NFL Sunday (on a Saturday) AFC Divisionals - America tunes in to see what the Patriots are made of; Tom E. Curran demands FOCUS 1-13-18

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Saturday, January 13th

HOUR 1 - It's Saturday night and the guys are on fire. Tom E. Curran joins the guys live from Foxboro and has hot takes aplenty. Insight on the Brady documentary? Danny Woodhead better than James White?? The guys are charged up for Saturday night football. 


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That's he had weeks. Failed Sunday he's brought to you by. Yeah insurance more choices most savings insurance simplified check out complex scheme dot com. Right handers in the Quaid architectural molding. By your New England cub voted tractor dealers UC NN pills Saturday's win. Keep it on sportswear. I mean we are now. In the NFL postseason here the best get broadcast Chad problem let's call it. Open a save 55 yards from a huge weight at 34. Falcons 28 bar stool sports flagged the Super Bowl a year ago that was the patriots last post season game. They started to get here tonight from Gillette welcoming in the Tennessee Titans a team that no one is get the chance to win it. We'll see if that continues over the next four hours NFL Sunday ought to Saturday but at Keefe. I hear from Gillette Stadium it is set for Saturday night primetime football coaches become. Which sort of that these spot for the patriots divisional weekend. It seems like the networks whether it's NBC or CBS rivers the games that year. They wanna put the patriots don't want put Brady pellet checked the whole crew Saturday night on TV in the game that is usually. Able Walt wit this patriots. Exhibit absolute tradition yet they get that bye week so we don't get to see the major some wild card weekend see your awaiting their opponent echo is he one of three teams but there was locked in a to that Saturday night game which. At least this year and certainly years past it's been very cold and the temperatures dropping it's going to be another one of those. Really cold games but yeah very excited for this Jerry Kelly. Always says what it's supposed to wait for the patriots does go right or something along those lines and it's happened already. The last call 24 hours prior to kick off we got the news yesterday. That Tennessee Titans on the tarmac in Nashville for over two hours almost three. Before they eventually took off and you met the weather. If the can't replace it midnight on Saturday this or brought and I attempted today would have been perfect national weather. Sixty degrees presently got it boss at midnight but it they keep this thing off for hours. Is it B twenty. What they want to agree to talk about they want the patriots way. Not be what it's called alas the patriots but the titans here to a stadium post game that is. That is patriot weather for the game tonight if the national its whether would have been a perfect for Tennessee this op play as well and it does not bode well as we talked about really always we've talked about the game and all the quicker ship's story. Other very few scenarios where he can envision the Tennessee Titans coming Gillette Stadium over matches the are richer when scheme. Even if there's eight teams left in the playoffs I think most would agree the picture to the best team left in the titans of the worst month rent titans may have been the worst team to get into the left them or the bills on nine and seven. Eight down AFC where he's at it the division winners are pretty solid. What the wild card teams were really weak this year include the titans. They're they're coach apparently had to win those last two games. To keep his job on the little guy but it doesn't take its job right I really don't tighten standards brutal that it probably wish Malarkey was out there. All he had a quarterback who looked really promising his first couple years in the league Marcus scenario number two overall pick. This year. Has more interceptions than touchdowns looks like he's going the other way I don't he's capable some good things are seated in his brief career but it was a bad year. For him so. This is the titans team that I have had a hard time all we try to figure out where they would present a real challenge. So we'll talk titans of course the next four hours with your full calls on all season long we take balls here on NFL Sunday even on Saturdays at 617779. 7937. Your expectations your thoughts on this game are a big part of the program today and make no doubt. People are tuning in for. Atlanta Philadelphia this afternoon. And it it for its work Jacksonville to a lesser extent to Laura certainly saints vikings the marquee game. Divisional weekend late Sunday because they wanna see good playoff football. I don't think that's what people are tuning in across the country to watch this game tonight the year it to seek the patriots get away. On the patriots patriots rich or did this week of weaker sham Brady. Pellet Jack. Did you leave any sort of market if you're here early obviously you watched that way. If you outside the area you just curious about all this talk all week about the picture on this team. Does it mean anything and I think you're watching this game tonight to see. They said he just signs of that you know as Brady. All welcome comfortable early running the game right there ready off on the side lines up is there anything that would make you believe. Okay this week took something out of the patriots distraction. Affected them because they history this team is distractions. Have zero effect in fact ignored that they played better at those spots. But that's what the nation towards its Saturday night to see what this week was about war the patriots in all this talk all the feel about the. It feels like forever since they've played so this is the first game since that article came out and essentially you know you go through what were were released 3000 words or whatever was. It said Brady was playing scared a socially rightly he has gotten nervous in the pocket and in these teams that the player and the stats back some of that up obviously the Miami game with a terrible game the game that he played. Without Rob Gronkowski where they couldn't pick up a third down its last five games was not a great stretch of the worst stretch of the season that's the most recent thing that we had seen. So yeah you're gonna look and see how he plays it but also what you said. It just details on the sideline and adult check on the side another day in Iraq on but. Anything Yeager be read the whole top rated body. I'm going to shake just all people making stuff up that is actually not there are looking for things