position is good or that everybody else. And may be ready Kurt to a degree but everybody else. Should be able to play every single position and then back column you deeply and just you know you're stressed that the two in changed that. We get in the rout triggered stayed in the route pattern to it it's as out in all the markets that the changes. But the I can't even the emotion and note that this person is wearing the same motion. Yet you're like okay and yet these same plate and in the pianist and clay and eat the corporate it is all right currency rent it seemed that play. Five million times just the different player. How much you wanna look with the running backs they likely tight end I think the running back workers are gonna have a monster year I don't get beat out of one guy but as a group of volatile broader catches. A thousand receiving yards as a group because there's so much receiving talent among those four guys. Yeah I agree with you and he the only candidate that would. Out ally you know label like Flickr first and second down back. Then you hopefully late in that would be only gather like really an up or down but yet the article it's from all readable. All altered the remaining three yellows jeans light and expert. Girl you know really Bordal players because Jodie bill talked about the look or. You know they're bored out players convert special teams how we know that cute or return their proper term there. They're guys that a missile bowls bowl in the first half of that it really isn't so hot hybrid electric erecting about. Like the way he ought to look now at how they progressed to light. November like academy go to get to November when you suggest. Hack your way with everybody. Speak on because we're out of the occupied the position player out there. It but god I don't apply because of back back in it yet there. Somebody's going to be in Jesus racial or some of the it couple lamp out there were just like oh yeah easy. Like you ticket you'll take that back at all day long it's just. It is easy to get a plot. There is he what he'd never been out your report card let the tackle and it brought trees so complex feature that. If you're young kid or not it like you'll never you'll keep up. So. On the other side thinks Heidi. And concern over the front seven that seems like they're not super deep and they have some unknowns kind that might have to play big roles. Yeah when I bigger that I really clear there are applied to secondary including the corner seat he I think there. You could attack published wrong right Alan Branch and Malcolm brown even. Lawrence guy and yet it will be camps. Easily sponsored for the super rich that they might even hear you on and try it here. And I try to do like Peter and Alec and attack him Atlantic rock and those guys. But I want to explore. Those guys I don't wanna put in the uncomfortable situation as an ex now all I haven't backed a mile of ice breaker there you know later Robert is quicker. But he small would you run at me. Let Robert Cole put him on key and I Paula last year before you know her terror. And you're back on and love it here. It's kind of like you know purchase a Dell guy if you stuck appeals and they're out of state. So that's right that's like the the biggest problem for them and obviously. And hyper outside linebacker rob Dick ritual. So watching how they line up in outrage do things. You know to get a match out of money but it does or hate that double clicking 343. Deep at alignment with the rest awhile back let. I did it tricked our probably strip hours. So I let us one that it that this would we I hear you guys do it on your show we've talked about it here there's the talk about nineteen. Even though it and whether you battered up there and stared at every game high Powell Belichick Christian it's only been a lock or how will he keep these guys an even keel a year where. Less Brady gets hurt they've other big injuries every single time they take the field this year they'll be expected to win according to the guys Davis. Nonexistent and I get it out what all that that if you don't see you know and also upper back. I'll put out on the scheme that that that start the first streak. You know after our gratitude to you need to know Jean to what following year. Murdered in an open real moral that's what I mean right you guys were expected to win every game for a couple years. That the record that broke that record went over outs but I remember like there was never. One day it will feel any different than the other day. Lake reaching six in you know 02. Belt no different than weeks three. And oh you know it adultery sees to it. But he felt differently you still come out on your still counts analogy he was still on loud. Not that you would he do it like you know a bigger role we each hit like eight you know more true we you know. An aggregate what they ever show a short video. Like a good beginning of each all three here and even talking about heavyweight champion and every eagle fighter but like act. You know it was lights but this isn't this thing would like at weight champ and you know you're always intercollegiate. But it is unless you go out like the body like they take this week it got to earn a brand New York