NFL Sunday (on a Saturday) AFC Divisionals - The Titans are not built to beat the Patriots; Rex Ryan has the keys to the Titans' success 1-13-18

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Saturday, January 13th

HOUR 2 - Rex Ryan is known for many things. Things like his obsession with feet or his poor choice in tattoos. But today, he could be the saving Titans with the secret of secrets to beat the Patriots. 


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That's Guillen brings. Failed Sunday. Yeah he's brought to you by complex. Right handers in the Quaid architectural molding. By your New England cup voted tractor dealers UC NN bill Saturday. With money and keep it on sports room. But the best chance yet here at Gillette Stadium but keep NFL. Sunday on a Saturday NFL Saturday were called its playoff football it's already underway as Richard said the first game. Our divisional weekend Eagles and the falcons falcons were pretty popular pick. As a favorite in this game Billy is driving inside the falcons' thirty ought to JGI lot of air like a lot of even the running back LaMont. In this game so far really their trailing three don't think they have the ball. Heading towards the reds will keep you updated on backing it gets set for patriots tight with your vocal excellence at that. 7797937. On Twitter at UT yeah I. And keep 21 to quit public service announcements for this week's game if you were on your way to the game right now or accurate traffic or if you if you pack. Extra warm clothes in the car. And are wondering how local going to be. Hope it won't be thought it was today when he got up at that while ice Saturday morning. That is gone it is a coal rich it is it it's windy out here it shall at stated it's getting colder as the night goes on. Fact is if this were gonna be really cold. Saturday night well not only that but the conditions in the park in my excellent point there boy is that going to be dangerous already very icy area the parking lot here basic any area that had. Any amount of just standing water is now face issued a place so let's be careful what you get again Audi car I suspect the highways decline here tonight. Some of the side roads and I'm sure I'd hear the parking lots any sort of slant any sort of hills any sort of water. You gotta deal with let's just say maybe you're leaving the game her underweights through the game you may not have your best balance out you. Potentially there's that chance that may be your about it at dial as you normally are beware the popular re wiping out today and without I don't put a car or sit on fast for the patriots beat the titans tonight 4413 inch so they're setting up for patriots Steelers. Next week here they're playing at what they asked her to do. 3:34 o'clock game subway right next week if he can pitch of game yes. Based on today's drive it you'll be driving in on route one. Directly in the hottest brightest on the in the history armada America where the sun glasses next week drive into the game if you're driving in a early to mid afternoon hours close roaches right anyway either just. Getting recess I think that's the reason why you were drought so slow that you inflict a lot of traffic there but there. Why it was just as the sun particularly glare back and that it was surprised at so that's like like you. Hot sun dress warmly tonight if he where the ice Slick Rick said oh yeah next week when they win. Wear sunglasses. I've written 4413 we'll do our. Pixar ox that which human all unbelievable this year thank you all three other playoff games are still up to three games here yes at the end of the show up but as for the game tonight the recent Pickett 4413. I expect. A monster game about a robbery and it was weird here at the end of the week in the coverage of breed New York Times that their story about. Brady is midlife crisis and 538. The ESPN offshoot that Barrick the statistically based in a breakdown an artery use that terrible the EPA staff on Brady that that group that maybe he's having a bad of five games here at the end of the year they did compared to Peyton Manning. I'd 2014. And Richard it's not buying it is I would look at this game tonight at this playoff run a general. I don't the year Tom Brady getting old as the issue that eventually knocks them off I think that the Mets could have a game. Where they run it to work around it towards saint that'll make enough plays and don't win that game the offensive line. I think it's been an issue at times this year if you pull the offensive line was the first domino to applicable laws I could believe. I don't picture can't agree. A lot of the point right now in these last five games were I think. Brady is anywhere near sort issue for the pats they get set to start their their march a minute so you get auto. Think he's an issue I'm not as confident as you largest because I go back to last year two picks against Houston. Go to the Super Bowl pick six against the falcons and so we've seen him have some. Not property like playoff games maybe you know even the jets at the ravens and they came in here and beat the patriots. He didn't light the world on fire and you go to they lose the game entirely because of him no but when you're expecting him to. Either Topper there are you seeing like he's the league MVP