I think old rating things because this week. There was more talk about the patriots off the field I thought even nationally. Than at any of these other playoff games and I maybe you saw it differently rich but. What there was that talking head shows them boarding or PTI night columns nationally. This was about because the rest of the country Richard the reality. They want there to be issue here. It here if you're not a patriots fan you want this past week affected this team because of their players criticized. No one else of the shot in the NFL circling up the AFC. I article the NFC too if they're playing at their best the only way it's somewhat beside the patriots what's the Super Bowl trophy that report in Minnesota. It's if one of two things that off field stuff affects them and the other part is Albert galleries what you would do it I guess await those two things tied. But it is the biggest star in the league has been for a long time and he didn't look like a four year old quarterback for the first eleven games of the season and I guess maybe you could argue. The last five games he did that when you combine that with this article you combine that we've. The new documentary series that's coming out all all these things that are that are new for Brady this year. Now to the TB twelve method is new but just you know the book in the app at some of the different ways that he is or advertised itself. That is new. And yeah I think as he knows he's gonna have to play really well right I got that all eyes are on him so the easiest way to shut them up or to say. It's a documentary not a distraction or the stuff in the wicker share article is a lot ideal or whatever but I wasn't celebrating or grapple betrayed all these things if he goes out there. 350 yards four touchdowns. What do you say next week. Expect sport the same against that's a new exhibit wouldn't have a whole lot of ammunition to go up against Spurrier he can. Whereas you might leave some questions singles out there performs like you did against Houston. She's right same game same divisional round game he was good enough to win. That certainly wasn't debris that that people we're used to and in the Brady that you got the following week were went out there and in lit up the Steelers put against Houston. Couple picks and didn't look as sharp as we are a sort of constant this thing. And I would say this game tonight sets up as a much better divisional matchup for arrested at the total water playoff game for Brady. That it last year Houston Houston as Eric defensive talent. They don't eat that the team parts that pressure Brady. Obviously the one it's not a game. The Tennessee Titans did not close the additive Tennessee it will get to the specifics of the of course the next the four hours to kick off. But very team that does really well against the Mary pass model the sense that they're good against the one back in the show there at third. Any higher the yards were up by running backs this year you can't have a hard rentable embassy. What they give up its passing yards and not place rich go back to give up they give the big dogs and there are no you better. Quarterback in the NFL. Specifically against that they can deal with the uncle that's the robbery and your last seven last night it's. Off what that Tennessee Titans haven't life unless quarterbacks that base heavy on one or the ball or at war. 360 yards passing. It or all the touchdown passes and if they have it lit up like quarterback that it's okay quarterback out of murderers roll it's an. Quarterback rating and so we start with that idea of anything that comes Gillette is gonna have to use load out pre Natal really big news that on paper. Offensively you've got to beat the patriots you have to do offensively and I don't explosive open so. It sets up for Brady it sets up for the defense and it sets up. I think it's a state game at the patriots have Brady get angry. Greg Brady isn't an angry at Tom Brady is set up Brady's issue around yet he seems to play relief relief well. Really well exactly robbery. Andy's. All week this week he's been active audits the grammys want to let people we spoke and his answer I am let's go a couple of earlier in the week matador. At it today yet they patriots. Video call yes well ultimately going up reproduce yeah heights outline it. And obviously what you think. Please. It's. Soaking. Wet and signs. Was based on the idea that Bob Dole's age. You've got some regularity is in the behavior of the universe that's Daniela was next on. Titles so we have tended. Jerry Jones tiny in nineteen. Enough response from the small enemy and as if in other words and also the well collected writings on the street and traffic trade round. Something in other words that it's fun. According to regulate itself tonight. The commission to. Labors of myself birds of weird dude man. Yeah well well well that off but I'm excited for all of us better video on its efforts are to be times. Let's see what the night's sleep eat aria race or religion Arizona area right after the game if a bit about. It's got to do you remember the titans on movement we don't think it was so it's neat actually do with I don't. I well I am a storm legacy does yeah that is outlook video today he's not lazy guy is Oregon. I don't know it right as soon as you got something I don't god you gotta gotta cover yourself about it. That's the union. We got a guy good guy hurting joins us here it's yet basket yet we get that for patriots and titans 815 tonight at its neighbors get done things year round after news the argument I'm tremendous so you statement give opportunity for pre the patriots to my people that this week with that of overblown there's patriots she's you know. This doesn't. Would work at the headsets your headset. The best and right out loud if she's very. Yeah I think it is statement game and I think that they have generally been outstanding at compartmentalizing. And honestly for all the foolishness that's gone on. And the speculation not totally foolishness and a lot of you know overlaps and and heist in to what we've had this news today with. McCain doesn't rate will be finalists and Patricia being liquid on an even Bryant for a night for Arizona assault that's all what I was writing about two weeks ago. In terms of the president of the party feel so this is absolutely a statement game if this he's going to be the last iteration of this team. This is a big game and care it's OK you know locking up here and I do the job I do like you we knew that it really likes sports like football like the stuff around it. And I kind of like the I like the state tips elect smell that fire elect hold elected so cold water