start all over it and and don't let this kind of keep you grounded. I guess you know and and what system booklet out there that really count you know you know loving them but limelight but I don't think there's when those guys out there then. I did a fine. Well we'll see what happens tonight watching the post game you wrote you company good stuff as always Christian enjoy the game and now we blow this year recap tonight and tomorrow with the guys in the our borders urban. First foray joining us here NFL Sunday on Thursday edition subdue worries at least in his mind right. Get ready and I got such ethical or reveal little bit a little bit the loser we have. That's got us a couple. On the lie I wake up for some say let's get over renowned others thought they'd take this guy. If and I and then you know it's different tees and enjoy it all are the shirt all of us well here we go right Hannibal Roger Goodell is exit the field. 43 minutes. Prior to kick off so that I did it feel these left like the whole state are you left the field would know what the Sony giddy in the stadium. We will see but he was on the field early eke out food. He stated in the field and now he has a laugh about forty minutes in they'll kick offs what 7779. 797 if you're on hold stated that we see guys winning euphoria it your all calls it at 8 o'clock we hear from my guess this week's patriot this week you're now able. Wondering patriots fans and why they're so Andy do that after rate kick off 830 patriots in chief your phone calls you'll Sports Radio. Once again it's money keeps. And more on the NFL Sunday brought to you like health plans key insurance on Sports Radio W we. On the set here at Gillette Stadium but can't keep NFL Sunday be picked up kicked off a nation. I think about 830 or so forget after the game we'll post game show what order weigh ins or was it company right here on WEEI. The best place to recap the game. Three your car you were at the game here tonight driving around real post game show Glenn and company right here on WEEI immediately following the game. Carries that whole odd couple or respond to that caller who. Keep what I was sex I felt so McCain to a football fans carry that. Jerry Jerry. Tell it. Not ready would carry on hold the case. I know I'm here there's. Let's outs and like what it. That comment on and or maybe not friend might that cult and I'm not saying that that. That it girl but sitting in the corner wondering who the LA in the Geithner telling set out on pretty game. You can get that you had to cut him off. It. They entertaining watching rich yelled we wanted to I don't if you don't like it but I enjoyed Bosnia itself Jerry liked having a circle back for. Yet now he apparently it is the deal Elliott and so. That's all I have to thank. How is that is that he's got as issues Kerry thank secretary Mike cities Ahmed Al it might hear a WB yeah I would but they keep when he got. One guy. You urgent question kind of made my point. You know this is I don't. And an expansion. Of the Super Bowl and spark yet no root out the Super Bowl in you know picked up in the stadium. This does you know we're gaining at all. The super they unveiled a ban are. But it won't question the two which want to be ultimately eight. This that it that it now what what the patriots winning met people all. But I think out there and I I think that largely get it. It anytime you don't the national they England. You gonna get them. You know I don't believe I've forgotten man they beat the only that but the umpire called interference on Koppen. In the 75 World Series got routed and what are the winner one year. Sure. It's gonna Hathaway goes eight and a vehicle for ever there might be a few less people have that much Dedham about it. But it will be an also yet to capitalize on it because. Over the next five years how many times they could Dell's delegates at stake here. A bunch give the major championships and if the I don't know if you got to win out here but that's once a year ago. Well going to be shown up there at Egypt today to get a final where there's always an NFC championship game that same day you'll find a way or the might be a year we are not major threat to go on the road if Egypt gave that they go to that game. But last year I went to a handful patsy but just notable were against our not a rumor here. This'll be the peak of the current anger towards brought against Michael is shortened prison I I I completely agree I don't dale today was upset the navel gazing on a football club the game. I could not disagree more attic it's the fans opportunity one more time Vermont Roger. You overstepped your powers by try to suspend a guy for four games overextended. Your power what you say but for games for Tom Brady when you want ago. Simpler for Ray Rice great Leo we all of the story by now. And missed that one more chance in the building post 183 look at our banner bleep you could tell it like I can I get back to. It's the Kansas City Chiefs they play the chiefs all the time they beat that she's consistently except for the game where we had to radiate decline in a week way back when. They're not exciting matchup if this were the Atlanta Falcons but it works it was that Alice cal with Alan you. There'd