this year I know the last five games have a great. So all the analysts trying to talk themselves in the somebody else that maybe if earlier maybe it's it's frozen meals that are brought to life threatening like well okay those guys all had great years but it's still Tom Brady. And there's not a quarterback you rather have. If you re drafted we'll talk about receding if your read drafting. The the eight teams that are left. Ready to the first. It is the first do you want to sit in my first oh yeah I figured it wiggled you're probably right I do think nationally with the fact that the reason it gets one as Greek all Greece beat Carolina last week. Brees had a pretty good gave it pretty good year it is all right but yes the play outside. And I thought as I agree with you not. I at what Howard what are we hit point late in the week that. Right now Drew Brees better quarterback Brad and agree that it flies insane but I don't think it's the slam dunk that all right Bob nationally that you think that even if you wanna say just AFC he'd be the first pick in the in the AFC so even though some of those games down the stretch are great and we threw. Was it six picks in the last six games that's very un Brady like. So if you went out there Brooke picked tonight. I wouldn't be shocked it would almighty god but he doesn't have to be great tonight. Yeah I think you have to be very good to beat the titans next week and the red to the conversation next week if it's. Pittsburgh or somehow Jacksonville wins is now that means are having to play out wins and their well. And really good defense he's gonna have to be very good to win games after this tonight. I don't think it matters if Tennessee Africa. I think it does matter for this reason we'll get your thoughts on this and and how you view Brady heading into this march to Minnesota beginning tonight at home. I get the titans at 6177797937. Of people large company and its many are sort of on the the offensive terms of what to expect from Brady during this month. The one thing Tennessee has done well defensively all year has been stop the run their top but happily stop the run. A yeah Blake portals now last week oh okay. Sell against running backs they are the third best defense in yards per attempt. They don't allow teams were all over them and I I don't that the patriots necessarily have. Eighteen that is built for that anyway the Al Lewis James White or into active running backs tonight. Like you'll see he's not gonna play Rex Burke it's not what play so Tennessee's able to. Is able to take that away. If Tennessee is able to. I'm not a lot of patriots get big plays on first and second down it's lot of third and longs. That Brady's played does committed the government to factor tonight if the Tennessee Titans played run defense witness played. A lot of this year and yet or Steve's eight Q third and medium third and Walt there's lot to me there's not a better quarterback a quick to date it dunked and hit medium passes. On third short third ball I guess my point is Tennessee's accurately keep up with them on the scoreboard even if it's an average day for Brady I think he goes out there hasn't answered with a quarterback rating in the eighties ready in just has a pedestrian day. How many points partner or. At a Thomas tried on yourself the defense will that you eyeball that yes better than it finished up five points allowed I really like their secondary. You know it's they're Federer is a good running back but now it's going to be just him. It would know DeMarco Murray in their. Marietta's that are really bad year I wouldn't expect and all the sudden the other flip a switch and score and that's why even the. One of the ticket that they're not they're and they're not built that way nobody read any of the previews the schematic Tennessee. The first thing you're saying is Mary go to Ed Henry have to kill the clock but these are the ball forty times that there's anybody that that's. And by the way it is what Apple's if football. Cliches. In this case they're probably right that it wants like midnight he's Nebraska there they're not letting you shoot out but my point about Brady. That the Tennessee Titans get it can't play that Nebraska offense if the game is still. A 11 half sport games or about seven to ten point rate it Brady's not connecting. All those third along its second along the stoppage abroad and they keep a close game we'll guess what might block he can keep doing is run right. While left yeah same area Iran it is Brady is connecting all of those third along second belongs to stop in the run and get their score touchdowns early. Then you completely take Tennessee out of operative that's why they Brady at some level. Taking does not to be good earlier it's game specifically because of these early blog at Tennessee it outright or played their strike Brentwood it was that run they they need those 810 minute drive that where you look appetite. What they've had the ball whole quarter of the Soviet and this is what it preaches defense I'll read about this they're not to briefly tell the they are well coached and it just seems like what you play the matter what your it's been a letter what what it's like. If you're one dimensional. You're on the you've got to be off then it's a pleasure what magic