NFL Sunday Week 11 - Fauria thinking the Raiders need a lot of luck today; Of course there would be a Donald Trump v. Lavar Ball feud growing 11-19-17

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Sunday, November 19th

HOUR 4 - OMF's Christian Fauria knows the key to a Raiders win over the Patriots. The only problem with that is the Raiders, apparently, need luck on their side. Good luck gameplanning that. And how could we have not seen a Trump v. Lavar Ball feud coming down the pike??


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Rice leaves. NFL Sunday with Mike and that's the end Rick's team. That touchdown. Getting you sick for patriots raiders NFL Sunday is brought to you by. Complex do you insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified. Check out come. Comes Lansky dot com and why Anderson but Quaid architectural molding us and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers six NFL Sunday with money in GE. On Sports Radio WEEI. Final hour on this week eleven Sunday. A very busy show but keep Sports Radio WEE Allen talked Christian Fauria at about sixty seconds time now firstly the Sunday football injury report sponsored by Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates. The bad knee hands or shoulders keeping you on the bench Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates get you back in the action quickly visit and it W away dot com. NW away expert care made easy. Patriot inactives couple months surprises Hogan Canon Andrew it's a start Matthew Slater Eric role also will go knock on brown. Bit of surprise series injures ankle late in the week it looked good he will not go. And for a second straight week Mike Gillis lead a healthy scratch it would go that three man rotation again here rich Rex Burkhead Dion Lewis and James White. Burke had a guy who really was featured. As a multi use tool last week for the patriot off yeah a lot of Berkett all three of those guys were really get on impacts on the game and once again market for. Active tight and start also does a lot and special teams but Bennett. His second straight game as well as Alan and wrong I joining us here as we get set for patriots and raiders just over an hour from now as Christian Fauria of the mid day show here on WEE I'll supported NFL Sunday Christian power you. All. For you or your own. Also called on. Wish talking about what are your favorite guys Chris Gasper who wrote a column. This weekend at all singles website is that it team should sign come tapper neck. Wobbly so it's up. So that's that's the big story right at the regulatory high eight right up front or god talk about it right. Yet November. Thanks to talk about politics. You. You don't do it because it's on the ego. In salt and you. Know. Well there it is that I usually don't let you post game shall. He's like any all the he achieved. Even so yeah so I would I would walk by. I don't think it ever got elect should not a what. You know you know conducted. It. Could work. Probably not gonna get gonna say there is no you that they won't spend any time a Capra and we will start with the patriots in the raiders it just feels like at this point Christian way the patriots are playing and in the state of the AFC. We are in the run the clock down moment one more meaningful game for the patriots. One seed feels like a lock this game patriots raiders felt really. Like a big game of the schedule came out and now I can't make a case at all for the race keeping a close after. All of a lot how little they had me. I think if you keep what. Are they upset that we keep some salt target silica you know already and I speaker actually. Ago it'll pass out and shock of touchdown. It is I mean I guess but that took it to. Better it's really a with the rest of this and that sappy. And he got. You going to receive it and I'll the people looked at now defensively they're. Current gonna say. Yeah yeah they have no it sounds a little bit yeah. Yeah I agree. I think. I think her game plan at least ormat. Eight to saint foreign orders and put it it's gonna have. You block and that's not a mean and that means the ball bounces your way yet even though you are. And then knocked out you know the little he actually played being intimidated the week but awkward. Italy so he had a reserve romantically about. I don't know. Didn't seem like people like they're you know intimidating or are there so. And I owed those guys I don't know that. It seems. Like the audience. Legal edited at all. But I. A couple of our guys are good news that topped by the way that our top cornerbacks out David Emerson quick quick side on college football again I got a couple hot teacher's questions too but the called the ball near you like baker may feel I love picker mayfield Heidi feel Olympic Committee. I you you know. God let alone. Where it and it PC they're a replica. Network that like. And and now we're really looking. Back. Oh. They may. It was different aegis but red rock and local law. Riddles I mean it's amazing he would apologize or something this is a start at about call out now. Well let he's still got a lot else. College football game spare us your college football. Christian story. Let's Graham and others really good good excellent Bilbray Gaza as for the pats we saw them last week Christian against Denver without Marcus cannon. And there was no problem but note David Andrews this week conducting an issue at all editor to replace the