be warm bowl for the game itself that would be detail but given its Kansas City and Andy Reid and Alex Smith. It leads you to look for other things and in this case the other thing is really really talk a bowl topic when it comes to yell at the fan base here. Let's think about it that was Atlanta you the obvious while in the nature always like 083 shirts and what I'll read towels there. You can talk but the game you re watching the game while watching. Just over a quarter of the game. And that's they reveal about there'd still be a little bit of this there's no doubt you'd still be here. It'd be the first time not counting them preceding it snuck up on the idea that either now so it would be the first time it gets some pause but not nearly as much. As when you have an opponent who spied about deploying. The jets are the deals that brought outline of what's where's the passion but there anger for. Can't it's no imports it's a celebration of the patriots purple to celebration of that banner of the gonna show and part of that celebration. Is Nancy all of the clout. Grave alt rock. Part of lycra celebrate right yes I celebration extends. To tonight's game. It Ellis on the feel part of the game he was booed pretty loudly query the folks that would Ares left the field by now we'd all these left. The stadium as of yet but he's not on the field the story was going to be out of Gillette by the time. I hate it really got collects that. We're signaling that like the amount that might be the game got to get him back to New York tonight right it is yet another game until Sunday. Got to get Russia that your he does that's how that's how it goes about. That's his strengths that Pollack thank our friends at lies next for setting up plus sending us a delegate reduce class like a buffalo wing and a dry rub rip the flip it if they are there. For your perfect case this football season get the day you work sport now will come back. One more segment up until patriots and chiefs your calls on your thoughts on this cable predicting team. You guys don't careful predicting he'd ever the show to the games. I'll get your full calls it well and 61777. 79374. Elect a beach and Elena the guilty he'll battle five on it we'll play if you come up. Patriot haters gonna highlight every single week on this NFL Sunday Charlotte it's Thursday Sunday. One date whenever. Janelle hail early tonight ESPN a not just patriot hater. Patriot fan heater Janelle. That now coming up we'll get to set for patriots and chiefs Bottke from Gillette Stadium Sports Radio WB. These these are special edition of NFL Sunday getting easier for opening nine times and at Gillette Stadium. We might my desk he had reached cheap. Ultimate pre game. Game show didn't use it for patriots sheep's NFL Sunday is brought to you by. Complex do you insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified check out cups Lansky dot com. Mike Anderson mode Quaid architectural molding us and buy your new window and come voted tractor dealers. Broadcasting live from the best yet she had directly across the street from Gillette Stadium. It's NFL Sunday with money in cheek. On Sports Radio WEEI. Right now it's still kick off patriots achieves this NFL Sunday kick off the nation from the best yet Shannon cross of Gillette Stadium but and keep taking your phone calls. Right up until game time it's 6177797937. On Twitter at much and UT. And keep wanting water as the game itself tonight the big headlines. Obviously the commission in the house banner being raised on the field welcome Mitchell heading to IR bold or set is gonna play in this game tonight. All the injuries all the buildup doesn't affect might take at all either very lame 35 went the patriots prediction here tonight the case. Yeah that sounds about right about that at 34 point for the start of the day 810 points the spread was nine at nine and a half right now it's nice to have him a foresaw that hosting and ten point win for the pages I don't think the chiefs are are slouch at a lot of talent dumping them enough. To get it done UP dot over the numbers will the patriots do at home against AFC opponents and it's an absolute joke but it is destroyed teams year. And I don't see that sheet Ed. It out but I. Probably saw the somewhere but the record for the defending Super Bowl champion in their opening night it's off the chart race well at that it all that combined. And others have injuries for the hatred they have to deal with those for for the entire year I think I think it went pretty convinced that. Yeah look that was in Kansas City today on the road offensively year ago they were OK overall the thirteenth in football. 