is. We can score points it's worth its border war list were Atlanta we just score points that you're probably OK if you are Tennessee. You're buying a running back that you're starting your head coach or play most of the year that's a way to win the I think your trouble against as well and that if you're. If you're that run first team you need to be able to combine that we've. One of the best defense. Whatever rate that you look at some of these recent Super Bowl winners. And you know Russell Wilson wrote a little bit but you go back to the Seahawks actually wanna is Marshawn Lynch related they had him they had. A great defense we tripled yes that's or when Peyton Manning couldn't row. They had an unbelievable defense and they're good running game. This is an example Tennessee where the defense isn't gonna go out there at Jacksonville's defense early united Boller or that they're not local lost that they can win a game. In the teens. But if Tennessee scored seventeen points will be thrilled by that and they're so with what he touched the that's it that's just how I feel. They they don't have adopted to keep up the pages of really at either side 61. 77797. ID 370 is the phone number ten until Sunday but the key here from the best yet jet at Gillette Stadium Georgia war waiting patiently. He's next up here on NFL Sunday getting set for packed in tight tight George. Hey my arm what's up like. Well as the wanted to log on what he's excited as such on I think and want your opinion and that is when the corn flip. They come out typical all first. Go around court that is 82 o'clock o'clock or three minutes whatever maybe. I get the ball right now. Eight get them back down the field or get out or not and I think that excellent right out the site. I would react etiquette in Georgia I think it this game specifically write the beat the patriots obviously. Did not plan to fall behind 23. In the Super Bowl you're rated but they were built the comeback. They had Brady pay at settlement there broadcast at a Murkowski did it they had an off it James White obviously of the backfield in their offense was built to come back specifically. Led by Brady. The Tennessee Titans as George reported out are the exact opposite if it's fourteen nothing. The nation. Not here lately people stay with the game. But facials are open around what's and I watch what's that would show all whats with all the soda and Al there's a hell and Chappelle stand out most of the new guy at it's great. They will start to. Look around because of George's point. There's a few years ago that the colts would they just you know yeah uses brains on Saturday night with the game was not close at all. But it is yet very good candidates a point about the big deferred nonstop praise that he gets the jets. They won the toss and decided to receive and against the team like this we don't like that doubles coral time and the first half and get the ball squirt and old wood planks out of Tennessee has. The George but goddess of the navy if they do when it's also say it'll just get up seven nothing and now you're gonna throw them binoculars from the ball they want I think at whole. In a playoff game. Age you're Georgia right that they might Hewitt. I spell check the false to always work that lots that out and I thought I. I will probably be group that role will probably take them all George Rollins no shock effect have a better take that I will miss. But I feel like it's. Let's get to the post season you do what you know and what they know is to far. Because here's the flip side of that point. You stopped Tennessean that first drive you get the ball you score very capable second half again. That is almost as demoralizing as what a fourteen. Yes I did just that it's later in the game when you go by eight there were three scores than that sooner in the game. 61777979837. Before a cricket is set for patron played there are people complain this week. There wasn't enough breakdown. Of this game X amount not enough that explanation of how this game is gonna go this is your opportunity out couple hours sport kit to explain that Richard I. How this game what ago at 617779. 7937. Edition of full calls that come back injuries are already started to leak out we go to running back won't play. We know we think you're gonna be healthy how might that impact the patriots office here tonight. It's march 18 NFL Sunday Sports Radio W we beats. NFL Sunday with the money. It might help clients can't sure slug Sports Radio WEB. But they want the Tennessee Titans I'll put it on upset alert now watch out what England patriots I don't want to tell you why. They're they're they're just happy to be here now that titans have earned their right but here's what you gotta do this six the key to success. Run the ball fifty plus fine. They get I'm initially happy got it done how we got it down when I was with the jets would that formula can't thank you I thought but I doubt barred you know. All they're just they're just happy to be here. And Rex is not just what these guys to get to the boiler plate coach gives you a good Arctic or he does a body be a lot differently the same old. Coach with this stuff he does it sucked about football not good. On the same ponders show he did say about that would not be with majors next year we did is