NFL Sunday (on a Saturday) AFC Divisionals - Fauria talks departing Pats personnel, retiring from prank calls 1-13-18

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Saturday, January 13th

HOUR 3 - Midday radio star and one time vegan Christian Fauria joins the show to discuss Pats/Titans as well as which top level Patriots personnel will be leaving for head coaching jobs. Earlier in the program, Tom E. Curran made the bold statement that Danny Woodhead was better than James White. We are all about fact checking on this show, Tommy.


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That's he had weeks. FL Sunday. He's brought to you by complex. Right handers in the Quaid architectural molding and buy your New England comes voted tractor dealers use NFL's Saturday we've come. I'm sportswear. Mark good morning Euro zone was going on. I'd like yeah. I didn't know it could do a great man how about you I MA pats fan I'll know by. I'm out here and it's right I'm that you haven't it yet down amid a little bit you can look down. We never never happened ambivalent about the beta state but they'll medical they have backed out of a car lot. And I'm good they're gonna have you guys completely given up on your team didn't feel like you guys that don't believe that you guys do what you can't but I did. I am very high as well and good you don't know why. Of course the the voice of everyone's favorite radio show caller Clark. Margaret Carr who sells medical sales in the medical bills you know he's now we sell products fell medical sales for have been awarded to a basket at the patriots in tights black Christian not just pop. When I. Could somebody make selling medical sales a year. Oh my you can megawatts so medical sales could actually. Sullying anything you're just selling medical sales somebody else you really it's an apartment rent and dispute but a shell game. It was pretty impressive that they had to golden out of Tennessee but I have a feeling mark in the car maybe go to Pittsburgh for the met sales of medical cells next week. A lot of bloggers. Are out of my heart I did it. We might try to do it. It's good dirt go you know I speak up about rolled the whole recall situation even a lot of people what they and it didn't make it back at what they want. I just decided to enable our vote there'll. Really see your you about your retirement from daughters to all right now all know that he's breaking. I think it sold twit my arm. Yeah I want our day I die by it sat radio question for get this huge game tonight titans and patriots. Does the land detest the big prank calls but he sounds like he doesn't he really like would make tackles. Are you know he actually let you know the like. But he enjoyed a bit of that last time you don't yet stood actually work. Yeah Africa lately chartered. Beating you like the regular sykora won everything has become a political ideas. There in the open screen everybody. The Euro up their chance you're out there take a chance Christian and less than admit they've that I all great but at least you're out there doing some but I get your respect that. Exactly you know we don't install of the water on suck to nobody liked it well Mike Agassi peoples people enjoyed it's called elevate the other struggled with a bat. I won't put myself I'm an alleged. I told they can't compare myself for the betterment of the team that could make it he'd established team well well I like going to land. About the tactics. That is definitely nobody likes to talk about other people's felt that it was involving him not to talk about it a little. Nobody better at that. You're gonna be on TV less than an hour is that boring crap for not breaking down patriots and titans are you know they get a case on TV tonight the titans can. With this game that I here to let's today. Nobody is on out there are lots of build up the Eagles played the Atlanta Falcons they're going. Do. Well I'll win the game like it back now. You know risky bet that he's talking about why they lost though it may just be that people long. Or people who achieve what it well and it you know terrible turtle or bad play call me. You know it just you know the less in the way Colin apparently they should call you big rides. Mobile opportunity for quarterback in my unit struggled. So a big law. That's a bit of practice outside it pulled into the stadium and he got the wreckage. On the spotlight. Is bad but it was going to be not ready so people are all his ball. The retreat at all today. You know to be a good crowd you know what I did make that you would coordinate that she's. So rated mig it's so cold but it's I don't tonight. We're or the titans do well versed in what's what's their biggest strength. Well you've written statement to expensively sit there and you watch the way they played against the Steelers right. All I like boats are not serious until it is silly I like the back. That they waited at halftime. They completely change their mentality offensively they decided they are gonna run a bit more important nervous speeded up. So what I think about. You know what Mark Martin to keep what that's all it can do. Let that they're go back our best. What airline market Mario hundred. She can pick would