NFL Sunday Week 11 - The Raiders really suck; Sergio Dipp is back; The best fantasy football segment ever

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Sunday, November 19th

HOUR 1 - Mut and Keefe get you set for a game that nobody around here thinks will be that great. The Raiders stink. They haven't forced an interception. They have Jack Del Rio! Also, Keefe decided that he's a fantasy expert now. Not just football, fantasy in general. We put him through his paces as we pepper him with all sorts of fantasy questions.


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This. News. NFL Sunday with a Mike McMahon. Nasty and rich team. It's nice day. Giving you sacked for patriots raiders NFL Sunday is brought to you by. Complex do you insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified. Check out comes Lansky dot com Mike Anderson but Quaid architectural molding us. And by your New England come voted tractor dealers six NFL Sunday with money in GE. On Sports Radio WEEI. I'll week eleven of the NFL season the patriots are well quite frankly playing out the strength is one important game left. Against the Pittsburgh Steelers this felt like it was going to be long in the schedules released way back when it. I now four hours out doesn't feel that way at least to me it's NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEP I'd mutt and people take you through. The afternoon talking patriots and raiders were talking Kong cap predict we're talking Jerry Jones were talking. Mexico City will keep you updated on all the game jewel law they say sniff of what happens in these a 1 o'clock games here early. Over the next four hours Tommy current studio in the 1 o'clock hour Christian Fauria. Joining us at threes feel that way do you rich that we are except for the Steelers game sort of officially playing up the strength the patriots and roots the number one see the AFC. I think is that they've they've certainly you know after a two wood to start if you were there what it what is this team and how bad is the defense they've ripped off five straight wins. And it's Oakland Pittsburgh in the AFC east that's what they have left and as I agree on Oakland I think they are. They did not make that jump off forward if anything they took a big step backwards this year and Boris you that later this afternoon. Pittsburgh opened up week eleven you know beating down the titans so that that's thinking a week fifteen can circle that because. Dozer teams will probably see each other in the playoffs I don't know if number one seed that's that thousand home field that's for the the conference series or game will likely be unless. The chiefs you know get themselves back in the mix there but. The other the patriots are there they're role right now that had two or three impressive wins at Atlanta and Denver and those girls are pretty dominant wins and now you you start to feel. Like he did the beginning of the season that this was the team to beat in the NFL the. So supposed to be a big game this is supposed to be a marquee game how we got. Jim Nantz there we have Tony Romo there it's Mexico City receivables idiot if this Sergio did this there I I picked as you know us against the spread against the patriots by a like its last seven weeks yeah bought this is going to be able allowed today patriots are going to roll sevens that number right Oakland Raiders it's seven or seven and out my guess we get closer to game time. Well season eight's up there on the board this this patriot team. Dismantled then were in Denver on Sunday night and our come back and playing an Oakland raider team that offensively we can take some good things about. You cannot say boo about their defense they suck they are dead last in the NFL. In pass defense the VOA big advancement of the you look at caddie you know you advance that they are dead last of that number. They allow the highest passer rating two quarterbacks right now quarterbacks have a combined quarterback rating of 110 point five. Against the greater that's ridiculous they have played such a luminaries as markets Mary -- nice Josh McCown Trevor Simien and Jay Cutler. He's had those power guys quarterback running against is a 110. Interceptions of the raiders' defense out this year rich. Above none zero none. Sacks they have thirteen. Dead last thirteen said it last back on their in the National Football League Mac. The patriots are going to put up 3540. Points Brady's going to have a field day pick your patriots running back of choice added Rob Gronkowski. They are going to roll the raiders will probably score want to point at the raider duke who brought the big game. Our car opened up some numbers Marshall had to do nothing. Michael proud of Aaron Cook those guys all they catches yeah it'll be garbage time and it's just. And no I don't it was gonna talk golf as you can. This reeks of 4524. 48 when he won it below allow my laboratory on rubble and it's talking about what restaurants they went to the entire second half Padraic. Water right up right here at all. About oh well I doubt I would I would here with digest it sits at Actividentity am hopeful that there was a real looker thoughtful they didn't deserve I quicker yeah. Sounds to Witten right isn't it in his slow white guys rocking back and hats and if anonymous that it is all blue hat at all out though log audit and it is that I think he got that while Papa John's commercials like I had just kept it just kept. It's also the same hat that Captain America where's restarted the undercover who would've thought the Captain America is famous guys fail and not stolen on your door -- campus there at colonial Mac I think you would have the sense or the best defensive players shall lead it would be an absolute menace. He has exactly one more sack on the season. Then Kyle bit noise makes it was not you wouldn't instantly pick him as they have their major pass rusher so. Even though the patriots have a couple of their offensive linemen to the starters are out already and that cannon and injures were out. The raiders don't really do. Anything I mean they played last week