senator. Yeah how do you believe the opposition. On any team like you know is. That attack like you wonder about tackle it usually aren't I don't know I think that in order to protect. What what the senate be replaced you got a cart IQ right to left so he can't compete sort of what I want blocking. The plot that's what's helped I don't ignore it could be huge factor. But he got nominated to be a bunch of more raider fans of bleachers at at Google. But for the most part. You know at the center position is all they might call right. And Edberg usually does that. The body that right into that pot I it's probably easier for them. Just because they are helpless because I thought it actually can. Q what plays to no matter what they you can all because the block it with the passing play he always had help from the left or right. Follow you would never polls so. Aaron I beat and the senate position although it you know accessible. Al. It does the concern it look like at right tackle or left. Chris Hogan did not play last week and I thought the revelation on offense was the play erect -- the way they eat they used him in different spots in the running back these in my short yardage Christian he's one goal line opportunities they flexed amount as a receiver. Our Timmy he feels like he's becoming more their feature back is one game enough to put him in that feature back category for you. The army and he he's not a feature back you say that the two original back the all electric which nobody our future back. They edit it down and all week on you know the other piece and so. I think the day and adding it Ager Peters of your teacher back the old days are over the world situation backs. You know based on big game plan and especially with the page is complete in it change all the time. But a lot people I talk to guys last week. Market look at it we're from oracle already beat Birkhead which should fall to be. That much impact right away they were they were hacked into two capable and it and to do so much I mean. From the slot at. I wouldn't be surprised that at some point tried. He's he's played quarterback. Some sort of wild catcher play maybe to play out so that they had been working on. Because all lead wolves rockets coach Paul Levy also has ties to Bill Belichick. And I know they built a credible lead in the fire Brusca. On a well Berkett everything that you do a person's outlook and action to wonder about how great they were repetition get. Guilt and doubt make it some sort of impact and some squirrelly way during the play out some sort trick play that how to. Of course I'll tee it up but he's not a featured back. Now Chris if you're playing right now rallies on the schedule yet to go play in Mexico City would that be something that would would you be pissed about it would you be looking forward to live the experience how would you feel about it now. Lobby can regulate it ballot bowl trip this big they got in late last night. So it's not likely to go you know run around and around to get the special shall they have run into you and I. He's undergone a donkey shows it. On. And the AC and a liar and into the dollar political. Now I played actually completely change that went out of Seattle utterly not that the deal and he played an activity that you did last night. Basically they only typical little bigger stadium and at least that's what we're ready what they released here. You know they're not on the street. Hold on there are OK can I answer this for second and if you're not the former player you waving terrible answer on this last week talking about Denver here's their experience aggression their stretching 7000. Foot elevations. They're experiencing some dog. Eric went all The Who played soccer forever called it the worst place ever to play a live sporting event this is a money grab they should be right. Oh cute he did not want it all Arizona. The the play the actual playing football experience a little bit nuts. A let's 7000 feet of elevation work gas up your first corner you know. Utility worker at the Il ordered a play 20/20 one yes just across the Specter actually. But Mexico City at eight in actual option. Or to actually have a he'd like that pop but no way I don't know Rick anyway you know like every player is to. It like a pro X. Although this Christian about how about this situation. Donna get down there we'll keep pay making it keep their great points so they put on Mexico City Hall the first guy is traffic goes numb not going to Mexico City thanks but no thanks. Yeah I know I'm GIQ. You looked like I could see that the international city you know progress. You need. So there's a lot of yes upside for that. But he did it and it'll find a way to make I only got in at it here's what you like. Metro city ain't gonna happen like no we're. Yeah I agree you're now back to the overstated Gilmore. We will gotcha see him last week what do you expect. This week couple good roads well. I think inconsistent receivers on Oakland side I would both Cooper Crabtree can be good but they also can disappear in games how do you think the patriots end up defending those guys. Yeah well. Troopers are horrible guy and he just a keynote or drop the ball to. Their four year are. They. And I think if you base in the same thing now it's cool. As are not Butler or do you work who's done Crabtree and on super critical or will we see that impeached. In its credit trees more beat out Google guy and his little Porsche