to somebody's gonna get choked out tonight the playoffs would excite yeah. Senator out of Somalia I don't think any fancy shall I wouldn't say they went people. A lot of stand at his disagreement over something you know you know goes but like one or corn hole I collect your premise though this week. And our load of people are are taking the same approach that hey. It's not going to be a missile mean and even though this may not be the last year again maybe that's overstated or next year maybe that's not the last year but. Getting the wild card weekend don't you have to Wear a wildcard weekend that you're hosting game of the divisional round. That's all the time. Here that's not the reality around the league you know I was I was talking about this yesterday about the Buffalo Bills no big deal Buffalo Bills snapped their their play after out. In between times that they appeared in the playoffs. The patriots were seven signals over the difference that is for the for the spin. As as you remember the embarrassment of riches were different ages but you certainly I think oh please remember. The bills and although some couples dealing I mean is today. You know point five point six point seven room just one just like to see him play it one of the more media. When the 49ers came here to play. At Foxboro Steve lost the niners Gillette Stadium is a really good team I mean that's a legendary team we all these legends race here at Massachusetts play afoot. And that stuff mattered I mean now cycle well layouts tight somebody which I don't watch. It like ridiculous. Which athlete or you're out here all week Tom obviously know your story. Holidays extorted couple Koppel terms of the tension around this team. I'm here at the end of the year wicker ship's story projected forward. The what did you think of this team beat out here this week in terms of how they work. Whether it's Brady whether spell check the team itself. Anything out of it now the norm for a playoff setup. No because I think this is the norm. It really is I think this is the norm there is some kind of chaos that accompanies virtually every playoff run. Whether it's last year and you know the revenge tour or the year before we're in 2014. After they win their first game they were you know. Well 2015 different story of 2015. To carry over from the 2014. You had. Not just the flaky that you had John Harbaugh. Screaming and crying after that came so there's always something that always these things. Tim Tebow was gone through here. Aaron Hernandez found guilty of two murders. Here. There are so many things that this team has gone through which are so far beyond the pale what inning at a team has dealt with I think they take a measure of pride. In it it's how well the captains in the system Jerod Mayo pass on how well the captains. And we stood different position groups. And get the message across if they see guys say it. Lucy Thompson's provoked guys toward toward and I think their own ethnic. It's art is that the captains I always give the credit to belch argument it's a distraction that's been Tivo. Went beautifully he came down upon them here excellent with Indianapolis. They won another Super Bowl the year pretty get suspended four games beautifully so they didn't block out everything. I think it's spell checks most underrated skill autopsies that was considered great coach Alpine defensive scheme yet unconfirmed. Yeah. He gets guys ready to go. But that ability to start with him and walked out stuff that other teams about to do their body or. Does not or covered sports the patriots or write about talked about team and yet they don't seem to bat and if there's a battle you know sources wrote the credit. We get built well check a lot of credit for that as well. Yeah what. He's the guy who he is supposedly in the center of the storm went. Deserves an incredible amount of credit for because you hear any. I thought five that's right that's right very good at doing this thing. You don't like Ukraine on health and this so many different avenues in which he could. And he goes right up to the line of being very weird. And honest about things. That he just petals back into the weirdness that you talk about which is that companies to philosophy everybody has their own truth. And I mean that's. Or your spare yet seen you know that's kind of hokey again I. Lot. I am storms for the warriors. I am the one that knock you will it die for your TV show tonight is to operate that for its football tickets and figurative. That wasn't figured out. He's been I Syria I portable. Listeners I think that if you do open for a Opel to win a football game and it didn't hear you you wouldn't root the David to corrupted for that both. Why do. Degrees she. Could. This Tennessee Titans team comes in dad no let's give them a chance to win the board to put it tonight for the page this is all eyes at Gillette Stadium to see the patriots. Ought to patriots obvious thing down here this week. They were the patriots and that's the case this will be a very lopsided. Patriots effort here tonight because they're the they want seat. Tight to mediate to match if you receive these it has given that that and just for sure appreciate it sets up work for them it's it's it's a nice. This thing it's a better setup that you still. Once a year ago if you at HM that is Israeli said the auto Wallace outlook that cloudy bit mercilessly at age employees at Cushing was on it they had better real defense. Last year it now was brought crossfire. Target the season that very Otis had this year is right down there the bottom the lower third quarterback must act sled then the defense doesn't really jump out at jazz one of these. Well at least I have that by. But I'll go. Yes we are there good. He's with the patriots may be it. You know Terrelle Casey's. Being compared you know by some guys that clock rule wouldn't filter to Daryn not enough things involved that's where you're but he's a multiple time Parole Board. He's a beast and we've joked when he's been real rally shopping cart on several occasions this year. That's where he has the other guy over there is dates older who has not had increase year. The only way in the other societies these camps went what I'm trying to say is. World we've all got checked off and move on to the next round which is the main thing to remember I think is the talent level there is not great. Piled in noise and absolutely positively key defensive player. Right NFL player. I mean he's played well he's played well Christie vows no we had to show up each year. Japanese here's what is we use nets and he's not off the charts in the second round NFL OK he's not so don't pay high tower on offense