at the pictures that without cannon and Von Miller do real well that is. That's the point about clue that great you tell me how good clone Mac is Ellen Segal watch the tea patriots Denver Sunday night and how many times did. Michaels and calls were even mention Von Miller. I'm the only sack they got a Brady came from just and Simmons the BC product that does safety blitz. On that reds on plated patriots had. Von Miller was essentially invisible and that's a better Denver defense. Even though he Oakland Raiders raiders have Mac and that's about it. Now it in Mexico City or get here to second but you know the premise of it is it is 2000 feet higher. At 7000 feet than any other altitude the NFL teams are gas in the second half of these gains wife had higher score gains Mexico City to two other gays and play at the stadium. You've had an average score of up somewhere upwards of 4540. Almost fifty points combined. These defense is aghast. They're not a good defense the patriots are neutralized a little Mac in with a banged up offensive line the big conduct of the breeders' up and down the field. And we're gonna wake up tomorrow we have or nothing about the patriots and it will be counting down and checking out the days until pats and Steelers. And that's what if you read and the raiders and of all the foreign six years and this is the team that you thought last year Derek card and get hurt. They would have been in the conference at which a game so I don't know if it's as simple as. Derek Karr has regressed as is he not as good kids wasn't on that shortlist of great quarterbacks. He's at the beginning of the year yeah we were you reset nor the other rankings the top 32 quarterbacks he goes Brady Rodgers or one group but. I thought car was probably on that on that next tier of guys or maybe at some point he passed the torch to in the air right Ed and it's been a bad year for him a Mark Cooper had one good game and a bunch of drops Crabtree is OK you mentioned shared cookies he goes first tight ends are concerned is fine. Marshawn Lynch is. Not much he's under four yards a carry you years old at. He's got more attention for you know some of his dance moves that he's done in the next game against the jets that really anything else he's. He is not help them at all so I mean you can you can look at this game all you want it you can trying to analyze it I just cannot come up with what the scenario. Unless you really wanna go at the patriots offensive line is when a struggle with Andruw out you get sick at some point this week. In Colorado at sick before they want the next day they was in Colorado Springs in the rule them out in for the weekend so who knows you know whats up with him. But did that stayed the offensive line like the Scarnecchia there I never worry. About the offensive line anymore even without Kennedy without injuries they found I assume you know just middle blood do quick passes this week going to be more Burke Kennedy the more Lewis and and the Dolan croc and the raiders will be duly chastened Brady all day never. Did the ideals quarterbacks that are exchange would be seven to keep and I just because how often has Joseph Toomey or Ted terrorists done that. Everybody got negated put him in there and and its other and they got bloody team can can do that but. If they haven't had a whole lot of practice would that maybe that's of them want to early on I don't know those guys are as comfortable. To a shotgun snaps or or whoever else but an -- the only thing and I think early on to figure out of the brawl more or nonissue so obviously. That's not the biggest story of patriots raiders the biggest stories the return Sergio dipped he's back in our lives is back Sergio addict who failed out on the second. Monday Night Football game of the year when he looked advanced Josie be looked at Lance limits of the fellows were having the time of their lives. I'll watch it now on the screen. This diversity in background that's helping him a lot tonight. Or was sure was that your looking at him on the screen. And that was funny it was sadly I ESPN Bayard and after that they should or let him. Go up their due couple hits and shake it off and amp model that they didn't. Yeah that's what led to him bad as that terrible response the next day. When league in his hotel room on the tape the video worries suit brought up 9/11. A 29 year old Mexican American. Exotic if you feel that forum and Monday Night Football. And I Denver cholera you screwed up cute. But come down thankfully for us with that and he's worked he's been deport these turns up like ten years he's event there's that there's a point I don't hit it up yeah I was saying LI it's guys out don't mock committee. Is hard to out Spanish red zone Trevor he's gonna do it today. I believe so we did he was part of the pregame show today for ESPN how to do he's trying to bounce back I've not heard these yet riding said that does Sergio dip was part of the pre NC figure. The whole country's talking about your bigger story at the raiders go ahead. My biggest concern is when they're ready when they were when this came out like a month ago that he was in your part of the broadcast I know until that Chad Finn stories so yeah I came out somebody announced and then the problem it'd arsenal found that are some of his other who's gonna be doing this game but goodies that will the CBS game. He works for ESPN is actually doing. Live hits on the field. So I think ESP and they have their countdown show which is nobody's wanting but they still have the show and they go like around the league and so even though they're not really doing live hits there there there at the field and our correspondent in the Minnesota our course by in this case in Mexico City so that's the only time is gonna talk Tribune pregame and during the game and at my biggest fear. Is these are all going to be taped that. Hope the guys. This guy you need lives you need him live him tape what's the point of that that's the third take that he had and he knows it's not live he's how many varieties that. Who cares all right so. What do we know these are