I was present at eagle off that the only asked why he said it. Yet really Elliott enough in his press by Sam Pollock. Well the hard she actually did that yes I I honestly I guess that could be the way. They wouldn't let that it's the only run the ball fifty plus five. It just sounds so about a fifth the ball for at that time of possession. But nobody this goes long drawn out that they apps were touchdown that they're Henry has. You know thirty carries if Mary go to except you first downs and I have anybody else they give the ball uses those two guys. Yes it right there they're asking wreck so that's wherever how can possibly happen. That's probably. Rate what what are the chances that Mary go to throws for 354 I say I. Apple's think it's a better chance of winning. If Mary go to as the game it's life in the scheme would open the page to prepare for Eric and re all week. And they come out three or four wide with Corey gave us the worst route make it Eric Decker. At Borchard Matthews at the lady walker just say screw it we're gonna let him go shotgun ridge and let's just spread the patriots out and play. I actually think. That they have a better chance when he knew that. That the theoretical while the ball the Thompson that's an area I just gave you aerial is running he scramble it becomes a Robert. McNamee is a bigger fear it never them they're I don't this is let's don't get going at Gillette Stadium flat so he they whatever. He brought last week making it the city. If not they'll jug of decapitated did it change or any readout on the leaves are already in regional media outlets so they they should've got blown out. They like it better team today if the patriots and you know this idea that they run it fifty times win. I'm not buying that crap I. Thought I have a hard you know it sounds good Erica Hastert spinal of course CK IRC dot Adolor out of upset alert that media nicoderm. Except they don't cover at least 2008 team run the ball fifty times sounds a Smart it's actually stupid they're better chance of winning. It's spread out and I don't write they haven't thought of war. Which the patriots are let's prepare for that or Derrick Henry lighting up and actually tied at Raleigh the football but it's easier to say that your right. Passing in the league now is is the way to go it's up the mess you watch that I've watched the first after the eagle not able racial couples that you always got. Report past appearances because they'll look natural that he'd be all that's brought up that Davis and Decker all year portrait Japan's now with that. Welcome Butler had an good you're not a great year at staff on billboards down and we know the the defense is the soft spot for the patriots. So the Rex Ryan that's why it's like Rex I would. Did that boilerplate answer instead of the real answer which would be spread about show them look that up there. I think merry go at the anabolic bolt bolt weighs you know. Are likely what he did then I'd be happy to be here now that. It gets so the ball fifty what I watch is happy I did you you also need to have a really good defense but that's also part of Iraq and the ball fifty times. Comedy and in Asia don't keep key birdie up the keeper of the field are open how many points are you looking to score. Last week Tennessee scored 22 to beat the chiefs. And they scored what all but three that a second half they already I don't go to their schedule the schedule probably be the point score out a security guard to what to. When you're. Yet they didn't again a lot they gonna get it authorities so let's go back to artists were fifteen. Point 3.3. Seven. Before when he seven team. It worked 43 well no no no 360 expo hall though. That out of hand they'll work team. And third there there's an outlet to show if we'll be able tonight you know likes of Michael that Aureus coached. At some point Larry's at Martha's Vineyard six what 777979837. Larry city. RE yeah actually a football a couple hours got bound it's illegal right now to good little Saturday. So it is time Perron but of a physical therapists athletic trainer and exercise that the outlook on the vineyard. As well what bothered me about the current situation is. You know she doesn't Patton medical license at Cherokee license and what a trainer licensed so anybody that gets treated by hand in it I'm not look. Personally reliability. And also practicing without a license. That this can be twelve situation that we have licensed personnel on the air or at its fraudulent you can't hang a single search. In the area of hole what are you talking about Larry video of the beauties got a building without that guys like this. Well Cabrera didn't have oneself without saying it. I don't want to wait that medical school and I'd be so perfect and how the other silly how the stable well Larry you sound much more important I do. So help me out how would the state of Massachusetts. Rant hit a facility where players and our people are treated I immediately basis without some sort of license to appease the state. You don't need a light since Agassi that you need a light and to be covered for professional liability for example physical therapy profession athletic training the procession. You have to have a state license. Number two practice that as a national examination. Yet they