14 points per game couple wrote doubles them WellPoint to Houston fourteen Pittsburgh fourteen and a playoff game. They seem to it that are offensively hold it there are explosive games they are Kansas City if you're gonna beat the patriots especially at Gillette. You better able to score in the thirties I don't think they came that the patriots win this game. When a black couple touchdowns were talking about Brady and we're talking about. The running backs to all the running backs being huge factor in some ways you perform as speaker what they view fraction lies catches yards touchdowns. Are all that's your thoughts on the game as well 6177797937. As sport they show up certain again certain segments every single week. One of those will be. Looking back at patriot haters every week somebody writes openers it's always something to choose whether it is Max Kellerman and Tom Brady whether it is they hate their coach week in week out. You had that opportunity to react to that today this actually happen. While we are all the year wanna thank Chris Curtis producer of on the court and talent show text it means that we just acted in good Javelle hills on Janelle hail golf is all well. The fall and on picture finance and I overall this XE SVN Simpson let's let's hear it's the first time. I have heard this effort to I've or brits apartments a picture means ought to reflect I'd have ideas. Of what it is but this is tonight's installment of patriot haters featuring Jim bell hill of ESPN they can await yet. Let's and I think it is that have 7000 ballots out this same image thanks today what Rory. Thought our sports what a come and they also have this huge billboard. Dot com and which he may see on his way to Jeanette. So Foxboro is not paid field. Without you love I love it but at this point that the patriots and patriots organization their fans they sell one. This our argument if you will for all of about what Roger Goodell tactic take away from the last season suspended Tom Brady operating more. Character doubts this franchise if you put you know. Couple this along with back gate. You have wind like that does go. Later character doubts about the franchise and patriot fans are B and then Mike Smith likely audit. Well I knew that I though. So the so Foxboro is not pity. Patty. I act I guess that would ease the work at it like patty borrow. Foxboro that would makes Nolan accused you're being creative why wouldn't be that she's making the clown pals in the cheeses that bill is now and it Oro and I was more Irish got educating fiery more fiery so Foxboro is not paid. That's about it. The street Michael's and it actually took patriots inside. And yes they are when it one of bush told which side beyond it might reflect prevailing have a debate on medium where router right out of you know that. Packet for the ago. Yeah I mean she bit of the logo the defensive coordinator from the teachers wore the teacher on a plane after the quarter comparable. And we know all these different sources that Roger Goodell was really bothered by. That's a great job comes up something like that it you know. That the team is aware of the team is using it and in the commissioner's hate it all that is true. This of the grant yeah so it's heady tale but she likes so Foxboro is not that. With that you love. It but at point what is. It's not a matter that is right out of the let orderly school of all warts off that boat though brother I like all. I'd like chocolate. At play at the model that they get a list I I would say this I don't think it if it would be ideal that is certainly. Part of the conversation they it'll open the show makes the question on a football but let's look great outlet scared Chatham and here really X and -- this thing. All I think this is this is the end of the Super Bowl celebration at all that's not be ready if your patriot fan base is part of winning the Super Bowl last year. And this is the principal. It out last year goal for. It's never going the way. Like this this is so bad it's opening night details you're building up in our reply is that your quarterback for games. Still want the ethics let's not be Eddie that it celebrate that's. Fifty yards for excess excessive celebration may be. But it's upbeat heading eight I'd like excessive celebration now we hate it it's not Foxborough is not pay. This one's chances the chance that only time. Fans have had a chance to respond or give Rodrigo piece of their mind again. I don't really count the Super Bowl that's great for those or make it down there were able to boo him when mutating will the trophy that pretty awesome. But what percentage of the crowd were major and again that's that the small. I understand tonight you know the 70000. Ever that's also not everybody every agent but doing it at your home stadium is so much different. Given that battery battery have to agree with it. But to say I'll just move on you're free to move on I guess. Then in order cork with a bachelor on the team he's now going to be labeled a cheater for the rest of his life. Did you take a first round pick in the forefront of our workers move on from. Yeah and I. I'm sure there are people around the country that exact same way you are off shore it hill. Their teams like Dallas Cowboys Andy Ellie gets six games at least we you'll win that major investigator. Suggested date yet. Europeans when the saints get bank when it came to opt out when Goodell comes in and actually get your team Europe set about it. The outside looking out for me. At that time I was all for the head of the at the scene you read that report pol like god. These guys were all they had about me in any way second it felt basket team. Is that what you scum bag we found that out now we're three or four. Different investigations though. It that your team is affected by