a lot of nice here trying to wean off in Portland. You know what I'm not sure but I think Republican thank you throw in a way that I believe he's just very generic and I is fit it's a mix right they're not always line and writes it's summer tower tapes summer or lines you wish optics Al pal let's go live to south I'll check out what they have and or hurt ticket to a second correspondent word analog with the locals there. Fast used to locate it that Diana receiving I saw was out seen me it is just seen Anderson yes united junior correspondent so sir critic Henry certain none ignited now sir that she's a fox Fox News I was really like her I do that in a lot of red tape. I think brick county contradiction I think. I'm very aggressive dogs what are known as and she's he gets he gets after let's hear Sergio dip while let's hear what what do you have to say today DD redeem himself as part of the broadcast. Thanks Kevin that's right I'm standing outside the patriots team hotel which ironically is about 100 yards away from the raiders team hotel here in Mexico City. Both teams pulled apart toward despite a stick in a couple of hours under a heavy police escort. When it came to game preparation the patriots state in the air force academy in Colorado acclimated to the altitude. While the raiders elected to stay in their home facility. Now with more on the rams and the vikings curious to start. Nailed the the perfect for this or are you staying here. This means staying here let me help you don't know I don't know I could be completely wrong and I don't Kerry says in the second hick is he's now back to more Mac bit boring. Or reporter. Horry reporter in neck out and Canada have said. To be Ed werder he could be any of these guys of the apple correct me if I'm wrong and I could very well be wrong and you master of the English language I'm sure you hope is it ironic. That the teams are staying close together. Sure is yeah. And I ask a list more than on the eligibility that again let's see he's you have the beginning that if he guessed correctly the second language I don't and try and I'm horrible my first but I just wanna see if this pact if this is right Thanksgiving that's right standing outside the patriots they felt so which ironically. Is about 100 yards away ironically enough low low that this ironic is that it's the that the two hotels are ironically a hundred yards away. A hundred yards of football. Make god the Oscars are close. Sergio dipped one QC IA it now that he's the guy guy guy got hung up on the I don't have to get within two seconds I urge or get it checked out by no idea I was rejected the did you fancy line asset Richie here during the wanna client I had Roethlisberger on Thursday sort of nice headstart but I was. Listen to it I just thought I was in the hundred yards of football that's my that's on me Sergio. That's on me he's got jokes. Who surgeon. Does by the way and I I have a pretty impeccable source tells me that he believed that he's actually our line stand that these excellent thank you thank you Christopher it's for all sorts of that I don't know what you're taught I'm sure Chris Curtis who listens to everything on the station disease. Good at what he does blow 123 and two had not been Nazis could when he does. I saw somebody on Twitter that they were taped. I don't know who go on and on. So Curtis against somebody on liquid a lot. What I showed out we have conflicting reports. That Sergio and having that I know I have a we have more there's more dip more. I'm and that's what our Sergio decades in Mexico City with the latest Sergio. Appreciated Sam that's right we're standing outside of its value aspect how big this game. The locals are calling it the Mexican Super Bowl. Both teams stayed in downtown Mexico City about nine miles away and at teens buses should be arriving here in less than an hour. In terms of game preparation after playing the Broncos the patriots stayed in Colorado acclimated to the altitude while the raiders play your last year. State in their home facility Sam back to you. There via. The best stuff I do so this with their duke and Butler bulldoze its refined did either Greg over the best at. These are the KC we didn't mocked this kid too much and he is the and we we gave another shot I loved him back in the pregame show absolutely still merits though as most of these guys aren't in his pocket but the other hand as the microphone there's Tokyo there. All of dimple on the my mom like Scalia he. I have called it wrapped around my own life it's a new light lights around the valley it's my colleague idiot yeah likewise on. God help me. Yeah they fed did Spezza. Bill that stance like no one's watching the show there's there's extra ratings are through the floor right now. Are all of wanted to do miles on solid all this is the panel I kids' fitness part it's too it's too. Cringe worthy elect of the him on the field is is enjoyable and fun. Maybe you feel lock performance like a sports anchor world news that the reports it was funny spot or not but he had this he used to do panic the EU and the catch for example there's now on the screen great OK I want Morgan that we already way too far off script they put a lot moth balls he went to YouTube the next day out there brought 9/11 and now he's good he's back but he sounds like every other report that says that making my debut as a minority. America on America. National T wiring. Trend that there yet and again congratulation. Him. I it would have been I wish you referenced. Yeah always ESPN reference say first time back and ESPN's it's you thought sometimes well I had vision and Sergio does the next government town divided bank exact are usually done play with a house of ball with a that's not owe you for. I'm just go to Sergio we can watch now on the screen. If you those bags there having the time of his life that's given that threatens standing outside patriots team hotel which ironically. Is about 100 yards away from the raiders team both well I'm eyes at boy I rob Boyd I feel stupid. Now that I thought you figure ironic is their close together in my but I