be he got a one I'd neutral. Whenever you can't be all organize parents of law which can't be all about bad. What do something to say about. Limiting of quarterbacks. Choices. Right Larry then candidate time to take them to make those decisions we got bigger could be something displeasure they're decent second guessing. You know you have to live scrimmage your yacht. Don't worry about what they're doing you're not making your call. Based on what defense they're making you're based here call. And you've been the aggressor that flooded area all week I think there are going to be I wanna win this game. Big idea Greg did or the Saudi guys played about. Rex Ryan told lakers got olds do such. And disappointed that got bitten and all of what column any. I want them to be aggressive out of that I walked up to teach shots probably chances. Or issue like the major defense. Absent marble balls seated well the problem isn't that. Bill that would be escorted to bigger. I'll talk about the book because so stupid because that decision and although ball does the penalty but it didn't completely clean. And they didn't know that eventually got it. See I I just don't I'm with you the rexrodt run the ball fifty times a sewed all of 1985 football it it just. It's silly that will allow Golan TV I'd still think that like Malarkey Christian. Has the the testicular fortitude to light up in shotgun with with Barry audit Henrik. And glory Davison Eric Decker Delanie Walker Rashard map is that you know what we're gonna spread it and the role in Ron that's their best chance to win because the patriots are probably not prepared to back it all out war in Milwaukee is. And it may fail at that. But it's much it might fail. It's a better chance to win the game by surprise that have to do that that a lot of up tight ends any doubt that Derek and refute I'd in his. Yeah I don't know like. You know it eat you gave it to unit already bought good. All you know you're yet ordered issued moving in keynote decent direction. But you can't cure it but they're going to know what we're gonna play his game not a loose. And acting that look that look look for the whole season. And routines that took the mentality OK all worked. Raw bit awkward that was our second blast. We're going to play ball control offense we're gonna limit their possessions. A bit global like you know eighty yards and a kick do all right it's somewhat outdated. Yeah well all good people play well I think. Tennessee defense I mean there's so what what they did a good chance you could tell they could quite. You know what it didn't stop the run these typical could equate. I think helping you could you can't beat the patriots that way you got it scored thirty points. While our yard you. You're not getting beat bit and not going to be seventy working game it just it is so. So they could potentially Deep Purple quack the well you know you got fourteen point she's so good ball control offense. I don't work. Chris and the reports are the patriots could lose. Israelis three coaches off their staff it is becoming head coach to the coordinators or both coordinators and Brian Flores. You were on the team and 04 where Charlie Weis Romeo and lower debt rating go for other jobs as a player it's that. Even on your radar early that's of them that even distracts you for a second obviously it didn't matter that he won on a more in the Super Bowl but. That's something that you guys even think about. Yeah Bob David Charlie Weis tried to call Kruger went to a questionable play. It. Yes. And aren't they want to insult and a lot of them heard about it I bet you won't get it. And ID ESP two and we are all over operated success and it score wouldn't be that I'm ready. And I'll. One polish YLRB. I don't Wear a neck and I need. All right I'll get your question no I pick it at all I didn't notice it. We never talked about its. I mean it really. Recorded oral out talk about it all be no illusions. And an act weird that you're particularly it would just actually occur naturally talk about it something would come out. But let my position goes if you don't anybody make eagle Romeo RB I would appear other coaches did leave it was really just Romeo. And actual lead lap and that it's sort of like ever got I didn't see Charlie without itself ball he was doing some pain you felt bad light. You know pockets on the crew although Romeo and he could do anything you know try to like had to recruit. You know it's really hit requirements were a lot more like god would you once you get to the Super Bowl beat that game planet game. The actors are really easy or short there's no patents. It's basically what you're back slut now all alcohol that the dread the day before. All other that it. Either you or the week we believe that what you get their feet. All right I know this is Paul your favorite that it protester false and a bag it see that being a big favored yours. In college so sure false here Josh McDaniels is the better. Coaching prospect going forward about Patricia had a better year as a coordinator for the patriots. Should I hate this that's what we. All all right so Josh McDaniels is the better prospect. Even though. Tomorrow. Yes I did either is yes well it's. Where