it. You're not bothered by patriot fans have a right to be bothered by I don't view is so Foxboro it's not that now that Euro. They eat it right there were talk a lot about these running backs tonight patriots and bills. The patriots ran for please. It won't Cory Kevin Duffy of mass like dot com. They rent four or what is that the running backs warplanes. Gillis the Berkett Lewis why all the. They're worried at all era any leave there when it comes to what running backs playing no flow that's not gonna help you out very much they're all active they're all healthy there all of them. Now if you're ready yet now it's as the guest in Italy but I I would think Birkhead and white you said you Jeff how them chef Alice think Burke other white guys tonight out my guesses well you know ilsley not a 100%. It's of Lewis never percent you know the way that he would if somebody guys that are that are. Always teetered on the edge of being yankees and the whole group of guys you that's the sort of lives in snap count it out there that's why experts those guys are interchangeable. You know last year going over some of the running backs you have Louis the pro so many games and you had. I'll white and one. But all those guys have a very different at that nobody else got to step up there and intake snapped the DJ Foster however many games he guided. Worse this year we have four guys feel comfortable they're always going to be rushed or going to be playing all the time probably to at a time as well. So. I'm number in the report to the office thought that I I don't think they're revealed its orbit how're they gonna do it who's gonna step up with you make the big play them I'm excited that they got it. Not talked about not tonight at all or this week at delicately balance wing alum was acquired in thought it nice receiving. Option if he catches a year ago and 87 touchdowns he did damage in that in the offense. He was the main guy late the year Jack the oil and it gets them by a big games there late. But I feel it the other additions. Cooks the running backs either Philip or set. It bit at odds at least to me where I had when Al place the offense. That speaks at that has surprised me if all the sudden they get one along with Wayne Al little light light in weight count as part that's part of what makes this team. Least to start tonight why the focus for the offense the defense we know organize the defense they're gonna be little shallow brought. They got a good secondary the create turnovers that's that they are. I have no idea how to slice and dice there the offense and how to command ST 100 receptions and. They had a year ago who those notes I do you think all sports addict folks have a big game I am I'd really do you believe to coax will be not occurring at the same thing now Dwayne Allen is pitching guy is they've thrown a lot of different tight ends next to Rob Gronkowski and I don't think he's as good as mortals that. Martha uses the very good player yeah he played her a lot last year but use Geddes the productive for early in the season one's. This is better than say Scott Chandler and eager to pretty patient with it with me now right. Now that that's another happy benefits got Chan are quite a I'm the size of the blocking technique but. Chandler was such such disappointment something that you thought immediately of these guys that who patriots stole away from the AFC east team. And I knew that went out on that better than that yeah production of a little bit of production from the second tied and. That that's also agree yet they have somebody options offensively how Brady doles it out tonight. Very interesting it'll also be any of the the other store level watch and I don't see it as soon as tonight. But is that quarterback position and we have spent a lot of time on Brady rumpled like to think more about the bills or what the banner or about. Note to a lesser extent Kansas City being here. But. I'm wondering if I don't expect this to happen. If we see any sort of erosion when it comes to Brady's play. Will you would not be city year on an NFL Sunday. Taking calls you guys in the afternoon army at night and people are the point where. Their racy problem. Like that in the back of my line and I don't expect it to be the case Brady's book comes out. The salvage yards a week for two up or what the majority does it would Brady's you know now one BP we passed. Passer rating of a day. That sits at a Alec like stick stick by or bands that's his maintenance that's. And as for the fan base though we know how quickly. These things can turn you heard a couple of years ago at the quarterback position. That might be incorporated. So if there's erosion there. Will the fan base be quick to wanna pull the plug on. Brady during the year I don't think overall it will be back quick but it'll be there I mean it's yes it's a fact mean the he turns forty snapped with another numbers but the big number on it in it look at that throughout the years that compare we've already done it to other quarterbacks in their forties and how quickly. Some of them fallen off. It Bill Belichick is the guy that is gonna tell you'll about how last year means nothing it's all about this year and a wild affairs and by that as well also