NFL Sunday (on a Saturday) AFC Divisionals - It's the eve of Titans/Patriots and NOBODY is picking the Titans 1-13-18

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Saturday, January 13th

HOUR 4 - Titans/Patriots is just around the corner. We've heard all the pundits give gameplans to beating the Pats. And yet, nobody will committ to the Titans!


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That's he had when he. Sales Sundays yes he's brought to you by. Let's see insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified check out how plenty dot com. Right handers in the Quaid architectural molding. Then by your New England cup voted tractor dealers UN FL Saturday with them. Money keys on sportswear. Well our senate. They've bought it keep for the best get broadcast that game except for all things patriots and it tightens it could mean you're kicked. It till that we'll take your phone calls at 6177797937. Feels like to meet we are. Just over always great statement game from the patriots a statement the organization remind people that. It's all the drama and all the field issues that were the patriots this week one of the big tablet headlines obviously. Was this patriot team out there what are my people while the number one seed let the other 21 favorite to win the Super Bowl. And more than that I do you think this is a monster Tom Brady game here tonight not only because. Their hold on whether he's played well before not only because. The Tennessee Titans defense sets up for top rated have a good game against them but because. In that Tom Brady rich has usually been a good Tom Brady just feels like this week. If feels like a statement he'd come at least. He just over now well and I latest numbers that low when what does matter when he feels like he has something to prove even though he's the that's. What I symbols matter what happens and here on the east the only difference like he asked but also his teammates. Feel the same way you'd you'd go back to be on the responses Cincinnati game. Right after the Kansas City and where. Might Girardi doesn't question about rock wall and their 212 in the water Armisen and yet there. That team member after that you brought gronkowski in the locker room like specifically talking about people doubting radiate how late. How he you're getting emotional about it. And so you get the sense that even though the guys are a sure that not reading the Christian article word for word about doing that. But they probably have a general sense of what's going on. And at what people are saying about Tom Brady so whether it's rock or Chris Hogan come on back or anecdotal or all the running backs. Those guys are gonna be motivated to go out there and smoke the titans and improved her by atlas and this is all nonsense and everything's fine here. At Baghdad's. 800% right and I'll I legacy of motivated patriot team will have no let up in them not to be surprise it's one of those Brady. 345 touchdown past games against the Tennessee defense that. I'll get to hear this model our. I'd gives up passing plays as for the inactive for the patriots might it was Lee Alan Branch caper Rex Burkhead. Call crossed and David Harris and Johnson that most seats. We've met this person around but the Kenny Britt inactive. Does signal to be there at a percent filed with crystal if they thought there was any worry that Chris Hogan was gonna have. I'm lingering issue of the shoulder Kenny Britt is active example of that outside receiver spot and it bluntly that shell at depositions so. I said a couple times that Chris Hogan has a big game because he'll be Tennessee's defense. They don't give up the deeply give credit cooks they eat play receiver with struggled neared its mass. Last month. What they give up with dink and dunk over and over again Chris Hogan. What he's been healthy without moral duty go back to last year's most. I Pittsburgh Dallas that's right he's. A lot of great moments just that short time here and so yes they they edit them pretty good about him. And also this week there was talk about Malcolm Mitchell when he was up there on the practice field. And they did not activate them so yesterday we knew that he was gonna play tonight. And they have until Wednesday. Either activated or not so potentially could see Mitchell. That is another got a might LeapFrog over Kenny Britt underdog yet played all year I think you'd be pretty crazy cult and a little bit the post season latches oh yeah forget Mikey Kennedy would. But but by not playing at all like not even I think it'll warm up game that the first game to play in oh and a year. Is going to be in the conference championship game. Utter garbage that he still go to the Brit. Not good to Great Britain right now how well he fits into the offense by. Obviously getting healthy at the right time for Chris Hogan. I would say we look at the active list or two guys that you really think would have an impact if they played would have been branch and Birkhead. And Berkett we knew all day that you know show after reporting with the way they've played with a essentially to. Real active running backs before and they've been fun would it at another defensive line. That seems like hour to chance or teen choice and so they feel good enough for the guys that they have. Healthy scratch for Al breaks