to any mental it would deviant little does. But he's not doing entitlement. There's a point at which these guys. The rubber meets the road with the talent that might not ever com. There right up against it. Don't you think Jeremiah overstate. Are you lose a key guy here in the air defense get an ass kicking like you did at Miami or I would just say in this case tonight. This does not provide any auto parts of fear that its work would order warlords would or even falcons well that's why I think it's a better. It's a better entrance into the post season that a lot of teams would have been because that'll scare elephants to borrow a line I don't wanna be sit here on Sunday morning or next so Monday morning with my Spencer. In my hand saying well I never saw this woman this is not a talented. Assembly which. Of NFL player's relative to what we've seen. Previously there's going to be more talented teams that they will face or the next three games if they played three games objecting it would exceed your sandwich we shouldn't be surprised that there's not. Don't be surprised but I remember. It's not as well and budget that won't win. If and win they lose and I think it's the one it's much less likely but if they lose. It's that saying it was the story by Seth with a camera with the coach is going on interviews are with treaties to wolf now they're not. Overwhelmingly. Talented I mean Rex. OK but they're not what I heard you talk shop in her recent significantly better than Tennessee. Under radio I'm just trying to Yemeni territory this week they are today. These artists or or defend its position. He keeps it felt. Botnet that's their statement local middle of their the second areas are in the middle that he pitches itself but they built issues immediately walker. Eric Decker are probably Abbie good over the Mittal today patriots offensively. What they're if they're healthy and hope it's gonna play markets not illegal to light is back with rock out with pivotal with ED with the outlets. The office keeps. Mean just the makings way to really. Hear. What he does. Most lately you know that means it did you did you forget the simple your god help me units outside it was. I've got to wait all the club Rex Burkhead was listen to what he's integration will always. But not not that gets everybody off but Deion Branch and Super Bowl MVP's think that album at all. I'm over it that's overdone and. No one's saying they're not out of brandy coaches who is an upper tier Pro Bowl level wide receiver yet he's having a hell of a time fitting in. In a different kind of offense. With a quarterback who doesn't really action to you what sort of on the field he's not as good batters he isn't small stuff. What James White is not as good news. Starts this data would hit OK did you would at its best lieutenant James White and if you think it'll. General Tommy Aaron. Tell liking it I love little the games why anyone that was very nice place in any would have. And that's what they had a book. Let's look at that honorable man you have the best I didn't go to wade. Yet the best quarterback that's a pretty good stuff that's a good as their head and shoulders above just about anybody we also have. A that it earned his translate hate that he stands by the military alone it is not an adult this roughly two strap it comes lecturer and I. I. They're great let's system that's why they yeah. Record yes they are great but just like Bobby current earnings dropped out of state will get youthful goal lead vocal every route so it's. Have a slope out of our current predicting the titans the ups and 6177797. 37. A phone number your folk also patriots and it might get onslaught on anti that the coaching carousel speaks to be positioning maybe not like that he would three. Patriot assistance out here a lot more on upper eighties you sat out the filmmaker itself. Gothic show on. A year olds four. So it wouldn't vote which we will talk about yes a lot of people that all about this like it's while working do you mean each other's eyes the you know it's still matter. Not as good Udonis did a photo last slightly bucket record that was most of muted sports that right. You have to come through here and after three hours or 617779. Seven ID 37 at the best yet yet it's NFL Sunday at a Saturday but car to keep your phone calls advocates at the patriots in the. Back to more of the NFL Sunday with the money keeps. Brought to you might come plenty insurance fox sports radio and tell. That these homers this time is basically started out as. The real offseason look at houses on. You know these 39 at the time buzz going to physically get ready war. And stuff coming to you that they you know you turned forty in August so we're really looking at just take out the forty year old. You know preparing to continue to play at such an elite level. On at a course from the very highly rated podcast. Which lets podcast with all the the current and Gotham Chopra the filmmaker was doing become vs I'm documentary we got a little taste of this week of so called. A FaceBook watch spot and keep it current NFL Sunday on a Saturday Sports Radio WEEI cutting down the patriots and titans. What brought about. One that just makes it when he hit sixty. Sixty minutes' conversation thank goodness that to me was kind of one of the more adjusting portions there was a lot of decent stuff but he threw out at me which was good it is you know you make that kind of investment in particular individual who you are already standout guard who grew up here and in Massachusetts is a patriots team he's a brief stand. So. He was more glib that a body be in terms of talking about yet they went into this would if that and that the impetus from Brady was. What do the flaky we went through my mom being sick. Hope to turn forty and still playing at a really high level. In Chopra says he's been asking brief for years it's the stuff on film burritos. It's a good idea but I don't think it's Andre Brady in this instance when he race let's you know let's let's up put some of the stuff down. Less a boat pushing TB twelve more about. Let's get some of this down for posterity. Because it and it's he's not looking at it is hey that's my swan song you know treaty forty at the end of the road. What I think he does want us have this stuff record. Similar politic of good things about an Olympic history of the game guided the football a few years ago which was great I didn't know Brady cared about it as much so I. I at least ten people but India Davis is also right to be 120 by the way it looked at me at forty they go pretty well here and you know people are interested in it should be because it works. Yeah I think there's