right on hi Ari we need football fields. What I writer Donna putter I mean we are right off the bat speed awaits you art mr. on the on any given the bad 1% as of Keefe now I was just looking at everything your sarcasm right shall never it's amazing to see you just at a rate that the hell appreciate it affect. So I don't know what they'll do with him today I don't think you can report live derivative gain of. He's the host of the Mexican. Red zone they have the red zone channel Mexico there's a huge Ben Moline. Huge story huge PR piece the league today sale great this is the league will get into football Mexico here coming up and a couple of minutes. On and it's so they have all these games live and in four games every weekend. And so he's busy during the games I am. I guess that's it Mabel get up legitimately got them with the got to back up today because there are OK you're on a senator we need you at the game what's more well is that what's more port but I guess. If if it's as easy as he settled into the or Mexican Super Bowl then they'll a lot of eyes on that might be more important than doing. That Mexican records now what race can saints that is they use him like the radio today America. They have ESPN reports there's radio called Steve and in ESPN radio call. It always correspondents were to be honest and other there there will be broadcasted will be broadcast. It is there's no real light Booth or that the exit basically in the stands who everybody yell at the radio the TV guys. That's no way I was Nantz and Simms meaning they've gotten an answer I don't know Roma and exalt our exit in the stance. Well I'm sure we confirm that I think yes can you text him or did he text and it is people gestational time. I'll admit I heard him say that I think. I think it applies to television rewrite Romo. I don't know the Mets he's admitted to all the Michael little thing but there are some of these soccer stadiums don't really have. Full on broadcast Booth. Army that broke off a section. Of my time out if it's the Mexican Super Bowl wouldn't they have. Gone are the way to try to figure out a good spot the announcer the this league's big thing will get this year coming up after the break league's big things taken to gain international. And the one thing I'll say about the fans in Mexico is big big. It's not England rocked shoving football down their throats they want they like their love what they enjoy it it it's popular there. If you consider a Mexico see anyone that the stories today that might involved story. It's because of it's the size of it it's the biggest NFL or quotes city. In the world examining fans are there how big cities so our people there I would think if you're trying to showcase game Mexico City. Joseph Booth. Just oceans all black liberals is bush they re carrying out analysis of that a curator at. David David you have a TV one I don't know we'll find out though they'll be tolerable see it 4% or 4 o'clock S. Again as far as the game out you wanna argue I'll gladly take those phone calls from people 6177797937. Houses game today. The raiders defense is miserable they I had zero interceptions this year. They have thirteen. Sacks at last the NFL. They are 31 in the league in third down defense they're last in defense the passer defense the VOA. They allow the highest passer rating to opposing quarterbacks and a 110. And that includes playing guys marionette McCown Sammy color. I all pumped for this game one of three or four game schedule comes out you're excited for it now this feels like. Forty something twenty something. Radian Birkhead not a big gamer breeding Dion Lewis another big game Crockett the touchdown spikes it doesn't sort of dance in the end zone he'll Sophia C that needed where they skewed towards scored a touchdown and England needed the I'm forgetting their names that's a dumb I am what do people stand outside the while parliament. Obviously one of those guys and the like the palace guards you're what does emanated sums that up mounties of the Canadian. I get to write about it Donald talk about these are our that all but he did that likely to vote the soldier did that all sorts fiesta there yeah. We'll do something today court touchdown Vila with a B theme for Mexico right. And Kenyatta would be good. And Yana can you go. Zen and what you do is you you've you've you've put a fake blindfold on him. But he spit him around and India somebody hold the ball out at them with a fake stick hit the Pena. You have to do you have to do that today. Or I was at this Borges and the trying to figure out whether or whatever dances yes you know it's like the raiders trying to win this game today with a your favorites beat women out there. Let it. I like the the no interceptions that as far as the race about the raiders for second is remarkable than that not you played nine at four games. Thirteen sacks that's one thing but zero interceptions and a top that happen hey all good news they're top quarterback is out today David Emerson will luckily right. For the raiders and that is that is the wilds that zero interceptions or those that the NFL record is for most games went out. Coming up with a good question I'm sure we have a cracks that that it can figure that out immediately turned and there we start root for the raiders out of the gate as aggregate rate ripping their defense raider fan injects in please do you be favored doing your research is all caps directed at us on Twitter I returned for eagle bashing the raiders team. No mention about Derek cars playing with three fractures in his back and is this patent game and a half. And does nothing to do with the raiders' struggles morons so he wouldn't outcome of abandons the quarterback car it's the defense you kicked of the defense is a terrible. And Marshawn Lynch is not good anymore who's the coach at Ole object already well Jack they're coached Brady carves up whether he's the head coach the coordinator over there are no audio Jack Del Rio Denver Jacksonville. Oakland it doesn't matter. They know how about a team is way handed Bill Belichick focuses on the honor there is the