what it feels like so we spent all week talking patriots titans nobody's really make an occasional. Sam ponder today on ESPN the titans to win it was an anti arsenal take a letter are still based in weight that is outside the patriots. She's obviously anti bar stool. Let's hear from a couple different. People on this titans team tonight Ali naked let's start with the Tennessee guys we have not heard this yet. It's a couple of Tennessee radio guys let me get their names correct it is George and Fred. I think it's the damn I think it isn't backed. Rex wrote joint U Rex wrote until we actually throw records road and Jason wall Jason wolf not a program direct. Jason wolf Joseph are already out there. He has a radio that their Tennessee and they explain how this is going to be a game tonight patriots tight here to stay. I really think the titans offense. Has a chance to. Build on that again confidence hard to get. But also hard to deal with on a team hasn't actually think they do I think Dave. And it and I do think that all week the stuff they're hearing about how this is just sick of laughing stock of a mismatch I think it. It helps and it does remind me a little bit. For talk about national sports that reminds me a little bit of the predators Blackhawks last year debt and I've gone to when the difference was we saw them play at the black I saw you but you just alike now there is no freaking way it's the 168. And it's maybe they'll get a game and they went swept them. Not saying that's happening here but. I think there's going to be moments serie a when people watching you sand. Well who who is this team I really do. Well that's not a real confident today does all of that all offensive confidence and nobody believes it's a regular combat it exactly. That you'd put on the to be confident we'll tough thing to. Upset but I thought Rex also a tough thing to deal will want someone death blow. That will run out of a Portuguese Chile from loss that it will beat the patriots option. Accelerate the guys are Canadian admits the web based on the alarm today at least get the ups that alarm bell later sounding alarmist Rex Ryan let's let people here not her yet rectified that and ESPN. Where they really don't take and as Rick said sounding the alarm the upset tonight MacKenzie. Are actually wipe that Tennessee Titans I'll put it on upset alert now I don't watch out what the patriots I don't want to tell you why. They're they're they're just happy to be here now the titans have earned their right. But here's what you gotta do this week's the key to success running the ball fifty plus fine. Dig it up on the show you how you got it done how we got it down when I was with the jets with that formula there. I out Bart you know. Well he did not pick the titans he picked the patriots to win. Anyone ought to give us longer explanation there perhaps that'll after the upset alert he gives you the most it's terrible to aquittal circle back to you. Here was his explanation of how he would keep plants like this is how he executed a game plan with the jets against the patriots brawl. The former head coach Rex the key to me. Is to ride down op it's a line you yeah Tennessee Titans that offensive line it is you know you got first tropical through tackles are. Road graders first rounder solid record that they proudly and Rachel as a unit it quite honestly. I'd mention run the ball fifty plus times now and I actually did it. One of them were thrown out there with the with the jets and I might you know our best chances to run forever on jargon laden that. But we were able to knock them off the lines here but if I such that it doesn't matter if you are running back. You were blocking them down if you wouldn't call this type of stuff. Whether it's fair injury whether it's markets Mary Oden when you've got somebody as a direct snaps you get back here your job period we just kept going. Ask them about it in this case we've got. I'm not. At halftime for the patriots they knew what we're like a guy stay the course. Stay on the ground power or overthrown rely so we know they'll. You turn the ball over against New England Patriots just once that fooled by the way New England is 24 in five if you turn the ball over one time in the playoffs if he wrote over it eternal and sixteen in the Hawaii so the formula is you keep possess in the football. And you sit back and say you know white guys. Running on it route and it in eventually. Two yards three yards or yards by blatantly says double lady says double ladies. Run it on it real and it Dominic Dunn golf Rahal. Rudolph wrote. Pay it from Rex Ryan. That is old school all they keep football I have my cards in regards I would yards wide or three yards and a cloud of dust. If you saw an area to come out shotgun. Org involvement every X two well three wide outs and end Delanie Walker to say you know what we're gonna grow we at the support the patriots it prepare for this. We're gonna throw into the area that we use this I have a ticket united and it well okay throw under that sort of like Malarkey parties retread. 