absolutely its soul be just an opportunity. We are sticking to life even though that I think from what. 2% this morning at that point out real world that's him you know. Candle is cute wheeze angry but I think that. Those cattle camel obviously the with the kennel so if you throw scandal so I think that technologies. In the floor however. What good married fingers and ask your grief while paddle us that your let's scattered today. Was that the weathered some place else philosophy that every hour like have degrees cooler today announced that. Yet not say what would you please please nobody. The idea though is not he said real world stuff lets you but you guys were both men to sport both let me fill us for a while only if it's. I was gonna. Iran that it got it out wrong I'd like you to finish and a lot of us a lot of both. We usually let you with how highly you this is not return our that he figures are we had three hours a couple shot well about it is that viewers are most concerned here on time. Why is it may not be a hype and all TB twelve type of thing. But it's certainly not get the least as reported at times. A break out of his coalition was sake Rob Lowe or Guerrero Belichick you're not you're not getting necessarily a Heinz sees the patriots truth at all you're getting very rating perspective on to prep for the year and a dirtier wrecked and I think a lot of that has to. Do with two mark Leibovitz in the New York Times who was me predicted this prior to coming out. And wrote about it. Alluded to the fact that he didn't think the patriots and ownership necessarily knew he wasn't really adamant in one way or the other but it's got until May look I was. Getting passes. For the last however want Stacey James had been around I don't know the new chapter verse. Will we exactly planned to do but they knew who who I was a while I was getting the passes and who was asking for the passes won't. So but I think that there is still to a feeling that you looking at key for you that the game would go. Oh. Okay that's horrible listening to you talk about getting after it I think at all. I'll eat it what's the issue so long as the probably see a flat icon lets just. Regular let's just anti of discomfort. Thomas not super confident what he was saying yes you might look for you to back them up a little bit election you nod your head when he toxin that you're looking over at the Eagles game -- yeah because that's important it's important better but I bet money at this here is out let's celebrate with ordinary days after the situation where. He did not want to intrude on the patriots you very much. That would. Yeah they're not yeah they eat it all year the first of the week like this to be twelve to put on capitol booking the next thing you know Guerrero it's. That all the way. The stairs you think David tried to do everything at Gillette Stadium for the document or they know that those it's a zone appearance on the stars like I want you to watch at this time that apple. Should have been asked that I'd. It's just a podcast. Unity that four that edited signal that you're youthful breakdown. Of that middle right now. That's leaflets Winston RNC. I don't outlaw I've read that he was built up about not compensated at the Atlantic and there's you must know that he has to have a pretty good idea what's going on because. If you're on like Skype or you're on a fault ultimately you base I think if you're just face to face communication. It but if he's able to do that which I'll while. But if you're ever do that yes the element of by the way you know you may be part of my document gives a real by the way. Oh by the noted that picked us. As a lot of files and nobody can play the positive way. You do know that it's not the rich keep shall Obama and oh by the way it feels like it's 04. You mentioned Brady Guerrero and that that to me. After the sees the report today Rapoport who's been reporting budget thinks that it coaches aerials. Does it mean meeting after the season Brady Belichick craft to iron things out. Three safe to say. Alex Guerrero what is patriots relationship is going to be front and center on that list because you've written this all the many other people agree strongly aside. I think the patriots have done at some levels of damage to TB twelve. And the brain itself. With the way they treated Guerrero so far this the last like six weeks whatever it's. And I have to lead Brady recognized that and I know the drop all stuff is a sexier story line in all this reporting. But that Guerrero affect on Brady he's just important to see what's Brady's mindset how is her ball next. I think Guerrero. Will probably be of these accidents but that he has right now rubio there will be working with Tom Brady looked flat we don't Guerrero. Is it anything necessarily to redo the flash point or Belichick. It's the content the medical nutrition stuff in the fact that Rob Gronkowski. After he had his surgery last year. Said on the hook OC Alex I can listen to it now. College guys I really appeal process that always thought it's not deep enough where nobody knows where Tom Giles looked at him. You don't feel that it was it was exactly what you're saying spent most. So brought. It's not a going to Alex and that created the flash the problem that. That's classless. So that's what he's Willis. The tipping point and in this whole relationship but. If Belichick real. About it though to really had a problem Guerrero. Who is really pissed off about it do you still have the office in the state now you pick it still be you know what it Brady yes we always pit stop all the widely Belichick's. Step out and make a specific comment. Veering off to mention to you and I like Alex who by the way because I don't know but you might bomb and a wealthy. Open we don't know lie if he has no problem with them don't know how it's being reported right now. Now right could that don't tell it till he's read this or can't do is no celebrity who generally. Your Roth to say something that was hole we went through to give somebody back scratching they felt needed to what he's alive and Brady yells please ask. Outside said he saw writers all let your wallet James way to run on this I. Lotto sport its rocket. Are horrible surely could have I had awful I think I don't I think it was overblown the Belichick or relationships the earlier you asked him about it there was always reports that they weren't getting along and belts a streaky bugle inflate. About that. Like that wasn't what was he accurate throw to team training staff of the boss. But I think with your read between alliance those of the one of the bigger issues once side thing that a colonel the last seven days and a