Thai news is going on on our cascade right marketing NASA is that potter. But when you're talking about how you watch out for the potter. That sums of product or corporal packs in the return game yet village minority and it sort of guys in the year interview earlier this week defeated this news. You really wanted to get to -- though cardinal Paterson so we start patriots and raiders I I've picked willful pick the game before 10 at the patriots games we should pick games we should pick the before 1 o'clock my gas forward the features of what it will do to add one other before one of your shorts a later on this hour 6177797. Off seven. Is blocked sponsored yet again we're back we're back now I don't ever yet. Now I don't know why I don't we got anything I didn't lose while one on last week soon split. Was a carry us here you've got thrown away while sponsor fifteen and five of them this means that I put that on you on your thoughts patriots and raiders in god you make the case the raiders please please please I will hold. Take your phone call. Right away if you trying to case for Oakland today LA where several big from the political 61777979837. On Twitter a Kieft when he won and it mutt and UT. WE yet. We'll come back and talk about where this team is being played in. Some pretty negative things being said about the city of Mexico City and a reminder of the league they say they care about player safety and quality of the game. Having game Mexico City on the condition they're in a plane today is a reminder that the airline they care about. Cash money first and foremost NFL Sunday but in key Sports Radio WE. In terms of game preparation after playing the Broncos the patriots stayed in Colorado acclimated to the altitude while the raiders played here last year against Texans. State in their home facility Sam back to you. Guess that's Andrea. Actually more of an NFL Sunday with the money keep. You might help Lansky insurance on Sports Radio. We autumn wind is up pirates. Blustering in from. For the rollicking song. Swaggering. History season with the there's included Zach. With a silver. Existing storm. Disease robs a is already. Just for fun. Down and laugh. When he's conquered and one. The autumn wind is a raider one of the great NFL films. Pieces that was put together and drowned music NFL films doesn't excellent job. I was told history of this league and that is right there front and center it's patriots and at some point Vegas raiders today in Mexico City I smell absolute blowout patriots big big big. Over the raiders today your thoughts all afternoon long at 6177797937. Is the phone number as for where this game is being played a liking gradually venerable. I he wrote the boast ask Casey pro NFL. PR piece in the history of the Boston Globe today which is saying something. What is story on Mexico City in the National Football League were just I it's I don't know how many words it was. But it is is how great this is for everybody and how excellent it is in Mexico stadium the fans love it there. Or I would say that no patriot fan. Outside of Mexico City. Gives a rat's ass their plan the scheme in the city today right this means nothing this stuff. This is like playing in England or Europe or Antarctic or pick your spot. It pats fan who cares the payment to treat it like it's worse for the team I. I hate to say if I guess I hated I think it's terror cells out pats fans are gonna get too upset because they're not taking away a home game from New England. Right and also upload a raider game home games so. You're not you're not pissed about that but I just hate the idea. Think the London thing bothers me even more just because of you know the time zone and just how asinine it would be. To put a team over there at the logistics of it you can imagine team. Having to beat him play eight they're games there than play eight teams in the states in the travel and all that goes through there but even Mexico City. I don't like that neither every the all these teams they get a throes of precautions it just seems like it's going to be. Kind of it unnecessary. Challenge for for both teams like just play the games. In the United States try to build a fan added in Vegas or the team's going to be like keep. I don't need to see the team down there are the I think it's stupid. Yes and. And read the piece today Euro a couple of things on this that that the feature was in Mexico City passion for the NFL's undeniable and growing and he writes about. And in it this was mildly interesting sort of that the the B passion for football their Mexico's seats like different you can tell. Ritual like you said in London where we're at a restaurant or watch the games and word earlier that day in Mexico City they are already fans we have a game and as ideal as tackle or not. Odd they're going to be fans there. It's when he gets beat the league PR guy and ball mark Weller about you know how great it is and how awesome it is when you look at the reality. It's really not that great so they're gonna play today at. 2000 feet above. Any the highest height the play in the NFL what you believe is Dan wrote about 5000 French. Yes mile highs that's over 5000 feet is over 700678200. Feet in a plane today. Eric one Alba who cover sun was as well Worrell a US soccer player now covers soccer. Called Mexico City the worst place to ever play a sporting event. I'm about the altitude talked about the pollution because the team is they soccer or lose though it every time. And maybe that was the reason why get a front that I used to that the young exact atmosphere of it but is is hard to deal within the patriots haven't been quite frankly. By staying where they stayed this week. He said quote you can't breathe. The pollution is so bad that if you don't have some form of rain but brought all that down you're going to be sucking wind. They're playing football in this today it down when you look up and Ecstasy of pollution it's one of the most polluted cities in the world. I'm the gonna play football there for sixty minutes Hasselbeck got it this is Matt Hasselbeck didn't play in the of the game