97 coaches I'm in the top seller now. Which doesn't mean that it patriot bill any pitcher Josh grades. It beat the patriots Q any. Any. Now that they will not candidates do. Not doubt about it do you think that's you. If we would do a few tips. Yeah because I don't think I don't think they have the ability to throw the outlet you're idea in theory makes sense but they have they don't to all year. What do marionette a thirteen touchdown passes audited the felt that his brutally to more ex. So they're a little bit more offensive firepower. Then sure but I don't think they can do. I think they're literally if they're gonna do be upset it's gonna literally have to be. But a fluke pick six and there are returned a punt for scores every one of those carry it there offences in bills scored off so they're gonna be the defense specialty. Square like just know that if they come out and they try to run the football Abby three about basketball that score seven nothing that fourteen nothing. And they essentially over an apt at the find a way to score with the patriots early or. I guess the other flips out when they find a way to stop the patriots defense league and the first half last week at Kansas City. Alex Smith lit up this Tennessee team target Kelsey over and over and over again and we talked about a lot. But Rob Gronkowski he had to do it monster you eat it just based on the way to play defense against Kelsey a week ago. Would lead to that right Hannibal wrote about this today WE yeah I'd up now pulled mean short give him credit I get it right. In his last four games it's a Dick LeBeau defense no more muscle loss yeah this is Robert cal ski four games. The white six catches 363 yards. Five touchdowns he Tennessee's last seven games. Opposing tight ends have 34 catches broad 54 yards and three scores and they are not good so. The it's a lot IV aids it's a chalk that sale the day. And my mom could say that dad has but he's going to vote if you let's look at the record it sets up for him to be open while want situations and just dash. This Tennessee's it. Yet another there's there's no doubt now I don't think it's gonna be out of Fort Wayne Allen gets in the Mexican I don't think it's gonna be one of those four favorite mentioned it could be. He has through every week yes that that question. How Dwayne Allen has been so ineffective. He's active he'll be out there I just I I think. Yet crops that's up where ABC more of those injuries as a monster. First half sort of sets the stage there and that it just kind of a running up the clock that debate like look like a Saturday night special at Foxboro in the divisional round whether a 457 or something like the rest of the country flipped the event Friday. And the patriots made you're still watching. This game that's for the running back situation Dion Lewis can see a lot of him here tonight James White is also back in this game. As well one note from Eagles and thought of which are small goals. What you expect here tonight from this thing at 617779. 7937. Headed to the game headed to an event to watch the game we what are your thoughts and predictions on patriots tight here tonight Audi seat going down. Who the players are focusing on a key unique case the way that Joseph wrecks or Jason will just that so pathetically make your case for Tennessee win this game. Often it's hard to give it up but also allowed to deal with the team as good point the Eagles he said that the I don't know anyway. And I notice actually was Shakespeare you morons spare. Eagles falcons late and thwart it Eagles by five underdogs all week three point dogs. On Apple's not played well it somehow their up Wi-Fi only this game erupt like it. They got it down with a three audit them the five yard line through a third down pass short mystics to a sport that you've bout before. Doug Peterson everybody in America say kick the field goal what are you doing. Doug Peterson let the clock wind down. I'm about. If he would definitely voted that kick a field voted out later that is going to cut back to bite them directly at the Heidi at Atlanta's got that score and make this week's seventeen to fifteen other votes it would make it 1850. And that they're going to be one time out short the end you Doug Peterson ultimate weight what they want yarder to throw to second season. They got two seconds or 12 are quite to dump it would gold for a fourth. For that to the crowd saying he waited for the clock went all the way down one medical timeouts of that you literally call are about to see her to gain 12. But you're talking about the or six plus minute when you call back over at that point you sent kicking it out go kick the stupid football. All called what Peterson's defense. Limited play that led him to right now ladies may have Fletcher Cox terrible first downplayed right now out of Bonser but it's team Joseph Clark looked at it like 67779. Seven not 37 Joseph woody got. Might I guess I bet you don't let your mind number one yeah. You're loan cap that. Yeah us. I don't want a baby tell exactly how. While I mean I I've called Arctic and it before right. They try to take a month he put a mob that inside my early on number one user the night it said offended. Even though you all monkey boy right. Joseph is a pilot is slightly. Usually used law. Regardless. The pre dream that there are so late night it's great just keep doing what you're going to. Please don't be a little bit and I don't have that is on board Collins came to my job. Are you backing. Up. At yeah they're here thanks it. Are written about it. 31 so