went under the radar which rock after rock with named an all roasted you know. And working harder and smarter and we. Team. At that capsule was a Guerrero and Guerrero testimonial and then the other day after Jeff I'll tweeted. That full attendance the patriots practice first I've since September. Mike Lombardi. Belichick confidant well I don't know how confident and I am com or forward to this point. It says wow great job by that strength and conditioning staff. I think everybody's that would be a problem with that role could probably but you could see there are also to greet each other based on this street that it is what there's also so. I don't mandate was the big word between Kraft and Belichick but they're clearly seems to be a mandate now for all the players when discussing outs Guerrero. LePera Hamachi let's that you patriots Monday or assembly yes that or on. Didian dole was asked by the mid day guys in it bigger ray knows there's a relationship there but he was. You know real kind of aloof about it you know if they asked him. It worked Guerrero is a not today in new you know you just you want talk about it we asked Matthew Slater straight up you know we doubles majors this year did you ever go on the outskirts of I'd rather not answer. So I think that's why didn't you definitely okay. What sent but he knows that what it must censor what Democrats hold okay when are adamant that they know it's going to be used as you know dividing. So he's meant him. It would be divisive. Race that was a railroad spike kind of thoughts not called that it's at least what I I don't we yes wedge. And acts on you how it would take forget forget Glock that we upbeat smarter will hit. Think that he did with you where you as after weeks of the you know he made that catch it easily that you feel different this year. He does it demonstration he bends over what you suppose in the locker was. Latched you sure that's a yeah. Everybody I hit I could have on that list could not and what's the difference what is the difference so so is this guy quiet. It's if you've personification of evil Hewlett. In that locker yet not people but device as a wedge that's away afterward. Between the trees snap and Guerrero and so the coaching staff. Who sent him reports that no. Tell that to be welcome at that appeared July that would. Liked him again one of the more far fetched notions in that story breeze arm twisting to have players. Go up to TP twelfth when they feel as if to go for a brief me now. As I say that also sees Julian Edelman Michael weirdo. We go every single summer. Southern California and stay at a hotel or house library to the keys to throw it. So that doesn't have this perfect pick up horrible I don't want together with him yes it will help I must retreat without an audit and authentication element in this great. He knew welcome when there's so after. His first year Italy yes don't eat. It's because that's a woman's guide to injuries. Whereas Brady in the summer weight element has done he has agent yes. Garzelli. We're. I know he is he K or not. With your feel like it's your dad still continues. And it's not been our bath. Full disclosure but you're part of it so I don't bear out that. Well sale goes. Well I would say the team was all here is time to kick off. I got to ramp up. Program but Curtis are good events the other part of today's news that Tom wrote about a couple weeks ago that is the coaching staff cares though come back in the rap or explain it sounds like not want to capitol three. These patron assistance can be on two other. Coaching opportunities after the season and it's sad for patriots and titans 617. 7797. ID three sevenths phone number top garbage Keith but he from the up best yet Chad NFL Sunday. They Saturday WEE. Mike mud that's key and rich keep. Basically he's NFL Sunday brought you might help Lansky insurance on Sports Radio WA. That's yet ship across and Gillette Stadium and I felt something on Saturday Sports Radio WE yeah I current but keep with you at 617779. Seven ID 37 vulnerable when a place of Alex were not on excuse me at least erupt ports on your. Just the second but I want to wait patiently on the patriots that they get that thick of the titans here tonight at 815 for Gillette bright afternoon. They have to go and let's not let. Well you know I've been listening to this controversy was out Guerrero. In you know am I think it had less to do is my ability and you get staff medical staff. Ten games and some gets hurt. Whatever plates are offering. Touts Guerrero somehow. Get a word in there and it contradicts or somehow perceived to contradict whatever they're they're offering. And something doesn't go right what was liable. So drinks. Spirit and organization and in the near. Your contracts coming airtight and medical staff and so becomes a liability in communication issue when and yet sort of what you get over that. How's Guerrero one outs to get over it. Like the biggest idol right you admit though the biggest God's gonna have to get over this is pretty via Brady's best at its future in Al squarely to be well and I think for him while holds. I will speak for you but I adding it's been reported there's that cult level that he had quote no less having him around he paid effort to go out to Denver. That he with the teams so I don't think it's about necessarily Bryant the entire team. I felt terrible support player to operate a. Well I think it's a ticket Bryant hits on something that's actually. In interest in angle that I hadn't thought of it's not necessarily the liability eight inside a waiver to Kosier out. Because he's contractor for the team I mean that the team has in the past brought him along. The same they bring along with seuss' might also have other operations chiropractors or whatever might appeal full time once out. But the bigger picture is if you have retraining and medical staff. Including doctors were recommending surgeries. And I'm not saying that Alex would do this. On. But if for its tees are yeah I don't know if you really should have the surgery. Would that probably need to search. If he feels as if somehow embolden to give different levels of advice while that now might confuse a player if it doesn't go right in these three. Well that he might be more. Prone to saying. Well what are we doing the right thing for me in the first place so they rank it's a good point I don't think it's necessarily. Practice seat. That you have to be worried that note is gonna do with somebody's ankle but there. You know it falls off but it wore along lines of undercut the CC any non patriots yep me I've gone there. Any good in the NFL I mean I'll definitely they come from everywhere else