candidate that's out of work what they're beyond what do all because that leader bolts. The same you know one. And it steals and Patricia saint details are such as meat dispersed all I think it weird looking at down oddity. Why I got Arnold got these pretty pretty WW. Aperture you can't be. You don't think guys make mistakes that is that set other forget mystics the second time. They know what to do it while the first time they'll be better the second time rowdy hopefully that. All you you buddy you showed. Figured out well liked it to be the second year I think what the problem news. But while there's a lot of these coaches and it is that I'd be that big guy that made toward them. What was it Mike Holmgren that everybody came under a battle over Michael and they let try to beat Michael. Would bill the guys at least try to eat little. Great example like me aren't quite obviously on the Charlie Charlie Weis would still going to be able ourselves. With little bit of what a little bit of build an athletic big issue is. The problem is that. These guys could take a little while to. To figure out there it did eight years and it the other big news. Is it really talk like. Once you're head. You're not a coordinator you work yup it's that it more about it quarterback got acute or about specialty you know ordered out mediate you don't worry about Kirk you don't worry about. You know are talking point you brought me updates. Put your head coach. You're dealing with a walk at the defense did a corporate office coordinator on requirement outside we'll all be owner GM. Ought to and you got so much more on your plate. To me that's the biggest adjustment. Like an opera for guys could be edited the property hired even quarter. That we got its way. David Padgett editor of the opposite of all of it right now he got all the political clout to worry about it but managed event at all the personalities. So. I think back to me it probably what are the biggest. You know challenge lies from these new ice. We'll pull it out yeah it is a major but what do you do differently okay Kirby at 1130 so. How about this not try to be Bill Belichick as he admitted he try to be too much like bill first camera Denver. The itself. All I see the thing I don't think Matt Patricia I like to beat anyone what it's about eight. He's Smart and are now I don't really good front bat could Matt what I. You know. Albany to get up go to deepen the quality control I can shoot so you got old guys a lot like they're like your peers your buddies. And it had begin up. You know it writes the views you got less access to him you know because out at all that it often coordinator and they have more apartments and adapt to do with other things. Well you just. I won't say aren't. I don't think yes it did any other bit of self help they and they we you know the way he looks deeply cares itself I don't think he cares what anybody thinks. I don't that he cared about. The perception of him that he did you know he's at least. Q a trip to Africa beard so that these yellow arm by mistake key everybody. It left affected. By the bill back I guess like I beat Josh was enamored by it may meiji went with him for ever. Our beat out Charlie Weis is saying Romeo. Was a little bit more resolve bad but it didn't happen. Fire all right now I think Matt. For everything that people about Matt. I think he's all right I'd say he just did a lot those two years and bucket page. So if you're an owner or genome of a team and you could choose between Patricia or mcdaniels and obscure peck who agitate. While. I'd check and to lead toward the author of side just because Obama often. And some guys source would is that I didn't even know. I want to score check out. I was I don't remember eight I would do it all this'll they have so I thought its that's I want you bet. You're it would do that safe thing now you mean the guy open in the state the cuteness. You. Whenever I know doubled but ultimately it's all good it's like it's clean. It's it's it's a nice statement he nobody ever before I only had an ad that yet about doing these like. Don't buy aren't ideal score got bit. Easy to put that one in baton. Four is you have edited very easy to have your signature touchdown celebration that cute. All the records a record like that one piece. Source guys who actually that they send out the likes of Diego wherever that we get all this I would we got it actually did all the baton to get all moved. You really look like this index on you look those balls. Wouldn't let her sides salt and everything don't like David crazies that instead what we pulled it off. Honestly at all. Four get a final score I asked were quick answer on this and and maybe I I say that you knew he can't. Is Delanie Walker eight good tight end currency just the best of an average receiving corps in Tennessee. Not everybody in great they didn't realize that I go wondered what did Allen do about. That. It's. All. I'd get so pissed about it didn't like. In the super on all your. Are now bright and all we would be great need such an award went to school he had really small school had no opportunities. You know one that's ever just go sit so well really old back. Or H back. All admit that it became a