have years and years of college so would that goes. What I'm saying is the patriots have liability. Breach has liability where some ghosts of heaven he hurt somebody got a picnic can get cute. Our preacher might do well the agency didn't work for the patriots. Well that's important one for the team works on players who go there if you work for the patriots pay him to be seen all the players paid I don't know networks but guess were acts. Just be like going to some Charlotte and the guy didn't have a medical standing. Why would patriots are the major trouble is and what how innocent and that was a matter because this bait and don't Atlantic it was in their building. And now now that this man cents. Boston just like since I mean I don't need that lets them very very boring and we'll look at what's the license now or I. Playoff game tonight what states like you notice that there I would say Larry thanks for the call it crap on us that night I don't. I don't waste forcing anybody to go see him these guys don't seem if they want. To order for Brady I don't care what the stately. They're they're what Alex. Guerrero. Will be easier homework but let's go to that state by state battle that I actually okay artists that I should diploma from my basic answer that brought the patriots art. Domino. To put themselves in the position where they can be and I hit trouble for its third Michael. Jeff obviously not confirmed Rex Burkhead it's not going to play tonight that no Rex Burkhead I don't know like it was Lee. It is keeps lightness the L Lewis in the back field. That would seem to be at least on paper to present deal Lewis as Burke's second now back in the team's light goes right back to. His third general pop a cork who who the abilities. A kid did you have Wi-Fi Heidi that he prison roll type EG is as good as anyone in the NFL in that third down. Catch the ball back field. Roll and get the Tennessee team. That was thirtieth in the NFL target percentages to running backs it means they they caught the third. Most percentage of targets they got. I'm running backs are against Tennessee defense and they were 24. Eight yards per target running backs they at big east now. By teams that dump that out that running back out early and others that its success doing business that would speak you wait beat the L Lewis and at potential brook became white game yeah expectancy. Well we also the tight ends. Had good success against the titans as well that you mentioned that game last we get that she stood in a whole lot different travel skills does get hurt. In the first half so Robert housed between grown. The two running backs that you mentioned those guys should all be sore for Kitna. The falcons are into the end zone Matt Ryan any scrambling labored down to block to freemen after ray he broke a third down it was a thirty gorge though that ten yard line they scramble by Matty ice that one knows. He's one of the best players in the NFL is. Facet like ticket back to play there at Atlanta and he found three touchdown that's the extra point that it was cute although he can't assume that it was thirty taught us that. Extra points and I would go through as Philadelphia miss bears. Following it would gear touchdown. My putter street is not lit up with people saying that missed extra points would assume that was good let's call it six Atlanta Atlanta in the second quarter against Philadelphia 6177797937. Hits the ball up or. Tennessee's public attract about the football early that's now and I think they'll do that because they're coach Mike Larkin who is like the prototypical. Average NFL retread coach and argued example is the Al this year Pacifica well. Good and validate at this year or that ever that was shown to be out. Absolutely true that your calls. It's NFL Sunday but it keeps Sports Radio at UB. Run the ball fifty was fine on the home of the best pass coverage the tell Sunday. Do you buy company Lansky insurance on Sports Radio WEE. NFL Sunday on late Saturday but at key for the best yet broadcast yet you're cross Gillette Stadium where the tail is written for the break the active. Sure it feels like a Saturday night down here to let thick right up until 8 o'clock in game time patriots and might take your calls as well. At 6177797. ID 370 Kelly coming into. I got here what the same I would perceive 9 o'clock show so late you know your driving out route one about the same. Distance away from the game normally would. The parking lots of words. Double triple or quadruple double what they normally would be. An average Sunday morning rich or Sunday afternoon the weather is not that dissuade anybody from make it that way. Naturedly. Why mess around right it was sunny all day get down here in the parking spot geared real setup get whatever else union I got on the law not freezing and it's slippery everywhere that's not that's about people from a yet now we're and it's heavy freezing tonight's address warm be careful in the parking lots especially if it's already very icy. Got here Gillette Stadium and driving home I'll Pollack at the same issue. Outlawed the other reasons why did Tennessee Titans no chance here tonight now that that game in 4413. Route. Patriots to win this is because their head coach and it's been a good year at the NFL rich sport different. Coaching