as I thought yeah I mean he started out with. With you. In oh that's right and Michael Johnson and LaDainian Tomlinson for instance had him in his hall of fame induction this year. There so eat meat shoot publics in the short at Guerrero at at his induction because we've gotten so much Guerrero the players it was that. Outlook on our teachers it's opposites attract that it was her murder went to him after all it's back to their current guys embellishment. Tomlinson they'll LeMieux I don't know if my opponent but I do know that there is in the offseason guys who promote O'Connell Foxboro. He droplets might seem to law for two weeks it was oh yeah as for the patriots and finality of this. Session a live shot it's finished just a show Arafat that shore. Not brought about this couple weeks ago that's finality of this based on the coaching staff and guys who could be leaving Ian Rapoport was on the NFL network aches that. Could be a mass exodus for patriot coaches. Wants their eliminated all its mobile which. My both of these guys are gonna have options but he mentioned the back page just a couple of minutes ago potentially these guys any after the giants. I would be surprised that neither of these candidates John McCain knows about Patricia and that with the giants. Let's start with Patricia yes he is a coveted candidate like you did have a couple different options. Potentially the giants I know for a fact that they are very age didn't end. On a favorite facility inside the building like a lot. And then of course there's the beach right lied he has long been a favorite there they would like to keep the opposite side of the ball placed an elite coach and general manager Bob went. I've had no one tell me anything besides. Patricia would likely except that line's job if it's offered not for me not to to make a decision until they're done but that is the likelihood. As far as Josh McDaniels might he has emerged as a favorite for the Indianapolis Colts. They have two finalists last it is Mike Vrabel and is Josh McDaniels they've been searching for Robinson guy he is close to general manager Chris Fowler there's a lot to light. In that area. That's an addition to Bryant floors game coming up in Arizona's at all. Joseph I would what you thought absolutely at least that's what I said albeit ever elsewhere yen in terms of drugs that's what I've. In saint for a couple weeks Indianapolis is the most likely place for him. I think it's because of that relationship Ballard and I think that the voters say. There that a good job does that mean to go with 32 head coaching jobs in the league obviously but. That he seems like. Oh no doubt I think that would be the first thing which would have to do away somebody's concerns about out of fur as it unlocks itself and he's loaded schedule is healthy that is a I would takes one would think so open that book I think the judge looks at that opportunity. To work with Ballard book even if what gets messed up. He figured you know you that you liked percent in value moved on problem. Yet a good relationship with them. You could figure out he's a hero if if your mcdaniels in that second job you need to head on relic Patricia again you go out there we've got to grade and then you get another option of a radical the patriots' recap the good fight other Resnick Daniels this next one probably earth does that needs to hit. And if you had a. Which are co we percent for full season I don't think that would be the best I understand what you're saying how web and if you go to the giants it's a hell of a lot more. Sticking through there if you ask me current and he's on the makes for great news not in the mix for Arizona. So it's really those two positions to me and I think that that would be to me Indianapolis. You talk to be off the idea that Indy would be a place where bill might not get Super Bowl because great since go on and so that that that guy so it's not quite as bad as was. The giants think for Matt Patricia. Is agers accused you've written about it the last couple years that the sort of flaky. The marriage and it could yell at believe Matt Patricia got off a plane wearing the good dale archer courtesy of bar stools sports I ever bought were second. He would get an opportunity there because of that connection and that Timmy speaks you a watch that must like him if they're willing to spend some league offices hire that guy given how we heard out this belt laws about that shirt off. Yet adds interest to meet because the links between Aaron we office in in general. And that giant general police officer in the jets without that read in the they're Spock and the legal officers blocked with former jets and former giants employees at every level whether its operations war. Just the front office when they farm stuff while the farming out to New York firms to do security or investigations or whatever. Who somehow if you fall of the other. Wick back to those teams that does seem weird to me. But you've got such good defensive talent. In New York that if you could just get it fixed. Then it could be. Repair and and a look at what I don't think the trick is going to be great coaching candidate who's first camera I think he's going to be. Really up against it and I think it's Smart. And he has the opportunity go to Detroit I would run like hell to go to a team that finished 97 last two years as a quarterback play bloody thing you'll be good. I just don't think he use. Able to articulate well enough his vision. As to ease of battle words when he starts pocket it is that they obviously obviously obviously he is such. That the most important thing that's the New York, New York especially yes because they got tickets and if you do it whenever you. But if you're winning do they care there's going to be too yes there are polished. It's yet I would go to New York either out of its schedule cattle depresses. They don't that it never did or if you notified would there be if it looks like Belichick. He seems like that copy edition at that to me absolutely because he tries to channel Belichick on his conference calls it beat the angels. Who previously might have been like that came back and if you look in his conference call transcripts or so of those profits policies unbelievably engaging. In engaged he understood it the only guy that has really sprung from here. Were guys are Romeo for now until Bryant who went someplace else at the oral personality to alleyways kind of stepped in the little bit. We're when he went to Notre Dame had some early success. And then the door to recruit he was at an amalgam of ourselves a lot of guys. So it's oh Italy's. Only. But you got it why aren't Santini. So many of these guys