close that I played what they want the points. I want to point. Out yeah. I'll yet the only guy San Diego I'll. As you or how Butler wealth is called the current Okur went blow right at the spread 2713. It's a thorough logic that's now thirteen points. Pre game. Program green the pilot and that's about somebody. They have a suit with odds as getting back to bite the Eagles and and I asked earlier or four year. Yet the NFC I completely. Rooting for the spinal falls or needs. The backwards and wholesome or. I want Eagles out of it and I want. Good quarterbacks. I think the best case he might not be out of very good news that the best not to get too far ahead of ourselves in we're not playing it doesn't matter the best Super Bowl matchup would. After the Brady Brees right. Saints and patriots still. Yeah so I know there's a little you know how that played earlier this year to all cycle while quarterbacks. Pretty good canceled team. Eight against Belichick two coaches that in the it by the NFL recently for different scandals night at a cricket what you Brady vs Ryan. Liberty verses Wilson and Purdue vs you lie a couple of times you Iverson Kurt Warner which still might be one of the best score river as the lol. The lowest class in the map so breeds would be right up there breeze better. Are the best. Quarterback matchup that pretty sensible. Refs or at all favor but it is better I'd decrease of one right now and it. The second best matchup by the way use the lights yeah home team the potential for whole team to Super Bowl. If we're well the grim or the does that troopers. Felon who Zimmer papers that defense now. Right back here now and I kind of sponsor Ryan. I experiments out and immediately I heard people that buzz for Atlanta witnessed here today patriots falcons again. Well how big their I don't. All that without add any shot at bouncing back patriots actually now in a simple up to no chance there be no chance. Felt Eagles everywhere if I was with went to be great yes there is the photo on the MVP I stayed healthy and that would that a good matchup. But now you tomorrow's winner that's really where word that falcons are set up for a third down deep in Philadelphia territory down Wi-Fi will keep track of this game it will taught you guys up to 8 o'clock to 7779. Seven ID 37 your thoughts on patriots and titans don't forget after the game. Or way it's morals the ripples keep shall till 2 AM late night audio wise you lay out what the guys this the placed the after the game. After the patriots win here tonight be here on WEEI until two or your phone calls coming up Sports Radio that he was a little bit about. Once again it's money heat and more of NFL Sunday plus you might help Lansky insurance on Sports Radio WEP. Luckily my label. He feels on this portrait of the week yet a couple of guys are all very very high level. Revere college basketball games back in today. Were rich Keefe his signature call it out somewhere and an argument Gartman. At some point what you would quote the Bush's big beat commercial. Well they play today if there are a lot of big play Ricky would yell at well. That's beautiful bean footage is what he was. Well to be there correct ultimately make that up now that's correct however to be fair there at the gentleman on the team that last that was being. Though it got out of nowhere although the photograph pocketed a better advocate that they'd be. But he he was a bit of a long range shooter when you're not a lot of Gloria I would encourage people roll that beautiful bean footage we you have that somewhere in the archives of preventive for me at all veggies and at some point. I thought our. You know that I play guys yet. I don't pick night big bounce back week by the way for Roma not to cut you off now welcome back. Rumbled back this week is the lead of the night right across the street right across the street. We had we should place a brawl highs could answer Ron I'll talk that's the patriot way right there he's not okay. People have different strengths but that's in the slot. One of his strength is not talking during the I'll be honest that that Romo fan I'll admit he can't EU. You know had attended every single category. That's what we're struggles predicting plays made the best in the business. The sort of like it's set at dollars and persona. Maybe the best in the business. Are we I got the word brought boss we are allowed to do it live look him. Two Eagles and falcons people that two minute warning right now Atlantis got a huge burst out of Leo majority definite right you have the ability to well lock is it or France it wasn't one to give people an idea what's want right now given a warning I mean once or we could play the role want to know I'd panic that I will let our broadcast part of the west would want to do that it is a two minute warning it is Atlanta trailing by five feet it ended up fourth and sixth coach shields got 31 all want a great 125 yard play. Atlanta is driving now jolts just made another catch. Inside the thirty yard wide so when it's got the football out by a five minute warning to timeouts in the pollster they are off its Matt Light and Willis team. Eight play fifty yard drive that consumed the negative Westwood run out of eleven liberty clips up. Takes a told staff writers here at leopard Gabriel has Walker's double