you're not a big body inside that. Corporate really pick he's got like lately tree trunk to. He would you rub is really smoothly. In and out of it cuts especially like that that the big routes across the middle you'll follow. That's seen what more do more. But yeah I and I think that the because the big challenge for the second there and it supports the strength. This is what you see the you know if they expecting to change it might look good records it wouldn't. Bob there are not believe in the last game that saw on our Internet is still all there but he still get after the quarterback sacked the quarterback. So. Actually it's going to be a secondary battle gonna be outlaw all your got how long if you are Milwaukee state without. Big challenge. Yet you mentioned we will we joked about that the peace with. Chris Gasper today but I don't wanna talk about that the interview guys had this we give you credit you had done. The redrawn chuck money on for the New York Daily News and you were very critical a more so than than Lou or are Glenn was this idea that. In 2017. Teams will look at the Culver quarterbacks in and make a decision on what they wanna do. Going for the plot was a time Christian when that was true remember growing up the blue black quarterback discussion and Doug Williams while black quarterback got one new Super Bowl. But I still believe that exists anymore in 2017 when teams are desperate to win at all costs in the NFL. And I'll end and that's the last guy who really got to beat the bat what you say that would that was org. Or remove them what to start at Washington. They want to do they wanted to. You are switching to wide receiver or are actually teach. He that don't want to Kennedy ball out and been itching to united came to play yet totally whole Lieber. I'm directly with or like not talking about it. But that's happened is it really absurd to even. Go look at high school ranks. Could that order backlog at quarter to cover from. Yeah I wouldn't be there to keep some practical you know what you eat live and sometimes it's extra truck or more to parents without. A catered Lyle black quarterbacks and they all they all want a quote from the pocket but we all Rwandese offensives that all our run only to see. Have to be able to run it but I guarantee you if you gave quarterback that can't run he could go. Of the pocket they'll change the rockets. You don't usually that the NFL is is it a product of what the college you've got. It's so it can't either give it a shot blocking tight ORG three types of guys that are athletes and they could well. Every now that the guy like child Watson who's proven. That felt he could roll like eight all wheel pulled out court records. And that's what you need to do. The two other aggregate eighty catch the ball and any quartet that tried to run all the time. Bury their careers will be over let part of the reason. Brady is sort of settle in it is because you hear what you don't want tickets so. And amongst the underdog a lot of flat open but it. What do you get this game closer than the pictures were pretty easy. I have a thirty corporate. I mean again look. Out there electric. Oakland earlier I actually yes I think that the matchups both favorable. In certain situations for Oakland again know that he's so unbelievably bad. For Oakland but I think you know between you two like a gut check time for a local or projector that they should there gauged where they are. Art enjoy the afternoon Christian leader you are you full breakdown from our ten. That is not a Christian Fauria here on amid days with O and after a year when NFL Sunday right here on Sports Radio W week yeah I'll come back. On each updated on the scores gains in the Al late third now early fourth quarter including a game that is so gonna go a long way potentially help the patriots. Again when it comes to seeding and putting teams in the rear view mirror in the AFC you'll get to that. We also got to get through this is not NFL related but we have to talk about it. This ridiculous Donald Trump tweeted as a as a rival. And it could not be any better Donald Trump and Lavar ball global picking a side and it's one that's annual NFL Sunday lucky Sports Radio W media these. NFL Sunday and win money and keep. You insurance fox Sports Radio telling you we. We'll get to the president's what are activities today. A couple minutes NFL Sunday but few Sports Radio WEP guys story lines sponsored by cars for kids now be great time to clean out your garage. Donate that old car to cars for kids see how easy it is call today at 1877. Cars for kids. Order online course for kids dot com. Storyline right now is that the we'll go get everything here but. There are a lot of injuries Jay Cutler out. I can cuss for the dolphins Matt Moore is in. So as pointed out I believe Boston sports info on Twitter your other quarterbacks are in the ACE's Brady McCown. Matt Moore. Nathan Peter those here AFC east quarterback as a week eleven in your national football. That's as bad as we've seen yikes it's the war like the best quarterback that spent in the division with Brady is Chad Pennington like that over the course of his career I'd say he's probably the best one that. Other guys have been up and down or like Tyrod Taylor Ryan tea hill. That so this is as bad as as we've seen Peter don't play this afternoon is who he does Matt Moore dolphins are losing at home to the box. And the jets jets off this week yeah