lot of me. Bit about I think a lot of a big grand auto obsolete but a little bit more should hear a bit better hands. All bought. Yeah yeah he's not in either. But the big test drive Rene got debt so big. Patriots big or small tonight who's the big player for them. All. Big Danny Amendola I'm writing any damage bola. Like I am is probably like I want it all about it. Long goodness I want all of it was. Are. Worried that much. I mean it's not exactly current policy but it's simply to think what pictures but I would say. That's about trying to get home now I can check out. I've worked like revert go back and beat in my head. I think he and the goal is the key to this entire. Policy and the waiter gonna play all the way to gonna play cooks. It would be it would be possible to reveal Lewis in the BM adult luck but he. Dole is a key quote you go back through the years. And I guys always coming up with clutch catches big third down catches he's got a big run after catch guys put man here is she secured the catch. He's reliable. As they in the heat of the moment when he needed to play. Hit number going to be calls so. I think today but overall it's big and a goal weekend. He's big and Emmitt goal and the goal is portable plant daily fancier draftees here tonight Christian itself watch on TV and are you are you gonna be awake tomorrow for a quick recap this gains were out here tomorrow morning again. Which I get a regulars dealt let's recap as the tomorrow. Yeah. Thank you tell us now that's and I know. I thought to have so well earlier in a Pulitzer tomorrow morning Rob Ninkovich units of the nature of it cares let it get out an eagle bars about the probable and much much like. They want to throw to guys like me mention ripple in the red zone we will go to there try to track down in the cabbage demoralize the other athletes feel the atheist yet gates to a small and I give us the Kirk Jones he's like the patriots make an image dole out with a patriots big. On suggest that McKnight Chris vote in that your hope we get to that night we had about ninety minutes they'll kick off 6177797937. Of rockets went three outs. On Everest dropped the second half leading 109 against the Eagles the Eagles have now a third down play. Short of the marker reliever equivalents and short. Outlook about to get their failed miserably. In the NFC title yes. I armor of the pockets because. I can't watch in the week that Apple's. Yeah that's just I don't know 88 states such belt here I'm not out of it might go a bit of water. Here it's not quite up. They've they've had Ulster act because balls it's about this game yet I can't the other week of pollsters about that you thugs Atlanta Falcons pastor at for dramatic attic like immediate support options what a gift by the falcons are or for the falcons again Carson once lessons he wants out of the word out 109 again the ball back at about the wrong eleven your blood there will keep you updated on that we should have an actives. I hear in this hour six point 77797. ID 370 AF. Tommy currents said earlier Danny would add is a better player than James White. You know what doesn't agree with that. The stats wise numbers we'll get to that thanks to a patriots fan on Twitter ample talk to you up to kick off it is luck and keep NFL Sunday. Sports Radio WB. Wouldn't let outside salt and everything elder light Richard Abrams Craig. It might mud that's key and rich keep. Basically these NFL Sunday brought to you my health plan's key insurance on Sports Radio telling you we. I doubt patriots and titans tonight. 850 your kick off we'll take up until 8 o'clock what it keeps Sports Radio WE BI your thoughts on the game tonight still have. Did you want blog we tweet any Long Will it bluntly and saying now as being close game. But Tennessee's can win here couple Tennessee radio guys after 7 o'clock drugs played Oscar good out Tennessee makes this game until 8 o'clock your calls at 617779. Seven ID 37 we are awaiting an active in the schemes it the next thing in this segment in fact. I should get what we know Rex Burkhead is not likely to play or is like you loosely. What other non football though where it's your fault calls and some running backs that's the patriots. Can't Rosenthal. Confirming that Garrick hole. Last week the was rumored to be headed to Houston Astros from the Pittsburgh Pirates and then that got shot down. After a couple of hours is now headed there column ran and prospects are going from Houston Pittsburgh. And Pittsburg pirates are sending you our coal to the Houston Astros that the Texas excuse me. That. At distance between the Astros were the top three teams the American legal right now the Yankees and the Indians. On the Red Sox so you'll want a quick 32 not football mode today your Boston Red Sox are clear cut the port that's team. In the American League as we speak as the running backs we cart and I got heated. In the first segment a couple of things here today ushered. He he didn't know laid that it was giving an eye contact rich and it was really all about yeah I feel like it radio I don't have to we'll keep you. To be able to post earlier saying and I I like one of things it's a nice work britches cities of his computer to a distant