last year but said he still felt the quote. I definitely felt dry dehydrated thirsty he said I didn't get sick but there are several people that were struggling lots of Tylenol and Advil. I think it's a real thing has sold the NFL knows this the NFL those their players of a hard time in this atmosphere. They don't care it makes them money. It gives a more international presence that's what they care about arts they don't care about the dog they only zero money they care about the money first and foremost above the quality play. What not and that's why you you would say why are they doing this I've no idea whether good of course it's it's all about money and they're they're throwing that the Mexican fans of bone here with the game. You know Sergio did refer to as the Mexican Super Bowl so they're obviously very excited about it but. For the players are bigger the patriots they spent all week. In Colorado they flew into Mexico yesterday yet they they want it they're they either less than 24 hours including the game time well I know that we I know there are broadcaster do in the game that did not want to go locally I was told the players that are a lot of questions about getting in and out what is going to be like. In fact last year when the Texans played the. Texans raiders last year and internal memo. That the rate that the Texans sent around it got aired out publicly which basin Texans team telling the players. He don't leave your hotel it's not safe what is that hotel so what seed that's in addition to which are my people this rich yeah. Last year's game 2720. Raiders of the Texans was the game where. The got a laser pointer and Oslo space the whole game. And he said look at another reason we lost but definitely bothers you would have throughout the first the end of the officiating I have terrible in that game too by the way. So the game wasn't good. There were fans that were are chanting homophobic slurs have players that using laser pointers the atmosphere sucks and it's like oh awesome. We're gonna play game here it's great to grow the game better outsiders thought the gleeful. You don't feel safe what you're saying Leo the people down there so okay you're getting some money getting more eyeballs on it and you do know is that there's a ton of people down there. But what it wants ultimately the end game is it you want a team there or do you just want league team every year there and then when you want to give a game every year there. Save Oakland moves them to Vegas and say they get this they're really embraced by. The fans in Vegas so I gonna tell them while you guys get seven home games is one Arum is gonna Mexico. Or you take one of the LA teams which is struggling says guess what when your name's Doug in Mexico. I just I just don't get it there's got to be another way. To make sure. That the fans in Mexico or spending money on the game play without issue millionaire you don't play right now right. Well don't play a regular season game that counts in a place that is at 7000. Feet of altitude and is known for his legendary pollution. Where you have soccer players calling it the worst place ever replace ornament you play exhibitions there. Two events there in the offseason and and Dolan elbow went to Mexico City is part of a promotion in this in the offseason like that they had on candidates that don't play games that count in the actual standings. In a place that is this was an impact on the game if that's the simple answer rich is right. What do real pricey real product don't put games that count there. My basic premise now he writes today has been bowl logistically. The NFL believed it could put eighteen in Mexico City tomorrow. At a popular for me fan's standpoint but. The economic realities Mexico City and the dollar peso conversion. Would make it difficult for teams succeed. At least for now that's not the only reason why I guess who who would sign there. What free agent would say yeah let's move my whole film an actress and I got a lot mrs. Agee PR ask is he piece from our heads so real it's an Al. Unrealistic it is daddy team there and this is so dumb about Madison god. You guys would hold out they're drafting of the Mexico City team guys that wanna play for. An adult literacy Diego. These are clever Mexico City there's going to be guys left and right say and I'm not going there no free agents gonna go there. So if it's an expansion draft forget it. That's why don't it but at the London thing bothers me through but have been and so does this thing I don't think either one. You back and they'll have a team in either place in just that it would make any sense he wrecked it's mark Waller who's you'll be PR guy says there's no doubt in my mind is enough fans and enough opportunity talking about eighteen in Mexico. The issue is the relatively straight for one will the economy grow. Will that country flourished in a way that it's been projected a flourish and it if and when it does. Is there stadium to playing Obama went Loney playing today's study was Taka. Is it a couple 100000 they've knocked in a seven and 2000 and like you said. Then I'll such things as they broadcast boosts their own country radio team that wrecked and out you know stadium the Tbilisi in Mexico. Play eight games a year. At every 200 feet of altitude we're listening to the preaches radio broadcasts. The majority this process Mehmet be do or the bad trivia commit you to stand down and they're well actually they are Ohio the India the crowd. Should I won't be a problem and all. I'm sure there'll be fans screaming into the microphones and they hit a you're sitting on the stadium so that there's a multi. This stadium has a moat around the fields are drawbridge like a trench so that fans do not. Jump over and analyst for marauders obviously keep away the pillaging and looting I a trio all he knows they have a trench they call them oh. Because so many fans have charged the field and soccer games there the seven chain link fence soccer fans are with our wire on the top it into a stadium yeah chain link fence barbed wire on top Yankee fans out. They took that down