about it probably for the jets. Other news and notes out of league this afternoon Chris Thompson has emerged as the go to running back there. And Washington yet carted off on a stretcher air cast right away they're fearful he might be gone for the year and there. Those of the two big injuries the Packers playing very poorly home on it to the AFC there and beat the storyline for the AFC not just the injuries a quarterback in the division. On. But how about the Kansas City Chiefs who we thought way back when we're going to be AT and I've now they're got bad. Well why is that so as we're talking about the chiefs were tied 66. Against the giants. In New York or what an eight and I wanted to HI its league ten and a half eleven point favorites word Kansas City Chiefs. Just ran eight height and passed were Travis Kelsey. Tried to air on a hail Mary basically into triple coverage. And with six minutes to go in the fourth. Andy Reid calls free Travis Kelsey pass. He throws an interception so it's a standalone strategy kinda shady hollow ring on it does Hough did she greens are picked early for the giants not to be outdone. Travis Kelsey. Just the rate pick. For the Kansas City chief as far as one of those so what the hell is eighty re doing Kelsey you lined up wide left behind a couple of guys that are so clearly a lateral Slowey gets it he stands Phillies in the pocket and that he reckless it's. Right all right Ed program he was it. And there is a much better role catching had a guy who had a guy but eagle is like. Through a pop up and then now live in called Eldorado over picking off. I think what's it like get minus two for that for an interception by charms cal yes you showed. It was a pick him savoring her injury adds to play competition if your playing big giant guys don't wanna eight back. Did you throw with Maria early this embarrassing it is my opinion your over this and I saw it was just get through this game this subpoenaed. Be running its early in the year in his of the kids achieve so we're all anointing the big threat. This year they're tied 66 with the giants. He has afternoon. He added enough for a touchdown against the death and Rosie any of their AFC notes who care about now no one else in the AC care about the idea of Jacksonville. Eyes trying to close out the browns the browns of the ball late. Only down three to Alina Jacksonville. At a Jacksonville and appoints him. And only way to touch on Monday when by a couple here while they got a chance for breast cold day defense yeah I guess the chronicles. It's a free it's freezing their tail whipped heavy wind yes Sean ties are dead yet so audited Jacksonville the qualities that the browns should take the bronze. This is a sound Kyser. It is the shot as important one for away that's being a 77. Finally hear some points out while brown spot right now through most of the a football this afternoon. One Jeff how noticeably patriot fans happy we're up about Bob Kraft to Roger you don't hang out on the field in Mexico and other of course. Are there obvious difference ours is still good friends. Malcolm hey anyone pass out is does Eliot yet. Though I. Don't like that one bit he's or he thinks is best for the team in the league. What I call look for apps family day. Football and philanthropist. I mentioned the president earlier this IIIIs. And ice I support I support the president I voted for the president. You never wavered earlier on Tuesday I feel on his social media activity and is call the guy who rail against the former president Barack Obama for him out of golf he played and he's already locked in place to check out when it comes to golf in his first a year in office right. He tweet out at 1242 today. Now that the three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail. Lavar ball fatherly Angelo is on accepting of what I did for his son. And that shoplifting is no big deal. I should have left them in jail. Exclamation point. That's the president of the United States so Lamar all of it on all that fine Alomar ball and big ball or bring clown show whatever. The kids sort of all held a press conference and thank also thank president all the kids they all right sorry were embarrassed thank you to everybody that helped us get back included president for a month so launched a ball that the son of large plane in the NBA up until that little walk away incident in the fighting about a bad begin that's terrible that's a terrible credit parred my take yeah but if he'd need to be right was the daddy who would set the bar so -- but be centered jerk it was the Dow was the reason why. You know I'm Patrick Beverley went after him so hard he said he added that dads are jerks and attack you. This makes no sense the kids apologize. He did a good thing he kept them out of jail. Now all of our ball's gotta kiss the rain would actually they're before the storm. This is done on both parts of us are surprised at the bar ball should just leave it alone put trump if you close the sale of our balls. Idiot I find very Irish says he's an idiot it you know he's willing to call guys idiots he's on the tweet about guys and gals being idiots but to say that. Because of what the father says and I should've left the kids in jail. That's down personal assault yeah I don't put the tar balls also the father of one of those three kids. So the other two dumping their parents have been popping off about it they have very idea that from on the boulevard all of