battle to look at him. There's a pace to sort notes one on Chris or so say they would look at my ancestry is British David hock their expert but I would make that. Current got really pistols in my contact and then. You suggest that Danny would edit that plated and that means. No which just on its face sounds stupid now the patriots we're count patriots SP 49 which is very critical loss for talking Guerrero. Early in the south for part of the show set heard a non story yeah heard over over current rates to best years that would it was better. Carnal mind that it would that is better than white from production standpoint this is the case for either. Load any would have but there's a lot of revisionist this is version is in with him and I agree with that and so he puts up the numbers you ready. Like it scroll down here for seconds to be able to because god knows the one I want to move around. Touches yards and yards per clutch. Over there at their best year span that's your art your expert but Shane Vereen. Average. Almost ten touches per game which pretty crazy on eighty yards per game an eight yards per James White. Six point seven yards for putts per game 45 yards and then all seven yards per touched any wood head. Do you work touches per game fewer yards per game. Fewer yards per touch that just heard it will add insult and touchdowns white three ball that well it would that it. So the numbers would say if you wanna compare anyone of these two groups of players through these guys if people read and white in the eighty would head was a nice player. Great story good character impart my take yes statistically. Was not the player of either James White Shane Vereen and even numbers now we're back it up thank you wash creates SP 49 went on to. What would that be the best. Both stateside caucasians I don't care what color that's whites. No bomb thing outside of knowing that we saw him play really well with the charters where it's Farina spent Tenet and but the giants. I don't know about in the majors I would sport altogether just the patriots who's the best out of robbery because Tom's big thing was yeah wife's best of the in this system. Or that I have better. The bigger dismiss him would I think in the numbers would bear out that chain marine was a significantly better player but him. They have any other for a third down backs are mixed again beat James White six the last two seasons they also had been wrecked Berkett this year. White got hurt in the ad deal as they even deal with the other's throats through back they had during the read. And have a private when we're not really is just 1000 for thirteenth 2014. Line not a I don't know. Yes I hear the values I think he I think James White is as good if not better the robbery he's definitely better than the I think all three are pretty similar and I also think that particularly the James white's and I guess if we were expressing was marine if you put them somewhere else. The second news. They could afford to like what the patriots why nobody you also mentioned earlier in the show that you think white is. One of the best third down backs and I can hit that yes they are I think. Being on this team when you know yet to account for rocket to account for folks in its Tom Brady. Duty in the play caller there I think that makes those guys' job easier I won not with why is. Those other guys admit it is their style. But dating the other guys. Maybe stats don't back this up but I feel that they break more tackles and make the first guy miss more. Evidently it's actually still getting almost seven yards were taught to read at eight. It would out what's the difference if you're making guys miss. That what. You're right he's not physical. But I I watched the simple highlights again that he was sort of suitable guise and that the Super Bowl army that is the wanted bureau white. James White fan that you want you pointed that Italy I still think playoff games you know we don't worry about that nothing is big I don't think is James what it's. No he did though he. His last year yet some yet the big ball buried in the Super Bowl it's hard to our I'll go to Bryant in Pittsburgh 61777979370. B Bryant. And keep oh you're going to be very. And of course you might in a game next week or I recorded at stake. I take organist Expedia. Play the European thirty followed the it and were totally plummeted. Gain with. Brady and grunt and look at L executed the coach he's the new book worries he eat he works art sand. We're gonna do well and I can only to see. Us and Pittsburg next week. Yeah I think a lot of people hoping for that as that is set out as well thanks for the call it's for me I imagined it. Next week and patriots Pittsburgh next week and you know go to the defense that's what he had. Up first of all be saying getting about the game doesn't affect that you can look at month number two for May just from eight. Talk show host standpoint. The Pittsburg Steelers represent a much much much much much much much much much better idea of programming. That what the Jacksonville Jack wildlife biologist patriot fan and I wrote prostitutes along that. Classic rock golf thing in the Brady Michigan Jersey yes Anderson Everett Beers. What Jacksonville