jobs look rubble the there's different guy that's on getting opportunities offensive coordinator of player guys. The the at least he's been await the commodity bulls considered a good coach yes at that time but it's less that you'll retread value in the league. Tennessee's got that guy and might Malarkey is out of your typical. Retread one award in the NFL he had a couple unforgettable years in buffalo. And they went twelve years between his what he sees an awful one he had. And not its seventh season he had a year ago he would not at seven again this year but markets burial was worse or it was last year and this is the one I. I I've been picking up let's all week and if you hurt he said it's vital that that said I want today since well since Monday. What you watch Derrick Henry tonight you watch Alex Lowe should be as he runs the ball angry he Isa monster right it's neat yeah what got a Heisman Trophy there in Alabama. Just know this. They basically sat that guy is second money back all year. To the corpse of the Markel. They were happy given DeMarco Murray. As many or more carries per game that they gave Derek Kendry. And you watch your rock now he was the reason skills he's injury they want backing of a week ago in Kansas City because he wants so wildly because he is so good. And Malarkey stuck with the veteran as these don't coaches do it basically hiccup that's all that's all year and I are one reason Barry it wasn't as good. Any of the terrible interception numbers is because there wasn't a threat running the football is DeMarco Murray was not very good every sound the bench. And so instead of moving forward he stuck with this guy that in essence is like a lark as a coach welcome. And the way they've used Henry throat is short career there in Tennessee's it's very strange because he had a crowded running back depth chart you're saying. Well here's the Heisman Trophy winner we've seen so many guys stepping in year one at that position. And have a ton of success but we'll get Leonard format to back years Todd curly whatever it is these guys can usually step up and shoulder the load and it's one of those positions where. You could five years those guys in Saudi probably you're cooking it to the next guy but they sort of waited around to give him an opportunity and that when he has had it. He's been great so I don't know why. They've been messed around you know to. To another example of how the running back can directly affect the quarterback is obviously in Dallas and at night and day. Dot press dot witness you know yeah and then to act without as the you know it in the media mini version of that. Hear about saint Henry's as good as Eliot. But Mary ought to shoot as good as press got should be even better than that Roscoe and if you have those two working together on the field together at the same time a lot. Maybe your offense would be a whole lot better than expect I. I think his wife let the deck press got yes yes it's he should have that we'll see Corey Davis that development in what they wanted to they Spanish art like it to via our audit this year so that that's an issue for them. I just think they're they're say it's old school. Old boring take they had 888 export. Out. It's not all that darkness spread out the patriots are gonna cut to the dark everything that's like lucky is going to do and that's why. Thank you guys had against opposite Joseph retro yet but Tennessee object and you guys asked at the end of the interview on Friday. It's like Malarkey safe because Tennessee came after a playoff game and essentially said okay we're gonna he's back for 2018 that this week you heard again. That eighties not. Eight it wrecks rose said a majority of the fans even if they want that playoff game. Walk under new coach at Tennessee that. That sums up. Our top white Malarkey right there the baby's not happy couple the playoff with all the Rory Kansas City. Wanna keep that night they want Josh forget about it bits of data as it not to get the the it job yet. Because he used as he's the better job he's offered to take that job. Over a deficit better job especially Malarkey being offered to god what is the excuse for having. Former off number two overall and get worse later on in his career that obviously under utilizing. Air Canada doesn't make any sense that he's definitely got you don't get excited about you know Stinson buffalo Jacksonville. And now at Tennessee. Although I guess to its credit organs players' credit. Yeah they needed the game at the end of the season they knew the opposite left him if the chiefs they got those win in the mud and Kelsey injury last week in the row catch on impresario. Randomly play. Read with classic read it gave us so we don't let it yeah right so of that was a coaching clinic put on last week Malarkey read on what are the best ask this question which you got sick Erica remind you of a better rated Jacobs in size relate fast linebacker. Maybe I'll at this as big project I read it Jake it's always seem like. Really tall I am a dark areas that senators are plastered to me yeah I. It's that easy why athletic faster yes but Jacobs seemed more physical a couple of years ago Jacobs who has legitimate but they had that couple New York right they have quite a bit of the Tiki Barber able to make that