they still have emote that the raider fans are fitted nicely there. Well they'll be a lot of raider fans the world while a lot of data since Johnson's page it's a popular so it it just will get your calls it 177797937. This is what he writes about the angles trying to gain today to Mexico deserves a game. The NFL's of thinking of putting a team xmas anytime soon or have a Super Bowl. But Mexico's a devoted NFL market Iger that so play exhibition game their work to exhibition games or three I don't care. Don't play regular season games there by the Super Bowl there he says Mexico's lot easier to London I asked the players that. What they'd rather do going London. Or go to Mexico City my guess is a majority that would say. The travel is longer but I'd rather go to Mexico don't go to London and the go to Mexico City a place where the Texans again told the players last year. Just to grow the hotel the one about Brett would you rather be on a plane for an extra whatever it is hour two and ten and know that you're going to be safe or at least have a better idea that your to be safe or geragos or was more data but hey it's closer and it's in the same you know at central time zone. I don't know I still get jet lagged. I owe you well you view your talent on an Advil and your your body's Alter something inside jet lagged your bicycle threw something dollars I am I Joe's and a car and his Joseph you're on WEEI. Yeah you're on a Sunday I don't really have much with what you're talking to I right I agree with you put out. Hey I yeah I support your doing a great job while technocrat this week don't take any marquee business. It's it's a good line Joseph I want I'll certainly not how does that matter what happens there. On an armed at all and it's week eleven because they bought some of the Sunday marks on every Sunday since pre season. After that 1 off it I am sorry but most Sundays but he and then made it all the imaging says mark monkey monkey yet. And then ego that nothing of what you're talking about. Yeah but don't you know he don't take any crap this week he was right there with you know my football in Mexico and pops up and listen people are so excited to hear me a phone call and say hey whatever but I think yeah. Excellent job there don't get Mac sitting calling it they would want to put the reaction was there it was April there're not many pro what caller we do get the might there might bring that Frontline group put those people through my eagle needs the boost yet you want some of the regular key callers that again in the afternoons I'll go ask you sell Riggio sabres already. Beg god those are good collar. Because I today I hear tales so much by listening to it okay that they don't and arable everybody age equally all three members of the programs holly care more about the TV show of the radio show original Annapolis and they call that that was. Don't ask. If you pick conspiracy to fix. 6177797937. Is the phone number two things we come back will make her locks the week official. I'm walking up seven games on the front runner for the year have been terrible you've been pretty good at it your picks apart the patriots game and one of the game and how about this or people. You once Q you've called yourself on multiple radio stations in fancy football expert yeah we ought ten minutes to lock time you want text or we get any last minute fancy questions ritual and I'll I'll ask alaskans now. Gratefully as. And all right well a couple of minutes this aggression on my leg then it's not a very it's not very all the of fantasy expert this late in lock time. To answer your questions directly right this is kind of a popular thing and on top of law that. That segment is sponsored troubled back didn't see experts sponsorship patio like average he not surprised Ryan we will give our picks and Richard Levy fantasy expert. Six. Heading into the a week eleven games in about ten minutes are up next. Yes these money and keep. An NFL Sunday precision by complaints key insurance fund Sports Radio. W we yeah. Seven minutes now it's fun and keep an NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEP you know he's not missed any of the action I promise. The next three hours leading the patriots and raiders in Mexico City rich in Iowa updates throughout the course. Of the afternoon on scores and more of them calling it a couple times at least during the show scores and more scores and more what they keep on and if phils. On dateline we're just fueled wild figured out. I'm lucky I've discussed of anybody to say to do it's he had because of that ready to go I'm sure the president Hampshire it's going to be good. We've a bunch of people. We actually featured on Accuray. They know that I am fancy expert and trust what you're a pretty here's a sponsor today the answer is it's brought you by Wilmington built a supply and how lumber. Your local Andersen windows deal peppered with questions you really music while we do this year our energy and excitement I don't care what you place creating music you want to empty or texting at 379370. Accompany a look at this a stupid text machine at flex spot blank spot. James White or accused in a camp pronounced from. One Washington. Is a three. Both some logic he run he writes are you James White. James White PP Arnold music from and that's all right a dry I want better flex option and it Ingram ordnance. I gotta go dads to be different I'm. Uncle Anthony are you a thousand targets at an earlier I player's scholarship but not playing today as brides dinner in Osaka fairly New York that's Larry Laura opening dads and drafting of the matter is that tight end from the for a one retired questionnaire and Martellus. Her or to. Got what does it Martellus or Julius Thomas module without. 