is quite portals in here meet your law. Morals so tougher match up Pittsburgh. Better for talked Pittsburgh. Easy road Jackson and so and a callers first one about Belichick can we talk about eight coaching mismatch. Every week you have one politics better than a coach and the other side every single week it doesn't matter who's coming to town. Poets Mike Malarkey. You just do it it's meant laps on and I'm upset alert now it extracts. Rex go on a similar as Rex rumored in with any of these coaching not ace that is Smith right now nobody would you want Rex rival Boris get or not that would. There were more wrecks he's proven that he can run a defense I think it could be ordered back development is due to put a Mark Sanchez at one what do you say this is a rule of holes he from the full blown news. What he a lot of and I can I smell what can. Can I touch with you wanna be good at Rex coordinator. Know if it reaches into TV he sucks is TP is no stress and O'Donnell Joseph or all I got to about Nazis in it that they get papal state would make. Up a million or so as a coordinator really beautiful feet. He's probably senile in two and a half threes TV I was Europe brushes the third the salary. No pressure. I would probably. I asked him to and you've undefeated this year. That's again that's former coach at the coach's favorite there's a lot more time to make foot videos and worship at the let's be when you're not. Coach like different things like these are not just say this is a lot more time to our. You can't smell it there's no shirt stigma of touch than a year old or ER creep. 617. Really soft. 7797. ID 370 Paul never get to hear from Bob Bob Graham could whom you can between now and 8 o'clock Bob crap going on TV this afternoon responding to criticism. About the tension originals they are trouble learning thing. We're gonna hear Arthur Tennessee folks trying to make a case that Tennessee Titans at we hear from you are what 777 died. 79837. We're just over an hour kick up patriots and titans. It is NFL Sunday at Mott and keep for the best yet broadcaster most men like to do a lot of things of those who. Let's return to more of NFL Sunday when Maliki presented by coupling its key insurance on Sports Radio telling you we. NFL Sunday must keep and you Sports Radio WEEI 850 KX level take up until 8 o'clock patriots just released there inactives for this game a couple of guys will not be surprised by carelessly Rex Burkhead. Pulled out David Harris Johnson that most he will not play don't local crossed that it. And Alan Branch and kiddie parade. Around out these seven in actives. The biggest surprise there would be Al brain she was back in. Practice this week he suggests that lead to some media he was good to go on Saturday night. And he will not play against the Tennessee team that wants sort of football we take what's the football. I thought for sure these healthy he would play I don't healthy scratch or he was distilled the old the lingering issues but. He's by far the biggest surprise of the names we did not know Alan Branch will stop late tonight the patriots. Yeah aren't we got an idea with the running back situation was going to be James White was on the injure or but he is in Rex Burkhead is out. And then of course Chris Hogan who was played bought ones that mark yet he is back he has in years ago and slide. Kenny Britt is in the last time Chris Hoke came off the shoulder injury and played late 51 a 55 a sixty ones now so when he's healthy. He plays a lot so my expectations are so it's gonna play a lot we'll talk more about him. Are in the final hour ago votes Jeff is with Jeff how Alan Branch to Jeff how on Wednesday. It might upper it's called I will be ready really I'm just here they walking on the field that I feel like Avant up in me and I feel good now to contribute from there. It's on the coaches. On that team with that quote. Heat albeit weak with the way he said that. The BP and act sort of sounds like your right to go even illegal behavior towards that a healthy scratch that because he's saying yeah go and so I knew that. Important that if you're talking about Rex Ryan it's a great slash it about fifty running attempts by Tennessee which is outrageous but let's considerable lot that would Derek and as a monster. I thought it's going to be Malcolm brown Alan Branch upfront. Animated opens the door for more out of Butler but only about it's I support they they saw enough rewards guy they are stressed that that splash that they cancel apply those two guys starting. The other. He's now be Rick EG France one gene that is rosters and good Ricky Jean Francoise I was on and off the roster yet all year. He gets the call for Alan Branch out there and outbreaks healthy that's a huge shot against Dow Jones also will in buffalo Bill Self James Harrison. Well I mean it's. A lot of these insiders raw project in the same thing he's gonna have. A huge role in this game tonight. Setting the marriage against their victory at that it's at the store hostages heritage is there for Harrison will be next week. Ball goes. Enough right Campbell makes this point I'm not sure ticket depth chart she means that is right. Just that both he was active for every single regular