basis it was no big deal out of the discredited president. I pulled his quarters yeah probably I bet I bet I bet that's what it was a body saying it was no big deal. It's uncharted downplayed the move is prayer. Which is not the hard normally does but maybe in this case is tried. I OK so I'd say this ESP NN Friday night there he's asked about it who. Lavar hall had told ESPN when asked about sums involved in the matter. What was he over there for don't tell me nothing several wants to make it seem like he help me out. So I. I don't know in that Casey says something nothing. Of course from his great appearance on that as long as my boys back here on final marble police the end I'm happy how things were handled. A lot of people like to say a lot of things that they thought happened over the air like I told him. They try to make a big deal out of nothing sometimes. I've throw lasting a lot worse things happen that a guy taking some glasses. My son has built up enough character that one bad decision doesn't define him now being go back and say when he was twelve years old you shoplifting and stealing cars and one wild. Well that's a different thing. To be taught the terrible sponsors are I don't live here. So you asked the easier it pick your side he had OPEC on a potential in this oval marble yet between sort Judd everybody your kids. Donald's couple of our ball I'm picking a President Obama. Yeah he's I guess take the money right is it a bock has turned out OK a vodka. Donald juniors okay error I don't know of those guys not sure. So you but yeah you are I would not want follow him. It's you're by default I don't grasp that yet. You just said I'd eat out because like me what you're right you're right he supports that. Should ease their ball they deserted so that's an up with a bar ball against Donald Trump on. But first take and bestiality and Max Kellerman great president via Skype phone president yeah our ball Lavar finished rallied to his work. Let Lavar finished that son of a job failed. There. But at some point I mean these two needed to find each other that it is is it made too much they could avoid each other for for this long it's Ers finally rock band. Is that new rival named Lamar ball. As a joke as it were we are watching one key game here that'll ball the patriots on strict the chiefs and giants height six. Late in the fourth quarter chief said the bull they turned it over my Travis Kelsey. Played in past years action react picking off that stupid interception. But the cheese now have the ball deep deep deep generic term we are destined for overtime. I'm not be shot is the reason not at a time because the wind is so crazy there today in New Jersey field goals going to be tough. Indy retain the ball off deepens on territory he's now playing for the tie ties and any reed is 15 tie ties or pain in the announcement comes the tiebreaker to wind down the road return to figure out. Who has the better record on like ties. Of this another they're five and one. We do with that I don't ever hurt down in this case I don't know. I will come back lot analyzed patriots and and raiders I I'd nobody nobody is given a talk. Argument a call here in the last three and amp hours that they good strong opinion as to how in the hell. The raiders keep this game close the only guys that close is for. Whose credits are expert and he were he thinks that the our law and now Alex Smith. Just overall arable interception. There it is odd they're gonna lose at home it out of there on the road the New York he won any. New York football giants declined this game and it will come back and talk raiders impacted you guide you a case for the raiders you got about ten minutes to do so at 617779. 79370. Inactives having healthy scratch again. The patriots as well might and keep NFL Sunday Sports Radio WB yeah I've seen teams so it before but the witness accused by just such an intercept hole. Tax coverage. FL Sunday. You might come plenty insurance slug Sports Radio W. Final couple minutes NFL Sunday Sports Radio WE DI plus and keys are they talking about. What felt like when the schedule came out a very good game on paper patriots and the the raiders in Mexico City Derek Karr Cooper Crabtree. Khalil Mac through survey and it just felt like one of those games that might end up biting the patriots and I set of four hours I feel the same ways we did we go on the air here knew Rick I just. I don't see a way where the raiders are able to slowdown the patriots offensively. And defense of leave it ides. You don't trust and make any sort of place so maybe it's a higher scoring game but patriots comfortably somewhere in the U. 1440 to twenty range somewhere yeah I like I don't know I don't think via raiders get to that I think they might get one tops in my top 120 patriots did over thirty. And went pretty convincingly it is funny that you said of the raiders same thing could be said about the Broncos last week when the schedule came out yeah I'll back on narrowed at Denver all of the houses aren't good they're fans I invited. Denver the way the season's played out they've been terrible and then Oakland. Has also been really bad so all of a sudden these two games go from the top let's on the scheduled to. Kind of right in the middle there I think that the tougher games they already played when he look at what New Orleans has done a Kansas City who by the way may lose to the giants but he started the season really hot even