some pipes exploding launches at the Malcolm Jenkins and he would sit down and around the morning. The median of six of the second down before Bryant will be 200 yards passing of the gate with a emotion out Kevin Coleman the bill frees them. At that point no Ryan knows his handcuffed. Because they run the linebacker all the way outside with them. Goes the wide receiver screen in the that the night's move like did. It got sick he downed in three equal nineteen big bodies up front from under center. That's what we're watching in the air squabbling over the ground and he's tackled at the night a time out cold. He picks up ten yards near the Eagles decided called time out they'll have one left 119 remaining confident that a lot about it out. Let's what was covered terrible that percentage might speak eat and eagles' leading by 51 night he ago. The Eagles are one timeout left they should have to Doug Peterson part they hide out on important tool for the four yard line. And it said rolling out of sticky heat debate it and he had your ovaries that. Think about it they'll let the clock put out two water borne it about what seven X about your pocket you are forty seconds. They use the head out now I have one left shook Atlantic going late. Philadelphia the last can get active might have right. In the past or present at that time. We didn't call the time all local like you I would never seen that I have a little surprised that Atlanta it is the arts and running plays. At Philadelphia at a Philadelphia that is called that timeout knowing that hey if they score they wanna have some time Latin theme lately and it's playing it. A little too cute but they're trying to score under a minute I. I that was that was actually Roddick that didn't work and help with global order Freeman was was terrible or what the coverage was a terrible one is gonna set a date Julio Jones quarter for a touchdown ball let's go back to Philadelphia fifteenth and the Philadelphia Eagles still have the lead but the falcons at the ball deep in Philadelphia territory jointly by five back corporate and let's. Reza written permission of the NFL is strictly prohibited but haven't heard about from tied at Austin Cooper today the target. That has had little success on the year in this area is Julio Jones. Even though he was second in the league in receiving yards and three touchdowns and only one red zone touchdown this year during the right person. Targeted. He did. He's had great numbers against BP. Eagles in particular his last three entering today a touchdown in each with a 24 grabs for nearly 400 yards over a 120. Brigades. And that's what I'm looking about Matt Ryan. If you offered scores you start the year trying to find a way. On coverage. Would Julio Jones in the U. Are these cover. Rolling to the big receiver. And let him go. Make what it falcons breaking all the background. On the streets Kevin Coleman Santoro looked delighted once fit or right Jones by his lonesome near left. 119 to go fourth quarter down the line first and goal of the night riot dates back looked left blocked leopards don't want to know. The dolphins fans in good. Very aggressive physical covered by Ronald Darby that's been an offer help battle today between Darby until we got the won't want covered exactly what he wanted. Are we playing golf coverage. That ball is. And outside. Even if Julio don't catch didn't. Look at the chance to make the point targeted fourteen times today it grabbed 94 yards he slot right to wrong wars in second goal of the night. Worldwide shipments to ride out the gun down 5150. To go port or. Shotgun snap ride to step drops it's a quick. Scooped up. It looked to be an incomplete forward to advance and indeed incomplete pass now signaled by erasing an official from the port side he on target and it worked. I'm not sure what the benefit of waiting for. But underhand shovel the weirdness out clears get a good night under it Schobel parents. It goes the third one what is this and hoop that's. Right which party. Those news Muslims of Iraq shot balancing act like typical of the decade. Little bit ago if we run it under the gun to step drop but slam. Jones makes it tough having grab. At the two yard line a couple of Eagles stumbled there. Darby but that's not the end zone it's fourth and goal from the 2102. To go at it looks like we'll get another timeout. No it's not covered by Darby. Why bet tried to. But Matt Ryan a smooth edge and the clearance underneath the linebacker. Right there stop. It's the Eagles who called their last timeout and the flag is because I don't think it was William bill what are you knew your body you throw the ball I don't know they'd never able that he doesn't have any. Target on the first outplayed they had. And Ryan. Ryan but he definitely catch. Additional again. That negated so corporate overview here we go back to Westwood One. It was a ball game. And about. Going home. In the off season this story. If they can't score. A touchdown right here. And it looks like they're going to take. Another glance at the need to go Jones neck he had a big fan might not have had possession of the ball. That would back them up to fourth downing gold back a benign as it stands it's Portugal the two after what was ruled a catch for seven yards on the field we doubt get a look at replay. Well