struggles that he's going out there. No books that he did against Denver or they'll pull it will point out and first happened in April but he's a quick schemes together like that. Fair or unfair auditors are to hear that person worked. Yeah and because because of the guy there there was just some rookie all the street which is percent of its efforts that into their orbits Rob Lowe or if there's problem with three years of those the only difference. And if you are trying to figure out of an apple this guy who's in the the last year's contract yeah. It beat Tennessee at how quickly the fan base goes that way if Brady struggles I don't get I don't. Hart asked that question was studio with a sub I don't know what struggling for Brady would be gotten. Once in his last five seasons. Has doubled that you said that so what what would it be. BP yours and good years he's at. Occasional stinker so I don't even know what you would say okay. That's a bad game whether that number is whether it's physically not able to get it passed Russ passport required whether it is the team winning losing. Whether it's an office on explosive I honestly which had a better answer I I should. But I about what it would be guilty to that. The key of external problems out there publicly heard over and obviously the quarterback a game that Peyton Manning. It made that for him he broke down neck surgeries on up to couldn't throw anymore but there's games where you broke a record for passing or maybe. But he also threw like five that the of the couple of that effort yet but it does they eight absolute terrible game Charlotte area. Alec Brady's game or anything like that. So you have to sort of delegates are certain throws that he normally makes that he misses a thing at a third five. Sales wrong. And it's not day check the that would the victory but that's the throw that normally. Again there's a lot of throws that you're used to seeing Brady complete it doesn't. Maybe Douby and also Belgian embassy for any past. Yet another read anybody got a pretty good Belichick made that did not tell anybody that that your out of the details that the U Ernie asked him. The point is it strikes the pot if I said. It buys at the over under on the broadcast tonight at exactly one half. Arsenals with mentions I've taken under. Yeah I don't think that we I heavy I would it would be the you'll be the end up being the ice that one really well full circle this thing after the year after it went report after those guys who wanted to jail essentially forget del Mercado hours. I'm in the battle they had they got no press past org that at the past that's taken away simple we would acknowledge Hayward knew they were. That would be at some level locally we cared actually Google when well locally for the for the brand and a locally based company it's not oddity or. That would be the bow. On this thing if if Al Michaels says of course bar still sports are popular. Our sports website you know these teacher or the price fouls that Jindal mentioned by name. I know you're not you know what that is that he's saying that sees it and kept the that's why we have watched the lazy it's that it after it was always it may be gives beloved college Howard in my body. With the California is huge power and I like that that your laws but he said that. Howard would not say where the pals came from an outline wanna show out of it you would not reference sports the sport because the on going back and forth that. Of I got I big cat and yet yet yet the U pro football talk now. That it detonated at a back for our department take a leak out when they talk about our policies name ID thought on the podcast that he got that right. So he would not mention. Events in the owls and them being there yet he wouldn't say where they're coming there by the way rich Manning scheme where he broke that record was against that keeps you guys for when he and threw for 35 yards. Yeah like. Audio and Everett broke the record nudity to create heat it is five for what if accurate when he threw 35 yards I'm at Texas the five. I'm not hear about it today it was a little value in ever want to that this guy is done it and mobile. Come back later here with Super Bowl. Well on the team. That. I don't think Brady's it yet that I don't. Think it ever ever now that sort of the worst. Quarterback gave them all of I see your guy tonight years and we took the date either one of us is really interest in playing a whole lot of patriots in daily titan docking with an apathetic cooks you're on a few putts and I am I am. But. Public T Rex Berkett. Birkhead lost out opening night wrecked it and that's a couple putts every week. Which patriots running back of the mostly supports. I'd like to you know part of a state traps like go first oh we should we Cuba just want I would also. But you haven't you nailed that day of the it was last week article where can we wanna market I don't let Shalit if didn't like that. It yet and not back studio great job tonight felons wanna think about Burrell got a date here at our broadcast Booth after the game. Real post game show or the way it's moralist all your phone calls being here there outlook could only get six with a quirky Callahan. Sports Radio WEE I see fit.