Carolina. One you know one week it looks like a terrible loss and then later on is that well actually paralyzed particularly a pretty good record so. Eric the typical part of the schedules was long ago. One big game left to battle with a game against the Pittsburg Steelers for the number one seed that's can decide everything feels like we're just sort killing time until we get that be fun to watch. What the atmosphere is like their Mexico City I guess I could care less of their games there. Or not fact and they put too much emphasis on international games soldier earlier. I do not be surprised if players are gassed. Very early in this game Eric when all the cold at the worst place ever. The play professional sporting event there at 7000 feet elevation they have terrible on smog and pollution there are so. Be ready for that you ready for some rowdy fans who have laser pointers and rock Oslo space last year you ready for Roma. To say dumb things on a broad stuff don't like bro you're not handle I like dance more than Romo and guys like Romo listen in villages is the second or third in that romo's thumb for the pitcher's eyes the third OK so I. So outside the numbers. Shut up I'd like to have a significant little nugget he gave you fullback outside the numbers I think there's any more of that today I think he's the best color analyst in the game right now when. I still think it's skulls and Maria it's ridiculous though he's been quite man and a Roemer said is that he's. Calls Werth is approaching Phil says he heard yelling dad get how bad now Phil Simms one solid atrocious called Falwell are actually pretty good in that scheme it's they gave you some good patriots offensive insight and I don't think quite as a mocking I think he's daddy he's just too. Here's what Blake does give you any inside the back of the adjustments that you've seen here in the second well you don't think it's cold here. Good outside where we are all along that if you want he got a ways but he really know that the -- held up he was the best guy for so long and I don't know I don't think sort of more. The second half adjustments do you think regardless here I don't know what they do. Wow announced attempts. Harder and answer period of delegates of the things the cauldron now are right so he's gone they doubted the giants could to keep the go ahead field goal inside two minutes signed a 696. Lead Alex Smith just threw an interception as the chief of trying to drive down atrial minus six. They yell wave off the pick eagle pass interference. On the defense so they're not dead yet chiefs had the football. In some crazy win in New York today. Very well trying to drive down field and extra artists who picks in the game. And Travis Kelsey as one just north used to go to beg your bankroll on any readout of why this is an pathetic. Game by Kansas city's always had to watch wood on the red zone yet here in studio effort in that. Minister and our next week may August and who knows. RB greats when you guys in studio next week area in Omaha next week will. We've sort of like old school when you were kid. UN or watched Scott McClellan did so we've had the chiefs and the two TV games and I've watched these funds general day. They have been terrible terrible offensive game plan against a terrible underneath giants team and let's see another. And are reviewing the penalty I don't know now reviewing outstrips. She needs trail in nine to six. There are football late fourth quarter under inside two minutes. Obsolete without playing today. The page is about to get a break here in this game holds. Although dozens of their fourth lawsuit has dominated on Thursday night they look very good at so they did not look at the week before against the colts he knows a win you're saying well where I was and I don't know what the Steelers. That was much more impressive Roethlisberger slinging it around Antonio Brown had a monster game the titans. Celebrates at the titans seriously at the same time they were a their playoff team right now in the AFC the Steelers is bash them around so. Is bad as the chiefs look today the Steelers looked good on their there they're the lone team right now you look at and say go we'll see you they we fifteen circle about blue raiders feel like they'll be ideally as of today that she's certainly are. And as for the inactives today patriots and raiders have about 425 a on the normal names that you expected. We have Hogan and Andrews out. Mikey illicitly and Malcolm brown by the two surprise scratch is now the brow the ankle injury Gil Leslie and other healthy scratch in this note ilsley but the three running backs that active last week were all huge in the I'm at the patriots let's say called 4228. Somewhere around B 35 wanna. I'll wanna thank Tommy current wanna thank. Our guy Christian for a running Ryan behind a glass excellent job thank you guys are being part of it. I get is set for patriots and raiders at 425 achieved connect and how much is huge played it Evans tells aides. I'm shall update you part of the west one football coverage we have a game coming up at four. Obvious on the coming up towards Ryan. And now it acts as wise investment business that folks are riot excellent job by you and don't forget after the game the real post game show. I'll with Glenn and Freddie and all the guys right here on WB yeah I enjoy patriots and raiders in good all the Mexico. City. Tight end for the world one retired question.