that's about law. Later pulled out what's what one what it girl recently for second that he survived shoot around but boy thank god thank god one durables two in the scheme that he survived the ground. That is actually it looks like all. The ball came loose those. That's outside the numbers and Tony. The ball did appear to come out after U I buddies down I I was already but I got moved I think. Based on how to call things in the NFL on my prediction in complete let's go back to west who want one bit of a delayed do you want. I think got them back I think it's going to be fourth. In nine as you said. After the the play until then. Get rid of the lines that can't read you know look at ready. I don't need to catch another week this lady Betty okay I don't. We do know you gotta catch board and we know that now I think it is it's now the place. To go. NFC champ spacing. This year's. Brian. Eight from the stadium big break bottle. Reduced chances on the law enforcement gold two yards out single bank left seven bowl slot right might end up. Why all the emotions of the far right Ryan under the gun to your left hash takes the snap Motorola was right on the Ed fox fox. It's at right side sleeper. You could who. Yeah. We go to but yeah and she's OK as did reject the polygamy have. I don't play but they always just this kind of job you get very frustrated out because I think it was it was a rough because jump through so. As for the Eagles but it is solid and that's why I about your sentence keep its older partner for the local bigoted fumbled the snap your local back to our friends that lets you want. Excellent job. All the play Buckley called a final play for Matt Ryan it was spread out right he had Joel's initially. Jolts felt flat out has yet so little contact their he did not suck there that was a good last second opportunity postal two timeouts. The Atlanta Falcons on it may be now that's actually the time you know probably snapped him up barring all that's a penalty by Philadelphia that its optical although they are all that is true though mud. So. This one a certificate to ticket me Soledad just like every Super Bowl against Seattle off sides by Atlanta give them a couple extra yards exact same class they're gonna hope that my they jumped but I think it helped the offense. That's tough to get the rock plea can't just take indeed if your beard really close to the and zone all night and now you just haven't got our jobs but they come out of a clip before they were in like the victory formation but went with an arrow went folds let's get a half. Have to go for I was Jarrett to their picks Dodd appoint jumped in the neutral zone offside so now it's Philly Philadelphia then having first and and the on the road two yard line of persons and from the rolled seven yard line what you were up don't get the ball the couple times Atlantic always stop the clock I was like yeah. Zell probably just do from there on that last play Ryan had Jones out of break he slipped. Making the plate right to discredit the plate going. But all he's got grace great pass rush really all day today war able to get to Ryan air he threw it back at the end zone. Jolt just sort of this this jump because they'd catch. But I take is this not the job what terrorist hands incomplete. And so Philadelphia's got a good chance your one or play it will shortly at a time about that's gonna do it and they are gonna win this thing there were underdogs at hole. Against the defending NFC champs that Doug Peterson. And Dick freaking vols will host the NFC title game next Sunday late there'd they'll. And they know it's really say about that too is if the saints are able to go to Minnesota and win which. We'll sit they're the underdog with the saints have been playing really well this year there is that chance that Drew Brees. Could've played indoors this whole playoff fraud but now he's gonna have to go to Philadelphia. If they win you would assume it's going to be asked the COLT next week yeah so loud be tough for the saints are they going to Philadelphia. And I again we watched a lot of the scheme. Here it at the shed. By initial take would be good wouldn't Philly. Awful awful awful offensive game plans to sell it means they turtle you saw there late. Shovel pass to a back up back up running battle what that final minutes that run played a lot for even. Every time we watched joneses and knew they were open those guys knocking the ball enough and not gonna be shocked at this point little makes coaching staff changes. Maybe Steve Turkey's. There it is an excellent job well as would want yes Ry good job by you back there studio excellent flexibility of bring people. The final up minutes of this he want it down Doug Peterson celebrated with his players and barring. He fumbled snap on third down the falcons levity Eagles win. The witness came out. They were favored dogs by three he's right I mean a home dog food all the dog and I are retired air. I would have been on a course it's yeah as horrible I don't know that I'm final break an apple makes expect the patriots game here tonight will pick two games tomorrow as well delegates are off to. All things ESPN radio after the game the real post game show a short ways moralists that is after pats and titans your own Sports Radio WEB. We return to NFL Sunday. With the money