season. The first round playoff game we'd always play special teams. I that's that's a sign that they're not wary of that Tennessee Titans basketball while it's not a great passing attack is at least two big guys in the middle activist mosque that's for sure. And also you know Gilmour missed a handful and you run defense. He yoga warmest and podiums during the middle of the season and that's where about a mostly played a whole lot now he's still active when Gilmour came back. But they probably figure with Butler with Gil Morgan Jones day in a row basically got to cover. As healthy offenses properties at a long time with. The L Lewis James White Chris Hogan's return. I'm they're set up pretty well and given how to proceed that in the past week ago. Could be a big night for Rob Gronkowski as well we start the show talking with Tommy cart about. Early to. People are turning it to watch this game tonight for the patriots your local way to watch them win nationally people are desperate and now. Is there an issue is their rift is there tension. I just couple minutes ago Bob Kraft was on WBZ TV down on the field it through the question about tension in and around the patriots this year. What people don't understand. We've been together as a unit for eighteen years. Viewer Chandler harper and should think of their businesses. When you have something good going there's always tension. And if you have good people as a lot of dynamic things going on there's nothing. That much out of the ordinary. So he's focusing on doing what he does best and so is everyone else them. With the all due respect to our friends in the media the guys in the locker room is really don't pay much attention to it thank goodness. I truly believe that as much as I've spent hours will be eating on the patriots off the field issues and craft and the man date Belichick and Brady Guerrero and Rob Lowe. I never once said that I believe that any tension on the field. Rich would factor in at all that when he was in game in the post season they've done a better job at any team in my lifetime sport. Blocking out the noise. I got used to it there was every single year it's something different and and you know it's kind of a sliding scale on how important some of these things are in the grand scheme of things but. They usually find a way to do to win and in spite of at all. So yeah I'm I'm not surprised at all now he does admit that there is tension you know he gives that yeah hey you know. Anybody you know every two years or work with great seniors and in Yeltsin's success there's still going to be a lot of success. There's going to be some tension there but. Yeah I don't think it's gonna affect the players look that's funny all the talk that there's been about the set quicker sham article it's no matter what side you were on it whether you believed at all believed half that believe none of it. If you said hey are they gonna beat the titans on Saturday everybody said yes and I think we're in a while the clear up any way you. It you know what that's still but the source of her favorite tonight it's against the super Blair who wonder were the ones that let me give you Max level of analysis. Which has been the highs there. I probably is as for crappy crap gonna answer that way yeah there's enough stories where between Guerrero and drop and then. The other part is not a big deal but. If you know you'll lose. With three cystic coaches that area at the current stormy clearly the difference this year for crap is that. In the eighteen years if they're become this much rich of a story this is why this. Year note their relationship has ever. It really called into question and not that there's been stories. Contradicting at a point like all he's got her best friend out and out best friend to suspend its head coach and player. Chris head coach of all time crystal ball tonic that's sort of added wrinkle to it but. They've had similar relationship and both element of spoken to it this year. And then it is because of Guerrero that more more of the questions come up and Tom's gonna defend him. They'll check until recently is gonna sort of deflect a little bit and say eight not eighteen employee if he wants him Acxiom. And then recently he served thing that the good relationship but. It does in how people are looking for ways to sort of it's it's making it soon it should be soon into the forty year old quarterback in the 65 wrote coach but it certainly doesn't feel like it's gonna be this year. I'll we will talk agent the titans let up until 8 o'clock that you guys 617779. 7937. Is the opponent or reset the enact as we come back in the Kenny Britt in active. Eisen mice that crystal gonna give you my reasoning radical it's going to be big game here tonight what Brady's gonna have a big game. Or export it out here 8 o'clock what the big story all week is it how can the titans win. Rex Ryan explained it he had liberate I hear from Rex and I wanna hear that some Tennessee yes Tennessee radio guys. Explaining how at wide this'll be eight game tonight. Here to let stadium. What are your bucks an hour to go to Roddy here what's your take on this game at six point 7779. 7937. NFL Sunday bought an hour ago you want Sports Radio WE.