happen. I don't know made up mr. memory but I feel like Jacobs who's got a warships a better make ash shoulder pads and this off on it on themselves. So that was also an issue for them as for the weather here tonight. If you don't like now this is patriot type weather. I did some get on the earliest in the titans won the football. Yeah it's the weather helps them it's more about they can't did not throw the ball those are the mix and a couple of passes run the ball fifty plus job. Fifty runs if that's the case this game will be over by a nine there we let off the whole tie up but not as teams over. That the east that I just saw was that the all of the patriots the patriots in games that are thirty playoff teams that are 34 degrees or colder. They're wall that so I say that what they're gods went their way today it's because they they went and about 80% clip went weathered the school they are. Either or built for better prepared sport. I didn't seem to matter and I know this week that Tennessee game we reference about that it was so cool. Brady had a good passing day and night game cold weather is not an issue before it to operate mobile football that. Was and it was like. You gotta really liked it raving through that words like weird or commitment rating of there was politically active just terrible terrible weather that game. This'll be as cold but. Your clothes that's going to be similar to the the New Year's was 26 degrees or so this is going to be. It's gonna feel lottery and then you can book called bombing they won't do that but and he compared to four degrees and just pulled up that that Brady Tennessee game as we speak that was 7014. Win. Back in 2004 correct you yet out of for the of the you'll receive and so 04 January 04 to what he wants the the ball 41 times that day to what a lot of 41 for two long touchdown affect the survivor eat it at 73 quarterback rating soccer in that game. The 50% completion. The ball over. Doesn't it back to back MVPs rate was booming air Manning got to the Super Bowl 08 rushing did that day five carries the arts I think you're gonna settle it now. Up seller about a Beckham but it's gonna sound the alarm so does go through this and accepted Rex ever break down what his game plan was right we have that yet if I'll look as Rex does the idea. Of an outlet it give you later. What this upsets and hopefully that there rub off if that is now as Bryant said. He picked the patriots a bit he said all upset alert put up solar tide run the ball fifty times. And I have a deep plant republic. There's the sounds of an up similar I think you can't say upset alert a monopoly the team. Was that okay what's the game plan Ryan what what what to get it you don't like lucky to very in tune. The key to me. Is to ride down offensive line unit Tennessee Titans that offensive line. It is you know we've got first round picks pull through tackles are road graders first routers all that stuff. But they played great. As a unit it quite honestly I'd mention run the ball fifty plus times. And I actually did it. What time we're we're down there with the with the jets and I might you know our best chances to run it forever I don't care about who's this who's that. But we were able to knock them off flies through it just kept running. It doesn't matter if you are running back. You were blocking them down the field we're doing all this type of stuff. Whether it's Derek injury whether it's Marcus Mary go to whether you've got somebody as a direct snap you get back here here's Josh Cribbs. We just kept going. Guys the funding in this game we were like hey guys stayed the course stay on the ground don't turn the ball over we know that if you. You turn the ball over against New England Journal it's just wants our troubled by the way New England is 24 and five if you turn the ball over one time in the playoffs if you throw it over it you turn it over twice. Sixteen and one. So the formula is you keep possess in the football. And you sit back and say you know what guys run it run that route and it in eventually. Two yards three yards or yards by Horry got sick. That and the honestly. Alerts that time possession internal or I bought it directs me in this you're gonna be great analyst he's just he's cliche well it's boring I don't know what that quality sound that way right there he wants that roller job road grader that's the difference and you can tell that these guys they get they get into. You know keep your radio and they say whatever they want that's because an outwardly hurting feelings that their -- about not getting another job where Rex that it wants head coach miles to work on it written it in eventually. Two yards three yards forward art five's late 0789. Would you rate on all of that you break them the broken we broke their back. Acts brought their backs also the jets' defense that he or. A lot of titans defense that's very fair six months haven't haven't haven't seven ID threesome before your thoughts and patriots it tight we get set a couple hours away. Kick off your lat let it act at this hour spectacle Rex burqa in liked illicitly you're above those should be. I inactive this game. Welcome back again Christian Fauria stake all right thanks economic case for Tennessee coming here to witness scandals for it your calls next.