had difficulty I think because they weren't sure what the real voice was because it never had a chance to have a voice. Patricia is absolutely perfect example of a guy who hasn't been able to see who either via multiple. He's cynical over. You know that I've heard if you're having it's more wouldn't say who via animals Lisa toys David New Hampshire wants to talk to Alex Guerrero was oh I'm current on NFL sites out what's a lot not a whole lot of negative. Relax David had to go ahead. I got that right I like this that team by the way. I assume we can't be good at each other Boston our jobs to function I look at that we commuted generalized enough. Lows about that air cargo salt off the record stuff off the air it's unthinkable broke. Hit Portland to guide and then to have maybe a cynical view but. I know I know would like to think about personality and who they still wouldn't uncomfortable at oak but. Don't really take. That most decisions. In a two billion dollar corporation pretty much come down to bitterness way. They go to the type noted that gross stuff is too great but boy that TV twelve stuff is about to hit. So maybe you just need to distance you're brands from bread and maybe that's all that laws could just sit out on the play in you know just to make it. Look like. Well yeah and you don't know I. QB twelve is not New England Patriots just in case there's anything that goes wrong would that brand at least you distance yourself or from. That's not a hair I think it's it's a bunch of different things none of this stuff is tied to one thing it's. It's gronkowski it's a new medical staff in place now that it's gone from guilt to prevent character. To mark price at its it's little things and personalities was Cabrera has been in charge for a couple more years after Arab Nash left to go to Detroit. So maybe he feels as if he feels more power to say something it's gronkowski being involved. In the end. It's absolutely positively solvable and I don't think that the disintegration of the New England Patriots will be tied to Alex Guerrero it poverty relationship with them. It'll be guys moving on and that's what it disintegrate that I just don't think. What did not gonna break up neatly at walked into the sunset everybody holding hands that are the same way we leave yeah. This these guys Brady especially still hold on to the bitter end. I asked for today's game you'll show elements that Tennessee yeah please give us reasons like that as he can win this game you know to keep us. On your wedding web readers well I didn't adjective when he just went on and on about how not talent that featured a lifeless like pointed out that. The Europe one once evil thing right. I can't relative to the level of talent that we've seen this team display. They're incredibly well coached fundamentally sound if the best quarterback the best I've been in the game mail coaching staff does screw factory. Please they have a great understanding that no matter how much it's the fear Brady could fix it. And they have guys on defense like QWERTY. You'll warts on. Butler. Alma brown meanwhile when enough for Bill Belichick was asked about the titans the first player named the parties. To come. But it is ready. It's sort of speaks to let all I have now I think pat actually loves calls it a little weak group the kicker and a hacker putt terrible group. Your tests that could follow sporty model school evidently older. For. It was Williams reportedly gave wise we have talked about talked about it off this about how if there's other segment Yahoo! James Harrison's gonna I think is evident we're gonna do. I'm. The effective. And James I feel good chance they'll talk okay yeah James Harrison I think what you look at that bringing me this guy and Barry Otis gonna run some read options the real threat at the edge James Harrison should at least be able to set that it the way they convicted. Follow the points that I think he could be very importantly for the patriots won the patriots rounds where would you lotion is back. I would absolutely positively. Ask him first before it did something like that. If I asked you to do this institute for me yes good good look like it that good question put it back on him what it he said. It would just squirted some on those hand. That would found that. You just watched Dixie the legal woes are below funeral pliable and why yes if only our guests are actually got. Also. He watched too much I am right policy he played absolutely perfectly. A great act now covered policies telling Arafat at niners to grab their ankles but it changed because Jimmy garrote was going to be so much money and be about that the perfectly I. Now. On the mirror to stare it'll abilities and I honest truth you don't look at that. And you know quite like this okay look now do not know if I got my eyes a little tired of I will say it was scored Fleischer. 713 that's wait you'll score rule deal. I don't expect that grasshopper to fix things are headed out the number of ethics and they asked what it's thirteen. What do that is. Confederate disappointed that the 32 and a half that's our. Jesse James like it's not it's wildly while their quest well listeners today the world social media. When James Blake was at first to score today like it to week at a distance they monitored and notification that it usually what anyone had was that it had better. Yet. Mean I don't understand what this really is that it gives them part might take. On luxuries that. The tiebreaker to teams that would have been commission would beat the odds are you want to be tonight. Yet we have a pregame starts at 630 so this the world let me show you people have to cut its but it wants that to get your radio kick it to radio then watched TV we feel bad for his skills that she'll be reducing cannot watch Tom put them on you to listen and Steve talk about the sense that it breaking about a lot of people Dillon who lately that animals yes as accurate except. So far where. That's unnecessary. That before after Poland and other listeners. What title talk to order. Would note tomorrow worldly and well the article Sunday at we have still got Sunday. 112010. No wait I can't write to like you would actually argue gates is scheduled for. I don't of one wolf there a third if there are vehemently against the Steelers jags a moratorium. I'll talk to our resident Tommy card thanks Tom export 67779. 7937. Vote and I don't want published Johnny most announce her. Eagles falcons under way from Philadelphia. Talk more about this game here tonight just we just. Aren't like I'd out of that should add the east and try to contact. It'll get to set for pats and titans but it keep NFL Sunday sport W.