2000 touchdown last week. Off before a one retouched a lot of Lamar Miller or James White to a team like cool a lot of james' wife questions. I will go with. Vijay is right there gentlemen cans and abide would you stack morals would leave or Keenan with Adam he went. Can he can kiss him good two weeks in a row I keep all its its portals and okay. I was all in all I was set to play portals yeah cash today on drafting what happens going to be 25 on our wins. I am Al completely on the Jacksonville Jaguars hornets banged up I would not I don't trust in that activities human right and you talked me into it is an album right sealant it reprisals back here today sore. Do deep don't pick to Rachel like do I just picked to seven Coleman Alpert Morse Alice Collins or Orleans dark. Seven Coleman definitely. And. No remorse. And Morris. On the an hour into many of these probably about a disease people like if people are big fans. Of all Brady you're Alex Smith the great quarterback Trent operating. Delivery that's it's a great and I ordered aggravate Brady went threes of your top quarterbacks who have a lot flex questions as lax question cooks or Deon Lewis. Who. To be young Lewis. Brady your Bledsoe with a 413. Brady I don't Bledsoe to what those is that the deep ball contest what does it. I'm on Breivik the big arm problems regarding Connecticut Brian announced they'll they'll they'll tell that you showers they're due before the pro bull you know those guys talk to gust rot tossed around a little bit. Public Josh docs and or Amir Abdul. You're doing. You nailed all their million more coming in now people really think they got to get a lot of them via four minutes of it locked up you like James Wentz and the overdrive I hate him but then I started an appointment uber driver. Hate him with that now probably this one. Trump against the bar ball to see this last five minutes there's a fight now between these two Donald Trump just waited about three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail. Lavar ball the father Lee Angelo is on except in of what I did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. I should have left them in jail exclamation point. Oh god don't. Drop. Got a drop of all got picked on trump. From a take from there. Overlooked or ball or it's a lot of hard to a lot of these players that the players they had him now and that is the number you don't want to read through the players better that before that because of in jail for ten years did about or race fat stomach or month gambling addiction diction. We done. He really did mean much addictions. And on and on and on and on the order Iceland now it needs a good for the 978 dale or holly. For one just significant Narnia move about comfortable. The push out its foot. And a why not go to break until Ryan it's really has been answered the overhaul. I don't know what it's for though. Yeah it's it's OK so if it's Brady or are or or play out well and he's in the united or that's great bears the American society who would you pick he could pick when I'm doing in my having a I happen to be don't have and a ornaments that current. What's the question. Thanksgiving we know we got an odd that it dale. Ago delta or Madrid and Michael it would I would drink would bill doesn't it look like to interpret. Could not be tolerated guys you know we're so glad my eyes and I thought I'd rather than vote what the white meat of the dark mean you have the gravy you'd be very good if I settle who's gonna let you watch the games before the attic and in and it holly be more of the games that you might be the enduring one game stumble but in the fourth quarter take on what's his request was just reflect back and it never comes up he does that mean and that by the street let let's let's it's. On the public board who how about this. Adam Jones or Michael Felger says the for a one to Adam Jones should not close about. Jones you Cao says he Jones not close. And both over in cattle the most that it didn't I never thought you talk you're wrong about the projector. Russian yeah TJ those. This is and I black there's a guy Thomas he root for the wall this weekend in the NASCAR as a running before rafter thanks meal that seems silly run of one of their own like a Turkey a majority five K I take the weekend get out and on and off. OK don't running the time that's been sort of try to keep answering your questions presented by who was a sponsor but I'm glad you asked once again that would be Austin okay. Get the sponsor. Here. The fine folks at Wilmington builders supply that is how lumber your local interests and windows dealer islands mixed picture for get the breaking get Tommy Carty here first forty minutes of football conversation where does does TV another always and I shall return in time let's start with the patriots I've seven games under 500 you are sixteen till I'm ten over analysts are cracked up. Patriots let's call it. The updated line up. It's a diplomats on the seven example if I was off the board. And atop the Bora looking at a seven Tom since seven Annapolis is like that I you all to seven I it's 77 the number. Totals 55. Yes it before. I. Unlawful mistake if you look for the patriots minus guided the pages they're wrong guy across the one of the game gets its brokerage we got a hold sponsor home dogs here and you know me I like a home dog give me the bears at home getting three little lines on the latest settlement Jacksonville Cleveland Cleveland's dead of their debt equity downtown Cleveland. Syria are my own now will signing this week little side it incredibly cheap it's inside that there who will. Make TV money to Richard got a lot of work for me it says here five bucks they are gags minus seven years. The bears a lot of people thought everybody is a writer speaker may feel I do all I loved. Baker may go I don't know if you wouldn't love it static on the list of things to talk about a that he apologized that pissed me off got it's all feelings in 2017. People of Finland's. I hate feelings and I don't wanna Max let's do this we'll get a break we'll come back Connie currently here and hang upload before it goes and does TV we'll talk to you guys he'll run games will kick off at 617. 779793. Celek. I'll take Tom the task is something he wrote today is not as free to add up the patriots is greater amount of guys. Give me mentally as well luck and keep current in the house and NFL Sunday. Tight end from the for a one retired question.