she talked on. Dubai cup plans the insurance on Sports Radio WEEI I'm. Eagles get it done. Final Matt Ryan finally snapped you you know Jones and it leads Philadelphia fans and once he will host. The NFC title game that late game next week to hear that one no make it your heart that. The second half that he potentially here on WB yeah I guess rubles to show you on after that obviously. Drug Becky and second half but I don't know for sure on the Super Bowl but he carried that game and it's retiree check your local listings as they say W we get guys out Tom. What the pro grammys get let's start with tomorrow's game as ritual nick all three games here this season I don't might final season numbers here doesn't matter you but really really good. I've been really really bad start with the early game Pittsburg hold its the F Steelers host the Jacksonville there favored by seven points there it's. Man that is. Can that are seven and a half of that earlier in the week and I think it may be going Jackson owed seven and a half seven. This thing I think has bush written all over the keep the Steelers I'll take the team that it is gonna win that game. So give me them by at least the touchdown I'll take Jacksonville because this delicate. Story today. One of the reporters and their question whether or not the cold weather is an effective Tony Brown he might not make that team to moral. But it take the points to beat Jacksonville plus the seventh. On the strength of their deepen the late game as the game of the weekend. In the divisional round it's Minnesota home here by five and half against the wall saint old people around here probably ready for the saints set up some sort potential patriots in saint matchup. What an old favorite to Drew Brees on the road get to five and a think brings on the road because this hour these crazy cold virus I think I think he's going to be in good shape there at your stature Brees yes Artie got even though it's away from New Orleans I think he'll be fine. Ending at some point the player with whom they lose that he'll be really close so keep the saints in the in the in the final. I have absolutely lock with you as well because you look at. I want it to this game it's just about getting the lights. Odds are two very good teams that'll take the plus five and half give each other great things on the road of our for a how about tonight. Patriots that late thirteen I Ortiz and it's going to be Q school or give me. Oh lead on the scheme was gonna stand up for the pats give me 3110. I think it's going to be a blowout win for the patriots one of these Saturday division around games they host in the wind and it's not close. Fourth quarter you're gonna be feeling fine and it's never gonna be a threat that the titans are even in this one. It's a very very boring pick and it's it's very obvious he would by the most expensive guy drafting but I do think it'll be. A monster rock performance of the to the tune of 440 yards two touchdowns supplement. Optical patriots big 4413. And I'm just convinces a huge game for Tom Brady. This is oil state games are Brady angry operating there it is absolutely in play. And not going to be surprised Chris Hogan has a monster game I think that that AFC title game a year ago yes Tennessee Dick LeBeau to please support by the defense I think they'll have to do. Or measured rocketed Travis Kelsey we don't know widths we actually that's stupid. They saw Kelsey did to them the gonna have to be involved there were wrong to be a big crystal really huge operated. 4413. Final locks here the knicks brought to you by our friends. At Dartmouth building supply your local Anderson window dealer whether kick all that's going to be awfully cold here. They pull up Weather Underground it hit the check my current location. Here at Foxboro it is currently. Ice cold 23 it feels like seventeen. It's a vehicle or is the night goes on here folks they listed as. 183 now but I view the year it's going to be under twenty degrees and realize. If you're driving around tonight it's your at that at the emea listening right now but if you're gonna drive around after the game tonight. Tell at least not careful because it is the parking lot outs that are sham hurdle are beautifully warm best yet yet that is Burma. It is IC all that accurate the storm coverage back here. That's well what they saw coverage should be OK on that front call it. Separate coverage that is what Hillary possibly Eagles a first eagle they had to halt ought to defeat to edit your final. I game two tonight patriots and titans wolf that this all again tomorrow Retief yes hi. Whereas Fauria out Orioles are gates that he. AM essentially. Your morning recap apple thinks patriots in tighten the wanna thank a lot of here Doug Weight got here early to set things up a date with our producer here brought the date out of Dade excellent job as always right garbage. Tremendous job he's been a great producer of the show all season long. Angels are off reminding us we can't go life yes so it's great Eagles and falcons both excellent for our audience. Patriots tight supply after the game real postgame show with or weight ends analysts here on WB yeah I enjoy it from bought it people see you tomorrow morning. Right early with your coffee any recap patriots tight them NFL Sunday. You want WE EIC.